Clement to improve ailing Swansea?

Swansea. What a shame. Lovely small club, promoted to PL. Get big name manager. Do exceedingly well considering budget. Sell best players. Don’t re-invest. Manager wants better players, owners want profits, manager resigns.

Then it is all downhill. Managers come and go, results don’t improve. Relegation highly likely.


So far this season Swansea have had 3 managers and are in dire straits (60 y.o. Mark Knopfler as their play maker). That’s what happens with crap owners. It could happen to any club.

Arsenal. What makes our club special? A history of careful stewardship. What would have happened had Usamov taken control? We will never know.

Today’s game is a potential banana skin. Swansea have some confidence after their win over CP. They also have a new, very good manager in Paul Clement, Quite why he left Bayern Munich where he was assistant manager to take over at Swansea is a mystery . At Derby, he only lost once in 19 games!

We have the usual injury list but welcome back some faces. Hector and Kos return having put pen to paper. I would play Gibbs and give Monreal a rest

My Team:


Bellerin    Mustafi    Koscielny    Gibbs

Ramsey    Xhaka     Coquelin

Perez    Sanchez    Ozil

Why drop Iwobi? I don’t know, just so Ramsey can get a mother game under his belt. There is likely to be a midfield battle and we are away so I would pack the midfield, hence Coq/Xhaka.

We need to win today (as always) but it will be no easy victory.


64 Responses to Clement to improve ailing Swansea?

  1. LB says:

    Thanks BR

    The fact that they have a new manager could be seen as a useful thing for us as it might focus the attention just that little more rather than Swanning down there expecting three points. Couldn’t resist, probably should have saved it for later.

  2. mickydidit89 says:

    Thanks Erik

    Don’t like those stats of their manager when at Derby

    As for the team, it’d be great to welcome back Mesut, but where are you suggesting Ramsey plays?

    I reckon Ollie will start.

  3. LB says:

    My guess at Wenger’s team


    Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal

    ——–Ramsey——- Xhaka


    ——–Perez, Giroud, Sanchez

    That really is an all guns blazing line up

  4. LB says:

    I thought Coquelin was still injured?

  5. mickydidit89 says:

    Hoping Danny gets more playing time as we’re inching closer to my dream front line of Sanchez Perez and Danny (any order)

    Today, a win would be massive, as home games to follow against Burnley and Watford could see us climb the table

  6. LB says:

    I’m loving this supposed bust up that is going on at the bridge. I can’t work out how much to believe it.

    The way they are going they will have enough money from China to build that new stadium without putting their hands in their pockets at all.

    Come on Leicester

  7. chas says:

    Cheers, BR.
    Swansea have been a tricky side for us to play against.

    I’m hoping we can lift our performance level with the return of Mesut, so that even if they raise their game (as they always appear to against us), we can still overpower them.

    Failing that, a last minute spawny winner will do. 🙂

    p.s. I know you always delibrately spell Usmanov, ‘Usamov’ and I still can’t work out why. Is it a pun on him being a user?

    p.p.s. I’ve no idea who the 60 y.o. Mark Knopfler is but it still made me laugh.

  8. VP of Oz says:

    my favourite news doing the rounds (in summary and probably not accurate) –
    > Ozil wont re-sign unless AW does
    > AW says Ozil needs to score more goals if he wants a pay increase
    > AW signs Cohen Bramall from Northern League Premier Division club Hednesford Town for £40,000, AW says has “similarities to a young Ashley Cole”.
    > AW no truth in Arsenal’s rumoured pursuit of duo Morata/Belotti and listed Yaya Sanogo and Chuba Akpom as reasons he does not need to bring in attacking reinforcements in January.

    AW is unique in how he develops and builds the AFC team

  9. Rasp says:

    Great stuff, thanks Raddy 🙂

    New manager syndrome … that’s twice this season for us!

