Newcastle away …. any answers … or more questions?

We got 3 points away from home at a ground that I am not sure will be that easy for many of our rivals this season. On the general positive front our passing and movement was excellent and only lacked that last little itty weeny bit….the placement of the ball between the white thingy’s with the mesh behind it. Ok we did place it there once but at the end you did feel we should have been far more comfortable. Also, yes, we should have had a penalty, so the officials once again conspire to undermine our season. We should be 2 points and 2 goals better off right now.

I mention the officials because the toon fans obviously felt very hard done by yesterday. However in the cold light of day and viewing these incidents again I would challenge any of them to disagree with the decisions. If anything the non penalty penalty kept them in it. With that as well as the other goal I think we would have gone on to score 2 more.

So with general all round excellent play why didn’t we put them to the sword a bit more? Does this have implications for the season? Are we lacking a world class cutting edge up front or could it be more simply that we are not quite in full gear yet? Could it also be that McClaren has them far more organised now and that Newcastle didn’t come out to play enough football and got so many men behind the ball that breaking them down was always going to be tough. If anything it possibly got tougher once they were a back’s to the walls 10 man outfit.

My stance has softened on yesterday once I stepped back and reviewed it. I actually think we looked so fluid and sharp that we forced them into a bus parking exercise.

Someone may come before the transfer window closes, to provide that extra cutting edge up front, but let’s say they don’t, and there is a very real chance of that. I still feel we have quite a bit at our disposal. Many are now looking to Welbeck to save us, because to many Giroud and Walcott can’t cut it, and I am looking forward to him getting his opportunity. However, even having been a critic of Giroud I still feel that both he and Walcott have something to offer as number 9’s, if we play them in the right way. I would also say that where Walcott is concerned he could be a number 9 option and still play as a wide player when needed.

Many will use yesterday as hard “EVIDENCE” that Walcott can’t do it. Well as already said Newcastle firstly made it difficult. Secondly from my point of view none of Walcott’s chances were gimmes yesterday. If you watch them again in most of the cases Walcott is actually latching on to balls at high speed. That automatically makes it more difficult to control any shot on target than at a slower pace. It is of course easier if the ball is on the ground as you run onto it.

He had a one on one with Krul in this situation and there is an argument that Theo could have done a bit better by chipping the keeper. Fair enough but not an easy skill at that pace and in reality it was Krul that did very well here in reading the game and coming out.

His second big chance is the one that many are referring to as almost an open goal. The one on the rebound from Sanchez shot. Look at it again peoples. Again Theo is arriving at high speed…more difficult. Secondly the ball is bouncing….adds extra difficulty. Thirdly he is not directly in front of an open goal, but is at an angle with the keeper getting up from the ground to narrow his options….again adds to the difficulty. This was no gimme. Alright it didn’t happen for him or Ollie when he came on but the great Ronaldo and the great Aguero missed easier chances yesterday!!! 

This is not a “defence of Theo” post. More I am trying to rationalise why we didn’t quite make it easier and why our striking department individually and as a whole didn’t quite pull it off as well as they could have. Theo and Ollie might not be quite good enough to push us to the title. Then again they might be and my point is that yesterday is not enough for me personally to say they can’t.

If anything I really wanted Wenger to play Theo to Giroud’s right when Ollie came on. With Ollie and no Theo teams play a higher line. With Theo and no Ollie teams play a deeper line. With Theo and Ollie they are in trouble either way. It looked a potent combination a couple of seasons back and would have meant that we had our next 3 most clinical goal-scorers (Sanchez, Rambo and Theo) all playing off Giroud. As said I don’t see any reason why they can’t rotate as striker or also play together.

Arsene got his subs right because we won the game. Fair point. I do however feel the subs were a bit negative and he could have put them to the sword with something more similar to what I mentioned above. AOC could have gone in to the heart of midfield where all those pesky Newcastle players on yellows would have been shedding a load when he started to run through the centre at pace. We have in recent times been too gung-ho, but weirdly I also feel Arsene goes with too much caution and still needs to find that balance at times.

Anway, discuss A.A’ers.



Written by GoonerB




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  1. GoonerB says:

    Haha, been out come back only to find my post has you all scarpering for cover 🙂 (too much focus on you know who who shall not be named perhaps?)

    Sod all this analysis, lets just get back to talking about fluffy Kittens and beer 🙂

  2. GunnerN5 says:

    Thank you for the report GB.

    I feel somewhat the same as you, yesterday I was disappointed by the fact that we didn’t overrun a 10 man team but on reflection and reviewing the game once more I feel very differently about the result. It’s obvious to me now that a 10 man team resolved to fouling and resolute defending is far more difficult to penetrate than an 11 man team playing offensive football and leaving us spaces to exploit.

    Notwithstanding the above I’m still among the group that would like to see two more additions before the window closes- a hard nut defender and a clinical striker – not much to ask for is it?

  3. Rasp says:

    😆 GB, this was my comment on the end of yesterday’s post ….

    The only negative I can see regarding yesterday’s game is that McClaren must have got his team fired up to be ‘physical’ against the Arsenal and specifically targeting Le Coq as the vital link between our midfield and defence.

    Luckily the ref was on his game and Le Coq is resilient, but 2 players getting their ankles stamped on (the one on Le Coq was deliberate IMO) in the first 10 minutes is a disgrace.

    I don’t think McClaren is a ‘good coach’ I think he is an overrated twat 🙂

  4. Rasp says:

    Hi GN5, my wish list is dentical to yours ….. and a few thousand other gooners. There’s 30 hours or so to go – and then we’ll know 🙂

  5. GoonerB says:

    Off out for lunch. catch you all later

  6. IanRealGunner says:

    Theo should have lifted the ball on the first chance, but he scuffed it and hit the top of the ball – I think it was good goalkeeping as well. The second, he should have taken it with his left foot rather than using the outside of his right foot – he would have hit the target then, but it is an issue broader then Theo – professional footballers only having one good foot! I don’t think anyone is saying that Theo and Ollie aren’t good enough or unsuited to their roles from that one game. They have been consistently unconvincing in a number of games – the question is, how many games can you give someone before you decide that they can’t cut the mustard in that particular position? How many games did Pod get at centre forward before it became obvious that it was not going to work? I would argue that he had less games than Theo has had in that position and I am yet to be convinced.

    A counter-argument is to have a fluid front-line where they are continuously interchanging – that may suit all of arsenal’s front 3 better.

  7. GunnerN5 says:

    On reflection it does appear that the Newcastle players were under instructions to target Coquelin; most likely in the hope that he would retaliate and get sent off – well that backfired very nicely didn’t it!

  8. mickydidit89 says:

    Thanks GB

    When I played in the Under 11’s, I once kicked the ball up into the air, hard, the wind got hold of the thing and what with one thing and another, it looped over all the defenders as well as their goal keeper and ended up in the top corner.

    Why can’t our midfielders do that as well?

    Off for a quick zizz

  9. RA says:

    A good Post, GB, altho, despite your denial, it was – yet another – defense of Theo – and I am resisting the urge to yawn. 😀

    I am not going to respond on that score – sorry.

    I doubt there is time left in this transfer window for Arsenal to get a top notch striker in, so between Theo and Giro we will eventually have to make do with what we have got.
    Neither are dreadful – neither are top notch – let’s see what Santa Wenger brings us on Tuesday, if anything.

    Looking to the future, having watched Gedion playing for Rangers today I have to say that at that level he really is easily holding his own with some ‘robust’ Scottish football and it seems he is an Arsenal star in the making. 🙂

  10. RA says:


    — “When I played in the Under 11’s, I once kicked the ball up into the air, hard, the wind got hold of the thing and what with one thing and another, it looped over all the defenders as well as their goal keeper and ended up in the top corner.”

    That was interesting, but you are supposed to score in your opponents net! 🙂

  11. GunnerN5 says:

    Oh dear it looks like Red Arse broke the blog!!

  12. chas says:

    Thanks for the post, GoonerB.

    I was pleased with yesterday.
    If we’d been given the pen, Walcott had scored his sitter and Giroud not been foiled by a waving arm at the end, we’d have got the 4-0 result our dominance merited.

    I honestly think the subs helped and were positive rather than negative. I’m sure we created more chances and shots per minute after the subs than we did before them.

    Anyhow, at least we have the 3 points to keep us warm at night during yet another interminably tedious international feckin break. 🙂

  13. chas says:

    If the blog hits are down today, I’d blame the execrable font which is an affront to my eyes. 😆

  14. RA says:

    Oops — back from lunch and ……… 🙂

    Anyone who writes a Post deserves credit for doing so, and GB is also a good guy.

    I think Chas’ comment @ 4:14 is spot on — a nice win is a nice win – and a 0 : 4, or 0 : 5 win would have been even better.

    All blogs go quiet after a good lunch and a drinky poo – and hopefully after a kip the blog will light up with the football cognoscenti’s return. 😀

    GB will awaken any time now!

  15. GunnerN5 says:


    GB also deserves to be acknowledged for the quality of his posts.

  16. GunnerN5 says:

    Watching the Man U game and Swansea have been desperately unlucky they should be ahead 2-0 already.

  17. GoonerB says:

    Just back from my exteeennndeeed lunch, well they had too many real ales you know and I felt it was rude not to give them all a bash.

    Thanks for the (few) comments guys. I think many others may be on exteeennndeeed lunches full of real ales as well. Either that or I should take it personally 🙂

    Don’t worry Redders I was not expecting a comment on “you know who”. Others may see those chances as easy ones, I really didn’t. That is not saying I think “you know who” either is orwill be a top striker and I would still like an addition to this area however, I still feel if AW sets up correctly we have 3 decent and different striking options as is.

  18. GunnerN5 says:

    It’s on the cards for Man U to get another dodgy win.

  19. GunnerN5 says:

    Cavini has become the flavour of the day for the Red Tops…………..

  20. GunnerN5 says:

    Eddie will love his flowing locks.

  21. GoonerB says:

    I think Cavani would be excellent GN5. He has always scored prolifically and looks to be built for the premier league. Slower than Theo but quicker than Ollie so not really slow. I also like the fact that PSG have forced him to play wide (even if he didn’t fully like it) as he still scored a lot from there but will also have developed an extra side to his game which I hope would compliment the fluid interchanging front 3 I would like us to play.

