MU Pre-Match. Myths.

March 10, 2019

Man Utd Myths

  1. That a chap, however pleasant he is, can go from being manager of a piss-poor Norwegian team to becoming the New SAF in a couple of months.  He is riding a wave of post-Merino relief. Same happened at Chelsea post- Benitez. Just think of the CL winning manager Roberto Di Matteo – where is he now?

Is OGS a good manager? Possibly but an ape could have come into a dressing room full of highly expensive players and done better than the Portuguese.

2. Injury crisis. Much is made of the loss of their forwards yet at PSG they had England’s wonder boy and the most expensive CF in the league. In defence, MU have their first choice Back 5 (almost :-D)


Nutty on the ground, as usual

3. The PSG victory is amongst the finest in CL history. Poppycock. MU were totally outclassed throughout the game. It was a travesty of justice, I cannot remember a luckier win. What may not be a myth is that MU have been blessed with the lucky stick.

4. MU are playing fine football. More cobblers. A midfield that focusses upon  kicking it’s opponents, a very muscular and physical backline does not make for entertainment.  The new boy, Tom Mac-something is a re-incarnation of that deeply unpleasant Irishman who battled our Leader, Sir Patrick. Keane was a vision thug and so id this chap.

5. Referees. It was never a penalty in Paris. Once again a referee chose to favour MU – it wasn’t the first time and will not be the last. Throughout their history they have consistently been given dubious decisions (who can forget the Rooney dive?). The chap who gave the pen on Weds is driving home in his new Ferrari. Today we have the dreadful Jon Moss, a man who has consistently been anti-Arsenal biased. Expect Xhaka to see Red.


What is not a myth is that United have the world’s best goalkeeper, De Gea is almost as good as Schmeichel. Fantastic player who wins MU at least 10 points a season.

This afternoon:

If confidence wins games, and it often does, we are in for a heavy defeat. We were awful midweek but could and should have won at Spurs; hopefully the Spurs performance will be uppermost in our chap’s minds.

We have a lengthening injury list added to the ban on Terreira, so the team almost picks itself. I would certainly start with Ramsey. Do you think Elneny will get a few minutes – he wasn’t even taken to Rennes!

I wrote pre-Spurs that many were hoping for 2 points from the Spurs/MU games. I wanted 6, and we should be half way there. We are not but we can make it 4. MU are not invincible, they are a bunch of expensively collected mercenaries who are on a run of scarcely credible good fortune – it cannot continue.

written by BR and not to be taken seriously (evil grin emoji)