Koscielny … Hero or Villain? … vote and have your say …

Arsenal signed Lauren Koscielny from FC Lorient on 7 July 2010 for a fee in the region of £8.4m.


He’s been an Arsenal player for 9 years and now at the age of 33 is nearing the end of his career.

I doubt many Arsenal supporters had heard of Koscielny when he was announced, and his arrival was met with scorn by many fans saying that we needed proven quality, not a defender who had played most of his career in the second tier of french football.

It’s fair to say that the 9 years he’s played for Arsenal have been a struggle as the club came to terms with the debt of building the stadium and then the super rich clubs emerged putting to an end to our hopes of competing at the top once the burden of that debt was shed in 2015/16 . We’ve won FA cups and we qualified for the CL for most of that time, but we have also struggled to build a team of top quality players. Yes, we’ve had some superstars, but they have often been let down by the quality around them and reluctantly chosen to move on.

Throughout that time, Laurent Koscielny has been a beacon of light. An honest, reliable, no-nonsense hard working player who silenced his critics and earned his wages and for the most part managed to hold together a pretty shaky defence.

…. but now we  hear our club captain has refused to travel on preseason tour.

Arsenal took the unprecedented move of releasing this short statement:

“We are very disappointed by Laurent’s actions, which are against our clear instructions. 

We hope to resolve this matter and will not be providing any further comment at this time.”

None of the ‘back injury’ or ‘virus’ smokescreens employed when other players misbehave … a straight forward condemnation.

Does Kozzer deserve this?

Opinions are divided …  here are some of the excellent comments by AA bloggers on the subject.


told you guys that Kos wanted out.
Bordeaux, Rennes, Monaco interested.
Kos wants the club to free him from his last year of contract, not gonna happen. He wants basically to leave for free so that clubs can pay him a signature fee and then he could accept a lower salary.
Shame to see him leave in this fashion.


Kosielny is the first to try to jump ship. Is it only about money, or is it about how he sees the immediate future with UE?. Can it really be about money when he must be earning millions a year? Not a good sign of the relationship between the management and the players.

Mike M

On the Kosielny situation, I have to be honest and say (and my son will back me on this !!) that I’ve long said that he has typified what’s been wrong at Arsenal for his entire tenure. I’m certain he’s a really “nice guy” but he’s also a good loser. And as the old saying goes “show me a good loser ……. ” This doesn’t really surprise me because possibly (hopefully) Unai and his staff are ruffling a few feathers on the training ground and maybe – just maybe, he’s not being treated like porcelain god any more.


Well, the Kos thing has come back and exploded in Arsenal’s faces. Management has known for quite some time he was wanting to go back to France, and the Arsenal played hardball.


I agree with Mike in that I think Koscielny typifies our players of the last 10 years. He’s a good player and probably the best defender we’ve had recently, but he wouldn’t have got anywhere near our double winning teams and he’s not the commanding, authoritative type we’ve been so desperate for since Campbell left the first time around.

I actually don’t have much of an issue with him wanting out. He’s 33 now so it’s not like he has time to wait around another 12 months as he will struggle to get a meaningful contract at 34. He probably wants a couple of years in France before retiring and in fairness he’s been a good servant for us and until now hasn’t whinged or moaned. He’s given a lot of years to Arsenal so I don’t think it’s totally unreasonable for him to ask the club to let him go a year early. It’s only because the club are so tight that they probably don’t want him to leave as it means going out and buying another player. It’s not as if he’s irreplaceable or so good that we can’t do without him. He should be nothing more than a fringe player really but at Arsenal he’s first choice!

Self Righteous

You’re in a dark place when the captain refuses to travel on a pre season tour, but that’s exactly what Koscielny has done and rightfully upset the club. I can only assume it’s because he’s expecting to make his move any time soon and wants to stay in touch, but isn’t that why they have their Mr 15%?


Mike M – yeah I just read your take on him. I can see exactly what you mean. Pardon my french but we’ve been completely lacking in “Nasty Bastards” for a few years. Perhaps he could have done more. Mind you I still think he’s an exceptional defender, using intelligence to set him apart. If he’d have been surrounded by better defenders I doubt the problem would be laid at his door though. Also when Lukaku was at his peak he was asked who the best defender in the league was and he said that the only player he couldn’t boss was Koscielny.

