Emery is wrong … build the team around Özil

Confusing times …

We have a manager who I took against within about two weeks of his arrival. Because I seemed to be in such a minority, I drifted away from the two or three Arsenal supporters’ blogs that I was in the habit of reading. Everyone liked the new energy, the direction the club was taking, and certainly the results during the first half of the season justified the optimism. I didn’t like it – any of it.

When you have a set of round pegs, you can try to squeeze them into square holes, you can throw them away and buy new square pegs, or you can create round holes into which to fit them. From the outset, Emery forced his round pegs, and the rounder they were, the more he tried to crush them into his shape of choice.

When you have three of the most potent, exciting, skilful footballers in the world, you can start your system with them, and build around them – or you can mess around with them and make them what they’re not.

When you have some of the best talent coming up through the Academy, you can encourage them, fast track them, utilise them: or you can bring in other exciting young players to block their progress.

For me, Emery failed in every one of these aspects.

Many months ago, I wrote on here that I thought Mesut Ozil could not fit into the new system, and was criticised for that view. Ozil is one of my all-time favourite players, second only to Dennis in garnering my admiration. I choke at the thought of him not playing in red and white any more. I was apoplectic at the way Emery treated him (I’m convinced this was a reaction to his losing the PSG dressing room). Alongside Ozil, how were Lacazette and Aubameyang treated? Confusingly. When they were both fit, the manager took far too long to play them together.

Unequivocally, in the right system, those three together would rip defences to shreds (as they all too occasionally have), at least as potently as the Liverpool front three.

Five of our best youngsters were farmed out for experience. All well and good; probably the right thing to do. Emi Martinez has been our best goalkeeper for a while now, but has been consistently shunted back, and then loaned to Reading, where they think he’s a hero. Callum Chambers was player of the year at Fulham in a DM role. Krystian Bielik pulled up trees making a massive impression at Charlton. Reiss Nelson and ESR furthered their education in Germany, and certainly Nelson impressed, making the shortlist for Rookie of the Year.


The point is, what now? The latter two are attacking players, wingers or attacking midfielders. But we’re bidding for Zaha, Brahimi, etc. Chambers and especially Bielik might well be the answer to our DM shortcomings. Chambers is maybe a bit slow. Bielik isn’t, is a big unit with all the skill. He’s had a few growing pains, but he’s possibly through them at last. If he doesn’t get his chance this year, we’re going to lose him. Martinez should certainly be allowed to vie with Leno to start – I personally think he’s better.

Then there are the others, who stayed at the club. Jordi Osei-Tutu has gone, a really promising pacey right back, who might have been tried in order to free up AMN for a more suitable role, but never was. Willock was a way better player than Guendouzi and Xhaka last season, but got his chance too late. He’s fleet, skilful, proper box-to-box, good defensively, and has an eye for goal (even if he had something in it in the Europa Final!). The same things could be said of Ainsley Maitland-Niles who has endured being put at right back in order to get into the team.

The players who Emery picked: Xhaka, good when the team is dominating and not exposed to the fast break, but awful if rushed, because of his lack of pace, which forces him into rash challenges; Torreira, everyone’s favourite because of his insane commitment to the cause, but actually too lightweight, and not really quick enough; Guendouzi, a player full of promise, but whose main contribution was falling over to draw fouls.


What of Emery’s tactics?

We were promised measured playing out from the back to draw the opposition out of position. That was a disaster, especially when Cech was in goal, more so when Mustafi was the defender. Even Leno abandoned it late in the season. We were promised a high press to win the ball back early and near the opposition penalty area. It spluttered throughout the year, and was less used towards the end. He did have a magic touch in the first half of the season, with his substitutions and timing thereof, but even that waned. I’m not aware of any other tactics, or tactical shifts during games. He did tinker with the old back three/back four dichotomy, but the result seemed more confusing for the defenders than helpful.

And the man himself? He was much lauded for his determination to speak English from the get-go, but I found him incomprehensible, no less so after a year in the job. When I did understand him, he spoke in totally meaningless platitudes, and entirely without humour – how I missed Arsene’s wit and wisdom.

