Arsenal: Now What?

Unknown                                                     Decisions, decisions…

If you’re anything like me you’re still on a high from our wonderful FA Cup win on Saturday.

Not only did we end a difficult season with some serious silverware and European football secured, we also managed to make the reprobates from N17 really miserable.

Before the cup final they were assured of a place in the group stages of the Europa League, but our victory means they have to play not one, not two, but THREE pre-qualifying games, while we go straight into the groups.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of losers.

Now, I really don’t want to dampen any celebrations that you’re still engaged in, but pretty soon we’ll be starting to think about the new season.

We have many reasons to be optimistic, foremost among them being the presence of Mikel Arteta at the helm of our club.

Not only has he got us playing with purpose and a plan, he also has an ability to improve players. Mustafi, Pepe, Xhaka, Maitland-Niles and Ceballos (among others) have all noticeably got better under El Patron.

So, from that encouraging base, here’s a question for you:

What THREE THINGS would you like to see at Arsenal to give us a chance of being truly competitive next season.

Your choices might involve playing personnel, or tactics, or structural changes at the club, or anything else you like.

I’ll kick it off with my three:

  • Give Mikel Arteta the final say on new signings (even if someone else does the deal-making). Too many recent pieces of business have involved players whose agents happen to be big buddies of Raul Sanllehi. I’d love to think that all those signings have been made purely with the best interests of Arsenal at heart, but I couldn’t swear to it.
  • Offload Mesut Ozil. I say this with a heavy heart because I have loved Ozil’s play during much of his Arsenal career, but he clearly does not fit with Arteta’s new approach. He’s too big a player (and character) to have hanging around the club not playing and his wages are huge. We should facilitate a move even if we have to pay a chunk of his wages at his new club. This will be better for Arsenal, but also for Mesut.
  • Sign a dominant box to box midfielder. From what I have seen of him, Thomas Partey would be just the ticket.

Right, over to you.



66 Responses to Arsenal: Now What?

  1. Rasp says:

    Morning Rocky, I had hoped to relax for a few weeks and become a Wolves supporter … but now you’ve gone and asked that question 🙂
    The problem is that your writing is so persuasive and so I’m finding it hard to see further than the logic of your three suggestions.
    The box to box midfielder is an interesting one. Apart from the obvious defensive frailties in recent years, the midfield has been ineffective at supporting the defence and feeding the attack at times. I think that appointment will be influenced by whether Auba stays or goes. If he stays then I think we need a midfield maestro (in the Fabgregas mould) to feed our very impressive front line. We saw on Saturday that the strikers will make the runs if they know we have a player who can find them with the killer pass. Maybe Ceballos could be that player.
    If I’m dreaming I’d want a Vieira and a Fabregas … but maybe that’s expecting too much.

  2. Gööner In Exile says:

    Morning Rocky couldn’t agree more on giving Arteta a day in signings, it has been apparent over maybe the last five years that purchasing was taken out of managers hands. There was a desire to spend big or just spend to satisfy fans desire for new signings.

    That made us lose the man who brought in PEA, why? Because he could see that our young guns were getting overlooked.

    I’d like to see us adopt a slow and steady approach to squad building, and dare I say it look to Liverpool and even United at the moment as a new approach. When Klopp arrived he ditched senior players built a side from what he had left, built a system, brought on youngsters who were hungry and then when that was done added some icing and cherries like Van Dyk, Salah and Mane.

    Like you it will be sad to see Ozil go, but if we keep PEA he has to, we can’t carry both in the side defensively and I think Arteta has looked at his starting XI and chosen PEA as the man who can have most influence, but PEA could do with an Ozil like player he used to thrive on the play of Mkhitaryan. But I think with the rest of the midfield at the moment it would be difficult to carry that intelligence if the player changes the defensive shape.

    That said if Arteta struggles to change our tactics game on game we will need someone who can unlock teams that defend deep and choose not to attack as surely they will if the swift counter attack is to become our default tactic.

    There does seem to be a good unity between the squad at the moment. Arteta clearly isn’t standing for any nonsense from players. What he has achieved with Xhaka is nothing short of incredible but again he has given him a role and set the team up in a way that covers his lack of defensive pace but allows him to fill a hole and not have to go wandering too far to influence the play going forward.

