Time for Change?

There has been mis-management at our club for the last few years and it is not all down to Wenger. However I feel he has hugely contributed to where we currently are in spite of who might be responsible for things right now.

Personally I think the real issue started in that summer TW when we got Cech and we famously were the only club in all the leagues not to bring in any outfield player. Arsene kept coming out with this “we only want super talented players” line and “there is nothing out there available that is better than what I already have”. I thought it was a load of crap then and feel that even more now. I think it started to prove then that his insight and vision had become flawed at the highest level.

None of us can know what happens behind the scene, but I feel fairly convinced that he was backed if he wanted someone and he was making the decision not to move for players.

I also have a gut feeling he has not moved on players we really needed if they slightly strayed over the price he deemed as being good value, and I feel his economic outlook when it comes to football transfers has also proven flawed.

I don’t believe that Sanchez and Ozil initially refrained from signing extensions purely to wind down their contracts. I think possibly in that summer they both thought WTF this doesn’t feel right and held back until they witnessed some positive signs of ambition and development of the side to one that could challenge for the big stuff. I think our current situation has not been manufactured in the here and now and can be traced back to the summer of 2015 and Arsene is hugely complicit in this.

Think on this. A few years ago Luis Suarez wanted to leave Liverpool and come to us because he looked at us as the club that was on the up and that was embarking on an exciting new period. The project has failed and quite frankly I think the perception of Liverpool and Arsenal then has been reversed in the eyes of the worlds top players.

At least with a new manager our club could once again be viewed as a top club that is embarking on something new and exciting.

written by Gooner B

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  1. Big Raddy says:

    Earlier comment from FGG …

    So frustrated with Wenger and the club. To go into this season with your best players nearly out of contract is bad enough, but it’s made even worse by his justifications of the situation. To claim that the players are professional and it will have no impact on how they play is just lunacy, has he already forgotten how in the middle of last season his own contract issue had a huge detrimental effect on the players.

    To top it off, he then drops one of his star players because they were being vague and thinking about a transfer. Exactly what he said would NOT happen, because after all, these are professionals.

    Very naive from Arsene and far too much trust placed in money grabbing, trophy chasing footballers.

    A replacement should’ve been lined up for Sanchez long ago. It shocks me that we haven’t actually got a specific target in mind to replace him even though we know he’s been going for over a year. First it was Lemar, then Malcom (possibly Walcotts replacement), then there’s rumours of Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang. I appreciate that transfer opportunities come and go, and rumours are often just that and behind the scenes it could all be planned out, but at the moment it doesn’t seem like that and it appears we are just taking whatever is available as we have no idea what Sanchez is doing or where he’s going. To allow one player (2 if you include Özil) to put all your future transfer dealings on hold is ridiculous. The club is being held to ransom by players who have no interest in taking our money! Everything has to wait and potential player opportunities slip by whilst these 2 sort their futures.


    Now it’s over! 😂

  2. Big Raddy says:

    One from Eddie …

    fattie – now you sound naïve 🙂 The AFC has been run badly for several years now. There have been warning signs for yonks’ – selling best players without worthy replacements, transfer window embarrassments, missing out on TW targets, buying last minute very average players…I could go on and on, and on.

    I called many AAers deluded and they called me doomer. Now, you tell me, if I repeat the same doom laden prophecies year after year, they’ll have to come true one day, no?

    Did you watch Pool v City last night? That was a great game. And for me choosing to watch other teams rather than Arsenal is criminal. I have NEVER before done that.

  3. Big Raddy says:

    FGG’s reply


    I’m fully aware we’ve been a shambles for a while. I just think this latest embarrassment has taken us to a new low. There’s always seemed to be a reason for things happening in the past, but this is just amateur hour. It’s been proof that the club is a joke behind the scenes and it’s not all just Wenger as some would have us believe. I’m hoping the back office changes we’ve made this season will sort some of the shit out.

    I did have the pleasure of watching that game yesterday. It didn’t help my mood when I saw all that attacking talent on show and then compared it to the 11 we put out yesterday!

