Match stats – discuss last night’s game

Arsenal 2 – 0 West Brom

Possession %

71.3 – 28.7

Total Shots

16 – 8

On Target

7 – 1

Off Target

6 – 4


2 – 6


Press Conference:

on the win…
I believe we dominated from the start to the last minute, in fact what we did against Crystal Palace. Overall I believe the quality of our game was very good. Maybe, we could have scored more goals. That is the only thing you could say tonight. We didn’t concede and couldn’t finish the game off the way we wanted.
on Iwobi…
He is improving game after game because he is just coming in. That is another positive from the season. He has shown quality game after game and he is surprising. His consistency is surprising, because he has only played youth football and suddenly he plays at that pace. I’m a bit cautious with him sometimes, but overall what he produces is a football player.
on Alexis…
He had a top quality first half and I think he dropped a bit in the second half physically. Overall, his contribution was vital today.

on the importance of the win…
You look at the time like us, every point is important at the moment. I think we are under permanent pressure in every single game so it is important to have the lead and focus on the way we want to play football.
on the early goal…
Ideally, you want to always score early goals but the Premier League is the Premier League and it is difficult for everyone at the top of the table. There are top, top teams behind us, and because Leicester City is in front, everyone thinks that we should have done it. Yes okay, you can see that for any other team. Leicester were bottom of the table last year, so all the 19 teams can say it.
on home matches at Emirates…
If you love football, you go out there and I think you see quality football. That’s what we try to give to our people. It was a special night as well, Thursday night, and I don’t know if you are intelligent enough, nor am I, to detect exactly why everybody that did not turn up tonight did not turn up.
on the game clashing with Masterchef…
That’s a good reason maybe [for the game not selling out]!
on if he’s looking over his shoulder or looking above…
We want to finish as high as possible. You never know what happens in front of you. There can still be twists and turns but we want to win our games. We came out of West Ham and Crystal Palace thinking we had produced the quality and didn’t get the points. If you look at our last five games, we won at Everton, we won against Watford, we had two draws and we won today. The regret we have is being in the lead against West Ham and being in the lead against Crystal Palace and not getting the points. I don’t know where we’ll finish but we have to give everything in every game. We go to Sunderland, Sunderland fight not to go down. That will be a battle and we have to prepare for that.
on Kieran Gibbs’ absence from the squad…
[He had] a back problem. It looks short term. He had a training session today.
on Giroud’s lack of goals…
Of course it’s affecting him. Tonight he hit the head of the keeper and at the moment he looks for a goal.
on Bellerin’s inclusion in the PFA Team of the Year…
He was like Iwobi last year, that means he came into the squad and continued to develop. For Iwobi that’s a good way to follow, to move even a step up next season. The positive of the season is that Hector has been consistent. He was outstanding in the first half as well.

Player Ratings taken from the Daily Mail

Cech 6.5

Bellerin 7

Koscielny 6.5

Mertersacker 6.5

Monreal 6.5

Ramsey 7.5

Elneny 7

Iwobi 7

Sanchez 8.5

Özil 7.5

Giroud 6

Stats compiled by fgg

150 Responses to Match stats – discuss last night’s game

  1. LB says:

    Well done Slim.

    Watching Iwobi last night was the parallel joy to winning the game.

    We saw he had the skill a couple of weeks ago but we are now seeing his intelligence shine through which is impressive for someone of his age.

    It was also impressive to notice that he is included in the Ozil — Sanchez gang — not all are — Walcott is not, Giroud is not, Cazorla is.

    Have you noticed how Ozil and Sanchez will only pass to certain players, that is when either one of them isn’t available of course.

    Their personal ‘love in’ is such that there have been times when they have passed to each other as many as ten times without any other player on the pitch touching the ball.

    They will avoid passing to Walcott and Giroud because they know that both will more likely than not lose possession. Conversely, they obviously trust Iwobi, especially Ozil who was playing some great one–twos with him last evening.

    Who is the most talented player in the world? Messi. Why? Because he has the most incredible close control, so if it is established that close control is the currency then Iwobi is a valuable asset because his close control is very, very good, so much so that Oxlaide–Chamberlain might as well start looking for a new club right now and if Theo Walcott ever wants to be a regular starter he might as well put in a transfer request as well.

    I like Iwobi

  2. fatgingergooner says:

    Any thoughts on Iwobi, LB!? 😂😂

  3. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Thanks FGG

    I’ve said similar before, but I do think you have unearthed a very elegant formula for the match report. So thanks again.


