Tuesday : 3rd April 2018

This might be a moment to look back at the recent past, with an eye on what might happen in next summer’s transfer window, bearing in mind that Arsene sometimes speaks with forked tongue.

Anyway — Looking back over last summer’s ‘events’ when we were all agog wondering which players were going and which were staying, I thought of comments that I and many others were making at the time.

In June 2017, AW explained quite clearly to the world at large, that he did not like other clubs continually asking him about the transfer status of Sanchez, Chamberlain and Özil, and then ignoring his ‘decisive’ message that they were not for sale. No way, he said, no-how, they were key to Arsenal’s future structure, but still they came back and got the same answer. No meant No, apparently.

He then went on to justify those comments by declaring that Arsenal’s policy was when we wanted a player we would quietly inquire if that player was available for sale, but if told they were not, then the Arsenal would respect that and walk away — unlike the other bad eggs.
Naïve? Possibly. Decisive? Ummmm. Truthful? Well er, um, sort of – maybe.

But hold you hard, because that goody-two-shoes statement did not square up with the rumoured bids for Lemar, for example, when it seems Arsenal were told he was not for sale, and yet we appear to have gone back to his club with incrementally increasing offers in trying to acquire the player.
So, Arsenal were not taking ‘No’ for an answer there then.

Refusing to talk turkey with other clubs beggars belief when the players concerned had refused to sign contract extensions and Arsenal had rejected the prospect of possibly making £150m in transfer sales for the turbulent trio this summer with the risk of losing all that dosh the following summer 2018, when they could walk away on frees’.

In the event, the Ox got his way and seems pretty happy at the Puddle after a £30m transfer was agreed, Sanchez blew hot and cold over a bid from Citeh, and eventually the deal fell through after complications over the Lemar non-transfer mentioned above, and he finally ended up with Moaniho at Manure in January 2018, on a swap deal for Mhki.

Mesut signed a contract extension for about £1 billion a week!! 😩

So, Arsene’s dogged refusal to accept a ‘No’ for Lemar up until the last transfer day, potentially cost Arsenal many millions of pounds sterling — and probably inadvertently proved conclusively that “No” can sometimes mean “Yes” or even “Maybe’ but “Conclusive” it certainly wasn’t and isn’t — not in football anyway.

More to come in the next transfer window? You bet!

Written by RA

56 Responses to Tuesday : 3rd April 2018

  1. Rasp says:

    Thanks for the post Redders ….. a recurring theme on AA over recent years.

    We know that all clubs indulge in ‘constructive lying’ when it comes to players’ contracts and negotiations to buy or sell. Often ‘no’ means … you’ll have to come up with a much better offer than that!

    However, there comes a time when an obvious lie … or a history of the same lie being repeated just makes a club look a bit silly. RVP was staying, Cesc was staying etc etc.

    I don’t really care how many lies we tell if we end up getting the player we want, and similarly if our denial of saleability gets us a higher price for a player we can’t keep hold of … then all good.

    I guess in the end this is just another example of the overpowering tidal wave of ‘fake news’ that we are all subjected to. It is now up to the individual to employ their own brand of BS filter to decide what is believable and what is not.

    We all tend to believe those stories that reinforce our personal ideology. Cambridge Analytica identified that it is the fake stories that make us angry that are most effective in leading us down the wrong path.

    There are a lot of angry Arsenal supporters out there …. are they right .. or are they being manipulated without even knowing it?

  2. GunnerN5 says:

    None of us have ever been a manager of one of the top teams, they are continually peppered with questions on the latest transfer rumours that are circulating. Why oh why would anybody expect them to tell the truth when it may weaken their negotiating stance?

    I rarely believe anything that I read and prefer waking up and reading headlines out of the blue – like this –

    Arsenal have completed the shock transfer today of Sol Campbell from arch-rivals Tottenham on a free transfer.

    The England defender, who has signed a four-year contract with the Gunners, was unveiled at a midday news conference which journalists presumed had been called to announce goalkeeper Richard Wright’s arrival from Ipswich.

    The expressions on the faces of Spurs fans faces must have been priceless.

  3. GunnerN5 says:


    Thank you for your post it’s a subject that is always on our minds. Personally I would prefer a return to the old policy having no transfer windows and clubs could trade players at any time.

