Well Who Would Have Thought? Arsenal 3 Liverpool 4

Many people predicted that a beating was on the cards as many predicted that we would score a few ourselves and so it was. Possibly the biggest surprise to me was that we looked as though we were going to win for the better side for forty six of the forty seven minutes played in the first half. Theo’s penalty miss was quickly put right a few minutes later when he accurately slid the ball past a helpless Mignolet and not only were we one nil up we were looking good. So much so that I started to think that I may have read this one completely wrong.

Comments from FGG such as “Coutinho is over rated” started coming to mind and concerns about the potential long term mental damage to Holding should we suffer a thrashing seemed way off the mark. But then with just one minute before the break everyone decided to pick up the script and give it a good read. Coutinho’s free kick from distance was so good it only warranted the slightest of sighs of annoyance as it flew into the top corner. Czech was well beaten but worse, much worse it gave Liverpool the belief that they could get more than just a draw from the sundrenched afternoon at the Emirates.

And so that proved. Liverpool came out after the break with renewed belief and quickly took the lead through Lalana. This was followed shortly after by Courtinho and then finally by Mane turning Chambers inside out.

Things were looking grim, people around me started walking out, the groans aimed at Wenger were getting louder and some people were even saying things like “we should have brought a central defender and a striker”. Really, who would have thought? I searched for my inner Zen consoling myself that this was predictable and I should not be upset because winning is not the only reason I go to watch Arsenal (OK that bit’s a lie). The mood of the crowd had changed, the groans aimed at Wenger were getting louder but just as those very groans were about to turn into full scale abuse, up popped Oxlaide-Chamberlain to slalom past the Liverpool defence and fire in through the smallest gap at the near post.

Wooo, this was getting exciting. Wenger sent the kitchen sink down the touchline to warm up before throwing it on, and it worked; Chambers flicked on into the net a delightful Cazorla free kick making it 3-4, and for a moment we allowed ourselves to dream that the full come back was on. Alas, it didn’t happen as we know but the next best thing did and that was that we witnessed a really exciting game. Never a dull moment at Arsenal, bring on Leicester and let the signings begin.

Player ratings:

Czech: another commanding performance. I can’t see that he was at fault for any of the goals but I will defer to GIE for a more knowledgeable view. 5

Bellerin: We have a saying around where I sit which goes: when things are going wrong think of Hector. Did you see that tackle he made in the dying minutes when he raced back at turbo speed, amazing and uplifting at the same time. I have not seen replays but Hector had the air of the veteran about him, calm collected, right place, right time. 6

Holding: I have been looking forward to writing this: the man was outstanding, his passing ability, his accuracy, both short and long were excellent. The idea that he was going to be the one to buckle proved unfounded; all the problems came from the Chambers and Monreal side. 7

Chambers: there was a time in the first half when I was thinking this man is going to be MOTM but then his passing started going astray and then he started going astray. If Koscielny is fit next week I would keep Holding and drop Chambers. 3. OK I will give him an extra point for his goal. 4

Monreal: I thought he and Chambers were responsible for the last three Liverpool goals. The left flank was constantly exposed. Nacho’s positioning was all over the place. 3

Elneny and Coquelin: Our midfield dogs of war, love’em. For the amount of work they both put in they deserved more. 7 each.

Ramsey: Europe’s second best number 10 carried on where he left off at the Euros which was very good;  it is easy to forget how effective he is when played in his natural position. 7

Iwobi: Not a good day for Alex; he really was the weak link. His inability to find his man when a simple pass was all that was needed had a huge knock on affect so much so that I would say that it reduced Sanchez’ effectiveness by 50%. 4

Sanchez: with no one to play the quick one twos that make him so effective he was reduced to being isolated for much of the game. It is too early to say whether he can or can’t be a number nine; we will only know that when Ozil, the king of the assists returns. 6

Walcott: Theo thrived when fed but that was not as often as he needed and so he faded. Still good from Theo though, I liked what I saw. 6

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  1. chas says:

    Cheers, LB. a fine and balanced read.

    I can’t find any of those deliberately controversial bits you’re so fond of chucking in to fuel debate.
    However I’m sure there will be some who will. 🙂

  2. Didit says:

    Happy Birthday LB
    Albeit I may be the minority of one who thinks it’s today not yesterday.

    Chas, could his controversial bit be the line about Aaron being Europe’s No2 No10?

    The other day GN5 asked if we were “ready”. I answered, I am, Arsenal are not. I was wrong about the first bit. I rushed my pre match preparations. Had the cool drink and nibbles, but was not properly relaxed. On those grounds alone, I think we should demand a rematch.

  3. chas says:

    Yes, you may have a point.

  4. Eddie says:

    Happy Birthday LB!!

    Great report, fitting the great game. Thank you very much,

    Yeah, I was gutted, but on the whole it’s good to see the team’s comeback – shows mental strength. At 3:1 I thought it is going to be another humiliating 1:5. But the lads thought hard and probably deserved a draw.

    It was interesting to listen to the commentators saying at half time how the Pool players came back after the break well organized, as a team, concentrating. They said that Arsenal players were casually strolling on the pitch, not showing any team spirit. I got alarmed, very alarmed. I knew that Klopp must have had talking down with his team. Wenger didn’t. And it showed right from the start of the 2nd half. Am just relieved we ended up almost drawing.

    Wenger out.

  5. Didit says:

    Oi, don’t dis da pussies
    Very undignified

  6. Didit says:

    “Wenger out” ha ha ha
    Morning Eddie 🙂

  7. Eddie says:

    the Olympics – GB second in the medals’ table, 5 golds in one day! That is why I love this country. Not the biggest in the world, not most populated, but the character is stronger than anywhere else.

  8. Didit says:

    Maybe, just maybe, what LB is saying is on the back of the commanding performance from Holding, do we really need to buy a defender, rather two attackers?

    I like the idea of playing “what LB really means is…..”

  9. Eddie says:

    morning DidIt.
    I am not even joking, I want him out. With a new, hungry, young manager we could be winning trophies. WENGER IS HOLDING US BACK.

    how is the tail?

  10. Didit says:

    Yip, that’s it, clear as day. What LB is saying is….had Mesut provided the ammo and with another quality wideboy in place of Alex, we would have scored five.

    I think he’s right.

  11. Eddie says:

    yes, LB is right. And so is everyone else who thinks we are 2-3 players short to be genuine title contenders. This situation has been going on for too long, how many seasons we are 2-3 players short?

    And excuses, always making excuses – injuries, referees, busses parked in our way, etc etc. Anything not to face the truth – we will never win the league when Wenger is in charge. Amen.

    I will let myself out now

  12. Didit says:

    I thought he should go after the Hull Cup Final!!!!
    Anyway, the immediate solution remains a leader and more goals.

    Tail good. Lasted two days. I’m still surprised as it’s called cold water tail, and the water wasn’t cold. Must have been too much swimming and too much stress on her outboard motor.

  13. Didit says:

    What is the tail’s primary purpose in swimming, propulsion, steering or floatation?

  14. Big Raddy says:

    LB. Thanks for an enjoyable read. It is always good to have a man at the match viewpoint.

    You sum up my feelings about the game to a T (why is it called a T?).

    The left side of defence was awful with their 4th goal in particular painful to watch, IMO Cech should have saved it.

