Happy as a Mad Brazillian?

I said before the window that our 2 main areas of concern last season were the defence and the attacking midfield areas. Fast forward a couple of months and we’ve signed 3 defenders and 3 attacking players.

Very, very happy.

I cannot wait to see Pepe and Tierney in the side and Luiz and Ceballos should get plenty of games too and improve on what we have. Martinelli has looked capable in pre season and should develop, and hopefully Saliba will be first team ready when he arrives next summer.

We’ve gotten rid of a few fringe players in Bielik, Jenkinson and Ospina, aswell as seeing Iwobi, Ramsey and Koscielny leave. However, none of those losses feel too hurtful as we’ve known about Ramsey for a while, Koscielny is no longer what he once was, and Iwobi just didn’t seem to be developing. I really like the Nketiah loan deal to Leeds too and it would be fantastic if he could fire them into the PL and earn himself another 12 months their next season to see if he’s ready for the top flight.

A net spend of around £80m and a feeling that we’ve strengthened our attack significantly whilst managing not to make an already porous defence weaker despite losing our captain. We’ve even managed to look to the future with the signings of Saliba and Martinelli, aswell as the integration into the first team of Willock, Nelson, Martinez and Saka.

A very successful summer from the Arsenal hierarchy. The addition of Edu and the work that’s been done by the transfer guru’s might have just started to repair what was a crumbling relationship between the fans and the men at the top. It looks like we will be an exciting team to watch this season and I can’t wait for the football to start.

Over to Unai to make Arsenal great again!



35 Responses to Happy as a Mad Brazillian?

  1. LBG says:

    Thanks for the positive post FGG.
    Always have been, always will be GREAT!

  2. RC78 says:

    Well summarized 👍now tell me your best XI of the squad remains the same and also, who do you think will be offloaded still? Apparently Mustafi and El Neny are still potential leavers

  3. Rasp says:

    That sums up my feelings perfectly FGG.

    We asked for change, we asked for signings … well we’ve got them.

    What we have to do now as supporters is get behind the team and the manager …

  4. SecretBob says:

    Agree with RASP, and that includes getting behind Mustafi. He may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and the haters will still be out there, but if the manager puts him out there in the shirt, then the fans need to support him as part of the team. Abuse and negativity will not improve him, nor help the team. We’re here to support the Arsenal, very much looking forward to this season, come on you Gunners!

  5. Sue says:

    I didn’t dream it, it actually happened!!!

  6. GoonerB says:

    Thanks FGG, I think you pretty much echo my thoughts in your analysis.

    Very happy with this transfer window and the club have surprised me with what they have done. I didn’t expect it and it has exceeded my expectations really, so hats off to the negotiating team and the Kroenkes for showing this ambition. The clubs worldwide image will have received a massive boost, and once again the top players will be casting glances in our direction.

    I think Kos had lost some of his pace on his return from injury and in reality he has always had some technical deficiencies compared to other top defenders, and he was heavily reliant upon that recovery pace in the EPL. He put his body on the line for us one last time last season, and probably played too often, but it is best for him and us that time was was called on his tenure. I think he would have been more exposed next year had he stayed.

    Despite his departure we have strengthened significantly in defence. Some of the promoted youngsters and returning loan players will be like new recruits anyway as they become part of the first team squad so the squad overhaul is actually even bigger than what we have spent; Martinez, Tierney, Luiz, Chambers, Ceballos, Pepe, Nelson, Saka, Willock, Martinelli. That’s 10 before Saliba arrives next year.

    For the loss of Kos you could say the addition of Chambers evened things out, but then the addition of Luiz and Tierney has significantly strengthened us in defence for this season with one of the most highly rated young CD’s guaranteed next year.

    The combination of Pepe and bringing through Saka and Nelson allows us to play a far better formation than we have been able to for 10 years or so, giving us proper pace and width and goal threat from those wider players. This should make us an even better attacking outfit next year, (who can’t be excited about that), but also will give the team far more balance so should make us more solid and hard to break down.

    As you probably suspect FGG my only concern was with who we were letting go. The squad obviously needed trimming both to allow for the new additions and to recruit some funds, but I kind of feel it is the wrong ones that have gone and we could have looked at 4-5 more suitable players to let go and recoup funds on. It is what it is now though and I am more excited about the team than I have been in many years.

  7. Thank you fgg – even though you probably haven’t discovered yet that your comment was pinched for a post ………

    Exciting times ahead ………….. like you, I can’t wait to see our new guys playing.

    I’m a bit sad for Iwobi but I’m sure he’d rather play than be a bit part in the squad. A club cannot possibly keep all it’s good Academy players and if they want to play they have to be prepared to move on …….. so the best of luck to those that have Arsenal in their hearts but have to wear another shirt 😦

  8. RC78 says:

    I am just annoyed with letting Bielik, Iwobi and Nketiah leave and us not managing to offload some players but overall What A Window!

    Seems we have adequate depth too although I feel we re still short on RB and DM and with Nketiah out, would have been good to have am ST too.

