Kevin or Joel Campbell?

I remember seeing us play Sheffield Wednesday way back in the Days of Yore – so long ago that Arsenal fielded 10 English players!! The only Johnny Foreigner was the great Anders Limpar. We won 7-1 with goals from the Swede, Kevin Campbell, Wrightie, Smudger and The Merse.

That day I was out on the left side of the North bank, near the West stand, uncovered with yards of space around us. Standing up. Yes, we took our lives into our own hands and stood. The attendance that day was a mere 26k. Could we ever see our attendances drop to that level again?

Of course none of that has any relevance to today, except it would be great if another Campbell scored tonight.

Just a thought …. how brilliantly would Ian Wright fit into our current first 11?

So who gets a run this evening? Cech has to start as Ospina is unfit, Chambers, plus a few other fellows.

Perhaps like this:


Debuchy    BFG    Chambers     Gibbs

Flamini    Ox    Bielik

Iwobi    Walcott  Campbell

Front line is unbalanced as is the midfield and in this team it would require the Ox to take a more influential midfield role than he has played so far. The bench can be filled with first 11 players.

Why not Ozil etc? Because we should prioritise the PL. Injuries have started to hit deep in midfield, a couple more and we will be banjaxed, so why risk it? 

I guess we will know from the starting line-up how much Mr Wenger wants to win this game and how much he is making the C1C his priority. It is a cup he has yet to win.

SW beat Newcastle in the last round so are clearly no mugs.

It is many years since we played SW in the Cups and I have just remembered the games at Wembley when we played SW three times to win the Cup double. I went to all three and evidence of how dull they were is that I can only remember the Morrow/TA incident! I am hoping for more entertainment tonight.

A week ago we beat the world’s best team, tonight we play lesser opposition. AW talked of the “perfect week”, why not make it a “perfect fortnight”?


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  1. PV4 says:

    I remember trudging to Filbert Street more than once to watch replays back in the day ’79 I think – when there could be an endless amount of games.

    I think tonight’s game is one we could do without, but nevertheless, we are in it and must show the same commitment and desire we have done in the past week.

    I would be tempted to play a few more fringe players – is Jeff available? It will be tough, but we should win. Main priority – protect Cech at all costs.

  2. ‘morning all, another good one Raddy, thank you.

    it may only be the Capitol One Cup but it shouldn’t be taken too lightly.

    We are starting to put together a good run of results, it’s essential that we maintain the momentum. Winning games is a good habit to get into.

    As always I am against making wholesale changes but in this instance I suppose it’s bound to happen.

    As Ospina is injured and two other ‘keepers are out on loan, logically Cech should play but why not put Matt Macey in goal? He will have to start at some stage in the season. So why not now?

    As to the rest, I’ve no idea what Le Professeur will do, so I’ll wait with bated breath until the team is announced this evening

    Because of the uncertain nature of the starting eleven I’m only 61% confident of a win.

  3. RA says:


    I am a little puzzled, and certainly not wishing to be too clever cloggy or anything, but if you were on the left of the North Bank looking down towards the Clock End, you would have been nearer the East Stand rather than the West Stand.

    Were you on the left side of the Clock End as that would be closest to the West Stand from that direction.

    Not important – just curious. 🙂

  4. GoonerB says:

    Thanks Raddy.

    Us Arsenal fans do like our tradition and history so I think it is also only right to point out that Wednesday are one of the very oldest clubs in existence. Possibly one of the first 4 or 5 I think.

    The biggest fun today is deciding on the team. Probably almost impossible to pick or second guess Arsene on this one. I would ask though whether anyone knows if Rosicky and Adelaide are injured? If not I would probably not unnecessarily risk Walcott in this one as one of our only 2 senior strikers. At least not until Welbeck is back and we have a 3 striker compliment again.

    If one of those 2 is available my first choice would probably be to give young Iwobi a run out at striker and play Rosicky in the Ozil role with Ox left and Campbell right, or if Adelaide is the one available play him wide left with Ox in the Ozil role.

    If neither are available then I concur with your selection Raddy 🙂 …perhaps though young Chris Willock could also be a consideration.

  5. RA says:


    I am not at all convinced that Bielik will play tonight. I think that he has not settled as quickly as Arsenal had hoped (although to be fair he is only 17) but as it is only the CC or whatever it is now called – I would be interested to see how he goes.

    In addition I think that Wenger is acting oddly about including Campbell on the bench, if he does, as the guy is never given a chance. Very weird, and reminds me of Park Chu Fung — OK I made some of that name up, as I try not to remember things that are not important so I do have room to remember Terry’s teasing tales. 🙂

  6. Big Raddy says:

    RA. I was looking from the CE, though I see your point 🙂

    I agree about Bielik but was struggling for a player. I toyed with the idea of playing BFG & Gabriel at CB and Chambers in midfield, then I thought – it doesn’t matter, AW is picking the side !

  7. RA says:


    Rosicky is definitely a non-starter, and after all these years why should he change his system? 🙂

    The U21s who are mostly also U19s have been playing for their national teams in the junior U19s world cup, or some such, and Jeff and some others may not have recovered from jet lag etc, and the rest of the U21s bunch are out on loan — and apart from Zelalem don’t seem to be playing anyway. 🙂

    Always at your service! 🙂

  8. Shard says:

    Thanks Raddy.

    It seems only Cech, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Debuchy, Chambers, Flamini, Walcott and Campbell from the first team were in training.

    Youth players involved in training included
    Pluguezelo (CB) Bielik (CB/DM) Glen Kamara (DM) Ben sheaf (CM) Bennacer (AM) Reiss Nelson (15 y/o striker who played for the U19s against Bayern) Donyell Malen (17 or 18 y/o striker bought from Ajax) Agyei-Tabi (CM) Marc Bola (left back and brother of E Bola) Savvas Mourgos (CM for u18s) Josh Dasilva (winger) and of course, Alex Iwobi.

    Jeff, Chris Willock, Kaylen Hinds, Stephy Mavididi, Yassin Fortune, and Vlad Dragomir are all away at some youth international competitions.