  22. Shubham says:

    3 points in an away game where the crowd is manic isn’t a bad outcome. But our play was so one dimensional that it made for very difficult viewing. Anyways, now two weeks of boredom before we resume. Hope we get in a couple of players before the window shuts. Hoping against hope really. The way Le Prof is talking, it doesn’t look like too keen. C’mon Ivan do something…

  23. GunnerN5 says:


    Tippy tap does get boring but I would sooner be bored by Arsenal than a 15 day international break.

  24. RA says:


    GoonerB — writing quality Posts?

    Well he got almost 400 comments for his last Post despite me doing everything in my power to stop it – so that speaks to the quality. 🙂

  25. GunnerN5 says:

    RA It was well written but the length of time is was up was a huge help.

  26. GunnerN5 says:

    Well that took the slimy strut out of Man U’s stride it’s 2-1 Swansea in the 67th minute.

  27. chas says:

    Somehow I don’t mind dropping down to 6th, 😆

  28. GunnerN5 says:

    Totally agree Chas.

    It’s always a good day when the Gaaling one has the smirk wiped off of his face.

  29. chas says:

  30. chas says:

  31. Big Raddy says:

    GB. Fine post with some salient points (whatever that means)

    As you say, in retrospect it was a fine win over a very negative N’castle.

    We were led to believe that all was well at MU and we were in dire straits, yet after today’s game we are level on points and one goal behind on GD – which but for awful refereeing blah blah blah

    Win our next home game (Stoke) and all is kushti

  32. chas says:

  33. stevepalmer1 says:

    Evening all, Thank you GB.
    At the end of the day Supporters basically want the three points, and that’s what we got.

    I think its only fair to add that our strike force is pony, Theo as far as Peaches reckons, come in at high speed and has trouble finishing off, fair comment i suppose, but i feel he is in the wrong position, but that’s my opinion, Oly on the other hand is too slow, Why our forwards need to chip the goalkeeper i don’t really know, get on the end and blast it, goalkeepers have a job to deal with that approach.

    Its my belief that Theo and Oly are not the kind of striker we need, we need a centre forward that can score goals. Strikers don’t always get many chances in a game and the chances they do get it has to go in.

    I feel that the rest of the team are busting a gut attacking and when chances keep on getting missed, upsets the mood of the team. I have to say that when your midfielders do not pass through to them and the wingers do not cross gives me the impression that they do not believe them to be able to score, and the signs so far this season you can’t wonder why.

    I know its not the right thing to say about your own team when they win, but i am finding this possession football boring, of course i would rather we have the ball than them but we keep passing the ball until we lose it with n o end result and that is very frustrating, we break away only to pass the ball backwards, let them all get back and then make backwards sideways passing until we lose it.

    What’s the matter with crossing, or shooting, done on instinct will produce goals. Fast breakaways should produce goals but when a centre forward is to slow, or is unable to finish off suggests a striker is needed, For people waiting for Danny to show them the way forget that as he is no better than those two, lets face it we need a goalscorer the same as we needed a Keeper.

  34. mickydidit89 says:

    What’s a salient point? 🙂

  35. mickydidit89 says:

    Serious question
    Did we miss Mesut’s craft yesterday? I think we did as he knits the fiddly players together into a more silky outfit
    Or something 🙂

  36. chas says:

    Is Mesut’s craft, yellow?

  37. The Cockie Monster says:

    Thanks GB.
    I watched the game in my normal mode of waiting until the end of the game, asking my missus if we won ( no score is mentioned ) then sat in front of screen eating goodies with no stress watching the recording !…………bliss !.
    I thought we were excellent in dictating the game from start to finish even before their player was sent off and the stats back it all up, yes, we could have had more goals but it`s not easy against a ten man defence….superb performance imo .

    Lets look at the aforementioned stats :

    Newcastle 26%
    Arsenal 74%

    Newcastle 1 ( 0 on target )
    Arsenal 22 ( 9 on target )

    Newcastle 0
    Arsenal 9

    Fouls Newcastle 15
    Arsenal 8

    Now I have put these up for good reason, after watching the game I did the normal thing of reading all the comments and those from newsnow, well obviously I must have been watching a different game……….apparently we were shit !.
    Lets look at the stats from another game which must have been played in secret !……………………..Stoke versus WBA !

    Stokealona 49%
    WBA 51%

    Stokealona 13 (5 on target )
    WBA 15 ( 5 on target )

    Stokealona 6
    WBA 5

    Stokealona 4
    WBA 9

    A pretty even game you would think !… !……Stokealona had 2 players sent off after just 30 mins !……….2 sendings off from 4 fouls ! hahahaha

    I know what they say about stats and damn lies, but I watched the game and the stats were right and our performance was a lot more controlled than WBA`s against only 9 men……………….or maybe Newcastle were just piss poor at keeping the ball and attacking, but no !……..they were applauded from every pundit orifice for their brave rear guard action !……………………..although from where I sat they just couldn`t get hold of the fcuking ball from our excellent ball players !.

  38. The Cockie Monster says:

    Now that I have bigged up our brave little soldiers for an excellent performance I can now go on the doom front !.
    Something has gone a little under the radar ….. as surprising as John Terry passing a team mates bedroom door open with said team mates wife tied up and gagged with a blue neon light flashing the words……….” fcuk me John as Cesc is down the chav chapel crying to the virgin Mary that Arsene blanked him !”………….something that only Eddie and Stretch commented on, but something that is has crushed my hopes more than Transplants neck by his ex-missus`s thighs !………..the failing of FFP !.
    Arsene has come out and said that it is over !……..we cant compete with Mansour City ( he did mention the Chavs, but they are about as close to Mansour City in wealth as I am as close to shagging our most famous supporter ! ).
    I thought we were on a level playing field with the “big clubs”, especially after Mansour City had their wrists slapped and The Chavs selling players to buy players ala Arsenal over the last few years, but no !…….UEFA have bottled it and we now face the high possibility that we are only ever going to win a domestic cup as Mansour City can spend as much as they like…….already spent over £100M on 2 players !.
    Yes, we might win it some day like Athletico Madrid winning La Liga, but they could be about as common as a shiny thing in N17 !.
    Here is the link and I would love one of the many AA accountants to try and say it`s OK, but our glorious leader has a degree in economics, so you will have to go against his grain and as far as I know most of the AAA ( Arsenal Arsenal Accountants ) are AKB`s !.

    Troubled times ahead I fear and if I`m honest, I wish we could have Uzzy or someone richer take over the club and be the only owner so we could compete with the aforementioned clubs. Some have said in the past that they would turn their backs on Arsenal if that happened, well good luck with that, easier said than done !.
    I`m not one of them, I have no principles and would sell my wife`s soul to the Devil for same sort of trophy cabinet that Chavs have had since they were formed in 2005 !…..anyway here`s the link !……will it still go under the radar or are you all hiding behind the sofa hoping it just goes away ?.

  39. IanRealGunner says:

    Danny Mills on BBC yesterday said that on the balance of play we PROBABLY deserved to win – I wonder if he looked at the stats that you have published above?? A rubbish footballer and an even worse pundit.

  40. Gööner In Exile says:

    GoonerB well played sir on a fine report of what you saw. I think you are right Ollie and Theo on together will affect the opposition back line. But i also think Ollie plus a fully functioning midfield would have same affect, or be able to make mincemeat of a highline.

    Chances will come and go for every forward, the important thing is that they continue to get in to goalscoring positions. When theistic doing that they become a problem.

    Cockie, the intention of FFP was always to protect clubs from going out of existence due to frivolous spending of the owner/board who then demanded the return of their cash. The part which has been subject to legal challenge is where owners such as Skeikh Mansour are prepared to write off any cash they put in. Shouldn’t forget that Chavs were one of the teams to sign up to FFP and push for it in both PL and Europe, Abramovich isn’t stupid and knew that he couldn’t fight off every big investor, they are pretty much self financing as a result of their strategic decisions eg investing in youth (not counted) and selling those players to fund the additions to the first team. I doubt they have spent outside of FFP even in this summer when compared to their income.

    So the question you seem to ask is should we now go for a sugar daddy, I think the problem is if everyone gets oiled up we are back to square one, where only the super super rich will be able to have an impact in the PL. at that point the sugar daddies will
    Stop putting their money in as they will no longer be able to fund the clubs to an extent where they can guarantee trophies.

  41. Bayonne Jean says:

    In reviewing last season’s patterns and this season’s goings on to date, am convinced that this statement sums it up:

    “As Santi goes, so goes the Arsenal.”

    When Santi is on his game, whether in the deep lying role or more forward, the team just hums. When he’s not, everything bogs down.

  42. Malaysian gunner says:

    Arsenal made heavy weather of beating NU.Watch how Swans dispatch MU.When I saw Gomiz on his fours,it meant he had scored
    which is good news for all or 99.99% of gooner fans.
    The swans passing which led to the goals were simple and speedy unlike the gunners who play a complicated game of pass and pass.
    Until Wenger can start winning and fast I will reserve judgement on the gunners prospects for 15-16.Already fans fans are calling for Rodger’s head after the WH debacle.
    No one is indispensable in the fw especially if you are not winning.

  43. chas says:

    Hey, Arsenal’s transfer window is about to reach its shattering climax.

  44. chas says:

  45. LB says:

    Emperor Mourinho’s New Clothes.

    It’s more than one little boy now who has noticed, and had the courage to say, what we have known for years.

    He’s a tosser……………

    I am loving every minute of that arrogant Portuguese pricks fall.

  46. mickydidit89 says:

    Will you weep and be sad if we sign nobody at all?

  47. chas says:

    We’ve already signed him with the broken head.

  48. chas says:

    Yep, Mourinho being called out for what he really is, is delicious.

  49. mickydidit89 says:


  50. chas says:

    The way I see it is simple (like me).
    I have no control over who comes in or out of the Club, so why stress about it.
    The only choice I have is whether I go to games or support the team from an armchair.

  51. chas says:

    Must go, two pasties and an East Coast trains BLT still to vanish.

