It’s not all about Arsenal … let’s not Bury our heads in the sand

August 22, 2019

As a football fan this is becoming hard to watch, minnows and historic clubs struggling to survive week on week, young pro footballers with families who don’t actually know if they are getting paid, fans who have loved a club all their lives who don’t know if they will be going to Gigg Lane again.

That is a tragedy of the modern football world and whilst we all worry about spending £45m or Kroenke putting up his own money or not there are fans who have far greater concerns.

I haven’t seen reports of just how much Bury owe their creditors and it appears the current owner is just another problem in a line of troublesome owners. It’s made all the more troubling by the fact that they got promotion last season and even then were on the brink of financial collapse.

So my question today is what percentage of EPL revenues from a TV deal alone would change the finances of clubs from League One down, and should fans from across the footballing landscape start working together to restore some balance, be that by mass protests at grounds or otherwise.

We need as fans to protect the whole game, we should know that Elite Player Development rules put into place by EPL taking control from the FA are partly to blame, if you are a small club and can’t run an Elite Academy your players are cherry picked away by clubs with better rated Academy for a pittance. Clubs that used to rely on those one or two big fees every so often for a local talent can no longer do so without huge investment in their own academy status.

I haven’t fallen out of love with Arsenal yet but I am falling out of love with football as a whole.

Personal experience to validate the above, I thought taking my boys to Arsenal was going to be no 1 in things I enjoyed doing with my kids, something that gave me an emotional moment about passing the baton etc. I’ve done it and it was great, but taking them to Latitude Festival and dancing to Stereophonics and Underworld with them on my shoulders etc actually surpassed it.

Why is that the case?

Gooner in Exile