    Wenger’s already said Cech will start. I’d expect Debuchy, Chambers and Gibbs to start along with Mertesacker.

    Flamini will take the DM spot (unless he prefers to be the striker), with either Kamara, Bielik or maybe Sheaf given a debut next to him.

    I’d expect that Iwobi and Campbell will take two of the 3 attacking spots. Hopefully Walcott stays on the bench and one of the young strikers is given a chance up front. Maybe Malen. While Bennacer, who has played in Ligue 2 in France can play at AM. Though maybe that’ll be too much and Theo will play at striker.

    Wholesale changes, lots of debuts and hopefully an exciting game with good performances from our squad players and an Arsenal victory.

  9. RA says:



    I was wondering if we might see Hayden perhaps, but the only youngster who is likely to play would be your suggestion of Iwobi.

    I thought Arteta was still crocked, but he, Flambo, Mert, Debuggy, Gibbsy, and all the other ‘B teamers’ are likely to be wheeled out to stretch their legs. I would prefer Cech to give the game a miss – and again I agree that Mat Macey is worth a look – at 6′ 6″ he has the physique for it. 🙂

  10. RA says:

    Well said, Shard. 🙂

  11. Rasp says:

    Another fine PM, thanks Raddy.

    The line up is anyone’s guess but Shard’s research highlights the likely candidates.

    I’m guessing Chambers, Campbel, Flamini, Iwobi, Gibbs and Debuchy will start.

    I understand AW has said that Cech will play so that leaves us to perm any on the list to fill the last 4 slots.

    It’s a game to savour with little pressure and an opportunity for the young stars to stake a claim. More importantly, it gives the senior players a rest before having to attempt to unlock a fat sam defence at the weekend 🙂

  12. chas says:

    Mr Radford
    Many thanks for delaying the start of your working day to write another excellent pre-match for us proles. 🙂

    I’m looking forward to watching a game with almost none of the usual attendant pressure. It’d be great to see Alex Iwobi score his first senior competitive goal tonight. Then again, a Flamini hat-trick would do me just fine as well.

  13. GoonerB says:

    Thanks RA. No Rosicky and most of the more ready youth team away or on loan could mean we see a stronger line up than would normally be expected. I agree about the Bielik thing now you mention it. Maybe he will give the highly rated Pleguezelo a run out at CD or DM instead, or is he also subject to being away on youth duties somewhere as well?

  14. chas says:

  15. kimathi says:

    Hope the young guns do us proud.


    Cheers Raddy

    Ah, Sheffield Wednesday. Such happy memories of those 93 cup finals. After the League Cup Final I even had sex with a women, and at a really reasonable price to. Great day.

    I used to work with a Wednesday supporter who was into racing birds. Nice bloke, years later I heard he got arrested for interfering with an opponents pigeon.

    I found the best way to wind him up was to refer to his team as Sheffield Thursday. You could call them shit, accuse Chris Waddle of auditioning for the role of hunch back of notre damn, and suggest Carlton Plamer stared at people as if they were on the menu, but it made no difference.

    Call them Thursday however and the guy would go all Yorkshire, threatening you with a cricket ball and demanding you buy a Ferret.

    Shame I never knew him during those cup finals, i would have loved to wind him up then,

  17. GunnerN5 says:

    Rasp – Both luck and cats all in one story.

    A famous art collector is walking through the city when he notices a mangy cat lapping milk from a saucer in the doorway of a store and he does a double take. He recognizes that the saucer is extremely old and very valuable, so he walks casually into the store and offers to buy the cat for two dollars.
    The store owner replies “I`m sorry, but the cat isn`t for sale.
    The collector says, “Please, I need a hungry cat around the house to catch mice. I`ll pay you twenty dollars for that cat.”
    And the owner says “Sold,” and hands over the cat.
    The collector continues, “Hey, for the twenty bucks I wonder if you could throw in that old saucer. The cat`s used to eat and it`ll save me from having to get a dish.”
    And the owner says, “Sorry buddy, but that`s my lucky saucer. So far this week I`ve sold twenty five cats.”

  18. Rasp says:

    😆 GN5,

    In truth I’ve never been lucky with cats, all the ones I’ve known have been serial killers 😦

  19. stevepalmer1 says:

    Afternoon all, nice one Raddy, as a kid when we picked our clubs one of my mates pick Wednesday, don’t know why, but all through primary school he would often be heard showing Wednesday, to my reply Gunners. This guy who’s name was Jimmy Blink moved away after primary, I never knew where and never saw him again.

    If Jimmy is still alive I hope he watches tonight and shouts Wednesday, as I will as usual be shoutin for the Gunners. Strange how all those years have gone by and you still remember of friends from primary

    Who knows ,Jimmy may have seen the light, and changed but I doubt it. Wednesday Gunners on a Tuesday couldn’t make it up could you

  20. GunnerN5 says:

    Lucky Joke??

    An elderly woman walked into the Bank of Canada one morning with a purse full of money. She wanted to open a savings
    account and insisted on talking to the president of the Bank because, she said, she had a lot of money.

    After many lengthy discussions (after all, the client is always right) an employee took the elderly woman to the president’s

    The president of the Bank asked her how much she wanted to deposit. She placed her purse on his desk and replied, “$165,000”. The president was curious and asked her how she had been able to save so much money. The elderly woman replied that she made bets.

    The president was surprised and asked, “What kind of bets?”

    The elderly woman replied, “Well, I bet you $25,000 that your testicles are square.”

    The president started to laugh and told the woman that it was impossible to win a bet like that.

    The woman never batted an eye. She just looked at the president and said, “Would you like to take my bet?”

    “Certainly”, replied the president. “I bet you $25,000 that my testicles are not square.”

    “Done”, the elderly woman answered. “But given the amount of money involved, if you don’t mind I would like to come back at 10 o’ clock tomorrow morning with my lawyer as a witness.” “No problem”, said the president of the Bank confidently.

