It’s Going To Be Arteta

I’ve been following Arsenal’s transfer dealings for many years now and know the signs when a deal is done … believe me … Mikel Arteta is going to be our next manager.

He’ll know the magnitude of the challenge he is facing – he saw it graphically on Sunday when City exposed the physical, technical and cultural flaws in our play.

As a supporter … (I’m speaking to you!) … do me a favour, if you want the best for Arsenal and are not waiting for the opportunity to say “I told you so” then this is all you have to do:

  1. Be patient.
  2. Get behind the players.
  3. Get behind the manager.
  4. Don’t judge until Mikel has had a chance to work on the squad and bring in some players.
  5. Lower your expectations.
  6. Applaud and enjoy when it’s good, encourage and support when it’s not.

As supporters we’ve gained (earned?) a reputation for being flaky, for not supporting as we should and for feeling entitled.

Currently we’re not being viewed as a top six club. We are not going to turn that around over night.

If we finish the season in the top 6 that will be a major achievement. If we don’t, see it as a stepping stone and let’s be optimistic that we can improve next season.



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  1. Precious says:

    Let it be done fast

  2. RA says:

    Spoken like a real fan/supporter, Rasp.

    Fortunately, many fans are supportive, and try to see the best of it, where the club, team and manager are concerned.

    Unfortunately, some other Arsenal fans have a pretty poor reputation in the wider world for enjoying a good moan — hopefully AA will continue to attract the former.

  3. Gooner4life says:

    Good post Rasp
    As much as we are all disappointed and confused by such a decline I fully agree with your views as to the immediate/medium strategy of the club on and off field
    My only reservation with the immediate team performance is that we are too polite avoiding close contact when a block tackle or a shoulder barge might just help to avoid being second best in our defensive 3rd
    Saturday is going to be interesting. I hope big Dunc doesn’t frighten the team too much

  4. Rasp says:

    I agree G4L. City gave a masterclass in rotational tactical fouling. They’re very good at it. They snuff out the the chance of a quick counter high up the pitch … we just back off and leave gaping holes for them to play through.

    The problem is that not many of our players are good tacklers. It’s an art form in itself.

    I don’t want to kick Xhaka when he’s down, but he’s a good example. He plays a sloppy pass, gives away possession and then clumsily jumps in and earns himself a yellow card and has to be careful for the rest of the game.

    I hate to say it but Gary Neville was a genius at fouling in a way that disrupted the opposition but managed to fall just below the threshold of getting a card.

    This is the reason I included the word ‘culture’ in the post as regards our flaws.

  5. LB says:

    I have been following Arsenal’s transfer dealings for one or two years and I am not as convinced as many seem to be that Arteta is a done deal.

    The Board are still new, they will be putting all their eggs in an untried basket and as such could crash and burn easily alongside any new manager when considering the size of the task in hand.

    Would the Board prefer Podgytino to Arteta, I think they would and I use Podgy as an example of an experienced, available manager. Such a person is more likely to make the Board feel more secure about their own positions because if Arteta is appointed and fails the finger of blame goes straight to them.

    To be clear, I don’t think Podgy is mad enough to take on the chaos that exists at the Emirates right now.

  6. Rasp says:

    Fair enough LB. If it’s not Arteta … and say it’s Poch (I’d be quite happy with that) … then points 1 – 6 would still apply.

    You could read the post and transpose the name of any manager on your wish list … the sentiment wouldn’t change.

  7. LB says:


    We need all the experienced warriors we can get on the field right now to steady the ship, when the ship has been steadied then the cries of “Play the yoof” make much more sense.

  8. Sue says:

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion, RA. Just because one may have doubts, it doesn’t make them any less of a supporter!

    Yes, I have doubts, but if he is the chosen one, he’ll have my backing, like every manager before him. And I hope he proves me wrong, I really do!

  9. Tony says:

    Great Post indeed… Totally agree with your points. I for one feel good about and if it happens Artetas appointment.
    As long as he is given time to work his magic on the squad. He totally would need the fans backing if he will be the gunners nxt boss n make his arsenal chapter a success story.

  10. Rasp says:

    If it’s of any consolation Sue, I certainly wouldn’t class you as a flaky supporter (I’m pretty sure Redders wouldn’t either) you’re very far from it. You’re often a beacon of light hearted resignation when it goes horribly wrong.

    I can sense that tensions are getting high among supporters again. We don’t want to get back into that toxic atmosphere we saw in Arsene’s last few seasons. If I had my way, I’d ban Arsenal Fan TV … very divisive and somewhat of an embarrassment IMO

  11. Pat7 says:

    It does seem like Mikel and I’m all for that though if compensation to ManC gets into double figures (M) then they might switch to Poch, a much safer bet…… Personally, both would be good and I’d hate to miss out on MA if he proves to be as good as he seems.
    As said elsewhere why would Poch take the poisoned chalice that is us at the moment with so many more lucrative, higher order positions about – unless he doesn’t want to move house 🙂 ?

  12. RA says:

    OK, Sue, no argument there.

    Umm, where, exactly, did I say that bloggers are not entitled to an opinion?

    We all have doubts, well nearly all of us, and I certainly do.

    As I have previously said, I think you are an excellent supporter, and have not changed my mind about that, nor do I think I ever will. 😁

    Signed: Puzzled of NeverLand.

  13. Joseph wrong says:

    i don’t like him so much.i would instead prefer thierry henry .

  14. RA says:

    Hi, Pat,

    There are a few hypotheticals about, as usual.

    I understand that Poch has made it clear that the ‘great North London’ divide is too big a leap to make — and he would not entertain any approach from Arsenal.

    All the angst about Arsenal possibly choosing Arteteteta rather than Ancelotti.
    But that is ignoring the fact that Ancelotti is used to winning titles, but to do that, he insists that those clubs he has gone to manage either already have great players, or he is promised bags of money will be made available for him to buy more.

    Other managers like Maurenio, or Guardiola are both just as demanding — easy to win managing Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manu, Chelsea, Citeh, Juventus or Napoli. [Well maybe not the last one.]

    With all contracts it takes two to tango – so if Arsenal appoint someone, it is not always the case they have snubbed other managers — they may have snubbed Arsenal.

  15. fatgingergooner says:

    Let’s not forget that the new structure means we want a head coach and not a manager. Let’s also not forget that we are not a side full of world class players and are more a team of promising youngsters. With that in mind it may well be that Poch and Ancelotti don’t really want this type of role. Poch spent years building Spurs up, does he want to start again? An Eli tho is used to ready made squads, will he want a project at 60? (I’ve no idea why he’d want Everton other than money).

    I really like Arteta and can see it working if he’s given time. He’s been coaching world class, trophy winning players for a few years now so I’m sure he understands what is required to have a successful team. Hopefully he will have his own ideas that he wants to put into action and with the right staff around him I could see him being a big success.

    Emery was ‘proven’ yet look how that worked out. As for someone asking why City haven’t tied him down if he’s so good, how can they? They can’t offer him a head coach job. He’s potentially being given the opportunity to manage one of the biggest sides in the country. Even if City promised him Peps job (which they would never do) he could be waiting years for that opportunity. All City can really do is price him out of the market by asking for crazy money, or hope Arteta’s loyalty to Pep is such that he stays (I doubt it is).

  16. Sheila says:

    What a brilliant report I could not agree more with all you say especially about us fans supporting our new manager & give him time

  17. Gööner In Exile says:

    A new manager should always get time. They have to earn the maintenance of that support, Emery’s downfall was helped by some very bold comments about how he would get fans on side and also some quotes towards his predecessor. He started well but it is easy to see that things were going backwards in terms of performance before results did.

