Arsenal deserve to be punished

Morning all

Our devastating defeat at the hands of Championship side Sheffield Wednesday has made many Arsenal supporters shrug their shoulders saying that we have bigger fish to fry. After  a walkover for Wednesday at Hillsborough, I had to to ask myself are Arsenal that good, that they can dismiss any competition that they feel is beneath them? The Capital One Cup is scorned at by most top Premier sides and Arsenal have for years used young inexperienced  players. Players that cannot get on the pitch for any of the 38 Premier games. Are they used in Champions league certainly not, why because the Champions league pays out big Bucks thats why.

Every time we play these kinds of games many ask who our next opponents are as there’s a feeling that we should we save players for more important games.

We lost at Hillsborough 3-0 without one shot from our side, our attacks were non existent, our team was more thrown together than pieced together. Here were young players that many ardent Arsenal supporters had never heard of, now in the Arsenal shirt playing a cup game.

Sheffield Wednesday is one of the clubs that is possibly older than Arsenal, they have been round a long long time. Sheffield of course were well known for their steel plants. In the past Sheffield was a thriving community but over the years it has had its problems. Steel is now imported and  that has had a detrimental effect on the population and the football club. As a boy I can remember Wednesday in the top league, the old Division One, they have history with us over the years in big games where the sides were evenly matched. Tuesdays game was a cop out. We disrespected Wednesday in the way our team were picked. We showed that the competition was below us and Arsène himself said that he didn’t want any of our first team travelling but he didn’t have a choice.

Arsenal football club had no intention of battling for the next stage and for me that is wrong. I very rarely speak against Arsène and Arsenal, but on this issue I do. Hillsborough saw 35 thousand fans turn up, the most they have had this season, why, because The Arsenal were in town. Tickets were sought after and I believe it was a sell out. Wednesday Supporters were well aware that Arsenal are currently sharing the same points as league leaders Manchester City. Many Wednesday supporters would have watched Arsenal last week against Bayern Munich, beating possibly the best side in the world. They saw Arsenal battle tooth and nail to win that game 2-0 and many would have made certain of their ticket for this round of the Capital One Cup.

Wednesday’s supporters probably felt they had very little chance of seeing Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez or Santi Cazorla but the Arsenal team coming to Hillsborough would have been draw enough. On the night all they got to see was a depleted Arsenal team devoid of talent and no super stars. I would have felt cheated, they probably did as well until their first goal went in, then the next and then the nail in the coffin, the third. Arsenal with a side in their minds of super stars, turn up and see a team of nobodies.

I feel its time for the FA to step in and sort these fixtures out. A team of the likes of Arsenal, one of the top ten richest sides in the world, field a side of nobodies and make the competition a non event. Arsenal should be punished for supporters shelling out to be entertained  and do not get what they are paying for.

Many will say that Arsenal’s season has currently got more going on than their counter parts, but that is no excuse. Arsenal’s squad is made up of top Premier league players, more than enough to field  a competitive side and they should be made to field it. Many will say that the season is too long and there are too many games, but that is the way it is. After all, we have ten games gone in the league, we have a 25 player squad and we have had two international breaks so tiredness is not an excuse, in fact what Arsenal have done is to bring the game into disrepute. They have disrespected the competition and its competitors and should face punishment. The supporters should be given their money back and Arsenal should be fined heavily.

Personally I was embarrassed, upset and disgusted at how my football club had acted. I feel that if the FA take no action at all then the competition should be taken off the agenda. Many of you will not agree but when a football club act this way punishment must be given.

Steve Palmer


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  1. fatgingergooner says:

    The fact 3 of our first team players have picked up muscle injuries in the last 2 games shows that tiredness IS a problem and shows exactly why quite a few teams play depleted teams in this competition. Wether that is right or wrong, or cheating the fans, I don’t know.

    The FA don’t do much in terms of helping English teams when it comes to overloaded fixture lists (compared to other countries) so I guess the teams have to take it into their own hands when it comes to ensuring their players are fit for the bigger competitions.

    Personally, I would suggest making the C1Cup a competition for any team that’s not in Europe that season. Maybe then the teams that are in it would feel they had a great chance of winning it and would play their full teams, thus giving it some credibility. Does it have a Europa League place attached to it? That might help too.

  2. RA says:

    Morning Steve, 🙂

    Your Post was interesting, and I have always admired your passion, but your message sounds more like a Friday rant.

    Sheffield Wednesday were the third oldest professional club in England after Aston Villa, I think and a founding member of the Football league in 1888.

    They deserve respect for that alone, and altho they are only in the Championship at the moment they have tremendous support and we should not patronise them – not that I am suggesting you have.

    I am afraid I disagree with you on a number of things, but rather than hog the comments perhaps I will enumerate my rebuttal later.

  3. chas says:

    Cheers, Steve.

    I didn’t feel cheated by my experience at Hillsborough.
    I’m 100% sure there wasn’t one Wednesday fan who left the ground feeling cheated.

    There were only two youngsters in the starting XI. The third was forced and the fourth completely inconsequential.

    Apart from that I completely agree with the post. 🙂

  4. PV4 says:

    For many years now I have believed that the League Cup (in all its guises) should be restructured. It is obvious that teams have too many games, injuries bite and, sadly, money talks.

    I think that teams who have qualified for Europe should not have to go into the League Cup – you would then avoid the embarrassment of under performing, weak teams. It was obvious even before Tuesday that our squad – and the demands on it, were far beyond any sort of gutsy display.

    Yes, I agree with you that the supporters are cheated. Sadly, as we already know, money takes centre stage over supporter enrichment almost every time. I am pleased for Wednesday – a real club with a core of avid fans, but am dismayed that Arsenal – as a World leading club – don’t offer to reimburse those fans who travelled with higher expectations.

    Unfortunately,until the real reason that football survives – THE FANS, this will always happen. Just ask Arsenal, Manu, Chelski et al if they are REALLY bothered about not being in this cup.

  5. ‘morning Steve, can I take issue with your use of the term “devastating defeat”?