Quite a sad day for me. I try my best nowadays to not really care too much about the players coming and going. He was an exception. Always popped up at the right time.

He’s quite outspoken and I’m sure he’ll talk to french media at some point. He didn’t hold back on his international team mates when he missed the world cup. Poor bloke.

I’m going to give the last word to Pat7 for his excellent appraisal .. shoot me! .. editorial license and all that …

Pat 7

IMO Kos has been a great servant of the club, giving his all and more so often so will be sorry to lose his presence but this season showed us he’s no longer capable of doing what’s necessary esp if we want to cut our goals conceded. He needed the BFG type of player behind him as he would often dive in for balls unsuccessfully but was one of the best rated in the EPL. I can’t disagree with him if he thinks Arsenal have got it wrong judging his case to continue. I think he deserves to leave for ‘softer options’ closer to his natural home. Thank you Kos for your blood, sweat and tears! I never saw him as a loser, just someone that occasionally had to realise when they were up against a better team and his best was not making the difference!

Some athletes KNOW when to call it a day and obviously, to my eyes, Kos has called it. He may have signed a contract with full faith that his heart was there but after putting his body through hell and feeling it fall apart as no cover meant him stretched even further….

It is not his fault that the ‘team’ weren’t capable. He was never the ‘best’ but was praised by many a team/pundit. Even the best have rivals that beat them, sometimes on occasion, sometimes repeatably……then it is the CB pairing or team mate responsible to provide that cover IF the team organisation is there (as per Invincibles), not Kos’ fault. He was not a great captain IMO but did his best to lead by example.

So what do you think … vote if you have an opinion and join us in comments to discuss further ….



99 Responses to Koscielny … Hero or Villain? … vote and have your say …

  1. fred1266 says:

    I for one was very disappointed in hearing what Kos did, why is it we have such horrible captains

  2. Sue says:

    Performance related pay (due to appearances) has been mentioned, along with a pay cut… (does he really need the money though??)
    I can understand his desire to play back in France, before he retires… Bordeaux are obviously offering him what we haven’t! I just don’t like how it’s all happened & how it looks against the club – more bloody doom & gloom!
    Maybe it’s about time he spoke out, I think we deserve to know what the hell has been going on!!

  3. fatgingergooner says:

    I totally understand people being annoyed with Koscielny and feeling let down, but I have a slight issue when people talk about him being captain and how a captain shouldn’t do this etc.

    Let’s be honest, the captaincy at Arsenal has meant very little for nearly 10 years now. It wasn’t that long ago that I wrote a comment about how our ‘captains’ had played less than 10% of PL games over a 5 year period. That’s an absolute joke! Even the season just gone, we started it with 5 so-called captains, I mean what the hell is that!? Obviously Koscielnys antics don’t help bring any respect back to the captaincy, but I think that respect had died a long time ago.

    Emery really needs to have a long hard think about what he wants from his next captain and he needs to ensure that he chooses someone who plans on sticking around and hopefully chooses someone who isn’t sat in the stands most of the time. Personally, I’d be giving it to Leno. I know a lot have mentioned Sokratis, but he is a bit too fiery for me and may cause disruption if he gets into the players too much. I like his passion and i’d want that to continue, but I think I’d prefer someone a little more level-headed for the role. Xhaka is another option and the extra responsibility may see him cut out some of the silly mistakes, but I always get the impression he’s glancing at the exit door. A dark horse might be Holding. If he can break into the first team and become a regular after his injury then I’d love the idea of a young, English old-fashioned centre half captaining Arsenal again.

    It’s about time being captain of Arsenal meant something again. Let’s hope Emery gets it right.

  4. Els says:

    He’s a hero all day long for me. Nice write up.

    I’ll judge Kos on what I see and that’s mainly on the pitch. He scored vital goals. Put his face in the way of many boots. Came back last season from a massive injury and helped us when we needed him.

    An excellent player.

    I don’t want to say anything negative about a guy I’ve supported based on paper talk and one club statement. To me the statement means nothing more than our club now treats players like commodities when Wenger spent years treating players like humans. I liked that. We may not have always been exceptional but we always had class.

