Southampton Pre-Match. Expected team. Lucas Perez?

Our 4th home game in an unbeaten November, can we finish with a win?

Back in September we beat Forest 4-0 on a very enjoyable evening, the mixture of youth and experience delivered top entertainment. A repeat would be great.

But Southampton have real quality amongst their youth set-up, it has been so for almost a decade. How they do it is a mystery – Theo, Ox, Chambers, Lallana, Clyne, Luke Shaw, Bale etc etc.

That said, there are few clubs who have brought through as many youth team players as Arsenal, and the Notts Forest game introduced us to a couple more: Jeff, Akpom and Maitland-Jones started the game with Willok, Bielik and Zelalem coming on as subs. There are more in the pipeline.

Tonight may be a golden opportunity for Lucas to show why we paid big money for what (IMO) is a Welbeck substitute. there is a rumour he could play.

His name is Lucas Perez Martinez, why isn’t he known as Martinez? Why was he Perez when we signed him and now is called Lucas? Perhaps it is because of Emiliano?


The most likely starters are those who did not play on Sunday and are likely to ride the pine at The London Olympic Stadium.

My Team:


Maitland-Niles (Cons)    Holding     Gabriel    Gibbs

Ramsey   Coquelin   Iwobi

Jeff     Perez     Ox


In an ideal world this would be an opportunity to give Jenkinson a few minutes, the elevation of Debuchy to the first team must have damaged The Corporal’s confidence;  he is a sure starter at West Ham and we cannot risk him.


For those lucky enough to be going, enjoy the game. For us screen watchers the game is not being shown on UK TV, streams are few and far between (unless you live in Africa). Some links pre-game would be helpful.

A semi-Final against Hull (we can hope!) would be great.


121 Responses to Southampton Pre-Match. Expected team. Lucas Perez?

  1. Red Arnie says:

    Raddy, thank you. Lovely curtain raiser. I like your line up. 🙂

  2. Red Arnie says:

    We will probably soon have to add to the list the young chappie whose vid Chas posted yesterday. Nefertiti or whatever else his name is! 🙂

  3. Red Arnie says:

    For now, this is the stage for the under-21s to demonstrate their value, And except last year, we have always reached the SF in recent times. So may this trend continue, even if it is somewhat boring for some. 🙂

    I hope the juniors do well today. There may be divided interests in later games, hopefully if the U-19s can win 2-1 or better against Basel.


  4. Wiziwig will almost certainly have it on, I’m a saints fan,but love Arsene Wenger as a manager. Think it’ll be a very low scoring game,

  5. mickydidit89 says:

    Excellent Erik, thanks.
    I love this competition. So good to see the young guns. Like you say, Southampton produce so many, it’ll be nice to see some of their stars of the future.

    Thanks Mark
    Do not like your low scoring forecast 🙂
    Are you going to the game?

  6. mickydidit89 says:

    Quick question: now we’re all mates, do you have an extremely expensive young striker we could buy for a vulgar amount of money. You know, first dibs and whatnot? 🙂

  7. Rasp says:

    Thanks Mark, the Saints are one of a few clubs we have great respect for, let’s hope it’s an entertaining game.

    Lovely PM, thanks Raddy. I had, and still have, high hopes for Lucas. I hope he starts, we’ve already seen how his confidence grows once he’s hit the back of the net. I get the comparison with Danny, let’s hope the similarity doesn’t extend to propensity for injury 🙄

  8. Red Arnie says:

    Welcome to the space, Mark. Good luck to the Saints, but we will win. You know that, right! 🙂

  9. Red Arnie says:

    Here’s another one who I am finding exciting. Scored a last minute equaliser against PSG U-19.

  10. JM says:

    AW pre-match:
    – “We will have a mixture of youth and experience but still 90% of a first-team squad,”
    – “Pérez is in the squad and Jenkinson will play. I rested Carl completely against Bournemouth because he had played in two big games [against Manchester United and Paris St-Germain] and I felt he needed a breather [having only recently returned from a nine-month injury lay-off]. Sometimes, mentally, three games in a week demands a lot. Carl’s back in and we’ll put Gabriel in the centre.”