    Couldn’t agree more on all those points. When Joel came on, and again a man combining skill and work rate, I did wonder why anyone would choose a footballer for any of the front four who was not a good footballer, and elemental to that, is skill. Then you have your add-ons, like pace, power, vision, brains and so on.

  4. LB says:



  5. LB says:


    This is what happens when we win — empty.

    The Wenger out brigade have got nothing to say.

    I love it.

  6. fatgingergooner says:


    I consider myself part of the WHCB – the Wenger Hokey Cokey Brigade!

    I’m In, then Out, then i shake it all about! 🙂

  7. GoonerB says:

    Thanks Ginge.

    Iwobi does look an excellent player so I am fully agreed with LB on that. I do however think that we have all got it horribly wrong with AOC. I genuinely believe that (aside from injuries as well) that he is being hampered by coaching issues and playing role issues. I have a long standing semi finished post on my thoughts on this so shan’t say too much.

    AOC is the one that I think could cause us all a lot of pain if we let him go. i just have a feeling that he will go to a rival and he will flourish and it will be very painful to watch knowing he was one of ours.

    On the game as a whole I was delighted with the win and will happily take 4 more like that right now. I am not quite as elated as many of you on the performance overall. Not trying to be a doomer but just don’t see any point in pretending otherwise and may as well say it as I see it.

    I still think there is much better potential than what we saw last night and, I hate to say it, but any of the more recent good Spurs performances saw them look a much more dangerous and incisive team going forwards.

    My main issue was that although we enjoyed huge possession stats and passed to feet I felt that the receiving player (in the last third) most often received the ball while very static. This lacked penetration and looked too tippy tappy to me. It allows the defenders to always know who is receiving the ball and to be able to be in position to face up to them.

    That lead to lots of our usual passing one side of the pitch to the other. I don’t think we take enough chances with passes into space anticipating the runners. A more risky pass but also more problematic to defend. If the pass doesn’t come off this is where I would like to see the quick high press to regain possession in the danger areas.

    I have thought for a bit that this is a big reason why we don’t seem to break down the parked bus teams easily because they can always see which player is going to receive the ball and can organise in front of them.

    I am not saying we shouldn’t move the ball around safely to the feet of a more static player, just that the balance is too heavily on this and we don’t take enough risks with forward passes between defensive lines with runners anticipating things in advance.

  8. TotalArsenal says:

    Nice day one, FFG. The post could do with a couple of paragraphs of what you made of the game and why we ended up winning it; as you often do so well straight after the game has been played.

  9. chas says:

    Cheers, fgg.
    I really enjoyed yesterday.
    A couple of spankers from Alexis.

    Poor old Giroud can’t buy a goal at the moment. He caught that one that hit Foster in the face so sweetly but the footballing gods said ‘no’.

  10. chas says:

    Anyone that stayed away from the game wasn’t missed at all.
    If one of them was you, please give up your season ticket and let someone else buy it who wants to attend and support.
    The singing was much better than on Sunday,

  11. fatgingergooner says:


    I just wanted to keep it as a platform for us to discuss the game in the hope that people would put their own match reports on it in the comments. I fear if i put my view on the post then people may just concentrate on agreeing/disagreeing with that.

    If people really want to hear my thoughts then im happy to do as you suggest but i dont think many will be too fussed!!! lol 🙂

  12. GoonerB says:

    I am with you ginge, I don’t think many people are too fussed about my thoughts so your format of post is probably the way forward for yours truly as well 🙂

    I didn’t get to Finsbury park till after 7.00 yesterday so sorry I didn’t have time to catch all you FFB gang ( big sigh of relief from Chas and Ant 🙂 ). I wasn’t avoiding you honest, I had to hit the pins instead for 20 minutes.

  13. TotalArsenal says:

    Fair enough, FFG ⚽️

  14. chas mobile says:

    Sorry we missed you yesterday. I know you can take the gentle ribbing, else we wouldn’t do it.

    This made me laugh from your earlier comment “I have a long standing semi…”

  15. chas mobile says:

    If you have time, I think a paragraph or two of your thoughts would greatly add to the post in this format.
    Though you may not feel like doing that for every game.

  16. GoonerB says:

    Hahaha Chas. Only an hour with the Vines bros can sort out those types of problems 🙂

  17. RA says:

    Well, GB, I actually agree with some of your thoughts – probably because you are taking your coaching licence exams (according to the not so handsome one, Chas) and failing to pass them is still an experience for you. 😀

    Ox has had a pretty bad press recently – but he has all the attributes to be a star – we will see.
    LB may not recall this, but 3 or 4 years ago I said that Messi was the best player I had ever seen – and he disagreed with me – so maybe he is wrong about the Ox. 😀

    You need to be careful pinching Mystic Meg’s line, “I call it as I see it’ because that will make him cross — no one else calls it as they see it!! 😀

  18. RA says:


    I thought it was an excellent game too, and a pity that we allowed some very average teams to pinch points off us.