  5. Els says:

    Yes, let’s try and make the Arsenal captaincy something desirable again please.

    I’d also add Bellerin to that list FGG.

    If I had to put a tenner on it. I’d go for Monreal if there were half decent odds.

  6. RC78 says:

    Apparently, he d go to Bordeax (his preferred choice) or Rennes. He feels that Arsena;’s contract offer was not good enough in terms or set-up nor financially. Bye Kos, you have been a brave captain!

  7. Els says:

    I worry that a lot of younger players like us due to the way we treat players. If we lose that what do we have to offer?

  8. Nigel says:

    I’ve always liked Kos, but never saw him as a truly top shelf defender. He should have nothing but gratitude and loyalty for the career Arsenal have given him. His selfish treachery proves how deep the rot has been at Arsenal, in the past few years. These are not the actions of a leader of men. They are the actions of a spoiled, petulant brat. I’ve been a Gooner since 1977 and I’ll never trust Kos in an Arsenal shirt again. We should make him see out his contract with the U23s.

  9. Rasp says:

    Hi Nigel, I’m beginning to get the impression that UE is an authoritarian manager. He’s as active as Klopp and Pep on the sidelines but doesn’t seem to have the same bond with his players as those two.

  10. LBG says:

    Hero, always has been, always will be. Like a latter day Moses trying to hold back the waters of Jordan for most if not all of his nine years. Never really a Premier League captain, too short for a CB, but full of heart and guts and would have been a World Cup Winner last year but for injury.
    You will always be welcome back to The Home of Football by me, Kos, go home and enjoy the end of your career.

  11. Rasp says:

    Dickie Finch…. comment left on the poll ….

    He knows best about his capabilities, he’s just come back from a lengthy lay off, he’s 33, he’s done his best for Arsenal, and earned his [not so large] wages. Surely there could be some diplomacy by the club for his service. They are not behaving like the club I’ve been supporting for sixty odd years. More Donald Trump/Forrest Gump than a true British institution. It should be a behind the scenes matter. Something is not right at the club. Perhaps I’m just losing touch with the world….

  12. Sue says:

    Oh wonderful… now Ornstein is saying he’ll be staggered if we sign Zaha & that nothing else is happening 🥺

  13. Els says:

    It looks like we are hanging a lot on the younger players. I don’t mind that so much.

    I’m thinking I’m going to start missing Wenger more and more.

    I’m looking forward to the tour. I keep trying to comfort myself with if we’d have spent 30m on Reiss Nelson there’d be a lot more optimism.

    How about this for a cup team…


    AMN – Mavropanos – Holding – Thompson

    Bielik – Geundouzi – Willock

    Reiss Nelson – Eddie – Saka

  14. Sue says:

    Is it weird that I feel no animosity towards Koscielny, for his decision? Is this pretty much the same as RVP & Sanchez? (Both of which I loathe with a passion!)
    We’ve had his best years – apart from the injuries – he has been a warrior for us, yes I know he hasn’t done it out of the goodness of his heart, as we’ve paid him a bloody good wage (even whilst injured) I am a little sad, as he’s our longest standing player now, but all good things come to an end.. wish it hadn’t finished this way, wish him all the best (probably not though, if he’d ended up at Old Trafford 😂)
    I just hope we don’t let him go for nothing.. even if he ends up buying out his contract, we need to recoup something

  15. Els says:

    I don’t think it’s weird Sue.

    He’s been a great player. Sod all the off field politics and new management. I’m not going to turn on him. It’s beggining to look like desperate times. Fir the first time I’m really worrying that we are genuinely mid table fodder now.

  16. LBG says:

    Please, please dont select A M-N as a right back.

  17. LBG says:

    Sorry, Els

  18. Els says:

    Hmm, maybe not.

    Who would you go for?

  19. RC78 says:

    Sarr rather join Watford than Arsenal. He should go there for 30 Mln EUR.