  52. mickydidit89 says:

    Thing is, the site needs some in-fighting. I’m hoping one or two join me in being livid if we don’t sign anyone expensive, as we can then leap on people who “take positives” and all that

  53. mickydidit89 says:

    “the only choice I have is whether I go to games or support the team from an armchair.”

    The fact that you choose the former irrespective of the amount of goals we score reveals your weak side 🙂

  54. mickydidit89 says:

    Armchair fans are the elite and have rights you know 🙂

    Ok, let’s see if there’s a sniff of surf about anywhere

  55. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    I am waiting until Weds morning before going out on a demonstration march about Arsenal’s terrible transfer window.

    My intention is to wear black and walk up Nordrefrihavnsgade in silence.

    I expect the BoD to respond immediately with a press statement stating mass resignations and hari-kari for Dick Laws

  56. Rasp says:

    Morning all, just to clarify, for most of Europe the transfer window closes at midnight, for the UK it is 6 PM tomorrow

  57. GB

    I missed this yesterday… good post mate 🙂

    I’m in the Theo can’t do it camp… just doesn’t tick all the right boxes. Howeve, if we don’t get another CF in before the end of the TW, then I have to hope that he and Giroud do ‘do it’. Because that’s all we’ll have plus Welbz and maybe Campbell. At the moment it’s not lookiing good. I hate to sound so negative but it’s based on recent clear evidence.

  58. Lets look on the bright side, women will all be wearing the ‘C string’ soon. The benefit is that you don’t have to take the trouble and effort to pull it all the way down to the ankles to get it off. Easy access to the good bits 🙂

  59. Eddie says:

    Chas at 6:34 made me rally angry – here we see a man chilling out and enjoying himself as if all was well in his world. I wish I was as happy as wenger under the circumstances

  60. Eddie says:


  61. Eddie

    I take it you won’t be wearing one 😀

  62. Big Raddy says:

    Eddie gets up late and then goes back to sleep after a little meditation – some people have a relaxed life.

  63. Rasp says:

    What’s holding that in place? … suction? 😕

  64. Eddie says:

    I’m in Poland, 32 degrees already. Too hot to wear anything. I have good reason to be in a bad mood.

    My taxi driver was telling me yesterday that lampard’s move to America and then on loan to Shitty was FPP avoidance scum. Is that right?

  65. Eddie

    Did your Taxi driver have any news on the Benzema transfer to Arsenal?

  66. Eddie says:

    Yes, he said its not happening. Laughed at lewandowski rumour and couldn’t understand why we didn’t sign Krychowiak. Told him it was because of his name ☺

  67. Rasp says:

    So is this correct? …. we can only bring in players from Europe up to midnight today (earlier in Germany and Spain) and then from midnight to 6pm tomorrow we can sign players from the UK.

    So it’s Cavani up to midnight (NOT) and then Mahrez or Austin up to 6pm?

  68. I really can’t understand how we didn’t go and get, Gomis and Andre Ayew…. both French, why couldn’t Wenger use his best French chat up lines and got those two, they weren’t expensive either, which would have pleased Wengers economics.

  69. In fact I think Ayew was a Free from Marseille…

  70. Big Raddy says:

    NB. My guess is that AW didn’t want them.

    Look at the space which MU allowed Swansea to attack into, when was the last time a team gave that much space to AFC?

    If they did we could compare Gomis and Ayew with Sanchez and OG/Theo.

    They don’t – we can’t.

  71. Raddy

    And they’ve scored seven goals between them this season already… got to be better than Giroud and Sanchez….. for the moment anyway. 🙂

  72. Rasp says:

    I think we are in a catch 22 situation. We can’t attract the very top players because we are not perceived as one of the elite clubs in Europe. The only way to elevate our status is to win the CL (probably more than once) and start winning the EPL again …. but we need top players to be able to do that 😦

  73. mickydidit89 says:

    Obscene wages is the way forward Rasp 🙂

  74. Red Arnie says:

    Apols, knot ear, knot their, knot evry wh*re! 🙂 Some lovely posts in the last few days, what a pity I could not participate. Still no wifi at home, too much to do at work! Nevertheless, my tuppence. 🙂

    RC78. No. We do not need defender(s). DM is we can get one, but no defenders. Sorry. We need to give chance to Chambers, Paul Easter, Bellerin and Gibbs. 🙂

  75. Red Arnie says:

    Raddy. Lovely PM. IMO, we missed Ozil. But hey, we had a makeshift line-up, at CF and defence, and we won away from home. In fact, far away from home. We are only second to Shitty in the current odds for top spot. Still only early days. What the heck are we complaining about! Onwards and upwards! 🙂

  76. Red Arnie says:

    GB. Nice post. 🙂 I think a nice plum position in the Theo advocacy committee is being lined up well. Not convincing as yet, but may become soon. Hopefully, Theo will come good at CF, ultimately, as buffer to Ollie. It would have been nice if we could get a guaranteed 30-goal-a-year striker, but such hopes are all but evaporated. 🙂

    IMO, Theo is surplus to requirements at right wing, where we have The Ox, Sanchez, perhaps Rambo, Gnabry getting prepared elsewhere. Theo needs to be central to get a chance to play. And we need him as back up for Giro.

    Arsene did right in giving him the chance. Hopefully, with another one or two chances, he will come good. Between the two of them, Ollie and Theo, we will be OK. I think.

    Will we catch Shitty. That is the million pound question. It is clear that we are classy, we are different, we will build a team and not buy success. We can do better than all the other profligate numpties: Chavs, ManUre, et al. But Shitty? The jury is out!

    COYG. 🙂

  77. mickydidit89 says:

    Morning, and “oh come on” Arnie

    We buy the level of success we have.

    Trying telling Bury Town we “build a team and not buy success”
    We spent £70m on two players and pay £140k a week in wages

  78. Red Arnie says:

    Relatives, Micky. 🙂 Yes, Bury Town, maybe, just maybe. But we buy less than Spuds, Newcastle, West Ham, Everton! 😛 And we are more successful.

  79. RC78 says:

    +1 Rasp about Catch 22

    NB – Ayew for free is a real catch but we knew that…Ayew plays his heart out wherever he plays, whether in midfield or up front. I am a big psg fan but if there were one player to take from Marseille at PSG, I would have picked Ayew because of his excellent attitude and great skills…

    Reports linking Man Utd to…Martial from Monaco…as I said, the next Thierry Henry

    As of OG and Walcott, they are good but no 20-goals per season in the EPL

  80. mickydidit89 says:

    I was on a plane from Nice on Friday and some bigwig from Utd was on it according to a Spud next to me
    Mind you, he might simply keep a boat or a prostitute in Monaco

  81. Red Arnie says:

    RC78. 🙂

    Giro. 2014-15 season, 14 goals in 27 games, which equates to 20 goals in 38 games. 2013-14 season, 16 goals in 36 games, which equates to 17 in 38 games.

    So we have at least one 20-goal-a-year striker. Perhaps you mean, he has reached his peak and will be relatively poor this year. We shall see.

    Or perhaps you mean, a 30-goal-a-year striker, which we do not have, and this will be a clear improvement. Even better is it is a guaranteed 30-goal-a-year striker. 🙂

  82. mickydidit89 says:

    Who doesn’t believe Mesut was injured and we’ll swap him for a goal machine of a No10?

    Clearly I do 🙂

  83. Red Arnie says:

    Micky. I would believe you if there was still a week left for the window to close! 😛 But who knows? 🙂 Answer: Wenger. 😛

  84. Wenger now needs to accept that the FFP is a fucking joke and put his hands in his pocket…. splash the cash Arsene… City are, Chelsea are and United are… though Van Girl is just buying for buying sake, won’t do anything on the pitch. Liverpool have bought a dud in Benteke… the new Andy Carroll, Depay looks to be a bit of a wanker… if Keane thinks Arsenal players like their selfies, he needs to see Depay posing with his customised Merc… wanker.

  85. Red Arnie says:

    NorthBank. Wenger has his hands in his pockets all right. But the pockets are zipped up, so he cannot get them out. 🙂

    pocket billiards time! 😛

  86. RC78 says:

    I think LVG did some good piece of business this year but he needs time to get this new team and he needs to sort out GK, CB and ST position…too but Man Utd on paper is looking good…

    RedArnie – the thing is that neither OG or TW play 38 games…

    Micky – Martial on his way to Monaco for 50 Mln EUR…too much but he is one future great if he does get injured again…The boy is pacy and has tricks but his finishing needs polishing…

    Will AW sign anyone?

  87. Fuck it…. they’ll all in it for the money these days…. trophies come second on the list. The owners are being taken for a ride 🙂

  88. Red Arnie says:

    RC78. 🙂

  89. oh dear, my cynicism popped out there ha ha

  90. GoonerB says:

    Blimey have the site rules been changed. Not past mid-day and already footy chat.What happened to cats and dogs talk.

    Cavani would be the only stellar name I feel is possible to get and that wouldbe good but I feel that is not highly likely. I would go all in for the one that Redders the Eastern European scout sourced, Yarmolenko. IMO he would be excellent off Giroud to the right but looking at him in terms of style, size, pace I think he could do the conversion to striker as well.

  91. RA says:

    Rasper @ 9:24

    I think the transfer close is as follows;

    (A) Germany, France Spain and Russia — the window closes at midnight tonight.

    (B) England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland — window closes at 6 p.m.

    The countries classified by me as Group A – finish buying and selling, between each other, at midnight.

    Because of the Bank Holiday in the UK, the Group A clubs can sell to us until 6 p.m. tomorrow — but they cannot buy.

    English clubs can buy from wherever – until 6 p.m, tomorrow BUT can only sell to other Group B clubs – and not Group A clubs.