Well now he wants new toys to play with – Zaha et al. And as always at this time of year, the fans are in a frenzy to buy this star, that rock, the other tyro. This is why I thank fellow blogger Fred for pointing out the obvious, that you can’t promote youth AND buy stars. It doesn’t compute.

Me? I’d start with Ozil Lacazette and Aubameyang. I’d have AMN, Willock and Bielik as first/second choice midfielders, in any combination according to circumstances. I like several of the attacking youngsters, who should certainly be in the squad, along with Iwobi. Martinez would be my goalie. Central defence and left back might need a bit of shoring up, although there’s not much wrong with Papa, Holding, Chambers and Mavropanos. Monreal has lost too much pace. Koscielny needs a final season like Mertesacker’s. Mustafi… well, Mustafi! Let Xhaka go, let Torreira go back to Italy, sell Elneny, Jenkinson and Mhkitaryan. And Mustafi… Hopefully, Bellerin will return undiminished. So maybe Tierney to fill left back is the only player I would consider.

Sit back with a rock solid defence, fast transitions with AMN and Willock to Ozil, unlock the strike force. Easy.

Written by Maxwell


50 Responses to Emery is wrong … build the team around Özil

  1. Mathew Reiss says:

    Common sense is obvious by the statement itself..This is common sense,but then again ,sometimes it is too simple for some to comprehend.Everything makes sense but then how to win the bleaters buy big and spend? even if not needed.Best bit of nous for ages.Perhaps someone will listen?

  2. Maxwell says:

    Wow! Thank you Mathew. I expected undiluted mud to be slung at my out-of-step opinions!

    One fact I may have wrong. I thought I’d read that Osei-Tutu had left, but I see he’s been given an Academy squad number, so may be he’s still with us. If so, I’d have him as back up to Hector in a trice.

  3. Pete says:

    Interesting post. I’m 50/50 with you on this. In full agreement on the use and encouragement of the young players already in our ranks, but cannot agree about Ozil I’m afraid.

    I love watching Ozil play and admire his skill and vision, but he’s not a player to build a team around when you’re trying to reinforce the squad on a limited budget. The modern high press game is here to stay, certainly with the top teams in the EPL. The high press is what you do when not in possession, Ozil is brilliant when we’re in possession, but despite the Km he covers, he is ineffectual in the defensive phase of the game. Ramsey is better suited to the new style, that’s why many clubs wanted to sign him (on a salary in excess of Ozil’s reported £350k a week). No one, as far as I know, has come in for Ozil. He could only go to a big club to match his Arsenal wages and there have been no offers … it tells you something.

    As far as Emery is concerned, the jury is still out. I’m beginning to think he’s looking to sell one, or both, of Laca and Auba to reinforce the team where he feels is necessary. We have to give him at least this next season to show what he is trying to do, and to build a team that can compete to get us back in the CL.

  4. VP says:

    great read Maxwell. Good stuff.

    I think I agree with you by saying I think we have a good team and lots of good talent coming through. I’d be happy with a Tierney not so sure on Zaha. I also read that Maguire is now in the mix for a 50million steal.

    I also read somewhere today that we offered 90mil for a player who Manure had offered 126mil for and that this was a typical Arsenal bid ie. bid unrealistically with no chance of acceptance.

    and we are supposed to have a budget of 40million or 45million..I call BS on it all.

    Personally I am happy to wait until the start of the season to review the ins and outs in the transfer market because it is so full of BS at the moment.

    from my understanding, while the media is in a frenzy, most of the transfers have long been wrapped up, contracts sorted and its just a matter of timings of announcements and other matters of housekeeping that need to be sorted out.

