Sad Times and Glad Times

November 28, 2011

The death of Gary Speed has in my opinion put the trials and tribulations of supporting a football team into some sort of perspective.

Look back over our posts since the CC final fiasco and see how many AA subscribers were tearing their hair out, demanding immediate changes of all kinds as though the fate of our football team was a matter of life and death. It was not of course and never has been for the average supporter or fan. Football is a game, nothing more, nothing less.

Sure it may be your passion an interest that transcends the everyday dross of a working life, to others it becomes the driving force in their lives, the only intellectual interest they truly have, but nevertheless it remains a game.

Yes there are those who have been driven to suicide by the bounce of an inflated ball that appears to have the capacity to remove logic and reason from minds that would in other circumstances, I am sure, be far more dispassionate about such obvious misfortune.

One only has to read the vitriol that flowed through our: for want of a better word respectable site: to understand the lengths that those supporters would go to enhance their bragging rights.

Some other blogs of course, defy reason and in doing so become a cess pit full of swearing, cursing deluded would be activist, demanding the implementation of bans, marches and strikes. Whilst calling down all manner of disasters, curses and sackings on all and sundry connected with the club who come with in the compass of their hatred.

We know not what activated Gary Speeds decision to end it all. But that a man so respected, liked and admired throughout the game could come to such a decision is a warning to us all, that we must treat the game as the game it is and recognise that life has many more severe challenges than winning football matches.

Read yesterday’s blog, having dropped two points in the evening game, to a team we were actively forecasting we would, figuratively speaking, have for breakfast in the pre-game comments. We greeted the result both then and today with equanimity and calm discussion. Why? Because the position that we find ourselves in today, would have been touted as a miracle in the despair that was the aftermath of the Blackburn game, just a few short weeks ago.

Is it too much to hope that in the light of the changes these few weeks have brought, that we continue to support our super club in so grown up a manner, criticise by all means for without that there would be no discussion. But leave the soul searching and tub thumping to those whose lives revolve solely around footballing success and nothing else.

Written by dandan