Rope-a-Dope versus Tika Taka

In 1974 Muhammad Ali fought George Foreman for the Heavyweight Championship of the World.  Throughout the bout Ali hung on the ropes, covering up, defending and soaking up the punishment being dealt out by the favourite.  When Foreman inevitably tired, Ali took advantage and won the title.  Ali called it his Rope-a-Dope method.

Last night Arsenal emulated the great Ali.

Bayern came to play Tika Taka, a style of football developed at Barcelona under Bayern’s manager Pep Guardiola.  They dominated possession, they dominated passing, they dominated territory.  Arsenal defended, as the first half went on Arsenal defended deeper and deeper, Cech pulled off some terrific saves.  It was not all one way however, Arsenal attacked on the counter and it was Neuer who pulled off a great save to scoop Theo Walcott’s close range header off the line.  Still Bayern created the intricate passing patterns but the didn’t score.

The second half was a repeat of the first, Bayern keeping the ball for long periods, racking up the pass count but being unable to break down Arsenal’s resolute team defending.  Eventually the Bayern players began to tire and the inevitable happened.  Santi Cazorla swung in a free kick from the right, Koscielny went for the ball Neuer flapped at it and missed, Oliver Giroud stumbled into the gap left by Koscielny and somehow got enough contact on the ball to force it over the line.


On nil to the Arsenal.

The tiring Bayern players swarmed forward in a desperate search for an equaliser, leaving ever widening gaps at the back.  Hector Bellerin won the ball near the half way line, sprinted forward and beyond his full-back to square the ball to the onrushing Mesut Ozil whose shot crossed the line fractionally before Neuer knocked it out but it was just too late, the fifth official stood with his arm upraised signalling the goal and a remarkable Arsenal win.


A two nil victory that seemed as unlikely as Ali’s over Foreman all those years ago in the Rumble in the Jungle.

Written by Norfolk Gooner.

We have been blessed with 2 match reports today – only fitting after such an epic performance 🙂

…. and now the inimitable Steve Palmer’s unique view of the game …..

Morning all,

And what a beautiful morning it is, One sentence sums up the game just right. Hook, Line and Sinker. They came with a long run of wins, and feeling we would just roll over. They had taken the hook. We gave them line lots of it, and we let them take as much as they wanted, but we defended Magnificently, in  the final minute we sunk them good and proper, the first sinker came after Giroud replaced  Walcott. In the first minute of him coming on, a flighted ball into the box Had their goalkeeper scampering to the penalty spot, but Koshielney’s jump  made him lose sight of the ball, a diving Giroud had the ball hit him, straight in the face which ricochet onto his hand, and then in the goal. Our final sinker was steered in by Ozil, after a fantastic interception from Belerin who robbed the defender by sheer pace , he was being wrestled, but shrugged that off, to slide a perfect pass to our German Midfielder, Hook Line and Sinker in one.
I watched this game live on TV Lineker gave us little chance, after all Bayern had won Nine Bundesliga games on the trot, plus their last two Champions League games, Ferdinand sporting a beard that did little to hide his wonky mouth, he felt like all defenders, that our defence needed to be aware and Per Merts would have trouble with Lewandowski, after all the man is a goal scoring machine.
Asked if Arsenal could win this game , Ian Wright said of course, to sniggers from the panel, Michael Ballack Rio Ferdinand all looked at Wrighty, and he said, Well they have to. The talk was all about Lewandowski, Hardly a word about Arsenal but what else would you expect. Even the news reported the game, but no mention of the fantastic win, only about the Bayern Munich fans arriving late to their seats, in way of protesting the price of tickets.
The fact that Arsenal had beaten probably the best team in the world at the moment, by two goals to nil. was secondary to the price of tickets. Last nights result showed Arsenal to be the best team in the world on the night. When a team claiming to be, the New Invincibles, at the Home of the original Invincible’s, are asking to get beat, and beaten they were.
Chances for both teams through out the game,  the better chances for us in my opinion, but we squandered them, I felt we could have been leading comfortably at half time, but instead we were level. Bayern had the majority of the possession, and were playing majestically, but they were playing against a very robust Arsenal defence. They tried and tried to force a way  through, but Arsenal were resolute, Arsenals breakaways were fast and swift, often penetrating Bayern’s defences, but poor finishing let them off, time and time again.
We did have a tendency to rush passes, and we gave the ball away on many occasions, but the way we recovered and massed in force kept Bayern at bay. Every Arsenal player worked their socks off, they worked from the first minute till the last, every one a hero, Sadly Aaron Ramsey suffered a hamstring, and will miss three or four weeks, but every body else walked off Jubilant, and no others looked to have any visible signs of distress, tired of course, but all should be ready for our next game.  Petr Cech made some very good saves, and was adjudged MOTM I felt his half a dozen great saves was secondary to our magnificent  team, i would have awarded it to the whole team.
There were things that could have been better, but that’s for another day, today is to sit back and reflect, Arsenal’s talents are surprising me more and more.
Steve Palmer.
………. and just to celebrate the victory from every aspect, here are the thoughts of one of AA’s most insightful analysts Gooner In Exile