  4. VP of Oz says:

    GN5, the comments are so funny. My favourite – sol Campbell wanted to win the title at white hart lane that’s why he joined arsenal

  5. RA says:

    Afternoon, Rasp. and GN5,

    Yes, you have both gone to the heart of these buy/sell things — no-one is going to be so foolish as too say what their line in the sand is in any form of negotiation.

    However, you have asked a good question, Rasp, as to manipulation of the fans, either deliberately or inadvertently. I am sure there are clubs and managers who prevaricate on the availability of their players, or who they are trying to buy and that is just par for the course.

    I do not believe that AW tells porkies or tries to deflect questions by stretching the truth. Many others would not agree with me, but I think he believes what he is saying at the time he says things, but when circumstances change, he will have to change his position, like when he is sure that Oxo and Sanchez will sign new contracts and he says so — when the agent steps in and makes clear his guy wants to leave he has to accept that what he had previously said needs amending. Nothing odd about that either. It is the interpretation of the swiftly changing timeline that can cause trouble.

    Speaking of which — and I am aware this is not a political blog — but I have been amazed that so many British people want to be publicly told exactly what their government wants when they are deep in difficult negotiations with unelected bureaucrats on the other side, and then get angry when that is just not possible.

    Football fans are also like that when delicate transfer negotiations are ongoing. It makes many of them angry, vituperative and deeply unpleasant.

    I would not wish to be a football manager, or a politician to be candid.

  6. RA says:


    Thank you for your politeness. 😀

    Writing a Post after one of the dullest Interlulls can be difficult, and I have declined to write Posts for a number of blogs during my sabbatical away from AA, as the subject matter can become (and frankly almost always is) a repackaging of old ‘news’ which has been recycled and finely masticated ad nauseam.

    Whatever the rights or wrongs of the current subject matter, the real problem lies now with the discredited FFP rules that were supposed to ensure a financial level playing field so that clubs could not spend money on players beyond the individual clubs’ means.

    What has happened is that clubs supported by spendthrift oligarchs have ignored or found legal cop outs to circumvent these rules, altho Abramovich is one who has curtailed the Chelsea spend, and what has happened – they are sinking in the English elite power game – whilst those with sovereign state backing (who mentioned Citeh? 😀 ) in Europe, are beginning to set up a PSG or Real/Barca sub-culture here in the EPL which I can only see will tighten their grip for the foreseeable future.

    Am I being too lachrymose? Probably there will be those quick to tell me! 😀

  7. GunnerN5 says:


    I love the fact that we have clinched the title at White Hart Lane, Stamford Bridge and Old Trafford- talk about rub you noses in it!

  8. GunnerN5 says:

    RA, It’s wonderful that you are spending more time on AA your reasoning is always thoughtful and your posts are always top class – regardless of the subject matter.

    Given the fact that the top clubs have been able to circumvent the FFP rules shows just how ineffectual they were, I wonder if they will ever be revamped and enforced?

    I have always preferred the open market concept of transfers as it allows clubs to buy and sell at a time that suits them and their particular situation. Of course the clubs with an exhaustible cash supply will always get the cream of the crop.

    Without getting too political brain washing the public is now being effected from the highest positions of power, social media seems to have taken over our lives. I must be one of the few people around that do not own (and don’t want) a cell phone that runs my life, they have become a permanent attachment to most peoples hands.

  9. RA says:


    I have to have a cell because of work — however I am steadfast in my disdain for You Tube, Face Book and all the other media outlets.

    Frankly, blogging on WordPress and the like about football can be both a delight and a pain in the butt – and like Rocky, I sometimes get weary of the same old complaints, whingeing and irrational stuff that can float around on almost every site, saying the same thing over and over.

    [In fairness to the Rock, he did not say that exactly, but whatever he said – I agree with him!] 😀

  10. LB says:

    Thanks for the read RA.

    I don’t think for a second that your aren’t aware of the reasons behind the scenes and the party line that has to be towed when is comes to Arsene Wenger interviews relating to transfers.

    But one thing did catch my eye up there and that is that you do believe that Arsene Wenger tells the truth.