    In addition:
    Petr Cech, David Ospina, Laurent Koscielny, Shkodran Mustafi and Aaron Ramsey were all rested from training and not expected to be involved in this match. Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez, Theo Walcott, Granit Xhaka and Mohamed Elneny trained in preparation – some of them may be named in the subs’ bench, along with Matt Macey, Krystian Bielik, Marc Bola and Stephy Mavididi.

    Expected 1st team players to start:

    (GK) Emiliano Martínez, (DFs) Carl Jenkinson, Gabriel Paulista, Rob Holding and Kieran Gibbs, (MFs) Francis Coquelin, Ainsley Maitland-Niles, Jeff Reine-Adelaide, Alex Iwobi, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (FW) Lucas Perez

  11. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers Raddinski 🙂

    As always, a fine preview for what should be a fun game to watch, even if that means not many goals. Football is more than scoring goals, unless you are a Brexit-feasting, viola-playing, fish-smoking and fair-weather surfing Cornwaller, of course. 😀

    I expect Wenger to take this one serious and field a strong team. He knows we will not stand a good chance to win with anything less and he does not like losing games, even in the micky mouse cup competition. So maybe just one youngster and inclusion of either Rambo or Ozil, possibly Theo and I would not be surprised to see Alexis play the last twenty minutes as well. Looking fwd to this one.

  12. Red Arnie says:

    Total. That’s some tub-thumping description of the Cornwaller! 🙂

  13. TotalArsenal says:

    Arnie 🙂

    Am I correct in thinking you are based in bonny Scotland?

  14. Red Arnie says:

    Aye, Total, right you are! 🙂

  15. TotalArsenal says:

    Where abouts, Arnie (I am based in Dumfries and Galloway)?

  16. Red Arnie says:

    I am currently based in Edinburgh, but think of myself as a Fifer. 🙂

  17. Red Arnie says:

    Moved to Edinburgh last year, but spent more than a decade in various parts of Fife (and Dundee). 🙂

  18. Red Arnie says:

    Total. Where in Dumfries and Galloway? BTW, Wigtown is one of my favourite places in Scotland. 🙂

  19. chas says:

    Nice one, BR.

    EFL is a chance to see how good the second string actually are.

    Of course the further you get, the more you want to get to Wembley.

    I hope AW isn’t tempted to play too many first teamers either tonight or, if we progress, in the two-leg semi. I’m still haunted by that Sheff Wed game last season where Theo and the Ox were both off in the first 20 minutes.

    The Tuesday Club is the renamed ‘It’s Up For Grabs Now’ podcast featuring Alan Davies.
    It was renamed after the Arsenal players’ drinking club in the 90s. The players used to have Wednesday off from training. It’s in Razor’s book from the membership pack.

  20. Big Raddy says:

    I was wrong about Jens and think his inclusion is a little rash. What if he gets injured? Gabriel at RB again? Or the untried Maitland-Niles (Conservative?

  21. Red Arnie says:

    Agreed, Raddy.

  22. chas says:

    Maybe Jenks needs his confidence boosting so that he can be right up for Saturday.

  23. chas says:

  24. Red Arnie says:

    ha ha ha, brilliant Chas. 🙂

  25. mickydidit89 says:

    he he he he and the snigger at the end. Classic rolfage 🙂

  26. mickydidit89 says:

    The Tuesday Club. Where does one find a podcast?

  27. Eddie says:

    what would you expect from a team representing town with just 14k residents? That’s just 3 times Cuffley population and I doubt Cuffley FC have a proper strip.

    I think they look good.

  28. mickydidit89 says:

    You think that free kick looked good.
    I love you 🙂

  29. Eddie says:

    thank you Raddy, you are a true professional. Who would have bothered writing about such insignificant game? No, that’s too harsh, not insignificant but perhaps of lesser importance.