  15. Didit says:

    T. Guess: golf?

  16. Big Raddy says:

    Didit. Depends upon the animal. In a whale – all 3. In a dog, none.

  17. Pop-Gunner says:

    …We need to be rational in reacting to one defeat to a good Liverpool side who will probably challenge the top four this season…

    However – it is the Managers job to get the team/squad ready for the season and in my opinion the squad is fundamentally unbalanced – too many midfielders and not enough attacking or defensive quality…and to say that the team are in ‘inexperienced’ or .not ready’ when you have been in charge for 20 years is baffling? If the team are not ready then surely the time spent commenting on the Euros this summer could have been better spent rectifying that?

    The priority transfer business over the summer should have been at the back & up front…then if we had the time/money then fine get another midfielder – but to spend an estimated £30million on a player and then admit you don’t really need him by putting him on the bench? Again, baffling…

    …and where are the players coming through from the Youth set-up? After 20 years and all the money spent on the Arsenal Youth set-up why can’t we produce for the first team squad? Specifically, why can’t we produce a CB in 20 years at least as ‘cover’ within the squad? Is it because these type of purely defensive players just aren’t rated at the Arsenal anymore?

    …it’s only one defeat, but after 20 years in charge if the squad ‘isn’t ready’ for whatever reason then the manager needs to take more responsibility for that failing…

  18. LB says:

    Yep Pop, gotta agree, not a good excuse, if the squad isn’t ready then there is only one person to blame.

  19. Rasp says:

    Thanks LB, a very fair assessment … and a happy birthday to you.

    I had composed a reaction to the game in my mind – and it was all about the predictability of the game … but then I read your report with the word ‘predictable’ liberally peppered throughout 🙂

    I was going to mention the lack of signings, injuries before we started, injuries during the game, a manager who delivers an analysis of the game as though he’s the commentator rather than the person responsible (we lacked experience and fitness!), and starting the season with a loss but likely to rally and end up top 4 ……. but I’m not going to do that as it would be predictable 🙂

  20. RA says:

    Excellent summing up, LB.

    Naturally there will be many shades of grey in the interpretation of the ‘facts’ of the game, but yours will be as good as any.

  21. RA says:

    Happy birthday, Done Didit.

    [No idea, but it will happen, I guess] 🙂

    Radford-ish: ‘To a ‘t’ — is probably from old/medieval English, in turn derived from latin and used in the word ‘tittle’ to describe ‘precisely to the smallest dot/iota’.

    NB: – ‘T’ Shirt, Golf tee, etc are all bollix.

    Hope that helps? 🙂

  22. Didit says:

    Pop-Gunner: top comment

    RA: superb on T

    Erik: fascinating on whales and dogs

  23. Rasp says:

    Great comment pop gunner … I am in full agreement.

  24. Bleeding gums Murphy says:

    I was at game and don’t know what you saw Ramsey do. He didn’t create a single chance if memory serves me well. He is a square peg trying to fit in a round hole. Technically not good enough for us.

  25. Big Raddy says:

    RA. Thank you.

    BGM (fine name!!) I completely disagree with you.

  26. LB says:

    I saw a first half during which we were dominant and Ramsey was running the midfield but any midfield general needs outlets and of the three that were available only two turned up which meant that one third of our attack was not there and that is a huge percentage to lose. Iwobi was completely ineffective and I think he unnecessarily gave away the free kick that led to the goal

  27. VP of Oz says:

    I did not watch much of the Man C and Man U games but from what I remember I was not very impressed with their team play however (mind you it was 1-3am over here) I was very impressed with the way we played excluding that 15-20mins of mayhem. I will go back and watch the games but I remember feeling that Wenger has put together another fantastic team that will be title challengers and that is still not at full strength. I now think that Arsenal and Lpool will be fighting for the title whilst in Manchester they will be fighting for 4th place. I’m happy and plan to change my VP name to Pollyanna.

  28. fatgingergooner says:

    My main issues today are not the result, as that was nowhere near our first team, but the mounting injuries, lack of preparation, and the way the captaincy is handed around like it’s worthless.

    We now have Jenks, Gab, Merts, Rambo, Iwobi and Welbeck on the sidelines. It’s the first game of the season! That’s 6 first team players that are unavailable meaning we now have to rotate less meaning we will pick up more injuries later in the season and have our usual drop off in Feb/Mar because individuals have played too many games. How does this keep happening!? So frustrating.

    On the preparation front I do feel a little bit for Wenger as the Euro’s and Copa America have a big effect on some key players and I can understand that he wants to avoid injury and not risk losing them for the rest of the season. Is it worth taking a risk for the sake of 1 or 2 games? The Ramsey injury suggests not. On the other hand though, if he knows he’s going to be without these players then why not spend pre season getting fringe players upto maximum fitness and use them in the game instead of half fit players like Cazorla, Sanchez, Ramsey etc. The likes of Ox, Iwobi, Walcott, Elneny, Coquelin, Monreal were all sat doing nothing during the Euro’s. A bit of forward thinking and maybe dwe could’ve delayed their rest and found a way to have them peaking for this game then rest them after. Just a thought. don’t agree that buying players would’ve made that much difference though as the likes of Mustafi and Williams were at the Euro’s anyway so would they have played? Xhaka and Williams were on the bench so I guess the answer is no.

    As for the captaincy, I really don’t understand why it’s so undervalued at Arsenal. Our captain for the last 18 months has been Arteta who barely played, and now it’s Merts who is entering the twilight of his career and is also injured so will barely play. What’s the point? Why not give it to someone who you feel will play every week and is at an age where they can keep it for a while ie Koscielny? It’s ok saying our senior players are leaders anyway, but you still need a focal point within the group and someone who will take responsibility. It’s too blasé and just shows how Wenger expects the players to deal with on field issues between them. where’s the accountability in that scenario? You could see after the 4th goal how everyone just looked at each other and nobody was taking responsibility. Not a culture for success imo.

  29. fatgingergooner says:

    Quick question: Has Walcott gone from must-sell to first choice RW in the space of 2 weeks!?

    He worked hard yesterday, won a pen, scored a great goal, and looked a threat. You feel if Özil plays then Walcott is only going to be more dangerous with his runs in behind.

    Or have we been here before too many times and given up?

  30. Rasp says:

    Good points FGG 🙂

    On a separate topic, if we do sign a CB/or when koz and Gabriel are back, I think we should send Chambers out on loan to prove he can cut it at the Arsenal.

    He needs regular games and he won’t get that with us. He was upstaged by a 20 year old who has only just joined yesterday and Bielik is also looking the real deal.

    I know we paid a lot for him, but for his sake as much as anything, he may be better to move on.

  31. GoonerB says:

    Happy birthday LB and thanks for the post.

    We did play some good football at times and as VP says Citeh and Utd didn’t always look that great but maybe that is a sign of their managers potential superiority over ours…that they realise this early in the season when players aren’t up to full match fitness and sharpness that you may have to grit a game out more and remain totally focused for the 90 minutes.

    God only knows what was said at half time but you would put your money on Klopp having earned his managerial crust more than Arsene, with the way they re-focused after the break and the way we went all lackadaisical.

    Have to agree with Eddie’s take on things by and large. I also feel Arsene is holding us back now. Far too many deja vu mistakes. Worse than holding us back he may actually start to take us backwards this season which would be sad for a man who has done so much in the past to take the club onwards and upwards.