  4. Rasp says:

    Thanks GB, there is some truth in what you say. RVP cited the lack of the promised quality signings as one of his reasons for wanting to leave … others have said the same.

    I think the tactical ‘manipulation of the truth’ which may be considered as a necessary part of the negotiating process has gone too far. We are not fooling anyone. Not the press, not the fans, not the players. Our ultra conservative attitude towards transfer budgets now defines us as a club.

    We have persisted with players who are below the required standard and then made it worse by paying them too much. Far from there being a lack of available talent, I would say that the influx of new players into the EPL in recent years has been of the highest standard ever.

    The buzz of excitement around clubs like City, Liverpool and totnum is palpable. They have inspirational managers, we are perceived as stale and predictable.

    My last observation may upset a few of my friends here on AA.

    I think Arsene’s decisions to carry on for the last two contracts has been the first time he’s put his personal aspirations before those of the club. He has stated several times that he lives for football and cannot envisage what his life would be like if he wasn’t the Arsenal manager. I don’t think those decisions were in the best interests of The Arsenal.

    My message to him would be this …. You’ve been the greatest manager we’ve ever had. Don’t damage that legacy by clinging on when you can no longer motivate the players to perform. You’ve earned over £100m whilst being employed by Arsenal, take a rest, you don’t need the pressure any more, maybe take on a role somewhere in the club, but please make way for someone with new ideas who can build on your achievements and take the club back to the incredibly high benchmark level you maintained for more than a decade.

  5. GoonerB says:

    Thanks Raddy. I had forgotten exactly what I had written and now having read it again I think I will go and get my tin hat 🙂

  6. Kennedy Butiko says:

    Couldn’t agree more! Wenger has overseen the rotting of the club from a top contender of the EPL to a mid table team purely because of his stubbornness.
    Top managers have been building their squads anytime the window opens but for Wenger because he wants to do things his way, be unique, save club some money, He ends up not buying big ready made players. He has procrastinated many times and.ended up with average panic buys , the results are there for all to witness to.the detriment of the club and.it’s supporters.

  7. chas says:

    Cheers, GB.

    I don’t think Suarez ever wanted to come to Arsenal but was just angling for a move to Barca.

    I’ve not really got much to say about anything else.

  8. Big Raddy says:

    In hindsight, AW’s late decision to stay on for another two seasons was wrong for both the club and AW.

    But it is easy to see why these events came to pass.

    Sanchez: Alexis would have been full of confidence following AW’s statement that he would allow him to run down his contract, then we go for Lemar, AS is on his way to MC, then he isn’t
    . Is it any surprise that AS’s form has suffered?

    How often have we had a settled defence? One of Koscielny, Mustafi , Monreal or Kolasinac has been constantly injured.

    Upfront. Ozil out, Sanchez out of form, Welbz out of form, and hardly a goal scorer, Giroud injured, Theo ??. Lacazette started well but yesterday was completely anonymous.

    Much of this was unforeseeable.

    On a positive note, Arsenal are preparing for the new manager and setting themselves up as a modern club by bringing in number of quality backroom staff.

    I expect a ew manager to bring in his own coaches, hence there is no reason to dismiss such a fine servant as Stevie Bould.

  9. Zee says:

    Whale Oil Bee Damned, GoonerB;

    See you have made me forget what little spelling ability I ever had.

    That was a short, succinct and damning Post if ever I read one.

    Absolutely on board with you on all of that.

    Tin hat? You might need a steel helmet but I doubt it — time and tides are a-shifting. I wrote some years ago that AW who I think now, and did then, is an honourable, intelligent and decent man who is a devoted and loyal manager, and undoubtedly the best manager the Arsenal have ever had, but …….

    My concern was that 5 years ago, or so, AW ran the risk of overstaying his spell in charge and that it would all end in tears, and that it would be in everyone’s best interests if he moved on. to Barça or PSG or wherever. That did not happen, and there has been a lot of unpleasantness that he did not deserve, based on his early career at the club – but ……. stagnation has really got its claws into the club and the teams he puts out.