    The only problem I have with you stating that not many clubs brought us many youth players as the Arsenal. Really? Who?

    you mentioned Jeff, Akpom and Maitland-Niles started the game with Willok, Bielik and Zelalem. only 2 of those are from the arsenal academy I think – Akpom and Maitland. Akpom is always on loans and Mitland we are yet to see if he is any good.

    I stick by my opinion that our academy is a huge waste of money. Do away with it and buy us a proper striker

  30. Eddie says:

    no, I thought the blue kit looks good.

  31. mickydidit89 says:

    But Eddie
    We can afford Cavani AND the academy. Not our loot, so who cares

  32. mickydidit89 says:

    Tell us more about Cuffley FC
    I go look

  33. Eddie says:

    So why is Cavani playing against rather than for us??

  34. mickydidit89 says:

    Because we lack any kind of real drive for excellence

    Now, back to Cuffley FC. Check out their awesome club crest. Its a bloomin’ Zeppelin being shot down. Superb

  35. Eddie says:

    are you sure? nay, it’s some horny animal (not Terry)

  36. mickydidit89 says:

    Well yes, but what’s the bloody great balloon airship thing going up in flames with biggles zooming past behind Transplant then?

    Betcha an airship crashed in Cuffley

  37. mickydidit89 says:

    Ahhhhhh…look what I looked up

    “On the night of the 3rd September 1916 the war arrived in a very real way to the small village of Cuffley. A Schutte-Lanz airship SL-11 (a wooden airship which was lighter than a Zeppelin) was on a bombing raid over London and was successfully attacked by 2nd Lieutenant (later Captain) William Leefe Robinson of the 39th Home Guard Squadron. His small biplane used a new type of incendiary ammunition to set the ship alight. SL-11 came down to earth behind the Plough Inn at Cuffley”

  38. Eddie says:

    Cuffley Air Crash, September 1916 

    On the night of the 3rd September 1916 the war arrived in a very real way to the small village of Cuffley. A Schutte-Lanz airship SL-11 (a wooden airship which was lighter than a Zeppelin) was on a bombing raid over London and was successfully attacked by 2nd Lieutenant (later Captain) William Leefe Robinson of the 39th Home Guard Squadron.

  39. mickydidit89 says:


  40. mickydidit89 says:

    Any other burning issues we could resolve Eddie?

  41. mickydidit89 says:

    Pop into the Plough Inn. Could be some good pics. Maybe even some wreckage

  42. chas says:

  43. Eddie says:

    …I am thinking.
    Massage. How often are you supposed to endure the torture? I am sure those Thai girls hate me. One whacked me on the back so hard today that I thought to myself ‘ no tip for you darling’ when she eagerly tried booking me for another appointement. Sadists.

  44. chas says:

    An RFC BE2, as well, piloted by Lt. Leefe Robinson had spotted SL 11 in a net of spotlights and under heavy fire. She turned away from central London and headed north, and began to climb to escape from the spotlights. As she did this, all the guns in north and central London opened up, and the hammering din of the artillery woke thousands of sleeping Londoners, who then watched the drama in the sky unfold. Lt. Robinson’s BE2, a mote of dust flitting though the spotlights, had both an angled machine gun and incendiary bullets. Robinson closed and raked SL 11 with a drum of the new bullets…to no effect at all, aside from alerting the machine gunners to his presence. (Robinson later reported he could make out the flickering red light of their muzzle flashes.) Thus began a wheeling dual, with SL 11’s machine gunners trying to plug Robinson before he could bring his angled machine gun to bear. Again Robinson raked SL 11 with bullets, and again there was no effect. As SL 11 passed 11,000 feet, the spotlights began to loose track of her. Loading a third drum, Robinson changed tactics, attacking just one point on SL 11’s rear underside. For a moment, nothing happened. Then: “I had hardly finished the drum before I saw the part fired at glow. In a few seconds the whole rear part was blazing.” Rolling and diving to avoid the now aflame airship, Robinson became the first pilot to score a kill with the new ammo. Londoners on the ground cheered SL 11’s end.