  20. RC78 says:

    LBG I agree that AMN should be higher up the pitch

  21. Pat7 says:

    You’ve heard my views on Kos which his background endorses, Lorient to Arsenal Captain – a winner, a true fighter!
    During the night 🙂 I thought about the winner/loser issue:
    Wenger bad loser but winner in his earlier days inheriting the defence but using his niche knowledge to conjure our magic, taught English clubs all he knew but stagnated from there to allow other younger managers to expand the science……
    Gerrard at Liverpool, Georgie Best at N. Ireland, Fabregas & Kos all let down by the team around them which includes manager, tactics, systems…..we needed a DM for an age which cost us so much!
    We now have a lot resting on Edu’s shoulders as I see it: mid-table mediocrity or fighting for top six or seven as others strengthen!

  22. fatgingergooner says:


    ‘We’ve had his best years’ sums it all up for me and is probably the reason why you (myself also) feel no animosity towards him. So many players these days are desperate for trophies and money and we hammer them (and rightly so) for acting like mercenaries. Koscielny gave us his best years even when we would all admit we were pretty average and he was by far our best defender. Whilst never world class, he could’ve probably moved on to a bigger club as a number 3 CB and won endless silverware and earned millions more than he has. Let him go and move on. It’s not like we are losing a huge potential transfer fee by releasing him.

  23. fred1266 says:

    If that sue then I to would be pissed u basically cutting his salary cause we all know he can’t play an entire season

    Performance pay should be negotiated at a beginning of a contract negotiations not the end

  24. fred1266 says:

    The doom and gloom continues Sue

    Shit to late for me to cancel my trip

  25. fred1266 says:

    FGG just now u might even suggest elneny or mesut wouldn’t some extra responsibility do them good also

    Any players qe had that was given the arm band have they actually change NOPE

  26. LB says:

    Wooo, a Dickie Finch comment.

    Great to hear from you.

    I am guessing you meant leniency rather than diplomacy (less of those statins) 🙂

    By the way, I voted “Villain” why do these players think they can just ignore their contractual obligations, I can’t, you can’t.

    And as for he has been a good servant and all that, the club were pretty good to him as well when he was injured for as long as he was, right thing to do of course but they did it.

    See you soon.

  27. Rc78 says:


    So there is another cheap decent option out of the (transfer) window

  28. Sue says:

    The spuds have just outdid us for Saliba??!!!

  29. Sue says:

    Thanks Els… and I agree with you – things aren’t looking very rosy right now…

  30. jjgsol says:

    There is clearly something going on behind the scenes that they know and most probably will never know about.

    Koscielny’s actions cannot be about money, as he must have more than many of us can possibly dream of.

    Maybe he simply doesn’t want to play the intensive high octane football that UE is advocating and feels that his body cannot take it so that he would rather be doing something elsewhere than sitting on the bench with us.

    Maybe he simply did not want to be Oziled/ramseyed by ue.

    Let us say that both parties are wrong. Koscielny for taking his stand and the club for making it so public.

    The club has always been private and confidential about what it does, so this is a new and alarming development.

    Unless someone takes control over what is going on there and restores the dignity that the club has exercised for so, long, the downward trend will be accelerated.

    Any business needs happy and contented staff. Whatever the rights and wrongs of Koscielny’s stand, the club’s decision to embarrass him will not go down that well with the other players.

    I would be interested to know how the other players view the current situation in the club.

  31. Sue says:

    FGG.. another top notch comment – totally agree with you 👍

  32. Sue says:

    Yes Fred, that bloody doom & gloom is here to stay……for the time being anyway!!
    By the time you make your trip, we might be flying high at the summit!!! Or maybe holding everyone up at the foot of the table 😜 you never know with us!!

  33. fred1266 says:

    Agree with holding as captain also, strange how we hardly have any candidate for a proper captain

  34. fred1266 says:

    Never thought of bellerin I would love that since he is my favorite arsenal player but lacazette deserve it imo

  35. RC79 says:

    Now this one is slightly upsetting but Halley accepted to join West Ham. He is like a mix between Giroud and Lacazette. They really are overpaying for him but he will turn out good. Shame.

    Sarr wants Hornets, Pepe maybe to Liverpool or Everton, Andersen to Lyon, Haller to West Ham…Are we losing that much attraction power and is that to the fact that we lost Wenger?