  5. mr conner r peden says:

    Great blog m8 agree totally, buying player’s dont need pointless, save money for winter or next summer, bring chambers back and bielik into defence even play 3 back chambers in front of them. We could have holding and Tierney in or def. Zaha wont happen, brahimi on a free might aswell grab. Martinez staying now,better then cech, iwobi and Niles winging ,ozil left to do what does best feeding 2 top class strikers,

  6. VP says:

    So now the new Arsenal Adidas kit deal kicks in with some extra cash. From what I’ve read, its worth 300mil over 5 years @ 50mil per year (somehow I dont understand how that adds up)
    I also read that its 65mil per year, thats it 391mil and thats its 555mil.

    Now think about the 555mil, thats a report from Australia, our currency vs the euro300mil.

    Much more money over here in Oz, we know how to live well.

  7. jjgsol says:

    I stormed away in a huff from this site a couple of days ago, as I was fed up with the constant flow of what I regarded as nonsense about the current players and those being sought.

    What broke the camel’s back, as far as I am concerned was the constant clamour for us to spend an obscenely inflated amount for a renowned cheat and diver and for us to sell our top striker in order to spend that ridiculous amount.

    Now, it could be symptomatic of the 2-month break, without any games, that in order to keep the conversation going, people are encouraged to say nonsense, but I really should have better things to do and better sites to visit.

    My apologies to this who may take offence, but I come from a family who believes in calling a spade a spade.

    So why am I here again?

    Simply because the main post is usually good reading and I came here to look and saw today’s post, which was fantastic and said everything that I feel (other than perhaps the criticism of Xhaka).

    I have also felt from the start that UE was a bad choice.

    The 22 game streak was a mirage, insofar as during those matches we were awful in the first half of each game and did not lead once at half time.

    That run was more due to luck than anything else.

    I have said before on this and other blogs that I feel that UE was hired because he brought his dossiers on each player and promised that he could utilise them or almost all of them and train them to play his way.

    That way he would not need to spend a lot of money on new players.

    The board were looking for a cheap option.

    To help him out 5 new players were brought it at reasonably low cost and he used them all regularly throughout the season, especially Gendouzi in respect of whom no one has yet been able to explain what it is he actually does which makes a difference.

    Very few of our promising youngsters were given opportunities and we now find ourselves being talked about spending fortunes on second rate players, who are no better than the ones we have.

    We are on a downward spiral and I do not see how buying in a serial diver is going to help at all.

    Yes give him another season, but I fear that it will not be a good one.

  8. Maxwell says:

    Pete, while I accept that the full press is the Zeitgeist, experience tells me that nothing is “here to stay” – otherwise goalkeepers would still be hoofing the ball up to Hateleys, Dougans, Grays, Cascarinos. Someone will find a counter to the high press, and everyone will turn to it. It may even be the goalie lumping the ball up to Giroud, Barnes, Carroll, etc.!

    VP, I’m with you 100% avoiding the media-driven transfer frenzy. Only once did I get drawn in, when Higuain was reportedly on the plane to sign for us. What a good acquisition he’s turned out to be!

    Mr peden, thank you for your comments. However, I can’t agree about Brahimi. He may be “free”, but we’ve still got to pay his wages, and it still means a young player held back.

    Jjgsol, I was sorry to see how upset you were, and I’m glad that we largely agree. I particularly echo your thoughts about the coming season.

  9. Maxwell says:

    Who’s Martinelli? Is anyone excited?

  10. Rasp says:

    😉 Morning Maxwell, I wrote a post about Martinelli last week as I’m sure you know. That’s 1/1 for predictions on AA so far.

    I get the impression young Gabriel is very much an Edu project. Like everyone today, I’m 100% with the idea of giving our academy boys a chance rather than buying for buying’s sake.

    Having said that, bringing in a youngster who we may be able to sell on for a massive profit is no bad thing … the sale of Annelka paid for our new training ground after all.

  11. Joe Kupoluyi says:

    I am 50/50 in support I said it before that This new Manager can’t take Arsenal to the Next Level he can not handle big Club of Arsenal Level we need another manager probably one of Legends or else we will find our in trouble water. A good manager will never allowed Rammsey to leave at his prime age and continued benching Ozil in the beginning of last season and refused to play Laca and Abu together in the beginning also so what kind of manager is that and that’s what happened to him at PSG WE Might to get to anywhere this season if care is not taking.