    1. Realism – we are not going to be title challengers in 2020/21 but we can build towards it in 2021/22 or 2022/23. So a dose of realism and expectation setting amongst fans and players would be a good thing.

    2. Prudence – lets not go on a transfer splurge to add more players, look at youth in our current ranks and look to add players in the 23/24 age bracket rather than the more costly 27/28/29 age bracket. Ship those on bigger wages who we have adequate replacements within the ranks.

    3. Reopen the Stadium – ok this one is out of Arsenals control and I know we are undoubtedly a long way off and tickets are going to be rare as rocking horse doo doo, but I have missed the opportunity of taking the boys to a game this season and it saddens me that we haven’t even made one gameZ

  3. Gööner In Exile says:

    Also there was talk on the weekend that Willian may make the jump across London, he has always seemed to be a very dedicated player.

    At 31 he may be past his best, but watching Chelsea on the weekend the 33 Pedro was by far their most likely to player to change the game.

  4. Rasp says:

    What do you guys think about Grealish? Seems like he’s a bad boy but with a big game temperament.

  5. JM says:

    Arteta (head coach), Edu (Technical Director) and Cagigao (Chief Scout/Head of Recruitment) shall come to agreement on any future recruits/player sales. This coming new season, they (all three) have identified our primary target to be Thomas Partey at Atletico Madrid (already 2 bids rejected). The next step is for the higher management team, Sanllehi, Venkatesham and Fahmy to pursue and seal the deal.

    A 1st team midfield trio of Xhaka, Partey (if he is signed) & Ceballos (if his loan is renewed/ is signed) would be a competitive and progressive unit as all three could be playmakers with shared defensive responsibilities in the team.
    This defensive screen in midfield could also allow us to play with a back four (and also be less reliant on Luiz, who might be more of a squad rotation player and a senior guide to new players like Mari and Saliba in his supposedly final year with us).

    (B) There might be some comings and goings among our coaching staff. Ljungberg might wish to pursue 1st team coaching opportunities in England or elsewhere in Europe. Arteta might wish to pursue Xabi Alonso (currently with Real Sociedad B team) to join as a new assistant coach. Bergkamp could return in a coaching capacity, either with the 1st team or the Academy.

    (C) Under the current global climate (COVID-19 pandemic, economic and social disruptions), this is going to be difficult but I hope for the club to significantly improve in our commercial branding and financial side of things.

    Lead partners: Adidas, Emirates, Visit Rwanda
    Official partners: Acronis (software, Schaffhausen, Switzerland), GKFX (brokerage, Malta), Konami (Tokyo, Japan), Santa Rita (winery, Chile), VBET (Yereven, Armenia), Zoom (video comms, CA, USA)
    Regional partners: 424 LA, USA), Banque Du Caire (Cairo, Egypt), Camden Town Brewery (London, UK), Ganzberg (German beer, Phnom Penh, Cambodia), Hyde Park Developments (Cairo, Egypt), Intel (CA, USA), Lavazza (coffee, Turin, Italy), MBNA (banking, Delaware, USA), Octopus Energy (Leicester, UK), SKOL Brewery Limited (Kigali, Rwanda)

    There is also a little matter of a new appointment for Chairman in the Arsenal board.

  6. oz gunner says:

    Cheers Rocky. Definitely a lot to think about.

    For me:
    1. Sort out the team: auba signing. Extension for ceballos (exactly what we need and nowhere near his prime. A permanent deal would be ideal). Ozil and mini luiz getting kicked out of the locker room – rough them up on the way out (especially ozil for being a complete and utter waste of oxygen ever since arsene left). What an absolute waste of money he has been over the past 2 seasons. Nothing infuriates me more. I’m happy with the CB situation as we have mari, holding, chambers, saliba, mustafi, and luiz (assuming we get rid of sokratis). I know 3 of those are under injury clouds but there is a lot to play with.

    2. Get everyone at arsenal on the same page. Arteta is the man. Give him control of squad decisions and transfers. He’s the person to take us to the next level so there needs to be complete buy-in from the squad and staff.

    3. Improve team fitness. It’s obvious what arteta wants to do with the team but our fitness levels aren’t there to execute it at the moment. It needs to be worked on and hopefully that will decrease the injuries too. The arsenal of old worked teams into the ground and then ran over top of them. Press press press baby!!!

