Onwards and upwards ……… Freddie has his work cut out.


Leading up to the game I really didn’t think we would actually win, but after reading yesterday’s pre match  I thought how could we not (right said Fred)?

Team lineup was as expected since it was correctly predicted by RockyLives in his pre match post.

This time,  I reached the game on time but even before I reached my seat I saw Martinelli driving into the box and getting a shot off which was saved by Ederson. My thoughts were, wow is this going to be a game and the day I see my first top 6 victory live from the Home of Football.  Two minutes later Chambers gave me an answer to that question, as a through ball was sent in and instead of Chambers dealing with it and cutting out the ball, he opted to let the attack run on to it and the delivered cross was 1 nil to Man Shitty. Why is Kolasinac ducking is he afraid of balls?

As the game continued we looked positive, but Arsenal kept playing a dangerous game by passing it around the back.

Another defensive lapse sees KBD able to roll the ball across for Sterling making it 2 nil, Kolasinac again this time ball watching.

In the 25th minute Guendouzi looked like he was fouled from the upper tier but of course not given, it seems we are the only team who don’t get home advantage.

At 2-0 down the Emirates crowd kept trying to motivate the team.

Kolasinac pick up an injury, let’s hope it isn’t serious and on came one of the players I really like in this current squad –  Saka. But before he was given a chance to bring us back from a 2 nil deficit Guendouzi let KBD in and boom is was 3 nil(cant believe I removed him from my fantasy side).

Clearly this is how the Arsenal team thinks it should defend, let the attackers run onto the ball and hope Leno could stop the shot.

Half came and I took a long walk to block 106 to meet peaches for the first time. Pleasure to meet you peaches.

Then on top of the that I was offered a set next to Ant and LBG. (Should have a picture for chas to show him how we look in the upper tier).

Hopefully some of that good fortune could be passed on to my name sake.

The second half opened with City still dominating and on one occasion KDB almost grabbed his hatrick but Leno made a great save sending it onto the post.

ESR came on for Ozil and LBG was a happy camper, he didn’t make an instant impact but he gradually grew into the game and on one occasion chipping a through ball for Aubameyang to run onto but he rushed it and dragged it wide. Arsenal’s second shot on goal.

City then began playing keep ball and weren’t really troubled.

My Current record of watching Arsenal play is 3 – 3 (rough)

Player ratings are ………. Everyone gets a 4 probably Leno could get a 6 since he keep us from being slaughtered second half.

The referee gets a 2(as Arsenal get no home advantage)




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  1. Sorry Fred, I nicked it anyway.

    Maybe your next trip will be more successful 😉

  2. fred1266 says:

    No problem for some reason your email not saved on phone so couldn’t send direct

    And apologies to all for any grammatical errors I did the writing while on train and in airport

  3. fred1266 says:

    Watch us come and win the next set of fixtures
    Initially when I was planning the trip I could have chosen the set I I initially chose or the Chelsea United etc block of games

    But couldn’t stand being away from new years

  4. Rasp says:

    Thanks for the report Fred … I’m sorry your trip was marred by our footballers letting you down.

    On that topic, I don’t blame Freddie for yesterday’s performance. Certain of the players have to take a look at themselves.

    I can only see a way forward by a clear out of those without the stomach for the fight to rebuild the club and by giving a head to the youngsters until we can recruit the type of players everyone accept our management team has known we have needed for 3 or 4 years.

    I was very impressed with what Freddie had to say. He’s made it clear that the club needs to appoint a new manager as soon as possible because being in limbo is not helping.

    I like this for two reasons …

    1. It shows that he cares for the club so much that he’s not afraid to risk his position by saying things that won’t go down well with those above him.

    .. and 2. it is an honest admission that he knows that at this stage he doesn’t have the experience or support around him to be able to sort this mess out.

    BTW … when did our players start turning their back on the ball and ducking out of the way rather than trying to use any part of their bodies to stop the ball getting into the box?

  5. fred1266 says:

    Since emery took over

  6. JM says:

    I counted the total number of yellow cards that our club (and players) has accumulated in the PL up till this point. Surprising we are the worst disciplined (or clumsiest? or unluckiest? or coached/managed?) team in the PL with 37 yellow cards.