It was interesting to hear Ferdinand’s thoughts on Ollie coming on and the difference it made, basically he said that if you are not switched on as a defender it is tough to switch from the way you have attempted to contain the small pacy forward and suddenly you have to switch to a physical game against someone who wants the ball in to his body.

And I guess that the defenders have been worried about the ball in behind so much they are giving themselves one or two yards head start on the foot race, suddenly the ball is going into Ollies body and he is bringing midfielders into the game with a platform. Also the fact that at the set piece with they had to put Muller on Kozzer so the centre backs could deal with BFG and Ollie, and that adds further confusion to their game plan.

Whilst possession might not have been level according to stats zone we had an equal number of shots in the box however we got far more of ours on target, and Munich were adjudged to have 2 clear cut chances whilst we had 4.

And that at the end of the day was the biggest difference.

Here’s a stat for you, we completed 207 of 278 passes against the possibly the best team in Europe, Chavs managed only 278 out of 378 in Kiev with an equal number of passes on the other side.

Biggest difference between us and those Chavs playing Munich in the CL final is the way we break with the ball, it’s not a hit and hope to someone to chase and then attempt to polish a turd, it’s worked through the midfield with pace and precision, we did the same vs City last season.

But best of all is probably the way we have changed our game in the last three matches.

United….high tempo….high pressing….
Watford…..patient…..passing possession…
Munich…..defensive shape…..quick counters…

But obviously we never change our game plan for the opponents 🙂

The thing is it’s always been the same 11 and the same formation, and that is why players should be able to drop in and out without issues. The subtlety in tactics is what we do with and without the ball.

The thing is we often play sides like Watford so that style gets seen as our norm, we rarely face three contrasting opponents in quick succession so the tactical changes are never as evident.

United have a front three that can hurt you, but if they can’t get the ball to them they can’t hurt you, so you press their poor passing through midfield and from the back, Watford like so many others will sit back and kill you on counter, that tactic will work against us once in awhile but generally we find a way through to a win, and Munich like us to teams like Watford can kill you with fullbacks, midfielders and forwards, so you keep them in front of you and use the ball when you have it well.

There was a very interesting discussion about Klopp and his style on one of the podcasts, basically the theory being that he won’t yet have realised that the game is played at 100mph every week in the PL and that teams do not accept their fate even 1 or 2 nil down. His ability to cope with that will make or break him and his “heavy metal” football at Liverpool.

Gooner in Exile



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  1. Excellent analysis.

    Last night we did to Bayern what so many have done to us.

    Sit back, soak the pressure and hit on the break.

    Well done Arsenal !

  2. Uwot? says:

    Great reports guys.interesting tactical analysis by goner in should post it on le grove to see what the do omers have to say!