    But that might all be B/Shit of course. 🙂

  92. RA says:

    (B) 6 p.m. tomorrow [typo] 🙂

  93. So the bank holiday has an influence on the English TW? How bizarre…

  94. RA says:

    Hi GB,

    The cats and dogs bollix has been a feature of the Breakfast Club for some years, enlivened by tales of Evonne beating up Lezzers, Chas doing stuff with colognes and haircuts, and Micky explaining how he turns himself into a black clad sausage to go surfing.
    NB says that is over ostentatious, and he prefers to go surfing in the altogether as it is only a few clicks on the keyboard. But …….. Micky will be Micky. 😀

  95. Right, I’m just off to my blog to post some smut… back in 5

  96. RA says:

    Oh, and everyone being rude to the left leaning Red Viking aka Big Raddish-Tour-Guide-For-Hire. 😀

  97. RA says:

    I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting Red and White Arnie in the flesh, if I may use that terminology, and I wonder if any of you who have had that experience can tell me if he is really away with the fairies or magic mushrooms which his comments seem to indicate? 🙂

    Look at this — “Will we catch Shitty. That is the million pound question. It is clear that we are classy, we are different, we will build a team and not buy success.”

    But if that is the question Arnie baby, what is the £1m answer? 😀

  98. RA says:


    Having stirred up the bloggers’ nest – I am off! 😀

  99. Cor…. that took longer than planned to find some tasteful smut for my blog…. I keep clicking on unsuitable photos LOL 🙂

  100. RA says:

    I forgot to say to the Rasper that every transfer window quantum uncertainties expand in a chain reaction, based on the number of buying clubs being disproportionate to the number of willing selling clubs.

    Logically, therefore, the window in which Arsene can hope to shape material footie events by attempting to negotiate the purchase of a player(s) who may also be wanted by an unknown number of other clubs is continually shrinking, and he seems to fall into the same trap every time.

    Remember that! 😀

  101. RA says:

    S/be — that [in] every transfer window ……….

    Damn — I will have to borrow another laptop or get new fingers. 🙂

  102. RA says:

    Hi NB,

    Maybe you need to put Micky’s surf suit on?? 😀

  103. Rasp says:

    Thanks for the clarification Redders 😀

  104. That’s a horrible thought Redders…. imagine the smell of Mickys surf suit…. and surfers are renowned for pissing down the leg… left or right, depending on how they dress…. discusting idea.. I bet you wouldn’t put it on 🙂

  105. Red Arnie says:

    Redders is offski, is he? 🙂 you know, you have the option of hopping on a train and visiting me in Sconny Botland! 🙂

  106. Redders

    When I used to kayak in cold water I used to force my Tojo upwards in my neoprene wet suit… towards my stomach, at least that way when I pissed I got some of by upper body warm for a few minutes and hoped that the warm liquid would spread out a bit to go down both legs… ha ha ha 🙂

  107. Rasp says:

    Well I for one will be very disappointed in our management team if we fail to strengthen our outfield this window. There can be no excuses because other sides have done good business.

  108. kelsey says:

    Thanks everybody for your good wishes, this hasn’t been the best year of my life but when this transfer window closes, hoping I have the strength,despite a few parts missing, I will give you my realistic thoughts as to where we are already going wrong this season.

  109. oh Kelsey great to hear from you mate… get well soon and get blogging bouffant man. 🙂

  110. GunnerN5 says:

    Nice to see you on the blog Kelsey.

  111. Great to here from you Kelsey, hope your recovery progresses.

  112. The Cockie Monster says:

    Cant wait, Kelsey !. I`ve always liked your what I would call honest realistic middle ground views…………especially ones about how much money we have in the piggy !.

    Thanks GIE for your view on the ludicrous FFP climb down. I was already aware of the Chavs new self financing style similar to ours of many years, but Mansour City is a different kettle of fish !…..first I don’t believe Mansour is in it for the money so isn`t bothered by what way any future TV deals go and secondly……….all I hear from a lot of people is that ………what happens when the oil dries up ?……well ( no pun intended ), I have no idea when the oil will dry up, but I bet it isn`t anytime soon like next season !……..and personally I`d like to see us win or at least put up a decent fight for the EPL before I die !…………………..and if we go by our glorious leaders take on FFP that it is dead in the water, then I don’t see us winning it any time soon as historically the teams that buy the best players win the league…………..just look at who have bought it since we last won it !. 🙂

    Another concern is ………it would not surprise me if once the Spuds are up and running with their new stadium that their owners ( being Spuds supporters…Lewis, Levy ) either start spending like the above teams or sell out to a mega money oligarch and then it will be time to have an intravenous drip speed dial to the Samaritans…………Dennis help us if that happens !.

    Kroenke out !

    Any Rich Bastard in !

  113. Cockie I think you’re right, FFP is down the toilet, Platini is on his way to FIFA which will leave the UEFA presidency open to some crook or other. Rather than the open, intelligent, honest, proper football person the post deserves. The problem is I’ve no idea where such a person is, or even if he exists.

    The vast amounts of dosh from the TV deals will enable us to compete with foreign clubs for the best players. The trouble is will still won’t be able to compete with the big Premiership clubs and as they can afford the highest wages, that’s where the best players will go.

  114. Eddie says:


  115. Big Raddy says:

    kelsey. Wonderful to see you are well enough for a Hello. I wish you well.

    Can’t you talk to someone with influence to get them to sign aomeone – Draxler/Bender/Cavani/Anyone?

  116. Eddie, have you gone to Poland treasure hunting? Now they are saying there could be three train loads of looted goods hidden in those tunnels. Best of luck with your search, if you find it could you buy us a Polish striker….please. 😀

  117. The Cockie Monster says:

    Draxler has just signed for Wolfsburg !.
    If no SQ striker available, how about Charlie Austin for peanuts ?……….without his goals last season QPR would have been relegated by Halloween !.

  118. fatgingergooner says:

    There have been some interesting transfers being done in this window. There seems to be an increasing number of quality players going from big European sides to lesser English clubs. There is so much money going into the PL now that some of the lower clubs are able to pull off transfers for players that seem capable of playing at a higher level. For example:-

    Ayew to Swansea
    Afellay to Stoke (Barcelona)
    Shaqiri to Stoke (Inter Milan)
    Rondon to West Brom (Zenit)
    Wijnaldum to Newcastle (PSV)
    Son to Tottenham (Bayer Leverkusen)
    Ogbonna to West Ham (Juventus)
    Deulofeu to Everton (Barcelona)
    Lens to Sunderland (Dynamo Kiev)
    Cabaye to Crystal Palace (PSG)
    Inler to Leicester (Napoli)
    Payer to West Ham (Marseille)

    There are also examples of smaller clubs turning down seemingly huge sums of money to keep hold of their players. Would Everton have turned £30m+ a couple of years ago for a young defender? I doubt it. The amount of cash for staying in the PL goes up considerably next season when the new TV deal kicks in. Maybe some of the smaller teams will be able to invest this wisely and bring themselves closer to the teams at the top.

    It’s obvious that the top teams can now spend whatever they want and will have the best players, and I can see why people are worried about the lack of FFP and the gap it might create, but I do think that there is also an argument that the lower sides are getting so much money now that they can still be very competitive and actually make the PL a lot tighter than it has been for the last few years.

  119. Red Arnie says:

    bravo, Kelsey. 🙂 you made our day! notwithstanding the transfers or lack thereof! 😛

  120. Eddie says:

    Ha ha ha NG 😁 it’s a big thing with that train . Sadly, all the goods have already been claimed. Nobody is sure what’s on the train, but many are convinced it belongs to them

    I don’t want a polish striker, I would feel responsible, as I did with Szczesny and Fabianski.

  121. Red Arnie says:

    well done, Micky. Fantastic prediction. 🙂 Learned people say that the best way to predict well is to use inside information intelligently. 🙂

  122. Red Arnie says:

    Monreal to Ath Bilbao? surely not! 😦

  123. The Cockie Monster says:

    Interesting Fat Boy Ginge !.

    All the small clubs spending more money than us !…..everyone improving their non goalie players except us !………true it makes all games that little bit harder to win, but at the end of the day one of Mansour City or their reserves will win the EPL !.
    If we cant join the elite then I wish we were back in the 60`s mode of competition when there was no monopoly of the title.

    Between 1960 and 1972 there were eleven different winners of the title……………and one was in black and white !………….so basically half the league had a chance of winning the title !.

  124. VCC says:

    Great to see you back Kelsey. Hope all’s well buddy.

  125. The Cockie Monster says:

    According to Sky Sports news…….In one year and 3 months, Van Gaal has spent over a quarter of a billion pounds with the purchase of Martial !………………obviously it`s just a front for the illegal trafficking of Dutch porn and drugs !.

  126. Gööner In Exile says:

    But isn’t that the point Cockie, these clubs can throw around millions but for what purpose? I think ManUres spending is purely PR spin to please the fans. The Glaziers got away with keeping their hand on the safe until Fergie left, I reckon the same is true at the Emirates.

    On the “what if the oil dries up” question well that is precisely why the Mansours are in football they see Man City and New York as advertising streams, it’s all about brand Abu Dhabi, and ensuring a future there lies in tourism and a ace of work not dependent on oil.

  127. fatgingergooner says:

    £36m for Martial!?

    I thought £35m for Cavani was a bit rich!

    Looks like we are heading into the season with Giroud, Welbeck and Walcott. Let’s hope one of them gets into form sooner rather than later.


    Nice GB

    I reckon we will will win the league mate, signings or no signings.

    If it wasnt for Citys spending spree we would piss it, but now I accept we have to work for it.

    Do you know what the most annoying thing in the world is GB? Apart from Paul Daniels escaping punishment for fondling 1970s rabbits, its when men with a full head of hair wear a wig.

    Thats what City are doing. Using daddys money to buy a title and a full head of hair when underneath they already have a hairline which would invoke jealousy in Joseph Stalin.

    Like Arsenals titles, I had to work for my barnet GB. Even now, fear of exposure prevents venturing to places were light is bright and through dread make a point of the avoiding feral gangs of youths with good eye sight.

    I hope City win nothing

  129. rabbit says:


    Isn’t it passed your bedtime just take your meds and let mummy tuck you in.

  130. rabbit says:


    The ghosts of the thirties are laughing lol lol


    hahaha thats rich coming from you sniffer. At least I dont dress like mum and crave a black & white shower attack on Janet Leigh

    You would look terrible in womens clothing sniffer. Probably be the first person to be thrown out of the trans gender community for mimicking Les Dawson. hahaha

  132. fatgingergooner says:

    The Martial fee is mental. Just seen it could rise to £59m with add ons!