    It was no such thing, a make shift team disrupted in the first five minutes by an unfortunate injury which was compounded by a further injury just eight minutes later was left to reorganize on the hoof.

    It is plainly obvious that the Arsenal manager does not value the Capitol One Cup, so why should we get exercised when the players treat it the same way.

    Clubs should be allowed to opt out of the competition if they wish, just as the Premiership should be reduced to eighteen teams and a two week winter break be introduced. If the break was in January the traditional Christmas games would not be affected.

    There you are, all the woes of football in general and Arsenal in particular solved.

  6. RA says:

    Steve I am not going to go through my disagreements point by point, as I suspect your Post was written yesterday when the blood was still coursing through your veins from the defeat.

    The starting 11 on Tuesday was, in no particular order, Mert, Cech, Debuchy, Flamini, Campbell, Oxo, Gibbs, Giroo, Chambers. [All 9 of these players are members of the EPL 25 man squad]

    That leaves only two (as Chas mentioned) who are youth team players – Iwobi and Kamara.

    So fans being ‘cheated’ because we played so many youngsters is not really accurate, is it.

    In fact, the vast majority of fans on the blogs were bemoaning the fact Wenger had played so many first teamers and then losing two to injury, Oxo and Theo.

    This dilemma of what team to put out is not peculiar to Arsenal, because if you look at other ‘big’ clubs you will find they mostly all field supposedly weaker teams.

    Last night Manure fielded, Romero, Lingard and Wilson and lost.
    [ I do not know if those three are in the EPL 25 man squad, but they are only bit part players for Utd at the moment.]

    City put out a team with Caballero, Iheanacho who do not usually play for their first team – and won handsomely.

    Chelsea, the previous night, put out a ‘full’ team except for Rahman and Mikel who are not regulars — and lost.

    My point is that all clubs adjust their teams to suit the circumstances, so it is not just Arsenal – and neither is it cheating the fans.

    As for the idea that the FA should rule on who plays for each club in any competition would never work – the manager decides who plays and who does not, who is injured and who is not, who suits certain circumstances and who does not, who needs a rest and who does not.

    The Wednesday fans, in my opinion, given a choice would rather stuff Arsenal and win a splendid game (from their point of view) and get thru to the next round, rather than see Özil, Cazorla & co, and get stuffed themselves.

    I know you put a lot of effort into your Post, Steve, and I am not just being difficult, but sometimes the manager is put in an invidious position by angry fans, where he is damned if he puts in too many first teamers who then get injured, or puts in too many kids and loses badly.

  7. PV4, are you saying that fans should only travel to away games if they EXPECT their team to win? If so half the team’s in the country would have very little travelling support, and to expect the clubs to refund their expenses, should the team not live up to the fans expectations, is beyond fantasy.

  8. Andy Parsons says:

    Wednesday were the first to the ball, wanted it more and executed our play better. Looking at Arsenal’s defence, there was a goalkeeper with over 100 caps for a decent European team, a full French international right back; full England internationals with Chambers and Gibbs – not to mention a World Cup winner. I am sure Flamini has played for France, as has Campbell and Giroud for their respective countries. Your squad on the day cost £74m to assemble compared to our £4m. It wasn’t a weak squad. But we wanted it more and I do agree that Wenger was complacent. I am not complaining, Wednesday were terrific and good value – although we had key players missing too including first-teamers Turner, Westwood and Forestieri.
    In fairness too, Wenger has never won at Hillsborough and was out coached and out mastered by Carlos.
    Credit to the Gunners fans though. Who really got behind their team despite their obvious inadequacies. They are the ones I feel sorry for as they really backed their club – who simply thought turning up was going to be good enough.

  9. Eddie says:

    Now you cat lovers – beat Andy Parsons’ pussy 🙂

  10. RA says:


    A good shout – mostly. 🙂

    If you read the comments on here yesterday, I think you would have seen that a lot of credit rightly went to Wednesday, and they deserved their win.

    As to Arsene Wenger being ‘out-coached’ and ‘out-mastered’ by your manager (whatever that means) I think the double injury suffered in the first few minutes had a lot to do with the result.

    Carlos Carvalhal to give him his full name, in case it was not known, 🙂 – will need to comeback in the future and show us his Premier League and FA Cup credentials to see if he matches up against Arsene Wenger’s. 🙂

    Anyway, well done and I hope you do well in the quarter finals.

  11. RA says:

    Take that, Andy, this is a pussy➣ ➣😺and this is a mouse ☞ ☞ 🐭

    Not a lot of people know that! 😀

  12. Big Raddy says:

    Fair play Andy. You are a proper fan, but do you really think that if AFC went to Hillsborough with a full first 11 that SW would have won?


    Where I agree with you is that the side AW put onto the pitch was outplayed by SW in every department.

  13. Rasp says:

    Thanks for the post Steve.

    I’m, afraid I have to disagree with your conclusion. The C1C is a tournament too many for the likes of Arsenal. The performance on Tuesday showed that even with a big squad we cannot field a team that has the quality and desire to perform well in the competition.

    The senior players are not fools. They know that there is very little to gain by winning the match. The last thing any would have wanted would have been to pick up an injury and miss a really important game against Bayern or the NLD.

    I think only teams who are committed to the tournament should take part. Possibly sides in the CL and Europa cup should be exempted?

    I realise that this would discourage sponsors and reduce revenue but in truth – who cares?

    The cost to Arsenal from this week’s game could be very high. It could lead to us playing on Thursdays and blowing a real chance of winning the EPL.

    I hope that if we are forced to compete in the competition in the future we only play youth and reserve players.

    Our away fans are proper supporters and they will have known that most of the top stars would be rested …. they go to support Arsenal through thick and thin.

  14. LB says:

    We have the best chance of winning the league in ages………….

    That’s it.