    It always helps to set the tone to have the Vines Mob excursion special directed to AA, and your cheery acceptance that supporters simply have one job to do …….. bloody well support the team! 😀

  19. LB says:


    You are right I don’t remember disagreeing with you that Messi is the best player out there as I happen to think he is, however, what I might have disagreed with you is whether he is the best player ever because, as for me, that accolade goes to Maradonna.

  20. Gööner In Exile says:

    Oh dear sore head… yesterday at a place called The Georgian Townhouse had a cracking collection of craft beer from lager to ipa to stout.

    Anyone with tastebuds who once enjoyed drinking Guinness but realise that it’s lost it’s way (hence them now releasing “old recipe/lost recipe” brews from their archive) would do well to try Camden Ink Stout, that is one of the best beers I have had in a long time.

    Me and Mrs Exile attempted every beer they stocked and then moved on to their vast selection of gin. Monkey gin with orange, was a hit, and also Portobello Gin with cucumber….and I’ve just heard there is a gin palace in Norwich that’s a bit of a hush hush secret, so that’s another night for babysitters…..I love going down to London but I have to say I really do love Norwich for such a small city it packs a punch with beer food and music in a very small area.

    If you’ve never been here I would recommend a trip.

  21. LB says:

    That was an enjoyable little read GIE.

    You learn a lot on this site “Camden Ink Stout” what a great name. The Gin part, hmmmmm, that drink scares me, it scares me a lot.

  22. RA says:

    LB, @ 9:20,

    I don’t remember the exact details of our conversation, and as it was a long time ago I accept you will know your views on that better than me.

    It was only a tease because of your Ox remark, and even there it seems you are right as the rumours all point to him being off-loaded.

    My personal preference would be for him to stay – but most don’t.

  23. chas says:

    I’d like him to stay, but only if he gets rid of that Dwayne Dibley haircut.

  24. chas says:

    Must win game tomorrow else we’re back to fourth.

  25. chas says:

  26. Gööner In Exile says:

    I want Ox to stay, at the end of the day he is 22, plenty of time to improve, I reckon this is hiss stumbling season, most youngsters have one, three seasons ago he was one of the exciting prospects, regular injury lay offs and I think a crisis of confidence has led to the player we are now seeing.

    Ox has a good football brain up there, but he is so rusty when he does make an appearance he is looking down at the ball instead of playing with his head up.

    I can’t remember the game but he cut down the flank looked up and instead of just aimlessly crossing he picked out the free space at the far post, with a lovely stand up cross, it was the only place we could have scored from.

    That ability (the football brain) does not disappear, some will say Arsene coaches that individuality out of players, and like to give Ox and Rambo as examples, I don’t buy it when he has had the likes of DB10 and Pires, and even now with Ozil and Alexis they 95 times out of a 100 choose the right pass or try the right thing in any given situation. I think Ox has the brain to do all of that, but he currently is out of match practise, he has to somehow get back to what made him good when he was 18/19. And to do that he only has to look at Iwobi, and Bellerin, whilst both are eager to impress they have both stuck to playing their natural game and don’t overly force the issue.

    I think when Alexis came back short of match fitness he too tried to force the issue to make an impact, he is getting back to his normal self now, that’s what Ox needs.

    He is very different from Theo you all know why.

  27. Gööner In Exile says:

    LB gin definitely deserves respect, we only had singles with tonic but the flavours give a nice drink without spoiling the head….

  28. Rasp says:

    Blogging from Copenhagen – see what happens when I leave the country – we win!! 🙂

  29. fatgingergooner says:

    I think Wenger has an opportunity to get Chambers and Ox out on loan next season if he buys correctly. I also think he can do it without blocking their place in the squad when they return. A season playing 20-30 games for a PL team would do them both good IMO.

    Chambers has played about 10 times this season and 5 have been FA Cup games. Will he progress doing that? I know Wenger likes them to train with the squad but surely there are managers in the PL who he trusts could help develop them as players?

    Ox has everything needed to be top class but he’s just lacking confidence and gets injured too often. A season playing regularly and being a star player in a smaller team could do him wonders.

  30. Gööner In Exile says:

    FGG one of the problems had been that very few of our players appear to get game time at other PL clubs, especially the ball playing ones. Maybe Chambers would be OK, I’m the same way Jenkinson got pitch time. Ox may end up similar to Gnabry.