  7. Pete the Thirst says:

    Great question Rocky. Here’s my tuppence-worth:

    1 – A dominant defensive midfielder.
    I think Mikel wants to play 4 at the back so will need cover in front of the defence. It looks like he doesn’t fancy Torriera. Could AMN do that job? Possible. He has pace and strength. needs to work on his passing though.

    2 – A central defender.
    Saliba is going to take time to settle. Luiz will be leaving soon. Ditto Mustafi, Chambers & Mavropanos. Mari is unproven. Holding needs to improve. A dependable centre back is a must.

    3 – A chance creator.
    The O man is unlikely to play for Arsenal again. Somebody needs to be getting the ball to PEA & Pepe in dangerous areas. Lacazette played there for Lyon at times. Saka could be that player, although he’s still very raw.

    Without bringing any bodies in this could be a line up:

    Bellerin Saliba Holding Tierney
    Xhaka Cabellos
    Pepe PEA

  8. LBG says:

    1. Partey,
    2. new Tierney quality right fullback,
    3.Smith-Rowe to be given good chance at “box to box” No 10.

    And, as a PS, (sorry, Rocky!) M and M to return after injury, and a vaccine soonest, so I can return to The Home of Football.

  9. RockyLives says:

    Thanks for some great comments chaps.

    Very perceptive point about Xhaka. He has thrived with a back five, but most people seem to agree that Arteta will eventually want to play with a back four. At that point is Xhaka a liability?
    I have also noticed that – as you point out – Granit has had incredible positional discipline since Arteta arrived. Under Emery the Swiss would crop up all over the park, but now he has clear direction and a clear job and he seems to enjoy doing it.

    Grealish? Yes please. Terrific player with lots of character. Reminds me of Ray Parlour.

    The arrival of someone like Partey could solve the Xhaka conundrum outlined in my response to GiE. Perhaps there is a future for Xhaka even with a back four if the right type of midfield players are alongside him.
    Your point C about the commercial side of Arsenal is well made.

    Likewise – excellent points. I like that you raised the fitness issue, although we clearly benefited over Chelsea in the fitness stakes during the cup final. I think GiE made the point that Azpilicueta’s hamstring pull, while it could be viewed as just bad luck for him and his team, was actually a direct result of the tactics we employed against him. All those balls over the top with the likes of AMN and Auba sprinting for them just made his 30-year-old hamstring explode as he kept trying to chase them.

    I agree Torreira doesn’t seem to fit in Arteta’s plans. I suspect we will sell him. I like him as a guy, but I have never fancied him as the answer to our DM issues. We can do better. I’m not sure I agree AMN is the solution, but with Arteta coaching, who knows?

    I’m with you on Partey. Smith-Rowe as the No.10? I would worry about relying on someone of such limited experience for such a pivotal role. If it’s not going to be Ceballos (who could play further forward with Partey and Xhaka behind him), then we need a top quality creative playmaker. And during next season we give ESR lots of game time in the cups, and as sub appearances in the league.

  10. RC78 says:

    Hi RockyL, great post again and to all, great comments…

    The top 4 action points for me are:

    1. Identify the players that we want to sell and make sure they are sold (that is also true for Ozil)
    2. Back Arteta for his wish-list
    3. Do whatever is necessary to keep Auba
    4. Restore the system put in place by Wenger and Minslat to identify talent across the globe.

    If Grealish comes, we could have:
    -> Bellerin, Ceba, Xhaka, Saka – Grealish – Pepe, Auba

    Not bad…

  11. RA says:

    I have been. and still am, luxuriating in being a proud and grateful Gooner, and also fascinated with the superb Posts from the Rocky man,as well as the fabulous comments from all you AAers, especially GIE, (and the ever upbeat Sue) — as well as …. well everyone else to be candid — especially Oz, revealing his secret enjoyment of having a Fairy diddling his dick (was that before during or after the game??) 🤪 — it has been a tremendous and somewhat unexpected ending to a poor season — who’d a thunk it?

    My devotion to the Rocket and his marvellous Posts, as well as his responses to various comments engendered by the genius of the said Posts knows no bounds — but I have to say – sadly – he does have a dash of ‘bonkers’ in his make up after all, like a sliver of lemon in Sue’s G&T.