  36. Rc78 says:

    Sue, seems like you re unfortunately right. Tottenham just outbid us by 2 mln. Refer to my earlier comment about being an attractive club. That is a big blow if he goes to spurs in the end

  37. RC78 says:


    Spurs to meet St Etoenme in London Saturday. Arsenal need to match the bid to keep their hope alive to acquire the youngster

  38. fred1266 says:

    I actually rasp it should really be a behind the seen Matt’s

  39. Mike M says:

    Morning all. Koscielny hero and villian. Thanks for the commitment over the years but a shame to leave this way. I don’t think it matters to the club in any way. Would have been a good back up but he’s not good enough to start next season and not worth anything in the market. A bit of a storm in a teacup. All it does is determines his legacy and he doesn’t seem to care much about that apparently.

  40. Els says:

    If we lose out on Saliba, we need to get in someone quickly. Hopefully some one for now. But anyone selling knows what an absolute state we are in.

    I’m guessing at least one player of the following is not really highly regarded. Mavropanos, Beilik, Chambers. That name goes in with Mustafi.

    So we have an injured Holding, Sokratis and Monreal (who’s good the the left side of a back three).

    What’s the deal with Jamaal Lascalles from Newcastle. They’ll sell players.

    Morning Mike M, I hope I didn’t appear to spiky yesterday towards your article. I read it back and may have seemed like I was.

  41. Els says:

    Elneny has played centre back. *Sigh*

  42. Sue says:

    Well, what a dark day it is for football – Peter Crouch has announced his retirement 😜

    So, Griezmann has gone to Barca then… all I can say is – that is some bloody barnet he’s got!!! Wild! Crazy!!

    RC.. that bid from the spuds has really riled me!! Jeez, am beginning to wonder if we’ll sign anyone at this rate!
    They hadn’t signed anyone for 2 (or 3?) windows… and still made top 4 & CL final. We can’t afford to do that! We need defenders (& Wilf) like right now!!
    Such frustrating times right now……

  43. Mike M says:

    @ Els. Absolutely not. We can’t and shouldn’t all agree eon everything. I see your (and Pat’s) position on LK, y’all see mine. Don’t have to agree. On Saliba, not sure it changes anything for the upcoming season since he was supposed to go back to them anyway. We need to replace Koscielny though.

  44. Sue says:

    Oh Els.. I just read your comment ‘Elneny has played centre back’ followed by a “sigh”….
    If I’d written that, mine would have been followed by a “retch” 😂😂
    I really don’t want to start the new season with him still on our books. I’m sorry to be so mean, but he isn’t good enough!

  45. Mike M says:

    @ jjgsol I relly think there might be something going on behind the scenes as you say. My feeling on it is UE stamping his authority on the squad. After a season of getting to know each other and assessment, it’s time for the real work to begin. Koscielny may not be into it and that’s his prerogative. He may not be the last to rebel. I’d rather foucs on the possibility that what it hopefully means is that the rest of them are going to tow the line. If so, I’m excited about Xhaka, Ozil ot Kolasinac Mk II – UE edition. More hope than expectation but it could be a message of change???!!!

  46. Mike M says:

    @ Rasp. You might have hit the nail on the head with “Authoritarian”. If so, the bond will take a while and there will be dissenters. FGG, I echoed your LK coming season sentiments without reading your comment properly. We seem to agree again !!

  47. Mike M says:

    @ Fred – trip? Are you coming to the US?

  48. fred1266 says:

    Why people suggesting he would buy out his contract wouldn’t the sensible thing to do is to remain 2nd just not play, lots of players do it these days

  49. Aaron says:

    So, could not vote hero and villain, went with hero.

    The Arsenal played that guy into the ground and cost him a world cup medal!

    Emery, the d*ck, even played him 3 games in 6 days after he came back from injury.

    The Arsenal went cheap on him, and Kos paid dearly. He needed that surgery, but the Arsenal could not afford to have him missing-they could, just did not want to spend any money to replace him.

    Read somewhere else that he is around the 10th highest paid player on the team, let that sink in for a moment, Miki and Ozil make 3X as much, preposterous I say.

    Kos was a loyal servant, when he had a healthy Mert, they were a very good combination, wish we could have got Mert 3 years earlier.