  12. Maxwell says:

    Good point Rasp. And I’d forgotten the Edu factor.

  13. Rasp says:

    Thanks Maxwell. Great post today, it’s attracting a lot of attention, but statistically only between 1 and 2 in every 100 who view place a comment.

  14. Excellent (if provocative) article, and I’ll slightly agree with you on Emery. Although it was ultimately a disappointing season he only missed getting us into the Champions League by a whisker, and even if I can’t see us winning the Premier League any time soon I’m sure given a decent team (out of his control) we can progress. So please don’t write him off yet, and what were the viable managerial/coach alternatives anyway?
    I’m with you on the players that need to be got rid of including Ozil (for his unjustifiable salary) and the need to promote & encourage the young talent we know that Arsenal has in abundance. I’d love to see a squad with a dozen or so lads from London & the home counties so that we could actually relate to this team somewhat.
    jjgsol says we’re on a ‘downward spiral’, but I think it’s more likely that we are going to be stuck in an upper mid table groove for a season or so until the squad settles.

  15. Godonga says:

    Oh my what a sensible gooner you are. Best post of the off season. Ozil epitomises the fabric, the DNA, the heart beat and throb of how Arsenal play their football. You cant have the whole team being made up of high running, hard tackling and high pressing players. That is not the Arsenal way, try Stoke City.

    I agree UE is not a glove-fit. Arsenal should have waited for Benitez to fall out of favour at Newcastle like it has just happened. Benitez is much better than UE. Or better still just call Viera or Thiery.

    The Arsenal way is entertaining football the ‘invincible way”, This is the receipt for a successiful 2019/2020 season;

    1. Buy a few marque players ( We already have 3 in Ozil, Laca and AB. if Zaha happens, it will just be a bonus.

    2.Get a reliable goalkeeper ( We already have in Leno and a solid back up in Martinez.

    3. Get a solid, fluid but resilient midfield: (We already have in Willock, Xhaka, Torreira, Guendouzi, AMN, Chambers,

    4. Defense is perhaps the only place that need propping up but Mustafi must be retained. He is a useful idiot and useful squad player whom at 26 he has all the opportunity to improve.

    I love the Arsenal
    and I am faithful
    I have no other team!!!!!!

  16. LB says:

    As I read the post I was thinking, well this is going to get a battering but quite the opposite, to my surprise, the comments show just how much love there still is for Mesut.

    Nice one Maxwell.

  17. Maxwell says:

    Thanks LB. I expected animosity too. Still, there’s time, isn’t there?

  18. LBG says:

    Thank you for your post. For attracting new bloggers with it ( and an old one nearly back), and for talking much sense.
    As Rasp so often says, this site only requires courteous responses even if one disagrees.
    So…if Pete agrees with you 50%, my agreement level is 65%.
    I would certainly use Beilik and Chambers in next years squad, but hope some of the Academy stars come through and surpass them. I differ slightly with you re Beilik. Whilst excellent in the air and tough tackling, I question his pace.
    I believe both Ouzi and Terrier have more real potential than you suggest and would not send them home at the moment, but have high Hope’s for AM-N, Smith-Rowe and Willock. At the risk of upsetting Jigsol, I believe Xhaka is overrated and as commented above a liability under pressure and when football brain is really required. If we cannot pick up a ready made, cheap, but brilliant Patrick Vieira type central midfield player, with drive and leadership qualities in abundance, I say leave the midfield alone, apart from the above.
    Defence was the problem last season, but do we have the solutions already at the Club. I believe Holding was beginning to show his true potential before his injury. Likewise I have high Hope’s for Mavrapanos. Not mentioned in your post, I also believe we have talent in Medley and Dominic Thompson( both left sided players if we dont get Tierney). I would have like to see the arrival of Saliba, but wouldn’t use money in short supply if we have to loan him back. Whilst I still have doubts about Hectors defensive brain, I would still welcome him back in the squad. That leaves Mustafi, well my thoughts have always been clear on him , Kos and Nacho who, although could still be useful on occasions, would sell if they want to go, and Sokratis who I would keep for his heart!