  15. Andy Parsons says:

    Difficult to say whether we would have won if Sanchez, Ozil, Carzola and co were playing. Probably not, even if they all had off days – but you still had enough quality on that pitch to teach us a lesson and it showed that we wanted it more. I think our tails went up with the unfortunate injuries to Ox (his dad, Mark, used to play for SWFC in the 80s) and Walcott.

    At the end of the day, anything can happen and teams can’t just rock up expecting to win because of the status of the other team – happens in the PL and cups every year but I guess this is what makes football such a captivating game. I know Manchester United went out last night, showing you can’t be complacent against lower league teams, but their bench was impressive while Arsenal’s was not at the same standard. This would have given Carvalhal a real boost when seeing the teamsheet for sure.

    Arsenal are a fantastic club with world class players and a manager who in my opinion is one of the best in the business. Out of the big clubs, they are the ones I want to see succeed the most, despite having some real dingdongs together in the 80s/90s. Although on Tuesday, it was difficult to see who the PL team was.

  16. Rasp says:

    I agree LB, we do have the best chance of winning the league in ages – that’s why it was mad to risk The Ox and Walcott on Tuesday.

    We have lost the 1st 2nd, 3rd and 4th first choice players to play wide right up front (2 on Tuesday). We will have to compromise and play someone out of position or have a weak link (Campbel?)

    The next 3 games could well define our season. Right now I’d settle for draws against Swansea and Bayern and a win in the NLD – that would keep all our hopes alive.

  17. Shard says:

    Can’t agree with this I’m afraid. Does any other country have such an exhausting schedule for football along with such restrictive squad rules? I think not.

    Sheffield Wednesday defiitely wanted it more. It was a highlight for them, while it was a distraction for us, because like it or not, the League Cup means very little to clubs like ours.

    It’s a contrived competition anyway. Started in the 60s to make money through the newly fangled TV. Forcing clubs to participate (if I recall correctly) It doesn’t have history, doesn’t have money, and the prize of the Europa league place is no prize at all for us. Clubs playing in Europe should be exempt from this tournament, or it should be made into an U21 tournament or something.

    If anyone is cheating anybody, it is the FA.

  18. RA says:

    Well said, again, Andy. 🙂

  19. RA says:


    I think you had better write to the FA immediately and beg their forgiveness for having maligned them, by saying if anyone has cheated it is the FA. 🙂

    Actually, the Football League Cup, sponsored by Capital One, is controlled [‘governed’] by the Football League — funnily enough. 🦄

  20. Shard says:


    Really? I didn’t know that.

    But isn’t the Football League controlled by the FA more than the Premier League? Been a while since I cared to look at the structures of English football.

  21. Andy Parsons says:

    Cheers RA. Was a good night for us. Hopefully this is the season where we start to make inroads back to the top flight. Fans of clubs like Arsenal don’t know how lucky they are and should cherish every single trophy you get. Never forget that.

    Bet you wouldn’t like to swap positions with us and what we have been through in the last 15 years. Our second lowest finish in our 149-year history, 0-0 to Rushden and Diamonds at home in the league, players who wouldn’t make a pub team, chairman taking fans to court, etc.

    This will hopefully give Arsenal a better chance at the league title. And apart from Wednesday doing as well as we possibly can do, not many things in football would make me happier to see Arsenal win the league over the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea.

  22. mickydidit89 says:

    Thanks Steve

    Many good things today to get stuck into, including epic words like devastated, embarrassed and disgusted (personally, I was delighted with the result)

    Then we have this from Parsons: Credit to the Gunners fans though. Who really got behind their team despite their obvious inadequacies

    You bet some of our away fans have obvious inadequacies 🙂

  23. Andy Parsons says:

    Of the team I meant Micky!

  24. Rasp says:

    Thank goodness Micky didn’t pick up on my observation about our away supporters being ‘thick and thin’ 🙂

  25. PV4 says:

    @ Norfolk 10:50 – what I meant was that the travelling fans should at least have expected us to compete – albeit that many of us knew that the effort may well be muted because of the upcoming games and squad limitations. Add to that the reaction as a result of the early injuries – other first teamers thinking that they will take it easy or that could be them. After all, if you buy a BMW and it performs like a Lada you would probably expect some answers and a refund.

  26. mickydidit89 says:

    Hey Andy
    Just touched on your gravatar thing to see the cat
    Great pic, but where is the fabulous black and white scene in the background?

  27. kimathi says:

    All the players who played are part of the arsenal family and deserved inclusion into the team.

  28. Andy Parsons says:

    Hi Micky.
    The tiger pic is in Thailand. The place behind is a picture I took of Lake Bled in Slovenia, which was taken in January a few years back. I get around quite a bit.

  29. mickydidit89 says:

    Andy again
    I know. Thing is we have a regular on here, Chas, who goes away. We like to take the piss out of him on the grounds that he doesn’t give a shit about anything so long as he meets his mates and gets his beer and crisps
    We secretly think he has a point, but would never ever let him know that 🙂

  30. mickydidit89 says:

    Lake Bled, wow. Love it
    Hope we draw a team from Slovena in Europe one day. Thanks. Want to go there

  31. Andy Parsons says:

    I’ve seen Wednesday at over 60 grounds while also seeing games at the San Siro and FC Cologne. Needless to say, SWFC weren’t involved in them!

  32. Careful Andy, Micky is always looking for unusual images of pussys.

  33. mickydidit89 says:

    Oi Norfolk
    I’m off to google Lake Bled and re plan my whole life 🙂

  34. Andy Parsons says:

    Slovenian football is pretty lame so the chances are not great! But do head there. In terms of pictures of pussys, not something I can help with I’m afraid. I just take travel pics!


    Nice Steve

    Some people pay good money to be punished mate. Totnumb fans do it every week.

    We all have a weak spot, usually down below.

    Mine is my wig. The second wife’s cat was a horrible thing. The sort of cat that if chas posted a picture people would be calling the police.

    The thing hated me. Always giving the evil eye, casting magic spells (I blame the thing for problems in my nether regions and the rise of Jeremy Corbyn). The worse thing however was that it very much enjoyed seeking out and kipping on the wig.