  3. Uwot? says:

    Oh & forgot the bt commentators sounded gutted when arsenal won after blowing smoke up munichs arse for the last 90 mins!

  4. Bayern Munich trying to get threw our defence last night 🙂

  5. Eddie says:

    chas you doomer!! who cares if Ollie scored with his beak or his dick, it was a game changing goal and that is ALL that matters

    nah nah nah nah nah nah nah
    nah nah nah nah

  6. And we did what many thought was impossible…

  7. Eddie
    Being a Frenchman his beak is probably as big as his dick 🙂

  8. BTW…. great combination of match reports. Well done Steve, Norfolk and Exile.

  9. Big Raddy says:

    Is this AA’s first triple header? Fine work.

    What to say about a magnificent victory?

    Brilliant work from Mr Wenger summed up by GIE’s analysis. To train the team to play three totally different ways in consecutive games is a masterwork. Sadly, few will recognise this and when we hit a bad patch all will be forgotten.

    Mertesacker deserved a podium position as MotM. He was superb last night – even taking a yellow for the team when beaten for pace.

  10. PV4 says:

    Great write-ups from all – how refreshing of the BT crew (except Wrighty) to fawn over BM, to the point of vomiting. Ian Darke and Owen Hargreaves were so over excited in the first 25 minutes I thought one of them was going to run on the pitch and snog Douglas Costa!

    We were magnificent, and I know that there were many fabulous performances last night, but unsung heroes like Monreal, Bellerin and BFG were immense. So boring that all pundits/journos live in the past and think our defence is shite – MORONS!

    Munich are a great team – we proved once again last night that we are too. The detractors and haters have done so many u-turns that they don’t know their arses from their elbows! Brilliant for AW and his tactics, devastating for Aaron, but overall a magnificent game of football.

    What a surprise that the pathetic one has yet another dig at AW. He needs specialist help – and a secure unit facility with a room plastered with pictures of his nemesis.

  11. Raddy

    The BFG didn’t get a yellow last night…. Giroud did. It was a sign of creative european football that the match was generally clean, lacking in cynical fouls and the general nastiness found in the EPL. It was an advert for football in general… a superb match played with respect and class.

  12. If ever a football match could be likened to a game of chess…. then last nights game did with the tactics of both teams… we got Cech mate 🙂

  13. Big Raddy says:

    NB. It was the Watford game 😀

    Damn, I hate the effect of long term alcohol abuse

  14. Raddy…. tell me about it 🙂

  15. And on that merry note… it’s midday, the sun is shining, it’s 22c and I’m off to the bar to imbibe a few glasses of wine.

  16. GoonerB says:

    Many thanks to all 3 for the triple post match reports and it was a great performance with tactics spot on. I liked GIE’s analysis of the 3 contrasting games and our tactical adaptability for all 3. This bodes well for us IMO. I think in the past we haven’t had the ability or the conscience to change and adapt like this, but if we can do it from now then it could be decisive from here on IMO.

    Just to echo what many were saying earlier that the current situation of playing Walcott early and bringing Ollie on as an impact sub seems to be working. If Ollie becomes a super-sub is that a problem? Not for me and hopefully not for him either. I said many moons ago that he could become our Solskjaer and I don’t think that is in any way derogatory to him as Solskjaer has legendary status at Utd, so maybe Giroud can create his own legendary status in the same way.

    The one option AW hasn’t tried for a while, but I hope he gives some consideration to as an option, is not just replacing Walcott with Ollie but sometimes bringing Ollie on up top and moving Theo to attacking inside right. I noted a couple of seasons back that Ollie seemed more effective with Walcott playing off him and it is nice to have it as an option.

    I do have to say however that I thought Bayern looked formidable even in defeat last night. Even though we triumphed I still think we ought to be looking towards their level of football as a blueprint because percentage wise I think that will come out on top more often.

