PSG keen on A. Wenger as a Sporting Director…

The Qatari Prince has been disappointed with Pochetinno, the lack of game identity, the lack of major silverware since Tuchel left and the recent loss in the French Cup to Nice in penalties has put further pressure on both Pochetinno and Leonardo. Pochetinno knows that he will be leaving latest in May and earliest in March and Leonardo will only stay if we win the Champions League…

Leonardo is also seen as a key actor in the lack of integration of the newest recruits in the Paris team, especially Ramos and Wiljaldum and Messi is just showing some glimpse of his magic…Leonardo is also currently unable to tie up Mbappe to a new deal so…lots of questions on his performance overall.

The Qatari Prince is a huge A. Wenger fan and has, reportedly, approached Wenger to take over the role of Sporting Director at PSG – asking him to develop a “PSG Game Identity Brand” from the academy to the first team….For one, I d be happy to see him join PSG. It will clearly impact the coach selection but also the first team composition…

Come on A. Wenger, come to Paris 🙂

Rumour has it that A. Wenger would convince Zidane to join PSG who would then convince Casemiro to join Paris…


4 Responses to PSG keen on A. Wenger as a Sporting Director…

  1. pbarany says:

    PSG in first person plural is a lot to digest…

  2. fred1266 says:

    I do like psg and if I were allowed to have 2 teams psg would be it but wouldn’t want Wenger to do anything outside help arsenal, so hope he turns them down but he is French after all and this would be a huge for his legacy

    Shame mbappe going real I thought he would have been more loyal to France since ligue 1 is none as the one of the weakest league I thought he would have stay to give them a few champions league

  3. VP says:

    Wenger + Zidane would be amazing. The players that combo would attract would turn PSG into the new galacticos. It would be great to see how that plays out.

    Talking about combos, lets secure Arteta Saliba Saka Martinelli to longer contracts. I’m not really over the details of this but I’ve read that other teams are circling. I would hate to see any of our future legends disappearing to other clubs. And if Wenger did go to PSG then snapped up some of our players then I would go sour very quickly.

  4. RC78 says:

    Saka is on the radar of Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool

    Martinelli is on the radar of City, Liverpool, Munich, Barcelona, Madrid, Milan teams and PSG

    As for Saliba, alas, I believe he will be sold for 30+ million and at this stage, many teams would go for him in France and abroad…

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