    It may not actually be the case but it would be wrong to sniff at the idea that players like Ozil, Kos and Sanchez actually consider us a top ambitious club that they should be looking to stay with and further that other top players will view us that ambitious club to join. I definitely feel we looked on the up to the footballing fraternity 3 seasons back, but our actions or lack of since have caused some image damage to the club.

    I also like Rasp’s comment; “a manager who delivers an analysis of the game as though he’s the commentator rather than the person responsible”

    I never thought of it that way but it is an apt description. Further, whether you classify them as reasons or excuses, the comments on not being ready, e.t.c, as if we are in a unique position among the premier league teams in this are a tad grating. These injuries are just too common at our club now to be down to misfortune or bad luck so we can’t keep churning it out as an excuse for Arsene in being being hampered by them as if he, the coach and manager, is not in some part way responsible.

    I also personally think it has been apparent that we needed a new top striker for 3 years now (not just recently) but of course apparently no-one has been available that is better than what we have got. Choose to believe that if you wish but I just can’t. It all smacks of management mis-judgement of what we do have added to procrastination in the market.

    I would love to have egg on my face and see the correct players come in and for us to have a strong season, with this as an early blip only. History is not on the side of that though.

  32. TotalArsenal says:

    Happy Birthday LB and thanks for a fair and pretty accurate Match Review. Iwobi produced a peach of an assist for Theo’s all important first goal, so a tat harsh on him I reckon. I love the dogs of war description of our defensive midfielders.

    It was just a crazy second half and one we need to learn from. Klopp had made some good tactical adjustments and we were not able to respond in time. Would this have happened with Koz or BFG in defence.. no way.

    At the start of the season this is quite normal, I reckon. Of course it is very attractive to come up with all sorts of ‘I told you so’s’ and ‘we should have done this or that’ but it is just the opening game of the PL for us and things went off the scale after the break. I have seen enough to believe we will have a very good chance to win the league this year. I predict two clean sheets in our two coming games in August. CoyGs!

  33. That cat’s probably got worms.

  34. Eddie says:

    GB – yep, apparently there are no strikers available. Amazing how ManU managed to sign both Pogba and Ibra

    I think LB was rather mean to all players, they were not that bad at all. Chambers and Moreal 3 🙂 that’s just 3 notches above not turning up for the game at all 🙂 Yes, they were poor, inexperienced, disorganized, not fast enough, throw at them all you want. Me, personally I feel sorry for the lads. It was not their fault better defenders were not available to deal with an attacking outfit like Liverpool.

  35. LB says:

    Thanks TA for pointing out the assist I must admit I didn’t notice it or I did and then got distracted when the Liverpool goals started raining in.

  36. VPollyanna says:

    I think Big Al was talking about Coutinho being the cat who has got worms.
    worm (one’s) way in
    To get oneself into a place or a situation, with a touch of trickery, artistry, or cunning.

  37. JM says:

    After a defeat, the only way to go is up.
    Follow and enjoy if possible, the bumpy ride in Arsene’s final season managing the club till June 2017, regardless of any titles.

  38. TotalArsenal says:

    FGG, agreed re leadership. I reckon Arsene wants leadership to be spread throughout the team rather than focus on a natural leader…

  39. GoonerB says:

    I am quite ok with the its only one game , or its only the first game angle and in many ways this is a sensible approach. Just that we were all saying this at points last season as well. Recently where Arsenal are concerned I don’t think it can be considered a knee-jerk reaction, even 1 game in, if we are already exhibiting the same trends that have undermined us in past recent seasons.

    T.A I do agree about learning from games and moving on but then does history suggest that we, or more aptly Arsene, do that?
    I do admire all you positive bods a lot but I think it is easy to see why those of us who feel a sense of trepidation have good cause to feel this.

    Getting what we need in the TW is looking increasingly unlikely as other clubs know we are a bit desperate now so will hold out for above market values, and I feel to get a top(ish) player we will need to lay down a significant package for them to chose us over others and to believe that we are serious players again. Arsene has never shown any indication he will pay above market value.

    I think we will need one massive transfer to convince the footballing world we are serious again.

  40. GunnerN5 says:

    LB – Thanks for your summary.

    During the game I kept thinking – we are allowing them far to much room on the left of our defense – and sure enough it bit us in the rear end!!

    Most of us had predicted a high scoring game – but one that we won – not lost.

    Given our missing players and lack of new signings the first two games of the season looked tough and unfortunately it’s not looking good.

    This could turn out to be a very worrying season 😦 😦

  41. TotalArsenal says:


    I respect every supporter’s perspective and feelings and I have been round the blog world long enough to know that bloggers have different ways to dealing with Arsenal, set-backs, successes etc. We also all have our own theories, bugbears, preferences and hopes which are all linked to our personality and knowledge of the game. And these are as flexible as a pummel horse.

    As long as we do not win the title season after season supporters will tell Wenger, or whoever will take over from in three years time, that he is not good enough. The hard fact is that since we are able to hold on to our players Arsenal have started to improve, with two FA cups and finishing second in just three years. And this against continuously intensifying competition and press scrutiny. This is not enough for the supporters, but the BoD know that Arsenal are doing very, very well, and there is plenty of scope for further improvement.

    When Arsenal were great under Wenger, he build a team and held on to the players until it was better to sell them than to hold on to them. The Henry’s, Vieira’s, Ljunberg’s, Cole’s etc, etc, were not bought but developed into superstars. I believe in incremental growth with the odd addition where needed.

    Missing out on BFG, Koz and Gabriel is proving costly this weekend, but there is every reason to believe we can have a good crack at the title once again. That is all I can ask for.

    I do agree re the need to buy somebody decent to appease the crowd, especially because the club have been saying that is what it wants to do. I am also a firm believer that if you do not want to play silly money for a player, the best chance to get what you want is just before the end of the transfer window.. Time pressure is needed to get the other party to shift. This is frustrating for the supporters but if it was your business you would not do it another way.

    It is going to be a wild ride once again and we started with a puncture but I saw some big positives yesterday. 🙂

  42. Bryan says:

    Same thing every year, the man never seems to learn.

    Think we have to grin & bear it this year but we can’t give him a new contract, its time for change, I can’t see us ever winning the league again with Wenger in charge, his decisions, tactics & team selection are just baffling.

  43. Eddie says:

    TA -” the need to buy somebody decent to appease the crowd”. Do you think that’s the only reason we need to buy?

    Bryan – depends who do you mean by ‘we’. If it is the fans, then yes, majority would like a managerial change. If in the ‘we’ you include Kroenke and co, then no, they don’t want anybody else. Who is going to make them more money by spending less?

    GB – it is only one game, but we are already behind. No serious title contender wants to drop points right at the start

    yours sincerely
    Ed Doomer

  44. TotalArsenal says:

    It is a big reason we need to buy, Eddie. Look, I like us to buy a three legged beast of a CB just like anybody else, but I can also see why Wenger may not do this, as easing out the BFG over one or two seasons and easing in Holding during the same time makes real sense to me. And with Koz and Gab (and now Bielik in the development wing) we have good cover in the other CB area.

    But the supporters see other clubs spend loads of money to buy success and want us to do the same. They don’t believe in what we have got and Wenger’s ability to develop this to the highest level once more. Buy Buy Buy now because that will win us the league is their honest belief. Uniting the fans and creating a sense of (dubious) optimism is important, so yes let’s get somebody decent in before the window shuts.. 🙂

  45. Bryan says:

    I don’t think you can say its “only one game” its like this every single year.

