Bielik, Mavropanos or Mustafi? Which one should stay?

Bielik is coming out of his best full season with Charlton and had a very good Euros with Poland.

He is  home-grown and has 2 years remaining on his contract at age 21. He can play CB but was good at DM with Charlton.

Mavropanos hardly played for us.

He is 21 and has 3 years remaining on his contract.

He has shown some glimpses of true defending talent when he played but also had some rash and hairy moments.

He has been injured for a while now and needs to get fit.

We all know about Mustafi. He joined in 2016 and has failed to live up to the expectations we had of a World Cup winner.

Whether we play a back 4 or a back 5, we need at least 5 CBs. Sokratis, Holding and Monreal already make for three. Surely a CB will be brought in to replace Koscielny. There is one spot left, so…  who should it go to? Bielik, Mavro, or should we keep Mustafi?

Have your say and explain your reasoning.




48 Responses to Bielik, Mavropanos or Mustafi? Which one should stay?

  1. Maxwell says:

    Hi RC. It’s a good question, but I’ve ticked “none”, because I would keep two! (Which wasn’t an option)

    I don’t see Monreal as a CB, and I get the impression from what he’s said, that neither does Emery. He’s a slowing, ageing left back, who should become a squad player, and be available to play CB only in emergencies.

    Mavropanos is a bit of a worry because of his repeated niggling injuries, but hopefully these are just growing pains, and with strengthening and conditioning he should grow out of them, as Bielik seems to have done. They’re both tall, and in Mavro’s case, a bit gangly, so more prone to muscular/skeletal problems.

    When fit, I’ve seen enough from both of them that they could be successful CBs for us, so I would select them both.

  2. RA says:

    Morning RC,

    Whatever answer we would give between Mavro and Bielik (I guess you threw in Mustafi as a makeweight) would be just a guess, as we have no idea about Bielik in an EPL situation, because playing for Charlton in a lower league, is not an accurate way to assess him.

    Mavro is close to being re-named “Sick note” as he seems to always been injured. He seemed OK when he did play in the occasional game, but he suffers from the lack of pace which bugs most of our CBs other than Kozzer, when he was younger.

    My answer reflects these views — I do not have a Scooby-do — that is to say I have ‘no clue’.

  3. hivan lwanyaaga says:

    bcz all r nt fit 4 first 11

  4. VP of Oz says:

    I voted same as Maxwell and feel the samer about Monreal

  5. Peterson Maish says:

    Hi. I say none for the fact that,
    1) Bielik – a product that hasn’t been tried and tested at the Arsenal. Even I was a good striker in my High School back in my days but that is just that… Arsenal is a different cup of coffee altogether.
    2) Mavropanos – the few times I watched him play for us, he had glimpses of brilliance but he is too rash at times and needs some bit of more experience at a smaller EPL club like Bournemouth (no offence to their fans but what would a Bournemouth fan be doing on this page anyway!).
    3) Mustafi…(uuuuuuiiiii… Jesus come back!) – the less we talk about him, the better. A twenty-something-approaching-thirty-something ‘defender’ who doesn’t know how to tackle especially in the box shouldn’t be sold…He needs to be donated for free and we pay whoever takes him away some 5m pounds for the kind gesture to erase that name from our ground.
    We can buy a cheap CB to complement Monreal because as someone says up here, he is too slow and ageing….I have no names right now but we just need some CB from somewhere.
    That is all from me.


  6. Amir Zein Shareef says:

    Mustafi sadly is better than both of those backs that you mentioned in my opinion, neither Wenger nor Emery had openly replaced Mustafi with those two which shows me one of two things..either Wenger & Emery do not know what they are doing(unlikely) or both of them realized that these centerbacks while good are not of the level required to play in the premier league. IF anything i would rather have Chambers as the option ,who for me, at least has some level of premier league experience of marking & defending against premier league opposition(even if that experience was ill fated with fulham!)

  7. Sue says:

    I’d love to see Bielik given a chance..

    Did we ‘pay’ for Cabellos?? 15m & 12m are being reported, as well as his wages – rumoured to be 60k a week – if this is the case, i hope he gets played & lives up to my expectation 😝

  8. Sue says:

    My excitement for it being Friday is now taking a serious plummet…. Sky Sports are reporting that Everton are going to bid 60m plus a player for Wilf….noooooo!!! 😱😱 hang on Wilf, don’t make a decision just yet… we’re coming for you… 😋

  9. Peterson Maish says:

    Sue, Chambers – now that is the name that fits the description! I even forgot that he is back. He is a good utility player who can fill in even at CB when Hector or Niles are injured and has goo marking at CB than Mustafi. Now, if only Emery can read this!