    So what about the new man, if it is to be Arteta he either needs to bring new ideas to the party that the experienced/older players buy into or they have to go. When he and BFG arrived at Arsenal as senior pros they addressed a lot of the disunity within the camp, I think this is something he could bring with the BFG and clearly values.

    The bonus of Arteta is he is not an established manager with his own team of coaches to bring. This is good from the clubs point of view as sacking a manager meaning three or four more P45s at the same time means that cost is increased and maybe things are allowed to go on longer than necessary.

    If it is to be Arteta as you say Rasp expectations should be lowered, that is far easier with a few of the big names and earners out of the picture. A George Graham style makeover which he performed when arriving getting rid of highly paid superstars and replacing with hard working youngsters hungry for the chance.

    We shouldn’t forget that hard working youngsters may not be what we have at the club, having spoken to people who know of young players at the likes of Chelsea etc the hard work can sometimes stop once they have made a pro contract, that first contract for many is life changing, they can end a 2/3 year deal set for life. Drive and commitment to be the best and win trophies is the appetite they need not monetary, and that may be found in other teams who maybe don’t reward their young pros so handsomely.

  18. RC78 says:

    So funny the guys on Skysports:
    1- One pundit says: “Job is too big for Arteta”
    2. The other says “Arteta is the perfect pick for Arsenal”

    I still feel that we would have needed someone like Ancelotti because the squad needs to be on their toes and quickly adhere to the new coach. With Arteta, he does not come with any managerial experience and he is unproven. If he is chosen, then I am sure Auba will jump ship and maybe Ozil too. Arteta will still play in a 433 so it s back to Wenger or Emery ways?

  19. RC78 says:

    @Rasp – agree with your 6 points and an hoping the team will have an Arteta effect and beat Chelsea and Utd

  20. RC78 says:

    Ancelotti gets 4 and 1/2 year at Everton…long term planning for them.

  21. Sue says:

    Thanks, Rasp.. much appreciated 👍

  22. RA says:

    I bet Ance-in-the-Pants has been given promises about lots of funds being made available to buy new players, RC.

  23. Sue says:

    Well, RA.. as you know, I’m partial to a ‘moan’ 😄 so, I just assumed your comment was heading my way, as lo and behold I’d just had a moan!! 😆
    Oops! Sorry!

  24. Sue says:

    Hi Fred.. I’ve just seen your comments on the previous post. Glad you arrived home safely. 10 hours on a plane – what a bummer!! Bores me to tears, plus I have a fear of flying 😆
    You actually wanted to sit by the window?? Sod that!! And flying at night is the pits!!
    Well, you’ll be tired for a while… what’s the weather like over there? Much better than here, I bet!!

  25. Sue says:

    So, I guess there is a possibility Arteta may not even accept the job? Yes talks are ongoing, but apparently he’s still going to Oxford tonight, for the carabao cup. Will he decide after all this, that the job isn’t for him?! Who knows…..

    Just read about Ancelotti, his son will be an assistant. And it’s looking like he’ll be in charge for our visit… I’m a tad more nervous now 🙈

  26. RA says:


    I doubt you will ever see me being rude about you – I try not to be rude about anyone – not always successfully. 🤪

    I did say, also, that I hoped all the supportive bloggers would continue to be attracted to AA — and that definitely includes you.

    We all have a moan, occasionally, because we are worried that the club is having another wobble — and that includes me – but like you, Rasper and many others we soon shelve it and move on with the important work of supporting the team and manager, until they bug me you .

  27. RA says:


    I was interested in your saying;

    “[Fred] – Glad you arrived home safely. 10 hours on a plane – what a bummer!! Bores me to tears, plus I have a fear of flying”

    Oh, come off it, Sue — you love that broomstick!!! 🙄

  28. RA says:


    Where has the annual AA snow gone?

    Did you fail to put money in the snow meter?

    We want AA snow! — altogether now — ‘We want AA snow”

    Got to go for a while — it had better be AA snowing when I get back, or your best Koi gets it. 😉

  29. Sue says:

    😂😂 and I’ve had it souped-up, RA.. goes even faster 😉

  30. Rasp says:

    Bit early for snow Redders …. peaches is our environmental correspondent … no doubt she’ll conjure some up for you in due course.

  31. RockyLives says:

    Excellent Post Rasp – I agree with every word.

    We have to be realistic about where we’re starting from with whoever comes in as the new boss.

    Top six would be quite an achievement this season if we manage it.

    But patience, patience, patience is what’s needed.

  32. Mike M says:

    Hear hear Rasp !! I’d prefer Poch for sure because he will steady the ship and make us play. However in an interesting conversation with my son we discussed Arteta’s credibility with the players. I think we came up with the fact that if Arteta stands up in front of the current arsenal squad and says:
    “Ok lads, here’s what we’re going to do, in training and games – because this is how Pep does it and I learned from him – any questions??”
    Maybe that’s all he needs?? If it’s him, i hope so !!!!!!

  33. fred1266 says:

    Yea weather way better some hopefully I can finally get over this cold I picked up

  34. Sue says:

    I really hope I don’t jinx things by saying this.. but…. am loving the Villa score right now!! (& no I don’t care that it’s a bunch of kids they’re playing, it’s still a Liverpool XI)

  35. fred1266 says:

    What the score sue

  36. fred1266 says:

    Ok just saw it nice, well that would have been us then

  37. Sue says:

    It should’ve been us, Fred 😢 We’d have given them a better game, for sure (I think 😂)

    Typical that you leave England with a cold, Fred!

  38. Sue says:

    Thank you, Villa 🥳
    Now the darts… ooh there’s a woman playing! Come on!!

  39. Sue says:

    Top quality darts from Fallon Sherrock, making history, by becoming the first woman to win a match at the world championship! Bloody brilliant, take a bow 👏 #girlpower!!
    Did feel for Ted Evetts though, poor sod was playing the crowd too!

  40. Sue says:

    I hope you enjoyed that game of darts, GN5!!

  41. GoonerB says:

    Thanks Rasp, everything you say is spot on, although I do think the fans have been misrepresented somewhat by the media who love an agenda against Arsenal. There are definitely some that are far from unhelpful, as seen on ATV, but many others have been rightly dissatisfied for a while and then also been unfairly tarnished with the same brush.

    So now we will have to see if he arrives and if so how it goes. I must admit some of my friends are worried about it but I am excited. His commendations and positive references come from highly respected people in the game.

    A couple of things I picked up on with Arteta recently, if true of course. Firstly there was reference to him talking about only having players playing for him who show total commitment. No matter if there is a temporary fall out as certain feathers are ruffled, that is entirely the right attitude for the future of this club.

    He has mentioned in the past that FA cups are not good enough for Arsenal and that we should challenge regularly for the EPL, but the patience you mention Rasp is important here.

    He also talked about some tactical areas that sounded rather insightful and impressive but stated that he wanted a team to develop with an identity and entertaining style of football rather than be too reactionary to the opposition, which is what we have been for some time now.

    Finally it seems that Arteta is the one being credited with the coaching development of Sterling, Bernado and Sane. With a host of unpolished exciting wing forwards to boast of ourselves ( which we haven’t had in recent years), it could be exciting to watch the development of Martinelli, Pepe, Saka and Nelson.

    Someone mentioned on the last post that certain senior players wanted Ancelotti and may be off out the door now. Well we haven’t got too far with many of them anyway so at this stage I really couldn’t give a sh-t. If they dont want to play at this club then get players that do.