    Soktratis (5) – an automatic 1 PL match ban vs Everton(a) next
    Guendouzi (4)
    Chambers (4)
    Xhaka (4)
    Luiz (3)
    Maitland-Niles (2 yellow cards in the match vs Villa = 1 red card)
    Leno (2)
    Bellerin (2)
    Kolasinac (2)
    Pepe (2)
    Lacazette (2)
    Tierney (1)
    Torreira (1)
    Nelson (1)
    Martinelli (1)
    Saka (1)

    Before going out on loan:
    Mkhitaryan (1) – he received 1 yellow card vs Watford(a)

    (0) cards for Willock, Ozil, Ceballos; and Holding, Mustafi, Smith-Rowe who played in only 1 league match each.

    **Premier League:
    – One-match ban if five yellow cards received before 19 Premier League fixtures (Dec. 26 round)
    – Further two-match ban if 10 yellow cards received before 32 fixtures (weekend of March 30)
    – Further three-match ban if 15 yellows received (no fixture limit)

    The above aside, while being the technical director, Edu, must/has to input on the blueprint and type of football that the 1st team should play. Raul, Edu and Vinai must find that permanent head coach to carry out/work on the implementation.

  7. LBG says:

    Luiz is a coward, protects himself first, blames others with a look, and has never been committed to the Arsenal cause. I have never seen him ” giving 100% “, and also incontrovertible has never been a defender.
    And, LB, that is beyond doubt my opinion.

  8. seedeee says:

    In most of Freddies interviews pre and post match he’s mentioned how the experienced players need to step up (which they have not yet). This latest post match interview he’s praised the fans for supporting the youngsters. Everything he’s done to date sounds like he’s paving the way for and justifying a decision to play a lot more youngsters in the next few matches. I really hope so. Stick Auba, Ozil, Torreira, Sok and co on the bench and let them feel guilty as they watch their understudies take up the slack and deal with the fan pressure themselves. I want to see the likes of Medley, ESR, Martinelli, Nelson, Saka, Mavropanos even, JJ etc. As mentioned previously, at least the fans will appreciate hard work, determination and spirit whilst giving way to maybe a little less quality on the ball. Now is the time to do it.

  9. Sue says:

    The EL draw soon…..
    And Sky are saying Arteta is favourite now ☹ Can’t really see he has what we need to change things!

  10. RC78 says:

    Disappointing performance yesterday…not so much the scoring line, mostly the performance or lack of performance…

    – Leno basically was our MoTM and when your GK is MoTM, it is never a good sign…

    As many mention, there is a need to basically declutter and get rid of some players, namely:
    – Mustafi, Sokratis in defense
    – Xhaka (it s just that that he is polazring a lot of negative thoughts and emotions, sometimes unjustifiably), Torreira, Ceba and Ozil in midfield
    – Auba up front (we need liquidity and he is not really acting like a captain IMHO)

    We need to give a chance to players that show character. I do not understand why FL is not playing Laca.

  11. I can see why Freddie is demanding getting the new manager situation sorted ASAP as he needs to consider his options re an incoming coaching team which may force him (and others) out of the club.
    Note his comments on the rotational fouling which was the worst I’ve seen this season and on par with Bolton & some of the cloggers from the Wenger era, but Guendouzi did himself no favours with the outrageous unconvincing dive when he might other wise had earned a penalty. Back to simulation school Guen!!

  12. RC78 says:

    @Fred – how was Picadilly Circus area? Did you get to eat some nice cake?

  13. RC78 says:

    Seems we re really after Arteta.

    Arteta is asking for guarantees from the board in terms of budget/recruitment. Let us see if AFC can meet his demands.

  14. Sue says:

    Nice one, btw, Fred. Hope you have/had a safe journey home.

  15. seedeee says:

    Was there a reason I may have missed that Ancelotti is not being approached (or considered)? Bit concerned about Arteta for obvious reasons. Certainly no short term fix that one.