    Not sure if LVG is helping or ruining United. Time will tell I suppose.

  133. Red Arnie says:

    🙂 🙂

  134. Red Arnie says:

    Terry @9:38pm. brilliant. 🙂

  135. Red Arnie says:

    Cavani? ha ha ha ha ha. 🙂

  136. Red Arnie says:

    Terry. Dont worry. Sniffer seems to be a great fan of yours, even a secret admirer. Secretly trolling you, going through all your posts. And perhaps a fan of AA as well. 😛

  137. Eddie says:

    Looks like i don’t have to eat LB’s cashmere scarf and nb owes me €5. So why I’m not happy?

  138. Now less than 11 hours to the end of the TW..

    Have we bought anyone yet? The Martial transfer fee is obscene, he’s 19 years old ffs. Van Girl just likes spending other peoples money… Like Transplant. 🙂

    Eddie… I’ll transfer the 5 euros to your bank account if you give me the details 😀

  139. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    Do you think that if I write to MU they will let me spend some of their money? I would really like a yacht.

  140. fatgingergooner says:

    I love that United are now stuck with a sulking DDG until at least January when Real Madrid will offer about €5 for him!

    We can still buy players from France and Spain until 6pm, not that we will.

  141. fatgingergooner says:

    Part of me still hoping these Rabiot from PSG rumours are true but cannot see it. As for Cavani, no chance.

  142. Big Raddy says:

    FGG. MU did the same with Falcao last season – £15m in wages thrown away.

  143. Big Raddy says:

    Looks like Ozil really does have a knee-knack.

    Micky you owe me a smoked fish!

  144. chas says:

  145. chas says:


  146. mickydidit89 says:

    At no point did I ever use the word “smoked”
    A Fish is precisely what it was 🙂

  147. mickydidit89 says:

    So, to be clear, we can buy from France and Spain but not Germany?

    Did Barca or PSG or Bayern or Juve buy anyone expensive, thus making recouping money today vital? 🙂

  148. Big Raddy says:

    Didit. Just trying to make it easy for you.

    So that MU fellow was on the flight with you having spent a massive wad of money. I think he must have been well “entertained”

  149. mickydidit89 says:

    Today is the one day in the year when us armchair fans peak.

    We get to be happy or angry as our club does/does not spend our money. Well, people like Chas’ money to be exact, but that just makes it better 🙂

  150. mickydidit89 says:

    Yes, but don’t know who he was. I was in Oik Class next to a Spud who said Woodwood (? or something) from Utd was Up Front

    Coming from Nice we just guessed Monaco

  151. chas says:

    Prepare to be LIVID

  152. Gööner In Exile says:

    Apparently De Gea deal is off because papers were not submitted by midnight with Spanish FA.

    Kind of makes you wonder why clubs leave it until the last seconds to file the papers.

    ManUre now have a very unhappy goalkeeper and one who leaves on a free in the summer or peanuts in January.

  153. mickydidit89 says:


  154. chas says:

  155. RA says:

    Ed Woodward is the Manure replacement for David Gill as Finance Director.

  156. mickydidit89 says:

    More ROLF

    Today will be fun. We will either spend the money Chas spent on travelling to 0-0 draws miles and miles from home on expensive footballers or we shall mock him

    Win win 🙂

  157. mickydidit89 says:

    I’m assuming by the DeGea cock up, that is good news 🙂

  158. chas says:

    Bad news, Micky.
    Madrid spend nothing, they have nothing to recoup.
    therefore no chance of flogging us Mercedes-Benzema.

  159. Red Arnie says:

    Motning all. Nice vids Chas. 🙂

    End of silly season day. yoo hooooo! HWBA yet? 🙂

    should be a fun day. 🙂

  160. chas says:

    Please, Mr Wenger, buy us
    Charlie Austin and
    else I’ll stop travelling about the country to see shitty nil nil bore draws.

  161. chas says:

    Right, off out to do something more interesting. 🙂

  162. Shard says:

    Aah. Finally back online.

    And kelsey’s back too!! Looking forward to hearing his doomer views just as long as it means he’s keeping well and blogging more often 🙂

    I still don’t have a computer and typing on a phone is annoying, but i’ll try and type out a report of sorts to fill in the international break.

    So now I’ve met gie, arnie, chas(who was seemingly impressed by my use of the word ‘malleable’), peaches, rasp and ant and john.

    I was scheduled to fly out today, but I’m staying longer to see if I can find a good and reliable (but still affordable) knee surgeon to fix me up. Any suggestions?

    In any case, hope to be able to meet more of the AAers, and meet the ones I did again. Good fun. Or good craic as they’d say in Ireland.

  163. Shard says:

    So manU bought a young striker for some crazy fee? It’s a tough market out there. I see people suggesting charlie austin. I never really looked at him too closely, but would he really be the worst buy? Depends on the cost i suppose, and since it’s a tough market, i guess transfer day is going to pass us by.

  164. GoonerB says:

    Morning all. Not the worst buy Shard but is that the right question? For me it would be does he offer us anything beyond Giroud, Walcott or Welbeck and I am not sure he does really which is why we need to hold out for someone a bit more exceptional. If we can’t get them now then we will have to wait and try again in future transfer windows.

  165. GoonerB says:

    Shard I may be able to recommend a knee surgeon. Two things though. Firstly what have you done? Secondly what do you mean by “affordable”? Most of the knee surgeons over here privately will be in the same cost bracket give or take.

  166. Shard says:


    I think I would agree with you, as I suspect would Wenger. But I think kost fans won’t see it that way. I see that Pato has also been linked with us and apparently the reason for this is he’s started following arsenal on twitter.

    I always liked the duck. Thought he was exceptionally talented. Don’t know what happened to cause him to move to brazil, and whther he’s good enough anymore, but he would be an intriguing buy.

  167. Shard says:


    I had acl reconstructive surgery 10 years ago, but it seems it was a botched job. The screw has been sticking out and scraping against my quads and kneecap. I need to get that screw removed.

    Speaking of private surgeons and cost, do you, or anyone, know of any insurance options which would cover a pre existing condition for someone here on a visitor visa.

  168. mickydidit89 says:

    Come on Londoners, we need EYES ON

    Some of us are working, and frankly bored, so we need men on the ground. Any suspicious looking characters lurking about either The Ems or Training Ground need reporting forthwith.

    Men in shades, men looking a bit French, that sort of thing. Perhaps an unusual looking South American would light my fuse

  169. Shard… that sounds painful mate, hope you can find a surgeon to get it right for you. I’m like Harry Angel in ‘Angel Heart’ is about chickens, “I gotta thing about chickens” for me it’s, “I’ve gotta thing about knee caps”. Turns my stomach, if someone mentions it my legs do a little jig ha ha.

  170. “men looking a bit French” 😀

  171. What micky, a bloke on a bike with a beret and some onions hung around his neck? lol

  172. RC78 says:

    Martial’s current market value is 15 Mln EUR according to some stats institute. Man Utd overpaid by 45 Mln EUR; and 65Mln if oyu add the bonuses…Too much for a craking young player. He is no Neymar or Pogba for sure but maybe he will get there quickly

  173. Wengers in Paris… what’s he up to? I thought he’s been dropped by French TV as a Pundit? So he must be up to sumfink…

  174. GoonerB says:

    Shard, I think unless you have private medical care that doesn’t exclude looking at your knee then it is tricky. Travel insurance would likely cover you if something new had happened since you came here, e.g you slipped and knocked it possibly dislodging said screw, and need it covered as an emergency because you can barely walk. You would need to check with whatever travel insurance you have though and ensure they agree in writing, otherwise your trip to THOF could end up a tad more pricey.

  175. 7 and a half hours before deadline…. we must get someone in. Remember Monsieur Wenger just remember, “No matter how cleverly you sneak up on a mirror, your reflection always looks you straight in the eye.”

    Now I’m thinking of Angel Heart I keep remembering some of the quotes. 🙂

  176. mickydidit89 says:

    Overly scented and coiffured

  177. GoonerB says:

    I doubt PSG will let Cavani go IMO. They don’t really need cash since the collapse of FFP as they don’t need to balance the books. Why would a club like that weaken themselves without an appropriate replacement. If PSG suddenly secure another forward then I may get a bit more excited about the prospect of Cavani.

    Maybe Rabiot is on the cards though and from the bit I have seen of him he looks a decent prospect that could go to the very top.

  178. mickydidit89 says:

    Maybe Cavani has turned a bit French after a few years in Paris, decided to go on strike, and sulk unless he gets his dream move

  179. So he may be a customer at Ians hairdressers for men then?

  180. RC78 says:

    GB – No chance that Cavani or Rabiot leave my home team…

    If Cavani leaves, we have only Ibrahimovic and Augustin as strikers so I doube that we will let Cavani join AFC.

    If Rabiot leaves, we can handle it but we have just extended him last year and if we let him go or loan him, he will want to be in a team that guarantees him first-team play – which Arsenal does not offer…

    So maybe AW is in Paris for Lavezzi (although he does not want to leave) or Van der Wiel or Ongenda (but doubt it for Ongenda).

    PSG squad midfield + forward:

    Verratti, Motta, Matuidi / Rabiot, Stambouli, Pastore

    Cavani, Ibrahimovic, Di Maria / Lucas, Augustin, Lavezzi

    + Ongenda

    It is not a bad team at all but I think that PSG could have added one more ST or replaced Lavezzi with a better player…


    AW is probably in Paris meeting for transfers but not PSG players. It could be Lyon’s players like Fekir or Lacazette or it could be someone from another league like Aubemayang…

    Yet, what we really need is a DM…

  181. mickydidit89 says:

    The dark scarf is being ironed 😦

  182. RC78 says:

    so watch out for a bid for Gonalons…

  183. Bryan says:

    If Wenger does not get anyone in before the deadline, I have lost all faith in him.
    I think it is a disgrace that we have not made any signings since Cech, absolutely criminal.

    Gooner B,
    Like your view of the game but I think your report is very generous to Theo, as I think the 2nd chance was a sitter & for me Theo is never ever a striker

  184. RC78 says:

    What if the problem was more the system than the players?

    We have a squad full of fine players but for some reason, we are not consistent enough defensively and not potent enough offensively. Why?