  42. Sue says:

    Will today be the day?!! I’ve come round to the idea now, (that was quick, I know 😂)… I caught a clip on twitter of his last interview for us – aww it was emosh! Just announce it and let him get to work, boy, he has a lot to do!!
    Well, in a weird way, it’s a little exciting,.. although I’ve lowered my expectations, they’re at the bottom of the Atlantic with the titanic. So, now it’s just a waiting game… but in the meantime, I’m still excited about the darts (& Villa)… there are some juicy matches on tonight (football and darts)…it’s Wednesday (aka hump day!!)… 3 days left of work… and 7 days to go, until the big fella arrives, no, not you, RA…. Santa!! Yay!!!!! 😀

  43. Sue says:

    Arteta has identified his transfer targets (albeit a little prematurely)….. Aguero, Laporte, Sane and KDB…. 😂😂…. I’d be more than happy with that, unfortunately though, that is just my wishful thinking!!

  44. RA says:

    Morning, Sue,

    I saw the darts last night to see what you were so excited about, (well the bit with the lady who beat a mere male for the first time in history) and I really enjoyed it.

    Mind you, as a kid, I have to admit my sister broke the ‘history’ record every time she played me – until I worked out that if I picked her up as she was on the oche (?) and about to throw – she lost!!

    Cunning always works! 😁

    [Boo – not you Sue – the lack of snowshowers on AA, with less than a week to go!!] Let’s de-bag the Rasper – or Peaches if she is responsible for pressing the snow button.]

  45. Sue says:

    Well hello, RA! Finally, I’m no longer Billy no mates!!
    Omg, it was brilliant. She hit 6 x 180’s and had a 91 average!! Obviously, I taught her everything she knows 😂 And the other woman (Suzuki) narrowly missed out… so they’re flying the flag for Women’s darts!! 👍
    Oh how mean of you 😂 I’m surprised you weren’t pierced by any 😂

    Yes I’m all for some fake snow, not the real thing! Also, that poor Koi… that did make me laugh though (or your best koi gets it 🤣🤣)

  46. RA says:

    Unfortunately, Sue, I am working — I know, I know, but I do not keep ‘ordinary’ hours – so I will be on and off AA today, as usual.

    If no other sod turns up – try talking to yourself – I find it makes for the most interesting discussions – and if I fall out with myself, I am always polite!! 😜

  47. seedeee says:

    I do hope I’m not considered one of those ‘flaky’ fans after expressing my doubts about Arteta yesterday (or Monday, I have no idea what day of the week it is right now with a 9month old waking every other hour in the night haha).

    I would definitely be prepared to give him time, having already come to terms with the fact we are at present a mid table (or even relegation on current form) team. My concern comes with the boos and bad press after an inevitably difficult rest of season (and even next season) under any manager but especially Arteta who will need (in my flaky opinion ofcourse) more time for it to ‘work’ than others like Ancelloti for example to steady the ship. How will he deal with this criticism having never experienced it before? There are so many unknowns and as a result a very big gamble.

    I’m also very much of the opinion that if our high value players like Auba do not put in a shift for the new manager (whoever it may be) then I’d rather have players like Martinelli leading the line and they can do one. Although on the flip side I’d hate to seem them flourish at another English club lol.

    As for the comments about Ancelloti demanding a top club with top players, that doesn’t really ring true with the fact he has joined Everton lol.

    However I would also very much believe you if you told me that the majority of these other options being touted about simply refused the job. I can understand why they would say that if they’ve been watching us lately! Maybe Arteta is literally the last viable option on the list for the board…..

    Anyway, onwards and upwards (hopefully). With the games now coming thick and fast over the Christmas period (and on top of that mostly tough fixtures) I’m not expecting us to jump up the table any time soon (with Arteta or Lundburg). In fact it will be quite a miserable Christmas for us fans I think. At least I have my sons first Christmas to put a smile on my face in between match days.

    Chris (a recently self confessed pessimist)

  48. GoonerB says:

    Seedeee, as I said in my comment yesterday, (with bad grammer from my phone), I feel that barring a few really knee jerk reaction negative fans, that Arsenal fans are no worse than most others, yet almost the entire fan base has been tarred with the “bad fan” brush.

    I find this wholely distasteful and not accurately representative. It is one thing for certain pundits and media outlets to target our fan base, because we know there are many that do love to twist the knife into Arsenal. However it is another for many of our own fans to pretty much label our entire fan base as a disgrace. That has happened a lot, albeit most bloggers on here are able to separate the negative few from the many decent normal fans.

    In many ways it has almost progressed towards you are a “bad fan” if you show anything other than complete support, and express any type of negative dissatisfaction. Disappointment in football is normal for every side, but dissatisfaction is something different to disappointment, and stems from a longer and deeper rooted problem between the clubs hierarchy and the fan base.

    What have the Kroenke regime really shown us that shouldn’t allow for reasonable dissatisfaction among the majority of decent supporters? My personal belief, for instance, is that our deterioration is not a new thing but is a number of years in the making, but has just accelerated more recently. A somewhat pessimistic and negative view, but I haven’t seen anything in the last 5-6 years that has altered my feeling on that.

    In the summer, with the transfer window, the club seemed to show a different, arguably more positive and ambitious, attitude in both its transfer dealings, and also that Josh Kroenke was giving the impression of someone who had bought into the club more, and maybe English football as a whole, and this would ensure a far more ambitious approach from now.

    However, these were only early signs (amidst a number of years of nothingness) and could still be more to do with temporary acts of fan appeasement. Mistakes are still being made. The biggest one right now was in choosing the time to react to our rapid slide under Emery. The warning signs were there from the collapse at the end of last season, and have been staring us in the face this entire season with the performances and stats.

    Where an earlier decision would have given any new incumbent a kinder run of fixtures to get some points on the board while changing things, any new guy now has a less favourable run of fixtures to make an early statement. That needs to be taken into account by the fans, whoever the next manager is.

    In the bigger picture I don’t mind if the odd mistake or wrong call is made, because no-one is infallible, as long as the ambition to be something better seems to be there. That, for me, still remains to be seen with this regime.

    On Arteta, no problem with your doubts Seedeee. I have many friends with the same doubts that I debate with while others, myself included, feel it is a gamble worth taking, and have a gut feeling of real positiveness about Arteta. I feel he could potentially be the hidden gem that we might end up regretting forever not taking a chance on if we don’t take the plunge.

    Even the media and pundits are split, with some taking the experienced manager requirement line, and others saying Arteta will be a real coup and will be perfect for us. As many of us have said, there is no guarantee with any manager no matter what their past C.V says, otherwise, for example, why did it not work out for Van Gaal or Mourinho at Utd?

    Arteta, for many reasons I won’t mention now, actually feels to me far less of a gamble than many of the bigger more established names. Its ok to have your doubts Seedeee. We have entered a period where doubts surround this club like Mexicans around the Alamo, and at this stage there is no certainty with anyone, but we do need something to give us some hope for the future even if the immediate future and this season becomes one of relaying foundations.

  49. Sue says:

    I’ll try that, RA… sounds like you’re an expert 😂

  50. Rasp says:

    Hi seedee (AKA Chris)

    Your opinions are valid and welcome. If we can help you recover from your flakiness then that would be our good Christmas deed 🙂 🙂

    But being serious. Most of us will be vacillating between optimism and pessimism. We said we don’t want to do a ‘man utd’ .. well if we get this next appointment wrong then that’s exactly where we will be.

    I think we’re all united in thinking that if any of the established ‘stars’ don’t want to play for us or the new manager then good riddance.

    There is something humble and earthy about rebuilding from a low point that I rather enjoy.

    Obviously we’re not currently in a terrible position, (we could be Southampton) but clearly the major cultural changes we wanted to see under UE are now more obvious than ever.

