Hey, here’s a crazy thought.

June 16, 2013

We all know the Premier League will have oodles of extra cash from next season due to the extra TV money coming in, you know the adverts running for a certain company with the dutch skunk fronting their campaign. The one with a slow-mo shot of the traitorous Judas performing a bicycle kick .

Every club will gain more revenue, while we at the Arsenal will soon have extra revenue from better commercial deals coming through also, yet something bothers me about that.

The automatic assumption made is that more money coming in means better buying power in the transfer market but therein lies the rub.

The extra revenue is going to go straight into the hands of agents, and their clients, and effectively out of the game and into prestige car dealerships and retailers of bling and various other “tasteful” accoutrements of success – hell, you could even splash out on jewellery from Big time Bendtner’s N3 range.


Now call me a wide-eyed reactionary but how about if all the Premier League clubs got to together to agree ticket price reductions so that hard pressed, and not so well off, supporters can afford to go to the games?

It’s often being said that attendances are falling at many grounds with the Grove seeing less than full attendance compared to the situation 5 or 6 years ago.

If ticket prices are reduced to any extent surely the positive PR and the extra atmosphere created by the fully occupied ground would help to bridge some of the disconnect I see merging between the players(and potentially the Clubs) and supporters ?

As the difference between what players and supporters earn reaches inter dimensional distances the growing resentment at underperforming players can only be exacerbated by the jaw-dropping wages they earn and anticipated rises in weekly wages(anyone on a deal less than £120k/week will seem like a pauper).

You’ve all heard the shouts from the lower tiers “You get £80k a week and you can’t even kick the ball straight !!” and then “Now you’ve got your new contract you can’t be arsed to put in half the effort you did before !!”, these being the expletive deleted versions as this is a family blog.

Being one of the resident AA bean counters I’m well aware that player wage inflation is simply a reaction to supply and demand, but wouldn’t it be a nice change of pace if for once extra money coming into football went back to those people who are the lifeblood of the game?

Namely us, the supporters ?

By Charybdis1966