    For the British, the end of the SL 11 created jubilation. The next day was a Sunday, and was informally declared “Zepp Day”. Thousands had cheered SL 11’s end, and thousands more made the trek to the beet field just north of London where the charred wreck of SL 11 lay. Her fallen gondolas and engines had gouged craters in the field where she fell, and her ingenious wooden structure was little more than charcoal. The most substantial part of the wreck was miles of steel bracing wire that lay all over the field. Lt. Robinson, meanwhile, was the hero of the hour. Though the British tried to conceal the existence of the new incendiary bullets, the decoration of Lt. Robinson with the Victoria Cross confirmed to everyone that an airplane, and not an artillery shell, had struck the fatal blow.

  45. mickydidit89 says:

    Sounds to me like the masseuse could have been a lesbian. Just a bit of lateral thinking

    As usual, superb sleuthing

  46. Eddie says:

    even so – why hit me like that??

    have we got team news yet?
    I am surprised someone has not give me bollocking for criticizing our superbly expensive academy.

  47. mickydidit89 says:

    Well Eddie, until recently, I was the only one on here, and I don’t bollock

    Chas, meanwhile, ponders his next move

  48. mickydidit89 says:

    Oooops… Theo through the middle, anyone?

  49. chas says:

    What would all the Championship sides do if they didn’t have a constant supply of rejects from our superbly expensive academy with which to furnish their squads?

    Apparently Bartley and Ayling were playing for Leeds last night.

  50. chas says:

    Theo through the middle of what?

  51. Eddie says:

    I checked Bartley – formidable career. Ayling even better. What a waste of money. Ok, I wouldn’t say that in GiEs presence, but he is working so I feel free to call it a Big Bloody White Elephant

  52. Eddie says:

    chas – I hope you are trying to impress micky rather than me. You will find it very difficult to impress me with war stories, 1st or 2nd or the Cold one. I played hide and seek in german bunkers ffs

  53. chas says:

    I’m not trying to impress anyone, me dook.
    I just thought it was a great story once I started investigating and thought I’d share the little bits I’d found.

    Trying to impress you would be like trying to milk an ant, while wearing boxing gloves. 🙂

  54. Eddie says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    I didn’t know the Zeppelin story, but I will oblige and go to the pub to investigate further. Feel free to pop in for a cuppa next time you are heading south and we could all go to the pub, which sits nicely between my and peaches’ houses

  55. chas says:

  56. chas says:

    Rambo, Jenks and Iwobi need to find/get back some form, so seems a sensible team, maybe?

  57. chas says:

  58. chas says:

    Absolutely no idea if this is full strength Southampton or not?

  59. Eddie says:

    Lucas. Hm, something to look forward to

  60. Red Arnie says:


  61. chas says:

    All round to Mrs Eddie’s bedroom.

  62. Red Arnie says:

    hoping to see good stuff from Holding, Reine-Adelaide, Lucas and hopefully Mavididi on for a late cameo. 🙂

  63. mickydidit89 says:

    6:48 Southampton XI Strong or weaked side
    I looked at it, and thought the same thing. No idea whatsoever

    Anyone here actually watch football and know the answer?

  64. Red Arnie says:

    Bliss point will be Iwobi MOTM

  65. Red Arnie says:

    Micky. “Anyone here actually watch football”? No. 🙂 Anyone competent in bolleaux? Plenty. 🙂

  66. mickydidit89 says:

    Looking ahead to West Ham game, I’d say the only injury risk is either Coq or Elneny as one of them will presumably start saturday

  67. Eddie says:

    I beg your pardon. I have heard of Forster and van Dyke

  68. mickydidit89 says:

    To be honest Arnie, you have to pretty sad to watch football 🙂

    The Arsenal is something altogether different

  69. mickydidit89 says:

    LB will be pleased.
    His MOTD, aka Ramsey, is being given a go in the middle.