    I’m going to have a good Christmas if we are decisive and give the job to Mikel whatever the results in the next few games. All we need to do is get on the right track … then … be patient … or have I said that before 🙂

  51. RC78 says:

    Arteta will bring a

    – DM for sure – rumour has it that he was impressed by Ruben Neves and Marcos Llorente. Llorente will be hard to get but maybe Neves can be persuaded…Can, Weigl also options.
    – Play a 4-2-1-2-1 with

    —> a double Pivot DM-CM
    —> a B2B
    —> 2 wingers, Pepe and either Auba or Martinelli
    —> 1 striker, most likely Lacazette

    The midfield 3 (2-1) will be interesting to see but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Auba and maybe Ozil leave sooner rather than later. I can, however, see a renaissance for Luiz if played in midfield.
    I can also see Douzim Willock and Torreira benefit from Arteta’s arrival

  52. Sue says:

    Hi Chris..Your first Christmas with your son, awww how cute! Make the most of it, before you know it, he’ll be a teenager!!
    I agree with what you say… I do think even the most proven of managers would struggle here. So, I hope as well as bringing KDB with him, Arteta brings some rockets (for backsides 😂) as if everyone had Martinelli’s workrate, I think we’d be somewhat better off!!

  53. RA says:

    Oh, dear, I seem to have inadvertently hurt feelings with my comment yesterday.

    Seedeee, if you were referring to my hope that ‘positive’ fans continue to be attracted to AA, which implies I do not have time for those who continually moan, then your concerns about who may or may not be the best manager we appoint, does not fall into the ‘continually moaning’ crowd and I was not meaning you.

    As I said to Sue, I moan occasionally myself, and there is nothing wrong with any of us doing that.

    In fact, I was not intending to refer to anyone on here, at all, it was a general comment about blogdom as a whole.

    I have blogged on a number of different sites over the years, and continue to do so, and some of them have had problems with toxic comments, which were particularly horrible when AW was coming to the end of his era.

    This site never fell into that, and I hope that positive spirit continues on here well into the future, and expressing valid fears about any manager or player is perfectly normal.

    [Anyone else feeling hurt by my perfectly innocent comment – I repeat I was not referring to any AAers – just a few of those elsewhere who use unnecessary expletives to express an opinion.]

    I expect you may also be referring to me, GB, but I cannot respond to the whole of your extended comment – so I hope you will accept what I have written here – however, if you do not, and you really think I am sticking knives into other fans, I will find that unacceptable, and will respond appropriately.

  54. seedeee says:

    All good here RA! 🙂 I have a belly full of lunch now and I’m a lot happier haha. It’s amazing what a good bit of grub does to a man’s heart and head.

    Yes Sue thank you, and another on the way! With a wife who supports Chelsea and brother in law’s who are all Liverpool, I have a feeling I’m going to have a hard time to convince him to be a Gooner!! Although by the time he gets to ‘decision’ age, I’m hoping we’ll be back to where we were in 04 🙂 History always repeats itself, right!

  55. GoonerB says:

    RA, not you at all. You know what they say about assumption…about being the mother of all something or others 🙂

    Actually not sure how you arrived at that conclusion RA. I would need to reference back to whatever comment you thought I was referring to.

    My comment was actually meant to be more to do with Seedeee and his concerns about Arteta, and my alternative view on him, but I thought I would also address his concerns about being perceived too negative by somewhat lumping myself into the same bracket, and by explaining that I think it is perfectly reasonable in the current Arsenal climate to have pessimism and still be a dedicated fan.

    Whether what bothered you was my bit about some Arsenal fans panning our whole fan base, that wasn’t referencing you or anyone else currently on here. It is something I have historically heard in the past, and it was something that rather got my goat (sorry camel) when it did happen on a few occasions.

    I know and speak to a whole array of fans both at games and away from it and only find a couple here and there take it too far. The majority have been unhappy for a while but remain dedicated fans….but you can rest assured it is nothing recent and not yourself that made me say that bit.

  56. fred1266 says:

    Is this confirmed

  57. fred1266 says:

    Arsene Wenger believes Mikel Arteta’s “great future” must be nurtured with a strong backroom team if Arsenal make the inexperienced Spaniard their new head coach.

    The Gunners have held talks with their former captain and are expected to appoint him to replace Unai Emery.

    Arteta, 37, spent five seasons at Emirates Stadium as a player before retiring and taking up a coaching position with Manchester City in 2016.

    He is well-regarded after working as Pep Guardiola’s understudy but ex-Arsenal boss Wenger said the club would have to take measures to counteract his lack of experience.

    “I am an Arsenal supporter and at the moment I support the manager in charge. The manager in charge is [Freddie] Ljungberg,” Wenger told reporters in Doha.

    “When Arteta will be in charge I will support Arteta.

    “Of course Arsenal is going through a difficult period. It’s better that I don’t comment on that. I just suffer like every supporter.”

    He added: “I believe that Mikel has a great future. He has certainly learned a lot in his first position as an assistant coach and after that he will have to deal with the fact that he has no experience at that level.

    “He will have to get surrounded well and get a good environment at the club.”

    Mikel Arteta

    Amazing season making history! What a beautiful journey…

    View image on Twitter
    1:04 PM – May 19, 2019
    Twitter Ads info and privacy
    2,361 people are talking about this
    Achieving the latter, according to Wenger, is an essential ingredient if Arsenal are to restore their status as a Premier League powerhouse.

    The north Londoners have missed the top four in three successive seasons and have not finished higher than third since 2004-05.

    “Most importantly, every club – and Arsenal especially – is built on special values and inside the club people have to take care of that,” the Frenchman said.

    “That is most important. What makes the culture of the club great is, first, the values of the club, and you have to be faithful to that. He will have to be surrounded, if he comes in, to respect that.”

  58. Sue says:

    Wow and another on the way, Chris – congrats!! Oh dear, surrounded by Chelsea and Liverpool 👎 You’ll definitely have your work cut out trying to convince them both to become gooners!! With a bit of luck though they’ll follow their Dad 🤞😀

  59. seedeee says:

    “The north Londoners have missed the top four in three successive seasons and have not finished higher than third since 2004-05.” Oh dear for whoever wrote that article lol

  60. Sue says:

    Assumption being the mother of all…….tell me about it 😉😂

  61. RC78 says:

    @Fred – did you make it to the cake shop in London? hope u r recovering nicely

  62. RA says:


    I am pleased that I was mistaken — I was just setting up a new ‘Nom de Plume’ for use on another site, as my ‘appropriate response’ was to say goodbye and go plague another site.

    The problem was that the only other site I can be bothered with is one Sue inhabits, so saying G’bye on here and then appearing ‘over there’ even with another name, she would probably sus me out.

    Seedeee, I am pleased, too, that you are now sated by a nice lunch, which has helped to mollify you! 😉

    Sue, a sum ption is a mother who can add up.


    Manchester City assistant coach Mikel Arteta has left the club to become the new manager of Arsenal, according to Gianluca Di Marzio.

    #Arteta leaves @ManCity and will be next @Arsenal manager @SkySport @SkySportNewsHD

    — Gianluca Di Marzio (@DiMarzio) December 18, 2019

    Talks surrounding the move have been ongoing over the past few days, with meetings held between the hierarchy at the Emirates Stadium and the Spaniard at his home in Manchester and in London.

    Previous reports have suggested that Arteta is set to earn the same wage package earned by his predecessor Unai Emery – approximately £5 million-per-season, on a three-year deal.

    Pep Guardiola will be forced into making a significant change amongst his back room staff, with his former assistant at Barcelona and Bayern Munich, Domenec Torrent, linked with a return to the Etihad Stadium.

  63. RA says:

    Here are a few unhappy bunnies – and there are a lot more about.

    [Sorry, GB, not trying not trying to be provocative.]

