2-0 for now and a man down…not looking good

Well well well…Xhaka just got a red card, not necessarily justified but could have gone either way…

Soares is having a horrible day at the office, Chambers and Auba too…

ESR and Odegaard not very good as part of the midfield three and Saka is just absent…Holding and Leno not being so bad given the circumstances but the weak links have been Soares, Chambers, Xhaka and Kola…

What will Arteta do at half-time? We were never going to win but we are not even contesting…this is a rout so far…


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  1. RC78 says:

    And a third goal conceded…

    Where were Soares, Chambers and Holding?

    Do we have a defensive coach by the way since Bould left?

  2. Kc says:

    Arteta sold Arsenal out. School boy level formation. He done Arsenal in. F O!

  3. RC78 says:

    Take Soares out…bring in El Neny
    Take Kola out…bring in AMN
    Take Auba out…bring in Martinelli

    Leno – AMN, Chambers, Holding, Tierney, Saka – Odegaard, El Neny, ESR, Martinelli –

  4. Aaron says:

    We are falling like a rock….
    $h*tTy not even breaking a sweat, a stroll in the park.

    Graelish darn near walked that one in and put it on a plate for Jesus…

    This entire day was so predicable seeing that kola death lineup.

  5. hasse andersson says:

    Not looking good? I think it’s wonderful! Everything is ok if we can get rid of Arteta. #ArtetaOut! Now!

  6. RC78 says:

    I think it is fair to say that we need to move Soares, Kola out of our club and that we still need strengthening at Right Back and DM…

    What a day so far…nothing positive to say really…

  7. RC78 says:

    And also, it is clear that we cannot play a midfield three that includes Ode and ESR. They are both very good players but none of them can play like KDB, Silva, Kante, Kovacic…They need to play higher up the pitch to be effective.

    We do not have the right DM for them and also Odegaard’s defensive positional awareness as a CM is non existent yet…

  8. RockyLives says:

    We have been awful at the back but I will offer a gentle reminder that we’re missing our two first choice CBs and our first choice DM.

    Not an excuse and I’m not saying we win with those players in the team. The problems run much deeper than that.

  9. RC78 says:

    Xhaka has received his 4th red card in the EPL since August 2016…He is leading the pack together with Luiz and Fernandinho…Let us note that Luiz was playing for us too…

    If we want to move forward as a club, the best thing may be to part with Arteta but ONLY IF we can get Conte. We need a coach that is going to sort us out properly…Arteta has initiated a revolution but now we need an experienced manager it seems to finish the job and steady the ship.

    Imagine if you are Laca or Auba now and Barcelona, City, Real, Juve, Bayern come knocking, what do you do?…

  10. RC78 says:

    Hi Rocky – I agree that we re missing players but our squad should not be so easy to beat, no? I think the reality is that we are just at best a mid-table team and that Arteta may not be able to get us back where we belong

  11. RC78 says:

    How many will we concede today?

  12. Aaron says:


    Are you referring to Saliba and Mavro??

  13. RC78 says:

    4-0…it is beyond embarassing…I think we will be last at the end of the third day…with no goals scored and plenty conceded…It is already 8…

    Odegaard is miles away defensively…

  14. RC78 says:

    The only ones trying are Tierney and El Neny…

    90% possession for City in the 2nd half

  15. RC78 says:

    Luckily…Sterling and Mahrez are coming on for City…
    Now…Why is Arteta not bringing AMN in lieu of Soares

  16. RockyLives says:

    This result might make some last minute panic buying more likely. But which good player would want to come to Arsenal right now?

  17. RA says:

    City are a class team — that’s a given — but even so, I have never seen an Arsenal performance as abject as this.

    There have been some early mitigating circumstances with Covid and player injuries, but I cannot believe Arteta can recover from this debacle — and Arsenal cannot keep living in hope that he will.

    The owners must act, surely?

  18. RC78 says:

    80 minutes so far:
    – 18% possession overall, 9% in the second half
    – 1 shot attempt on the 5th minute and nothing since

  19. RC78 says:

    “Arsenal were expected to lose today but there are ways to lose football matches. This has been far too easy.” Commentator…Can’t disagree

  20. RC78 says:

    At least, Leno is not being bad today…He is just stuck behind a horrendous defensive unit…

    I think he will concede one more today, courtesy of Sterling or Mahrez

  21. RC78 says:

    And the fifth…Easy goal too…Center-backs totally out of it

  22. Aaron says:

    There it is….
    Below Norwich, Norwich…..
    We are in first place on the wrong end of the table…

  23. RC78 says:

    We will be bottom for sure…Our first game was supposed to get us at least 1 point and then we were expected to lose the next two but now

  24. RC78 says:

    I am surprised at how many chances we are giving up at far post…Surely, these players would have learned how to defend the at far post but apparently, not…

  25. RC78 says:

    Just for this game – Leno deserves a statue so far…He is been good

  26. RC78 says:

    And El Neny and AMN should know better and track the runs from the midfielders into the box

  27. RC78 says:

    25 attempts to 1…

  28. RC78 says:

    AFC – 3 matches played: 0 point – 0 goal scored, 9 goals conceded.