    Been fan pre 77 (Nigel) and I believe you have nuanced it correctly. It is difficult to trust Kos, and the modern day ballers are petulant children, kicking a leather ball for millions, but Kos has been loyal, a good futbol player, could have been great given a strong compliment, yet the Arsenal need to own much of how this situation has went down, which they won’t considering the direction this club is going.

    Poor form and lack of class, not something I want to see in my club.

    On the other side of things, spuds signed a superstar in the making, Tanguy Ndombele, and will possibly outbid the Arsenal for Saliba, in a position that the team can ill afford to miss out on.

    spuds- outbidding the Arsenal, is this just a dream or a nightmare?

  50. Rasp says:

    Results so far
    Villain – 54%
    Hero – 38%
    Undecided 8%

    Mike, I have watched Klopp and Pep when they make subs. They focus on, and stand to greet and embrace the player who’s coming off and then give words of encouragement to his replacement.

    Unai stares onto the pitch in deep though and there is only a cursory acknowledgement of the player coming off.

    At the end of games, Klopp and Pep are all cuddles for their players and the oppositions players too. Unai shakes hands. He’s pleasant enough, but not as emotionally involved as the other managers.

    Now maybe that means he’s authoritarian … or it could just be that he is very intense and observes the tiniest details. Possibly he micromanages the players’ skills but doesn’t pander to their egos.

    I don’t think UE is a 12th man on the pitch in the same way as Klopp and Pep.

    Or … I could be entirely wrong

  51. Els says:

    I agree with Aaron 100%

  52. RA says:

    Having read the comments today I found them difficult to choose between altho there have been very different and valid points of view expressed — well all except the usual agenda merchant.

    For me, Kozzer has rather blotted his career book, late in the day.

    As LB said, a contract is there to be honoured, as a voluntary legal agreement between the employer, in this case, and the employee.
    If Arsenal had said, we have changed our mind, Kozzer, sod off, we are not going to pay you, all hell, would be let loose.

    Buy ‘villain’ that’s too much — it is what many other players are doing — except they do it through their agents.
    [He’a a very naughty boy!]

    I do not think he is a ‘hero’ either. He has played very well for what he has been paid handsomely to do — and given Arsenal’s indulgence with his many injuries, he should have complied with his contract.
    [He has been a decent player, and perhaps is a nice person(?) too — this nonsense makes him a renegade, and deserves very little sympathy.

  53. RA says:


    I think I agree with you that if Emery kissed and cuddled the players after he subbed them off during games, they would love him more.

    Perhaps he does not do that, or gurn at them like Pep and Klip Klop because they do not brush their teeth?

    No — I don’t think I do agree with you after all — if someone did that to me, they would get a robust reason not to do it a second time! 🤪

  54. Rasp says:

    🙂 Redders

  55. fred1266 says:

    Who’s going be our starting CB next season

    Seems like mustafi going to be playing more games than we would like

  56. fred1266 says:

    Els u think we playing back 3 next season

  57. RA says:

    I was beginning to think the media rumour that we only had £45m in the transfer kitty, because we seemed to be linked to a lot of second tire players, and even they need money to purchase their contracts.

    But like Rasper’s kiss and cuddle solution, I find I disagree with all the rumours from the start when they reported the transfer kitty was as large as £45m — and Arsenal will ‘gallantly’ just fail to sign anyone worthwhile on the last day of the window, altho we will be assured by the money holders like Ranilleh etc that they tried very hard, but they were too busy watching the pre-season games!! 🙃🙃

    Plus ça change ———–

  58. RA says:

    Bugger — tons of misspellings and missing verbs above — and the computer even put Raspers name in — instead of that of Ms Sue!! 😜

    What can you do with players and computers who act up?? Sheesh!!

  59. Rasp says:

    I think kiss and cuddle solution is taking it a bit too far Redders. I was just seeking to illustrate the different way in which the managers interact with their players. Arsene was not a touchy-feely manager either, but certainly in the early years he managed to engender tremendous loyalty in his players.

  60. Sue says:

    Unai won’t want to be kissing anyone with those new teeth – through fear of clunking 😂 and they end up on the pitch!! Imagine when we play Liverpool – battle of the gnashers 😁

  61. RA says:

    I knew that Rasper. 🤪

    The knives are already out for Emery — and maybe with some reason — but he has been given a poisoned chalice — crap players, no control of who the club will, or will not buy, and he is far too chummy – that’s why the players who are not very good won’t leave home the club.