    Eddie, I’m definitely talking about the supporters when I say “we”, Kroenke & the board don’t seem to give 2 hoots about winning anything, its just about making money to them.

  46. TotalArsenal says:

    Of course it is only one game, and it happens to every team, every season. That is football.

    “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” –Winston Churchill

  47. Big Raddy says:

    TA. Love that quote – it’s the story of my life 😦

  48. Bryan says:

    Glad you believe that Total but we all know there will be quite a few more of those “just one games” at the Emirates this season.

  49. Eddie says:

    Raddy – are you saying you are very successful?

    I am a failure then, I stumbled from failure to failure and have no enthusiasm left.

    Sorry TA but I think this is tactical bollix.
    Success is learning from your failures and progressing, not stumbling over and over again with a stupid grin on your face like some half wit. I am sure Churchill regretting saying this or maybe he didn’t say it at all.

  50. Rasp says:

    Afternoon all.

    Churchill quotes, there are many …..

    Here are a few that could be related to football :

    “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often”

    “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”

    “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”

    “It is no use saying, ‘We are doing our best.’ You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary”

    “Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential”

    “Kites rise highest against the wind – not with it”


  51. Aaron says:

    Yes, it is going to be like this every year- moving up
    4 3 2 and 1st.
    Can’t wait until the next game.
    Arsenal will get a few deals done.
    Optimist am I
    Go Gunners!

  52. GoonerB says:

    Cheers T.A. I am sure you didn’t anyway, but please note that my comments are never a personal swipe at yours. I just enjoy blogging with you and chewing over different angles and aspects 🙂

    I actually get what you say and really want to buy fully into to it but have a couple of issues on certain points. Firstly, football is a business that largely needs to be managed following sound business principles, like all other businesses.

    However I don’t think football is quite as simple as that and I don’t believe it can be thought of purely as a business like any other business. It has a unique standing in the business world that, at times, I feel requires actions that would look rash in other industries.

    I feel a clubs worldwide image is important in retaining its standing at the top and we are in danger of dwindling here and are almost becoming too pure in our economic outlook on the spending and accruing monies in the modern game. I am not saying we should go berserk on a regular basis but in this game market value is very difficult to assuage and who says Arsene is the expert in that. I almost wonder if his general economic knowledge is now a hindrance to him.

    My second caveat is that I feel Arsene has subtlety changed somewhat from the man he was up to 2003/2004, and I feel past references to what he has done are becoming a bit obsolete in assessing the Arsene of today. That past is something we should be grateful for but I don’t feel has as much bearing on what we see now and where we and the game of football is now.

    I wonder if this down to him having too much control on setting values for players and deciding what he feels is good value. Are we walking away or dithering on too many important deals because of this, and an individual that could take it out of his hands with a bit more speculate to accumulate attitude would solve one of our major issues. Last years £55m striker that would have looked over market value then would probably look a bargain now.

  53. Eddie says:

    “Kites rise highest against the wind – not with it” – so?? what’s his point? Sorry rasp, but only because he was a terrific man it doesn’t mean he was a great philosopher too. If maurinho said that he would be (rightly so) slaughtered.

    Or may I being a bit dense? or foreign? or both? A dense foreigner 🙂

  54. Rasp says:

    Hi Eddie, there are several possible interpretations. Mine would be that sometimes you can achieve more by going against the flow than by just being carried along with the crowd.

    My point was, that just like statistics, Churchill quotes can be used to represent opposing approaches to football/football management.

  55. Rasp says:

    BTW, many would say he was a great philosopher …. you Poles ought to appreciate him … do I have to quote John Cleese to you? 🙂

  56. TotalArsenal says:

    Love the additional quotes, Rasper, many already familiar to me. ‘If you are going through hell, keep going’ is another one of my favourites.

    Eddie, you are a bit of a Churchill yourself! 😉

    GB, will get back to you later.

  57. TotalArsenal says:

    BR 🙂

    Aren’t we all just stumbling towards success constantly? Even Terry the Terrible.. 😛

  58. LBG says:

    Thanks LB. I agree with much of your analysis and particularly with the ‘sudden’ weakness exhibited by Nacho and Chambers on the left side for that disastrous 20mins!
    But my biggest upset comes from two things. Firstly, the total collapse of backbone, no one getting angry to shake everyone up collectively, a resigned silence/acceptance it seemed that nothing could be done to “tighten up” and stop a rot which at 4 was virtually impossible to come back from. It is here I disagree with your compliments for the “dogs of war” in that 20 mins Coq and Elneny went missing and yet their relative experience should have come to the foe then. 2 or 3-1 was redeemable.
    Secondly, and I know most will say ” don’t listen”, is the laughing stock we have made of ourselves. Most won’t have seen either in the live game on TV or live at the Emirates like me, our dominance of the first half. But still have a point with the deja vu comments following the final result. Can anyone tell me what happened to the confident team of the first 46 mins in that first 20 mins of the second half. For me it was a bewildering experience and the goals scored did little to atone in my eyes! Sorry, truly deflated by the game.

  59. Eddie says:

    Rasp – aha, I think you might be right, ie progressing by going against the flow, look at all the revolutionaries. But going back to football – I can see Wenger going against the flow all right, but what is he achieving?

    TA – yeah, I like an occasional cigar 🙂

  60. TotalArsenal says:

    hahaha Eddie, that is cool! 🙂

  61. TotalArsenal says:

    Harry Rednapp loved the fly with the wind and look where he is now.

  62. Illybongani says:

    All together now…

    Half a game, half a game undefeated
    Half a game, half a game I say
    Half a game, half a game undefeated
    Saving money for a rainy day


  63. Big Raddy says:

    TA. Where is ‘Arry? Actually don’t answer that – I don’t care.

    If conceding 4 at home doesn’t worry AW then I agree with Eddie on his job prospects.

    We have to find a solution to attacks on the left. It has been a weakness for some time and it is not purely the fault of Gibbs or Montreal, both of whom are fine players. IMO the concern is with Coquelin and the left side MF/attacker.

  64. Eddie says:

    well Raddy, that all depends on the point of view. Take our DidIt for example – nice enough guy, bit mad, but we like that in a blogger. but according to him less defenders result in more goals, more goals result in a better spectacle, no matter which way they went, so if DidIt had it his way Wenger should sell Koz and BFG without replacements.

  65. chas says:

    10 and a half games unbeaten, counting the end of last season as we did with The Invincibles.

  66. Eddie says:

    here we go, another nutter happy to lose

  67. TotalArsenal says:


    I see our blogging exactly in the same way. 😀

    Let’s not forget that two of the most expensive PL signings ever are proud Gunners. I also would like to point out that many big money signings flop horribly and I understand why Wenger takes good care he gets its right. Too cautious perhaps but I would do the same with the money of the club. Let’s hope we see at least one further addition, and hopefully a top quality one. ⚽️⚽️⚽️

  68. Didit says:

    Anyone watching the cycling
    150 odd laps and its complicated
    Cavendish’s rival is an Italian and guess what, he’s playing defensive 🙄

  69. Didit says:

    Cav has just slide tackled the opposition. Red card I’d say

  70. RC78 says:

    Cech – 5
    Bellerin – 5
    Holding – 4.5
    Chambers – 4.5
    Monreal – 4
    Coquelin – 4.5
    El Neny – 4.5
    Ramsey – 5
    Walcott – 5
    Sanchez – 5
    Iwobi – 4.5

    Ramsey – out for a month
    Iwobi – out for at least 2-3 weeks

    So basically we just need a:
    – Back up -> Right Back and Left Back
    – CB
    – Midfield
    – FW/Winger
    – ST

    that’s all 🙂

  71. Didit says:

    Just to be clear, if we don’t buy a very good forward, I’m protesting

  72. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    Ramsey out for at least a month? He’s very fragile for a Taff, I thought they were rock hard

  73. Eddie says:

    41 medals, 16 golds – this is just so amazing! Well done team GB

    I love black, my fav colour.