    Worse start since 1954 and in the EPL history

  29. RC78 says:

    Poor discipline, a total rout…

  30. RC78 says:

    If I were the owners, I d sack both Arteta and Edu now IF they can get Conte…Otherwise, just stick with them until December but the search for a new coach must start now

  31. GoonerB says:

    I always felt that the 8 games after this would be the definitive ones for us and Arteta even if we lost today. But then there’s losing and losing.

    The manner of this loss will affect confidence moving into those critical games and also this will likely five players that might have been considering coming to us pause for thought.

    Sometimes only one thing changes that and maybe the manner of this loss has very sadly brought forward a decision that was really one to be made or not a few more games in.

    This type of loss maybe makes recovery for our young manager impossible even with a favourable run of games.

    One other thing I have thought about for a while is that Xhaka has literally become like the grim reaper for Arsenal managers, a key component in signing their death knell.

    He has some qualities but has deficiencies that don’t make him suitable for the EPL. Despite this 3 successive managers (including current) have been seduced by him and those 3 managers oversaw an imbalanced and porous midfield that stretches back some years now.

  32. RockyLives says:

    “Xhaka has literally become like the grim reaper for Arsenal managers”

    Funny – my son just sent me this text: “Third manager to die on the Xhaka hill.”

  33. RockyLives says:

    Nothing to feel today except despondency but…

    Things are seldom as bad as they seem.

    Keep the faith.

  34. 1979Gunner says:

    Arteta has to go. He’s not up to the job. Tactically naive, inexperienced and looking desperate. No disgrace losing to Man City, but the stats are dreadful.

  35. RC78 says:

    Leno – 7
    Soares – 3
    Chambers – 3
    Holding – 4
    Kola – 3
    Tierney – 5
    Ode – 3
    Xhaka – 1.5
    ESR – 4
    Saka – 3
    Auba – 2.5

    Arteta – 1

  36. RC78 says:

    What is Arteta going to say now? We were missing many players through Covid-19 and injuries. We had a tough run. We will be better after the break once players are recovered and we have a full group but that the way we lost is not acceptable and that we have to keep our head down and keep on working…bla bla bla bla bla

    Few things are clear to me:
    1. Our RB position needs to be solved asap
    2. We need a better DM still
    3. Ode-ESR in the middle of the park as a mid-3 does not work
    4. We can’t defend on the far post
    5. Arteta may not be able to steer towards being a good team again
    6. Saka, ESR, Tierney would be tempted to leave next year

  37. RC78 says:

    One everyone is fit, how do we line-up?

    Leno – Holding, White, Gabriel – AMN, Partey, El Neny, Tierney – Saka, Laca, ESR

    Leno – RECRUIT, White, Gabriel, Tierney – Partey, RECRUIT? – Saka, Ode, ESR – Auba (or Laca)

    It is impossible to know…there still does not seem to be a clear starting XI or game plan

  38. RC78 says:

    Meanwhile 2 players we were linked with scored in the Villa-Brentford game, namely Toney and Buendia

  39. RC78 says:

    It is funny to see teams like Leeds, Villa, Brentford have more of a game plan than AFC. Who would have thought?

  40. RC78 says:

    Buendia is having a good game.

  41. RC78 says:

    “I am (angry) because of the consequences that it (Xhaka’s red card) had to the team. I must say that the line we are being judged with is really, really thin because we have seen actions like that in the first two Premier League games and nothing happened and I am disappointed. I am very disappointed with the second goal because of the way that they allowed that goal. I think we started the game really well and in the first situation they had the ball in our box and we defend the cross, we defend the run into the box, and then we are 1-0 down, so we tried to go again. I think we tried to create some situations, and then the second one, there was a hit and the referee allows it to go and then we are 2-0 down and after the red card (there was) obviously a mountain to climb.

    When you lose games it’s impossible (to sell the idea of a project), but you saw we had 3,000 fans today and the way they reacted to the team and to the club and the support they were giving it was unconditional, that was why everyone went over to say ‘thank you’ and that was why I am really proud of that.

    I am sorry we cannot give them the result right now and we will have to fix it.” Arteta.

    A nice talk but really, the refereeing did not affect the outcome of the game. The red card may be a bit harsh but there can’t be complaints either….The issue was the team, the tactics (or lack of) and now I am a bit more worried because he is not assessing the team’s abysmal performance nor his own shortcomings…

  42. RC78 says:

    on self-reflection and if the players can perform for him…
    I’ve always said it, I will be the one [to take responsibility]. I think I’ve been more critical about myself and taking the blame every single time, but only when we have defeats. I stand here today and I do exactly the same thing. I question myself and I have to try and have the right people around me and look at every decision that we make, and that I make, and try to improve it and change it if we believe that we should have done something different, of course.

  43. RC78 says:

    At least, some reflection but still

  44. GoonerB says:

    Agreed RC. It’s too easy to just say oh well its City and we’re Mike’s behind them. I genuinely feel they had a starting line up that left us quite close to them.

    They haven’t got a top recognised striker and didn’t have De Bruyne or Foden. This is more worrying because it points to huge factors being about tactics and formation.