    [1] Well the milk is spilled now … no point crying about it. Let’s hope he is able to pull a rabbit out of the Cannon!
    ReplyNew Comment
    04Click to rate

    [2] Lacameyangpepe, Reddot, Singapore, about an hour ago
    Good news for all the other 19 clubs in the PL.
    ReplyNew Comment
    21Click to rate

    [3] ebousman, Jalingo, Nigeria, about an hour ago
    I have been an advocate of legends taking over the coaching role in Arsenal so I pray he succeeds. I would have preferred Vieirra though.
    ReplyNew Comment
    21Click to rate

    [4] TheMightyChod, Cleethorpes, United Kingdom, about an hour ago
    Fingers crossed
    ReplyNew Comment
    12Click to rate

    [5] espookid, espoo, Finland, about an hour ago
    As an Evertonian I love Mikel and wish him all the best ,it is a gamble just as the smart 4rse said about the lottery ,someone has to win, as long as he doesn’t win against Everton I wish him all the best .
    ReplyNew Comment
    04Click to rate

    [6] Trixkortreat, Georgetown, Malaysia, about an hour ago
    Beginning of the end really
    ReplyNew Comment
    64Click to rate

    [7] HNelson, London, United Kingdom, about an hour ago
    All these doom and gloom merchants commenting. If you’re so good at predicting the future go and buy a lottery ticket
    33Click to rate

    [8] BetLegit, com Ten Pound gets you THIRTY, United Kingdom, about an hour ago
    Looks like a home banker with Arsenal’s poor away form.
    ReplyNew Comment
    11Click to rate

    [9] Tom727, Baltimore, United States, about an hour ago
    Arsenal is not set up for success. This decision now proves it.
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  64. Sue says:

    So, RA… it’s Barbie time??!! 😂😂😂

  65. Sue says:

    There’s no probably about it, RA… you’d have been sussed by the time I got to the 5th word in your first comment!! 😂😂😂

  66. fred1266 says:

    Hi RC78 lots of work here right now, cause office closing on Friday , no time to reclaim from this flu I have

    No no cakes in London unfortunately time ran out cause I wanted to reach in time to meet up with the guys at faltering fullback

    How Christmas shaping up

  67. RA says:

    Sorry, GB et al,

    I meant to add, there is no problem with those tweets – they are (some of them) a bit unhappy, but no bad language – just resigned disappointment.

    [I have to stop blogging when I am working — I am making mistakes on AA – and I have also buggered up a complicated spreadsheet too.]

    I need help with the spreadsheet — now where’s that camel?!

  68. RA says:

    Sue, 🙄🙄

    I am not yet convinced the starter gun has been fired for Mikel yet.

    That quote was off NewsNow.

    Moshiri the majority shareholder in Everton, is getting quite a bit of stick for trying to get Ancelotti.

    The beef is, Ance has won titles with clubs who have already got quality players, with the promise of more. And he has not stayed more than two years with any of his last 5 clubs.

    [Oddly enough, that is what I said yesterday (or Monday) and also said that I think it will take quite a while to restructure Arsenal, so on that basis, Mikel is a better bet than Ance, altho it is going to be a gamble which ever one of them the Arsenal board choose.

    Now – where is that darned spreadsheet and camel? 😳

  69. fatgingergooner says:

    If we do get Arteta and the club and manager start talking about challenging for titles and being a top 4 side then they are going to have problems. They just need to be honest with the fans, make the right noises about it being a long term project that will involve developing the youngsters and creating a new style and then I think the fans will get on board. I can’t imagine we are going to be spending millions so whoever comes in will need to be able to improve the current players and get them on board (something Emery failed to do). If he can get the right staff around him, get a couple of early results, and improve the way we play, then it can be a huge success.


  70. Rasp says:

    Arteta will be announced as new manager tomorrow morning ….

  71. Aaron says:

    Well, well. well, what do we have here? A treacherous winter schedule followed by a chance to grow into a new Arsenal springtime.

    Am going to be really excited about Arteta. Will support him as long as he actually coaches our squad into something recognizable from an entertainment perspective. Totally admit that I am a follower of the Arsene school of futbol art.

    I do realize that the pieces he inherits on the current chessboard will limit what he can do this and next year. Have said it before, would rather have youth, spirit, and a willingness to learn than play a bunch of entitled millionairos who do not mind losing and smile in the tunnel before the games with their mates from the opposition. Forgive me in advance for the cursing….WTF is that all about?

    As long as he gets support, his backroom staff, players he has preferences for, and shores up the defense then Mikel could turn into his own kind of AFC legend.

    From the ashes WE rise.

  72. GoonerB says:

    RA, the tweets combined with your 3.20 tells the true story. That being that if we were going with Ancelotti then those that felt they preferred him would put out happy tweets and those that would have preferred Arteta would put out not so happy tweets.

    As it is the other way around the camp that would prefer the experienced manager rather than the rookie will put out the not so happy tweets. Even some Everton fans will be tweeting unhappily about Ancelotti because some may have preferred Mikel.

    The moral of the story RA is that in the world of modern social media you will find plenty of unhappy people whichever way the club went, so with any decision the club cannot entirely win at this stage. They only win when it becomes apparent the decision made turns out to be the right one.

    Having said that, I agree with the go get a lottery ticket guy. Even if your preference wasn’t for the rookie how can you put out a comment suggesting absolute certain abject failure is on the horizon before we have even started. We can all have our preferences but there seem to be an awful lot of enlightened Nostradamus’ out there….. I do hope they don’t become I told you so merchants before we hit January 2nd.

  73. RA says:

    Spot on, GB.

    The lyrics of a song by Ricky Nelson rings a bell;’

    “If you can’t please everybody, you might as well please yourself”

    Those who recommend a potential new manager to the owners should bear that in mind — most of us will give whoever the new manager is a chance, like we did with Embery, but if it starts to go pear shaped, we will make our fears known.

  74. VP of Oz says:

    RA isn’t that Ricky Nelson song about masturbation?

    I dont wont to say much more in case i get another D-Day history lesson.

  75. VP of Oz says:

    Supposedly Arteta Out is already trending.

    I wont be in favour of his appointment if it goes ahead. But I won’t be calling for his head either and will give him time and support.

    Personally I liked what I saw in what Freddie was doing and was fine to give him more time in the role but with appropriate support staff.

  76. VP of Oz says:

    RA apologies, in hindsight i shouldnt have posted
    wish there was a delete function for those 6am moments

  77. VP of Oz says:

    admittedly the Justice Leagues version of Que Sera is quite catchy and I find myself singing along, a day later, whilst having my Uncle Tobys cereal

  78. Sue says:

    I tuned into Oxford v City, just to see how Oxford fared, as they’re a local-ish team of mine. Made me laugh listening to the commentator (Andy Hinchcliffe?) He’d say “When Pep and Arteta arrived at City” and about how Arteta had improved Sterling etc etc…. I don’t recall Arteta being spoken of in this way before… it was always Pep this, Pep that… could it have something to do with what might be happening tomorrow?!!

    Can’t believe El Clasico was 0-0 😴

  79. Sue says:

    We’re still waiting….. when will it be announced? Transfer Checker on twitter says it’s done, Rasp says it’s done…. come on!!!

    I don’t like these dark mornings ☹

  80. RA says:

    Good Morning, Sue,

    I think we should sue the Rasper for telling us in the title that “It’s Going to be Arteteteta” – which has caused us stress, and we deserve one million pounds (sterling) each as compensation.

  81. RA says:


    More than happy to read your comments — that one amused me, and your patriotism is a credit to you!! 😁

  82. Sue says:

    Hello RA… I agree 😜 I’m ever so stressed Haha!! I thought of you earlier.. I saw a comment from someone called ‘The singing camel’ 😂

  83. LBG says:

    If, as reported, Board have told Arteta no more money to buy new players. Sell Ozil, Mustafi etc, etc, I doubt Mikel will take it myself. Sorry Rasp. Hope 2020 is a lot better than 2019 for our Club and AAers of the World

  84. RA says:


    The Singing Camel is OK — he is a Dromedary, well known for his grunt songs, and only has one hump.
    He specialises in the Burpslurpfart school of singing, as you would know.