  31. Eddie says:

    bloody typical!!! I swapped from Sky to BT and the game is on Sky now

  32. RA says:

    Chas @ 7:22

    Always good to be greeted with a split ass grin! 😀

  33. chas says:

    Off to Sunderland.
    Cmon you Gunners.

  34. fatgingergooner says:


    16/17 onwards

    Sky – 126 PL games (26 first picks and 31 second picks meaning they get to choose the best games). Friday games, Saturday 5.15pm games, Sunday matches. Most bank holiday and midweek games.

    BT – 42 PL games (12 first picks and 7 second picks). Saturday 12.45pm, some midweek games.

    Sky also have Football League, Carling Cup, La Liga, MLS, Dutch PL, Euro Qualifiers except England, Italian Cup

    BT have Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1.

    Hope that helps for next season. If you want to move back again let me know! 😄

  35. fatgingergooner says:


    I agree but I’d like to think Ox would be more highly thought of in PL than Gnabry. Maybe he could get games in AM which might help his confidence too if that’s where he wants to end up.

  36. Gööner In Exile says:

    For BT Vision it appears you have to have TVaerial, we don’t so are stuck with Sky for time being, but end of last season we did some jiggery pokers.

    With Sky losing CL I phoned to renegotiate, they gave me an ok deal but their computer system ballsed up, I had already cancelled online they phoned to negotiate we agreed a deal then the cancellation took effect anyway and deal was lost. No one seemed able to put it back right… I cancelled all Sky as local shop was running all Sky TVfor £25 per month to new customers. Mrs Exile signed up and we have it at that price til August and obviously a new box which as previous one was starting to get epg issues due to the HDD overheating it was a good time to swap.

    Then signed up to BT broadband and you get Sport for £5 or something on top. I have left Sky BB for two reasons, one fastest dl speed is 40mb/s, BT is 80mbps.

    I think we are going to cancel sports in August and probably Movies. I’ll use Apple TVand NowTv to watch Arsenal games when on and just buy or rent movies when they come available. If Apple ever launch a subscription service for movies like they have for music it’ll be a god send.

  37. Gööner In Exile says:

    Unfortunately FGG I think very few of our players can fit into PL midtable sides, possibly Saints and Swansea being two exceptions.

  38. Gööner In Exile says:

    2nd reason to leave Sky Bb was txt riveting use to their crappy hub, I had to use wire shark to hack BBusername and password so I like use better router, none of that crap needed for BT.

  39. GoonerB says:

    FGG, GIE. I know the idea of Ox going on loan has been mentioned on here a few times. It will not work at all in my opinion.

    I make no bones that my thoughts about the Ox having stifled recently is more due to coaching and playing position issues (with injuries not helping) and strongly feel the majority of the problem is created internally.

    There are many rumours (I know only rumours) that other top clubs and managers would like him, not least on the rumour mill being Guardiola and Citeh.

    Some players at the right time benefit from a loan period. The Ox is 22 and a regular (when fit) England international and has been a regular 1st teamer with us. Sending him on loan at his stage could almost be considered kind of disrespectful.

    I have already seen occasions when he looks rather peeved and I think indicating to him that he currently doesn’t offer enough and needs to go out on loan, when there are likely to be other good options at other clubs out there, will probably just be the final straw. I really feel we either get it right with him ourselves or watch him go and likely flourish somewhere else.

  40. GoonerB says:

    Oh and morning all. Do we have a Raddy pre-match? If not we could just say :

    “No time to be experimenting Arsene in a MWG away from home against an Allardyce team fighting for EPL survival……..Discuss”

    Off out for a bit, see you all later.

  41. chas mobile says:

  42. LB says:

    Match day is not the same without a BR pre-match.

  43. chas mobile says:

    My favourite place…

  44. Ant says:

  45. Ant says:

  46. Ant says:

  47. chas mobile says:

    Who do you think will play up front, Ant?

  48. Ant says:

    Well Chas, Dolly played well on Thursday so we need to keep her assets. And then the FP just to annoy Mickey

  49. Ant says:

    Giroud is 33-1 to score anytime according to some

  50. Ant says:

    I’m most worried about the skills of Lee Cattermole

  51. chas mobile says:

    Hmm, I like the idea of a two pronged attack.
    Maybe Theo needs a shot at CF just to annoy GoonerB and his aversion to experimentation.

  52. chas mobile says:

    Yep, Cattermole has a lethal right foot.
    His left is dangerous, too.

  53. chas mobile says:

    33 to 1!
    I’ll have 20 pees worth of that.