  74. Eddie says:

    raddy – they Raddy, with the same injury Diaby would be out for a season, at least. Where is it anyway?

  75. chas says:

    Recommended reading for outdoor swimmers.


  76. Didit says:

    Morning all
    Pathetic response to my call for a protest if……..

    Best go read Chas article about outdoor swimming

  77. Eddie says:

    thanks monster. That really is bad for an Olympian, don’t you think?

    didit – what protest? I insulted you yesterday 🙂

  78. Eddie says:

    and how about this? An Egyptian refused to shake hands with an Israeli opponent

    Egypt has ordered an athlete to return home from the Olympic Games in Rio after he refused to shake the hand of his Israeli opponent. At the end of their bout, judoka Islam El Shehaby was approached by Or Sasson who extended a hand – only for the Egyptian to walk away, prompting boos from a distinctly unimpressed crowd.

  79. Didit says:

    Nice article Chas.
    I have to say that I find indoor pools really awful. Stuffy, chlorine and I come away feeling yuk
    Mind you, there is such a difference between swimming in the sea (currents, waves, tides and salt) as opposed to ponds, lakes and rivers (fresh water)
    We do all the outdoor versions, but then, what else is there to do when you live in the sticks

  80. Didit says:


    I think I read the comment in question as a compliment 🙂

  81. Didit says:

    I read they have a team called ROT , under the Olympic Flag banner, representing Refugees Olympic Team.

    That’s a great gesture.

  82. Eddie says:

    agree about pool and sea swimming. Is other humans’ bodies that make it impossible for me to swim in pools

    I think we will defo get Lacazette, Lyon are already looking for a replacement.

  83. GoonerB says:

    Morning all

    What protest Micky? Is it based around throwing our toys out of the pram if we don’t buy Messi, Lewandowski and Neymar? Me is up for it.

    Micky…….”We do all the outdoor versions, but then, what else is there to do when you live in the sticks”…..play the banjo Micky…perform strange ceremonies dressed as a women, aka Christopher Lee….try those for starters but I am sure I can come up with more

  84. Big Raddy says:

    7.32 Thanks chas.

  85. Didit says:

    When I wrote that comment, I thought to myself “I really hope GB is not around” 🙂

    If we don’t buy a brilliant forward.
    We regressed last season because we were weak in attack and did jack shit about it. It must be addressed or we storm the directors box. Or something 🙂

  86. GoonerB says:

    Eddie, Lacazette is one of those that I have thought mmm, maybe yes, then thought mmm, maybe not as we need someone banging them in regularly in the Spanish, Italian or German leagues. The French league is good but there is always a slight question mark on a player coming in, similar to the Dutch league.

    However I have certainly re-evaluated my position on it and am more firmly in the get him because we need someone who may be able to offer us something different.

    If we get Lacazette though why not earlier in the window? What stopped us? He wasn’t at the Euros. Also could he have not have been a player we could have secured last summer with a decent bid?

  87. GoonerB says:

    sign me up Micky…right off to work

  88. Didit says:

    I’ll get the balacalavas

  89. Eddie says:

    GB – why not earlier? Because Wenger likes haggling, hoping to save a few thousand. He offered £40m for Suarez when he knew the price was £50m+. He doesn’t want to pay the price on the tag and that is costing us dearly. BUT there is more money left in the kitty, hooray.

    DidIt is right – we should stage a protest. But frankly I still believe it is unthinkable that we will not buy a forward and at least 1 defender.

  90. Didit says:

    It was unthinkable last summer that we’d buy no-one, and that’s precisely what we did. Result, less points and some dire football.

    However, when all is said and done, I don’t get all wrist slitty about these things.

  91. RC78 says:

    Joke of the day – we are looking at Kjaer and Toprak.

    With all due respect with these two players, they are not what we need. Kjaer WAS great but now he is at best very good. Toprak is still unproven at the highest level.

    Varane has an itch to go as Zidane confirmed that Pepe and Ramos will pair up. Varane is on Utd’s radar as well but we do have Champions League and Koscielny so maybe we can convince him to join. Otherwise, we can go for Mustafi or Garay.

    In terms of forward, we are still linked with Lacazette and Draxler.

    I would be quite happy to also let go of Monreal or Gibbs to get Rodriguez and to let go of Debuchy and Jenkinson to get Hector or Coleman or De Sciglio 🙂

    Given our squad, I think that we may need to switch systems to either a 4-3-1-2 or a 4-4-1-1. From the middle up:

    Ramsey – Xhaka – El Neny?
    Sanchez RECRUIT

    Ozil Ox
    Xhaka Ramsey

    These would be the best line-ups because the 4-3-3 is just not allowing our players to play in their best positions…

  92. RC78 says:

    To be honest fellows – Lacazette is a good striker but I do not believe that he is world class at all…He is not Top 15.

    I cannot believe that we did not go for Milik from Poland. The guy went to Napoli for cheap and trust me, he is the new Ibrahimovic.

    We need a forward that can finish off moves but that can also create goals on his own. There are not too many out there that can do that. You have Aguero, Rooney, Ibra, Suarez, Messi, Neymar, CR7, Bale, Kane, Lewandowski, Aubemayang, Griezzmann and Benzema. I don’t even mind if Kane joins us – he would be a good purchase.

  93. fatgingergooner says:


    I think you answered your own question about why it wasnt done earlier, because on one hand he’s decent and on the other he’s not all that. I also think Eddie’s response about money comes into it but maybe not in the way she made out. If Wenger isn’t 100% convinced then he’s more likely to try and get him at a price he’s happy with, thus why we made a £29m bid and haven’t gone back since. If it was Lewandowski then that’s different and you pay over what you want because you’re convinced of the product you are getting, but with Lacazette it’s a bit of a gamble and therefore you’re less likely to part with the money.

    A lack of time and other options may see the situation change, and that would be a bit of a panic buy, but if Wenger has any chance of landing someone else then I think he will go down that avenue first.

  94. RC78 says:

    There is also Dybala from Juventus

  95. fatgingergooner says:


    It was funny how a club who does things so privately suddenly leaked out info about 2 other targets we are looking at. That’s suggests to me that we are trying to show Valencia that we can spend our money elsewhere and that if the price is too high for Mustafi then no deal. Let’s not forget that Valencia need the cash so I think it’s a smart move but only if we get what we want, which is Mustafi.

    That’s my take on it and I hope it’s right because I really don’t fancy any of those other options.

  96. RC78 says:

    In the end, we will end up with Slimani, Bacca, Chicharito or Bony. None of them are real improvement on our current options but my gut feeling says that we will get one of these players 😦

  97. RC78 says:

    FGG – hope you are correct because the other options are really poor…

  98. RC78 says:

    Question for you all – shall we make a move for:

    – Sissoko?
    – Fabregas?