    Our best years were in a 4-4-1-1 set up and maybe we should test it out but it will require ideally a new recruit as DM in the middle of the pitch…but it would allow players like Theo, Giroud and Ozil to really be more effective

    Cech – Bellerin, BFG (:-(), Kos, Monreal – Ox, Ramsey, RECRUIT, Sanchez – Ozil – Walcott or Giroud

    In any case and for sure, here are our given starters according to me:

    Cech – Bellerin, BFG, Kos, Monreal – Ox, Ramsey, Sanchez –

    3 spots left and one will go to Ozil for sure

    2 spots left: one for DM and one CF and if you look at a team sheet, the four name you want to write down first are for the following positions:

    GK – CB – DM – ST -> we have doubts for DM and ST; not ideal

  185. Bryan, if the player’s who are good enough are not available, neither we or any other club can sign them.

    Which leave only the player’s who aren’t good enough, are you saying we should sign one of them?

  186. Putain de bordel de merde!, Allez Wenger, payer le prix…

  187. chas says:

    Wenger ain’t in Paris.
    I just saw him coming out of Asda in Hyson Green.

  188. What did he buy Chas… 6 mars bars for the price of 4? Bollo, I should never think of Mars bars, always gets me thinking of Marianne Faithful and Jagger Lol

  189. chas says:

  190. chas says:

  191. RC78 says:

    Rojo will not be kept by Man Utd if a good offer comes in…I would be pleased if we can lure him to Arsenal and he will be available for cheap as well like 15 Mln

  192. Bryan says:

    Northfolk Gooner
    Really??? are we the only team in the world that can’t get players that are not good enough to improve our squad.
    Sorry but there were definitely a couple of DM’s that were good enough but we passed on them.
    I just can’t believe that comment to be honest, we must be so good that we can’t get any better players.
    This is why we fight for 3rd & 4th place

  193. chas says:

    New striker on the way.

  194. Bryan says:

    lol at least something to smile at 🙂

  195. From that photo of Giroud, I’m not overly impressed with his taste in art… a multi-coloured Eiffel Tower LOL. I bet he paid a fucking fortune for it.

  196. Shard says:

    Ok gooner B. Thank you. I’ll look into it. Maybe you could mail me the name of the surgeon.

  197. RC78 says:

    Witsel may also be available – he has a great profile.

    I would be well happy with Witsel – Ramsey in the middle of the pitch. Coquelin – Wilshere as a back up is perfect and we always have Arteta in stock – good stuff…

    Ramsey – Witsel
    Ox Ozil Sanchez

  198. Bryan says:

    Witsel is a good player, certainly would be a decent signing

  199. chas says:

    I hope you weren’t offended by me being impressed by your use of the word ‘malleable’.
    After all, we all know your English is much better than mine.

    Perhaps it was just that our usual pre-match footie discussions usually contain phrases like…………….

    “he’s shit”
    “should just lump it up to the forwards”
    “feckin tippy-tappy”
    “when’s Wenger gonna buy a DM like Carvalho”
    “gerrus one in”
    “who farted?”

    So maybe ‘malleable’ was a pleasant elevation of the tone. 🙂

  200. RC78 says:

    According to reports, the club have lodged enquiries with FK Dinamo Tirana regarding 21-year old Dritan Munkhbold to fix issues at Defensive Midfield

  201. chas says:

  202. Bryan says:

    So we pass on some top DM’s & bid for unheard of DM called Munkhbold, must be cheap I’m guessing, maybe one for the future, but not really the answer

  203. mickydidit89 says:

    Oooo I see window closes at six
    How exciting
    Will there be a TV show with ex pros, cameras outside grounds and ticker tape and stuff?

  204. Shard says:

    Not offended in the least chas. I was just teasing right now 🙂

    It was all great fun. Glad i could be included in the pre match drinks. Even if my conversation skills need some work.

  205. mickydidit89 says:

    Who farted haha
    Yip that sums up the morning session nicely 😀

  206. Bryan says:

    I thought it was Barcalona that had the transfer embargo but just realised its Arsenal or maybe its just Wenger has his own 😉

  207. chas says:

    Arsenal fans as the window (blind) closes …………….

  208. Six hours to go and ticking…

    Chas, that’s a good impression of AFC fans from the dog…..

  209. RA says:

    Hi Shard, 🙂

    If it is just a screw loose, then you are talking to the right one in GoonerB.

    I have a selection of screwdrivers and would be happy to whip it out for you! The screw I mean! 😀

  210. That’s it for me… off to the bar to spend the 5 euros I owe Eddie 🙂

  211. Gööner In Exile says:

    I think I’m in NGs camp…..if the players we need aren’t available why do we expect to be signing players.

    The real review come 6pm should be looking at all the players who have moved and asking the question are they better than what we have in their position and could we have sold who was in their position.

    Last season we didn’t know how Arsene could keep everyone happy, stacking players above youngsters is a problem for us. As I’m more worried about the likes of Ox and Rambo seeking moved because we are bringing in players in the 27-30 age bracket.

    That said its time our youngsters stepped up to the plate.

  212. RA says:

    Frankly guys, it is not looking good.

    GB says that unless PSG can buy another striker today the chances of us getting Cavani are not good either — see what I mean? I pare my fingers down to the bone to try and get him past 400 comments again, and he ignores my explanation that the Spanish, German, French and Russian TW closed last night at midnight, and their clubs can still sell to the British clubs until 6 p.m. but cannot buy anyone.

    I do not know why I bother! 😀

  213. RA says:

    You are essentially right, Exile, altho Bryan and NG are at cross purposes.

    There is no point buying inferior players now for the sake of it – but the real question is – Why did Wenger not buy earlier in the TW when Kondogbia, Schneiderlin etc were still available?

    The strategy of waiting to buy in the clearance sales at the end of the TW is seriously flawed.

  214. GoonerB says:

    Shard, just sent an e-mail to nuts that one of the custodians can hopefully forward on to you.

  215. GoonerB says:

    I agree it is flawed this last minute buying as very few top players are actually surplus to requirements so most clubs will not sell if they have no time themselves to buy replacements.

    I have a feeling (Benzema aside) that the one he really wants is Aubemayeng. I think we will go in big for him within the next year, although if his form continues expect his price to get to silly levels.

  216. GoonerB says:

    RA, when have “the rules” ever stopped the French doing what they want anyway ( no offence RC 🙂 ). Just because there was an official midnight deadline it doesn’t mean that this applies to France like it would to other countries ( again no offence RC 🙂 )

  217. RA says:

    Them Froggies, eh, GB? 😀

    It is not the French as a nation that are involved here tho’ – it is power – the power of money – that is why the FFP was emasculated, and it is why the deal for De Gea will probably still go thru.

    Real and Manure are probably the two most financially powerful clubs in the world – and they will expect FIFA (and it is them – not UEFA) to allow them to do what they want.

    La Belle France is off the hook, RC. 😀

  218. Bryan says:

    I’m starting to think lots of Arsenal supporters have been brain washed by Wenger’s ” I’ll only buy players if they improve our squad & are available”

    I mean are any of you really saying that the players in the positions we need have not been available, if so absolute rubbish.
    I think we have got so used to being frugal that we almost start to accept its normal.

  219. RC78 says:

    GB – no offence taken 🙂 it is the truth mostly but for the transfer window, I am afraid the French clubs have to abide by the deadline…

  220. Bryan says:

    Also big clubs put in offers that are maybe more than player is worth, to get there man, of course it does not always work as with John Stones case.
    If for example Wenger really wanted Aubemayeng, why didn’t he put in a silly offer of 40M or 45M to test Dortmunds resolve? Over the years Ferguson done that & at the time some people thought he was mad paying what he did for some of the players but they really payed of in the end

  221. Bryan, “I’ll only buy players if they improve our squad and are available”. What else should he do?

  222. GunnerN5 says:


    The transfer market is not as black and white as you would have us believe. There are many variables involved –

    1. The buying club has a specific player need.
    2. The buying club has a set budget range.
    3. The selling club must agree to sell the player
    4. The selling club must agree on a price.
    5 The player must agree to the move
    6 The player must agree on his contract terms.
    7 The player must pass a medical
    8. The deal must be in accordance with all regulations

    But if it makes you feel better then go ahead and blame Wenger if he is unable to satisfy your specific needs.

  223. Gööner In Exile says:

    Ok not to make this all about Bryan, but here’s the thing….the list of EPL ins and outs are here, I’m sure you’ll agree many other clubs have the same needs as us, so if other clubs are better than us at getting deals over the line we can only still assume that the players that have moved are the ones that were able to be sold.

    So all we can use as a comparison is signings of other clubs, and asking the question, it’s all well and good shouting the odds about what we should be doing, but basing it in the real world would give your arguments some merit.

    The list of PL ins is easy to get up in a web browser, I went through the list, Pedro was the only one I thought could improve us. Would Benteke have been worth a gamble…possibly but I’d still rather an Aguero or Suarez type player….they unfortunately don’t grow on trees.

    United were so confident in Schweinstiger they bought Schneiderlin too or should that be the other way round?

    We can buy for the sake of buying and I’m sure it would make fans happy, I don’t think anyone I’ve seen move in the window would take us to the next level.

    If you do, name them and give your reasons……

  224. Bryan says:

    If it makes you feel better to follow all the rubbish you are lead to believe & just think its fine to take it, when every other club (especially big successful clubs) go the other way, win titles & still strengthen.
    Ok so you are telling me there have not been 1 or 2 DM’s available are you?
    Schneiderlen was, Kondogbia was yet we done nothing.
    You won’t say a word against Wenger but he has let us down.
    I love Wenger & have backed him to the hilt but this transfer window is totally unforgivable.

    Norfolk Gooner the answer to what I expect him to do is to buy those players that were quality & available but he frigging well didn’t.
    Funny because other top teams managed it.

    Does everybody actually believe we have done the right thing in this window, it is no wonder that Van Persie said we have no ambition.
    Do we have a chance of winning the Prem League? absolutely not, if you believe so, good for you but I think you are dreaming as we have not got the strength in depth.