  54. Ant says:

    Theo has travelled…. To Swansea. But can Mesut snuff out Cattermole’s creativity coached into him by Fat Sam

  55. Ant says:

    And I’ll have a fiver… Mickey

  56. chas mobile says:

  57. Mickey says:

  58. kelsey says:

    A battle for forth as usual
    MWG else Wengers gone

  59. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Goals is what this blog needs.
    Goals, I tell ye.

  60. chas mobile says:

  61. mickydidit89 says:

    Afternoon Gents

    I see I’m already here 🙂

    Team News: He starts. Dear God!
    Well, I hope and pray he can fluke his 13th, maybe 14th and 15th too 🙂

  62. mickydidit89 says:

    Jack on the bench. Nice

  63. mickydidit89 says:

    Have a great time Chas and Ant

    Sunderland need the win as well, so could be a cracker

  64. mickydidit89 says:

    Actually a draw would take Sunderland out of bottom three on GD.

  65. mickydidit89 says:

    ok, back for KO

  66. chas mobile says:

  67. mickydidit89 says:

    Wow, they’ve stuck up two goalmouths for Olly to aim at 🙂

    Naughty, but nice

    Come on you Gunnnnners

  68. Afternoon gunners

    Sorry about the lack of pre-match, Big Raddy is on walkabout in Paris.

    Looking forward to this game, hope Olly has his scoring boots on today 🙂

    Jack on the bench eh, plenty of time for him to get fit(injured) before the Euros 😉

    Oh no, Don Vito is in goal for them, he’ll have a worldy no doubt 🙂

    Come on Arsenal

  69. RockyLives says:

    Howdy Peaches
    Bright start – but the big worry for me is that Mike ‘the Spud’ Dean is the ref.

    He’s already let a lot of small fouls on our players go unpunished

  70. Just you and me then Micky

  71. Hi Rocky

    Hope you’re well. We have to get used to not getting anything from refs, sadly it’s the norm now.

  72. RockyLives says:

    Sunderland look poor but I’m still nervous. Been that sort of season.

  73. ………..and Mannone is looking sharp

  74. RockyLives says:

    Our possession is forcing them to run their socks off – could be a good last 20 minutes for us.

  75. Oh for goodness sake, the indignation from the Sunderland bench!!!!!!

  76. Why does no-one take up a position closer to Giroud when he receives the ball with his back to goal?

  77. RockyLives says:

    Pathetic – especially as the ball was blasted at the BFG from about 18 inches away. And his arms were well below head height

  78. A goal would be nice before that 🙂 Sunderland working hard to keep us out.

  79. Evens itself up as Yedlin handled too

  80. mickydidit89 says:

    Hi P and R

    Agree Rocky about last 20 mins. Danny Joel both on perhaps

  81. RockyLives says:

    That would be good Micky.

    Wouldn’t mind seeing Jack for Aaron at some point as well.

  82. Rasp says:

    Just got in and watching in Copenhagen – why did we start with Giroud?

  83. RockyLives says:

    Dunno Rasp but he’s not at the races.

  84. He has a good record against Sunderland lol

  85. RockyLives says:

    Our play in and around the box is extremely frustrating. We just can’t seem to make the right decisions in the crucial area.

  86. mickydidit89 says:

    He’s in the shop window, Rasp.
    It’s a theory of LB’s. Arsene being nice 🙂

  87. Rasp says:

    Hi Rocky, is Welby on the bench?

  88. RockyLives says:

    Hi Rasp
    Not sure – I would assume so. The away lads (and lasses) have been signing his name for a while now.

  89. Rasp says:

    Well we haven’t improved much whilst I’ve been away. We’re far too slow to get the ball forward again and giving them plenty of opportunity to hit us on the break – Defoe no doubt

  90. GoonerB says:

    64 mins. 1 minute till exciting substitutes

  91. RockyLives says:

    I like Ollie but it’s time to get him off.

    This has all the hallmarks of one of those games where we have lots of possession, do some nice passing moves, offer little goal threat and then get sucker punched.

  92. Come on Arsenal this is pathetic!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Rasp says:

    If we carry on like this it is only a matter of time before they score. Make some subs Arsene!!!

  94. GoonerB says:

    Mertesacker in the RFB position is one we often see. Is this some sort of tactic because we are often undone with balls behind him hete.

  95. RockyLives says:

    Hmmm…. Danny and Theo coming on.

    Theo in the shop window as well?

  96. GoonerB says:

    I like Ollie as well Rocky. I just don’t think that red and white or yellow and blue are colours that suit him. They don’t compliment his hair 🙂

  97. We’re making Sunderland look like a really good team.

  98. RockyLives says:

    Apart from a Sanchez free kick and a header from Per I’m trying to think of any attempts on target.