    Having spent a pleasurable surf through the blog just now, I was horrified to read the great man said in answer to a suggestion — “Grealish? Yes, please. Terrific player with lots of character —
    Reminds me of Ray Parlour.”

    Absolute bonkers !! Definitely.

    I love Ray, and his stories – but ……. a fast-paced classy playmaker like Greatlick?

    O God of Brilliantly Evocative Footballing Posts, Aka Rocky, thou hast been brought down to the level of all us mere mortals – if only momentarily – Ray ‘Pele’ Parlour?? You’re having a Giraffe!! 🦒

  12. RC78 says:

    Sancho to UTD for 120 Mln paid in 3 installments over three years: 70, 30, 20…

    and I think the will get Chilwell and a CB as well and they may even manage to get Koulibaly or Gimenez, which would be very annoying

    De Gea – WanB, Maguire, GIMENEZ, CHILWELL – Fernandes, Matic, Pogba – Martial, Rashford, SANCHO

    That team will be tough to beat as their bench would also be quite furnished with Fred, McTominay, Greenwood…

  13. RC78 says:

    New chant from the fans for Arteta:

    “We said goodbye to Wenger

    We brought in Unai Emery

    He didn’t do much better

    Then gave the job to Freddie

    But now we’ve got Arteta

    We’re doing so much better

    I’ll tell you fu**ing one thing

    The Arsenal boys are jumping”

  14. RockyLives says:

    But Utd still have Ole as manager and I just don’t think he’s up to it.

    Could come back to bite me in the posterior, but I expect them to disappoint next season.

    How dare you question the Romford Pele! All I have to say to you sir, is Millennium Stadium Cardiff, 2002.
    If you persist in such calumny it will have to be pistols at dawn. Or getting pissed until dawn. Or getting pissed with Dawn. Or something.

  15. LBG says:

    A pause for a bit of family history, if nobody minds.
    Ken Friar – 85 years old – celebrated 70 years this weekend employed by our beloved Club. In 1993 Ken Friar rang my home quite unexpectedly following a letter I had written to George Graham, and extended an invitation from the Boss to me, my father and son. We could visit Highbury, meet the boss, and have photos with him and the FA and Littlewoods Cups won the previous season. It was a truly memorable visit for three generations of Gooners and I will always be grateful to Ken Friar for arranging it.

  16. RC78 says:

    Rocky – it is true…Man Utd is still being managed by Ole but imagine he gets sacked and gets replaced by a better coach, then what? The team has enormous talent…

    Meanwhile – Man Utd releases Sanchez who will now join Inter for free. Good job to Conte, Inter and good luck to Sanchez! It is nice that he did not do well at Man Utd but sad that Mkhy didn’t really do well with us either although I still feel like he is a very special player in the build up of attacking moves. He is just a bit too slow for the EPL

  17. LB says:

    A very nice story LBG

    What brought about the letter to GG?

  18. Sue says:

    Hi RC.. I’ve just come across this:
    📝 Willian to Arsenal is a done deal and will be announced in the coming week, according to the ultra reliable

    What do you think of this? Also, a lot of talk about us going in for Coutinho (loan). If these deals go through, whose place will they take? Obviously looking like Ozil and Guendouzi are goners… will we pursue Ceballos, or just let him go back to Spain? Does this mean Nelson could be loaned out?
    I’m keeping everything crossed that we secure Partey… will that mean Torreira will be on his way??
    Wow, so many questions!! 😂😂

  19. Sue says:

    Nice post, btw, Rocky.
    Auba signing is the most important thing for me!! 🙏🙏🙏

  20. RockyLives says:

    Lovely story LBG

  21. Eddie Fretwell says:

    Given the right tools arty could get us in the top 3 on a couple of seasons. He has been great at the club and he knows how to beat the big teams

  22. RC78 says:

    @Sue – I just read about Willian too in the French press.
    I would be very pleased if we got Willian, especially for free. He can play RWF and RWB -> That would mean we d need to either get rid of Bellerin, RN or AMN? A few days ago, I d have said that AMN was a goner for sure but he s played well recently and is reliable so maybe we ll see Kola leave at LB so we keep AMN. I don’t see Bellerin leaving yet so maybe RN gets loaned out again? In any case, getting Willian for free is too good of a deal to miss out on.