  99. TotalArsenal says:

    Since we played Sanchez up front we scored six goals in two. When do Gooners learn it is a team sport and goals can be scored by 10 players on the pitch? The times are a changing my friends. 😀

  100. Big Raddy says:

    RC. No. They are not good enough.

    As to the striker – we just need someone as cover. I realise I am in the minority but I rate OG. Given enough chances he will score. Of course I would prefer a Suarez or a TH14 but they are few and far between and most importantly, AW will not pay the price.

  101. wally says:

    My belief at this point is that any buys will be reminiscent of 2011.

    Maybe the best thing to happen this year will be that it’s the last year.

  102. GoonerB says:

    You are in the minority Raddy…not too many guitar playing, hippy, genius post writing, travel reps out there 🙂

    Ollie is the back up. Has been since we bought him. In essence we have needed a top striker since RVP left. We will not win the league with Ollie as 1st choice but he has his place as a back up to a.n.other.

    BTW I realise I am in the minority here ( 🙂 ) but with the team that AW started on Sunday I would have put Walcott up top and Sanchez, Iwobi and Ramsey playing off him not the latter 2 and Walcott playing off Sanchez. The striker is less on the ball and needs to come up with 2-3 key explosive moments while those playing off the striker are more on the ball and looking to ghost into scoring positions. Who do we want to have more on / off the ball moments out of walcott and Sanchez?

    From the “looks promising but not yet confirmed top class” striker ranks I would still harbour hope that we could get Icardi. If we go for Draxler it really has to be because AW knows he can convert him to a top class striker (and almost immediately), ala Henry. We have enough creative wing forward / ACM / can play anywhere across the attacking third behind the striker type players.

  103. RC78 says:

    GB – On the wings, I think we only have Sanchez, Ox and Walcott that can cut the mustard so to speak…

    Campbell, Iwobi, Cazorla, Ozil are better in the middle than on the wings.

    I would be keen to see a Winger join us – Draxler would be a good purchase then.

    As for OG, we are not playing to his strengths so if we decide not to play to his strengths, then we urgently need a 1st choice striker.

    Icardi is really good but again – why not aim higher and get an Aubemayang?

    Cech – Bellerin, MUSTAFI, Kos, RODRIGUEZ – Ramsey, Xhaka – Ozil – DRAXLER, Aubemayang, Sanchez

    Ospina – COLEMAN, BFG, Gabriel, Gibbs – Wilshere, Coquelin, El Neny – Walcott, Giroud, Ox

    and that would mean selling some quality players and loaning out promising ones…

  104. GoonerB says:

    RC, Good points but one of the things I have said before is that we are top heavy with right footed players who can play from the wings so Draxler is a no for me for that role. After Sanchez, Walcott and Ox you can also consider Gnabry, and Welbeck (when back) is actually very proficient there as well.

    I am happy with Draxler if AW is convinced he can play the number 9 role. He has the physical stature, pace, technique, and eye for goal, but if we are looking for another wing forward then I would prefer a left footer like Mahrez.

    Chas will tell you I have a preference towards lefty’s from the right and righty’s from the left (but not necessarily exclusively for a whole 90 minutes) where they can cut in off the flank as a greater goal threat. This is why last season I championed Ox for that position on the left and feel we play him out of his best position on the right or centrally. Maybe his run and goal on Sunday lend some argument to that effect.

    I am all with you on Aubemayang. I would be absolutely fine if we put down £70m for him, which is really what I expect it requires to get him now. It is not like we have to spend that amount regularly anyway, with (a CD aside) the squad generally very strong elsewhere and at a good age, so why not spend 2-3 TW’s budget in 1.

    We also have good youth players knocking on the door so if that big fee gets the worldy striker we need, and is also the catalyst to getting Sanchez, Ozil and Kos to extend then it will be worth it and value for money.

    I just don’t think Arsene takes things like the image of the club, and securing our existing world class players on longer contracts, into account when he works out his market value. I think he works out a more basic black and white market value and rigidly sticks to it and this is where, as I said yesterday, I feel football has a difference with other businesses when bringing in assets.

    On top of the player himself and what he directly brings I would look at the spin off effect of the extra positive image as a big club that it portrays us in and the extra financial knock on effects of this. Also a signing like this increases the chance of it convincing players like Ozil and Sanchez to stay and not take us through a painful process of them refusing to extend and having to sell them and then try to replace them as well, all while the clubs image takes a further hit because we now can’t keep our top players at the club.

    As I said, I don’t see Arsene looking at it this way so I have very little hope of it happening which is why I am more resigned to looking at the more likely players like Lacazette or Icardi and hope that they really step up in the EPL.

  105. fatgingergooner says:

    I hate the idea of buying players as back up or squad players. If we are going to buy a CB then it needs to be a player like Mustafi who is at an age where they are nearing their peak and would be first choice CB. I dont want someone like Kjaer who is 27 and never quite done it at the top level but would be good as third choice.

    The same goes for ST. I want someone who can challenge Giroud and possibly be first choice. The way to improve and get competition is to buy better players than you already have.

    As for Sanchez, I think that he’s better coming from deeper as he influences the game more and has proven he can get 20 goals from there, but I also think Theo is better from the right because his runs are more difficult to pick up and he does get goals and assists from there. For this reason we need another body who can play as CF and be as good, if not better, than Giroud. They also need to link up play though as I also agree with Total in that goals should come from the team and not just a 30 goal striker.

    If you had a formation of goals ypud want something like this:

    3. 5
    15. 10. 15

    Rather than:

    3 5
    10. 8. 12

  106. RC78 says:

    What really is annoying is that players like Bailly, Kante, Pogba, Mikthyrian, Ibrahimovic would rather join clubs like Chelsea and Utd that DO NOT PLAY the Champîons League than AFC…

    As you said – we also need to show our best players that we are ready to battle it out with the best in the EPL and CL – that means investing heavily in another 2 players. Imagine you get Varane and Aubemayang -> Cech – Kos – Sanchez and Ozil will be smiling then.

    I think Xhaka will come good so I do not think that we need another DM but we are desperate at CB and FW.

    FGG – I agree with you about balancing the goals throughout the pithc but we do not have a 20-goals a season ST nor two wingers that can score us 15 goals each 😦 Even worse, our central defenders do not score 6 goals between then and our midfielders are also scoring very little (PKs excepted)…I would love to see our FB score more especially on the left side as Bellerin does provide a threat at least on the right…

    In any case – the team with the most robust spine usually end up in the top 3:

    Cech – Kos – Xhaka – Ozil – Giroud

    De Gea – Bailly – Pogba – Mikthyrian – Ibra

    Caballero – Kompany – Fernando – Silva – Aguero

    Courtois – Terry – Kante – Hazard – Costa

    Lloris – Alderwereild – Dembele – Alli – Kane

    Mignolet – Lovren – Can – Coutinho – Sturrdige

    The rest of the team is support cast so to speak to this spine and I think that in terms of spine, we do not have the same quality as Utd, City or Chelsea.