    He says he will not go this summer — but he is making another mistake — this time he should cut short his contract and allow another younger man to take up the baton, for good or ill, life changes, he has changed, as we all have — it’s time Arsène!

  10. Zee says:

    Rasper @ 10:02

    Could not agree more. I think you and I have been saying much the same thing for quite a while.

  11. VP of Oz says:

    let it all play out, thats what I say.
    If AW had not stayed on, would we have won a record amount of FA Cups
    If AW had gone maybe we couldve won the league

    Overall we’ve had some great moments over the last few seasons and through it all we are the gunners, still the invincibles

    cheers and enjoy

  12. mickydidit89 says:

    Yeah GB

    I can go along with all you say. So that’s nice 🙂

    Bottom line for me, the Club is simply too nice. It’s horrible and ruthless out there, what with everyone trying to get better all the time and shit

  13. LB says:

    Great read GB and a great conversation starter; further, I respect the fact that you bothered going into depth to explain yourself.

    However, unsurprisingly I suspect, I couldn’t disagree more with your view.

  14. mickydidit89 says:

    I think you need to add some flesh to that comment, LB 🙂 🙂

  15. fatgingergooner says:

    I’d like to see us bring in a striker of Aubameyang quality and a winger who can excite the crowd. It’s not often you get the opportunity to do that in January, but it would appear we could do both. I still think some good can come of this Sanchez mess as it will force the club to replace him now which hopefully will then allow us to concentrate on sorting the other gaps in the summer.

    Rumours of Debuchy going to France, Walcott to Everton, Sanchez to Manchester. If we could get those 3 done and bring in Aubameyang and Malcom or Mkhitaryan then I would be bloody ecstatic.

    Then in the summer concentrate on RWB cover and a quality CB.

    For any of this to happen though we need to spend some of our hard earned money. What are the odds of that?

  16. fatgingergooner says:

    In other news, Stoke are going down. Paul Lambert!? Really!?

  17. wally says:

    Bringing players in is just wasted bandwidth.
    We’re like a restaurant that used to be Michelin but has been sliding down for years, but still the same chef in charge. And now it announces that they are only going to use fresh, organic, local products and jacking the prices up. If the chef is still crap it doesn’t matter what he uses the end product will still be crap.
    Wenger brings in new faces every year. The results are still sliding, the product is still crap. We saw it again yesterday. Bought laca and and we can’t even get him the fking ball.
    Think about it. We’ve lost to a team with no manager and now we’ve lost to a team fighting for relegation. We’re closer to Swansea than we are to city. How bad does it have to get?

  18. block 07 row 18 says:

    Unfortunately Wengers Narcissistic characteristics and now beginning to show. He will think he can do no wrong and will still think he can lead the club onto better things for the next 10 years if the club let him. As we know Narcissists can be very entertaining and show lots of charm when called upon. I’m sure behind the scenes he is throwing his toys out of his pram because he isn’t getting his own way.

    Its embarrassing when he often uses the line “I’m 100% committed to the club” we have all been 100% committed to the club a long time before he came on board. He is also paid very well for being so committed. Its not how many hours your work that counts its what you do in those hours that matters.

    We could have been saved from what is happening now and what will happen for the rest of the season if we had an owner that cared and understood “soccer” in the UK

    I’m sure you have had enough of me now .. see you on Saturday

  19. GoonerB says:

    Thanks for all the replies guys.

    Zee. I don’t set out for it to be damning and feel a tad guilty when it comes across that way but unfortunately I feel we could see from a few years back that Arsene had blind spots with what is required to develop a top team in this era and as we both seem to intimate what we are witnessing now is a downward process that started a few years ago.

    I think his resoluteness and unflinching beliefs, that once served him well, are now his Achilles heel and now more resemble harmful stubbornness and inflexibility. I believe that Arsene always has the clubs best interest at heart and thinks he is doing best by the club but doesn’t see his own faults.

