Anybody here? Are the bloggers hibernating?

Good day everyone…We have posted a few posts in the last 2 weeks but the level of response, except on Match day is very limited. Shall we just stick to pre-match and match reports? Let us know…

Hope everyone is well!


13 Responses to Anybody here? Are the bloggers hibernating?

  1. RC78 says:

    @rockylives – shall we stick to pre-match and post-match?

  2. VP says:

    I still read the AA everyday and yes was a bit puzzled on lack of comments these recent weeks.
    LB had problems connecting and I get a security certificate warning. Maybe there is some background issues?

    Overall I’m happy to see any posts, it’s the regular rational commentary I keep checking in on.

    Keep up the great work and long may our undefeated run continue.

  3. fred1266 says:

    Still here my email messing up again where I don’t receive notification

  4. LBG says:

    For me RC, the Club, the first team performances and many of the comments on the blog itself in the last year ( despite you and Rocky’s brave efforts), have too often reflected the general negative malaise surrounding this Country at present.
    As on many occasions in my 60 years of watching the Gunners we are currently in a trough, made even deeper by the joy of the first half of the Wenger era, and which perhaps only time will haul us out of. In the meantime, I prefer to watch and wait, (although Monday took me to new depths), rather than slag off all and sundry.
    At present pre and post match illuminations would probably suffice for me, and I will attempt to look for new buds of hopefulness when commenting on occasions.

  5. allezkev says:

    I did send a post earlier but it must have ended up in spam or something, so maybe people are posting but it’s disappearing?

  6. Maxwell says:

    I would like to echo VP. I read every day, it’s my favourite blog with my favourite contributors. Like Allez, I have attempted to send a post in the past, but as it seemed to disappear into the ether, I haven’t tried again. I don’t comment every day, as I don’t always feel I have anything worthwhile to say. Also, like LBG, when things aren’t in line with my hopes, I feel more withdrawn. I don’t moan about the manager or players (well, I wish I didn’t!).

  7. Pete the Thirst says:

    @Kev & @Maxwell I don’t think the emails are being picked up. I found it easier to post as a comment and ask RC or Rocky to put up as a post.

    I think it’s Peaches & Raspberry that monitor the email and they’ve been AWOL for a while.

    @LBG my favourite negative poster aka Dr Doom has been quiet on here for a while, but I’ve seen him annoying people on other sites. 😂

  8. LBG says:

    Happy Birthday Arsene. How about three points Gunners on the Big Boss’s Birthday and a performance to thrill.

  9. LBG says:

    Arnhem 1 Barnum 0
    Moaninho’s Roma 1 Norwegian blind school FK Bodo 6
    Magnificent! Will Totteringham be booted out of the Europa Conference League that, TG, we didnt qualify for?
    Come on Gunners. Show us what we all know – NORTH LONDON IS RED.

  10. allezkev says:

    Thanks Pete, my comment was a cut n paste from a piece regarding Azeez at Portsmouth and Danny Cowley explaining why Miguel isn’t featuring as often as we’d like to see.

    Cowley seems to have a kind of holistic approach to his loanees, I believe he didn’t overplay Smith Rowe when he was at Huddersfield despite the Terriers fans wanting to see more of Emile.

    I guess we’ll see in time if this approach works for Miguel or not.

  11. RA says:

    Bonjour, RC, ça va?

    Do not despair about the lack of interactive comment responses to the posts of yourself and the Rocket.

    History will tell you that it is almost always the case when FIFA and UEFA get their International way and we fans sink into a soporific boredom with the Inter-dull games leaving most of us to retreat into a football hibernation.

    [If you want to attract LBG’s attention on a quiet day, just say something nice about Xhaka] 😜. — sshh – that’s our secret!!

  12. RA says:

    There has been some good news during the Inter-dull — it seems we have signed a stunning star who will set Arsenal alight — not because he is a careless smoker — but because he is being hailed as the ‘Little Messi’.

    I saw a short video of him on BBC TV, where he outran every one who tried to catch or tackle him; had a great shot at goal when he danced around the opposition, bamboozling them with his trusty left foot and leaving them on their backsides; and also had a great smile.

    Watch out for him — his name is ZANE — and every other club in Europe is trying to entice him away from Arsenal.

    He may catch Mikel’s eye soon, and could play for the first team later in the season.

    Youth!! Just ask LBG – there is nothing like youth to get Arsenal firing, and 5 year old ZANE fits the bill perfectly. [No kidding – he is quite something!! ]

  13. RC78 says:

    Hi everyone – much easier to write a comment here and then ask us to turn it into a post 🙂

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