  16. RC78 says:

    We have some good games in the CL:
    Game 1 : Dortmund – PARIS SG
    Game 2 : Real Madrid – Manchester City
    Game 3 : Atalanta – Valencia
    Game 4 : Atletico – Liverpool
    Game 5 : Chelsea – Bayern
    Game 6 : LYON – Juventus
    Game 7 : Tottenham – RB Leipzig
    Game 8 : Napoli – Barcelona

    Predictions – winners:
    Dortmund, City, Valencia, Liverpool, Bayern, Juve, Tottenham, Barcelona

  17. Gööner In Exile says:

    Ancellotti who just got sacked by Napoli? Hardly good recent form? Also if have to question his age, people complained about Arsene being out of touch so is Ancellotti any better? Yes he may have experience of dealing with big names, but soon I don’t think we will have that issue.

    Think I said what I need to say yesterday about the performance, but your point Fred on the passing around at the back made me think, obviously City will always pressure you, but without a good option up pitch to hold up the ball it really gives them free reign to press in greater numbers. That is why for me it would be Laca over PEA every time up top of you are only playing 1, he at least works and competes however his size does not make that easy. PEAs physique with Laca’s temperament and willingness to bring others in would be a good mixture for a centre forward, think we’ve had a couple like them over the years and one made me very sad in the EL final last season.

    But I’m generally with LBG, GoonerB, Rasp, RC78 and others above time to ditch the highest paid and most profitable members of the team, time to rebuild and give the support something to cheer and get behind.

    I’m happy to take steps back to go forward, I don’t want to see this averageness anymore.

  18. JM says:

    It’s Olympiacos vs Arsenal in the Europa League round 32.

  19. RC78 says:

    So a trip to Greece…doable for us despite our poor form

  20. JM says:

    Europa League last 32 match-ups:

    Wolves vs Espanyol
    Sporting CP vs Istanbul Basaksehir
    Getafe vs Ajax
    Leverkusen vs Porto
    Copenhagen vs Celtic
    APOEL vs Basel
    CFR Cluj vs Sevilla
    Olympiacos vs Arsenal
    AZ Alkmaar vs LASK
    Club Brugge vs Manchester United
    Ludogorets Razgrad vs Inter Milan
    Eintracht Frankfurt vs Red Bull Salzburg
    Shaktar Donetsk vs Benfica
    Wolfsburg vs Malmo FF
    AS Roma vs KAA Gent
    Rangers vs Braga

  21. seedeee says:

    Did you not read the report on here about Ancelloti GIE? Not as simple as “oh he was sacked by Napoli so must be sh*t”…. a very simplistic view IMO. He would come in for a season or two, steady the ship, get things in order and bang some heads together, ready for the long term investment in someone like Arteta. My opinion only ofcourse.

    Could be a worse EL draw I guess. Not that we’ll get to the final in the current regime

  22. GoonerB says:

    Thanks Fred, some very good observations.

    Well I think Freddie was trying to get us playing with more freedom and pace, and on the front foot, although there was still a bit too much farting about with it in deep areas at times for my liking. This attempt to alter our playing style is in general good, but it will take time to play this with confidence and fluidity from the pedestrian style we have been playing for far too long.

    This game was a bit too soon for us to be able to play this way against that type of opposition who have been perfecting it for 2-3 years.

    I have reached a point where I would maybe completely refresh the midfield and agree with those that favour just going for the project youth, with a sprinkling of experience. If we got adequate replacements in and went more with the youngsters then I would happily say goodbye to Xhaka and Ozil. Maybe even Torreira who is reportedly unsettled here.

    Freddie still seems to do some things that I feel are a hangover from the Emery era, particularly in terms of shoring up our midfield, where we are still trying combinations that haven’t worked before. I still think we could shake it up even further. More than any other game this was one to play either Luiz or Chambers in front of the back 4, most likely with Torreira.

    Guendouzi, despite his great promise, is still missing key parts in his game to be effective up against this type of opposition, and in another era would still be a developmental player that would start this game from the bench. His positioning still requires more work and was off for the 2nd and 3rd goals.