    Having said that there is some meat in Rasp’s earlier comment that he has carried on due to his fear of what he does next which would mean it has become more what suits him than the club. In many ways if Arsene doesn’t see his faults it is up to others around him to. In many ways I feel the board have somewhat hung him out to dry by leaving him in the firing line.

    I can see Wally’s argument because I have started to feel that whoever we bring in the other coaching aspects and same old unaddressed faults will continue to let us down. There has certainly not been any shift in progress in the team even after starting to add better players.

    I still think Arsene could finish this season leaving us in a healthy position, but that should then be for a new incumbent to take on. A decent TW and a EL victory would be a fine way to bow out. I am in agreement with FGG about Aubemayeng. I think we need another top striker and feel Lacazette often looks isolated and overrun with defenders around him. If we have a 2 striker option that we can go to at times it may bring out the best in him and the new guy working off each other.

  20. mickydidit89 says:


    All fair points GB. Don’t mean to sound mad and on drugs, but I’m far from ruling out top four

  21. Big Raddy says:

    😀 😀 😀 😀

  22. Zee says:

    GB @ 3:26

    A very clear and fair appraisal of the current situation regarding the boss. He is everything you say he is, and my own position on his final years is based on concern for him and the wonderful work he has produced for Arsenal.

    I loathe the numb-brained criticism of Arsène by people who are like mice to his giraffe, intellectually, but I guess they are being given ammunition by the disappointing seasons we have been having in the Premier League these last few years.

    Of course the FA Cups have been a great mitigating factor which have been very welcome, but in the major competitions there has been a gentle but inarguable decline in our performances and status as one of the top clubs.

    I would love him to go out in a blaze of glory – putting two fingers up to his detractors, and maybe the EL competition will provide that — but sadly I do not think that is too likely with the present squad, which he himself has said he needs to ‘rebuild’. [Staying on for yet another contract to do the rebuilding? I hope not, for his sake.]

  23. Zee says:

    Hi Micky, @ 3:32

    Luckily reading typed print does not make a sound, so you are OK in that respect — sadly it does not stop you ‘sounding’ barking! 😀

  24. Eddie says:

    top four of what darling?

  25. Eddie says:

    thanks GB, Suarez dodged the bullet

    fred, where were you?

  26. Anyone else seen this?

  27. Rasp says:

    Has anyone heard from GN5? I know this is one debate he’d steer well clear of, but I havcen’t seen a commemnt from him for quite some time?

  28. Rasp says:

    Exciting front line I must agree … all we need is a proper holding midfielder and a world class centre back and I’m with Micky … top four it is 🙂 🙂 🙂

  29. LB says:

    “The club is being held to ransom by players who have no interest in taking our money! Everything has to wait and potential player opportunities slip by whilst these 2 sort their futures.”

    Couldn’t agree more, this is where we are at Arsenal right now in 2018.

    It is also the price we are paying for being able to attract world class players to a second tier club in financial terms. And who is doing the attracting? Arsene Wenger. Could Tottenham attract Ozil and Sanchez? No they can’t. Tottenham have got lucky after 45 managers, or what ever it is, to find one who stumbled on Kane and Ali.

    This also buttresses my argument that Wenger was right and I agree that he should have only been looking for other world class gems. It is only he that is the attraction or they would have gone to Liverpool for example, but wait didn’t Sanchez turn down Liverpool? One thing I am sure of is that we didn’t need more Walcotts in 2015

    GB’s post is understandably heart felt concern, supported by the final Suarez argument which is just plain wrong, for the simple reason that Chas gave. Spanish Speaking south Americans get no kudos from their peers and family by saying that they are going to play in London but nothing could be more opposite when they say that they are going to play for Barcelona.

    I could cover everyone of the points above but I have tried to explain so many times that we simply cannot buy a player whenever we want because there is no fixed price for us. Any player we show an interest in, the seller will immediately make the interest public in order to attract Man City or PSG to name two, if none of the Financial A list want a player then we get to buy the likes of Lacazette.

    To finish, no one is happy right now, I am certainly not but digging the knife in the wrong place does not help things.