    We need someone who speaks softly and carries a very big stick. 🥺

    Doh — I’ve just remembered I promised not to pull your leg until the beginning of the season tomorrow!!

  62. RA says:


    A firm manly handshake then — how’s that? 😜

  63. Rasp says:

    Sue … what is it about Liverpool managers? … Brendan Rogers got his teeth done as well when he took over. I guess they don’t need to use the torch app on their phones to find the keyhole when they get home late 😁

  64. Sue says:

    That’s boring, RA 😂😂

  65. Mike M says:

    Suffice to say I bet Klopp and Pep aren’t too touchy feely patty on the training ground. As far as AW and player loyalty, no coincidence that it was at it’s height during his first 10 years but the last 15 they treated him like crap even ‘though he never changed because …?? we used to win every week!!. I really think they’re related and Klopp and Pep are good examples of the point. Poch might have a little better technique but a CL final still validates him. I really think we do have to change as a club, not all for the better either. That’s why UE is doing it his way. I for one hope he succeeds but if he doesn’t (a la Mourinho) it will be ugly.

  66. Sue says:

    Hahaha Rasp, Brenda’s teeth are huge (not quite RA huge, but not far off!!) I bet he saved them a fortune on the leccy bill, not having to use the floodlights, just like Klopp & Bobby do now 🤣

  67. fred1266 says:

    Sue use the right words mate trash

  68. fred1266 says:

    No Mike England in December

    Didn’t realise you from the US Mike what state

  69. Rasp says:

    I agree Mike …. its much easier to be ‘a great manager’ when you’re winning every game.

  70. LB says:

    Just seen this from last evening: says everything for me, especially the last sentence.

    Charles Watts
    Seen people saying Kos has given everything for Arsenal and deserves better. Maybe he has, but how much have Arsenal given him? They made him a household name, an international, a multi-millionaire, a captain. He doesn’t have the right to dictate his own exit. He has a contract.

  71. LB says:

    OK, I am going to stick my neck out here to make my point about AFC negotiating tactics.

    Question: what would you do if you wanted to get Arsenal supporters to appreciate the Saliba signing?

    Answer: put out a rumour that Tottenham wanted to sign him.

    What is happening: Arsenal have already got him but they want to make you and me appreciate what we have.

    Upshot: Club announce signing in the next few days.

  72. Mike M says:

    @ Fred – Houston Texas

  73. fred1266 says:

    Ok cool, so u like basketball Mike, what you think about Russell coming to Houston

    Also do u attend Lakewood

  74. Sue says:

    Interesting how we’re top of the whispers – on Sky – for signing Saliba… usually means it’s pretty much done & dusted!

  75. Sue says:

    How good was the tennis?!! Superb… just the wrong result 🥺 better luck next time, Rafa!!

  76. RC78 says:

    Rafa just won the French, would be great for Roger to make it 21 at Wimbledon 🙂

  77. RC78 says:

    can someone tell me if Tarkowski is good?
    New rumour: Neres to…..extend deal at Ajax by a year with an improved salary

  78. Sue says:

    RC.. at 37, you have to take your hat off to Federer! Obviously I’d rather Rafa had won, but fair play to him & if he does go onto win his 21st grand slam, that’ll be an amazing achievement!! But Novak stands in his way…. what a final it will be 👊

  79. fred1266 says:

    Tarkowski is very solid defender, he more a no nonsense type defender similiar to sokratis IMO

  80. Mike M says:

    @ Fred. Yes I’m a Rockets fan but only to a point. Same with the Texans and Astros. In fact, without starting any irate discussions here (!!!) I’m much more of a college sports fan these days. My son graduated form the University of Oklahoma and his 4 years there have allowed me to appreciate sport for your team instead of for money. I’m aware some of these kids go on to make huge pro contracts but for the majority of them, they do it for their school. It’s kinda refreshing in the cut throat world of modern day sports. Golf is also a favorite of mine and college golf is also a lot of fun to watch. Most of all. i’m a Gooner (49 years and counting!!) and that’s what I love the most. Modern times make it harder but it’s just in my blood.
    I don’t go to Lakewood, not really my thing.