  70. mickydidit89 says:

    Sorry, MOTM

  71. TotalArsenal says:

    Red Arnie, I heard Fife is very nice indeed, and Edinburgh is pure beauty – love Glasgow too though. I live south of Biggar. Whenever possible we go to the highlands though, best place on 🌏

  72. mickydidit89 says:

    Just tried wiziwig for a stream
    Touched on the live button by our game, and my screen went nasty.

    Anyone found anything?

  73. LB says:

    So Ramsey gets to play in his preferred position for the first time since the World Cup, you will all be grateful for him if Ozil gets injured……..actually people won’t they will just moan.

    I wish I was going now………..hmm got that one wrong.

    Really want to see Perez play.

  74. Eddie says:

    it’s on bt sports 2, Raddy is a layer

  75. mickydidit89 says:

    St Andrew’s day for you two dwellers of the glens

  76. mickydidit89 says:

    Blimey, thanks very much Eddie

  77. Eddie says:

    no, no he isn’t. Something strange happening on Liveonline footy, they are lawyers

  78. mickydidit89 says:

    BT Sport 2 looks more like cricket to me

  79. mickydidit89 says:

    Ooo, thank you LB

  80. Big Raddy says:

    Crap start. Bloke couldn’t do that again in 100 attempts

  81. mickydidit89 says:

    The little men moving about on my screen are very fuzzy

  82. Red Arnie says:

    I just managed to get it on cricfree. but oh dear!

  83. Big Raddy says:

    Eddie. I care. A lot.

  84. Eddie says:

    raddy – you need to go out more 🙂

    perfect stream: £7 for 2 months subscription

  85. Red Arnie says:

    Try cricfree. Good stream actually

  86. Big Raddy says:

    Nothing working anymore. Shitshow.

  87. Rasp says:

    Wtf? Talk sport and radio five live both covering the Manchester United game?

  88. chas says:

    Feckity feck bags

  89. chas says:

    Didnt want a 2 leg semi in january anyway

  90. Eddie says:

    exactly, we have bigger fish to fry

  91. chas says:

    All they did was press until we gave the ball away virtually in our own third. Shit football from us.
    If a team high presses, the whole team have to drop back 10 yards to provide options.

  92. Big Raddy says:

    We are playing terribly, probably the worst this season.

    Jenks – hopeless. Both goals coming from his wing, both defendable.

    We have yet to have a shot on target or any shot at all.

    Good thing my streams are so poor.

  93. Red Arnie says:


  94. chas says:

    ElNeny injured. Time I stopped watching.

  95. mickydidit89 says:

    Well, I’m thoroughly enjoying it.
    Can hardly see a thing 🙂

  96. Big Raddy says:

    Only positive is the Ramsey/Xhaka axis

  97. Red Arnie says:

    pretty poor half 😦

  98. Big Raddy says:

    Dreadful half from the boys.

    Can’t watch the crap streams anymore. Looking forward to watching the highlights of a 3-2 home win in the morning.

  99. Red Arnie says:

    Rasp. BBC Radio 5 Extra

  100. mickydidit89 says:

    Sorry Erik
    Couldn’t see that positive either 🙂

  101. mickydidit89 says:

    Beginning to think Chas has a point about not wanting a two legger in January

  102. Rasp says:

    59% possession, 1 shot on goal 😦

  103. Rasp says:

    One weird thing I’ve noticed in pretty much every game we play is that we invariably have a much higher percentage of blocked shots than the opposition. My feeling is that this is because we are too slow to get the ball forward, the opposition have time to pack their defence and we are often trying to shoot through a sea of legs

  104. Red Arnie says:

    very disappointing.

  105. LB says:

    So the blurry chaps in black and grey beat the blurry chaps in red and white.

  106. mickydidit89 says:

    If we were being really brutally honest with ourselves, we’d admit it’s a poxy tournament anyway 🙂

  107. Red Arnie says:

    still, it is a chance to see our youngsters. sad.

  108. Gööner In Exile says:

    Er……admission time, looked at BBCSportcthis morning then noticed we had a game last night 😳

  109. LB says:

    New early post

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