  30. Rasp says:

    LB, do you think Liverpool are a bigger club than Arsenal? …

    Could you consider the question on two levels:

    1. Financialy … do they have more money than Arsenal?

    2. In terms of how attractive they are as a prospect to sign top players?

  31. fatgingergooner says:


    Arsenal 0-0 Liverpool
    Arsenal 3-0 Man Utd
    Arsenal 1-1 Spurs
    Arsenal 2-1 Man City
    Liverpool 3-3 Arsenal
    Spurs 2-2 Arsenal
    Man City 2-2 Arsenal
    Arsenal 2-0 Bayern Munich CL
    Spurs 1-2 Arsenal LC
    Arsenal 1-0 Chelsea CS


    Arsenal 3-0 Chelsea
    Arsenal 1-1 Spurs
    Man Utd 1-1 Arsenal
    Arsenal 2-2 Man City
    Arsenal 2-0 Man Utd
    PSG 1-1 Arsenal CL
    Arsenal 2-2 PSG CL
    Arsenal 2-1 Man City FAC
    Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea FAC


    Chelsea 0-0 Arsenal
    Arsenal 2-0 Spurs
    Arsenal 3-3 Liverpool
    Arsenal 2-2 Chelsea
    Chelsea 1-1 Arsenal CS
    Chelsea 0-0 Arsenal LC

    These are the results that baffle me when compared to some of the shite we put out at times. We are obviously more than capable of being competitive, and not just on the odd occasion, but quite regularly. Yet somehow, these performances get mixed in with ones of utter garbage. I don’t understand how a team can be so Jekyll & Hyde. In previous seasons we were accused of being flat track bullies who would beat all the sides from 5th down home and away, yet get slaughtered by the big sides. That was understandable to me as it was easy to see that we had a bit of a gap between us and the better teams in terms of quality. However, what we have seen over the last few seasons is a complete switch whereby we can get up for the big games and put in solid team performances, yet we can’t be arsed when away at Bournemouth or Palace or at home to Watford. That to me screams of an attitude problem within the squad and an issue with motivation.

  32. LB says:


    I do not believe Liverpool are financially bigger than Arsenal.

    I also do not believe that they are more attractive as a prospect to sign top players than Arsenal.

    They knew that they were going to get 145 million from the Coutinho sale and with that they bought the Ox and VVD neither of those two are world class by any stretch of the imagination.

    The players that have really worked for them are, of course, Marne and Salah. Imagine if you were a Chelsea supporter and you were watching Salah and De Bryune running around the way they are?

    I think Sanchez will go to Man U, Mourinho is on the ropes up there and he needs to throw a sop to the fans because they are very close to turning on him. Can’t see it working. Can’t see Sanchez changing anything there.

  33. LB says:

    I don’t think it was a case that the team couldn’t be arsed at Bournemouth, I simply thought the more talented team won.

    I could bore people to death with this one.

  34. Rasp says:

    Thanks LB, I know exactly where you are coming from. Where I disagree is the contention that top players still want to come to Arsenal because of Wenger. That certainly used to be the case, but now I think he is generally perceived as a manager who has lost touch with the modern game. Watching the managers after the pool / City game …. you could see the energy and enthusiasm they added to their teams … Arsene’s cultured urbane manner was great in 1997 …. nowadays young players want dynamism

  35. mickydidit89 says:

    “I simply thought the more talented team won”

    Eeek, sorry, that was my bottom that squeaked 🙂

  36. Eddie says:

    so we have fans blaming players, the manager, the board, other fans, but really, like really do any of us know what the hell is going on? No, we don’t, but wheels are coming off and nobody seems to be able to stop the process.

    What in my opinion is worst is the fact that it will take YEARS. many years and possibly many managers until we are invincible again. I doubt I will be around to see the next great area of the AFC, I will probably top myself after 10th Feb.

  37. Eddie says:

    quick – watch BBC1

  38. chas says:

    The Jeff just scored

  39. mickydidit89 says:

    What’s on telly Eddie

  40. mickydidit89 says:

    Dragomir is a Bond Baddie

  41. LB says:

    “What in my opinion is worst is the fact that it will take YEARS. many years and possibly many managers until we are invincible again.”

