Arsenal Angling for Luck

Reading Arsenal blogs across the web can often mislead supporters. Many reflect Arsenal in a good light while others have a tendency to be quite cynical. Blogger’s usually find a site (and there are many out there) which sways to their own way of thinking – who wants to be constantly arguing with another who is adamant that all is not well?

I find it difficult to see negativity in a football club that finish top four for close on twenty years, and in those twenty years, have won Leagues, cups, doubles, and had a season unbeaten in the League,  A title that Arsenal created in An Invincible season, and named the team, The Invincibles.

What tends to happen after victories, is spells of near misses, In Arsenal’s case, our spell of near misses, coincided with a rebuild of the stadium and a move. In the last twenty years we have also made changes of owners and shareholders. Changes also with supporters, as new ones come and old ones pass. Usually a Gooner does not pack in his or her support, season tickets yes, as the price can effect many on budget, but when tickets do become available, are usually snapped up, and the ones who have let their ticket go supports from home.

Many supporters have hobbies of some kind. Mine is Fishing. I class myself a Specimen Hunter. I have fished, off and on, most of my life, and the similarities between the two sports are surprisingly similar. When I first started I didn’t care what I caught, but as time went on and I started to realise just how many species there were, I planned my fishing trips for certain species and fished till I caught that particular type.

Football is similar where the team tend to target what they feel is their best chance and field their teams with their best players they have where an angler will choose a bait that they know will appeal to certain fish. This way of planning may cut your chances of catching other fish but, like in football, may also reduce your chance in other competitions.

Once a specimen, the bigger the better, was captured I moved on to the next species and so on and so on.  Finally an angler picks out his favourite, and mainly fishes for them. Football again similar, where a cup is won, the priority then moves on to the next competition. The league in football is classed as the Holy Grail, as consistency all season gives more chance of winning, that of course is like an angler catching a fish that is bigger than his personal best.

Even in fishing the sport is competitive. Many want to catch bigger and better than the others. Football is very similar and the supporter wants bragging rights, the same as a victorious angler.

Money is, of course, a factor in both sports. The more you spend the better the equipment, the better equipment the better the chances. Of course in both sports again the word Luck is also a factor, as who knows what will happen before you start. Will the fish be biting or will the team play like they should, will the fish take a certain bait on the day or will the other side have injuries, all this down to luck on the day.

An angler will look at records other anglers have broken, record size fish that are recorded in angling echelons and they will hope that their next fish will be bigger, much like a footballer who also has his goals, both want to be recorded and put on pedestals for others to ponder other.

Someone said to me a long time ago that you only get back what you put in which I guess means the more effort you put in the more you will receive. Maybe a bit of truth in that, but I still believe luck beats all. Luck will keep you injury free, luck will score you goals when you least expect them, and luck will win you Leagues and cups. Of course luck will put the angler in the right swim on the right day and with the biggest fish. And luck will also see that big fish in the anglers net.

Being an old Arsenal fan, I hope Lady Luck follow’s us all season, I also hope she helps me on the bank as well. Tight Lines and fierce shots and be Lucky.

 Written  by Steve Palmer

11 Responses to Arsenal Angling for Luck

  1. Big Raddy says:

    Love it Steve.

    After waiting with baited breath for the post I was hooked from the start.

    The second para reeled me in and was on a tight line thereafter.

    More of the same to follow ……

  2. I almost took the bait Raddy, but felt there had been enough puns already and this wasn’t the plaice for anymore.

    Peaches/Rasp, topical post e mailed to arsenalnuts.

  3. chas says:

    Cheers, Steve, but if you keep carping on about luck, you’ll be in trouble.

    “You can tune a guitar, but you can’t tuna fish. Unless of course, you play bass.”
    ~ Douglas Adams

  4. A fine post Steve, luck eh? Hmmm I’m not sure we should put too much reliance on such a fickle concept. Good teams make their own luck (a hackneyed saying but a true one) by eliminating the things that can go wrong.

    A nice bowl of fruit in the referee’s dressing room might put the officials in a better mood and reduce the chances of a dodgy penalty being given to the opposition for instance.

    Players being harangued by the ref should stand quietly with hands clasped behind their backs, listening intently and then smile and walk away, without unseemly hand gestures. Whatever they think of the officials sexual proclivities. 😀

  5. Rasp says:

    Many apologies to Steve P and Norfolk Gooner.

    We’ve just found an article submitted to arsenalnuts by NG that is topical, so we are having to publish a second post today …….

    …. New post

  6. RC78 says:

    99% sweat, 1% luck they say…

    I would say 93% sweat, 7% luck :-p

    Luck is a factor in Cups especially with the draws and all

    As for the League, I think luck equals out over a season

  7. RA says:

    Good Post, Steve. 🙂

    You will never get agreement about ‘luck’ as everyone has their own definition of what it constitutes.

    Many people have claimed to be the authors of the adage, ‘the more I practise the luckier I get’, whereas the saying ‘luck has fook all to do with it’ is just down to Randy. 🙂

  8. RA says:

    By the way Steve, don’t take any notice of the usual suspects giving you cod answers – they are just a bunch of crabs pretending be langoustines. 🙂

  9. RA says:

    I am a little hard of herring and don’t always realise this must be the finnacle of AA wit.

    Still your Post was stuffed to the gills with class, and I am sure it will reel these guys in and have them hooked.

    If I can help deal with Raddy, Chas, Rasp and co – let minnow.

    In the meantime I have haddock enough of this. 😀

  10. RA says:


    I seem to be treading a lone furrow, so have switched over to Norfolk’s Post as I am feeling lonely out here.

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