    In terms of support cast, we are also weaker than these three teams at the moment so if we finish Top 4, it would already be an achievement UNLESS we invest in a top CB and top FW. Then we are at least able to enter the ring…

  107. Eddie says:

    shodran mustafi is going to Chelsea, great! we don’t need defenders, let chavs have him

    RC78 – sorry I didn’t read all of the comments, but your spine theory is interesting. Ours doesn’t look that impressive compared to chavs or spurs

  108. Rasp says:

    Where did you read that Eddie?

    Can you put up a link?

  109. Rasp says:

    I’m not sure that is accurate Eddie.

  110. Didit says:


    Eddie is getting impatient, and wants to storm AFC HQ this afternoon

    I’m a little tied up or I’d join her 🙂

    Actually, they have two weeks before I tool up 🙂

  111. fatgingergooner says:

    Rumours yesterday were that there was a medical booked and player was supposed to be coming over but player pulled out and Arsenal were pissed off. Obviously just rumours but maybe the emergence of new targets means there is some truth in it. Who knows? I really hope we get Mustafi but would be happy with any CB aslong as they are first team quality.

  112. Didit says:

    That’s it. Finished work. Holidays.

    Right, I’ve got two weeks to plan my revolt. I kept a keen eye on the attempted coup in Turkey and got ideas.

    If I “took the directors box”, would I be Supreme Leader?

  113. Jeremy O Dwyer says:

    Maybe they’re right but that ‘the week’ article has a very strong sense of ha ha let’s make fun of Arsenal about it.

    It might be a reputable source but the tone and phrasing are what I’d expect from cranky teenager.

    And someone should have spell checked their sub heading.

  114. Eddie says:

    I sincerely hope so dear Jeremy

    What is the matter with the Olympic gymnasts??!! It is not humanly possible to do what they are doing. I am telling you, I tried once, landed on my arse just trying to hold on to the bars. Freaks the lot of them.

  115. Jeremy O Dwyer says:

    I know right.
    The American girl was unreal.

  116. VP of Oz says:

    so I was reading this article http://sportwitness.co.uk/spanish-newspaper-says-arsenal-signing-now-pending-announcement-take-look/?
    and I got to thinking…

    Some 15yr old kid responding to his mate on who he thinks Arsenal will buy next on twitter “Arsenal will buy Mustafi #ArsenalTransfers”
    Germany Sky quote “Mustafi set for a medical”
    Spain’s Mundo Deportivo write “Mustafi pending Announcement”
    Someone checks and finds out that Arsenal have not even made a bid.
    Fans angrily react that Wenger is a dithering tightwad and wont spend the cash #WengerOut

    next day, same 15yr old kid responding to his mate again “Icardi next, for sure #ArsenalTransfers”
    Italian publication Il Messaggero claim that Icardi will arrive in London imminently

    and so on
    meanwhile…Arsenal fan Blittz vents his frustration towards Arsene Wenger in #sogonechallenge rap

  117. chas says:

  118. chas says:

    Would Shane Long stop the storming of the Directors’ box? 🙂

  119. Big Raddy says:

    VP. 4.25. Very funny and oh, so true.

  120. Big Raddy says:

    chas 7.07 LoL. Thanks.

    This policy of brinkmanship in order to get a better price for a player (if that is what it is) is counter-productive. We need signings, AW knows this, the BoD knows this and above all the fans know this. Could it be Silent Stan who refuses to co-operate?

  121. Eddie says:

    still nothing??!! joke

    can animals be obese? I thought they were too clever for that. Pugs are not really dogs

  122. Eddie says:

    India – second most populated country in the world, not one single Olympic medal.

    Poland is catching up with GB, we have 7 medals now 🙂

    Bravo team GB!! I am soooo immensely proud of my foster countr

  123. Eddie says:

    Aguerro missed TWO penalties last night in the CL qualifier against Stena

  124. fatgingergooner says:

    Too many contradictory articles in the press for any of it to be true. It’s just media trying to out-do each other and be the first to report (guess) anything that happens.

    My report (guess!) is that we will make any signings in the last week of the window after we’ve played Leicester and Watford. Wenger will concentrate on what we have now for those games.

  125. Rasp says:

    Morning all, one interpretation of the club’s statements regarding transfer targets is that we are trying to get the best deal on a defender so we will have enough left to splash out on a striker.

    This implies that IG/AW have been given a fixed budget they can spend (presumably with little or no latitude) and, again presumably, that figure would be linked to cash in the bank that is available. If this is true, that can only have come from SS? (or his financial team).

    Working within your means is one thing, but losing out on players that will potentially earn you a lot of extra income is not good business. Even if we made a loss of say £20m on the deals in the fullness of time, a club of our size should be able to cope with that comfortably.

  126. VP of Oz says:

    I think we need to make all efforts to find the “report”. The “report” seems to be the equivalent of the London taxi drivers “knowledge”.

    Arsenal still hoping to sign Germany centre-half – report
    Arsenal are still hopeful over a deal to sign Valencia defender Shkodran Mustafi, according to reports
    Deal close: Arsenal target set to undergo medical within 48 hours – report
    Arsenal are still hoping to complete the signing of Valencia defender Shkodran Mustafi, according to reports in England.
    ARSENAL are yet to make an offer for Valencia defender Shkodran Mustafi, according to reports in Spain

    It seems you can say anything as long as you reference the word “report”, such as – According to reports in Australia, Mark Viduka is flying-in for a medical in the next 48hrs

  127. RC78 says:

    According to emerging reports, Fonte is targeted by both Utd and Arsenal :-p

  128. RC78 says:

    Bellerin tempted by Barcelona
    Ozil tempted by Real return as Zidane seeks to replace departing James
    Sanchez targeted by Bayern amid Coman’s injury fears
    Sanchez to Inter Milan in swap deal with Icardi
    Gnabry to be loaned out in Germany

    all of this according to various reports

  129. wally says:

    I’ve been assured by our colleagues here that the brain trust do indeed know what they are doing when it comes buying players to improve the team and the clubs valuation. that the braintrust would not stint over such things and to suggest so is improper. Be warned. 😉

  130. wally says:

    That people pay any attention or give any credulity to the things that appear or are reported on blogs and most of the ‘news’papers, which is primarily what newsnow is about, is a wtf moment.
    Are you that gullible people?

  131. Eddie says:

    no footballing news, so lets have some weird stuff here today

    a woman killed another to win back this man

  132. RC78 says:

    Eddie – maybe he has a big….bank account? or a good sense of humour?

  133. fatgingergooner says:

    Direct quotes from Valencia Director of Football saying that they would be willing to sell their better players as they need to in order to comply with FFP. He also said though that if a CB was to leave they would need a replacement.

    Interesting that he specifically spoke about CB position and also it was only a few days ago that it was reported that the deal was on hold until Valencia found a replacement. With Mustafi training on his own, this theory makes more sense than any of the other stories going around right now. I live in hope that we get Mustafi.

  134. fatgingergooner says:

    In real news, Iwobi out for a month. Thats 4 injury updates in a row that have been pretty positive:

    Welbs due back far sooner than expected
    Gabriel only 8 weeks (could’ve been worse)
    Ramsey only a month (International break is half of that too)
    Iwobi only a month (International break)

    Maybe things are looking up!!!! 😂

  135. RC78 says:

    FGG – that’s for when they are back in training not back on the pitch 😦

    In any case – let us see how we fare without them

  136. Jeremy O Dwyer says:

    He’s no Rory Delap.