  99. Rasp says:

    We are so so slow to get the ball forward, where’s the urgency?

  100. mickydidit89 says:

    “Theo in the shop window as well?”

    Yes Rocky. You’re getting the gist of this aren’t you 🙂

  101. Calamity!!!!!!!!!!

  102. RockyLives says:

    The way They just bottled a 50-50 ball with a defender with their ‘keeper stranded outside his area was just shameful.

  103. RockyLives says:


  104. RockyLives says:

    Right, Jack to save the day…

  105. Rasp says:

    Did I really see Walcott jump out of that challenge?

  106. RockyLives says:

    Yes you did Rasp, with Mannone outside his area. Unbelievable.

  107. I think he was shoved off the ball actually.

  108. RockyLives says:

    Welbeck was shoved off the ball Peaches (should have been a foul). Walcott just bottled the tackle.

  109. RockyLives says:

    Mannone having a good game, natch.

  110. Rasp says:

    All of a sudden we look dangerous with Wilshere on the pitch

  111. Rasp says:

    I don’t know how much longer I can keep watching this stale laboured style of football

  112. RockyLives says:

    I’ll keep watching as long as there’s an Arsenal Rasp… but it ain’t much fun at the moment.

  113. RockyLives says:

    Bloody hell, even from our own free kick we end up on the back foot defending.

  114. Rasp says:

    Truly dreadful 😦

  115. RockyLives says:

    If I was cleverer I might have an idea what’s wrong with us at the moment.

    But I’m not so I don’t.

    Though I do know there IS something wrong.

    Ah well, we’ve been through worse.

  116. Oh for goodness sake we’re going to have to beat Citeh now. It’s a joke. Maybe if Giroud starts and doesn’t score in the first half then Welbeck comes on for the second half.

    I just think Danny rushing around trying to get into the game doesn’t work.

    It is about trying to win the game isn’t it?

  117. Rasp says:

    The trouble is peaches AW only ever makes subs on 70 minutes – because obviously every game situation is the same 🙄

  118. RockyLives says:

    I’m not sure that changing the personnel will cure our problems at the moment. We have a malaise about the whole team and we don’t seem to have any kind of effective system for any type of game.

    But I think we’ll beat City 😃

  119. mickydidit89 says:

    How was Joel not a better option than Theo?

    Ok, back out into the sun. Come on Leicester

  120. Back to digging ………. Come on Leicester

  121. RA says:

    Now that most bloggers have gone to get a drink to soothe the concerns over that game – time for an ‘I told you so’ or two!

    Three years ago I said that much tho I respected and admired Arsene, I wanted him to retire gracefully and with all the due respects that he was entitled to, for his own benefit.

    Things are definitely going to become even more toxic after this poor season and I would offer the same advice to AW, with the addendum ‘for his own benefit, and also the benefit of most of the fans

    It is difficult to defend the same old, same old predictably stale tactics, while persevering with some underperforming and underwhelming players.

    I also said about the same time that Theo for me was a huge disappointment and he also struck me as chicken. today’s leap over the ball when he could have got control and scored the winning goal, makes me repeat that he should move his career on somewhere else, as at 27 y.o. he is not going to improve.

    [And he can take Giro with him.]

  122. kelsey says:

    Lucky I am not on here to say how I feel.

  123. kelsey says:

    That is bollox RA 😉 You are just saying what i said 5 years ago but in posh talk 😉

  124. GoonerB says:

    Hear hear R.A ( and Kelsey 2 years previously 🙂 ). I was going to say the same thing in a much more long winded version, but lets just stick with your one as it will do just fine with the added bonus of not inducing the condition of bloggerssleepingsickness 🙂

  125. TotalArsenal says:

    Just as well he did not listen, RA; we would have been four cups poorer by now. Probably best for him to leave this summer as we deserve it, for better or for worse.

    I am interested to hear what bloggers believe Arsene should have done differently today. In my view the tactics were spot on.

  126. Gööner In Exile says:

    Well that was predictable…..Allardyce was always going to park the bus firmly, he knows Norwich will be coming to us next week with extra pressure after they dipped them at home last week.

    Leicester 2-0 up the only positive.

  127. Gööner In Exile says:

    Theo showed himself up in a huge way with that challenge…..embarrassing.

  128. kelsey says:

    The first sub should have been Ramsey at least 15 minutes earlier. No one played well bar Cech and to an extent the centre backs.
    Sunderland wanted it moreit’s as simple as that.

    We have looked lethargic in our last three games despite winning one as if nothing hinged on the result.It’s just not good enough just going through the motions.

    Did you suddenly expect Wally and Giroud to suddenly find form and be a real threat.