  10. Peterson Maish says:

    Shareef, spot on right there. I even forgot about Chambers, a good utility player at RB, DM and CB. Better than any of those three dudes mentioned earlier.

  11. GoonerB says:

    Many thanks RC for an interesting debate starter.

    I think we could have thrown more players into this consideration as it is really within the overall squad context as to how our overall defence should shape up next season.

    Nothing against Mustaffi but he has never been good enough for the level we have traditionally been at and should be found a new home. I don’t dislike him and hate seeing anyone who pulls on the red and white targeted but he is exposed at this level.

    I would somewhat disagree with Amir in his assessment. Mustaffi is in his prime and at his peak so we are seeing the best he will ever offer. The other two are younger so it is about the potential level they can achieve, which is quite possible to be far higher than Mustaffi, at least with one of them. We actually don’t know whether they would be inferior than Mustaffi anyway until we take a chance and give them a run of games.

    If you look at (to varying degrees of age) the younger players that haven’t featured, or at least not that much, in the first team then the list could be Mavro, Bielik, Chambers, Holding, and possibly even Medley.

    I would keep them all but look at Chambers, Holding and Bielik as more ready. Medley is still that 2 years younger and Mavro hasn’t had the exposure at a decent(ish) level that Bielik and Chambers have. I still feel that with the latter 2 one could become a predominantly holding midfielder who can cover CB and vice versa with the other.

    Holding if he recovers fitness and pre-injury form is probably a first choice CB with us at the moment. Mavro should get over the injury and either go on loan or preferably be kept at the club and dropped into the under 23’s to get game time.

    Koscielny has probably run his course as well so should leave. Nacho could be a useful squad player and mentor to Thompson but if we were to get Tierney then Nacho also becomes surplus to requirements. Soc should remain for his warrior like approach and never say die attitude but isn’t quite up there as a top defender. useful squad option though.

    If we have Soc, Holding, Chambers and Bielik to choose from as our main CB 1st team options this season there is an argument for 1 more EPL ready CD. I am confused why no-one activated the £25m release clause on Alderweireld, unless it never existed. All other considerations aside he would be ideal in experience, quality and age. Otherwise we could look at options like Dunk, duffy or Tarkowski.

  12. Sue says:

    Hi Peterson.. to be totally honest, I’m not completely sold on Chambers….

  13. fred1266 says:

    My first question is how long have before he can actually kick a ball

    Also can’t we just Get rid of mustafi

  14. fred1266 says:

    Only issue with mav os he is greek and they are rash sometimes

  15. GoonerB says:

    Sue, I actually see Zaha as potentially an important requirement for us this season both as a player and as to the positive ambitious image it conveys about our club to the footballing world.

    He is a ready made wing-forward hitting his prime likely with an extra level to hit with a bigger side. Even if Saka and Nelson are promoted to the first squad this year, having one more option in these positions that is more experienced would be highly beneficial, and I don’t think will hamper either of the other 2 youngsters progression at this point as I would still expect significant game time for both.

    I don’t see the issue with £60m for him and £25m for Tierney. £85m for 2 very much needed top players in today’s market for a top club is not that high. Can we not recoup some money on the likes of Mustaffi, Xhaka, Elneny to add to the funds and get these 2? Not sure I understand the issue with getting them both.

  16. fred1266 says:

    Ok didn’t even realise chamber wasn’t even mentioned

  17. fred1266 says:

    Sorry to see u go Sue hope the Everton fans treat I well

  18. Peterson Maish says:

    Sue, just watch a few videos of Chambers and compare with that ‘World Cup winner’. He is not there yet but better by far. He is one of those ‘nearly’players, much like what Walcott was. Almost but never there yet.

  19. GoonerB says:

    It could be his time to shine though Peterson and he is still only 24, what I would term getting to the experienced end of his development. He needs to have responsibility put on him now and prove he can be a key player rather than a back up option. He may rise to this as he has the raw qualities, but which position, CB or CD?. If not he is still a useful option that can cover 3 positions in the squad.