  137. Eddie says:

    JO – how do you know about Rory Delap? What’s your previous name?

    fattie – it has never happened at Arsenal before, ie players coming back from injuries sooner than expected.

  138. fatgingergooner says:

    No idea when the players will be back, but when I saw Gabriel and Ramsey go down I was expecting a torn ligament for Gab and a torn hamstring for Ramsey, so the diagnosis is pretty positive really. Same with Iwobi, thankfully only a strain.

  139. Bryan says:

    I think Arsenal must have the most patient supporters on the planet,
    at any other big club the manager would of been sacked after at most 2 seasons of this continual failure.
    Ideally I would like him to move upstairs after his last season but why is it that as he has had massive success before, that it seems to of made him un-sackable.

    I hear supporters of Wenger saying things that he has said over the years, so it seems he has also succeeded in brain washing us also.
    Every time I hear the Wenger in, Wenger out argument I hear his quotes being touted.

    Wenger has in the past done a wonderful job at Arsenal & has given the club so much, but now I think he is holding this great club back, I really do.

    If as a supporter you are happy to get CL football each year, Wenger is an outstanding success!
    But if you want us to actually challenge to win the CL or even the league, Wenger is failing miserably.

    If it looked like he was having a real go, by addressing the fact that we need better players in some positions, it would be more tolerable.
    How long did it take him to get a decent goalkeeper? it was about 10 years, also he’s only just got us a DM after we have been crying out for one for over 5 years.
    His team selections of late have been baffling, Tactics hmm does he have any & I’ve never seen so many bad substitution decisions as I witnessed last season.
    He gives the captains armband to injured players (Arteta & now BFG) it just makes no sense.

    For me its time for change, I can live with the fact that its his last year but I will be mortified if he signs a new contract.
    When he is replaced I feel it has to be a big name manager although not too many vacant at the moment.

    Last Sunday came as no surprise to me, I think I was less angry than people around me because I expected it.
    I mean we have no experienced CB’s (one debutant) & we concede 4 goals, is it rocket science or obvious.
    I could still see us finish in the top 4, but what’s the point? so we can get knocked out of CL in the first knock out stage as usual.

    If we win the league this year, I’ll watch match of the day in my pants 🙂

  140. Eddie says:

    Nile Wilson. Name to remember, what a terrific lad. Makes me hate overpaid, overrated, full of shit footballers.

  141. fatgingergooner says:

    The least shocking news of the summer. Mahrez has signed a new deal at Leicester..

  142. Eddie says:

    oh ffs, that is really bad news for us 😦

  143. LBG says:

    Matthias Hunter looks like a class act at CB for Germany tonight.

  144. LBG says:

    Matthias Ginter

  145. LB says:

    Yes, I noticed that: Mahrez signs new four year deal with Leicester.


  146. Jeremy O Dwyer says:

    No earlier aliases Eddie. Just Jeremy.
    I have been reading the blog over the years so i’ve read about your admiration for Mr Delap. He’s played for Ireland so I approve 🙂

  147. fatgingergooner says:


    I was hoping we’d get him a couple of years ago when we were linked but he chose Dortmund. Rumours we wanted him this window too but Dortmund didn’t want to sell after losing Hummels.

  148. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    LB. 8.54. Exactly. Maybe it is the cheaper housing up North.

  149. chas says:

  150. chas says:

  151. Big Raddy says:

    Great stuff as always, chas.

    Love Paul Barron’s hair which must be the reason for his distance from the rest of the squad.

  152. Eddie says:

    Jeremy 🙂 Rory Delap is Irish??!! I didn’t know that, but there you are – I have a subconscious soft spot for the paddies

  153. Eddie says:

    I tell you what we need to do – we need to make sure Peaches goes shopping for players with Wenger. She is wasting her time looking after Spurs players instead of scouting for us.

    yesterday Peaches and I went shopping for plants. Needless to say she made me spend a lot. Every plant that was £40 was ‘soooo cheap’ according to her. We bought many ‘cheap’ plants.

  154. RC78 says:

    – Mahrez, Lacazette and Icardi are not to be sold by their clubds now.

    – Alcacer from Valencia will join Barcelona while Munir will go to Valencia on loan

    – Slimani is on the radar of various EPL clubs

    – Gabriel Jesus, the new city player, is already likened to Ronaldo and Neymar

    – Luan attracting interest as well especially in Spain

    – Gnabry wanted on loan by various clubs in Germany

    – Arsene Wenger feels that the return of injured players will be like new signings

  155. RC78 says:

    – Another defender to be monitored is Koulibaly but the asking price of 50 Million may just pave the way for his move to Chelsea rather than Arsenal

    – Hoewedes could be looked at by Arsenal if Mustafi deal collapses

  156. Eddie says:

    ha ha ha, 6 weeks after my car had burnt down I received this letter from the insurer:

    Dear xx

    This letter is to be provided to the DVLA in order to retain your cherished plate. VIN Number: WVW999442394 Registration: Y35AFC Make and Model: Volkswagen Golf

    We can confirm that we have no interest in the cherished plate for the above vehicle. We have had an engineer assess the damage to this vehicle and it has been classed as a total loss. A copy of the engineer’s report has been attached for your convenience.

    My cherished number plate, bloody right it is cherished 🙂

  157. VP of Oz says:

    Wenger today dismissed claims that money is an issue in his press conference ahead of Saturday’s trip to Leicester (5.30pm).

    “I believe it’s better if I don’t talk about individual players, but we are ready to spend the money we have,” Wenger said.

    Its going off!

    On an interesting note, I was watching Amy Adams and started to think who she reminds me of. Rachel Riley came to mind. I then started to think if it is a same initial for first and last name thing.
    So I went to see how far through the alphabet I could get –
    Andrey Arshavin, Billy Blyth, Chevy Chase, Denilson, Ernie Ells, Farrah Fawcett, Gilles Grimandi, Harry Houdini, no i dea, John Jensen…

  158. fatgingergooner says:

    Read so much crap about our football club it’s ridiculous. The media narrative is that we are a tight-fisted, laughing stock who have no idea what we are doing in the transfer market. If we don’t get a player it’s because they rejected us or we won’t pay the money. If Man U or Chelsea miss out on a player though it’s because the club pulled out and weren’t interested in the first place. I guess we don’t help ourselves with how we keep all transfer activity secret. If we don’t feed the media stories then they will just make them up. I suppose it also doesn’t help that our fans talk about our club like its a bag of shit. If we don’t show pride in it then why would anyone else?

    Rant over.

  159. fatgingergooner says:

    Kevin Kilbane, Leroy Lita, Marshall Mathers, Nyron Nosworthy, Olivier Occean (Canadian player), Paul Parker, Qara Qarayev (plays for Garabagh!)

  160. RC78 says:

    Raudio Ranieri, Sylvain Sistin…Uri Uiorkaeff, Verry Venables, Wanny Wrinkwater…Yoshiro Yokohama, Zinedine Zidane


    Love that game – so easy

  161. GunnerN5 says:

    Rasp/Peaches – I emailed you a new post yesterday.

  162. fatgingergooner says:

    Easy if you’re dyslexic RD87!

  163. RC78 says:

    FGG :-p

    Zinedine Zidane stays on the list
    Ricardo Rodriguez joins the list

  164. TotalArsenal says:

    gullible gooners

  165. Rasp says:

    Apologies GN5 ……

    …. New post everyone …..

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