Why are we going backwards?

January 10, 2017

Jan 10th 2016.

Arsenal are top of the table with 43 points.

Leicester the same point total.

MC 3rd with 40

Spurs 4th with 36

MU 6th with 34

Liverpool 9th  31 pts

Chelsea   14th  24 pts.



Jan 10th 2017

Chelsea  49 points

Liverpool 44

Spurs   42

MC   42

Arsenal    41

MU     39

We have just two points less than this time last season. Chavs have 20 more points! Liverpool 13 more, MC 2 , Spurs 6 and MU 5.

Only City are consistent despite the addition of Guardiola

What is happening is that either the clubs above us have improved enormously or the clubs below us have worsened.  Or is there another reason?

written by Big Raddy