    To counter the fiends evil intention i began wearing the wig all the time, which resulted in excess glue build up leaving me looking the Mona Lisa standing on another Mona Lisas head, but i didnt care, it was worth it.

    One day, the beast retaliated. Before I knew it, the thing had pounced and landed on my head. I slowly manoeuvred my arm upwards but was met by a hiss and squeezing of the claws.

    I began to panic. I had a client coming round to see me who i was very close to ripping off, but how could i be taken seriously with this thing on my head?

    I had no choice but to try so after a minute or so the client remarked “Terry, you do know you have a cat sitting on your head?” I Laughed and said it was a joke and was doing it to relax him, but the cat hissed and clawed deeper

    Every time I spoke the cat clawed deeper so was close to fainting with pain, and just when I got to the point were I was explaining to the guy how a massive investment in Paul Daniels Company “Clothing for fashionable men”, of which I had a 30% stake, was a great idea, the beast realised I was close to making money, so decided to claw deeper.

    i could take it no longer and realised the only way out was to say “Sorry Barry, ime trying to con you mate. Daniels has no fashion sense, hes to obsessed with using his wand on the Rabbits”

    At this, the cat leapt off, leaving me bloodied, confused, and myself and Daniels significantly poorer.

    Yes, we were punished. Not because we played a weakened team, just for been greedy and crap.

  36. mickydidit89 says:

    And while you’re here Andy, may we introduce you to Terry Transplant

    Rules are simple. Always judge a book by its cover, it saves time. And yes, your first impressions of Transplant are 100% accurate 🙂

  37. Andy Parsons says:

    Thank you. We have a popular forum. Full of moaners and thinking our club are massive. They will moan like a bunch of old women if we don’t score 12 v Forest on Saturday. This looks like a far more sensible debate.

  38. mickydidit89 says:

    ha ha ha Transplant. One of the best 🙂 🙂 🙂

  39. RA says:


    There is a balancing act between the powers that be.

    The Premier League is pretty much all powerful. The EFA through UEFA and FIFA are responsible for ‘administering’ all football in England.

    The Premier League Clubs control that league with the FA setting some rules and administering punishments etc.

    The Football League are responsible for the leagues from the Championship thru to the lower leagues, and again the EFA are responsible for its administration and compliance with UEFA and FIFA rules.

    To avoid being sidelined, the FA liaise with both the Premiership and the League bosses.

    Historically the FA have run the FA Cup to provide funds to run the organisation; whereas the Football League set up and have run the Football League Cup since the 60s for pretty much the same reason; — meanwhile back at the ranch, the real powers — the premiership bosses have no direct interest in either cup, and make oodles of money from premiership games.

    That is probably a flawed explanation – but shows the separation of authority and responsibilities – but as you are not assed – that does not matter. 🙂

  40. mickydidit89 says:

    Wednesday ARE massive compared to sides like Totnum and Cheslea, so they have a point

  41. Andy Parsons says:

    No, we are not! The last 15 years have made us incredibly tinpot. In fact, half and half scarfs were spotted on Tuesday. And it doesn’t get more tinpot than that.

  42. mickydidit89 says:

    Half and Half scarves. Yip that’s bad 🙂
    Must dash. Work

  43. RA says:


    I had to make several business trips some years ago, which I had been putting off, (I hate flying – not through fear, but boredom) and ended with joining them all up and travelling around the world.

    I sat next to a very nice chap who it turned out was a salesman and was doing much the same thing. I saw him in the same hotel in Hong Kong looking very despondent for the only time I knew him.
    Wassup, I said – apparently Wednesday had lost to Sheffield United – I beamed and said he should support the Gunners (they having won). But, you’re a bloody Yank he said – and we pretty much travelled together for the best part of a month just meeting up at the various airports on the way to the next port of call.

    His face grew longer and my beam wider as the trip went on, as his boys kept losing and mine kept winning.
    He was very good about it really, as he said the Wednesday fans had become used to it, and I saw what he meant when he met some Aussies who were Wednesday fans in Sydney, (sons of immigrant parents) — and they were much the same — support through thick and thin and expect nothing. I liked them all – good lads. 😀

  44. RA says:

    I’m off too. Laterz.

  45. GoonerB says:

    Thanks Steve. I know the clocks went back last weekend but was it by 24 hours? This is deserving of rant Friday.

    Steve, As always we respect each others opinions and right to them on here. The different bloggers having differing views is what keeps it interesting. As I read your fine post I did find myself disagreeing with almost every point….sorry…. and was going to say more but many of the other bloggers have already covered most of where I would disagree.

    I would pick up on a couple of points though:

    Firstly, and this is reading between the lines Steve based on many of your comments recently, I get the feeling that you don’t feel much consideration needs to be made to resting and rotating players and how often they can play in succession. This would come under the bracket of sports science for me, a term and concept much more frequently used now than in times gone by. Well us Camel Wormers know a bit about this and I can tell you quite whole-heartedly that it is a genuine thing in modern sports (not just football), and is a very important factor in the management of modern elite athletes.

    I label this point Steve because I do feel that a lot of your subsequent feelings and opinions are based on your feeling these considerations are not necessary. In this I feel you are very wrong unfortunately.

    I don’t mean this disrespectfully but you come across as very “old school”, (not a bad thing per se), but I always have a little smile and chuckle with some of your comments, because they take me back to a time where I get a mental picture of Mullet haircuts, Kevin Keegan perms, and small tight shorts that finish just below the gonad region 🙂

    My second point (also to Andy Parsons) is the one about disrespect and just rocking up expecting to win. I don’t feel either of these are the reality and using a derivative of that term I think Arsenals selection is more based on realism than disrespect. I genuinely think Arsene hopes for a good show from those he puts out there.

    Whether people like it or not this competition is now traditionally a youth training one for a club like Arsenal. I don’t think Wenger sets out thinking we will win it, even though he probably could of course if he prioritised it. I think he hopes to rotate, give other players a run out and give the academy players a chance to show what they are about. In many ways the changes in the reserve league e.t.c have hampered arsenal from putting out a better academy team, which is a shame.