    Whatever happens with Arteta the more important background issue is just how far the Kroenkes have taken us down in their stewardship. Ultimately the more important change needed is with them.

  45. GoonerB says:

    Miles not Mike’s

  46. RC78 says:

    GoonerB – the thing is that Arteta and Edu were backed up by the Kroenkes in the last transfer windows both in terms of incomings and outgoings.

    Arteta and Edu’s signings include:
    Ramsdale, Odegaard, White, Sambi –
    Partey, Willian, Gabriel, Mari, Soares, Runarrson –

    10 players for roughly 180 Mln EUR including 2 GKs, 3 Center-Backs and 4 midfielders.

    Ramsdale – White, Gabriel, Mari, Soares – Partey, Sambi, Odegaard – Willian

    Almost a full squad…

  47. RC78 says:

    Wan Bissaka, Maguire, Varane, Telles – James, Fernandes, Van De Beek, Sancho – CR7, Cavani

    + Diallo, Idalho

    Man Utd in the same time…so I suppose changing owenership would give us more cash as well 😛

  48. Las says:

    Xhaka – out
    Mari – out
    Cedric – out
    Kola – out
    Willian – out
    Elneny – second string at best
    Bellerin – second string and/or out of favour

    Edu – out (check out his signings)
    Arteta – out of his depth

    Kroenkies – Out
    Ok, but where is Arsenal? Can and shoud wewe call back Mr Wenger?

  49. Maxwell says:

    For goodness’ sake! What is the matter with everyone? Knee-jerk reactions to single situations. Go on. Tell me you’ve seen this coming – yet just a few weeks ago, Arsenal finished the season with five straight victories. No doubt some equally idiotic dwellers in the instant proclaimed that this meant we would win the league. We were always likelier to lose to Chelsea and Man City, even if we held hopes of an outside chance win against the odds. Generally people warned that Brentford were a banana skin, and that the beginning of the season is not the ideal time to play promoted teams. Add to that the disaster of having nine first team squad players out for various reasons. Add to that that if four players had any COVID symptoms, they’re not just going to dance back onto the park. It could take weeks. Add to that the certainty that you don’t just bring in new faces and watch them automatically fit in with their teammates – it can take a season for them to gel.

    And get this: Arteta is not about to be sacked. Suck on that one.

    The rebuild that we’re in the middle of was agreed to be a long-term project. The club were fully aware that the road would be bumpy to start with. So were we, because we were advised as such. KSE will not have invested in bringing in specifically identified targets and spending so much cash, to then ditch the architect for whom they have invested.

    I hurt and am depressed as much as the next Arsenal fan. I too saw a lot to make me miserable in these three games. But I think we should take a leaf out of the travelling fans’ book, get behind the club, get behind the team, get behind Arteta, and cheer them to the rafters. That can be our contribution to turning the corner and moving forward.

    We surely will not help by whining and whingeing.

  50. Aaron says:

    36 months + and counting, including both coaches.
    Please, get behind a coach who is losing the dressing room by the second, a team pace to score less than 50 goals this season, have no chance creation, and no definitive style.

    Give up space, back off opponents, don’t press, play out from the back, give up the box, and no cohesion from defensive players to midfield, and quick link up play to the attacking players.

    Warming up my whining and “whingeing” machine.

  51. Maxwell says:

    Aaron I’m not sure what your ‘36 months’ relevance is. 36 months without a trophy (excepting the FA Cup)? 36 months when you didn’t enjoy the football as much as the Wenger years – a manager hounded out by the same toxic “supporters” now baying for Arteta’s head? 36 months when you didn’t understand the process agreed by KSE, Edu and Arteta, or see what progress is being made?

    But then, of course, you are privy to this superior inside knowledge, that the manager is “losing the dressing room”. Just who told you that? Donald Trump?

    Aaron, I have read many of your contributions across the blogosphere, and you usually come across as worth reading, and more intelligent than a lot of the media followers. Not this time.

    Oh, and while I’m losing friendship and respect left right and centre with my rant, can I mention a comment made by RC that really rankles: “back to where we deserve to be”. What? By what divine right do Arsenal “deserve” to be above any other competing team? We support a football team. Through thick and thin. Historically it’s a pretty good team. So are Huddersfield, Leeds, Sheffield Wednesday, Blackpool, Newcastle, Sunderland, Blackburn Rovers. Don’t they all “deserve” as much as we do? It is worth revisiting the Arsenal of the fifties, sixties and seventies, when, the double year not withstanding, we won very little and dragged along with the other mediocrity. We still went along and watched and cheered, unfettered by this corrosive burden of Entitlement.

  52. LBG says:

    Thank the Lord for the lone voice of realism amongst the repugnant storm of “supporters”.
    But thank you, sir, most of all.

  53. Maxwell says:

    LBG! Do I still have a friend? Thank you. I thought I was the lone voice in the wilderness!

  54. RA says:

    Good Morning,

    Maxwell, you are someone who mostly speaks with the voice of reason, and someone with whom, in my opinion, it can be a pleasure to debate.

    The same can be said about Aaron too.

    I have read the above comments from both of you and am pretty disappointed that because the views expressed are not analogous, and let’s face it an opinion is just that and not necessarily based on indisputable fact, but the comments have teetered on the brink of unpleasant personal recrimination.