    That is if his end role is to be a DM, because there is every chance he could actually take up the Ozil role. If Luiz or Chambers were used at holding midfield, then I would be very happy to have Douzi, Willock and ESR take up the box to box CM and attacking central midfield berths (in whatever one suits them best) and just move on Xhaka, Torreira and Ozil.

    RC, I have had a look at Allan who you have often mentioned and he does indeed look an upgrade on what we have. If we could get a top CD (Koulibally or Upemecano?) and Allan and shift one of Luiz or Chambers into midfield then we would look a lot more sturdy. Money recouped from Xhaka, Torreira, and possibly Ozil should offset some of it.

    One final interesting consideration is about Abamayeng. The rumours are strong that he wants out and we would get maximum value in January. With decent wing forwards to work off our number 9 now I also question whether Auba is the better option than Lacazette, who I feel is the better link up player.

    Auba is the out and out superior goal-scorer, but maybe Lacazette would increase Martinelli and Pepe’s conversion rates more than Auba, as well as scoring a fair few himself. It could be a bit like comparing Auba with Firmino. Auba is the better goal scorer but maybe Firmino works better for Liverpool because of his superior link up play.

    Why keep a player that has one foot out the door. Maximise his value and reinvest. Add his sale to Ozil, Xhaka, Torreira, Socratis and Mustaffi and bring in both that CD and Allan and create a new midfield role for Luiz. I would even get Ollie back in for a couple of seasons to give us the extra number 9 cover to Lacazette and bring something different up top while Nketieh and John Jules develop further. We could even play Laca in behind Ollie at times and I suspect both Martinelli and Pepe will enjoy feeding off Ollie.

    With these types of dealings we improve our quality in key areas, promote the youth while keeping experience throughout the side, and make our team far more balanced.

  23. GoonerB says:

    GIE, I have cooled my interest in Ancelotti, but not because of his age; he is still 10 years Wengers junior and not that different in age to Benitez and Mourinho.

    It was more a couple of articles that I saw that mentioned what type of coach he is, and it didn’t sound quite right for a team that needs a style makeover, and with a strong emphasis on the development of our young players.

    I am back to my original wish for Arteta. He is a highly rated tactician by none other than Guardiola himself, and some of what he has been part of as Pep’s right hand man must surely be a massive positive if he could bring to us. He feels much more like a developer of individual talent and the team as a whole than Ancelotti who is touted s being more of an adding the polish to an already top side with top players.

    Long term gain rather than short term. I really hope Freddie stays and I like the idea of a dream team of Arteta and Freddie with the BFG overseeing the academy. It has a young dynamic feel to it and hints of something that could really take us somewhere far better and far more permanent if we have some patience with it.

  24. fatgingergooner says:

    I’m with GiE on Ancellotti. I’d much rather us take a step back for a year or 2 if it ultimately results in us having a squad that give 100% and know how they want to play. For that to happen I think we need a manager that can grow with the young players and Arteta fits that bill. This season is a right off so why bother looking for a quick fix. Get in a manager who will be given time by the board and who can earn time from the fans. An ex-player will always get an easier ride from the supporters and I think we need someone who can develop a style of play. It seems Arteta has been highly impressive at City and if Pep trusts him then it bodes well. There are no guarantees with anyone, but I much prefer the idea of a younger, hungry manager than someone who’s over 60.

  25. fatgingergooner says:

    Yesterday’s game once again reminded me why I don’t want Özil near the team or these young prospects. His attitude is appalling and he sulks like a baby when it doesn’t go his way. He’s supposed to be a good influence for the likes of Willock and co to learn from but he carries a cloud of negativity wherever he goes. He might be a great guy off the field, but on it he’s a sulker. He was no better than Xhaka yesterday with his slow walk off and kick out at the end yet he’ll get no grief because he’s ‘Özil’.

    I look forward to the day he leaves.

  26. LB says:


    Interesting, you form an opinion on something that you have never seen; you have never seen Luiz playing in front of the Arsenal back four unless you were at the Frankfurt game in which he played the first 15 minutes and we looked strong, very strong and this is what my opinion is based on, unfortunately he got injured and had to go off and we got thumped.

    The clock is broken, it needs fixing and the current manager can only work with the players that are available today.