    I personally would prefer to see a championship side or lower EPL side win it to keep English football a bit more “romantic” shall we say. If the big EPL boys win this as well where does that leave things? As such Andy Sheffield Wednesday will get my vote and support to win the cup, and good luck. By the way Andy maybe you can become an honorary other fan blogger on here. Make the Gunners your second team maybe and provide support in all things non Sheffield Wednesday, especially when it comes to those 2 distasteful lot from London that don White and Blue kits.

  46. GunnerN5 says:

    Steve, Sorry my friend but I agree with very little in your post, so I will simply say nothing.

    The League Cup is a disaster for Pl clubs that are playing in Europe as it equals one competition too many maybe it would be a good idea to exclude them?

  47. Eddie says:

    NG – just for you

  48. Andy Parsons says:

    RA – We are quite a humorous bunch. We have had to put up with all sorts of crap the last few years and some of the players we have had would make your mates on a pub team chuckle. We are long suffering but when things go our way, there’s no place better. I live in London now and have done for eight years. I miss not seeing Wednesday every week and just on away days now, but such is life.

    GoonerB – I don’t think Arsenal will be my second team to be honest, but will always enjoy watching and following their fortunes from afar. Thanks anyway. I don’t have a ‘PL team’ like many top flight clubs think us lower league clubs have – although I am hopeful to have one in the next few years… 🙂 In terms of the kit, I think it’s a disgrace you had a third kit when it would have been easier to play in your red and white, but it’s an opportunity to fleece the fans out of more money, of course. SWFC released a third shirt (our away is black – which will obviously cause issues down the line at Cardiff, Birmingham etc) for the Newcastle game which was last year’s away shirt with the new sponsor. They tried to charge £40 for it but fans complained, especially because the same kit was on sale for £15 in June! Alas, its the world we live in.

  49. fred1266 says:

    Hello i have a question not Arsenal related was messaging Rasp/Joanne via email but haven’t heard back from them

    can someone tell me where is the great hall london road and does it have transport to reach there or do i have to walk currently using transport to london and every hotel i enter it tells me i have t walk 58 minutes

    thanks in advance

  50. Eddie says:

    stevo – what are you talking about? Wednesday fans had great times! They will forever remember beating the Arsenal 3:0, xmas came early for them

    And as for us – not playing the strongest XI in the micky mouse cap is not a sign of disrespect, it is a sign that we are title contenders elsewhere and have to do whatever necessary to win it.

    Good post, just a tad annoying 🙂 Never be ashamed of your club!!

  51. GoonerB says:

    oh and transplant 12.29, brilliant


    Nice one Andy. Hope you come back to the top tier were a Club of your status deserves to be

    But come now Andy? Think of all the positives.

    Without Wednesday then Chris Waddle would never have achieved his iconic status with the Hunchback community, thus ending years of discrimination and unpaid bell ringing

    And what about Carlton Palmer? This man showed that an individual with limited ability and the body frame of a grasshopper can achieve. A true inspiration to the disadvantaged and jumping insects every were.

    And finally, your sale of Brian Marwood to Arsenal helped seal our Title triumph of 1989, so thank you.

  53. Andy Parsons says:

    Yes there have been some good times. We had some decent players in the 90s. Palmer was under appreciated – he was a tireless player who made sure the classier players could do their stuff. But true, he wasn’t easy on the eye. I just about remember Marwood. He looked a great player but only saw him once or twice. In fairness, Ross Wallace is quite similar.

  54. GoonerB says:

    Steve, just going to say well done with the post and stepping up, particularly one you probably suspected not many would agree with.


    Andy, Marwood was fantastic. I remember in pre season him banging in the goals and I went round telling every one we would win the league. Yes, even when Andrew Ridgley was making a living off Georges behind, I bet George enjoyed that, I was optimistic.

    In the first four months of that season Marwood stood out. He was scoring and making goals for fun. From what I recall he got injured around Christmas but by then the damage had been done and the rest is history.

    One player i always liked from you old sides was David Hurst. Very good striker, underrated in my opinion.

    Another guy I can recall was Paul; Warhurst. Wilkinson converted the geezer from defender to striker and for a spell he was phenomenal.

    I remember during that period demanding that George Graham do a Warhurst and play Steve Morrow up front, but he didnt, No idea why not?

  56. Thanks for the pic Eddie, sadly since this morning I’ve gone off autumn leaves.

    I spent the best part of an hour raking up all the fallen leaves from the very large apple tree in the garden. Immediately I finished and almost before I’d put the rake away the wind got up and brought down another lot.

    I’m going to leave it (pun intended) to nature and hope all the leaves get blown over the fence and into my neighbour’s carp pond. 😀

  57. According to Le Boss, there have been no miracle cures and none are expected so the right wing slot goes to either Iwobi or Campbell. He has ruled out moving Santi to the right as he doesn’t want to break up his partnership with Le Coq.

    Quite right Arsene, too much tinkering is bad for team work, try remembering that next time you want to mess with the defence.

  58. Andy Parsons says:

    Terry – Hirst was a great, great striker. It wasn’t who was going to replace Lineker but who was going to partner Hirst. All before Steve Bould snapped his ankle in a game at Highbury (my first away game actually) with a horrible challenge from behind and he was never the same. He’d be worth £40m today.
    Warhurst was quick and we bought him as a full back from Oldham, who then played at the back. But went up front when we were down to the bare bones and scored 6 in 6. Had electric pace – something Morrow didn’t have!
    Icelandic midfielder Siggi Jonsson played for Arsenal, apparently he was terrific at Wednesday and got injured more or less straight away after he signed. He’s before my time though.

  59. RA says:

    Just popped back on for a mo’ and could not stop laughing at that brilliant but barmy, Terry!! 😀

    The I saw Fornolk going on about his leafs (I bet he counts each one) 😉 One leaf for you – two leafs for me — go away and leaf me alone – bugger where was I – one leaf for you three leafs for me…..

