Match thoughts

December 27, 2013

Yesterday, in the 18th round of the Premier League Arsenal travelled to Upton Park. The team that is 2nd in the table met team that is firmly in the relegation zone. Only few of us predicted anything but a good result for the Arsenal. Yet everything was not rosy to start with.

The game was played in a fast tempo with the good guys dominating almost all the time, but the first half ended with no goals. One could see that the Gunners had a few more gears to go through, but didn’t. Fat Sam Allrdyce boys obeyed the orders, defended deep, fouled regularly and were fast on counter. Jarvis was given too much space and managed to create a few chances, which thanks to Dennis he didn’t utilize.

The second half could not start any worse for us. In the 46th minute Szczesny spilled the ball from Nolan’s long shot and Carlton Cole had no problems placing it in our net. The annoying bubbles song filled the stadium; Szczesny’s face said it all – he looked guilty as hell.

Wenger didn’t hear Rasp’s cries for substitution and only when Ramsey was injured, he called Podolski to action. That in my opinion was the turning point of the game and soon after that Walcott found the net; this time Adrian could have done better. Second goal came from Podolski’s wonder pass and Walcott’s header. 1:2, lovely!

The third goal, best in my opinion was from Giroud’s pass and thunder strike from Lulu. Now I could really relax, we bagged 3 points and climbed to the top of the tree again. We are top the League my friends.

It was a good game, we dominated, we won, what can you say. I was cheesed off with Giroud, who in not a world class finisher and probably will never be. I noted Ozil’s first and then Gibb’s faces drop, after their excellent passes were wasted by our handsome striker.

What did you think of the game? Did we miss Jack? Was Rambo’s injury a blessing in disguise? And how about Vermalean, will he stay on after Koscielny’s return to form?

Written by evonne