  129. kelsey says:

    I just can’t understand it,are they not playing for the manager anymore or what. And those shirts drive me nuts. 😉

  130. kelsey says:

    They didn’t park the bus GIE. They are in the bottom 3, had to defend but had heart to a man to try and win and to be honest they could have.

    The word is PASSION we just haven’t got it, AW has just got to go regardless where we finish.

  131. Gööner In Exile says:

    If I was to guess why Ollie started last two games it was because AW knew we would face well organised defences who are good in the air. So to threaten you should probably play your biggest centre forward. Problem being we hardly played a good cross in to the area in either game.

    The first thing Jack did was positive rolling his man and gaining 5 yards, Santi does that well too. And we haven’t really got anyone else that gives us that in the middle except perhaps TR7.

    The big problem when playing OG is players can get lazy, it’s why AW used to be against finding a 6ft plus centre forward he feared that players would try the easy out ball from the back. He is right they do, and as a result OG spends most of the game in aerial battles trying to bring the ball down or winning flick ons which is against our general style of play.

    We seem to lack the ability to mix it up, only Ozil and Alexis vary their passing patterns.

  132. TotalArsenal says:

    They parked the metro instead! 😂

  133. TotalArsenal says:

    20 shots in an away game of which seven on target is not lethargic to me. I saw a team working really hard to create clear cut chances but lacking composure for the penultimate and ultimate balls, possibly because we are too eager and wanted to force it. It is what it is. 😜

  134. TotalArsenal says:

    Anyway, the Foxes are winning and all is good.

    Have a nice evening. 😄

  135. RA says:

    Hi, TA,

    Who knows what will happen when AW finally decides to leave, and what we will or will not win in the future after he has gone?
    Equally, who knows what cups we would, or would not, have won if he had left 3 years ago (or 5 years ago according to Mystic Meg)?
    That is all conjecture.

    However, you are missing the point of my comment.
    I said 3 years ago that I would prefer AW to retire for his own physical and mental well being, as the abuse he was getting even then was extremely unpleasant.

    Currently the atmosphere among many fans is becoming toxic in its vindictive anti-Wenger rhetoric, and I still fear for his physical and mental well being, as it must be awful to put up with it, and for a decent man, and one of the greatest managers this League has ever had that is unacceptable.

    So do not worry about what Cups he might, or might not, have managed to win for the club and the fans, think instead of what the personal cost might be for him, if he carries on.

    [I obviously know of your views on Theo, but you are rapidly becoming a minority in that respect, and Giro is not enjoying life at the moment – so I repeat, they can both go – and should already have gone.] 🙂

  136. Great 4th goal from Leicester

    Sorry to interrupt

  137. mickydidit89 says:

    Just in from gardening
    4-0 he he he
    Feel so much better
    Best go outside again 🙂

  138. Sad to see so many top Gooners seeing the end of Arsene, but I understand how they feel and respect there opinions

    However, I haven’t given up hope yet.

    Many years ago, my elder brother was under pressure to pass his O Levels. My parents thought he could be a Doctor. This misguided belief came when at nine years of age he rubbed some other kids knee after a bike fall and cured him. It could have been worse, they may have believed him to be Jesus.

    Anyway, I knew he was thick. He still thinks Shakespeare is a geezer who had an anger issue with fruit.

    To avoid embarrassment he decided to break into the college and nick the exam papers. He did it perfectly, photocopying the papers and leaving no trace of a break in

    He had 3 days to look them over,but rather than getting top marks, failed them all. To be fair, some of those exams were multiple choice

    My parents dreams of a handsome Doctor son were shattered. anyway, he looks like he’s been stranded at sea without a comb.

    Did he give up? No. What that episode taught him was that he was actually a really good thief. What I admired about him was that he never stole from the undeserving, concentrating instead on educational establishments. He took a few more exams with nicked papers but still failed.

    Later on, after been arrested and convicted, he would break into solicitors firms who represented him. He also broke into a prison, but unfortunately ended up staying there longer than he wanted.

    So I say don’t give up on Arsene yet

    The Ghosts of the Thirties are Stirring

  139. Gööner In Exile says:

    RA I know where your coming from, from memory there was a season where G Neville said that if AW got the side into CL again it would be his biggest managerial achievement, he managed it just, having had most of the heart of the side ripped out in the two previous summers. At the time 4th was good enough, but I still felt he should have considered stepping down then. That may have been 5 seasons ago now, it felt harsh to rob himself of the chance to compete when the money freed up a bit but I still felt after that he could call it a day with his head held high.

    Unfortunately as you say the split between fans has deepened, the question is will I support the next manager like I support Arsene, I’d probably say yes, even if it was Maureen.