    That night, the president became very nervous about the bet and spent a long time in front of the mirror examining his testicles, turning them this way and that, checking them over again and again until he was positive that no one could consider his testicles as square and reassuring himself that there was no way he could lose the bet.

    The next morning at exactly 10 o’clock the elderly woman arrived at the president’s office with her lawyer and acknowledged the $25,000 bet made the day before that the president’s testicles were square.

    The president confirmed that the bet was the same as the one made the day before. Then the elderly woman asked him to drop his pants etc. so that she and her lawyer could see clearly.

    The president was happy to oblige.

    The elderly woman came closer so she could see better and asked the president if she could touch them. “Of course”, said the president. “Given the amount of money involved, you should be 100% sure.”

    The elderly woman did so with a little smile. Suddenly the president noticed that the lawyer was banging his head against the wall. He asked the elderly woman why he was doing that and she replied, “Oh, it’s probably because I bet him $100,000 that around 10 o’clock in the morning I would be holding the balls of the President of the Bank of Canada !”

  21. stevepalmer1 says:

    Sorry tablet crap

  22. GoonerB says:

    Brilliant GN5

  23. GunnerN5 says:

    Thanks GB – I thought it may have been a bit “touchy” for some people!

  24. RA says:

    Well that was a nice surprise – just popped on for a couple of minutes and there is GN5 back up to speed with a couple of cracking jokes, and Terrible Terry maligning innocent Thursday fans. 🙂

    Well done both and thank you.


  25. chas says:

    And they’re off.

  26. Ant says:

  27. Herb's Army says:

    Cheers BR.

    Sheffield Wednesday have been quite lucky for us in Cup competitions. We beat them in the fifth game (fourth replay) in the 3rd round of the FA Cup in 1979, and went on to beat Utd in the final.
    Then there’s the two finals in ’93, when Arsenal became the first club to win both domestic cups in the same season.
    Historically they’re a big club who have fallen on hard times, more than likeky aligned with the industrial decline, which has been like a death-knell in many parts of northern England.
    There’s definitely bigger fish to fry this season, so this acts merely as a distraction.
    A game we naturally want to win, but there’s no nervous pressure, and no gloom or doom if we don’t.
    Nice to see the ‘Outcast’ who was an ‘Outsider looking In’ back with a couple of crackers 🙂
    I think we’re going to win the league.

  28. Le Coq Monster says:

    Why is Ant wearing Wednesday colours ?.

  29. GunnerN5 says:

    Darn, the game is not being televised here – I can listen to it live on Arsenal player or I can wait until midnight when Arsenal are allowed to show the game.

  30. Le Coq Monster says:

    It`s live on talksport radio !.

  31. Ant says:

    Coquie, it’s my camouflage!

  32. RA says:

    And as I recall, Ant, not only do they pull a nice pint, it is a damn sight cheaper than ‘darn in the smoke’. (I think it means down south, in London?) 🙂 ⚽︎

    I love these old sayings, and they must be dying out as it is only the golden oldies that I pick them up from. 😦 Hello sailor. 👸🏻

  33. RA says:


    Wednesday’s colors to confuse them as it is only Tuesday.

    Actually, why are they called ‘Wednesday’? That Raddish never said. 🙂

  34. RA says:

    Not to worry, Randy, I have looked it up for you. 🙂

    — “Sheffield Wednesday are the only English League club with a day of the week in their name. The club was initially a cricket club named The Wednesday Cricket Club after the day of the week on which they played their matches.

    I am at your service – as well as GB’s.

  35. Le Coq Monster says:

    That’s rubbish Redders !……………….I`m absolutely sure there is also a club called Tottenham Thursday !…………………right off for some 5/6/7 (depends on how many can tolerate a cold night ! ) a side footie !.


  36. Eddie says:

    sometimes, only sometimes I wish I didn’t read a prematch. I got up relaxed (as much as I can relax) and confident. I expected an easy fixture tonight and another glore galore. But not, my joy wasn’t to last! There goes a party booper BR and spoils it all.

    Now I am nervous and uncertain, great, ,thanks Mr Big.

    Mind you, they are 9th in the championship table with 20 points from 13 games with only 2 for goal difference. So they are not exactly potent strikers.

    I am going to ignore Raddy and continue hoping for a big win 🙂

  37. Cech, Debuchy Chambers Merts Gibbs Flamini, Kamara, The Ox Campbell Iwobi Giroud.

  38. mickydidit89 says:

    Thanks Erik. Top work

    An Iwobi sounds fast, so I’m guessing wing for him. That leaves Kamara. If he’s to slot in Santi style, that leaves Ox in the central Mesut role. If all above is true, I’m watching and excited

  39. LB says:

    Wow, Walcott really is getting the cotton wool treatment ahead of next Wednesday.

  40. LB says:

    Blimey Chris Kamara is playing — he’s lying about his age I know he is.

  41. RA says:

    Le Coq, @ 6:35

    You are, of course, spot on! Tottenham Thursday – how was that not recorded as their proper name. 🙂 ⚽️⚽️

    Terry told me he always says to you — “I love you when you are being forceful.” 💋💋

  42. mickydidit89 says:

    Chris Kamara 🙂

  43. RA says:

    LB, 🙂

  44. mickydidit89 says:

    I just lined up my stream and right now they’re showing N American highlights. Big crowds. If the round ball game catches on too much more over there, we’re in trouble

    Well, not England, but Germany and so on 🙂

  45. RA says:

    Oh, Yes!! 😀

  46. mickydidit89 says:

    I’m told mens soccer is on the threshold of very big things on your side of the water
    Massive tv viewing figures during last world cup

  47. stevepalmer1 says:

    Ox off Walcott on 5minutes

  48. stevepalmer1 says:

    Ox felt a tightening in his hamstring taken off for Precautionary reasons

  49. Rasp says:

    Not a great game so far

  50. Eddie says:

    so much for Ox taking Ramsey’s place, feck!!!!!

  51. stevepalmer1 says:

    Walcott got calf problems having to be replaced 18 mins

  52. Nightmare, can’t we just give the game to SW now?

  53. Rasp says:

    Hmmm, why didn’t Arsene play with 10 men for 5 mins to give Theo time to warm up?