    Diego Carlos is being monitored too and rumour has it that if Arteta cannot get Partey, then he d be interested in Rakitic or Doucoure. Rakitic is also a quality player but I d rather have us land Partey if possible – just because he pbbly has more years ahead of him.

    I love transfer season 🙂

  23. RockyLives says:

    I agree. What do you think the tools are?

  24. RockyLives says:

    My son tells me Willian was Chelsea’s leading assist maker this season.

  25. RC78 says:

    @Sue – Torreira, Guendouzi, Ozil out

  26. RockyLives says:

    We should get decent money for Torreira and Gwen.

  27. RC78 says:

    Torreira will bring in good money but the biggest cash will come from Douzi. Douzi is too good a player, he has got the technique and the physical ability too. He needs to cool down a bit but he is on his way to be a great midfielder and I am sad to see him leave but we gotta back Arteta and if he wants Douzi out, then Douzi must leave. If we can use him to land Partey or Grealish, then let us go for it.

  28. Sue says:

    Thanks, RC 🙂
    Apparently we’ve slapped a 40m price tag on Guendouzi

  29. oz gunner says:

    Happy with Willian. I think it’s good to sprinkle a squad with players that have experience and know how to win.

    Also happy to cash in on torriera, mini luiz, bellerin and whatever we can get for ozil and kolasinac.

    @ Rocky

    I agree. We are fit but i think not at the level we need to be. I’m not sure how players were during the quarantine but I’ve seen a number of players from a number of sports take their foot of the pedal during the down time instead of busting a gut to come back firing. Chelsea breaking down is probably also a mix of season finallly over, players carrying injuries into games / in “red zone”, or being a bit lax with their warm up. Or a mix of all of the above.

    I just want us to go back to being the team that would run over those plodders that tried to park the bus. The arsenal of old kept stretching teams and would run them around until broke down in the latter stages. If we are going with a pressing game we need to be fit and reduce our risk of soft tissue injuries.

    @ RA

    It’s never good to knock back lady luck 🙂

  30. LBG says:

    Thanks LB and Rocky
    Part of a significantly longer post written up for me by Chas in my early days of following AA. Probably boring repetition to my Bros, but triggers to ones memory as you get older should not be ignored.

  31. RC78 says:

    Sent a few posts before the FA Cup final to Peaches about our squad and its assessment line per line (except GK as we seem to have two good GKs at the moment). Since the FA Cup final, I suppose my position on AMN has evolved a bit 😛 and I should have also mentioned Diego Carlos in potential CB options and Edouard as a potential CF option.

    Hopefully we can discuss these posts soon…

    In any case, it is looking good for:

    – Willian;
    – Partey (either Laca or Douzi to be part of the deal).

    The names of Sabitzer and Kostic are also being mentioned more regularly. I d take Kostic easily – he is got heart, engine, technique and a great delivery and scoring ability. I d take him over Fraser for example. If we have Willian on the right and Kostic on the left, things will be looking very positive for us because both of these players can play Wing Back, Midfield and Forward on the sides.

  32. RC78 says:

    Also what would be very funny is if we landed Havertz in the end…Havertz is quality but there is also a cheaper option called Zaniolo who is going to be a sensational player. Both players are young but I think Zaniolo could be a “Gerrard” type of player because he seems quite robust. If we were super smart, we would tell Roma that they can have Mkhytarian + cash and we will also loan them a player (RN? ESR?) and they can give us Zaniolo. He d a phenomenal acquisition,

  33. RA says:


    Foe reasons I cannot now remember, altho GB’s stories about blowing pills into the nether areas of camels may have had something to do with it, or not, 😁 But I was strangely determined to write a comment that would show how I have managed to come to terms with Cockney rhyming slang, and end up mentioning a giraffe and expressing my affection for your work, in a disgracefully sly way.

    Shocking, I know — but here is a rose, or two, for you, given by Sue to make up for the slander!! 🌹🌹

  34. oz gunner says:

    @ RC78

    I wrote a post a few weeks back too but I said we should keep AMN. Since then he’s performed against city and Chelsea. Keep him I say. Spare RB, LB, and mid. Give him mini luiz’s role and see how he goes.

    I deserve to be heard given I was right about flamini and Le coq. Someone let Arteta know that I’m a good defensive mid judge.