    Subs team when the whole squad is fit
    Martinez – AMN, Sok, Monreal, Tierney – Douzi, Xhaka, Willock – Mkhy – RN, Saka (or Martinelli)

  9. allezkev says:

    It disappeared, so let’s try again…

    Excellent analysis FGG, you pretty much summed up the views of every Gooner I spoke to/texted yesterday and today. The fan base are buzzing with anticipation and it’s been awhile since I felt that around my club.

    As Sue wrote the other day (I’m sure it was you Sue), it’ll be interesting to get the vibe from the Emirates itself, when I get a chance to go – probably on a Thursday…

    Luiz is the most intriguing, he looks a bit of a geezer to me, but that’s probably what our defence need, a bit of a voice back there, organising, cajoling and bollocking, I’m keen to seen him and Sokratis in tandem, could be a bit like the dangerous brothers.

    Iwobi was a sharp piece of business, I liked Alex but I always felt that he was holding back, that he could have given more, especially in the goalscoring dept. Will he develop at Everton, maybe move more centrally in the team where I think he’ll be more effective, I hope so, good luck to him?

    Don Raul has done a great job, everyone is happy, now let’s start the season with an away win – when did that last happen?

  10. GoonerB says:

    RC, I think Nketieh on loan is a good move. He is becoming a more senior young striker and now needs game time at a decent level that we can’t currently guarantee him. I don’t think we needed to recruit another striker and have enough. One more would have confused the situation for me. With 2 senior top level number 9’s in Laca and Auba we can turn to Martinelli or John Jules in an emergency as a.

    Also don’t forget we are more likely to be playing with a front 3 as our go to system this season which really only needs 1 number 9. In our strongest front 3 we have both Auba and Laca due to the formers ability to play as a wing forward in a rotating 3. However if either one were missing we can play the other with combinations of Pepe, Saka, Nelson, Martinelli either side.

  11. Bears reject forest orientated toilet facilities, deity’s representative on earth advises not to attend worship, turkeys unanimously elect to be represented at Xmas…Arsenal fans experience quasi orgasmic seizures over transfer activity

  12. GoonerB says:

    AK, time will tell if Iwobi was good business. If he remains just a good wing forward with a hit and miss end product then it will turn out to be good business.

    However if he adds that end product in a similar vein to how Sterling and Zaha have in the last couple of years (note him being 2 years junior to both) then it could turn out to be bad business. If he ends up an £80m acquisition for one of our top table rivals and starts to produce the goods like those other two it will be a bitter pill to swallow.

    Also, as you say, if he moves more centrally and becomes an excellent box to box player we will be thinking “Oh we could do with a player like that”. Maybe Willock aside we don’t have a recognised BTB player now Ramsey has gone.

    This is why I would have held out with Iwobi for a bit longer and looked elsewhere in the squad to offload and recoup funds.

  13. GoonerB says:

    Righteous 🙂 I know it’s Friday but couldn’t you have at least waited till 2.00pm before hitting the hard stuff 🙂

  14. LBG says:

    What is a ” quasi orgasmic seizure”? Details!

  15. GoonerB says:

    Peaches, please know that I am happy with this TW and excited about the season but in terms of a club not being able to keep all it’s good academy players I would observe that we really haven’t for a long while kept any.

    If I was to explain that further we could say that a good academy player that makes it at Arsenal is one who has come through the ranks and gives us his best (prime) years. Lets say that is 25-30 for midfielders and strikers, 27-32 for defenders and up to 34 for a keeper.

    I can’t think of any academy player in many many years that fits that description. Iwobi now goes onto a long list of academy (Arsenal developed) players that haven’t made it with us. On my reckoning the other list (of those that have made it, i.e given us their best years) is about as full as Tottenhams trophy cabinet.

    Not meant as a downer just an observation. I don’t know how we compare to other top sides, but it is maybe a slight cause for concern in the longer term that needs to be looked a more. We all love the excitement of seeing a promising “one of our own” start to come onto the scene, but literally none of them have made the grade for years now, yet our team has to have players that have come from some academy somewhere else that has managed to produce a good un.

  16. Gooner B – are you just flushing me out? You know my connection to the academy down the road. I think it’s the pressure on the new young players and Emery that prompted my point about not being able to keep and play all our good academy players.

  17. I think what the Academy players show us is that many of them can have a career in football but not necessarily at a top club …………. the number that can is minute ………. and that just goes to show how exceptional (or very very lucky to be in the right place at the right time) they need to be.

    All the parts that go into an exceptional player have to be there, not just the skill, not just the temperament, not just the fitness, not just the professionalism, not just the desire. And sometimes even if they’re all there, the face doesn’t fit with the coaching staff and the chances aren’t given.

  18. Mike M says:

    Morning all and a VERY good morning it feels to me anyway !! Fantastic window on a reasonable budget. The way I look at it for the coming season is:
    Pepe for Iwobi – massive (albeit expensive) upgrade
    Luiz for Koscielny – substantial upgrade (literal swap)
    Ceballos for Ramsey – not a downgrade by any means
    Tierney for Jenko and Bielick – Upgrade !!
    I know it’s only a season for Ceballos but it is this season !! I’m not 100% sure how good he is but I’m using the injury factor too. Aaron just never seemed to last a full season.
    Happy Days !!!!!

