Ramsey, Contracts and Mr Slime

September 13, 2018

Something has been troubling me, so this is more a line of inquiry rather than one of my indisputable facts.

I do not follow any Arsenal behind-the-scenes action. In other words, I’m not interested in The Board, finances, staff, training or anything much beyond our goal scorers, however, I’m slightly, just slightly, curious about the role of a football agent, who from hence forwards, I shall call Mr Slime.

Fresh in our minds are the cases of Mesut and The Dog Fancier from last term, so let’s look at the current case of Mr Ramsey.

He’s an asset. Last year of contract. So all familiar so far.

We’ve just been through his penultimate transfer window, and it sounds to me like all the power rests with AR and Mr Slime.

Naturally, Slime will be hoping for interest from the world’s finest, all vying for the Welshman’s services, but suppose nothing materialises, then what?

AFC: “Come in…..ah Slime, what an unpleasant surprise, but we’ve been expecting you”

Slime: “My member wants a massive pay rise or we’re talking to The Giants”

AFC: “Thing is Slime, the blower hasn’t sounded once, so we’re thinking of a slight wage reduction”

Ok, so this kind of conversation is doubtful to say the least, but how does it work if there really is no serious interest. Presumably, we have to sign him up so as to preserve wealth, but if there’s a gulf between AFC and Slime in terms of perceived value, where does this go?

Written by mickydidit89