    Not to be negative also but a couple of decisions went our way as well. Ollies goal was in that grey area that could have been ruled out by some refs for hitting the arm, but probably more significant is that they had a stonewall penalty when Sanchez handled, and if they had gone 1-0 up at that point the resulting game could have turned out very differently.

    Still they are a great side and we are likely only one of a few teams that can beat them so we must be happy with that.

  17. stevepalmer1 says:

    Good comment GB very true. Wenger would be aware of that fact of course, but there’s a lot of ways to skin a rabbit 🙂

  18. Le Coq Monster says:

    Some fine writing, but I`d prefer to beat Everton at the weekend and if we don’t it will be a case of….”Red Zone”…”Fatigue”….”Rambo Injured” etc`.
    Lets savour the moment, but I`m still with the belief of Shearer and Wrighty that NO CL will favour us for being EPL Champions !………………….Great win, but at what cost ?……… we will see !………..Everton may be a harder nut to crack .

  19. RA says:

    It is great to read three Posts that are full of the joy of a great football match, and each one highlighted different aspects so we had the full gamut of deserved praise.

    At the risk (certainty) of being ostracised from good society, I have a part of my mind telling me that the overwhelming delight in the result has been spiced by the expectation from many fans that we would probably not win last night against possibly the best team in Europe at the moment, meaning we would be playing only dead rubbers for the rest of the group stage.

    To put that comment into context, I am sure we can all remember other games when we had 70% of the play and 30 shots against a near relegation club, or a club wreathed in mid-table obscurity, only to somehow manage to lose to their one and only breakaway, or a speculative shot which somehow found the top corner of the net.

    I too loved the game last night, the result and the efforts of the whole team, and one cannot ask for more. As Exile said, the tactics (which we do not do, apparently) used by Mr Wenger to help us win against
    different teams means I would include him in my praises too.

    But ….. despite that result, Bayern are a cut above us, and are the template against which we must compare ourselves.

    This does not detract from a fabulous night’s football, and the memory will live long with all of us, but if we (as a club) are to go on and win the CL, (even this year it is a possibility) we must take note and strive to learn from our own successes against the top teams, and apply that ethos to the games against the ‘lower’ teams, like Olympiakos, and Zagreb, who have the irritating habit of bringing us down to earth.

    A question about Giroo’s opening goal seems to focus on whether or not he had handled the ball, and it seems clear to me that when he touched the ball, and he obviously did, it was a deflection from his face, not his dick as Eddie would have liked, and therefore it was ‘unintentional’ so no foul was committed.

    Interestingly, upon scanning the laws of football, it is the only action that requires the player to have ‘intentionally’ meant to commit the foul. No intent – no foul.

  20. Well last night’s game debunked one of the two myths circulating the Arsenal blogosphere. Mesut Ozil was still fully functional during the ninety fourth minute of the match.

    The other which relates to David Ospina’s contract is still unresolved as he apparently is carrying an.injury, hence young Macey was our ‘keeper-in-waiting on the bench.

  21. RA says:

    As he was last Saturday, NG.

  22. stevepalmer1 says:

    Afternoon RA , sometimes we agree and some times we don’t, Bayern last night played like we have many times, as you said , on the night they lost.

    We used tactics they never expected, resolute at the backbut fast breakaways, which ultimately won us the game. Bayern I am sure would have expected us to attack from the start, they were wrong, we picked our breaks and could well have been well clear by ht.

    Our defense was better than theirs, and our attack scored two. In my mind we handled the night as well as we could. I don’t think we need to aspire to be more like them surly the reverse.

    Many times we have discussed plan A and plan B we now have plan C as well and can call on any one for any situation and play either to a good standard. We also discussed in detail effort put in by players, last nig

  23. stevepalmer1 says:

    Last night the effort put in by our team was phenomenal I rest my case 🙂

  24. chas says:

    Three crackers, thanks gents.
    What a night!

    2nd goal confusion……

  25. LB says:

    Blimey, London buses, Peaches is going to be on here soon saying not too many match reports next time guys.