    Your just frustrated Bryan. Coming out with sweeping statements like clubs overspend when they want a player, maybe City or other sugar daddy clubs do but not those who live within there budgets, or that people are brainwashed, which is rather Insulting, not to me though, I take comfort in not having to think, does no one any good.

  226. Bryan says:

    I could take it as insulting that any one that comes on here & goes against the shitty way Arsenal conduct their transfer business gets hammered lol.

    Yes I am frustrated, really thought this window Arsenal would kick on & get some real talent.
    I don’t want to watch another season of fighting for a CL place, when I feel we should be fighting for the league.

    & you are telling me we can not afford to go in with a bid that is 5 or 10M over the top for a player, I really disagree with that, we have spent just 10M & we are earning more money than ever with PL revenue & sponsors.

  227. RC78 says:

    GiE just few names:

    -> Schnederlin as he was among the Top 3 DM last year and he is a better passer and schemer than Coquelin;

    -> Pedro who would have added options up front and would have started for sure

    -> Khedira and Pirlo are better DMs than Coquelin as well

    -> Otamendi is a better CB than BFG

    -> Jackson Martinez, Tevez and Mandzukic might be a slight improvement on Giroud

    -> Di Maria is actually better than Ozil and Cazorla at creating chances

    If we got Cech – Otamendi – Schnederlin – Pedro or Tevez, our squad would have been better off even if we lost PiG, BFG, Arteta/Flamini, Gnabry and Podolski

    Cech – Bellerin, Otamendi, Kos, Monreal – Schnederlin, Ramsey – Ox, Ozil, Sanchez – Tevez is a better line-up than our current line-up

  228. GunnerN5 says:

    Frankly Bryan I take great comfort in knowing that we have a level headed intelligent manager like Arsene Wenger managing our club and not some of the hair brained idiots that are managing some of the other PL teams.

    Lets see – how about Jose Mourinho or Louis van Gaal – twits like them run both their clubs and their players into the ground simply to satisfy their personal egos.

  229. Bryan says:

    Yeh must be gutting for Mourinho winning the PL again mustn’t it

  230. Bryan says:

    RC78 thank you, that’s a few players you have found 😉

  231. GunnerN5 says:

    RC78 – “What if” we found and untapped oil reserve under the Emirates – “what if’s” are nothing more than “what if’s” we live in a real world not a “what if” type of world.

  232. Bryan says:

    Well other clubs seem to buy players in the real world, so why can’t we then GunnerN5? What do we do wrong?

  233. Rasp says:

    Afternoon all. I’d look at it another way maybe……. How do we turn our club into one that the Aguero-types will want to come to?

    We can afford the high price and wages of one or two superstars but not as a policy throughout the squad.

    We could also have gone all out for an accessible target from the start of the summer to give the (potential) selling club a chance to bring in a replacement for a deal to go through. We have done this in the past.

    We may have done this with Benzema – but it is apparent that he never wanted to leave Real. Cavani on the other hand has reportedly fallen out with Le Blanc and may have considered a move. They will not sell him now with no time to recruit a replacement (Martinez for instance).

    So maybe we should have gone for Cavani 10 weeks ago …. who can say?

  234. GunnerN5 says:

    Now I really understand you Bryan, you would be happy to win a title regardless of the effect it might have on our financial position and and our players?

    We most certainly sing from a different song sheet.

  235. GunnerN5 says:

    Yet another pie in the sky “what if” Rasp.

    We know nothing about the details of any of our negotiations so anything we say is a wild meaningless guess.

  236. Rasp says:

    I think the sudden relinquishing of FFP allied to the vast TV money that has come into the EPL has made making transfers even more difficult. Some of the bigger names that have joined bottom half sides are patently just looking to use those clubs as stepping stones. We want players who come to the Arsenal to stay because we are a top club.

  237. Rasp says:

    GN5 …. did you miss the “who can say” at the end of my comment?

  238. GoonerB says:

    RC, I am not sure that statistically those players mentioned come out on top of Coquelin at the moment so I feel saying they are better than him is more a matter of opinion than being proven and factual.

    Most people felt another DM would be a good idea but Coquelins position is a strange one and seems to divide opinion into either :

    1 We need someone better than him
    2 He is good enough but we need cover for him.

    I am in the 2nd camp but I also ask myself would any of Schneiderlin Kondogbia or the others come to us to play back up? Also some of those DM’s are too similar to him so it would be a case of playing one or the other but not both together. I feel we need a DM who can play both the disciplined holdingrole in Coquelins absence or play with him in the box to box role. I would have liked Vidal but maybe someone like Rabiot can do both roles? You would know this better than me RC.

  239. GunnerN5 says:

    Rasp who can say – maybe I did, maybe I didn’t? (lol)

  240. Bryan says:

    You think so do you? I don’t think you do.
    Look I’m not having a go at you & your entitled to your opinion but
    I believe Arsenal are a very big club, the biggest in London & London is the capital of this great country, so why can we not manage to add just one outfield player in the window, while our rivals have spent 70M upwards. How can we compete?
    I hate everything Chelsea & Mourinho stand for but it is a sad fact of life that to win the PL now days you have to spend big, I no longer believe I will see Wenger win the league again, not after this window, sad to say it but that is just how I feel

  241. RA says:


    I suspect you are a little frustrated, as you say, and you are not alone in that – me too.

    As I said earlier the real problem is that Arsene has a strategy that has worked for him at times, and that is to leave things ’till the last knockings and then hopefully pick up a player or two for a more reasonable price.

    In many ways he is right, not least in respect of the obscene prices now being paid for young players or players of questionable worth, because of all the money being paid by new TV deals and increased sponsorships – which inevitably comes indirectly from the fans, either from those who watch on Pay TV and whose subscriptions are being increased, or those who pay inflated prices for their seats.

    The frustration on my part is that however you look at it the new monies are not really for the benefit of the clubs and fans, but goes almost immediately to the players and their shitty agents.

    Why does that frustrate me? Well, Wenger is right not to want to be part of that system of throwing more and more money at the players and their agents — but it will not make the slightest difference overall when Arsenal are the only club doing it.

    It is like high stakes poker — if you are in – you have to play like all the others and match their stakes – if you do not like it – then go and do something else.
    Sadly the losers in this will be Arsenal and the Arsenal fans, because the Mourhinoes of this world, and strange men like Van Gaal, will be only to happy to throw their clubs’ money into transfers, to give the and their clubs a huge advantage over the Gunners, whereas Wenger’s principles are handicapping us from even being players at winning the poker game football trophies have become.

    So, frustration is OK, but as GN5 has said, the whole situation is fraught with many shades of grey. 🙂 [Did you mean that GN5 – even if you did not exactly say as much?] 😀

  242. Bryan says:

    yes it was in answer to GN5.

    Yes I am very frustrated but this is the final straw for me.
    A lot of what you say is spot on but you have hit the nail on the head,
    Wenger’s principles,
    & that is why I don’t think we will ever win the title again with him.
    For me the Bosman rule was the worst thing that ever happened to football, it made everything go in the players favour, making them become greedy mercenaries.
    It is as seems most of your views on here that Wenger has done right etc but not mine, he could of & should of got some players in, he failed & failed the fans who pay over the top for their season tickets & seem to get little back.
    The only side in the 4 big leagues to not of got an outfield player???
    Even when we do sign a player, we seem to make a total pigs ear of it & drag it on for months before we complete it

  243. RC78 says:

    GN5 – we are just speculating on this forum; hence the what ifs of the speculative world…

    Rasp – I think that our biggest “mistake” was to lose that Champions League Final in 2006 (we were arguably robbed by the ref and Henry’s inability to find his usual cool finishing touch during this final). Had we won (again a what if scenario) that final, players like Henry and Fab would have stayed and players like Suarez or Aguero would have joined…The other “mistake” was to not seriously challenge for the EPL or the CL in the last 6 years because players would join us if they perceived us as genuine contenders…Anyways – back to the catch 22 issue mentioned earlier…

    Finally – I love AW and I love AFC but I would love to win the EPL asap as well 🙂

  244. RA says:


    I am on the verge of becoming your most fervent acolyte! 🙂

    You said, to RC @ 2:22, – “I feel (you) saying they are better than him (Le Coq) is more a matter of opinion than being proven and factual.”

    I thought every single crappy, oft repeated word or phrase typed on every blog in fandom was, by definition, merely a ‘view’ not necessarily based on fact and rarely based on knowledge.

    If every opinion or view expressed on a blog could only be expressed when it is ‘proven’ and ‘factual’ I believe that you would shut down every single blog – at a stroke – but you imply that is not so.

    You obviously have an opinion or view on that theory allegedly based on proven fact and knowledge that I am unaware of — so elucidate – and I will become your aforesaid devoted acolyte. 😀

    [Bet you can’t!] 🙂

  245. Redders you obviously have a very wide literary knowledge, a week or so back it was Quantum Physics, this week it’s smutty, erotic romance novels. I’m sure Erika would be proud to know that you’ve read her books. 😀

  246. RA says:

    RC @ 2:43,

    You forgot to say that player disillusionment based on their alleged doubts about the club’s/manager’s vision or ability to financially invest in top players – for whatever reason – led to some of the top talent already at the club leaving us, in order to go to clubs they felt would earn them trophies – and rightly so in many cases.

    Nasri, Cesc, Van Pussie, Henry, Viera, Sagna etc, etc, all won trophies with their new club.

    Their lack of loyalty disappointed me, and if they had stayed we may well have won a major trophy during their time at the Gunners — but a players career is relatively short and trophies = money and player greed is all to well known.

  247. Gööner In Exile says:

    Rasp I think in your question you provide your own answer, a few years back we probably were used as the stepping stone a place for youngsters to develop and shine to get their bigger move, I’m sure Arsene and the board didn’t really want that, but it is evidenced by the Nasris of this world.

    Now we are trying to shop at the top table, for the first time in years, we have a pretty deep and good squad, so there is an element of “why gamble”, and “Why spend £x million when we already have this player”. We are not in the market for squad players we have plenty, Chavs on the other hand needed numbers, especially in defence, United needed midfielders and defenders.

    We need a centre forward, but only a top draw one would be worthwhile, proven, and one in his mid to late 20’s who’d hit the ground running, like Alexis did.