    Then I read GB’s offering — ’nuff said! 😀


    Andy, I was at that game. I think Bouldy done him in the first two minutes. I was in the west upper and got a good view of it, straight from behind. Bouldy used to leave one all strikers early, but I admit that was out of order.

    I remember Jonsson. Really silky and skilful player but didnt quite cut it with us. Fighting it out against the enormity of David Hilliers ability was just to much. hahaha

  61. Hmm! more than enough, some might say. 😀


    Hi Redders, great post yesterday. Disappointing evening all round, but at least our new friend Thursday Andy enjoyed it. hahaha

  63. stevepalmer1 says:

    Evening all. Been fishing all day sorry about that;

    I guessed many of you would disagree, and as some have said; Yes i am old school. All this Science malarky and tiredness has me scratching my head. Now yes maybe i am not up on the special training they do nowadays of 2 or 3 hours, and to finish the week off with a non stop 90 minutes must be exhausting no wonder they get a hundred grand a week.

    Of course i wont argue the fact with you lot, You see it different to me and of course it wouldn’t be right if we all agreed. Now i believe that a footballer has about a twenty hour week if that and they are paid more money for one week than i used to get paid in over 3 years and that was 70 hours, When i was younger i still did a 50 hour week and played Saturday and Sunday Was i tired yes i was but i deserved to be but i never missed a game. I am no hero and sure the quality of football was nothing like we have now, but it was still Raw football 90 minutes of wanting to win, what i saw the other night was bad in my eyes.

    As i said, each to their own, But sports science has a lot to answer for. Lucky we never had it in my day.

  64. Andy Parsons says:

    Terry – yes it was an early one. We were kicking towards the mural. Hirst still scored but was off on a stretcher – was never the same player after that. Shame. I did enjoy it on Tuesday. Very much so. Hope we can meet again next season for a Saturday 3pm KO…

  65. Rasp says:

    Hi Steve,

    The problem is that today’s footballers are highly trained athletes.

    The small incremental margins that chas talks about extend to getting every last scintilla from the players. Even without the negative effect of fatigue, they train to perform at maximum for 93 minutes.

    The end result of that is that they are always that much closer to injury, and the injuries they suffer tend to be longer term.

    So even if they could run off an injury during a game, the chances are they will be making it worse and extending the recovery period.

    I’m sure you’re not seriously suggesting that the likes of Walcott and The Ox are in some way being limp or lacking in backbone. Their injuries are simply preventing them performing at the required level and there is nothing to be gained by bringing them back until they are fully fit.

  66. Rasp says:

    Incidentally, that dutch fitness ‘expert’ (I think he’s dutch?) has come out again today and slated AW for his ‘old fashioned’ ways and blamed him for our current list of recurring soft tissue injuries.

    I’m sure someone can find a link to the article.

  67. stevepalmer1 says:

    Thank you Rasp for that bit of info. Now i know i am getting old.

    The ox and Walcott must have pushed themselves to the extreme in the warm up, as one lasted 5 minutes and the other 3 minutes longer. Tell me Rasp how can these players be highly trained athletes on 3 hours a day. how are they being pushed to their limits.

    Football has moved on and left me behind i’m afraid, we just trained till we couldn’t walk then played at the weekend, Yes i ached Sunday morning, and had a few bruises but after five minutes we felt alright. Monday i was a little stiff, but lets face it i didn’t have to do 3 hours intensive training.

  68. mickydidit89 says:

    Sounds like you’re our man for the vacant right wing slot.
    Lace up immediately, go for a short jog and never do any of that poofy stretchy stuff 🙂
    Old School, that’s where its at

  69. mickydidit89 says:

    I am actually formulating something of a revolutionary, and brilliant, all new formation to combat our gaping hole on the right.

    We adopt a 3-5-2, allowing Bellerin to mince about in the empty right wing gap, but here’s the really clever bit, to avoid too much disruption to the left, we play our usual 4-3-3 down that side

    Needs a little tweaking, but I think I’m on to something

    And they call HIM Le Prof!

  70. Big Raddy says:

    A couple of tabs before the game and a rub down with wintergreen A swift tab at half-time alongside a quarter orange and Steve is set.

    Stevie Palmer
    Stevie Palmer on the wi-ing

  71. Big Raddy says:

    Sorry Micky but that is bolleaux

  72. RA says:

    Hi Steve, 🙂

    I love your positive spin; “I guessed many of you would disagree” — did you not mean; “I guessed ALL of you would disagree”

    Even Andy the Sheffield lad did not really agree – so get out there and buy a Lottery ticket – it cannot all go wrong! 😀

  73. stevepalmer1 says:

    Cheers Micky and Raddy, I don’t think i could outlast Theo’s 5 minutes to be honest. I would be injured on the walk out. 🙂

  74. RA says:


    I’m sorry but isn’t “Walcott and The Ox are in some way being limp or lacking” — slightly homophobic?

    Especially when linked with — “recurring soft tissue injuries”.

    Really! 😀

  75. RA says:


    Don’t listen to the Viking — you are brilliant — playing 10 down the right and 10 down the left should wrap things up nicely.

    Not bollix at all. 🙂

  76. stevepalmer1 says:

    Cheers RA, I was relying on you for a bit of support, even GN5 but for both of you to stab me in the back, I am just happy That Micky made me laugh 🙂

  77. RA says:


    Now I am really feeling sorry for you having to rely on that awful Micky Mouse chap.🐭

  78. RA says:

    Anyway, Steve, cheer up – you gave the blog something to chew on, even if you thought, sod ’em – I’m off to ruin some poor fish’s afternoon. 😀

  79. mickydidit89 says:

    Actually RA, I’m a visionary, Erik is not, although while you see 10 either side, but it depends on where I make the overlap between the two systems
    When I said it was work in progress, it was because when I chalked it up on my action blackboard, I counted 17 players and even I see the problem

  80. stevepalmer1 says:

    And i did Redder’s an 11 lb pike who had a go at me, but he went back in very happy, once i took his photo.

