Is there any ‘Ba’ nefit to having Demba in our squad?

December 28, 2012

Recently we have been linked to in form Newcastle striker Demba Ba, but would his arrival be beneficial to the mighty Arsenal?

His goal scoring record speaks for itself:

Demba Ba:

12/13: 11 goals in 18 (1) games (only behind Michu and BSR)

11/12: 16 goals in 32 (2) games (more than Balotelli, Dzeko, and Suarez). that included 14 goals by mid season before he went off to ACN and played second to Cisse (managed to kick 13 goals in the second half of the year)

10/11: 7 goals in 10 (2) games

Un ‘Ba’ lievable right?! Just how good is it though? Well lets compare it to a couple of other strikers we are linked too at the moment:

Fernando Llorente:

12/13: 1 goal in 1 (9) game

11/12: 17 goals in 24 (8) games

10/11: 18 goals in 37 (1) games

David Villa:

12/13: 5 goals in 12 games

11/12: 5 goals in 8 (7) games

10/11: 18 goals in 32 (2) games

Huntelaar out of reach – 2 year contract extension

I know who the smart money is on! Comes with EPL experience, including monstering key premier league defences.

The one question mark that exists is his fitness. He was supposed to join Stoke a couple of seasons ago but failed the medical because of a knee problem and was described by Pulis as a “major risk”.

The injury exists thanks to a serious fracture in this tibia and fibula (front and back bones in the leg) which left him on the sidelines for 8 months. Unfortunately the operation was a shocker and left Ba with knee pain thanks a nail that was inserted in his tibia causing sensation problems in his knee. Reports suggest he is on a pay-as-you-play deal at Newcastle at the moment. However, he really has shown no ill effects since he made the switch from West Ham.

Is he worth the risk? Or do we want another potential injury risk joining Gibbs, Diaby, and Rosicky in the sick bay?

For the 7.5 million dollar release clause I think it would be money well spent! Not to mention he himself has stated it would be a ‘dream move’. But do you think it’s wise?

Oz Gunner