    Up front, I am inclined, but not totally, to believing Mesut has ( let’s say almost)run his course. I am however also in favour of a Lazarus resurrection! I would also not necessarily be inclined to always play Aubang and Laca together, and sometimes inclined to to so. Wobbly has merits but also some difficulties. Reiss will be a star given a chance and Saka likewise, IMO.
    Dick deserves 3/4 windows, whilst using our homegrown Academy and I still believe could be successful. He is the undercard however for a Patric Vieira /DB10 double act to take us forward into a new world of superiority.

  19. Aaron says:

    A good post that continues along the line of we will outscore everyone.
    51, 61, 71…. goals conceded.

    Lose to Brighton at home to blow CL placement.

    Get smoked in Europa final to a team we sold Giroud to.

    Quite possibly the lamest last 5 games to finish the season in a very long while.

    A team with no identifiable playing style, amongst the shuffling of the back deck for what seems forever. Literally.

    Give Emi a try, bring up some of our own defenders, solid list from above, give them a dang chance to prove themselves, sell the dead wood, and please forget about this zaha nonsense for Auba or whatever…

    Mind you, Bel and Hold are in major injury recovery mode and have not kicked a ball in months, they are not going to hit the ground running.

    Emery and the “scouting department” better get a defender or two, NOW, and start working as a team before the start of the season, and his constant tinkering during the season. Because if that is the way Emery goes he will be gone before January.

  20. Maxwell says:

    Thanks LBG. I like both terrier and ouzi, actually. But despite his competitive spirit, Lucas was all too easily outmuscled and outrun. My point regarding Mathieu is that he was not an improvement on what we already had. He might develop into something special, but I’d have had him in the Academy behind Willock. Emery even favoured him ahead of Torreira on many occasions. Did he fancy him or something?

    I also like Saka, as well as Amaechi, Balogun and John-Jules. There’s masses of potential firepower there, but how they will ever get integrated into the first team is a mystery.

    I love the idea of a PV4/DB10 management team!

    But in three or four windows’ time, they may have a wreck of a squad to rescue.

  21. Maxwell says:

    Actually, Aaron, I’m with your implication that we need a stronger defence. I suggest as much in the main piece. I see a strong wall in front of the back four, based around Bielik, Chambers, Maitland-Niles and Willock. I agree about Hector and Rob. They’re a concern until they prove themselves fit. However, if Holding comes back strong, he’s already shown himself to be the potential rock of our defence.

  22. Sue says:

    Ian Wright thinks Zaha would be a magnificent signing for us!! Just had to share that – thought it’d please a few on here 😂
    Nice article, Maxwell 👌 will post a comment a bit later, as am pushed for time!

  23. fred1266 says:

    This is the best blog ever

  24. RC78 says:

    I don’t think we have the players to build the squad around Ozil plus his best season for us, he played as a 9 1/2 so that would be mean dropping Auba. I would d say we build the team around 4 players: Holding, Torreira, Auba and Laca so in a 4321 set up or a 442. Both set ups need minimum recruiting a DM and a player that can play forward on the right side. In any case, my opinion is that we should cut our losses with some players including Jenkinson, Mustafi, Nacho, Kos (he wants to go), El Neny, Xhaka and Ozil. We should definitely give a chance to Chambers, Bielik, Willock, RN, Sako and Nketiah and if ESR is ready to fight for his place. As for Martinez, I think that Iliev may be more talented so I am not sure that we have adequate cover for Leno… But let s give our current GKs a chance.

  25. RC78 says:

    As for Emery, he won’t last beyond his current contract. We may end up with a Ljungberg/Metersacker rather than the PV4/DB10 tandem in 2 years time.

    Biggest mistake was to let Minslat go because I felt that he had done a good job overall. We needed to replace him with Overmars for example. Now the management is I believe weak. Emery is not good at scouting or tracking talent. He ll tell you his need and then you get him the goods and he will work with the tools provided.