  54. GunnerN5 says:

    Oh dear now Walcott is injured.

  55. mickydidit89 says:

    This is not going well at all

    Good idea Peaches. Never a good idea to play anyone anywhere near the First XI

    Goal down. Fire up the coach right now 🙂

  56. Eddie says:

    Hillsborough rocking, nice goal and all 😦

  57. mickydidit89 says:

    True Rasp Very worrying when the commentator said that about Theo’s warm up being called off

  58. Rasp says:

    The goal shouldn’t have stood because Wednesday’s keeper was a yard outside his box when he kicked the ball upfield

  59. Rasp says:

    Dirty northern bastards – they’re trying to cripple our players now. That was a straight red card

  60. Rasp says:

    Bloody hell, we’re shooting ourselves in the foot in this game. I’d prefer we just walked off and conceded now!

  61. stevepalmer1 says:

    2. 0 could be a masacre

  62. mickydidit89 says:

    Hey Ant ‘n Duck
    We’ll turn away. You sneak out and we promise to still respect you in the morning 🙂

  63. RA says:

    You and Peaches both, Rasper @ 8:18 🙂

    Never fear, Ant n Duck will gee the lads up – if they are not totally sozzled by now.

    Umm – pathetic defending – this could be embarrassing.

    2:0 is fair to Wednesday, but really,,,,,?

  64. Rasp says:

    Well I think we can clearly see that our second string players are not close to the quality of the first choice players

  65. mickydidit89 says:

    I guess the worry is that Cech, Debs, Mert, Callum and Gibbs with Flam just in front should snuffle out those Wednesday attacks even if the attack is rubbish

    Oh well, time to give up 🙂

  66. Rasp says:

    I agree Micky, dreadful defending, can’t find a pass in midfield and our crossing has been awful. Campbell has been good when chasing back but his crossing and passing has been poor

  67. stevepalmer1 says:

    Last 5 minutes of the half saw us with most of the possession, i feel we have to work ourselves into this game, Once again to many changes, and replacing with reserves doesn’t bode well.

    I feel we still can pull this round, Wenger needs to lay down what he wants the defence to watch for as they seemed all over the place, In all honesty to ask Youngsters to compete with hardened pro’s is always a big ask.

    The lads are trying to play the Arsenal way, and their confidence should build,, and i feel we need a goal to lift the side, Wednesday are shoving the lads all over the place and the fast closing down is catching them out.

    Second half should be better reinstated orders. should do the trick.

  68. Gööner In Exile says:

    Going well then…? I’m not watching as on train just clicked on to Beeb hoping to see comfortable 3-0 up…and see two subs for injuries and 2 goals for Wednesday….oh well let’s hope ghosts of Reading are stirring

  69. LB says:

    The irony is that it was Flamini who had his head in the clouds when the first goal went in a Merts looked like he couldn’d be arsed when the cross come in that led to their second.

  70. Twinkle says:

    Bloody bad luck tonigh, Ox and Theo injured and unlucky with our defending hqa ha ha

    BTW…. this is Northbank69 here…. Imm in the mountains, my PC has no battery so I’m on someone elses and couldn’t log in with my normal name 🙂

  71. Rasp says:

    With respect I don’t agree Steve. This is a meaningless tournament we shouldn’t have risked important players, we have Bayern next week followed by totnum – we are now seriously weakened on key areas

  72. mickydidit89 says:

    Whoa, slow down Exile
    We do NOT want to win this game
    Really 🙂

  73. Twinkle says:

    With q bit of luck we could win this

  74. Twinkle says:

    bloody french keyboard…. the Q is where the A should be 🙂

  75. Red Arnie says:

    nice one as ever, Raddy. 🙂 thank you.

    sorry knot ear. 😦

    and the game. hmmm. 😦

  76. Rasp says:

    The best outcome we can hope for in this game is to not suffer any further injuries and for AW to learn a lesson.

  77. Twinkle says:

    Now I can’t find the refresh button…. so having to comment to see updates in comments ….. bugger this, I may be off soon

  78. Red Arnie says:

    dear oh dear! where is the defence?

  79. Twinkle says:

    Oh dear…. 3-0…… time to log off. Good nite all

  80. Rasp says:

    If we were to replace anyone, we should have taken Giroud off because we’ll need him at the weekend. A very poor performance by Arsene this evening 😦

  81. mickydidit89 says:

    Oi Twinkle
    Last time you were in the mountains you had far better things to do than watch Worthington cup football
    Things not going according to plan? 🙂

  82. mickydidit89 says:

    Blimey, haven’t even got that of the machine working again
    Now what’s the plan. Abandon ship

  83. Eddie says:

    Even chavs are losing by only one goal

  84. Have we had an attempt on goal yet?

  85. mickydidit89 says:

    Dear God
    Here’s a nasty thought
    Cech gets injured and Santi could be in goal at the weekend

  86. Rasp says:

    Question for GiE, I’ve just seen the Wednesday GK kick the ball from from his hands outside his area for the 3rd time in this game – aren’t the linos supposed to be watching for this?

  87. fatgingergooner says:

    Could be worse. Newcastle lost at home to this lots reserves!

    Hope injuries aren’t serious. Squad looking dangerously thin right now.

  88. mickydidit89 says:

    Can I get in there first and say “NO”
    I’m ill tomorrow, broken all fingers, can’t type and so the long list goes on 🙂

  89. Rasp says:

    FGG, we won’t know how bad it is until we have played Swans, Bayern and Totts. I don’t blame Theo for being furious with Wenger when he limped off.

  90. fatgingergooner says:

    Think we’ve been spoiled with the speed and quality of our recent performances because this feels like slow-mo.

  91. fatgingergooner says:

    If Ox and Theo are ok then that was a good result!