  19. fatgingergooner says:


    Starting 11 for me would something along the lines of:

    Bellerin Sokratis Luiz Tierney

    However, at home against the lower teams I’d be looking at this:


    I still expect Elneny to leave but I’m not convinced that Mustafi will be sold. I don’t want Chambers near the CB positions and would prefer he play as a HM player only, so Mustafi is probably still needed and will be 3rd choice until Holding is fit. I think Kolasinac could be the other to be shown the door, although I think the 12 months Monreal extension is looking a bit daft as I can’t see him getting much game time, espescially if Kolasinac stays.

  20. LBG says:

    “exceptional,…. lucky they dont coincide with a player brought in from outside the Club (perhaps another Academy), because Management need a quick fix to appease supporters……and are then restricted in their chances to prove themselves……..
    ………plus all those other things listed.

    How many Chelski, Totteringham or for that matter Manshitty Academy players have come through to the top/invaluable/legend level. God knows where Liverpool would be without the Southampton Academy!!!
    The era of the boys of 92 has gone. Money and instant fix rules, but I still feel in our current crop of almost starlets we have some that will reach that level.

  21. Mike M says:

    @LBG – interesting that you brought up the boys of 92. Guess what they had in common?? Alex Ferguson. I agree those days are gone. Even La Massia doesn’t seem to be what it was.
    Hairy Cane and Rashford seem to be the only standout examples that I can think of. Winks, Foden, Willock, lets see where they are in two years.

  22. LBG – did you see that ‘one of my own’ has gone on a season’s loan to Stoke?

  23. LBG says:

    Didn’t Peaches, sorry.
    Hope hes not a rugby player in disguise!

  24. LBG says:

    So Peaches, an American footballer! There’s a position at centre tre back available!

  25. LB says:

    Good post Slim, well summed up and like those teams you are proposing.

  26. RC78 says:

    I think this team would be fun to watch:
    Leno – Bello, Luiz, Holding, Tierney – Chambers, Torreira – Ceballos – Pepe, Auba – Laca

    I think this team would be hard to break
    Leno – Luiz, Sok, Holding – Bello, Torreira, Xhaka, Kola – Pepe, Laca, Auba

  27. Aaron says:

    So, decent transfer window, no sure about selling Iwobi, and who else on the wings can run at players? Not counting Auba, Nelson maybe.
    Hopefully a few will go out in the next couple of weeks.

    The players not starting this weekend are: Tierney (out 6-8 weeks) Pepe, Laca, Sead, Mesut, Bel, Mavro (out till December) Holding, Do not know if Ceballos and Tor will be playing all 90.

    Team better be up for this game!

  28. fred1266 says:

  29. VP of Oz says:

    Not sure whats going on, reading between the lines, but hope they are ok. Maybe Kolasinac embarrassed the crims and they were planning revenge whilst they were at the game…

    Arsenal released a statement on Friday evening announcing the two players would be unavailable for selection at St James’ Park.

    “Mesut Ozil and Sead Kolasinac will not be part of the squad for our opening match against Newcastle United following further security incidents which are being investigated by the police,” it read.

    “The welfare of our players and their families is always a top priority and we have taken this decision following discussion with the players and their representatives.

    “We are liaising with the police and are providing the players and their families with ongoing support.

    “We look forward to welcoming the players back to the squad as soon as possible.

    “We will not be making any further comment on the matter.”

    NB: Ozil and Kolasinac are unharmed and safe and nothing untoward happened on Friday – although different incidents have occurred at different times over the past couple of days.

  30. LB says:

    There are Arsenal supporter who I have respected for a long time starting to say things like: ahh David Luiz is not that bad.
    Ffs, look at that picture up there he looks like Greyson Perry with an Arsenal shirt on.

  31. Els says:

    Hoooo Weee!

    Liverpool look good.

  32. allezkev says:

    GB, judging by what the Everton manager has been saying about Iwobi, it seems that he sees him playing a wide midfield role, not that dissimilar to the role he had at Arsenal but maybe he will eventually try him in a more central role, so who knows?
    Alex is 23 now, has played over 150 games for Arsenal and is an experienced player so he is the finished article, hence the fee Everton paid I guess.

  33. Gööner In Exile says:

    LB : he looks like Greyson Perry with an Arsenal shirt on.

    That has made me laugh, nearly spat my coffee out.

    So new left back needed…signed, what happens to Kola or is it more than likely Nachomans last season?

    Iwobi departing is a shame but end product is not there from wide, although like many I wondered whether he would see a box to box role following Rambos departure.

    I still have major doubts around the midfield, we could not get the balance right in the second half of the season, Xhaka and Torreira leaves a quandary that I cannot answer.

    We can strengthen the back we can strengthen up top but if the midfield can’t get the ball to the forwards and can’t screen the defence we will still have issues.

    One thing I need to say is that our front 4 (including Ozil) cost a combined £240m I really don’t want to see our wing backs over committing!

  34. LBJ Sorry, just seen your 1.34pm
    It means Arsenal fans (everywhere) are creaming themselves over out transfers

  35. Morning all

    There’s a New Post ………………………

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