How much do the Kroenke’s care if Arsenal are a big club?

January 15, 2020

Here on A.A we try and keep everything as positive as possible, both in our comments and topics of conversation. However, we all know that this is not possible at all times because to ignore other, less favourable, aspects would be burying our head in the sand.

I for one am full of hope for our new era under Arteta. I actually believe it could eventually be viewed almost as significant as Wengers arrival. A big call to make I know.

However, I do think that our level of success under Arteta will be aligned with how Kroenke handles the club over the next 2-3 years. I think there is every chance that Arteta could eventually turn out to be the be the premier coach and tactician in world football, but will still be sold short on what he could potentially deliver without the right happenings going on behind the scene, and that starts with Kroenke.

It may be a good time to discuss the Kroenke regime to date, from its inception to the present date and what we feel will happen in the future. Does the past handling by Kroenke represent his future handling of the club, or will he change direction and focus from now?

I say this in light of the recent Deloitte standings of the worlds most affluent football clubs. It seems the Kroenke regime has overseen a dramatic slide in our standing on this list.

I haven’t got the full information year on year to hand (maybe someone can source it) but I believe at one point, a few years ago, we were only behind the likes of Real, Barca and Utd (possibly Bayern as well). Now we are out of the top 10 and been usurped by Spurs.

We have some esteemed bloggers on here with in depth accountancy knowledge, so it would be interesting to hear their views on this, but also their opinions on whether the past has any bearing on the future, and how they see us shaping up (relative to our rivals) as a traditional big club moving forwards.