    I jest, off course, 3 superb reads from a superb night.

  26. LB says:

    Watch Chas’ 12.55 and notice the lino next to the goal.

  27. Eddie says:

    3 great posts, thank you very much!

    I don’t want to repeat what everyone has been saying, ie how great we are coz we all know that but a word on the opposition – their goalie , alonso and the new kid Costa – wow, wouldn’t we just love having them in our team?

  28. GunnerN5 says:

    Three excellent posts, thank you all. The game was certainly one of cat and mouse, with Arsenal trying to catch a ball/mouse that would not keep still, but finally the ball/mouse got pounced on and the cat ran away with the ball/mouse.

    A thoroughly enjoyable game, my type of football at it’s best, two top class managers, two superb teams, three assured officials, no underhanded tactics and no sour grapes from the managers what more could one wish for?

    Oh yea we could wish for one thing more, less anti Arsenal rhetoric from the media – but that, of course, is no more than a wish and a hope.

    Roll on Everton and a chance to go top of the league!!

  29. GunnerN5 says:

    Van Galing is already making excuses ahead of the Manchester derby saying Man C have an unfair advantage as Man U have an away game in the CL!!!

  30. Ant says:

  31. Ant says:

  32. Ant says:

  33. Ant says:

  34. Ant says:

  35. Ant says:

    Last one…… for Didit

  36. RA says:

    Hi Steve,

    Re: your 12:44

    I am not sure there is much between what you said, or what I believe, actually.

    Let’s get this agree or disagree thing put to bed, because if we all had to agree with each other then the blog would soon cease to exist.

    We have differing views, apparently, and as far as I am concerned, that is OK -if 50 people were asked for their opinion on something or other, the chances are that there would be 50 different views – nothing wrong with that.

    You based your opinion, apparently, on the relative merits of the teams based solely on last night’s excellent Arsenal performance, whereas I was simply saying that if we learned from Bayern’s performances during the group stages, other than last nights game, we would not get ambushed by supposedly inferior teams like Olympiakos and Zagreb who they beat comfortably.

    Judging a team on a single game makes no sense, and is the cause of so much nonsense being spouted by the denizens of Le Grove, and others, when we have been beaten by the two teams above, or West Ham and Chelsea in the PL, using those results as a stick to beat Wenger because they see that as proof that we are rubbish under him.

    The only rubbish is those ridiculous one-eyed assessments, as I don’t think any of those teams are better than us — but we do have a flaw, occasionally, in allowing those type of results to go against us.

    The return leg against Bayern will be difficult,but there is no reason to fear them – on our day we can, and have beaten anyone who comes up against us.

    Differing opinions? I think not.

  37. RA says:

    Hi Ant,

    They are great videos — have you and Duck got a family competition going on? 🙂

  38. chas says:

  39. mickydidit89 says:

    I address ALL, writers and posters alike:

    I now understand what it’s like to be a Gunner living in foreign lands, with shite internet and missing the most massive win of the season. So reading through these excellent posts, and all the comments last night and today is like oxygen to the addict

    Thanks gang

  40. kelsey says:

    According to AW Ramsey “could be out for some time” and that has been my dreaded fear all season , that our injury list mounts up and that alone could be the one thing that stops us winning the Title this season and though repeating what nearly everyone has said, not strengthening in the Summer might come back and bite AW up the arsenal.

    Thank you guys for all the match reports.

    Is there a more frustating team to support who consitently flatter to deceive.
    We can beat anyone on our day literally anyone as shown last night.