    Fans on any decent blog have the right to express their opinions without being attacked because someone else does not agree with them. The Blog rules of AA (see top of the Post) welcomes fans with their diverse views, which is the whole point of the Blog.

    Shake hands (metaphorically) and agree to disagree, Guys. 😎

  55. Maxwell says:

    In the seventies, I was a student in York (apologies for some repetition from a previous contribution). Just up the road was Leeds, one of the two powerhouses of English football, and feared throughout Europe. Given its glamour, and the famous players like Johnny Giles, Billy Bremner, Norman Hunter and a host of equal artists, most of my fellow footie-lovers chose to journey through on a Saturday to watch Don Revie’s stars. On the odd occasion I too would motor-bike my way west, mainly because I had a Leeds-supporting girl friend who enjoyed riding my pillion. I only recall a couple of events: one was a midweek European tie against Anderlecht, which despite the fog obscuring anything further than the halfway line, went ahead. The ball and various incognito players would loom in and out of the shroud. I was in the Gelderd End, where we United in shouting to our colleagues at the other end to keep us informed what was happening, and then returning the favour when the action was close enough to make out anything. The only goal of the game was at the other end; the second memory was going to a game against Manchester City, whom one of my mates supported. Again, we were in the Leeds supporters’ end of the ground, where we suddenly sought invisibility when City scored and Peter leapt up cheering – and believe me if you weren’t lucky enough to frequent football matches in the seventies, that was akin to provoking the Taliban. We spent ten minutes apologising and explaining that he was a simple university student on acid who thought he’d seen an angel.

    But mostly, I went along to York City, my local team, with a bunch of Fellow York residents. It was a good time to be a City supporter. They went through two promotions, and lasted two seasons in the Second Division, before spiralling back to their natural level. We were able to watch Manchester United win at Bootham Crescent – but only by the odd goal (because they had been relegated, proving that IT CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE). I also got to see Arsenal once in an FA Cup game, which fortunately the Gunners won. There were no stars, just journeyman Yeomen who tried their hearts out (“Six foot two, eyes of blue, Jimmy Seal is after you!”).

    The point, laboured as it may be, is that it was fun to go along and cheer without expectations. I suspect that that is still the case for teams outside the glaring distortions of the media giants who destroy the pleasure of following a Premier League team.

    Furthermore, the case of Leeds is seminal to those fairweather fans who believe Arsenal should be at the top as of right. Top of the tree in the seventies, first winners of the new Premier League in 1992, and subsequently in the abyss until the last couple of years. It can happen to anyone, by accident, or mis-management.

    That doesn’t mean you stop supporting your team. Unless the only reason you support them is because they’ve been at the top in which case you’re not a supporter at all.

  56. Maxwell says:

    RA I totally agree which is why I added the caveat that I generally like Aaron’s comments. I didn’t want to be personal or abusive. If I feel acrimonious, it’s because I’m so angry at the supporter-sphere in general. His views about the situation are as valid as mine or anyone’s. I took exception to the claim that the manager has lost the dressing room. If you, RA, think that this is an opinion that should go unchallenged, then I apologise.

  57. LBG says:

    You still have a friend. I had chosen to keep my own counsel until this site stops being “another” vehicle for moaners and doomers!

  58. RA says:

    Hi Maxwell,

    The blog needs interesting and non pejorative debate between all of us, otherwise it would be pointless and would soon fail — so go for it.

    Your comment @ 8:59 is exactly what we want to read on AA.

    The more bloggers we have on here, like yourself and Aaron, the better, as far as I am concerned.

  59. VP says:

    How has Arteta lost the dressing room? Surely its still in the same place or do they use partitions and someone has moved them…

  60. Pete the Thirst says:

    Entertaining stuff guys.

    I was fortunate to miss the game yesterday. I had stuff to do…you know family etc

    I did check the line up pre game. I was amazed that Kolasinac was starting. Xhaka playing to lone defensive midfielder was worrying too.

    No surprises at the result. It was unlikely that we would get a result, but the team selection and tactics were foolish, almost amateur.

    Arteta really isn’t doing himself any favours. TheNorwich game will be interesting!

  61. fatgingergooner says:

    Lots of knee-jerk reaction yesterday. We’ve lost to Chelsea and City ffs. We could’ve signed £500m worth of players and hired Pep and still lost those games. The Brentford game was always a problematic fixture with fans back in the stands and the Covid issues. I think we should see how we get on in the next 3 or 4 games before we start calling for changes. Arteta is going nowhere unless we lose our next 4 games, and that won’t happen.

  62. Pat7 says:

    Sad viewing yesterday and questionable line-up with £100M+ of 1st team talent on the sidelines through injury, CV effects, needing rest etc. What we didn’t need was Xhaka showing his old self……
    I guess we’ll see what the team meet brings up and how it responds in the next matches but agreed, if not much changes Arteta’s time is out no matter what his enthusiasm and intent.
    Let’s hope for the best guys and gals and if it’s over for Mikel let’s hope they plan his departure better than the guys down the road!

  63. Aaron says:


    I too, like your comments and appreciate a long term perspective.