    Errr yes Eddie, it will, you seem surprised. The only way this will hasten is if an oil rich country buys the club. Failing that we are stuck with our lot which is called Arsenal Football Club and I love it.

  42. LB says:


    If I gave the impression that AW still has his powers to attract simply on the strength of his name, it was a mistake, I took the view that much of what GB wrote above referred to the past.

  43. Eddie says:

    I am not surprised, I am bloody furious. It didn’t have to happen. Had Wenger resigned a few years ago and let one of the younger managers take over, Pep, Klopp, Conte or Pochettino could be our managers now.

    Didit – cats, kittens and sliders 🙂

  44. RC78 says:

    Time for change indeed but let s change our squad a bit this winter already and add at least 2 quality players:

    1. Aubameyang;
    2. Mhykthirian (now there is talk of Martial but no chance)

    If Aubmam comes, then we must play 4-3-1-2 and the best team would then be

    Cech – Bell, Mus, Kos, Koli – Ramsey, Xhaka, Wilshere – Ozil – Aubam, Lacaz

    Ideally, we get a DM too but Aubam is a cracking player

  45. RC78 says:

    Ancelotti is available, Blanc is available, Villa Boas is available…

    And Low will be available maybe and icing on the cake:
    Overmars, Bergkamp and Vieira are also available while Arteta has also been rumored to come back

  46. chas says:

    The Bond Baddie just scored the second.

  47. chas says:

    Big Mav the Greek is big.

  48. RC78 says:

    Lucas from PSG also being a potential target – good player, hard worker

  49. Big Raddy says:

    Big Mav 😀

    That’s him named

  50. RC78 says:

    The Big Mavroski?

  51. fatgingergooner says:

    Interesting conversation about Liverpool being the bigger club and how we could’ve got a younger man in to do the job. Thought I’d do a comparison between our ageing Frenchman and the elite managers:-

    Stats based on the 15/16 season onwards (around the time Klopp joined the PL):-

    Games, Won, Drawn, Lost
    Win Percentage
    Points Per Game

    All Comps

    Guardiola (City) 90 63 15 12
    Conte (Chelsea) 82 57 12 13
    Mourinho (United) 97 59 23 15
    Pochettino (Spurs) 138 79 32 27
    Wenger (Arsenal) 144 82 28 34
    Klopp (Liverpool) 132 69 39 24

    League Only

    Conte 61 44 8 9
    Guardiola 61 43 11 7
    Pochettino 99 58 26 15
    Wenger 99 54 23 22
    Mourinho 60 32 20 8
    Klopp 91 48 27 16

    Wenger doesn’t come bottom of any of these stats.
    The difference between Klopp, Mourinho, Pochettino and Wenger is minimal.
    Wenger has won an FA Cup during this period whereas Klopp and Pochettino have won nothing.

    I’m not defending Wenger here, but sometimes you do have to wonder how much of this ‘disaster’ is created in our own minds and in the media. Obviously factors other than results are to blame for the cloud that hangs over the club these days, but I do think that it’s worth remembering that things are never as good or as bad as they often appear, espescially in the British press.

  52. chas says:

    Eddie, Eddie, Eddie – 3-0

  53. Rasp says:

    FGG, the point wasn’t just about age …. it was about demeanour and energy …. the ability to inspire young players

  54. Rasp says:

    Where are you watching the game chas (not your location, what channel? 🙂 )

  55. chas says:

    Arsenal player

  56. chas says:

    As per my 6:03 comment.

  57. chas says:

    Eddie, Eddie, Eddie – 4-0

  58. chas says:

    4-0 FT

  59. chas says:

  60. Rasp says:

    I’ll admit to not reading every comment that everyone writes 🤣 although generally, the longer the comment, the less likely I am to read it 🙂

  61. RC78 says:

    •Man City end Sanchez interest AND now, it is clear – Sanchez goes to Man Utd and Mourinho for:

    – 18 Mln per year;
    – 35 Mln or Cash + Mhikthyrian

    Will be announced by Wednesday

  62. Rasp says:

    Does city pulling out mean his price goes down?

