The case for Ancelotti ……..

December 11, 2019

And so the search for a new coach just got very exciting with Ancelotti now released by Napoli.

Why shall we try to convince him to join us?

  1. He knows the EPL and he has been successful here. He also likes London.
  2. He is an experienced coach that comes with winning pedigree, having won the EPL, Italian league, French League and German league and has won a few Champions Leagues too.
  3. He is the type of coaches that players want to play for so he is not only going to have the current team’s buy-in but his name will also be able to attract new players.
  4. He is very tactically astute and likes his teams to play attacking football with a balanced squad.

From the start, he was my preferred option BUT he needs to work with Freddie in his staff.

So shall we finally hire an Italian coach? He gives me more confidence than Sousa for example