    “I do not believe that AW tells porkies or tries to deflect questions by stretching the truth.”

    This made me think as it never entered my head for a second that he was telling the truth but the more I think about it the more I ask why not?

    Do you want to sell Oxlaide-Chamberlain? No, personally I would like to keep him………

    It makes sense: why wouldn’t he want to keep as many players as he can? As to whether they want to leave, well that is a different question.

  11. GunnerN5 says:

    It appears that 140 soon to be 280 characters are all you need to sway national opinion. Maybe I’m just a grumpy old man but I much prefer the great ad lib speeches from Winston Churchill than I do watching Trump read someone else’s words on a tele prompter.

  12. fred1266 says:

    Been a while I have seen a post from queen peaches

  13. Rasp says:

    GN5, do you have access to the series ‘The Crown’ on Netflix. It is the best thing on TV over here. There is one episode where the aging (and increasingly incontinent) Winstone Churchill in his second term as PM is agonising over writing his speech following the death of George VI. In the end he writes a masterpiece.

    I think most of his speeches were carefully written … by him …. not a team of civil servants …. but some of his ad libs in parliament were pure genius.

  14. GunnerN5 says:

    Hi Rasp,

    Yes we watch the Crown it’s one of our favorite shows. My family and friends are extremely tired of me telling Churchill stories and reciting his ad libs (yet another old man thing)

  15. RA says:

    Umm, is Fred calling me a Queen? 🙂

  16. RA says:

    Has there been any sighting of Terry Telescope lately?

    If you are out there Terry, I want my black nylons and 6″ high heels back — and so does Rasper want his too.
    If I am not mistaken, Chas would like to reclaim the frou-frou he lent you last Xmas.

  17. GunnerN5 says:

    Come back Terry…………….

  18. chas says:

    Thanks for the post.
    I’ve no idea what any of it means but I agree with every word. 😀

    Though I for one (much like you i suspect) am heartily sick of it. I don’t believe anything anyone ever tells me any more.

    I also read somewhere recently that with age comes wisdom but also senility (in varying strengths of course) and, as most of history is written by the wiser ones amongst us, we can’t really rely on much of that either. Ho hum.

    Hey ho, fiddley dee.

  19. RA says:

    Hi Chas,

    Very philosophical!! 😀

    There are things that your comment puts me in mind of :–

    — first, stupid young men inevitably grow up to be stupid old men. They are the antithesis of wisdom, which is a combination of experience, knowledge, intelligence and good judgement.

    — secondly, blog sites can easily become a necropolis of both the ill thinking people as well as right thinking people when they get thrown together in a hapless moil of confusion and bitter agitation.

    — finally, in blogdom, all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do not stand up and fight for what they know is right.

    Of course enjoying good company and a drink, or several, riding on a train to support your team thru thick and thin goes a long way too! 😀

  20. chas says:

    A hapless moyl?

  21. Eddie says:

    Thank you RA, nice post.

    It must be very tricky dealing with the media, no matter what you tell them they will print snippets that suits the title. Some people like to quote what Wenger said, but he probably plans carefully how to answer annoying questions without leaving yourself open to misinterpretations. I think.

  22. Eddie says:

    one for Didit

    A friend of mine is currently in Panama. Yesterday at breakfast he had a romantic table for one and there were 4 people at the other table. A woman from the party of 4 started placing dishes they finished with on my friend’s table. He was shocked and said to her ‘ Thank you very much for your leftovers, would you like to leave the toilet paper on my table too?’. She said ‘Je ne comprends pas’. He replied ‘Aha, that explains everything 🙂 🙂

  23. RA says:

    Having a nostalgic look down the list of AA authors made me realise how many good Posts were written over the years by bloggers long gone – some of which you have published on here lately.

    The more I examined the names of the guilty authors and tried to think back to their more memorable comments and Posts, the more I recalled the sheer variation of support they exemplified, including the gulf between the execrable Spectrum and the sheer genius of Rocky, 26 May and the many other colossi who have put their thoughts on our screens for our delectation, some of whom, happily, are still among the quick of AA. 😀


  24. RA says:

    Eddie, @ 6:41

    A very astute observation about the undeclared media ‘war’ against Arsène.