  92. Rasp says:

    What is clear is that we can only execute the type of football that Arsene wants with players who have the technical quality – we had maybe 4 on the pitch this evening at that level and 2 of those went off injured

  93. mickydidit89 says:

    Full Moon tonight, so bloody hope Erik does an extra lap of the earth goddess bush to ensure swift recoveries for Ox and Theo


  94. LB says:

    Well, that was awful.

  95. We’ve played some amazing games in the last couple of weeks and had great results, we definitely don’t need this competition but it’s a shame to defend so badly and lose by three goals.

  96. Gööner In Exile says:

    Rasp haven’t seen it, but the question is did he release the ball from his hands before he left the box?

    I used to earn quite a few questions from supporters on the touch line because I used to finish about three or four yards outside of my box. Lino would come and look and see nothing wrong as I used to release the ball from hands before I left the box.

  97. Gööner In Exile says:

    Looking at the line up its always going to be a struggle, even if Ox and Theo stay on.

  98. Rasp says:

    Thanks GiE, certainly for the kick that led to the first goal he carried the ball outside the box before he kicked it.

  99. Gööner In Exile says:

    Oh and only just got back in to watch last five minutes… question….blue kit?!?!? Against a team wearing blue and white stripes, I’m sure we are under contract to wear it on asset number of occasions but how about we wear the red and white to give our youngsters a chance to find a pass to a shirt they normally look for?

    Any of the youngsters impress individually tonight? I much prefer this competition when we field all youngsters, unfortunately our best ones like Akpom and Martinez are all out on loan.

  100. stevepalmer1 says:

    Well i got that all wrong, but what we have seen is that when we need experience out there , the two players who we expect to excite wimper of the field, one with a twinge in the hamstring and one with a twinge in the calf.

    It has to be said that this was a pathetic display from the side put out tonight, But when you go right through 90 minutes without one effort on goal, then it shows the commitment of the players.

    Capital one cup shows us that it is not high on Arsenals agenda, we did not want to continue in this competition, that was plain to see.
    commentators and pundits are making a big show of how good Wednesday was but playing against the side we put out is not to hard for them to win.

    Arsene said after the game, that the injuries stopped us from competing for a win, He also said that all of the youngsters played are not at the level to play at this level, Now we are talking about a game played against a lower division club, so how long it will take them to be ready for the Premier is anybodies guess..

    Ant and Duck are hero’s to travel to a game like that, i hope they drunk a lot and had a laugh because the football from our team was dire.

    Walcott and Chamberlain lasted 5 and 18 minutes the youngsters showed heart they lasted till the end. credit them for that, I wonder if either of the first team players have lasted 90 all season.

  101. LB says:

    Has anyone noticed the Chelsea line up.

    01 Begovic
    05 Zouma
    24 Cahill
    26 Terry
    06 Baba Booked (Nunes do Nascimento – 70′ )
    07 Ramires (Traore – 80′ )
    12 Mikel
    22 Willian
    08 Oscar
    10 Hazard
    19 Diego Costa (Remy – 33′ )

  102. A pretty damning comment from Wenger in his post-match interview, when asked about his young players his response was “they are not ready to play at this level”. So my question, to him, is why select them then?

  103. That team should be helping Jose keep his job.

  104. LB says:

    The one positive I could point to was the noise of the away support, there wasn’t a microphone in front of them as the Wednesday fans had but you could hear ‘We Love You Arsenal’ sung for a good 20 minutes solid.

  105. LB says:

    The man needed an excuse; does anyone really doubt that he would have loved to say:

    We have bigger fish to fry.

  106. RA says:


    Bielik looked classy when he came on in the 2nd half.

    Very difficult for the kids — Debuggy, Chambers, Flamini and to a lesser degree Gibbs and Mert were really poor tonight.

  107. No surprise there LB, the COC is their best chance of a trophy.

  108. Yes LB, great singing by the away fans, they always do us proud 🙂

  109. LB says:

    Good spot RA

    We did look a bit better when Bielik came on.

  110. RA says:

    Chelsea are out 5 ; 4 on pens. Boo Hoo.

  111. LB says:

    Debuchy. Oh dear, I keep on expecting him to start playing as he was before he go that shoulder injury but every time he takes to the field he looks slower and slower.

  112. After watching Campbell for ninety minutes I can now understand why he doesn’t get to play very often. I don’t think either he or Debuchy would be missed if they left in January.

  113. Crocodile tears Redders?

  114. LB says:

    Hi Peaches

    I hope you are well.

  115. Gööner In Exile says:

    Just watched PL Legends : David Seaman……I must admit I still love him and every keeper will be compared to him, and I am afraid they will all come up short.

  116. LB says:


    First team materiel?


    Still a looooooong way off.

  117. LB says:

    That’s the way to do it GIE, completely ignore the CC and get down to a good bit of nostalgia.

  118. GunnerN5 says:

    I’m extremely happy that we were knocked out, but very unhappy to lose two important players, I can only assume that we were not very lucky.

  119. To be fair LB, he was left exposed by Debuchy being absent for most of the game.

  120. RA says:

    Disappointed that Arsene was so brutal in his comment about the youngsters.

    He is not usually that cruel — “none of them are ready at this level” — against Sheffield Wednesday? What?

    This smells like another dig at the Youth Team boss, Jonkers.

    Come on Arsene, you have more class than that.

  121. Hi LB, I’m good thanks just really busy at the moment so don’t get on the blog much.

    I agree with you about Debuchy, what on earth happened to him? I can’t believe how poor he has become.

    We have a player in the next round though as Chuba Akpom converted his penalty to help Hull win.

  122. GunnerN5 says:

    Even Cech GIE?

  123. LB says:

    Go Chuba

  124. RA says:

    No, no, Norflok, I am distraught that the Chavs are out, and more pressure on the Special One Serial Loser! 😀 Not!! 😀

  125. LB says:


    Quite true that Chambers had a lot of extra work covering for Debouchy.

  126. LB says:

    You’re lucky you missed that one GN5

  127. RA says:

    Anyway — a good game to come this weekend, and when we win we will forget about this rubbish game. 😀

  128. Joel Campbell was really poor in this competition last year, I can’t understand why he’s still an Arsenal player.

    Steve – are you suggesting that The Ox and Theo didn’t fancy this match and have exaggerated that they’re injured? As Theo took off his training top I wondered if he was warmed up enough and The Ox looked gutted.