  20. LBG says:

    How to synthesize a perfect answer as a first contributor! Bravo!
    I believe, despite Fred’s Greek concerns, that Mavrapanos will become an answer, with Holding, to our CB dilemma ( provided Dick gives him a chance). I agree with those who assess his physical growth as similar to a newly born giraffe. He is up on four legs as required to survive on the savanna, but a full gallop away from a pack of lions is a little way off!
    I am of a mind to keep Bieilik given his good season in a lower league, but believe he lacks significant pace ( which contrary to one I do not believe is a Mavrapanos fault), but that said I believe Chambers would be more reliable.
    Mustafi……about as useful to the end product as the escaped blonde lunatic will be to the Country! Off with both their heads!

  21. LBG says:

    Glad they fixed the hole!

  22. Sue says:

    Fred.. I just saw your comment.. I’m from the UK (close to Oxford)
    And very funny, but I’ll never be a toffee 😄

  23. Sue says:

    Hi GB.. I’m totally with you regarding Zaha & Tierney. If we end up with both, I’ll be a very happy goonerette 🙂 I think Wilf will bring a lot to the team.. from his experience to his strengths.. if he’s not scoring then he’s assisting… I just hope we move… and fast! I’ll be really gutted if he does end up at Everton, because of our dithering! As for Tierney, I don’t know a great deal about him, but from what I’ve been told, he’ll be a really good buy. So these are the 2 I’m hoping for…. and yes, I’d quite happily sell the 3 you’ve mentioned!!

  24. Sue says:

    I’ll have a butchers at some clips of Chambers, Peterson, as I didn’t watch a great deal of Fulham, while he was there… you never know, I may eventually change my mind about him!

  25. fred1266 says:

    Am also Glad they fixed the hole as well LBG

  26. Rasp says:

    Great comments today … and a warm welcome to Maxwell and Peterson Maish,

    RC hadn’t included Mustafi in his submission as an option, but I felt we couldn’t ignore him (.. more’s the pity some may say).

    We’ve seen 3 players come in now, I think we will learn more about our ambitions when we see who will be leaving … it’s all gone very quiet on that front?

    Sue, I do believe that Zaha’s arrival will be dependent on how much we can raise by selling players.

  27. Rasp says:

    I did everything in a hurry this morning … I’ve just realised I left out the table for the post … it’s up there now if anyone’s interested …

  28. Sue says:

    I hope Kolasinac and Mr & Mrs Ozil are ok today. I’d be absolutely petrified if anything like that happened to me… I really do commend Kola for his bravery… perfect, in every way!

  29. RC78 says:

    Hi everyone – sorry had been in and out today.
    I didn’t have Chambers in the mix because for me, he should be in our midfield but he can also make shift in the back if needed.

    For me Bielik is to be given a chance this year while Mavro should be loaned to an EPl team so that he can continue his development with us. If Bielik is not good enough for us, we could then sell him but he s not been given the chance – I think there is no harm in extending him a year, keep him in our team and test him in our colours and if needed, sell him as early as June but I have a feeling he can help us out. I d rather give him a chance than play Mustafi again…

  30. fred1266 says:

    TSead Kolasinac confirmed he and Mesut Ozil are “fine” in a light-hearted update after the Arsenal team-mates were targeted in an apparent carjacking attempt in London.

    Footage emerged on Thursday showing Kolasinac confronting two attackers who approached a vehicle driven by Ozil.

    The masked individuals were seen wielding weapons, which were alleged to be knives.

    Kolasinac referenced the incident as he shared a photo of the pair laughing in a post to social media.

    “Think we’re fine,” the Bosnia and Herzegovina international wrote in the caption, which included an emoji of a clenched fist and smiling face.

    “Thanks for your messages!”

    Ozil and Kolasinac escaped unharmed by driving to a nearby restaurant.

    A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said: “It was reported that suspects on motorbikes had attempted to rob a man who was driving a car.

    “The driver, along with his passenger, managed to get away unharmed and travelled to a restaurant in Golders Green, where they were spoken to by officers.

    “There have been no arrests. Enquiries continue.”

  31. fred1266 says:

    Lol @sue perfect in every way except being a good football

  32. Sue says:

    Fred.. 😂😂😂

  33. RA says:


    You will probably not be happy with the view I hold that Zahaha is not likely to be as good value as Pepe who, irritatingly, seems to be attracting the attention of Manure, and allegedly for a similar sum i.e. £70m.