    It is obvious even to the most laid back blogger that there is a seemingly deliberate misinterpretation of what our manager said in order to put him into a bad light.

    The problem for the media is that he has a vastly higher level of intelligence than them — but that also applies to those who choose to side with the media and as Chas so adroitly expressed it ‘Oh, fiddle-dee it’s all the same to me’.

    Ignorance can be bliss.

  25. Eddie says:

    RA – i wouldn’t take it personally if I was Wenger. The media are vultures, they would sell a story of their own mother having a bit on the side if it was going to make it to the headlines. They have to do it, it’s their job.

    Unfortunately Wenger likes flirting with the press and loves little innuendos. They didn’t feck about with Fergie, did they?

    But I don’t think AW loses sleep over journos accidentally misinterpreting what he says or more importantly what he is not saying.

  26. chas says:

  27. chas says:

  28. mickydidit89 says:

    Thank you RA for your work yesterday

    Motning all

    Pool City tonight could be an excellent watch, although it will be without moi

  29. Eddie says:

    fucking hell. what a goal !!

  30. RA says:

    Just stopped work for a bit of lunch and there you all are — Knot Ear — except for a sweary lady, another multi-millionaire Cornish businessman, and the honourable Chas with a beautiful dog, and a weird cat.

    What more could life bring to a chat blog?? 😀

  31. Eddie says:

    where is Terry??

    I was listening to a radio today and people were phoning in to tell their stories of greatest sporting/footballing memories.

    A man called in to tell about 26th May 1989, he was there. And he said that when they were leaving Liverpool residents were standing outside clapping for the Arsenal team. Wow, how good is that?

    And then some silly Tottenham woman talked about some goal she witnesses that was as good as having her 2 sons. Stupid woman.

  32. Eddie says:

    Crap goalkeeping

  33. Eddie says:

    wtf i cant believe what I am seeing

  34. Aaron says:

    Enjoying seeing pup and his spend machine get owned. Will see if it holds up over 2 legs.

  35. Eddie says:

    Charlie Nicholas Sky Sports Football expert predicted 1:1 tonight. Cretin.

  36. Aaron says:

    Well, well, well…Klopp set his boys up nicely and played some great futbol in that 1st half..
    poor pup and $h*tY, better be careful of that dropping confidence going forward.
    Now onto better things, lets go Arsenal on Thursday!

  37. chas says:

  38. mickydidit89 says:

    6:12 ha ha ha

    Match day and I promised to do the pm

    Oh bollocks 🙂

  39. mickydidit89 says:

    Are you around to d the posting?

    I’ve gotta be prontissimo as I have me crypto skype at 8:30

  40. chas says:

    No soz I’m at work. You’ll have to get one of the proper administration peeps to do it.

  41. mickydidit89 says:


    sent to arsenalnuts as I’m on new laptop and don’t yet have old contacts list

  42. mickydidit89 says:

    The Ox goal was good

  43. Eddie says:

    i want 6:51 on every wall in my house
    Surely it would increase the value of the property in a scum ridden area

  44. Eddie says:

    i am looking for match reports on Man city blogs, it could be fun

  45. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All

    Very excited to be going to the game tonight. Thank you ticket fairy and Chas

  46. Eddie says:


    this is hillarious, I might spend half the day reading it 🙂 🙂

    enjoy the game Raddy, don’t forget the mask and protective clothing

  47. mickydidit89 says:

    ha ha Eddie
    Guess what, I have mentioned election rigging and poisoning in the pm 🙂 🙂

    And morning Erik

  48. mickydidit89 says:

    hey eddie

    i noticed the other day you were off on family weekend to brighton. love the place. was born there. hope you had a great time

  49. Eddie says:

    did you? both election and spy?? Excellent, cannot wait

  50. Eddie says:

    micky, say cheese and give us a little wave 🙂 🙂

  51. mickydidit89 says:

    great pic

  52. I’m on the post …… back in a bit …..

  53. Eddie says:

    cheesy 🙂

    I love brighton too, great place. We all had good time and kids didn’t want to leave

    micky – what is the Dyke Road? Magnificent houses, none for sale and most are Homelees houses, not homeless, homelees, what’s that?

  54. Morning all

    There’s a New Post ……………

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