    He and I are good friends, but to be honest, maybe because the Bactrian has two humps, they cannot sing a note worth listening to.

  85. RA says:


    I would be disappointed now if Arteta does not take the coaches role at the Gunners, and look at how foolish all the wise guys on NewsNow would be as they are reporting Mikel has already identified 2 new recruits, including a whizz kid from Spain, and also has a list of all those Arsenal players to be given the boot, including Aubameyang (and his agent brother).

  86. Rasp says:

    The only thing stopping us announcing Arteta as new manager is Man City. Apparently they’re being difficult because they don’t like the way we approached Arteta.

  87. GoonerB says:

    The Aubamayeng brother outburst panning Arsenal for going for an inexperienced coach is an interesting one. Rumours are strong that Aubamayeng is not signing any extension and that he already covets somewhere else. In essence he has half a foot out the door already.

    Now does anyone actually believe that his brothers outburst was an independent action done without Aubamayeng’s knowledge or approval? I don’t, and it smacks of the start of engineering his way out by making his position untenable.

    However at 30, this January is when we will get maximal value for him, and secure funds that could really be needed in other areas. Aubamayeng is probably the more prolific goal-scorer, but In many ways I think that Lacazette is a better link striker, which I feel may be more important in Arteta’s likely style and formation.

    Rasp, with this in mind (and with all other areas of the team), I’m going to recommend a new post titled “Let’s all play Arteta fantasy football manager”……..mostly because it is what RC78 and myself enjoy doing….not really thinking of the rest of you 🙂

    We know there is a high likelihood of some shake ups and ins and outs. We have quality youth players to make room for while some senior players are getting towards the twilight of their years and many haven’t been cutting the mustard.

    Could be interesting to say what we feel should targeting to come in and go out keeping in mind certain points as follows:

    1 Artetas likely style of play and formation, and what ins and outs would make this stronger.

    2 The promotion of younger players into the team

    3 The creation of much needed transfer funds to spend on quality players in key areas

  88. RA says:

    Well that is designed to remove Wallies like me, GB, you beast – you and RC are far too clever for me, with your 1 2,3,4 5,6,7 8,9,10 team set ups, all couched with your tactical nous. 😩

    But your points to follow could give me a chance!! 😛

    Anyway, I am now off to the funeral of a very close friend, and it’s been a bit difficult trying to keep cheerful, when one is feeling so lachrymose.

  89. seedeee says:

    I fear that all this is hampering our preparation for the game against Everton, just compounding our problems right now. How does Lungburg set the team up if he doesn’t know if he will even be in charge come Saturday? It surely has to have an affect on players’ preparations

  90. JM says:

    @GoonerB, Dec.19, 10.08am

    If our current captain wishes to leave in the near future and shall not sign a new contract, I am alright with a Aubameyang + £M to Real Madrid in exchange for Ceballos (on a permanent deal). Especially since Ceballos is a younger player and if Arteta does arrive as head coach, he can be trained to become our regular midfield link-man (No.8, similar to what Cazorla did for us previously) or the new AM (No.10).

    We have Lacazette, Martinelli, Pepe, Nelson, Saka and Nketiah in the 1st team and John-Jules and Balogun from the youth setup as our attackers. Personally, I would have like more from our midfielders to contribute on the goals.

  91. Sue says:

    Hope you’re ok, RA.

  92. allezkev says:

    If Auba leaves, whether this January or in the summer, it wouldn’t surprise me to see a Laca leave as well, as he’ll have two years left on his contract this summer and doesn’t look likely to sign an extension.

  93. Sue says:

    Looks like we’ll have to wait until tomorrow now… Ornstein has spoken…. better put the ra-ra skirt and pom poms away then 😳

  94. GoonerB says:

    JM, my gut feeling on Arteta is that he will likely try and develop us in the same way, with the same style and similar (if not the same) formation as Man City. I have no quarrels with that.

    He will likely go for a variation of a 4-3-3 with 1 more specific holding midfielder (yet to be decided) and 2 harder working number 8’s that he will also want to develop in their goal scoring contributions, like De-Bruyne and Gundogan.

    Then he will play 2 goal scoring wing forwards either side of a striker that can both score and link play with those 2 and the number 8’s. Although a decent return from the number 9 will be expected, I think Arteta will look to ease the sole burden on the 9 and increase the goals from the attacking wide players and number 8’s.

    If he could start to work the same coaching magic on Martinelli, Saka, Pepe and Nelson as he has with Sterling, Sane and Bernado then we could be in for some exciting times in the future.

    My first main thought is that Lacazette is the better link player and harder working striker, despite Auba being the slightly superior goal-scorer. I think that as Arteta starts to get more goals from these other positions Aubamayeng’s slightly higher goal-scoring rate becomes slightly less important than Laca’s superior link up play.

    My seond main thought is whether Ozil up to becoming more of a De-Bruyne in his workrate in addition to his attacking play, and does he have the goals in him. I certainly think that Douzi, Willock and ESR all have that in their locker if Arteta can progress their development. Possibly also Torreira and also Ceballos, although (@AK at 1.31) I am not 100% certain on Ceballos yet. I am not absolutely against it and he has skills, but is he a tad too slow for the EPL?

    Also do we not want to invest more in the development of those 3 youngsters above, and with them and the additional possibility of Torreira (before even considering Ceballos), we are already looking a bit top heavy in numbers for the number 8 role.

    I might be more inclined to request Madrids young Serbian striker Jovic rather than Ceballos. If not we can get a straight cash deal and that leaves us with Laca, Nketieh, John Jules and Martinelli (who looks like he can also play number 9)

    In that case we could go for a decent short-term experienced addition to add strength in depth to our number 9 position. Ibrahimovich is doing the transfer talk rounds at the moment, but my real choice would be to get Ollie back in for a couple of years.

    Sounds strange when I always said we needed a more mobile striker than him for years but hear me out.

    Firstly I always said that Ollie was a useful option in the squad even if not outright first choice in my mind. He can cause a defence problems if they have set up deep so gives an entirely different strength and option up top.

    Secondly I don’t believe he will be past it or his game deteriorated even now, because his game was never about pace anyway, and I would imagine he still has great aerial ability, very good link up play in bringing quicker players around him into play, and still has a peach of a left foot.

    Thirdly, I actually believe our young pacey wing forward contngent, that Arteta will look to develop into superior goal threats, could make Ollie an even better number 9 foil than he was last time. We didn’t really have that pace and goal threat playing off him in his stint with us (the perenially injured Theo aside who operating as a right footer from the right was never going to be too prolific).

    Fourth he is desperate to play more to get to the next Euros; Deschamps has even warned him on this. Ironically if Auba was out of the picture then the tables have turned and we could now offer him more playing time than Chelsea.

    Fifth, we could actually play Laca as a number 10 in behind him as an option at times with the 2 French strikers together. I believe Laca actually started out as this so knows the role.

    Sixth, he is EPL and Arsenal ready. He is one of our own. We would actually have a decent all round and varied attack with Ollie and we can use the funds from Auba elsewhere, like a much needed CD or holding midfielder (unless Arteta tries Luiz). It buys us time till the end of the next season to assess where John Jules and Nketieh are at.

  95. GoonerB says:

    I would like it if Arteta did try Luiz as a holding midfield player and then we could bring in a developing one, to eventually replace Luiz in a couple of seasons, for far less money than a full on ready made expensive option. However I wouldn’t be against someone like Ndidi if we could get him or someone else as good.