    The probability is that we will not get either, unless GB can put his hand in his pocket and pull out his … petty cash. The odd £50m would do it.

    When I saw the President of The-Friends-of-Camels Association saying, “I don’t see the issue with £60m for him (Zahaha) and £25m for Tierney. £85m for 2 very much needed top players in today’s market” I was so glad he is my official friend!

    [ GB, I will drop you an email — I won’t ask for much, just enough to take Sue up to Liverpool to say ‘Hi’ to the Toffees,( £15 should do it), and the other small sum of £999,985 for me to go on a round the world cruise to study the hump of the camel! ]

    I thank you, both. 😎

  34. Sue says:

    RA.. typical male – having a fascination with a hump 😉😜

  35. RA says:

    On a less serious matter, I do not understand quite why player ‘X’ can be deemed as not up to the standards expected of an Arsenal player, but ‘he would be OK as a backup player for the left back ‘Y’.

    Everyone who is not up to scratch, should be given to the Spuds or West Ham as a goodwill gesture, rather than be paid a salary and bankrupt poor Mr Kroenke, so he has little money for transfers.

  36. RA says:

    Oh, that’s merely a trifle,Susie Q, altho you could ‘fess up and tell me who said I liked swinging on the bells of Notre Dame with my friend, the hump back phantom of the opera — he’s a nice guy, and GB can afford it.

    No. no, I just wanted to show solidarity with you by helping out with your desired transfer oop North, so you can watch Zaha — altho that would require you to forsake Kola — which after his heroics, yesterday, seems a bit mean.

    Women — can be sooooo fickle!! 😜

  37. Sue says:

    RA.. a quick glance at your comment, I thought you’d written “swinging on the balls of Notre Dame” 😂😂 what’s wrong with me?!!! 😜

    I definitely couldn’t forsake Sead!!

  38. RA says:

    Now look Sue, following the latest update on Tierney — [Arsenal have ‘reached a deal’ with Celtic for Kieran Tierney, according to reports.

    ESPN Brazil are reporting that the Gunners have come to an agreement with the Hoops for the left-back.

    Sky Sports last night claimed the deal was “almost complete” with the clubs only a “couple of million pounds apart” — suspicion is that multi-millionaire Gooner B Good put in the £2m petty cash.

    And according to this report, Tierney’s move to the Premier League is almost at the finish line. ]

    I am sorry Sue — but if you now want to go further oop North – I am not sure GB will give me another £15 quid to get you up there!!

    Oh, hang on — that won’t work –Tierney will be coming down here — better hang on to Zaha then Sue!! 🤠

  39. RA says:


    In this new era, I am easily confused as to whether Dames have balls, not bells, as you say, but the Notre Dame plays a tune every quarter of an hour — I wince to think that the phantom has got the balls and bells mixed up!!

  40. RA says:

    You cannot forsake Sead? Sue — well that’s settled — you can stay here with us — hang on a mo’ — GB — come in GB — you will be pleased that Sue has saved you a lot of money (£15) by not needing camel ride to ‘Pool — you only need to fork out the small sum I need to do a round world trip.

    Thank you both — everyone is happy!😇

  41. Sue says:

    RA.. 🤣🤣 ding dong!!! Balls, humps.. whatever next?!! 😝

  42. VP of Oz says:

    Spoiler Alerts –

    Celtic star Kieran Tierney, the Scotsman’s move to north London could be finalised very soon, with reports stating that a medical for the 22-year-old is set for this weekend.

    The agent of Lille star Nicolas Pepe is urging his client to reject a move to Napoli or Liverpool in favour of a transfer to Arsenal this summer. .

    the final episode of stranger things contains an absolute limahl of a scene, brilliant.

  43. Sue says:

    VP.. yes I agree, that scene in Stranger Things was brilliant – good old Dusty Bun – love it!!! 👌

  44. Sue says:

    Sheesh! That was some game between Real & Atletico! Real lost 3 – 7!!
    Costa (Booo!!!) scored 4… then was sent off 😁(no doubt for being the dirty sod that we all know so well)
    And, yet again, Hazard didn’t score (goal drought alert 😜)

  45. Rasp says:

    Morning all ….

    … New post …

  46. fred1266 says:

    Glad real got what they deserved in other news if AC beat benfica we can win the ICC

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