  129. Le Coq Monster says:

    How ironic that after Rasp`s post about “luck” we suffer two injuries to add to Mikel Arteta, Jack Wilshere, Danny Welbeck, Aaron Ramsey, Tomas Rosicky and David Ospina …………. meaning Arsenal go in to fixtures against Swansea, Bayern Munich and Tottenham with a stretched squad.
    Who will replace Ox ?….who was to have replaced the injured Ramsey !…………………We are going to need a lot of “luck” if we are to get through another injury catastrophe and stay at the top !……………the start of the free fall ?
    Interesting to see whether Wenger risks more injuries he cant afford by playing a strong team against BM in a competition we have no chance of winning…………… yet he played a weakened side in the COC where a win would have put us in the quarter finals !……………..please someone explain this nonsensical management !.
    Why even bother to play any first team players in the COC if you are mainly targeting the EPL ?
    As much as I love Wenger, this is another case of him making me want to pull my new Giroud style hair out in frustration at his sometimes astonishing naivety !.
    Why always the best players who get injured ?….why not Kamara, Iwobi, Flamini or someone we don’t give a fcuk about !…………………….poxy luck !……..lets blame Rasp ! hahahaha

  130. That’s the spirit Redders, onwards and upwards.

    Nite nite all.

  131. Gööner In Exile says:

    LB I fear Debuchy is suffering from the thing that all players of a certain age do, lack of game time. He is now 30, he needs to play to stay competitive as he is starting to lack the pace to cover for his lack of game sharpness. So when he does get a game he looks a long way short.

    Needless to say that is probably not the side Arsene was hoping to field in the COC, I’m sure he would have used the likes of Welbeck, Wilshere and Rosicky if fit, I assume Arteta too who was strangely absent tonight unless I missed an announcement on him being injured too?

    As I said earlier up referred it when our youngsters had a run in the competition, firstly it was better for them as they played with their regular teammates and secondly we got to really see what they could do. Unfortunately the death of the Reserve League being replaced by mainly development leagues that can field 2/3 over 21’s means our youngsters have to go out on loan to get good game time against men, which is why Jenkinson, Gnabry, Akpom, Zelalem, Naitland-Miles, Hayden, Crowley, Silva, Toral and cough Sanogo cough are currently scattered around the championship and further afield, most are playing games which is a good sign but ordinarily they’d be playing tonight, instead we are fielding players like Bannacer, Iwobi and Bielek who although I’m sure highly rated are only just beginning to make waves at the club.

  132. Le Coq Monster says:

    As for The Chavs being knocked out !…………..I blame Wenger for that as Mourinho will probably blame him as well !.

  133. Red Arnie says:

    yes, myself as well. Peaches. So disappointed with Campbell. 😦

  134. Gööner In Exile says:

    GN5 I am afraid Petr Cech is a long way behind although he tries to pass off the calm confidence Seaman exuded I can’t help thinking there is an act, both Keown and Wilson commented that Seaman didn’t mind having to make saves, Keown had been playing for Everton with Southall and he said whenever he had to make a save you were told about it, the games I watched Schmeichel was the same, that’s why I liked Seaman so much more than the others, and not just because he was Arsenal.

    Wilson apparently used to rib Seman about not having a double, now Seaman does it to Wilson about only winning one. 😀

    Bob did say that to win a double the keeper would probably have his best ever season, Seaman did it twice and that’s all you need to know.

    Things I learned….Lukic was first team keeper at Leeds when Seaman was there as a youngster before being released, and ending up at QPR, on a Wednesday Wilson would go to Rangers to coach Seaman as well as still being Arsenal coach, and that was one of the reasons he chose us over Manchester United, Fergie and Bryan Robson spoke to him at the same time.

    Also Seaman said that everyone had told him you don’t realise how good it is to play for Arsenal until you leave…..”they were right”‘ he said at the end of the documentary. 😀

  135. Rasp says:

    The injury to Theo had nothing to do with luck. We failed to observe the basic rule of giving a player time to warm up … and paid the price. Schoolboy error 😦

    We should have played on with 10 men to allow Theo time to warm up. The risk of conceding with 10 men in the CC is infinitesimal to the risk of losing an important player in the next 3 games. Not bad luck, bad management.

  136. chas says:

    Great real ale pub tour.
    Shit performance,shit result.
    Shocking luck with the injuries.
    Great day for all of the Sheff Wed fans.

  137. stevepalmer1 says:

    Sorry Rasp, you are grasping at straws mate, In the rules some where i believe it says that you have to show you want to win, i could be wrong, but you should field a side which has regular players.

    Wenger had Players who have never played this level, and we are talking lower league. Walcott not warming up, Players do a warm up before the game, Then they come out and shake hands wave at every body then line up, by the time kick off comes, they are warmed down.and injury prone. Walcott had 5 extra minutes, Wenger i am sure planned this so that both Theo and OX would be off early.

    Both players are not exactly Physical, Ox went down very early, never once trying to run any twinge off and replaced by Walcott who was non existent.

    Wengers outburst after the game about the youngsters was right, they were out of their depth. But he knew that, The bench was all reserves so had no intention of going for the win.

    I have no doubts both Walcott and Chamberlain will be recovered for our next game, but i doubt either will start. Giroud never having a shot and never really involved will see this as a warming up 90
    We in all honesty have gone down in my estimation, If we dont want to challenge, we should, Challenge the merit of the competition. People paid good money to travel and support, were truly Robbed .


  138. kelsey says:

    Morning all

    Just as I unfortunately forcasted a few weeks ago.We don’t have a big enough quality squad to fight on 4 fronts and the injuries just mount up as they do every year.

    This was a poor team who had no understanding with each other and as Rasp said the understudies are miles behind the regular first teamers.

    The Ox was injured last game so why play him, because we had no one else and Walcott that was the icing on the cake.