    Yes, I agree today will be tough …. but really just what our boys need to show the doubters we can dig in and force a result. 1 nil to the good guys 🙂

  10. mickydidit89 says:

    Cech, Gabriel, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal, Ozil, Xhaka, Ramsey, Iwobi, Sanchez, Giroud.

    Subs: Ospina, Maitland-Niles, Holding, Reine-Adelaide, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Lucas, Welbeck

  11. Big Raddy says:

    No Hector. Must be crocked. Same with Coquelin.

    Would like to see Perez get a run of games because he can cross and we look very light on the right side of attack.

  12. mickydidit89 says:

    Ok here we go

    I never get quite so excited when I see a team sheet and Aaron and Ollie start

    Three points is what matter today not beautiful football, so hope we prevail

  13. fred1266 says:

    Who Gabriel in for

  14. fred1266 says:

    OK what wrong with Bellerin

  15. Rasp says:

    Well it’s all going to have to happen through the middle today – we have zero width!

  16. GoonerB says:

    Thanks Raddy. I think Clement wants to be a 1st team manager and has to step out on his own at an initial level that is not too high but not too low and if successful will look a good prospect for a big club with his experience at the highest level to date.

    I don’t like the new manager thing as I think it works the other way that the team gets a sudden new impetus. Would rather he was arriving after we have played them.

    Don’t really like the team again. Ollie once again promoted to 1st choice CF from the start and Sanchez pushed back wide. Sanchez is fine from the wide area as well obviously but what about the wide right? Who plays there? Certainly no-one naturally adept at the role. Again the same lack of balance for me.

    Lets hope it proves an irrelevant factor today but in the long run it will prove relevant and costly I think.

  17. fred1266 says:

    What really going on

  18. Rasp says:

    We could do with a bit more pace in the final third, I’m hoping to see Welbeck and Perez later.

  19. fred1266 says:

    We need to do anything other than what we doing now

  20. GoonerB says:

    The question is why later Rasp? Why not now, why not from the start? Not many top teams these days set up without pace or with limited pace options.

  21. GoonerB says:

    Have we scored? Not watching. Thought I caught wiff of the handsome French dude doing the business.

  22. Rasp says:

    An injured Giroud puts the good guys ahead 🙂

  23. Big Raddy says:

    Well delighted that we are in front and that is about the only positive of the first half.

    Two attempts at goal. Loads of possession, no penetration.

    Mustafi would be a liability against a better team, and if I were Clement I would be making sure Dyer played on the other wing because Gabriel is no FB.

    Still, could get better, couldn’t it?

  24. mickydidit89 says:

    It COULD Erik 🙂

    I’d take the three points right now and forget about the quality

    Might even squeeze in some music practice second half 🙂

  25. Big Raddy says:

    And definitely not a penalty but I was worried.

  26. Big Raddy says:

    Micky. I read through much of a turgid first half 😦

  27. mickydidit89 says:

    Reckon the Ref made the most of the Tescos Quality Street Christmas offer

  28. mickydidit89 says:

    Yip. it’s awful to watch
    I might try your one eye on trick 🙂

  29. mickydidit89 says:

    different ball game this half

  30. Big Raddy says:

    A little fortunate but who cares. Strange that we scored after I was shouting at the TV for a series of missed chances!

  31. Big Raddy says:

    Does Iwobi get two assists for the own goals?


  32. fred1266 says:

    Is perez on the bench?

  33. fred1266 says:

    OK as ask I see him come on, why didn’t he come on to replace Giroud

  34. mickydidit89 says:

    Perez and Danny
    Very nice

  35. fred1266 says:

    Sanchez attitude stinks

  36. Rasp says:

    Fantastic second half performance …. hard to pick man if the match … Iwobi?

  37. fred1266 says:

    Yea Iwobi was good, hope he actually gets a goal

  38. Big Raddy says:

    The XhakSey combo is improving but Swansea were awful.

  39. mickydidit89 says:

    4-0 away and three very important points

  40. Big Raddy says:

    Nice win. Only negative the injury to Giroud.

