A bit of Arsenal history …. 9th September 1958 Arsenal 6 Bolton 1

September 9, 2019

Has there ever been an International break as boring as this one? There are definitely not enough foreign superstars in our squad to make watching Internationals interesting ……….. well for me anyway. Even the thought of seeing Olivier Giroud in the blue of France wasn’t enough to get me to watch their match.

So, I was tempted to look at the Arsenal History page on Arsenal.com to see what they had included for this day. On this day in 1958, Arsenal beat Bolton Wanderers 6-1. And that was after beating Everton 6-1 three days earlier.

My introduction to all things Arsenal was made when at the age of six I changed Primary schools and was looked after by a little boy who insisted that Arsenal were the best team to follow. His dad had been the captain in the late sixties, a gentleman by the name of Dennis Evans. This small boy and I went to school together for the next 12 years and then lost touch. Until one day I found him …………. or rather he found me at a builder’s merchants. We were 35 years older and one of us still looked the same, according to him 🙂

Dipping into Wikipedia and other research I discovered that Arsenal had a pretty good season 1958-59, finishing 3rd, 11 points behind Wolves and 5 points behind Manchester United. Tottenham finished 18th with Arsenal beating them 3-1 at home and 4-1 away.

These years are described as the ‘dark days’ for Arsenal but I would say that 1958-59 was a bit of a blip looking at the results for that season.

Yaaawn ………… roll on Sunday ……………