  35. Sue says:

    Just sat and watched MOTD highlights for the.. well I’ve lost count! That beam on Wrighty’s face 😊 Plus the smacked arse look on Cashley’s face – absolutely priceless!! Definitely one to be kept on my planner!!
    I was so crushed after the NLD defeat.. didn’t expect to finish the season on such a high!! Talk about elated 😉

    I hope we bring in who Arteta’s after.. the potential line up for next season is looking very good indeed!! Ooh I’m excited already…can’t wait to get back to the Emirates!!
    25 days until we face the car-jackers… I’d love to beat them again and see Klopp looking just like Cashley did on Saturday 🤣🤣🤣 COYG

  36. Sue says:

    Oh, and Mr Wichita, G&T??!! No, no, no, I’m more of a “Give me a pint of your best amber nectar, cobber” girl 😂😂🍻

  37. LB says:


    “I would be very pleased if we got Willian, especially for free. He can play RWF and RWB”

    Willian can play RWB, can he actually defend, I have never seen that, are you sure?

  38. LB says:


    Apparently many Everton fans refer to Liverpool as the “Wall Pushers” a bit morbid……………..

  39. fred1266 says:

    I think Nelson deserves a chance hence I don’t think we should bring in the likes of willian

  40. Sue says:

    LB..Not heard that one before. You’re right, it is very morbid.. doesn’t surprise me though

  41. Sue says:

    LB..Not heard that one before. You’re right, it is very morbid.. doesn’t surprise me though

  42. Sue says:

    Twice??!! Oops…haha

  43. RC78 says:

    Hi LB – I think it was a few years ago, he played as RWB for a few games under Conte…but I have no doubt he would thrive in that position too

    @Fred – I hear you my brother but I am sure that having Willian in the squad will also help RN’s growth

  44. RC78 says:

    My question marks are around Chambers, Holding, AMN, Kolasinac, RN, Willock, ESR, Laca. Will they stay?

  45. RC78 says:

    The French press says that Arsenal has just made a 30 Mln EUR bid for Lille defender Gabriel. Solid young defender indeed but not my favourite one…

  46. Sue says:

    RC.. Ornstein mentioned last week that we’d listen to offers for Sokratis, Mustafi, Holding, Guendouzi, Torreira and possibly even Nelson.
    62 days to go… dontcha just love it?! 😀

  47. oz gunner says:

    I’d be pretty peeved if we let nelson and holding go.

    Holding when he’s been injury free has looked rock solid. Prior to his injury he was making big strides and in recent games he’s looked like our best defender.

    As for nelson. He’s torn games wide open when he’s played. Been a real handful and looks like another saka (ready to explode if given games).

    As for willock…yeah…he can go. Looks like a poor ramsey. Always in the right spots but fluffs his chances more often than not. Might click but i doubt it.

  48. Sue says:

    Just saw this on Twitter:
    4547 days since the spuds last won a trophy…
    Ahh, that has warmed my cockles 😃
    Daring to do… while we do it haha!!

  49. RC78 says:

    Barcelona put 16 players on the transfer list…crazy times in Catalunya so I am sure they will be super focused on CL…

  50. LBG says:

    Fired up by other sites justifying 55 redundancies, largely of poorly paid individuals who undoubtedly love the Club.
    Bottom line for me, if that b****** wont offer the, let’s say estimated 3m to keep them on out of his billions,the players and Manager should!
    A football Club with reputation for grace, doing the right thing, the Bank of England. Disgraceful!!

  51. Sue says:

    Yes in one breath they’re talking of 55 redundancies, then in the next breath how much Willian will receive over so many years… the hefty fee Kia will receive… talk of Coutinho… bonuses, more money for certain players… how much our owner has raked in over the last few months….while 55 lose their livelihood. It really doesn’t sit well with me… embarrassing….
    Will they stand firm or reconsider, because of fan criticism? Like Pool and spuds reversed their furlough decision…
    After the high of Saturday, it’s back down to earth with an almighty thud…

  52. RA says:

    Totally agree with you, Sue, it’s shabby.