  81. stevepalmer1 says:

    Bloody hell Micky, if we put 17 players on, we will have to pick a couple out the stand next time we play Wednesday 🙂

  82. stevepalmer1 says:

    Sorry Eddie, just seen your comment. Eddie i know you are just the same as the others, You have your sights on the league, Trouble is Eddie when you put all your eggs in the same basket and drop them you have an empty basket.

    One game at a time, i dont know how many times i have to say it, but 2 changes in every match will bring the desired results, players will get a rest bite, so that they miss a week every now and again.

    We are not asking the poor little sods to slog their socks off, just to earn the the massive wages they get, they can rest in their Mansions, on their day off

  83. Shard says:


    What footballers are paid is besides the point, and while their ‘office hours’ might be very low, to be among the top athletes they need to sacrifice much that is otherwise taken for granted, and often for years before they ever get close to that level. It takes a lot of talent, practice and determination to make it to the top. While that is true for any profession, nothing provides the straight up competition like sports. Nick Hornby made the same point about Gus Ceasar in his excellent Fever Pitch 🙂

  84. RA says:

    That’s right, Shard, put the boot in just when the poor chap is down, with only Micky and an 11b pike to show for it! 😀

  85. stevepalmer1 says:

    Evening Shard, I realise you know quite a bit about this sports science. All i know is that these players especially the 2 that limped off have been looked after for many years. Both have had specialist training regimes but they still struggle to make 90 minutes. why are they so different to anybody else.

  86. GunnerN5 says:

    Cheers RA, I was relying on you for a bit of support, even GN5 but for both of you to stab me in the back, I am just happy That Micky made me laugh 🙂

    Hey Steve I simply said I would not comment so my knife stayed in it’s sheath, why would you expect me to support an argument that I totally disagree with?

  87. RA says:


    They both have poor injury records.

    In the last 4 years Theo has missed 95 games thru injury – not counting the next one – and the Ox has missed 56,

    Not good is it?

  88. RA says:

    Apologies, Steve, I credited you with a miserable 1lb pike instead of an 11b pike.

    Just as well I did not take the micky about shrimps! 😀

  89. stevepalmer1 says:

    GN5, tongue in cheek mate, you know that. As you should know by now N5, i stand by what i wrote, and believe it to be true. People disagree with me all the time i am used to that.

    I love the Arsenal you should know that as well ,but if i feel they are wrong , i don’t turn a deaf ear. You guys know your stuff you have different views but i still know you are Gunners. we agree to disagree. 🙂

  90. Big Raddy says:

    “when I chalked it up on my action blackboard, ” 😀

  91. Big Raddy says:

    RA 6.42. Excellent stat. One of yours?

  92. Eddie says:

    chas @7:25 – I bet any money that pikey is polish

  93. stevepalmer1 says:

    Looks the same size as mine Chas, sadly no one about to do the camera so it was just on the mat.

  94. Big Raddy says:

    That is one hell of a fish. Could take your arm off

  95. stevepalmer1 says:

    Hiya Raddy boy, they have spiky bone teeth as well, Razor sharp, the water i fish have 30lbs and 50 lb catfish, sadly i think i had one of the smallest. 🙂 not my week is it.

  96. chas says:

  97. LB says:

    Every season we seem to have a break-through player. Last season Bellerin firmly established himself to everyone’s surprise, the season before, to even greater surprise, it was Coquelin, no one predicted that.

    Who will it be this season?

  98. LB says:

    Hmmm, I can’t stop thinking about Saturday’s line up.

    I seems to me that Wenger only has two options, either play Campbell on the right or move Bellerin up with Debuchy behind. This one is very interesting as we would get to see Debuchy play with some proper cover. In his last two outings he has looked far from convincing but look who he has been playing with?

    Still, that said, surely Wenger will go for Campbell on the right as it is pretty much his natural position.

    It should still be enough to beat Swansea.

    Fingers crossed.

  99. My only experience with pike was in the Buckinghamshire Arms at Blickling, about thirty years ago. Served grilled with new potatoes and fresh asparagus. Delicious but a bit bony.

  100. stevepalmer1 says:

    Morning NG,
    About forty years years ago, i caught a twelve pound pike, from a big old gravel pit, it was then a day ticket water, but very seldom did you see a bailiff,. I took that fish home and gutted it and left it soaking in the bath overnight in salt water.

    I cut it into ten cutlets and put it in the freezer. In those days i was recently divorced, and had to sell my house, so i was in a private flat, i lived above a dry cleaners with a chip shop next door. I took the cutlets to the chippy and they deep fried it for me, i had it with a portion of chips. I like you found it extremely tasty, but your right bony as hell.

    People took fish home in those days, but to be honest i was never comfortable with taking them. The next outing i caught a big Tench, i took that home and did the same procedure, but even after a night in the bath, when i took it out and opened the fish up i sprinkled salt inside, and when i closed it up and took it to the freezer i could still feel it pulsing.

    That done me up like a \Kipper, as i said i was never comfortable so that was the time that my catch and release started, even when i went trout fishing and you was allowed up to six fish, i still put them back.

    I have to say that i have never been a great lover of fish on the menu,, and i now have a lot of respect for them, they give me great sport, and now i treat all fish i catch with respect.

    I felt that Pike tasted a bit earthy to me, and i still cringe when the Mrs cooks fish. 🙂

  101. stevepalmer1 says:

    Morning LB, yes i think your right, Campbell i felt tried and i didn’t think he did too bad, With very little support around him, he did still try. I like his attitude and if Wenger doesn’t sell him, i feel he may make the grade.

    Theo and Alex are out until after the international break, so i don’t think he has any other options. Unless he pushes Santi up and covers with Gibbs

  102. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    The only time I have been fishing it was a disaster.

    Went somewhere near Walthamstow or could have been Epping. Encouraged by the “friend” who took me I spent hours with a rod thinking of football and women, Eventually I landed a fish which started thrashing about on land only to be despatched by my friends with a cosh. I murdered the poor thing which surely affected my karma for years to come.