    I say, try a different way of doing things…….

  27. LBG says:

    I was at the Frankfurt game and Luiz looked OK for 2.45secs, when he was injured and any good after that came inspite of him.
    My view is based on playing that position for Chelsea, and not as a defender but long passing, free kick taking, marauding midfielder and NOT a defender. This is the international who lost by seven in a World Cup, I believe

  28. RC78 says:

    LB – what about a trio “Douzi, Chambers, Luiz” in midfield (especially in away games)?

    Leno – AMN, Sok (:-(), Holding, Kola – Douzi, Chambs, Luiz – Pepe, Laca, Martinelli

    I am a big Auba fan and he is our best finisher and scorer but like many above, I d always start Laca ahead of him because Laca is better at link up play, at pressing, at recovering and in the air as well.

    It may not be a sexy team and our central defense looks a bit dubious but I feel like 9 out of 11 players will give their best. Sok and Luiz always being question marks…

  29. RC78 says:

    As for Ancelotti – I think he would be a great mentor to Freddie. I also believe that he should bring Lehmann, Campbell, Gilberto or Parlour, Anelka on board. I think in 18 months time, we take a stock of where the team is and we have the option than maybe to choose between a more experienced Arteta, Vieira, Henry and Ancelotti-mentored Freddie among others.

    Another option is to go all in with Rangelnick and to get rid of Edu…

  30. seedeee says:

    If Arteta is so good, why don’t City tie him down to succeed Pep, of which there is already suggestions in the media that he won’t be around for too much longer? Oh that’s right, he’s totally unproven. In 2years, after we finish mid table (or worse) it will be ok because the fanbase will expect that and will give him time? I don’t think so!

  31. Sue says:

    Exactly, seedeee! I know they have to start somewhere, but I don’t think this is the time for an unproven to take over! I’m sorry but imo this is underwhelming…. although, I’m seriously beginning to doubt that anyone could come in and sort this mess out!!

    So, we have a trip to Greece… plate smashing against the wall?! You betcha 😀

  32. @RC78
    Amy recently reported on a terrific interview with Lehmann on The Athletic (subscription required) which left no doubt that he would have been a great asset had Emery not got rid of him. Not too sure about Campbell (bit flakey) or Parlour, but the best captain we never had Gilberto would make for part of a very strong manager/coaching team. These ( with Freddie & Per) are the cream of young forward thinking Wenger influenced players. I think Pires is still based here and could contribute in some way.

  33. …but…there’s some very strong evidence reported elsewhere that it’s going to be Arteta.

  34. LB says:


    I am persuaded, lets stick with your suggestion of Torreira and Guendouzi in front of the back line, that’s really working……

  35. LBG says:

    Clearly, as is you wont, you now feel confident enough to tell me what I have seen and not, so I am bored with your opinion, as no doubt you feel the same of mine. I draw a line at your feeble sarcasm.

  36. RC78 says:

    Ancelotti to Everton

  37. RC78 says:

    Ancelotti to Everton

  38. Sue says:

    I just saw a tweet saying Josh will offer Ken (Arteta 😜) the job tomorrow and if accepted, we’ll have to pay 1m compensation.
    So, it could be Arteta v Ancelotti on Saturday then… new manager bounce?? 😖

  39. RockyLives says:

    If it is Arteta, we’ll just have to wait and see how he does.

    Does learning at the knee of the most successful club manager of the last decade mean he will transform our fortunes?

    Or will the stop from No 2 to No 1 prove to be a step too far.

    We can speculate all we like, but we’ll only find the answer on the pitch…

  40. RockyLives says:

    Thanks for the Post by the way Fred. Sorry you didn’t get better results for you visit.

    Next time…

  41. Rasp says:

    It will be interesting if Arteta is our manager against Everton … it will be his own personal derby. He played more games for Everton than us.

