Arsenal FC – Our away record to Burnley

Well folks the 2019/20 season grinds to an end with an away game at Turf Moor.

Burnley team of 1893

The season has been full of the occasional high that has been more than offset by the multitude of lows. Our defensive woes have once again been our Achilles heel and we can only hope the Unai and the rest of the management team make it their number one issue during this transfer window.

Our superb win at the Mestalla Stadium in the Europa League has cast a different light on our final league game. Should we wrap the first team up in cotton wool and play our second string or should we go all out in the hope that Spurs lose and we overcome the eight goal difference between us?

I’m for looking after the team and finishing the season off on a HIGH note in Baku.

Turf Moor

Our record at Turf Moor in the Premier League has been very positive having gained ten out of twelve points and only having conceded one goal in four games. However all of the games have been close with neither team scoring more than one goal in any of the games.

Rambo celebrates scoring at Turf Moor April 2015

As you can see our overall record favours Burnley in both Division’s One and Two.

We’ve had many must win games this season however I class this game as a must not get any injuries type of game.

Baku here we come……………..



35 Responses to Arsenal FC – Our away record to Burnley

  1. chas says:

    Thanks, GN5, your contributions to the blog this season have been simply outstanding.

    I’m not sure how I feel about tomorrow’s game. No injuries seems the main priority but I suppose they can happen in training anyway.

    Automatic entry to the Europa group stage would help our pre-season but I’m hoping we won’t be in that competition. 🙂

  2. Sue says:

    GN5 👍
    The end of the season is upon us… the last Soccer AM today & the last league fixture tomorrow 😢 I know it’s a nothing game tomorrow, but I’d like to finish with a win – can I see it happening? Probably not as Mike Dean (or our defence) may have other ideas!
    At least we have our date with destiny to look forward to on 29th (come on!!) Then there will be nothing… that huge void, until July 15, when our pre season begins.. I can’t stand it.. no Arsenal.. no soccer saturday….no soccer am… no super Sunday.. nothing! 😫 how will we cope??

  3. RA says:

    Hi Sue,

    I suppose you could always come on AA and moan about the lack of transfer activity with the rest of us? 😏

  4. Sue says:

    Morning RA.. that sounds like a plan… 😉

  5. chas says:

    Arseblog this morning sums up a lot of what’s wrong with the running of modern football.

    6,000 tickets for each club for a major European Final, virtually impossible travel arrangements for those lucky enough to get tickets and to cap it all off, Mkhitaryan not sure if he should risk his life getting into Azerbaijan.

    What a terrifically sorry state of affairs it is.

    Don’t even talk to me about Qatar and the 2022 World Cup in mid-season.

  6. chas says:

  7. chas says:

  8. Big Raddy says:

    GN5. Thank you for the penultimate home/away record of the season. Always a great read.

    Like you I would prefer us to rest players but it is over two weeks until the Final, so I expect UE to try to get the 8 goals needed

  9. VP says:

    thank you once again GN5.

    Chas, I heard that Arsenal are complaining about the 6000 allocation and are pushing for more tickets whereas over at Chelsea their allocation is less, about 5,800 and no complaints from the club

  10. VP says:

    BTW I’m implying that more Arsenal fans are passionate, will travel and support whereas Chels are not bothered

  11. allezkev says:

    The cost of going to Baku equates to what many Arsenal fans will be paying for their season tickets a few weeks later.

    Having been a regular away supporter for many seasons, back in the day, I know what hoops people jump through to follow their team and total respect to them. But the football authorities of whatever shade, don’t give a toss about the fans, never have done and never will, the paltry ticket allocation for both finals says it all, I’ll be watching it on TV and UEFA can do one…

    Top post GN5…

  12. allezkev says:

    Charlie Gilmour leaving Arsenal and joining Glasgow Rangers this summer so I’ve heard, good luck to him.

    Would be nice to see Willock and Nketiah getting a start at Turf Moor along with a bit of thoughtful rotation but we could do with finishing 5th, just in case…..

  13. GunnerN5 says:

    Morning all,

    Oh boy our league form in the last month has been absolutely shocking 4 paltry points out of a possible 18 against teams below the top 6. It was so easy on paper – but the team forgot that we don’t play against paper.

  14. LBG says:

    Same as last season. Win for Wenger, Cech, Ramsey, Welbeck, Sue!!

  15. chas says:

  16. Sue says:

    Congrats to the Arsenal women for their 1-0 win over City! #Champions!!

    LBG.. 😊👍

  17. Gööner In Exile says:

    Spoke to a Chav this morning, turns out the coach of G’s football side is one, poor decision. With one of he other Dads being a Spud I’m glad training is over for the season.

    Explained to the Norwich fans it’s the equivalent of them winning the FA Cup whilst Ipswich might win the league. If we win the Europa and Spuds win CL our glory will be very short lived and forgotten. But to put things in perspective the Spud said if they won CL he’d probably stop supporting, what would be the point. They won’t ever match it. Which I guess proves how shite they’ve been for years.

    The Chav fan said it’s a 50:50 calll we’ve got PEA and Laca and they have Hazard, interestingly he said Haz is better with Giroud than Higuain.

    Whereas Spud v Dippers his view win for Dippers on paper.