    The impression given by this action is that the Covid-19 pandemic is being used to explain a very unpleasant truth, that when you compare the relatively tiny saving when compered with the £390m income made by the club, and the huge outlay needed for players’ wages, especially Willian’s and Auba’s, not to mention the £560K per week paid to Sanchez by the same people who now say they must cut the wage bill, it is derisory!

    [I have been careful not to mention the wealth of the club’s owner who is a multi-billionaire – umm, remind me – what is a ‘billion’ pounds? — oh, yes, indeedy, that is £1,000,000,000, or in English – one thousand million pounds sterling — I guess they will have to cut the tea lady’s wages to help them out.]

    They really have no clue how shoddy that looks – and they don’t care, it seems.

    Really disappointing.

  53. RA says:

    Hi, Peaches,

    The site seems to have gone dormant again. Is there a problem?

    I appreciate it is a lot for one person to find the time needed on a daily basis to keep things going – and I know it is none of my business, but you know my views on the value of AA to many bloggers.

    If an administrative hand is needed, perhaps you could seek help from Rocky or RC, both of whom regularly produce great Posts, and hopefully they would agree to also lend you a hand, if asked?

    I know — I should keep my beak out of someone else’s business — that’s taken as read — but my intentions are well meant.

  54. LB says:

    Every time I see that Sanchez wage bill, I shudder and think how lucky we were to dodge that bullet.

  55. Sue says:

    Hello RA.. According to reports, Xhaka is leading a player revolt over the redundancies. So, there’s a glimmer of hope that the club will do the right thing!! Good for you, Granit!!

  56. fred1266 says:

    Were we really lucky I would have preferred to pay Sanchez than mesut because Sanchez would have been actually playing

  57. LBG says:

    Essential that Samuel from the Mail is proved wrong ” Kroenke is just an owner! Arsenal is just a business!”
    As Shankly said ” (The Arsenal) are more important than that!”…….In these unprecedented times, if the Ken Friars and Arsene Wengers dont remind the Board “remember who you are”, OUR Club’s history and influence will begin to fade.

  58. LB says:

    Good point Fred

  59. fred1266 says:

    Have to admit transfer window of late hasn’t been fun for me in the past few years, last time I think I was excited for a transfer window probably when we sign Sanchez. Seems the window was dull until we sign PEA and the only reason I was excited for it was because he was a player I really liked but never thought we would have signed him

    Pass few seasons am have been one of the advocate of using the youth last Season during pre season I was adamant that we let the likes of saka start over the likes of mkhitarian etc it took us some time because we sign the likes of pepe but we got there eventually

    I see the same thing being done to Nelson currently, why they think we need another winger in willian is baffling to me

    I assume our front 3 would be PEA, lacazette, Pepe and I would have thought the back up front 3 should be saka, Eddie, Nelson but adding willian to the mix will imo stunt Nelson growth and I think at this stage in his career he should be playing, he made major strides last season I assume he would have Been given the chance to kick on. Is it arteta does believe in him because In the later games last season willock was being brought on for pepe and has been doing really well . So even getting willian wouldn’t just stunt the growth of Nelson, it would even hamper other attacking youngsters like EMR, willock etc

    From above you can tell I think Willian is a bad purchase we know there are other week area in the team like CDM , we literally don’t have a back for xhaka or ceballos so shouldn’t these positions be more important. I Know we have a problem scoring so I can see the need for an extra attacker but at least get someone who can score

  60. LBG says:

    Kurzawa close to signing from PSG, RC?

  61. RA says:

    Who or what is a kurzawa, RC?

  62. fred1266 says:

    Psg third string LB

  63. fred1266 says:

    Was a really good player back in the day but think injuries has taken a toll

  64. fred1266 says:

    Rocky what about mesut playing as the 10, as u said ESR isn’t ready for that position and though ceballos is good I think mesut is still the best 10 we have

    So if we move to back 4 I can see ozil getting back into the team a solid CDM alongside xhaka and the likes of PEA, lacazette and Pepe just being fed the ball

  65. LB says:

    It seems as though Arsenal are taking the same approach with Ozil as Manu did with Sanchez: freeze him out to the point where he wonders if having so much money is more important than ever playing again, inevitably the latter wins and he goes else where in the hope of playing football again for a greatly reduced wage packet.

    It’s an interesting idea: play Ozil where Ceballos is playing, but has Ozil really got the discipline?

  66. RockyLives says:

    New Post

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