    Same time last season we were top but had 2 points less

  41. chas says:

    Could have saved up one of those spawny deflections for a more crucial time, maybe.
    Can’t pick and choose, I suppose.

    Yep, Iwobi gets two assists.

    4-0, still room for improvement but lovely result.

  42. chas says:

  43. chas says:

  44. Big Raddy says:

    We will need two spawny deflections at Stamford Bridge. Perhaps I should make a sacrifice beforehand. Any ideas?

  45. chas says:

    Sacrifice one of Micky’s broken purple plimsolls – he won’t miss ’em.

  46. chas says:

  47. chas says:

    Sacrifice one of Terry’s hairpieces – the footballing gods might even mistake it for a small mammal.

  48. chas says:

    How about LB’s last remaining, unburnt item of Arsenal paraphernalia?

  49. Big Raddy says:

    Good idea. We should ask LB.

    Another stat. Last season at this point we were +16 GD, this season +26.

    So more points and more goals. Of course we are not going backwards!

  50. LB says:

    Hehum, my ears are burning.

  51. GunnerN5 says:

    I’m most likely alone in this feeling but I’m getting fed up with Sanchez’s moping around – he is acting a little God like and it can’t be good for the rest of the team.

  52. mickydidit89 says:

    Hey, just checked out Spurs’ next fixtures
    City away and Sunderland away while we have Watford and Burnley both at home. Ground to be made up perhaps before we go and demolish Chelsea in Fulham

  53. mickydidit89 says:

    It is a bit pathetic, but so long as he acts like a man whilst on the pitch, it is very much overlookable

  54. mickydidit89 says:

    Mmmm, Chavs have Hull home and Pool away
    Things could still get very interesting

  55. Big Raddy says:

    Watching the Chavs today, I think the League is all over.

    They smashed Leicester and re 13 points ahead of the “rampant, resurrected” Man Utd

  56. Big Raddy says:

    I don’t care if Sanchez plays the spoilt brat as long as he performs on the pitch.

    My guess is that he is already on his way out – I hope not, but his body language is awful.

  57. RockyLives says:

    Well that was OK.

    We had lots of good movement and interchanging between players and could have scored a few more with some better final balls.

    Not sure what’s going on with Sanchez. It may just be his general demeanour and if there were no contract talks the media wouldn’t be paying that much attention.

    But I will say that a man who is as careless with his passing as Alexis is should try and avoid looking so grumpy when others fail to deliver it on a plate for him.

  58. LB says:

    There is something in drafts if someone wants to add some pics and publish it tomorrow.

    Hi Rocky

    You have an amazing way of summing up the game in 100 words.

    As Brian Ferry once sung, I’m just a jealous guy.

  59. VP of Oz says:

    so there is a new movie coming out called Arsenal.

  60. Gööner In Exile says:

    Morning all, needless to say I’m still busy….this weekend spent building office units….New Year new storage appears to be the motto in the Exile house.

    However I am realising more and more my official Jonah status.

    Watched Everton game, watched City game, didn’t really watch Bournemouth game, andyesterday whilst listening to radio in first half we were awful, stepped out of earshot come back and we are winning. Second half starts I have radio in lounge but kids want a film on. Radio off, goal flashed up on phone for 2-0. I didn’t switch radio back on 4-0.

    As for Alexisand the sulking, he wants to play 90 minutes of every game, should re really be worried about that? We often complain about our players being too soft, Arsene has a constant battle keeping Sanchez resting, by all accounts he can’t even stop him coming in for training when he has given the team a day off.

    See you all when I can.

  61. Gööner In Exile says:

    Oh and one other thing, I listed to pundits discussing Ozil and his apparent wanting to know what AW will do before he signs. They all accused him of hiding behind the AW contract, and that he should make his intentions clear.

    Look if I am a footballer paid many millions a week and can literally choose who I play for, I’d wait too. If I like my existing manager but I am perhaps worried that a new manager might not be of the level I have become accustomed to I might well hold back before committing.

  62. chas says:


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