  42. VP of Oz says:

    I think an Australian author once wrote –
    Come what come may

    or I think it was –
    What will be will be

    So whoever ends up coaching it should be –
    Onwards and upwards (in harmony)

  43. VP of Oz says:

    David Ornstein
    Mikel Arteta has informed Man City of Arsenal talks. #MCFC yet to hear from Gunners + would want big comp. #AFC met Arteta (& Patrick Vieira) last week. More details on house visit, Kroenke, Arsenal hope + staff lobbying and more

  44. RA says:


    Doris Day sang Que sera, sera;

    When I was just a little girl
    I asked my mother, “What will I be?
    Will I be pretty? Will I be rich?”
    Here’s what she said to me

    Que sera, sera
    Whatever will be, will be
    The future’s not ours to see
    Que sera, sera
    Whatever will be, will be

    Is that what you were referring to? Don’t think t had anything to do with Oz. 😁

  45. VP of Oz says:

    Sorry RA, pretty sure this aussie boy band pre-dates young Doris Day

  46. LBG says:

    So, is there no limit to the incompetence of our Board.
    1. Appointed Emery, instead of Arteta, at the last minute, because of his extensive documents on the squad. ( Why didn’t the dossiers tell him he needed to restructure completely defensively?)
    2. Said on sacking Emery, reappointment would be long and detailed one, because we need ( unlike Manure) to get it right this time round whatever!! Freddie to hold the reins until end of season.
    3. In a panic, given disastrous results, speak to Arteta after weekend game and piss of Shitty, who will now demand even more to release him – even if he thinks he can turn things round and is given the financial backing.
    4. And worse still, “senior players” Aubang ( leaving as soon as he can get another Chinese deal), and Luiz, the worst buy from an Arsenal management team for donkeys years, dont want Arteta they want Ancelotti who they have worked with before.

    I am still not convinced about Arteta right now and I think he might be advised not to take it. But if you wanted a scenario to confuse the situation even more at our Club, see above.
    And who do we play at the weekend, an Everton probably full of Ancelotti bounce.

  47. LBG says:

    In the meantime, Ryan Giggs advises Arteta to ” just play the youngsters to up the work rate and passion”.
    Ryan will you come and manage us and we will even forgive you for THAT goal.

  48. Rasp says:

    Hi LBG, I agree about the clumsy way our senior management team has handled things so far post Arsene.

    I have no idea how good Arteta could be as a manager. People in the know speak very highly of him, but he is untested as a manager and presumably he won’t come with a ready made team of additional staff as Mourinho and Ancelotti do.

    I think Ancelotti would be a relatively short term appointment because his track record is such and he’s 60 now.

    It could be that if Arteta can start from scratch again and work on the basics and begin to give us an identity on the pitch as well as recruiting the right players, he could be a long term manager – surely that would be the best outcome if achievable.

  49. Rasp says:

    I know that Pochetino spends most days by the phone with his team of support staff who stay with him and are part of the package.

  50. LB says:


    I accept your offer to draw a line under your equally feeble sarcasm.

    And so moving on.

  51. LB says:

    It still confuses me as to why Arteta is thought of so highly by seemingly so many including our board; he is totally untested, even Lampard and Gerrard have gone elsewhere to get first team managerial experience.

    I was listening to Arsecast and humorously they were likening managing a premier league team to flying a plane.

    Ever had a go a this, nay, just get in and have a go………….what could go wrong.

  52. If (and it’s not confirmed yet) Arteta does come in it will most likely be as first team coach and nothing more, with an assistant (Freddie?) and a DOF (EDU). That’s the correct structure for a successful team.
    That Aussie boy band could be Doris Day’s grandchildren.

  53. Sue says:

    I can’t help but think if he’s thought of so highly, then why didn’t Everton go for him? He’s more of a legend to them than us. But no, they’ve gone for experience. Does this mean that they’ll finally win a Merseyside derby? 🤞
    Sorry to be pessimistic, I was just hoping for an experienced manager as we need all the help we can get!!

  54. Rasp says:

    There are some things we do know about Arteta.

    He was a very intelligent player. He started as an attacking midfielder and slowly moved down the pitch as he grew older and ended his career with us as more of a DM.

    He could read the game. His positional sense was good and he could sense danger and snuff it out – something our current crop of midfielders seem incapable of.

    Add to that his time working and studying Guardiola and could conclude that he has the makings of an excellent manager.