  41. mickydidit89 says:

    I did make a comment last night, but had not seen this from you at the time

    Rasp says:
    October 20, 2015 at 7:13 pm
    Get him to fly over the Emirates Micky so you can see for yourself

    How weird. I was trying to have a kip when the pilot came on the speakers saying 20 mins to landing at about 8:30pm. “We’re coming in over London and its clear. Those on the left can look down and see the Thames”. I was on the right, and there was The Ems. By far and away the brightest spot on the planet

    It was fabulous, and weird at the same time knowing so many people in the stadium, what was going on, andyet not knowing the score. Memorable in a frustrating kind of way

  42. mickydidit89 says:

    Hope you’re on the mend from last night
    I know Arsenal can be “frustrating” as you say, but we win more than we lose 🙂
    Anyway, we play great football and most importantly, our goals per game is on the up 🙂
    Had a great lunch yesterday with three Germans and all massive football fans (Dortmund) and talk was all football as we avoided business bollocks over lunch
    I was saying how I thought Arsenal could beat Bayern if we fielded the full team, and they were politely quiet. They do, however, rate Per and Mesut very highly, although one of them has a Mesut smiley on his computer with big eyes bulging out. Will be asking him to send it. Want that thing badly 🙂

  43. Eddie says:

    chas – nice cat, but it won’t bring us luck 🙂

    micky – you were with the wrong crowd. I was hoping you were on a mission in Munchen flogging lasagne, instead of having wurst with withdrawn Borussians

    Has anybody noticed how a certain ex-goalie is keeping schtum about our new number 1 🙂

  44. Rasp says:

    Hi Micky, I thought you were joking when you posted that comment 🙂

    The stadium certainly was a beacon of light last night. I got my ticket through the ticket exchange and was sandwiched between two great guys who sang their hearts out and talked tactical bollix with me – and yet where I normally sit literally a few yards away, they are just moaning numpties 😦

  45. mickydidit89 says:

    Sadly not Eddie
    Munich is much nicer than Dusseldorf or Dortmund, but its work

    It was quite magical
    It really is pot luck with seating, and certainly a short distance can make all the difference

  46. stevepalmer1 says:

    My apologies RA, didn’t want to make a thing about it, not my intention at all.
    Our two previous CL games were played with changes, a lot of changes, i said at the time, and still believe that you win nothing with multiple changes. Now we all know that rotation is needed to keep the team fresh, but if we want results. we have to keep them minimal.

    I very seldom criticise Wenger, but i do on his multiple changes.

  47. Steve, I agree with you about multiple changes especially in the defence.

    Kelsey it looked like a hamstring injury, if so it’s a minimum of three weeks, but as it’s Ramsey it could be much longer. I thought he looked absolutely gutted as he limped off the pitch.

    I would guess that Ramsey’s misfortune will be an opportunity for Oxlade-Chamberlain to get a run of games.

    We can only hope Ramsey makes a quick recovery.

  48. RA says:


    No probs — I think we were in broad agreement – and even if we were not – that is not a problem anyway. 🙂

    Changes to the team that Arsene makes, or made, come under the category of me not knowing all that he does, and if he makes changes, I am sure he has or had his reasons.

    Double guessing a man like that is beyond me, to be honest.

    Still, that’s what I was saying about opinions, we all have them! 🙂

  49. Shard says:

    Back again. Though ongoing issues with the internet.

    I’ve now started rehab post surgery, and on my first day in I saw Armand Traore (remember him?) and Oguchi Onyewu working out there.

    On to yesterday. Fantastic match reports. I thought we played very well, and despite the commentators trying to drive home how awesome Bayern were, I thought we showed we belong at that level. Hargreaves kept saying Arsenal should go pressing higher, but I thought we did the right thing. Bayern created very little, and our victory was well deserved.

    Santi and Ozil were hugely important in playing the ball out, and although Theo wasn’t efficient, he was effective in carrying out the plan.

    Very happy today, though minor grumbles about the press that specifically Arsenal’s ticket prices get, and which ignores the differences in German and English football that also affect ticket prices.


    Evening all. Cheers for the write up lads. Delighted for Arsene. The man keeps proving his genius.

    How we bathe in the ecstasy of such victory? Bit like having a bath and imagining your in some luxuarious Roman bowl sharing with a milky skinned Jean Simmons. Just when your dismissing the grape bearing youth in order to have some alone time with Jean, you knock the transistor into the water and burn your appendage with your fag.