  63. RC78 says:

    No – it means that AFC has an agreement with Utd and so does the player and Man City does not want to match it

    Now – the question is whether it is 35 Mln Cash or cash + Armenian boy

  64. mickydidit89 says:


    It definitely means he’s not quite as good as he thinks he is 🙂

    No surprise to me. Never thought any of the monster clubs would be in for him. Gives the ball away too much

  65. Rasp says:

    To get the equivalent of 60m for a player with less than 6 months left on his contract seems unlikely

  66. RC78 says:

    It also shows us he wanted to leave at all costs…City, Utd – he didn’t care

    Sanchez – Lukaku – Lingard
    Pogba – Matic – Mata


    Martial – Ibra – Rashford
    McTominay – Fellaini – Herrerra

    Their firepower is quite impressive

  67. Rasp says:

    😂 Micky, I think his ballgivingawayness increased in proportion to his desire to leave

  68. fatgingergooner says:

    Chelsea in for him now apparently.

  69. mickydidit89 says:

    Bugger me FGG, he’ll go anywhere

    Night all

  70. fatgingergooner says:

    Anyone else actually glad to see the back of Sanchez? I hope he leaves this month.

  71. fatgingergooner says:

    Mourinho seemed to say that he would allow Mkhitaryan to join Arsenal. I assume only in a swap deal though, not us just buying him. I’d take him. If we are going to lose Sanchez anyway, then would be good to get someone in return. He’s low on confidence under Mourinho but if we could get anywhere near what he did at Dortmund then he’s a quality player.


    Cheers GB

    I feel sorry for Arsene. Who has benefited from our 2006 Emirates move? Apart from LB’s buttocks been a constant 22 degrees and my itch getting a breather the winners were the old owners, cash rich, and new owners, asset rich.

    The move has not benefited us on the pitch. Perhapes the players should play from the East Upper? That should warm them up.

    Yesterday’s line up? Out of the 12 outfield players, eight, Bellerin, Holding, Chambers, AMN, Jack, Iwobi, Theo, and Ramsey either came out of the youths or were purchased for potential. The other four were ready made buys who lets face it, look pretty average.

    I admire giving youth a chance but given the reality of our recruitment, winning titles is out of the question.

    Now, a lot of people will say Arsene and the Club have recruited badly? This may be true, and it also may be true that a new regime and Manager could do better, and to be honest were I have sympathy with your and plenty others view GB is that the time for a new direction has probably come.

    However, warm buttocks and rich owners past and present is where we are at. A new Manager and his staff will still have to work within the same parameters as Arsene Wenger, struggling to get the top quality and struggling to convince the top quality we do have to resist outside offers of 400k a week with a promise that if they stay, they will never get piles.

    Let’s hope who ever eventually takes the helm can do what Arsene and George Graham did before him, namely punch above our weight and rise to the top.

    The Ghosts of the Thirties are Stirring.

  73. Martin Wengrow. says:

    “The real issue” started when we sold Ashley Cole to Chelsea.

  74. Red Arnie says:

    ha ha ha, GB, brilliant stuff. 🙂 sorry, late to the party, but here is my tuppence.

    Agree with you in the main, but it is only the glass half empty story! Certainly dont agree about timing.

    I expect my club to manufacture an orderly transition, and Arsene has my respect for not walking away while the transition is half baked. That is class!

    I suspect we have tried the transition once in the past two years, through a combination of Henry and Bonkers, perhaps also VanDal, but it did not work out.

    The move have started again in the backroom. Some knowledgeable people even claim that transfer decisions are now partly being made by others, and that may indeed be true. Who that/those others are I do not know, But if someone like Jens were involved, that would be welcome. More movements are forthcoming, I feel. Maybe time to get the God and Freddie back to THOF. Both are out of contract. Perhaps one of these three or a combination, together with BFG in charge of the juniors sounds like a possible plan. But any number of other plans would also be fine.