    Won’t let this become personal, but I don’t just let all statements go unquestioned either.

    Basically, saying the futbol has been atrocious for a few years.

    If it was not for the kids, I would not watch at all at this point.

    My perspective, is we are owned by people who are just asset class builders and do not know the first thing about running sport franchises. Most of ksE enterprises have just been terrible for 20+ years, hard to get behind my team when there is no real team being developed.

    I said “losing the dressing room,” not lost the dressing room, his actions with Mesut, Willian, Saliba, Guen, Martinez, AMN and others is a clear indication that he does not possess the highest level of emotional intelligence, yet- that comes with experience which he has NONE!

    If we hired a Bielsa type, a true sporting director etc. and had a small budget, I would be pumped! Watching a club like that give their all has been a pleasure to watch. Has AFC developed that culture? Honestly? No, me thinks not. We have hired and fired one of the most corrupt people in sport, and the standards have fallen even further. (Lat time is was truly pumped by watching us play was when Sanchez and Carzola were here)

    The rot has been going on for sometime, and watching a bunch of tattooed millionaires, put in half effort game after game is nauseating.

    Kola is the lineup, 0 true shots on goal, no attacking intent even visable, “trust the process.” What the hell does that even mean?

    Been a fan for a while too, and do not ever remember our club being in 20th place, staN the man or Josh do not even know what relegation is, but they might find out. FYI, any club that lost the first three games of the season in a row has never placed higher than 7th. Lose to Norwich, which is a distinct possibility, and 7th will seen a galaxy away.

    All this talk how we were 3rd in the table after Jan is true, but the last 5-7 games of the season most teams did not really have anything to play for and a super soft schedule, a flase dawn if there eve was one, things were all tidy by then.

    Arteta knew Brentford was on the list for quite some time, AFC still got out played.

    Lose next 4 games, quite possible really.

    Chance creation and goals or forget about it should be Arteta’s mantra.

    Just want the club to sort this mess out, not sure if it is even possible at this time.

  64. fatgingergooner says:

    It seems clear to me that Arteta was brought in to revamp the squad. We were paying stupid money to just 3 or 4 players and we weren’t getting the results that the big wages warranted. We are in a far better place as a squad than we were a few seasons ago. The age profile of the team is much better, the wages seem more evenly distributed, and there is a lot of potential talent in the team. The start of the season has not been what we want, but you’ve got to look at it in context and ignore the never ending negative media. Arteta’s Arsenal will come good if he’s given time, the same way that Solskjaer is changing a previously poor United side.

  65. Aaron says:


    For sure, but if the age profile is lowered with no playing time, or they are just average than what follows is inevitable. Did Arteta not let Emi go, and agree with Edu and co. to sign Willian to a very large contract, all the while letting Mavro and Saliba, who are proper defenders, not wingbacks or the like go out on loan? Never said they are great or good, just an actual profile of a defender.

    He started kola, chambers, soares with Xhaka in midfield with no dm against $h*tTy. These guys are not even average when assembled together.

    manure is not really a good comparison as they always find a boat load of cash and sort of make it work. Manure were 3rd last year and are 3rd this year.

    Arsene for years did not have a dime, as kse was paying off the stadium and not spending OUT of pocket to keep up with the joneses.

    As long as ksE keeps on collecting the social welfare checks from all his franchises, this exercise is really just a moot point.

  66. fatgingergooner says:

    Fair play to Willian if he walks away and goes to Brazil. He could’ve just sat on his contract or demanded huge payment like the so-called ‘Legend’ that is Özil, but instead he’s walked away from the cash to continue playing. Hope it works out in Brazil for him.

  67. fatgingergooner says:


    I guess we will find out if the players are average or not when we actually have most of our team available and the new lads have settled in. I’m looking forward to an exciting season.

  68. Aaron says:

    That is a big if…
    Partey can stay injury free, Xhaka keeps getting reds, so Arteta has no other choice to play the youth (He still has Elneny and might just play him there), but yes, if the squad settles it could be.

    I just do not believe Arteta is the guy to get us out of this mess, alone.

  69. fatgingergooner says:

    Don’t believe everything you read. That was Xhaka’s 2nd red in the league in the last 4 seasons. Not exactly Vinnie Jones. Arteta isn’t alone, and he’s been backed by the club. He will be the one to get axed if it fails, but I think it will turn around when the fixtures are more kind.

    Talking of Xhaka, I don’t think he’s a PL player. He just doesn’t seem to understand the pace of the game. He would’ve been Pirlo-esque at Roma because there is no doubt he can ping a ball (as he shows at International level) but he obviously brings a lot to the dressing room and he does a lot of work that goes unnoticed, so the coach’s like him. I’d rather have a Bissouma/Ndidi type who maybe can’t do as much with the ball but can break up play and get around the pitch.

    Hopefully Azeez does well on loan and saves us a few quid.

  70. Aaron says:


    Agree about Bissouma/Ndidi and our guy, Azeez.

    Hoping Xhaka’s red keeps him out 3 games, get another red and that keeps him out another 3 games. Then let’s see what this squad can do, if the coach selects the correct people, in the correct positions and lets them play and shuts his damn trap.