    Thats how I felt when i got home. Brilliant result and performance, but a lot more work to do. Though I did have a bath and burn my knob with a fag.

    It was all about tactics, and Arsene got them spot on

    We all have to use tactics in life. Take the fags again? I am a great believer in conning those around me that i am quitting. Firstly, you get more leeway when you act like an arse and secondly, I enjoy conning people.

    Ive smoked every were illegally. Public transport, restaurants, boozers, you name it. The tactic I use is to sneakily bend down under the table and exhale the smoke into a long tube which I have positioned on some elses table. If you ever try it, pick on a table were there is a fat man with suspicious eyes and breathing problems. I guarantee, however much he denies it no one will believe him.

    Thats what Arsene done to the Gemans. He smoked them out and they left not understanding how they were found guilty.

  51. stevepalmer1 says:

    Evening Terry, I believe they call that tactic, Parking the bus. We have suffered that for many years. We now call it tactical nous,

    Many’s the time, a top team will struggle to penetrate a lesser team that play this tactic, simply because they will settle for a compromise. They know they cannot win, so settle for a stalemate.

    The game last night was similar, except both teams actually could win, It wasn’t that one team were better, as i don’t believe they were.

    Parking the bus is now common place in most leagues, and teams that can breakaway the best will usually get the chances, if that makes sense.

  52. fred1266 says:

    Hi Rasp can you confirm if you got my email


    Evening Steve. Yes, in general its true. The other day i was Thinking about going to games in the 70s and 80s. In those days if say the keeper was taking a goal kick all the players would be bunched up in the middle third of the pitch.

    It was all about who won the midfield battle, now its becoming more and more about who wins the tactical one.

  54. Ant says:

  55. mickydidit89 says:

    Morning Boys

    Great pic, but from me plane I couldn’t see the grass just a halo of light 🙂

  56. mickydidit89 says:

    Damn hard to top yesterday’s cat vid. Those are my favourite although the previous days’ slipper episode was cracking

  57. Gööner In Exile says:

    Morning all, sorry wasn’t around yesterday, didn’t know I’d contributed to a headline post 🙂

    Loving the continuation of the Maureen meltdown, can’t believe no one from the press has the balls to say “Jose you implied bias and that refs didn’t give you decisions, Arsene suggested that Mike Dean was naive to Costa’s antics, you are allowed to give an opinion on the refs performance, but you can’t say that they exercised bias, is that too much for your tiny brain to comprehend?”

  58. mickydidit89 says:

    Thing is Exile, I really don’t want Roman to give Maureen the boot, as firstly all this is fun, but second hating Chelsea is so good and Maureen helps

  59. mickydidit89 says:

    Oh, and Transplant, ROLF

  60. Red Arnie says:

    superb triple bill, Norfolk, Steve and Exile. 🙂 a fitting celebration of a great victory. 🙂

    sorry knot ear. 🙂

    Cech MotM for me. No explanation necessary. 🙂

    Ollie close second. Why? The transformation in the team and our direct approach when he came on. Plus, the first goal in such a game is always a big deal. A very big deal

    Everyone else. Just superb. 🙂

  61. Red Arnie says:

    GiE. This thing about Venga setting the team to play 3 different styles in 3 games. Are you sure? I thought we do not analyse the opposition, do not do strategy. hmmm. 🙂

  62. mickydidit89 says:

    Oh God, Arnie and his “agenda”, and what’s more it just got worse with the addition of “direct approach” 🙂

  63. chas says:

    “all the style of a hippopotamus….”

  64. mickydidit89 says:

    Hey Chas

    Met me German business chums the other day. Always deal with one of two owners. Anyway, met the other partner for first time. He’s a MOD 🙂

    His office heaving with Quadrophenia stuff, Vespa pics and so on. He does the Brighton Scooter run on his Vespa driving all the way from Germany in his Parka 🙂

    Top bloke, and super impressed I was born in Brighton 🙂

  65. chas says:

  66. mickydidit89 says:

    Mmmm, forgot about the hippopotamus comment
    Think I better back off. Only so much some can take.