    I think he is quiet by nature. He’s not a shouter, but hopefully he can bond with the players and tick that box too.

    If he does get the job we have to get solidly behind him and the team because we now know that many of the current crop of midfielders and defenders are basically not good enough.

  55. Sue says:

    Oh, and I hope Villa win tonight 👊

  56. LBG says:

    Since you still seem to wish to have the final word, understand I was making no offer, I was deleting you, full stop.

  57. RA says:

    Rasper @ 12:01

    Totally agree!!

    Anyone joining the club should get the respect of all fans – that should not need saying.

    I hope Arteta, or anyone else who gets the coach job is given the time to bed in – and let’s face it with the squad he will inherit he will need a lot of time to turn things around.

    Sadly the moaners are already firing all barrels at Arteta before he even gets the job, or not!

    Stroll on!!

  58. Rasp says:

    There’s a quick little …

    … New post …

    Just to give a clean page to work on.

  59. RA says:

    Hi again, VP,

    I googled Que Sera for you — not that I have an axe to grind.

    Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)”, first published in 1956, is a popular song which was written by the Jay Livingston and Ray Evans songwriting team.
    The song was featured in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1956 film, The Man Who Knew Too Much”, with Doris Day and James Stewart in the lead roles.

    Livingston and Evans were the songwriting and composing team of Jay Livingston and Ray Evans, who worked on movies, television and stage. They met while attending the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. They played together in bands.

    I have no idea who ‘the Aussie author’ you mentioned @ 11:10 was, as you did not say — don’t think it was him, whoever it was??

    Who the hell was Doris Day, you might say, again google says;

    Doris Day was an American actress, singer, and animal welfare activist.
    She began her career as a big band singer in 1939, achieving commercial success in 1945 with two No. 1 recordings, “Sentimental Journey” and “My Dreams Are Getting Better All the Time” with Les Brown & His Band of Renown. Wikipedia

    Born: 3 April 1922, Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
    Died: 13 May 2019, Carmel Valley, California, United States.

    That made her 97 y.o. 😁😁

  60. fred1266 says:

    @ Rc78 Piccadilly was ok didn’t finish walking around cause I went to Soho when while walking around Soho I realized it was late so needs to leave to get to the game

    Best I should have stays surely would have had more fun

  61. fred1266 says:

    Yea thanks sue home safely

  62. fred1266 says:

    @Seedee I heard they find anchelotti to old and his recent history not so good

  63. fred1266 says:

    Sue that 10 hour flight was not fun though

    When u come to London is in the night so I can sleep but to return it the day so u have to be up boy is it torturous, didn’t get window but an aisle seat and the person next to me was a bit unbearable

  64. fred1266 says:

    Pep Guardiola confirmed Mikel Arteta has held talks with Arsenal over their vacant manager’s position.

    Arteta is reportedly the lead candidate to replace Unai Emery at Emirates Stadium, where he played from 2011 to 2016 before taking up a position as assistant to Guardiola at Manchester City.

    Arsenal chief executive Vinai Venkatesham is said to have met Arteta on Sunday and Guardiola, speaking ahead of City’s EFL Cup quarter-final with Oxford United, confirmed he was aware of discussions between the two parties.

    Guardiola told a pre-match media conference: “He’s talking with Arsenal so I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

    The City boss confirmed Arteta is travelling with the team to Oxford and, asked why other clubs want Arteta, he replied: “He’s an incredible person. A good manager, good work ethic that’s why he’s with us.

    “The club is always live. People today and then maybe tomorrow not here. Now he is part of our group and staff and stays here.

    “When we have any new news I will know it and you will know it. He trained today and that’s all.”

    Arsenal were beaten 3-0 at home by Guardiola’s City side on Sunday, with the Gunners having won just one of their last 12 games in all competitions. They are 10th in the table, seven points off the top four and 17 points behind Premier League leaders Liverpool.

  65. fred1266 says:

    I have a question when emery took over he brought he own staff but did he keep some of Arsene staff cause bold was a part of or did the club tell him to keep bold

  66. fred1266 says:

    New manager bounce lol u so funny

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