  71. fatgingergooner says:

    Didn’t Wenger used to do that though and people complained he was too quiet???

  72. RC78 says:

    I am gonnna go off the blog for a while…seems some people get annoyed if we support the team with passion here

  73. fatgingergooner says:

    I don’t think this blog has ever lacked passion. Some misplace perspective from time to time, and the negativity has hit a new high, but it’s never lacked for passion.

  74. Rasp says:

    This site has seen good bloggers come and go. It usually comes down to a dedicated few to keep things going but I can tell you all from personal experience that it can be really stressful for those running the site. The pattern is always the same. When things are going well on the pitch the blog is harmonious. When things are going badly the blame game and recriminations creep in and this puts pressure on those who are keeping things going and for the main contributors. In the last few days I’ve seen that LBG and now RC78 have withdrawn. This is a big loss to AA.

    I would ask those with the strongest views to consider the following: have some consideration for those putting in the effort on here and try to be less dogmatic with your opinions please …. and … it’s easy to support a winning team, if ever our club needs our unconditional support it is when we are bottom of the league, haven’t scored a single goal. … and worst of all, Totnum are top of the league!

  75. RA says:

    Hi RC,

    I have been a fan of your work and the effort you put in to try and keep the blog open by generating many Posts to stimulate debate.

    It would be perfectly understandable if you put two fingers up and said you had had enough of writing Posts and helping with the blog administration, but you and Rocky, in particular, deserve our support and I hope you now get more of it.

    Don’t let things get you down, because the Rasper has the right of it. It is easy for fans to get agitated with the club, and then each other, because the team and the manager are having a bad time, and heaven help the guy who writes a Post and dares to have an opinion!

    I would like to see everyone who points the finger at a Post Author, and shouts ‘Foul’ should write a Post and tell us what they think.

    We will welcome them, and they will get support from the rest of us, and hopefully come to understand it is not as easy to write a Post as they seem to think.😁👍

  76. RA says:

    Hi Rasper,

    You are right, of course, the media do tend to enjoy stirring things up against Arsenal, especially as most of the journalists have their own ‘favourite’ club.

    But …… Hooray ….. a more sensible report has hit NewsNow, from the Express, quoting The Athletic on matters concerning Mikel and the club ownership.

    Here goes:

    “According to The Athletic, Kroenke (KSE) is fully committed to helping turn things around and that has been evident with the money he has given Arteta.

    And it seems as though Arteta will also be fully supported in the immediate future despite a worrying start to the campaign.

    The report claims that the Arsenal owners still see Arteta as a ‘good fit’ for their own long-term ambition.

    KSE reportedly accept that the Gunners are on the long road to recovery after years of overspending on wages.

    Arteta also seems on board with the plan as he thanked the owners last week after holding discussions about the current “project”

    “I can only say thank you,” he said. “Thank you to the technical director, to the board, to the ownership because they explained to me the project.”

    Arsenal will have two weeks to try and calm things down before returning to action against Norwich in what might now be a must-win game.

    But that will be followed by a tough away trip to Burnley before hosting rivals Tottenham at the end of September.

    There was also widespread glee from many Arsenal supporters when reports broke of a potential buyout from the same (Qatari) owners as Paris Saint-Germain.

    However, Kroenke’s KSE seemingly have no immediate plans to sell the club.”

    Interesting that the report is very much more upbeat than much of the other stuff we can read. 👍

  77. Rasp says:

    Hi Redders, thank you. I would give Mikel more time but I wouldn’t deny he is learning on the job and has made some surprising decisions … Kolasinac???? Soares??? Nevertheless I think Lokonga looks to have great potential, Ode is the most gifted player since Ozil and with Gabriel, ESR, Ramsdale (hopefully soon to displace Leno) Tierney and Saka we have 7/11 of a good young team. We need to finally sort out our defence make those players into a team and everything will be dandy 😅

  78. GoonerB says:

    I actually like the 2 polar extremes of debate on here and a lot of the middle ground stuff. Much like when I read online media news outlets I will read a left wing point of view, a right wing point of view, and a middlish ground point of view. After that I see what fits with how I see things and make my mind up.

    I’ve always said that in a bad run of results there can often be positives to take. Similarly in a good run of results there can be cause for concern.

    I felt this with Emerys purple patch of results because despite the wins we were getting them with consistent horrendous stats against us, particularly when comparing our shots on goal to the team we had defeated who bested us in that stat.

    It always felt like we were getting away with it somewhat and that’s how it seemed to turn out in the end. Not that I’m a complete stat man as at times stats mislead but sometimes they do point straight at an issue.

    So to Arteta. Now don’t forget I championed him from pre Emery and so want him to succeed, but I may have been wrong in my assessment of him. Maybe the lack of experience and knowledge is a problem.

    Right now he could still turn things and then never look back and become a successful manager with us. However, there is massive cause for concern, and I think Arteta needs a huge reflection on what he is doing with the squad right now.

    I get that we are missing players and all that but at the same time is what we have available as bad as these recent games indicate? Is Arteta getting the best out of what he has available?

    Losing to Chelsea and City is not a cause for wanting a change but maybe the manner and nature of the defeats is what is concerning.