    Arnie, I apologise and wont say bad things about Ollie any more. He deserves loyalty. Unlike his wife.

    Oh shit, there I go again. Soap and water. BAD DIDIT

  67. Morning all

    Love the Dr Scotts’ Electric Flesh Brush. I like the idea of having ‘Malarial Lameness’ 😀

  68. chas says:

    I always envy others with all-consuming passions.

  69. mickydidit89 says:

    I look at that Chas brush ad with great envy
    I’m developing an onion product at the moment, and so wish I could make wild claims on the label
    I mean, so what if you’re deceiving the populous. They are twats and I couldn’t care less 🙂

  70. mickydidit89 says:

    Love the MOD take on Gunnerdom
    Yeah, agree. This guy makes money then that’s it, out of the office and on to the scooter

  71. Micky

    I suppose your onion product could say, ‘It quickly removes those back aches peculiar to Women’…. verified by Transplant 🙂

  72. Yes Chas, I eat a lot of onions for exactly those reasons. Not sure about the Quercetin in ‘alcohol-free red wone’ though…. that defeats the object.

  73. Onion bhaji…. love ’em.

  74. chas says:

    Haha, I particularly liked the “back aches peculiar to women” as well.

  75. chas says:

    ooops should have been “…peculiar to LADIES

  76. This is one for me and Raddy

  77. Le Coq Monster says:

    “Halo of light !”…………………….I think you`ll find that was Transplants teeth !.

  78. Chas

    ‘Ladies’ wouldn’t be excepted by todays’ feminist culture 🙂

  79. I suppose the ‘Ladies’ could use this….

  80. Le Coq Monster says:

    There was a news item on Arsenal newsnow yesterday about a survey that said one in three woman watch porn once per week and that 44% of them watch lesbian stuff !……………..nice !.

  81. chas says:

    Love the noise the ball makes as it hits the underside of the crossbar.

  82. chas says:

    Iwobi’s second

  83. Le Coq Monster says:

  84. I’m experiencing foreign lands internet connection problems…. be back later 🙂

  85. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    Love the Bay city Rollers vid. Is that Eddie dancing in the from row?

  86. Eddie says:

    Yes raddy, that’s me with the green hat on, my favourite 🙂

  87. Le Coq Monster says:

  88. chas says:

    There’s a cartoon in moderation at 8:20am.

    The discussion on twitter about the Bay City Rollers vid was about the ear trumpet and the knitting but you’re right it does look like Eddie in the purple twinset. 🙂

  89. chas says:

  90. Le Coq Monster says:

  91. chas says:

  92. Rasp says:

    Cartoon released 🙂

    Morning all, anyone got something to say for a post today?

    chas, thanks for the stats PNG. I had to amend my spreadsheet because although yours was legible in comments the text came up too small when reduced to widget size. I really have to cram everything into a small space – but it is still very helpful if you’re happy to do the research – ta

  93. GoonerB says:

    got one in about 5 minutes to send you rasp

  94. chas says:

    I’ll see if I can make it legible in the size it appears on the blog.
    I was trying to make less work for you, not forcing you to having to go back to maintaining spreadsheets!

  95. chas says:

    Maybe if I reduce all column and row sizes in Excel, then when I snip the screenshot, it’ll already be small and clear.

  96. GoonerB says:

    Post sent. One for Chas methinks 🙂

  97. Red Arnie says:

    ha ha ha. Micky. 🙂

  98. Rasp says:

    chas, thanks. It’s just a case of trying to get the maximum sized text in the smallest width cell. The finished size is 180 pixels wide by variable height. I never manage to get the spreadsheet that small but reduce it to 180 in ‘Paint’

  99. Rasp says:

    New post everyone ………

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