    I fear for the Ox that he turns out to be another injury prone player.

    Credit to Wednesday as they took advantage of our poor performance.|We never looked right from the start.Hopefully Theo is fit for the weekend.

  139. Gööner In Exile says:

    Fabianski; Hoyte, Rodgers, Silvestre, Gibbs; Wilshere, Ramsey, Randall, Merida; Bendtner, Vela.
    Subs: Mannone, Bischoff, Coquelin, Lansbury, Simpson, Steer, Frimpong.

    That is the starting line up of the team that got knocked out of the 2008 League Cup by Burnley, and is the kind of team I always want to see us start in the competition, it is not an important competition, it brings no real value apart from a trip to Wembley and silverware.

    That may sound churlish but the game has changed immeasurably from the 80’s and 90’s and the European bans that meant the League Cup discovered some importance as a competition. Id rather we had the choice not to enter if we wanted.

    I see Wenger in his press conference said he still feels like he brought too many of his first string squad, I bet he is torn every time he announces a side for that competition, he also said that he didn’t risk Nacho and Gabriel because he had already picked up two injuries to important players.

    We are stretched at the moment, but the only members of last nights team close to first team action were Ollie, Flamini, and the back four, and keeper. The vital part of the team the midfield was full of inexperience, Chambers too is still young. Replace Bannacer with Wilshere and Kamara with Arteta and Iwobi with Welbeck and even Ox with Rosicky after Ox went off and our second string doesn’t look so far off, so injuries are costing us. If the midfield doesn’t function it makes it impossible for the forwards, and difficult for the back four to keep a shape.

  140. Rasp says:

    Dream on Steve. Of course Walcott and The Ox will miss the Swansea game, we can only hope one is fit for Bayern, but I seriously doubt it. 😦

  141. Spot on GiE, agree with every word.

    Stupid competition and the midfield was all over the place meaning we had no control of the game.

    It’s a shame for the youngsters that played but as chas says fantastic for the Sheffield Wednesday supporters and the players who definitely weren’t in awe of us and took their chances well.

  142. kelsey says:

    From AW

    Midfielder Glen Kamara and forward Alex Iwobi – both 19 – made full debuts in the last-16 tie, while 17-year-olds Ismael Bennacer and Kristian Bielik came off the bench.

    “They are not ready to play at this level,” said Wenger. “We lost two players and after that I had Gabriel and Nacho Monreal on the bench but I couldn’t bring them on because I couldn’t afford to lose any more players.”

  143. kelsey says:

    At least I said Good Morning 🙂

    Every bloody year we get more and more injuries and specialise with players who get reoccuring injuries. Can someone tell me why?

  144. RA says:

    Interesting point, GIE @ 6:30

    What strikes me is that so many of those players are/were substandard and should not have been on our books.

    The same comment can be made of some of the players on show last night.

    There should be a much harder cull of players who are OK-ish but not the right quality. They should have gone before now.

    Harsh? Maybe, but it is a view I have held for a long time – Arsene has been too ‘nice’ over the years, and does not give players like Flamini, Bendtner, Hoyte etc the boot early enough.

    It’s a crap cup – time to move on.

  145. mickydidit89 says:

    Morning Dear 🙂
    (Yes you Crystals)

    So Arsene Einstein couldn’t afford to risk Nacho or Gabriel eh, but ok to risk our last two remaining right sided players.

    Ramsey, Theo, Ox, Danny, Jack, Mozart.

    Looking like Joel, so let’s at least start pretending he’s quite good.

    Massive balls up last night if you ask me, albeit delighted we’re out of the thing. And some blame our injuries on bad luck. A little stretching and a warm up might help, then not overplaying key players in pointless games, particularly in most vulnerable positions 🙄

  146. mickydidit89 says:

    LB, LB, LB quick, I’ve got a theory

    Maureen is picking a strong CC Team for one reason. Trying to run the first xi into the ground. So, if he gets his way (ie £20M boot) he’ll leave an utterly buggered team for his successor

    Cool theory?

  147. Rasp says:

    We damaged our own chances last night by some very poor decision-making. We can only do the best with the resources we have from here onwards. We should see how many of the loan players we can bring back. Gnabry and Akpom to name two.

  148. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    I take a night off and we get mullered.

    You blokes can’t be trusted

  149. mickydidit89 says:

    Have not forgotten the fish
    Trying to decide what form it will take 🙂

  150. Big Raddy says:


    I could use a Babel fish

  151. RA says:

    With the babel on here, Randy, it should not be difficult for Micky to select one for you. 🙂

  152. Eddie says:

    What was the score? I couldn’t watch it till the end

  153. Giroud scored a hatrick in injury time to add to Flamini,s wonder goal on 89 minutes. Eddie. Or was I dreaming?

  154. Eddie says:

    Dreaming. It’s all over the news, they are loving it.

  155. mickydidit89 says:

    I had to google babel fish, and it’s a Norwegian Band
    I then youtubed Babel Fish the band
    I can go no further

  156. Eddie says:

    That’s it micky? We get thrashed by minnows, lise two more players toninjuries and you are happily googeling fish!

  157. Big Raddy says:

    Micky. Hint. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

  158. Big Raddy says:

    Eddie. There are two ways of looking at this

    1. A complete diisaster with the manager making dreadful errors in team selection and the team performing at an unacceptable level. AW should not have played any first team players especially TW & Ox who are essential to the success of this season

    2. Shit happens

  159. Eddie says:

    Raddy – yesterday should teach me to listen to you rather than have my own ideas for a PM

  160. mickydidit89 says:

    I did see that, but also the band. Naturally I googled the band and seeing he was a sensitive looking doey eyed scandi, assumed he was your cup of mead

    Bloody livid with Arsene. See above

  161. mickydidit89 says:

    This makes me even livider

  162. Eddie says:

    I did see. I just hope he didn’t totally screw up and Theo Ox injuries are not real.

  163. Eddie says:

    oh dear, shaven armpits, holding hands, wagging arses, what next

  164. kelsey says:

    You don’t risk players who are carrying even a niggle, but we always let them play. Just count how many injured players we have got at the moment after only 10 PL games.