    This is more so with the City game than the Chelsea one. We were missing players but so were they. No recognised top striker and 2 of their beat creative forced in De Bruyne and Foden unavailable.

    I looked at their team sheet and thought pretty good but not “wow”. I looked at our team sheet and thought not far iff their line up.

    We had a top recognised striker coming off the back of a confidence boosting hat-trick that they didn’t have. Behind this we had 3 of the most promising young creative midfielders out there. 2 are fully fledged internationals while arguably the one that isn’t is the best of the lot.

    We had the best left back of the 2 teams a GK that was deemed superior to the one that is Argentinas number 1 and just one the Copa America, and a host if other internationals to choose from. Where was the massive personnel gap?

    All this suggests to me it was more about how we approached the game than personnel. Don’t get me wrong I would have given the edge in the line up, player for player, but not by too much and certainly not enough to account for yesterdays unfolding.

    It is right to question Arteta under these circumstances. It is right to say we start this season with him having one and a half seasons of bedding in that comprises 4 transfer windows.

    The nature of our failings at the start of this season are not all accounted for purely by missing personnel, bedding in, and bad luck with starting fixtures. It’s not just 3 losses but the nature of them.

    If we had lost 3-2 yesterday but played well most people would be confident about taking that into our next run of fixtures and being on a far better place after the next 8 games. That may still happen but we now go into them with a darker cloud over us because of how utterly abject we were yesterday.

    If we think it is just about missing personnel and bedding in then I fear we could be in for a harsh realisation not too far from now. More importantly if Arteta thinks it’s all down to that then this is an even bigger problem.

    I feel there is a lot he isn’t doing right recently from how he approaches the matches and his line ups to the decisions he makes with Edu about who comes in, who goes and who we loan. Lots if very, debatable at best, but arguably questionable decisions.

    I want him to succeed but I support Arsenal first and foremost and if it becomes apparent he cannot recover this situation, and fairly quickly tough decisions have to be made.

  79. GoonerB says:

    RC, can I echo both RA’s and Rasps comments about your importance and my own personal appreciation to both you and Rocky. I have even named a group after you both; “RC and the Rocky Mountains” so quite frankly your not allowed to down tools.

    RA. I like the positiveness of that article but in no way am I won over by the Kroenkes seductive words. They have been full of intermittent Churchillian style speeches since they have arrived and all have turned out to be hollow so far.

    At present I haven’t heard anything that makes me think their new found committment to investment in the team is anything but a panic reaction to a dwindling asset that they have mismanaged to that point.

    It still feels all about them and their assett. Things have dropped below a threshold that is suggestive of irreparable damage through neglect and hiatiric lack of action and now threatens their assett.

    They recognise this and are desperate to claw us back to an “acceptable” level. However, I am sure that level is still upper table mediocrity, just enough to keep the assett reasonably high.

    I dont believe for one minute they are “at one” with the fans. In a cynical way I would look at Arteta being right for their project not always for the reasons the fans would want him to be right.

    I hope we have a resurgence back to a decent level again and I hope its Arteta that does this, but then we will plateau again and at that point could Kroenke and sons please bugger off and let someone else have a stab at it

  80. RA says:

    Hiya, GB

    I put that article up simply because it was not the media totally rubbishing Arsenal — for a change.

    I am sympathetic to a lot of the points you make.

    As a manager myself, I know tough decisions have to be made sometimes — and that is why I feel sorry for the situation Arteta finds himself in, (he seems a decent guy to me) but unless things improve rapidly (define your own view of ‘rapidly’) a tough decision will need to be made by the owners.

    Let’s hope none of that is going to become necessary!

    [Like you — Arsenal are first and foremost for me] 😜

  81. GoonerB says:

    Well RA, I really don’t want that hard decision to be made on Arteta. I want him to succeed. If he doesn’t then I was wrong in feeling he was the right man for us.

    What I thought we would get was kind of a mini Pep. I would never have expected him to get the team to the top levels Pep has as quickly for 2 reasons. Firstly he hasn’t got the finances Pep has been given and secondly he hasn’t
    got Peps experience.

    However, what he did have was experience under Pep. I thought our progression would be along the development of an attacking style of football that would become more refined and consistent at the highest level as we progressed with it.

    It would likely be one that would sometimes leave you exposed in the early stages if development, particularly against other attacking teams with slightly better or more experienced players, but still a style that would blow away most other teams and gain a significant amount of EPL points.

    We dont seem to be developing that style and look far too cautious in our play. Right now I feel Arteta is too reactive to the opposition in how he lines up, and needs to play to our strengths more rather than set up to cover our weaknesses.

    Wenger was the polar opposite and didn’t quite react enough at times. We need something between the 2 of them but slightly more towards the Wenger end of things, but not totally at that end of things.

    On Saturday he lined up with Xhaka and Odegaard as a 2 man CM. Xhaka is supposed to free up Odegaard but Xhaka actually isnt a player who can do this and be the single DM lynchpin, and actually needs someone else to cover his back. I felt that was a part of the pitch therefore weakened and represented a wasted position.