    But when we beat City at home at Christmas all was looking rosy, and the players seemed to be convinced it was their year, we lost 4-0 to Saints three/four days later and the season fell apart. That it was over one result tells me what I need to know about some of the players and their hearts.

    The problem is as Arsene is the leader he comes in for the most criticism, but can anyone say they really feel they’ve seen enough from the players to justify criticism of him, maybe they’ve all given up playing for him…..but then that doesn’t explain why some like Monreal and Bellerin give a consistent performance week in week out and others fail to.

    I wpuld guess there is a split in the camp, those that work their socks off and would try their all no matter what, and those that don’t, there doesn’t have to be many bad apples to set the rot in, Theo would be one, and the way he has shirked responsibility and played this season other managers would have had him in the youth team and nowhere near the first xi, that’s never been Arsenes way, but I highly doubt Theo will start next season at Arsenal.

    He will probably get a move to Pool, City or United but that will be due to the quota system more than anything that his talent delivers.

    This season he has reminded me of Sagna and Arshavin in their last seasons.

  140. LB says:

    Terry, Terry, Terry, we are not worthy.

  141. TotalArsenal says:

    All understood, Redders 🙂

  142. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    Looks like it was a good game to miss!

  143. LB says:

    I enjoyed the game, I don’t agree at all with the suggestion that the team aren’t showing passion; they all looked extremely determined to me.

    Although, that said, I must admit that I preferred watching the Leicester game, that was far more entertaining and I was able to sigh with relief at the end when I realised I no longer had to watch spud’s games as I have been doing recently; they aint going to win it now and I don’t care what the result is tonight.

    It was also interesting to compare the two teams, Kante would walk into our team and Marrez would have scored at least three against Sunderland, you would have Vardi ahead of most all of our attack.

    Excellent interview with Arsene Wenger before the game on Sky, he looks relaxed and was congratulating Leicester.

  144. RC78 says:

    I think AW admitted our flaws this year very astutely:

    1. Lack of clinical finish;
    2. Lack of sharpness / accuracy / pace in our passing game as well as lack of sharpness in our defensive efforts;
    3. Lack of hunger to grind results and to win games.

    He is spot on – I would add lack of depth also.

    Now that he has analyzed the situation so well. What will he do about it? He needs to review and upgrade his team.

    A) Who is a definite starter and who will stay?
    B) Who will leave?
    C) Who will come?

    Starter: Cech – Bellerin, Koscielny – Ramsey – Ozil – Sanchez

    To stay for sure: Gibbs, Gabriel, Coquelin, Wilshere, El Neny, Ox, Iwobi, Wellbeck

    Who shall leave for me as a sale or free agent:
    – PiG, Debuchy, Jenkinson, BFG, Monreal, Flamini, Arteta, Rosicky, Campbell, Giroud, Sanogo and now more controversy: Cazorla and Walcott.

    Why Monreal, Cazorla and Walcott – because they are good value on the market and are not at the level required to be starters in winning EPL team although the case can be made for Cazorla as he is a very special player…

    We need a left-back – Ricardo Rodriguez is a very good option.
    We need two CBs (maybe two) – Varane, Stones, Garay, Pepe, Marquinhos even Cahill are good options
    We need a RB – Coleman is my option
    We need a DM – Xabi Alonso, Javi Martinez, (Kanté?) are on top of my list
    We need a Winger (maybe two) – Mahrez, Turan, Meertens, Willian, are good options
    We need a Striker – Lukaku, Aubemayang, D. Costa are likely to be available

    Cech – Bellerin, VARANE, Koscielny, R.R – Ramsey, MARTINEZ – MAHREZ, Ozil, Sanchez – LUKAKU

    Ospina – COLEMAN, PEPE, Gabriel, Gibbs – El Neny, Coquelin, Wilshere – Ox, Wellbeck, Iwobi (or Meertens)

    If Iwobi is loaned out, then Meertens has to join us and vice-versa.

    This team would be capable of challenging for the title IMHO. It has steel, depth, different profiles and has hard working platers all over the pitch…

  145. Big Raddy says:

    RC. I agree with almost all you write.

    I do not agree that Cazorla has a sell on value and think we would be better served by keeping him at THOF. Also, he believe he is our best MF. Where I do agree is that he is coming to the end of his AFC career but I would give him another season.

    Same with Monreal, who has been a model of consistency.

    We are desperate for a finisher.

  146. fatgingergooner says:

    There is a post if anyone wants to publish it. I’d do it myself but not sure what to do! 😄

  147. Rasp says:

    New post everyone ……

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