  81. fatgingergooner says:

    Delph (29) for £8m, Calvin Phillips (23) for £20m. Both good bits of business I think. Phillips was excellent for Leeds last season and looked a level above the Championship. Both English and both pretty cheap given their ages. I do sometimes wonder if we are too quick to ignore the lower leagues. Jack Grealish is another who could probably flourish at a higher level but I don’t ever feel that he’s the sort of player we would go for.

  82. fred1266 says:

    lol ok Mike, never consider Golf a sport more a hobby so didn’t know at university it was played competitively

    Texans and Astros not clue who they are i assuming one is a baseball team

  83. Sue says:

    Agree about Grealish, FGG.. he’s such a cocky little sod, but such a good player… looking forward to seeing him back in the PL…

  84. Els says:

    fred1266 on July 12, 2019 at 6:23 pm
    Els u think we playing back 3 next season

    I think he’ll change it around depending on the opponent. I think we’ll see it at times but not as much as a back 4, i’d guess. Could he even pick 3 centre backs he likes ?!!

  85. fatgingergooner says:

    Do we have 3 likeable CB’s?! 😂

  86. Mike M says:

    FGG – LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Aaron says:

    Hey RA,

    Is this one directed at me? “— well all except the usual agenda merchant.”

    Knowing I can be directly clear in what I would like to see at the Arsenal, and can see how that could be interpreted.

    If so, please go over to 7amkickoff and read Tim’s piece on “Stan behind Arsenal”

    Been saying this for quite some time, stan the maN is a piece of $h*te and will run this club into the ground if he can obtain easy $ from AFC. Will not tell you how, but know he needs lots of $ for other projects.

    If not RA, sorry I brought it up, but then again maybe I am a snowflake and just sensitive.

  88. fatgingergooner says:

    I love newspapers. They keep telling us we have £45m to spend but the latest rumour is we have revived our interest CB Ruben Dias who has a buyout clause of £57m.

    Now, I’m no Carol Vorderman, but even I can see that something doesn’t quite add up! 😂

  89. LBG says:

    Why on earth people would we want Grealish or Delph? We have youngsters – Smith-Rowe, Willock, Nelson, A M-N, Saka- who will all be better and cost nothing. “ALL WE ARE SAYING, IS GIVE YOUTH A CHANCE”.

  90. LBG says:

    Tarkowski and Mee, the Burnley centre backs in their Managers image.
    Solid in the tackle and the air. Both quicker than Sokratis ( sorry Fred). Tarkowski considered seriously for National squad last year. Both captain material, BUT, Holding and Mavrapanos both better for the future IMO.

  91. fatgingergooner says:


    We’ve had a big youth project before and it failed. How many of our team are players that have come through the academy? We all love a youngster breaking into the first team, and at the moment we do look to have some talented young players, but how often do we say that? Realistically, one, maybe two, of Mavropanos, Willock, Smith-Rowe, Nelson, Saka, Nketiah will actually develop into a player good enough to make our first team.

  92. allezkev says:

    LBG, both the Burnley defenders are solid performers in a team that keeps it tight and disciplined at the back, Dunk at Brighton is another, problem is they all come with that inflationary element for British players.

    FGG, as long as we have an owner who won’t try to help and a group of players on excessive wages – who aren’t shifting anytime soon, then our immediate prospects are very much tied up with our youth, the kids might have to carry an unfair burden for a couple of years until those excessive contracts expire and we can move on…

    I have really bad vibes about Saliba, for Levy it would be like a kind of Sol Campbell payback…

  93. Rasp says:

    Morning all …

    … We have a gem of a new post for you today … a bit of personal nostalgia from LBG … feel free to share similar stories with us …

    Go to the top of the page and click ‘Home’ ..

    …. New post….

  94. fred1266 says:

    As someone say above if we spent money on Nelson they would actually feel better, seems they just want us to spend money even if it to bring in shit players like zaha

    U all remember when they forced arsenal to buy Perez

  95. fred1266 says:

    I still rat chambers over mav, then again I still like Jenkinson

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