    Then we went back to a back 3 but with Kolasinac. Does he add that much as a 3rd CD over what a 2 man CD does? We lose another midfield control player just to accommodate a player who isn’t a CD. Kola struggles with defending as a full back never mind at CD and is really more of a winger / wing back. Again it felt like another wasted position that could have been used to strengthen elsewhere.

    Arteta should have looked at that City team and thought they are there to be had a go at. We might still lose but if so let’s do it going for them and you just never know. Let’s not line up like a frightened rabbit in the headlights and then lose anyway but in a timid way rather than go out fighting to win.

    What we did is stick in 2 players that shouldn’t even be here right now never mind lining up in the 1st team and in a formation that doesn’t compliment either of them.

    We may have more limited options right now but we must still have had a better option than what we went with. That line up basically said we are scared of you. With no recognised top striker, De Bruyne or Foden we shouldn’t have been like that.

    I feel Arteta needs a big rethink in how he approaches games if he is to succeed. A continued cautious approach has not worked so time to change it.

  82. fatgingergooner says:

    Looking forward to a day of our own fans comparing every transfer to how much we paid for White and Odegaard. I imagine Emi Martinez’s name will crop up at least once aswell. #TransferDeadlineDay

  83. RA says:

    Morning GB,

    Your 4:59 pm comment is excellent — great for debate — and would make a great Post.

  84. Pete the Thirst says:

    @Rasp who are the mysterious admin of this site?

    I’m guessing one is your good self? Peaches?

    RC & Rocky post regularly and pull posts from the blog. Is anybody keep an eye on the email?

    Is it Stan?

  85. Rasp says:

    Hi Pete, those with access behind the scenes are as you say. Are you expecting an email?

  86. Pete the Thirst says:

    I’m always expecting emails Rasp. And those pesky phone calls promising me free money. Never happens though.

    I’m happy to put up some posts when I have the time. Only problem was that RC was the one that used to take the time to copy and paste. With his break there doesn’t appear to be anybody to step into the breach.

    I have emailed posts in previously and I don’t think anybody picked them up.

    Fill me on on the process…

  87. fatgingergooner says:

    Bellerin out, Tomiyasu in.

    Another player under 23 with potential.

    The player turnover has been absolutely huge since Arteta and Edu came in. It’s no wonder the team hasn’t performed. It’s definitely going to take time to get everyone up to speed. Looking forward to watching the side develop though. I hope Arteta can get the best out of them.

  88. fatgingergooner says:

    Runarsson being loaned out to Leuven.

  89. GoonerB says:

    To be honest FGG, incoming players always pique my interest but I am far more concerned about how little Arteta managed to get out of those players on Saturday and what this points towards.

    I dont think incoming players or even those we were missing can account for this in any significant way and bridge that gap. Each of the last few years we seem to be setting a new record at the start of the season but not good ones.

    I believe the new ones set this year are firstly no points from 3 games for the first time since 1954 and failing to register a shot on target in a game for the first time ever since opta stats began.

    City were also a weakened team and the way that game went cannot be accounted for by missing personnel or any new additions that may come in. A little bit maybe but mostly this is just how abjectly we played.

    The biggest priority for me is a seismic change in Arteta’s thinking and approach. I will be more excited if I see him set up the team differently than I am about any incomings to be honest.

    I am concerned after Saturday not because of the defeat but because of the nature of that defeat. Even with all things considered that were against us we should have still been a lot more competitive in that game.

    Was trying to think of something witty to say about Emi Martinez Fgg but have failed to come up with anything. All I can say is don’t mention Martinez, I mentioned him once but I think I got away with it 😎

  90. fred1266 says:

    Make sure you using the correct email, one works and one doesn’t

    I tend to send to the both to ensure dey get it

  91. Rasp says:

    Pete The Thirst – send any articles through to arsenalnuts and either peaches or I will publish it. Please put a comment on the blog when you do to alert us that it has been submitted.

  92. RC78 says:

    New post people 😛

  93. fatgingergooner says:


    Why worry about a performance in a game away at the champions when we’ve had a man sent off after half hour and loads of our first team players are missing?? How can that game possibly be a barometer for future performances? That would be like saying that all is rosy because we beat West Brom 6-0. Surely there has to be a middle ground where actually we can see that things certainly aren’t as bad as is being made out by the usual anti-Arsenal media and anti-Arsenal, Arsenal fans?

    I’m not having a go at you personally GB, as I know you are level-headed in your views, but I’m just a bit fed up of reading nothing but negative Arsenal tweets, reports, and comments. When our fans don’t want to support the team then it’s no wonder the media and everyone else takes the piss.

    Fans called for Wenger to leave and then moan about the managers brought in.
    Fans wanted money spent but then complain it’s on the wrong players.
    Fans want a manager who talks but Arteta talks too much.
    Fans want us to pay bigger wages but we should never have given that money to Özil, Auba and Willian.

    All decisions are perfect with hindsight, but the club doesn’t have that. At least the club is trying to turn things around in this window but if it’s upto the fans we may aswell just pack it in now and get a new manager in. I like the business we’ve done and I think it gives us a chance to improve, but it’s going to take time and patience. We are not that big club winning trophies anymore and we are in the middle of a huge rebuild. Fans need to get on board.

  94. There’s a New Post ……………

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