    As for the academy, I think we need to improve it a bit. We need some type of DNA change and would need to adopt a Ajax, Barcelona, Bilbao, Dortmund, Monaco type of academy to produce players that can actually come and fight for the first squad. Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City do produce 1 or 2 quality players that go on to become first squad players and have huge value like Hudson, Robertson, Trent or Foden. We have Bellerin and Iwobi which is not enough. I however think that AMN is one that will have the biggest growth in the squad and in value if he plays in midfield.

  26. RC78 says:

    As for Zaha, too expensive for me – sorry Sue. I ll with Seaman, Nicholas and Parlour and agree that we need to spend on defensive players and priorities are CB, DM and if we can afford then a LB and a back up RB.

  27. Maxwell says:

    If you haven’t caught up with Swiss Ramble’s analysis of Arsenal’s finances on Twitter yet, I’d say it’s not merely a good read: it’s an essential read.

    What it says for me, is that Arsenal are currently well and truly out of the race for top transfers. They’ve indicated as much themselves, talking rather in terms of self-sustainability. Therefore, that’s the model we should be debating; not which gold-plated footballer we should be competing for.

    The scouts have uncovered some gems in recent seasons: Holding, perhaps the best, but Guendouzi, Mavropanos and Torreira as well, at really good prices. Along with the Academy, that’s where our immediate future lies, like it or not.

  28. fred1266 says:

  29. trugun says:

    Great post Maxwell, in full agreement. I must admit I believed I was alone in wanting rid of Emery heartening to know I’m not. As for Laca and Auba why they are not starting together every week is something I cannot understand.

  30. RC78 says:

    Rodri joins City for 70 mln EUR. He is a very good DM and CM

  31. RC78 says:

    Would you invest in Ribery? He is free and full of good will.

  32. fred1266 says:

    Yea jig guendouzi is basically elneny 2.0

  33. David Tierney says:

    Excellent summary.
    We have the players so why not use them

  34. fred1266 says:

    From the list RC78 only Trent was brought through so far, Robertson was bought from Hull so I wouldn’t give them that much credit

  35. John Mathews legend says:

    Excellent post Maxwell!
    Very well written and comes across as absolutely heartfelt.
    Totally agree with the sentiment, if not all the arguments put forward.
    Not convinced Mesut can do a full on ‘Lazarus resurrection’ à la LBG…but would welcome it (Not a big believer in miracles)
    I do believe in giving more of the kids a chance, and am pretty sure it will happen, but the fact that Arsenal have suggested that way as ‘economical’ rather than an out and out ‘Manifesto’ for the building of a new Arsenal, and have been ‘apparently’ scraping around barrels looking for cut-price deals, means that (I fear) a large part of the fanbase will have little patience for their bedding in, and Unai will quickly be fighting a lost cause.
    I’m not sold on him as Head Coach either, but as of yet am not against him…If he gets a bit of backing to strengthen the defence, and they’re still sh*te, then the writing will be on the wall for me.
    I agree with Aaron…defenders NOW.
    We can score goals, with what we have already and a bit of effort on the wings, where maybe we should give a chance to some youngsters.

  36. fred1266 says:

  37. RC78 says:


    What do you think of Forster and Drinkwater from that list? Bakayoko?

    Fred – what about Foden and Robertson? Were they brought up from their club academy?

  38. Els says:

    Great post Maxwell. I’m almost certainly one of the people talking that annoyed you (apologies if so). I try not to be swayed by any particular names and transfer specifics as it’s mostly bollocks, but I must admit I’ve latched onto the idea that this window is a window of change. To be honest it still makes sense that Emery will want to change a lot of players to get his style to work. For me that is a massive thing. Emery took over from a manager that set records for time in charge. It stands to reason that the squad were a little more set in their ways than others.