    My main wish for the big spend is for another top CD. Socratis and Mustaffi are players to move on and look to improve the quality in this area. When Saliba arrives I would like us to boast, as CD’s, Saliba himself, Holding, Chambers, and that one other top CD. Out of the ones I know Koulibally and Upemecano look good choices.

    Get one of them and you can shift on Socratis, and then Mustaffi in the summer when Saliba gets here. As an outside choice I understand that Smalling is actually playing really well on his loan out in Italy. Maybe he is coming of age as a defender. One thing I have always liked about him is that he has pace, which would allow our defensive line to play higher nearer the midfield rather than the big gaps we see now, and the retreat to our own box that we have seen recently.

    the definite ones to shift out are Socratis, Xhaka, Auba, and Ozil. The latter looks like he is becoming a problem around the squad in attitude and, with the previous rumours added to his brothers uncalled for comment, Auba looks like he is about to become that problem, with his commitment to the club not being what is required.

    The question marks are on Torreira, due to the rumours of being unsettled here, and even Bellerin who has had rumours of wanting to play elsewhere…..although with Bellie I hope Arteta can work on improving him technically and he will become convinced he doesn’t need to be anywhere else.

    I am not sure who I would replace Belli with. Over to you RC on that one. However Torreira seems to be wanted at Napoli and they have your man Allan there RC. Maybe a swap is on the cards should Torreira want out. I had a look at Allan RC and he seems very similar to Torreira, but possibly if anything slightly better. He certainly seems a tad bigger and stronger and has pace. Brazillian DM’s tend to do well in the EPL and he would be coming to a club already with countrymen in Luiz and Martinelli.

  96. GoonerB says:

    Anyway, you can all breathe now and digest in your own time 🙂 Off for a while now

  97. fred1266 says:

    Jeff picked up POTM for ligue 1 for November

  98. VP of Oz says:

    44 degrees today, I’m off for a quick bike ride before the temp starts rising, then eat, then a nanna nap, then star wars

    Thats my day planned, sorry GB, wont have time to read your comments

  99. GoonerB says:

    Apparently we are in negotiations with City as they want £2m to release Arteta. If a board member had just told me that I think my answer would be along the lines of “yeh so, your problem with that is what exactly?”

    In any other walk of life £2m is a lot of money but in football it is different. The bigger picture could read do we just do it and allow Arteta to at least be at the training ground tomorrow to start working on their psychology and impress upon them what he would like to see?

    Or do we haggle and procrastinate and leave it too late for him to have any time with the players, so that in essence he has no influence on this game and he in effect starts after the weekend for the next one instead?

    How valuable is every 1 and 3 points to us right now, and could it be that the one day to be with and talk with the players or not ends up being the subtle difference in the result and where the points go? What was the financial implication of a mere 2 points with us at the end of last season?

  100. Sue says:

    44?! Sheesh!! I saw online about a heatwave over there….. ooh I’m thinking of going to see Star Wars tomorrow… let me know what you think of it, VP.. thanks!! That is of course if you haven’t melted by then!! 😁

  101. LBG says:

    Sources:- “half the squad want to follow Aubang and leave”. Freddie told the hierarchy ” too many of the squad dont care”.
    If this is true, and I believe the onfield “attitude” or lack of it, has suggested it is on the part of several, a significant clear out should be No1 priority.

  102. Sue says:

    Bloody hell, the darts has just finished, my nerves are shot, and yes it was as bad as watching Arsenal play 😬 Luckily though (& by the skin of his teeth) Gezzy Price marches on 👊

  103. RC78 says:

    Keepers: Leno, Bello, Chambers, Holding, Tierney, Kola, Douzi, Willock, Pepe, Saka, Martinelli, Laca

    The rest can leave…

  104. VP of Oz says:

    I love aussie christmas. It’s 40+ degrees and my youngest daughter makes gingerbread pancakes and eggnog for lunch. Ho ho ho

    And Sue, not sure we’ll get to star wars as we are heading to the beach soon and will end up having fish and chips on the sand. Lookup Google images: Melbourne Half Moon Bay

    As for the coaching dilemma and player revolt over Arteta, just pay the 20mil buy out clause and get Benitez

  105. Sue says:

    It looks amazing there, VP… and images of the sunset 👌
    Well it’s currently 8 degrees here, with rain and a light breeze forecast.. and it’s still dark! Don’t feel jealous 😂😂😂👍

  106. Sue says:

    Still no news?!!

  107. Sue says:

    Oh bloody hell…Kolasinac will be out until the new year ☹
    Ozil will be assessed, has a problem with his foot. Bet he injured it kicking those gloves 😂

  108. GoonerB says:

    LBG, your 8.42 yesterday, I wonder who these players are that want out. It seems to be more than we imagined. Some seem obvious but there must be some that we haven’t really thought about and are listing as ones we would like to keep at the club.

    Players that don’t want to be at a club are a problem, if it is several it is more of a crisis, and the rebuilding job will then be bigger this year than we could have possibly imagined, but it must happen as you need to have all the players committed if you want future success.

    My guess at those that want out, or who you might be suspicious as wanting out are; Aubamayeng, Ozil, Xhaka, Torreira, Mustaffi, Kola, Bellerin, Lacazette.

    Definitely some names on there you would like to keep. I am suspicious of Bellerin because there have been mutterings of him wanting to play abroad “at some stage”. Once that starts normally it becomes inevitable at some stage but maybe he has started to feel now is right with the club where it is.

    I think Ozil would like away but is torn because of his wages, so we are left with a player who doesn’t want to be here, doesn’t care,but will stay and see it out just to collect the money. That is one poison that will have to be dealt with very carefully butefficiently. I really don’t know the answer to that one.

    Kola I think was affected by that car thing, and it was mentioned then that his wife is not happy and wants to go abroad so he is probably on the list. He is also Ozils mate so they probably sit around putting negative thoughts about the club in each others minds.

    On that list I would hope that a couple could be persuaded into a change of mind and start to believe in the club again, and to invest their future in it. Lacazette and Bellerin would be 2 that I would hope to persuade.

    I would hope that Luiz isn’t disaffected because he is an experienced player that I would like to see take a more commanding leadership role at the club. I still want to see him at the base of our midfield where he can control and lead the team around him. I would actually also give him the captains armband in that instance.

    The biggest worries are at full back and striker. If the 2 senior strikers both want out that is a problem, and replacing will not be easy. With Tierney injured, if Kola wants out that represents a serious problem. Again we may be needing to recruit in an area we shouldn’t have had to. If Bellerin wants out we are only left with AMN to cover there (and Chambers at a push).

    We can cover the midfield more easily as we we are already top heavy. I like the idea of Allan from Napoli if Torreira was heading in the opposite direction and if you move Luiz into midfield you get a couple of fellow countrymen that can operate together.

    In that instance, even if we lost Xhaka, Torreir and Ozil we would still have the following in midfield: Luiz, Allan, Douzi, Willock, Emile-Smith Rowe so not too bad. Chambers could also replace Luiz if needed (so he and Luiz can be adaptable to 2 positions) and young Saka looks like he could operate at ACM, so increasing options.

    Defence needs recruitment and players out anyway so it shouldn’t be too troublesome unless any of Chambers, Holding or Luiz are not happy.

    So for me the FB’s and strikers are the worry. As I said yesterday I would bring back Ollie who we know will care and fight for the club. I would hope that by seasons end Laca is happy and extending his time with us.

    I would hope that we can restrict the outs to Auba, Ozil, Xhaka, Torreira and Mustaffi, and then talk with Kola and Bellerin and ask them to give their all to the club for the rest of the season and then see how they feel about things. Add Giroud, Allan, and one of Upemecano, Koulibally, Smalling in Jan and we will be reasonably well balanced and covered for the season.

