Arsenal to Lose Europe’s Hottest Striker

May 21, 2014

Have a look at the table below:-(well, if I knew how to make a table there would be one!!)


Player                                  Goals             Minutes per Goal

Lionel Messi                           28                    96

Christiano Ronaldo                 28                    84

Luis Suarez                            31                    92

Sergio Aguero                        17                    81

Nicklas Bendtner                     2                     78


Conclusive proof that our Nik is one of Europe’s finest and most deadly strikers 😀


OK, that was a little joke but there is a sadness at the waste of talent as young Bendtner runs down his contract. So much talent, so little application.

When NB was coming through the Arsenal ranks there was so much hope for him; he was being taught by the best in the business in Henry, Bergkamp and later Van Persie. His first PL goal for Arsenal was a wonderful header which won the game against Spurs. He was lauded here in Denmark as the new Michael Laudrup. Denmark’s Best Sportsman at just 19, Danish Footballer of the Year at 21 – the best Danish football talent for over a decade but then it all slipped away.


Partly because of the above – he was being hailed as a major talent before he had achieved anything on the pitch and it went to his head. If you were earning 50+k a week as a teenager who wasn’t even a first team regular who knows how it would affect you?


Too Much, Too Young

His Arsenal career is ending having fizzled but never catching fire.

This season has been a massive disappointment. Pre-Season was fine, he was recovering from long-term injury and being kicked out of Juventus without even a leaving pressie. He was fit and ready. We hadn’t signed a back-up striker to OG, probably in the belief that Bendtner could finally come good – instead he royally blew his chances to the point where he hasn’t been back to Arsenal in a couple of months.

What was he doing? What demons are in his head to make him self-destruct in such a stupid and public manner? Is it booze – he certainly likes a beer? Is it fame? Surely if you grow up in the spotlight you get used to it and NB was Danish U-17 player of the year and already signed for AFC at just 16 – it is not as though he is shy in front of the camera!

Nik’s life has bee conducted under the glare of constant media scrutiny and it seems that he lives up to their very low expectations. Here he is known as the Klovn (clown) and with good cause.

But what a shame. He has so much talent – great in the air, deft touch for a big man, good first time control and a modicum of pitch intelligence. He should have been Plan B, instead he is taking a quiet walk to the exit door.

Could Arsenal have handled him better? Could someone within the club have taken him aside and told him how he was destroying his career? No-one did or perhaps he is incapable of listening.

With 24 goals from 56 International and 24 from 106 AFC appearances (mostly as sub) there will be no shortage of clubs vying for his free transfer though no-one will give him half of his current wage. Leicester or Swansea (should Bony or Michu leave) are possibles.

But Nik’s departure leaves a dissatisfaction – he should have been an Arsenal man – he has been with us for 10 years – and yet he is just a fool and when he clears out the Number 52 locker  it will be with the Tears of a Clown.

written by Big Raddy

Where were you when ….. ?

June 26, 2012

Johnny Jensen scored?  No, not the one-off on that sunny afternoon defeat to QPR, the one which prompted the ” I was there was Jensen scored”  t-shirts. No, I am talking about the one which led to our signing Mr Jensen, that phenomenal shot which won Denmark Euro ’92.

It was 20 years ago today (good opening line for a song!) in the sun of Gothenborg when John *Faxe* Jensen marmelised the ball for the first goal during the Euro ’92 Final against Germany. It was the first time I had noticed the curly haired battler in the tournament; prior to that he was just a member of a Danish team who were lucky to be at the tournament let alone in the Final. And I,like many thousand of Gooner’s thought – “Hey, here is a DM with a dynamite shot who would be great at Highbury”. Next thing we know George Graham has signed him and JJ went onto have a 4 year, 132 game career at THOF.

And what of our free-scoring new Dane, “Faxe” Jensen? Well, the nickname should have been a clue …. Faxe is an extra strong Danish beer . In fact the Brondby stadium he left now has a Faxe Jensen stand, which is testimony to John’s drinking talent!

Joining an Arsenal midfield including the mercurial talent of Rocky Rocastle, Jensen was the water-carrier. A hard working, energetic, give and go player with little pace and little creativity, but a man who would put his body on the line – he was to be the embodiment (pardon the pun) of the new George Graham Arsenal. A dull player in a dull team.

JJ is a regular commentator on Danish television and his goal has been shown countless times during the run-up to the Euro’s. When questioned in ’92  as to what he thought when the ball came to him JJ said ” I just thought, kick the thing as hard as possible in the Arse” – which immediately became another T-shirt slogan.

If ever a goal flattered to deceive, this was it.

Written by BigRaddy