    Just two things. (a) I would not prefer a manager tainted by the shadow of some other hated opponent clubs, and (b) I would like to see an orderly transition, rather than a hasty procession in and out of the door. And until such time as such a transition is in place. I have no problem with M. Venga keeping the chair warm. Believe me, it could be much worse!

    Onwards and upwards!

  75. chas mobile says:

    I reckon the real issue started when we sold Frank Stapleton to Man United.

  76. chas mobile says:

  77. chas mobile says:

    He’d better leave now that he’s shat on his own doorstep. ☺

  78. chas says:

  79. chas says:

  80. chas says:

  81. chas says:

    Arsenal’s march up the table…….

  82. VP of Oz says:

    FGG 8:37, well put, I agree

  83. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    6.53 I didn’t know Mertesacker had a a dachshund

  84. chas says:

    🙂 Hey, leave the BFG alone.

  85. Eddie says:

    4:0 ?? where, what is going on??

    I missed last night busy blogging, went to bed early absolutely exhausted. Flirting takes an awful lot of out of you

  86. chas says:

    I’d not read FGG’s 8.37 with my excitement at seeing the u23s win last night.
    It really is a great comment. Cheers.

  87. Eddie says:

    Eddie Nketiah. ok, only 18. Is he the replacement for Sanchez?

  88. mickydidit89 says:

    Re the 8:37

    Now stick the 17-18 season only in and see

    It takes time for new managers to their stuff

  89. mickydidit89 says:

    Look lads, I really have not awoken in a stinker of a mood, but if you lot reckon for one moment that Arsene (or anyone else at the club) is assembling the new backroom staff of yer Mad Jens’ for the benefit of a new manager, I think you’re crackers

  90. chas says:

    And get sacked

  91. chas says:


  92. Eddie says:

    micky is right, feck knows what all them are doing, but they are doing it badly
    I know that other clubs can be just as bad, but we are The Arsenal, that is not acceptable.

    What is Lehman doing next to Wenger?? Please someone tell me he is not the new manager

  93. mickydidit89 says:

    Livid? 🙂

    Ok, secretly, do you think Arsene himself reckons he’s finished, or that he could do another five years?

    1. Arsene reckons he’s a knackered old wreck, or
    2. Arsene feels fresher than when he was 18, and is ready to rebuild another dynasty

  94. Eddie says:

    honestly Didit, perhaps you didn’t wake up in a stinker mood, but you put me in one now

    Of course he knows he fucked up, he is arrogant but not stupid. I hope he loses sleep at night, because I do

  95. Eddie says:

    Welbeck to Besiktas? Good, he has not proven himself, has he?

  96. mickydidit89 says:


    Honestly, my outlook this morning is bright and breezy

    Sure, Arsene knows exactly where we are, I just happen to believe he will think he’s the best man for the job of putting us back on track

  97. Eddie says:

    don’t even say that, he cannot possibly think he can sort out the mess. He has been running the club down slowly but surely for the past few years and the results are finally obvious to everyone, even to those drunks from Notts

  98. Red Arnie says:

    motning all.

    nice cat vids.

    apart from that, livid! bloody imbeciles!!!! how dare he/they?

  99. Eddie says:

    Pavon anyone?

  100. mickydidit89 says:


    You can’t just go around willy nilly buying footballers just because they have a short back and sides with a side parting

  101. mickydidit89 says:

    I think the best thing I could do to help everyone out of their scratchy moods this morning, would be to do a roadmap of Arsene’s next five years at Arsenal.

    A vision of the future, if you like. The big plan.

  102. chas says:


  103. Zee says:

    Morning Micky. 🙂

    I am all for you producing a roadmap of Arsene’s Big Plan for rebuilding the team over the next 5 years.

    It will, knowing you, obviously keep to all the standard project guidelines setting out its conception / initiation points, the planning, execution, key monitoring requirements and the project milestones in a Gant Chart – [and where the money is going to come from].

    Go for it !!! 😀

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