    I’m absolutely all for project youth. You can see that the way the game is going with players more frequently running down contracts to receive signing on fees and huge wages, that loyalty and one club career players are going to become a thing of the past. Academy graduates are the best hope to combat that. True Arsenal men that want to be at the club. Let’s have some of that. However not to the detriment of the squad. Yes we need promotions but they need experience around them and not to be put into sink or swim situations at a young age. Hence the reason that I feel a few players should come in of that ilk.

    Providing that players who don’t fit Emery’s plans are moved on there should be plenty of game time for youth AND a couple of good signings.

    I’m sorry but I can’t help but think that a lot of the thought’s on Emery behind the scenes you can’t possibly know? I don’t think there are many people in a position to judge wether a player is ready for a system, than the coach of that system.

    Ozil, is exceptional and when the defence works and the team gels we should be playing our excellent attacking threesome. However that’s not really happened as yet. To me Emery has it right in his chase for wingers. It should give Ozil the chance to play a little more. That said there’s no two ways about it. His attitude isn’t world class. I’d love to see him used well, and there’s still every chance of it. But firstly he should have to work hard as he’s being paid a small fortune, the kind of wage you pay to a player that makes a big difference to a clubs fortunes.

    Also I’m with you on Xhaka. Not a bad player at all.

  39. Don McMahon says:

    It feels like you’re being unduly harsh on Emery in his first year. Our defense was problematic away from home but for the first half of the season performed well. Ramsey’s loss is too bad but we have sufficient talent to fill that gap. We’ll see lots of the youth and academy players this year and we,ll likely get a few key pieces during the summer. Will we make the top 4….only time will tell but I am optimistic and feel Emery now has learnt the ropes.

  40. fred1266 says:

    If am not mistaken Robertson was bought from Hull City

    Foden is a decent talent and will probably get a lot of games this season

  41. fred1266 says:

    Great win by Peru Sue, totally enjoyed that game

  42. LBG says:

    Think the lesson is, rather than brick bats, you stimulated creative and heartfelt opinions, aired on this site with the thought and courtesy that we all hope for in discussing The Arsenal.
    You are to be commended and must do it again sometime, sir.

  43. Sue says:

    3 bloody 0!!!! Wow I couldn’t believe it, Fred!! I honestly thought Chile would win! Well, I’m rooting for Peru in the final 👊

  44. Sue says:

    Hello RA… Happy 4th of July to you 🥳 I’ve been longing for today – not to party with you, as I’m a limey & do not celebrate today… but…. stranger things 3 has dropped on Netflix 😂😂
    Doesn’t take much to excite me 😜😜

  45. RC78 says:

    Andersen to Lyon for 30 Mln EUR.
    Chile loses to Peru
    Kos edging towards France while Monreal is keen to go back to Spain

  46. Rasp says:

    Morning all ….

    … New post ……

  47. Graham says:

    All very interesting bu I’m t in total disagreement.

    You should never build a team around someone who quite clearly does not have the good of the club at heart.

    Ozil has talent, of that there is no question, but has never been a role model for others to work around.

    Yes Emery has made mistakes but I can assure you having Ozil around has only added to his woes.

    A luxury that we most definitely can afford to lose

  48. fred1266 says:

    Yea rooting for Peru also but if Brazil win wouldn’t be vex just hope it a great game

  49. tonys3137 says:

    Prior to signing his new contract near the start of 2018 Ozil was at best inconsistent. Since then he has been consistently abject.

    But hey, don’t listen to me, just look to the number of ex arsenal legends who have lined up to Question Ozils performances: Keown, Fabregas, Lauren, Petit – players who have all sweated blood for the shirt and who understand the game of football inside out.

    Build a team around him? We should be building a team that works 24 x 7 on terminating his contract.

    Your article reads as though you admire Ozil even above TH14. I’m sure this was not your intention 🙂

  50. Mike M says:

    Good article Maxwell but I’m reading a narrative that fits an agenda. Was UE really that bad? Even criticising him for trying to speak English? That’s harsh. I’m not sure we know if UE is the right man but we should give him time, He inherited most of the squad and I’d say we were/are in pretty poor shape when he started. I hope you’re wrong but I concede that you could also be right. I just think we should give him a fair shake.

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