  18. chas says:

  19. chas says:

    Arse fans in the Mestalla

  20. chas says:

    As far as a match report of our game against Burnley goes, it might be a little after the event and completely made up as I’ll probably be watching the camel shaggers/dippers games tomorrow. 🙂

  21. chas says:

  22. chas says:

  23. fred1266 says:

    Yea that Qatar is such crap

  24. fred1266 says:

    Who Charlie Gilmore?

  25. fatgingergooner says:

    Özils agent has come out and said his client will see out his contract until 2021. Not a surprise really given the money he’s on, and I know many Arsenal fans will rejoice at the news, but personally I think I’d prefer to see him move on.

    No doubt he’s got talent, but he’s now over 30 and eats up a large part of our wage bill whilst offering less and less year on year:-

    15/16 – 137.8 mins per goal/assist
    16/17 – 149.9 mins per goal/assist
    17/18 – 173.5 mins per goal/assist
    18/19 – 257.3 mins per goal/assist

    (Stats from

    Now people are going to tell me how good he is at finding space and creating chances and the fact he can kick a ball into the ground before it bounces over the keeper, but I can only judge on what I see and what I see is a player who doesn’t contribute enough to our team to warrant the status he has at our club. I’d love nothing more than to see him turn up next season and have his best ever year, but right now I don’t see it and I don’t believe Emery does either. We’ve managed to get into a Europa League Final and improve on last seasons league performance even though he’s played less and contributed less. That says it all to me.

    I love watching Özil on his day and I know what he can do, but I’ve not seen it for a while now and I certainly haven’t seen it in big games. The daft thing is I’d actually play him in the EL Final but that’s only because Ramsey is injured. Ramsey has outshone him this season even though he’s leaving and I wonder how many of those people who contributed to the large wage extension of Özil and the departure of Ramsey now wish they’d stuck their money on the Welshman? Don’t get me wrong, we all know that Ramsey had done little in the last couple of years or so, and I get the decision that was made, but you can’t help feel that we are letting the wrong man go.

  26. Gööner In Exile says:

    FGG, I think Rambo has his own choice to make, he had an offer I’m sure it was generous enough, he chose not to take it as he wanted more, so I find it hard to buy the tears last week.

    As for Ozil I understand what you are saying and what GB was saying earlier. If others don’t bring the best out in him then we suffer, to do that they need to get the ball to him, and they struggle to do that when he is playing as high as he did against Brighton and Valencia, maybe asked to? He used to go deeper to find the ball when he wasn’t getting it. But having watched Ramsey and now Ozil occupy that advanced midfield role my guess is Emery does not want them to go deep for the ball.

    In that Brighton game I concentrated on Ozil when we had a period of pressure and camera was wide, when he got it he moved it, when he didn’t have it he constantly moved looking to find space and be available, but everyone else seemed to be playing to a pre ordained script that doesn’t allow for deviation or invention. Could have been found on at least two/three occasions but different decisions were made.

  27. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    FGG. 12.46. I think few Gooners would argue with you but the Ozil deal should be put into context. His agents took advantage of the Sanchez wranglings and AFC could not lose two players of such magnitude at once.

    As to Ramsey, AFC are not going to pay him the wages he can earn at Juve, so he leaves and AFC look stupid. IMO it is a wonderful opportunity for AR and he has made the right decision for himself and his family.

  28. Gööner In Exile says:

    More interesting this morning is Pochetinos comments. I guess right now he is hot Property, and thinks that any club would sign him given what he is getting from what let’s be honest is a very average team with a couple of good goal scorers. Personally don’t feel there is a lot between the squads of Chelsea, Spuds and us. A couple of quality players but the rest average to good. And to judge that I ask myself how many players would get signed by teams at the top and replace the current player in their position?

    But he is demanding a plan from Levy about how they go forward from there and explaining in no uncertain terms that he can’t maintain their position without investment. Something tells me he knows finances will remain tight while they free themselves of stadium costs.

    I respect the choice he has made to speak out, but as yet they (and he) haven’t won anything, so I’m not sure he has that power yet? Wenger was in a far greater position to make those demands when we moved to Emirates and chose not to, or take other offers. Spuds have a decision to make, as Pochettino clearly will not take flak for the Board.

  29. chas says:

    Get it in now in case they spawn the CL……

  30. LBG says:

    Now that’s analysis I like!
    As FGG says we all call it as we see it. Stats have always proved the doubters wrong throughout Mesut’s career, but I think you have hit upon one of problems in the last two years. Mesut has been available to receive dynamic passes between the lines iin the dangerous 10 position all his career, but we do not have players to find him, particularly from the back. Just look at the passes Kompany made to Bernado Silva on Monday for instance, or the two Totteringham CBs to Erikson and Ali.
    When he is forced to come back to take the ball short from defenders he is less effective given all opposition players are now behind the ball. And still given the right run, like DB10, he will find the player.
    The dilemma for years has been Ramsey and Ozil are two different types of players who’s best position was No 10.
    I am grateful for what Aaron has done , but have a feeling he will be no more effective for Juventus as he was for us, particularly if they play him deep, and he might have to simply enjoy the money!

  31. Sue says:

    I really like Dangerman’s work, chas.. (although not the Robbie Savage picture – looked like something from The Exorcist, scary 😂)

    It’s match day! I believe Arsenal are having a bonfire tonight (that is the only way to get rid of the green kit!)
    UE may rotate… would love for Auba to play though & bang in another hat trick & win the golden boot! 🤞 COYG

  32. Big Raddy says:

    There is a New Post

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