    I much prefer the Rasp approach to our water-bound friends.

  103. mickydidit89 says:

    I hate fish. Heartless staring cold eyes. It’s like looking into the deep dark abyss

  104. stevepalmer1 says:

    Reading yesterdays paper to day, i see that suspended Blatter is not going down alone, Blatter will take as many as he can.
    Dyke has said that FIFA has been corrupt for forty years. He wants England’s Bid money back of 21 mill fat chance of that i should think.

    When you send representatives forward before the election, suggests to me that they are trying to formulate a deal before the vote, surely that is wrong. Submit your bid and the process surely should be the best bid to make the competition a success.

    Blatter it seems has been fiddling since he gained power, Platini is no different, Who do you appoint now, football is in a mess no doubt about that, but how can it be changed to make it completely fair. I am sorry it will never be run fair, it is an impossibility and far far too late.

    Corruption has been found in the English Premier league, footballers been found guilty of taking bribes to lose games, that is just a sprinkling of corruption, if we are to be investigated as well you don’t have to look much further than the Referee committee, Managers moan constantly about decisions, when they moan as much as they do, shows that they know corruption is prevalent. Football takes in huge amounts of money, but its bent good and proper, i have said for many many years that football is fixed its coming out slowly but surely, I may be old school but i know when a game is fixed and millions who watch the sport also knows as well.

    Football will never be entirely clean its to late for that, but because of the amount of money involved it will just carry on, people will come a cropper but they will be replaced with another corrupt person until he or she has lined their pockets.

    The game of football is a simple game made extremely difficult by the people that run it

    Dyke is making noises, but make no mistake, if he shouts to loud they may just look at his dealings and then the shit hits the fan,

  105. Big Raddy says:

    One thing which has always confounded me about fishing is why it is an almost exclusively male sport.

  106. RA says:

    Oh, stop it Raddish — women are just far too smart — admit it! 😀

  107. RA says:

    And as for your respect for fishy Rasp, how could you?

    He befriends the poor things, feeds them waters them – sort of – makes them feel part of the family, and then sells them onto slavery!

    A hard man that Rasper. 😀

  108. stevepalmer1 says:

    Its taken over a hundred years to bring in goal line technology but they waited until the imagery is so advanced that they can move the ball at will. The same in Tennis where all you see is the ball shown in or out, that stops people straight away as seeing is believing, but its not, Tennis is fixed as well. seeing a players foot tells you nothing at all all it shows is what they want you to see, they know that there is only a couple of people sitting in certain positions in the arena that have seen the truth, but supposedly the camera doesn’t lie. By Christ it does and sport is fixed of that i have no doubts whatsoever.

  109. stevepalmer1 says:

    The same with fish RA, when taking the picture, if you hold the fish out towards the camera you make the image of the fish double the size than what it is. everybody can be duped its easy thats why there is so much money in football because we are all dopes.

  110. Eddie says:

    I like fishing, sea fishing. Lake fishing is boring and fly fishing too difficult

  111. Eddie says:

    this will make you laugh, the willies 🙂 🙂

  112. RA says:

    I looked really hard, Eddie, but I did not see that ladies willies. 🙂

  113. RA says:

    Steve, I think you are a modern day Luddite. 🙂

  114. Eddie says:

    ha ha ha 🙂 wellies 🙂 blooy predicted typing!!! I spelled it right

  115. stevepalmer1 says:

    Your probably right RA, in fact very right. 🙂 i can only talk a good game, wouldn’t last a second trying to play ha ha. I do know one thing though and that is there are computer genius’s out their, they can make you believe almost anything.

    On here you can mention a subject and within seconds they have an image, to me thats clever, but there are even cleverer people that can show that image before you even mentioned it 🙂

  116. Eddie says:

    Steve – nothing clever about publishing photos, don’t you know how to do it?

  117. mickydidit89 says:

    Rant sent

  118. Eddie says:

    We-hey, Didit rant, should be good

  119. stevepalmer1 says:

    Morning Eddie, i am impressed with you fishing :). I can just about Eddie, but by the time it went through we would be on the next post. Please don;t send details as i would be confused even more than i am now. Lets face it, i am just a man 🙂

  120. stevepalmer1 says:

    Boy, i am looking forward to a Mickydidit rant. Good on ya son.

  121. Eddie says:

    That day I caught so much fish that half the village had flippers for dinner. Up to you Steve, but it really is a doddle

  122. mickydidit89 says:

    obvious inadequacies 🙂

  123. Terry Transplant says:

    I can do photos Steve, but only of fake profiles on dating sites. It’s the only way I get any attention.
    My favourite is Troy Johnson. A good looking muscle bound black guy I nicked from the Argos catellouge. He’s holding a toaster, but the women love it.
    I really liked this bird so arranged a meet. She got a bit of a shock when she turned up to find I didn’t look exactly like Troy, but I explained it by saying I wasn’t feeling well.
    I did turn up with a toaster though

  124. stevepalmer1 says:

    Morning Terry, your a card mate, a devious one as well. did you take a loaf. 🙂

  125. mickydidit89 says:

    Eddie at 8:36 🙂 🙂

  126. mickydidit89 says:

    Bloody hell TT, YOU’RE FUNNY

  127. chas says:

    glaringly obvious

  128. Eddie says:

    I am getting ready for tomorrow, lots of good games. I am very ashamed to admit that I am looking forward to Klopp’s game than to our own 😦

  129. stevepalmer1 says:

    Eddie, i hope he fields the same side he did against Wednesday Minus Ox and sick note. Could put a couple more reserves in, and you would feel the same as i did on Tuesday

  130. stevepalmer1 says:

    Chas, 🙂

  131. Eddie says:

    wash your mouth stevo! Swans are even better than Sheffield

  132. stevepalmer1 says:

    But we have Bayern away Eddie

  133. Rasp says:

    New post everyone ….. and it’s a classic 😆

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