  165. Eddie says:

    And it’s not even November when we always get key players crocked

  166. Le Cog Monster says:

    The problem last night is highlighted in our squad below. With so many injuries before last nights game, Wenger would have had to play at least 4 first team experienced squad players and a bench of other first choice players !… he could have got away with playing only Merts, Debauchy, Chambers and Gibbs and the rest youngsters !.
    So the blame is firmly at the feet of Wenger for sending too many youngsters out on loan of which only a couple are getting any real game time, they would have got more game time in the U21`s, COC and CL (after our first 2 defeats).
    What now if Ox and Walcott are long term ?. We cant play Flamini and Coq together surely ?. Maybe Bebauchy at RB and Bellerin higher up !……..could do with Jenkinson brought back, but he`s probably on a season long loan !
    I also wonder how far off Le Coq is from a yellow card ban ?.
    It was all going great guns until the inevitable injuries, will only buying Cech in the TW will come back to haunt Wenger ?
    Seems like most on here, I`m not worried about last nights result, but the repercussions of it.
































  167. Le Cog Monster says:

    Seems like Wenger agrees !………………..too late….the horse has bolted !.
    Honestly !….how really hard is this managerial stuff if you use common sense and what is blatantly obviously slapping you in the face !

  168. kelsey says:


    you make a valid point. Those near first team action have been loaned out and the rest are totally inexperienced kids, some only 17. As you say not well thought out.The gap is enormous as last night showed.

  169. RA says:

    If no one is doing a match report, I will do one as soon as I have some cereals and a coffee. Mad? Me? No reply required. 🙂

  170. Rasp says:

    Thank you Redders, that would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    I won’t tell you the headline I’ve dreamt up – but won’t use 😦

  171. Herb's Army says:

    Morning everyone.

    They – (Sheffield Weds) – were long over-due over us, and I think Arsene helped them with his team selection.
    Having said that, I agree with GiE regarding our participation, it is after all a Cup that since it’s introduction in 1960, has struggled to gain any status.
    It is a Cup for Tottenham and Swansea, and one which offers the lower league clubs a realistic chance of glory and a big day out.
    I’m a bit annoyed that such a meaningless competition has been allowed to interfere and influence our main target, the PL, with injuries to Theo and The Ox.
    Maybe Kieran Gibbs can step up as an emergency left winger, with Alexis Sanchez down the right, but we’re an injury away from wasting all the good work and blowing a real opportunity.
    The performances against United and Bayern convince me that Arsenal can make this a special season, but our main players really do need to be wrapped in cotton-wool.
    The next three games are key, and the NLD straight after Bayern will really test our title credentials. Arsene’s squad management needs to be flawless during this period.
    My optimism remains high.

  172. GoonerB says:

    Ooohh a Redders post. Now let me see, how long have I got today and where is that Oxford concise English thingy? 🙂

  173. GoonerB says:

    Morning all by the way

  174. GoonerB says:

    Right almost 15 minutes since offering the post, that is 2 sides of A4 with Redders typing. Get it up there I say.

  175. Rasp says:

    😆 GB, perhaps Redders should rename himself GunnerThesaurus ….. no offence Redders, we love your way with words 🙂

  176. GoonerB says:

    I am just jealous Rasp. anything more than one syllable perplexes me. Off for a bit look forward to the post a bit later.

  177. Redders – a match report 🙂 Are you using email today or adding it on as a comment to an old post?

  178. Gööner In Exile says:

    Isn’t the reason to loan out those closer to first team football to avoid the gap as seen last night?

    The thing is these kids are going to stagnate in the Under 21 Academy league as they are not playing against men, they have to go out on loan to toughen up and ready themselves for the fight, otherwise they won’t develop at all.

    We can’t get Jenkinson or Gnabry back as they have been loaned to EPL clubs, i think there may be a window for them to return in January. Players at Championship clubs can be called back.

    Not getting game time?

    Gnabry…’s what Pulis thinks:

    “Serge has come here to play games but he just hasn’t been for me, at the moment, at that level to play games. He’s come from academy football and has not played much league football. Does academy football really prepare players for league football? And we’re talking about Premier League football here.”

    Jenkinson….well he had a few appearances for Charlton, but 30 odd games for Arsenal before joining West Ham where he is virtually ever present. So basically they need game time against men to have any chance of making the step up, but until they get to a certain physical size other clubs (even Championship and lower) don’t take that many gambles on them.

    Our other youngsters who are not getting much game time…..

    Akpom…Hull.. 16 games 3 goals
    Hayden….Hull…9 games
    Maitland-Niles….Ipswich….10 games
    Toral….Birmingham…10 games 2 goals
    Crowley….Barnsley…10 games 1 goal
    Zelalem…Rangers….7 games
    Silva…..Bolton…..7 games 1 goal
    Martinez…Wolves…..12 games
    Jenkinson…West Ham….10 games 2 goals

    And if anyone needs proof of loan system working…….er Francis Coquelin

  179. RA says:

    Sorry Peaches – its dat ting up der. 🙂

  180. Another problem for all the Premier league sides is that there is no Reserves league anymore. In the past there was a team that regularly played together and those returning from injury could slot into this side to get some match fitness. This is the kind of second string we would call upon for this competition.

    Now our under 21’s are in the second division and never get to play competetively at a higher level and so look completely lost.

  181. Got it thanks Redders

  182. RA says:


    15 minutes — I had to have breakfast and a coffee first! 🙂

  183. New Post everyone ……………..

  184. stevepalmer1 says:

    Our young players are in all fairness not very good, why have we spent millions on youth that look like they will be let go.

    Every season we should look at players who are experienced but will not make a season, and buy them up for nothing money just to play this kind oof a game.surly this would work out cheaper and if pushed could play in the first team. One season contract and change then every season on a pay as you play.

    We look like we cannot win CL so why bother put the same team out as last night and hold our hands up concentrate on what we can win and save our little fragile players for league games only.

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