  109. fred1266 says:

    Sead Kolasinac is facing several weeks on the sidelines after Arsenal confirmed he suffered ankle ligament damage against Manchester City.

    Kolasinac hobbled off in the first half of his side’s 3-0 defeat to City last weekend.

    In an injury update on their official website on Friday, Arsenal revealed the 26-year-old defender is “aiming to return to full training in January”.

    Arsenal are already without fellow left-back Kieran Tierney until March after the Scotland international underwent surgery on his dislocated shoulder earlier this week.

    And in a further blow for the Gunners ahead of Saturday’s Premier League meeting with Everton, Hector Bellerin, Rob Holding and Mesut Ozil are all fitness doubts.

    Sead Kolašinac

    Not in the squad, came to the squad, came on the pitch, assist 1️⃣ WHAT A DAY 🔥👊🏻 Not to forget, get well soon @kierantierney1 💪🏻 #WHUARS #GibGäs #SeoKol @Arsenal @premierleague

    View image on Twitter
    6:54 PM – Dec 9, 2019
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    2,753 people are talking about this
    Bellerin (hamstring) and Holding (knee) played no part in the defeat to City, while Ozil injured his right foot prior to being withdrawn in the second half.

    Dani Ceballos is aiming to return to training next week after missing Arsenal’s last six Premier League games, while Granit Xhaka is available for selection after recovering from the concussion he sustained against West Ham.

    Arsenal are 10th in the Premier League ahead of their trip to Goodison Park, seven points adrift of the top four.

  110. LBG says:

    I would keep Kola and Bellerin for the moment. Think Laca might want to go and we have replacements, if youngsters.
    I would add Luiz and Socratis to list. Hope Dani wants to stay and, personally, although I think he wants to go I would try to convince Torreira we can still use him.
    Medley to be used more regularly. Lots of potential in midfield (attacking) and forwards.
    Take the money and by big and experienced in defence and defensive midfield.

  111. Sue says:

    Finally…. Welcome back Arteta! Here’s to the next chapter 👍

  112. Mike M says:

    C’Mon Mikel !!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome back Son !!!!!!!! Let’s get a little Pep in our step !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. RA says:

    So the Rasper was right!!! —– at last.

    Good luck, Mikel, you are going to need it.

  114. JM says:


    ARSENe Wenger

    Mikel ARteta (“He should be at least 1/2 of Wenger in his prime”)


    Also from the last 30+ years,

    George Graham (9 seasons) – (League x2), (FA Cup x1), (League Cup x2), (Cup Winners’ Cup x1)

    Bruce Rioch (1 season) – (0)

    Arsene Wenger (22 seaons) – (League x3), (FA Cup x7)

    Unai Emery (1 season) – (0)

    Mikel Arteta (a few seasons at least) – (He will surely win some titles and cups with our 1st team)

  115. RockyLives says:

    Long time readers of this blog will be aware of my fondness for an anagram.

    Well. an anagram of Mikel Arteta is…


    Bring it on!

  116. Rasp says:

    😂 great work Rocky …. let the positivity begin!

  117. Rasp says:

    Another anagram …. Emirate Talk

  118. RockyLives says:

    And also…


  119. RockyLives says:

    And just for good measure…


    Let’s shake on it…

  120. LB says:

    The King is dead, long live the king………..

  121. LB says:

    That was not an attempt at an anagram by the way……lol

  122. Sue says:

    Some nice things have been said about Arteta from the City faithful online, and along with what the man himself has said about coming back, has totally changed my outlook. Yes, to begin with, I wanted someone more experienced.. but he loves the club, just like we do and I believe he’s going to do a grand job! Can’t wait for him to get started. And I hope Freddie stays.. as someone said there was some interest in him from a Swedish club (had to be!! 😀)

  123. RockyLives says:

    We can all feel optimistic as it’s a fresh start (albeit with a lot of the old, stale ingredients still sitting around).

    Truth to tell, none of us really knows how it’s going to go so all we can do is continue to support the club, the team and the new boss and, as Rasp says, show a little patience if things don’t improve overnight.

    Mind you, if we don’t pick up any points over Christmas… Arteta Out!

  124. LBG says:

    Agree totally with assessment of first press conference- “he blew away the doubters”.

  125. Sorry all, very busy time of year, just realised we’ve a game at 12.30 tomorrow ………… anyone fancy writing the pre match?

  126. Very excited to see that we’ve done the business for Arteta – he’s so cool isn’t he 🙂 Saw some great comments on twitter ……… ‘can we just stay up and we’ll give the other teams the points at the end of the season’ 😆

  127. RockyLives says:

    I’ll do a pre-match Peaches.

  128. seedeee says:

    So glad it’s finally been announced, now we can get back to concentrating on games, performances and team selection and start supporting like its a new chapter in arsenals history. Come on Mikel let’s do this COYG

  129. VP of Oz says:

    well i’ve stated that i’m not a fan of appointing Arteta but so be it, onwards and upwards, he has my full support.
    Listening to his first press conference he is like a bull out of the gate, has his finger on the pulse and determined to take charge and make a difference.
    I am impressed so far.

    Sue, Star Wars was like watching a trilogy in one movie. Still trying to get my head around it. I felt like there were times when the star wars universe was vomitted up on the screen, not sure if it was better in or out. Definetly a visual feast

  130. VP of Oz says:

    So what now for Freddie?

  131. Thank you Rocky …… when are you coming to see a game?

  132. RockyLives says:

    Hopefully soon Peaches

  133. Sue says:

    Hi VP…. thank you, sounds like there’s a lot going on then!! I’m going to see it on Monday now.

  134. RC78 says:

    So now we have our Manager…The priority is to give an exit route to the players that do not want to be there and those that shouldn’t be there and to bring players that fit into Arteta’s philiosphy

    He ll keep Leno, Bellerin, Chambers, Holding, Luiz, Tierney, Kola, Douzi, Torreira, Willock, Pepe, Martinelli, Saka and Laca for sure

  135. fred1266 says:

    @sue weather way better so I have Finally gotten over the cold

    So who excited for tomorrow game

  136. LBG says:

    “You are not good enough to represent this Club, if you dont buy in to my philosophy for the future of our Club”.
    Rock on Mikel! I for one, am with you sir!

  137. Sue says:

    Glad to hear it, Fred 👍
    I am a little excited.. little nervous too though!!
    I just hope Iwobi doesn’t come back to haunt us!

  138. RA says:

    Morning Fellows, and Feloowesess, 😁

    Loveed the anagrams from Rasper and Rocky, especially ‘A Title Maker’ and ‘Emirate Talk’, but I think I can take you guys on!

    ‘Dreams are Us’ — how about that?

    Of course, Rocky and Rasper are a bit loose with the rules in their attempts, so let’s clarify.

    Rule #1 : There are no rules, except RA’s.
    Rule #2 : No cheating!
    Rule #3 : Claims cheating is rampant – see Rule #1.

    So that makes a level playing field – and let’s be honest, Rasper and Rocket were cheating – so I win.

  139. RA says:


    If we were allowed to choose a head coach from the top ten managers + Arteteta, I would guess many of the ‘managers’ would snub us, because we have replaced AW with no less that 4 administrators, (Including David ‘Give me a Job’ o’Leary) between them and the CEO.

    But regardless of that, it would still be a gamble, whoever was chosen – there are no guarantees where Humming Beans are involved – so Sue has convinced me to put all my money on ‘Title Maker’.

    [If she is wrong — back in the pond with all the Koi Carp she will go!!]

  140. Good morning all

    We have a New Post ………………

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