    But to join he has to want to come to play, not just for the pay check.

    Cavani would be the dream, or a Falcao in his pomp.

  248. Bryan says:

    I Love Wenger too but sadly think his principles are holding us back 😦

  249. GoonerB says:

    Still trying to understand what you just asked me RA before I can actually answer you 🙂

  250. GunnerN5 says:


    Like every Arsenal supporter I want nothing but the best for our team and club. That of course includes both players, club ethos and trophy’s. I firmly believe that in AW we have the best manager in the PL to meet those requirements and he has 100% of my trust, and I will not flip flop based on a transfer window or a few iffy results.

    Trophy wise Man U are the most successful with 20 league and 11 FA Cup wins, Liverpool are next with 18 league and 7 FA Cup and we are third with 13 league and 12 FA Cup. However in the last 2 seasons we have won more trophy’s than both of them put together.

    I do get disappointed, as I want only the best, but that disappointment will never cause me turn on and doubt AW.

  251. RA says:

    Sadly, Norfolk, there is a gaping whole in what you sardonically refer to as my ‘literary knowledge’ as I have no idea who or what an Erika is, or what literary aspect is involved in quantum physics.

    I am clearly no match for the intellectual capabilities of someone like you, of course, but if you have some time, perhaps you could engage in a meaningful discussion on chaos theory with a poor mathematician like me. It is a subject that has always fascinated and intrigued me, and I would love to hear the theories, views and opinions of a master such as you.

    I am afraid I am not bothered to learn more about your Erika tho’, even if that will disappoint you — maybe you could try Terry?? 🙂

  252. RA says:


    re: your 3:03 — better ask the AA brain box [aka NG]. 😀

  253. Rasp says:

    Hi GiE, I agree. I’m sure we will keep trying to sign a top striker through the next few windows

  254. GoonerB says:

    Factually speaking RA I do have an opinion on your musings with regard to the conglomerate of comments across the blogs and how they should not suffer an unceremonious termination based on some vague rules of viewpoints only being considered tolerable if based on proven factual circumstances. If someone brings statistical data of an irrefutably sound nature to the table to help their point (as GIE oft does) it is easier to sell it as “not just my opinion, look at the facts and stats for yourself”. Otherwise the use of any of the following terms (among others) can help other peruser’s to determine any mentionings that may be based on ones own conjecture. These could include (among others); IMO, I feel, as far as I am concerned e.t.c.

    I hope this helps, and I only now need 3 more acolytes to form my cult (the red wormers) 🙂

  255. RA says:


    One of the staunchest supporters of AW is GunnerN5, and another is me. I have admitted that I am frustrated at the lack of transfer activity, with less than 3 hours to {altho’ you never know] – and GN5 has admitted his disappointment @ 3:06.

    But the thing is – as RC/GB and myself were discussing earlier, none of us know all the facts (or any of the facts) about matters concerning the club, and in particular the transfer window, and we rely on our own biases and other peoples’ interpretation of events relayed through rumours.

    What we do know is that Wenger makes most of us believe that he is a principled man – and it is hard to castigate a man for his personal principles – even though we might not always agree with them.

    Therefore, we have to weigh up his principles against our own wants and indeed needs, and in my case I respect his principles, but in the avaricious way of all fans my need is for the club to be victorious and to win trophies which at base comes down to the need to buy top quality players – and in this window we have conspicuously not done so – yet.

    You, too, are entitled to your opinion, and blogs are not particularly good at classifying fans as good, bad or indifferent – because inherently none of us are in a position to judge the merits or otherwise of other fellow bloggers.

    You are ALL good Gooners as far as I am concerned, and opinions should be diverse and sometimes confrontational – it is what makes for good blogging – or I for one would become bored and take off. 😀

    Carry on being yourself, Bryan, why not? 🙂

  256. Redders, at last! Someone who wants to discuss my most favourite ever subject. Chaos Theory. As a starter for the discussion, here’s a quick, almost self-explanatory explanation of the subject.

    Chaos theory is the study of nonlinear dynamics, in which seemingly random events are actually predictable from simple deterministic equations.

    In a scientific context, the word chaos has a slightly different meaning than it does in its general usage as a state of confusion, lacking any order. Chaos, with reference to chaos theory, refers to an apparent lack of order in a system that nevertheless obeys particular laws or rules; this understanding of chaos is synonymous with dynamical instability, a condition discovered by the physicist Henri Poincare in the early 20th century that refers to an inherent lack of predictability in some physical systems.

    The two main components of chaos theory are the ideas that systems – no matter how complex they may be – rely upon an underlying order, and that very simple or small systems and events can cause very complex behaviors or events. This latter idea is known as sensitive dependence on initial conditions , a circumstance discovered by Edward Lorenz (who is generally credited as the first experimenter in the area of chaos) in the early 1960s.

    Lorenz, a meteorologist, was running computerized equations to theoretically model and predict weather conditions. Having run a particular sequence, he decided to replicate it. Lorenz reentered the number from his printout, taken half-way through the sequence, and left it to run. What he found upon his return was, contrary to his expectations, these results were radically different from his first outcomes. Lorenz had, in fact, entered not precisely the same number, .506127, but the rounded figure of .506. According to all scientific expectations at that time, the resulting sequence should have differed only very slightly from the original trial, because measurement to three decimal places was considered to be fairly precise. Because the two figures were considered to be almost the same, the results should have likewise been similar.

    Since repeated experimentation proved otherwise, Lorenz concluded that the slightest difference in initial conditions – beyond human ability to measure – made prediction of past or future outcomes impossible, an idea that violated the basic conventions of physics. As the famed physicist Richard Feynman pointed out, “Physicists like to think that all you have to do is say, these are the conditions, now what happens next?”

    Newtonian laws of physics are completely deterministic: they assume that, at least theoretically, precise measurements are possible, and that more precise measurement of any condition will yield more precise predictions about past or future conditions. The assumption was that – in theory, at least – it was possible to make nearly perfect predictions about the behavior of any physical system if measurements could be made precise enough, and that the more accurate the initial measurements were, the more precise would be the resulting predictions.

    Poincare discovered that in some astronomical systems (generally consisting of three or more interacting bodies), even very tiny errors in initial measurements would yield enormous unpredictability, far out of proportion with what would be expected mathematically. Two or more identical sets of initial condition measurements – which according to Newtonian physics would yield identical results – in fact, most often led to vastly different outcomes. Poincare proved mathematically that, even if the initial measurements could be made a million times more precise, that the uncertainty of prediction for outcomes did not shrink along with the inaccuracy of measurement, but remained huge. Unless initial measurements could be absolutely defined – an impossibility – predictability for complex – chaotic – systems performed scarcely better than if the predictions had been randomly selected from possible outcomes.

    The butterfly effect , first described by Lorenz at the December 1972 meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington, D.C., vividly illustrates the essential idea of chaos theory. In a 1963 paper for the New York Academy of Sciences, Lorenz had quoted an unnamed meteorologist’s assertion that, if chaos theory were true, a single flap of a single seagull’s wings would be enough to change the course of all future weather systems on the earth.

    By the time of the 1972 meeting, he had examined and refined that idea for his talk, “Predictability: Does the Flap of a Butterfly’s Wings in Brazil set off a Tornado in Texas?” The example of such a small system as a butterfly being responsible for creating such a large and distant system as a tornado in Texas illustrates the impossibility of making predictions for complex systems; despite the fact that these are determined by underlying conditions, precisely what those conditions are can never be sufficiently articulated to allow long-range predictions.

    Although chaos is often thought to refer to randomness and lack of order, it is more accurate to think of it as an apparent randomness that results from complex systems and interactions among systems. According to James Gleick, author of Chaos : Making a New Science , chaos heory is “a revolution not of technology, like the laser revolution or the computer revolution, but a revolution of ideas. This revolution began with a set of ideas having to do with disorder in nature: from turbulence in fluids, to the erratic flows of epidemics, to the arrhythmic writhing of a human heart in the moments before death. It has continued with an even broader set of ideas that might be better classified under the rubric of complexity.”

    I await with much interest your unique take on this most entertaining of conundrums.

    Although, in all honesty I have no idea whatsoever how it could be considered the reason for Arsene’s inability to sign either an £80 million striker or a defensive midfielder for a mere £40 million.

  257. GunnerN5 says:

    Well I fink that complying to protocol is a lot of bollocks and one should say what one finks.



    Norfolk was either talking about that Erica women who enjoyed her pyjama husband so much she wrote ‘fifty shades of pyjamas’, or Erica Elinak. a really fit blonde bird from the nineties who it is advised not to drool over to long if you have something wrong with you

    The long shot is that Norfolk is referring to my fishmonger brother Eric. I call him Erica which makes him so mad he chases me armed with a frozen haddock. But it cant be him. Hes so thick he thinks Quantum physics is a Jihadi PE lesson and is not interested in romance. His wife looks like the haddock.

  259. Bryan says:

    AW has been a magnificent manager & done what no other could of done through the years of paying the stadium back.
    I would never be disrespectful to him & abuse him but have lost faith that he can win the PL anymore.
    I just don’t think he can come to grips with the horrible, chuck money at everything way football has gone.
    I also wonder why he does not seem to be able to motivate the players sometimes, sometimes coming out for the 2nd half no different than the 1st after performing poorly.
    I will get behind him as ever & watch our team fight for CL place & hope I’m proved wrong but when his contract runs down it is time for change as I really want to see us win the Champions League before I bite the dust.

  260. Bryan says:

    thank you,
    I will & I agree with you, it would be a boring place if we all agreed & I have not meant to offend in anyway.
    We all care dearly about this great club & so our emotions run strong.
    Only thing I have to say to your bit ;-), is that whatever the facts, principles or whatever Arsenal have done in the transfer window, all I know is, however you look at it, it is just not good enough!

  261. RA says:


    It would be far from me to say that I am floundering to understand your gobbledegook, as indeed I believe you were yourself. 🙂

    However, one point I did home in on was the reference to Exile and his illuminating statistical input. I would also add to that the work of another really excellent statistician, by the name of GN5.

    In a way that highlights the point I was making; as a mathematician myself, you might agree with me that statistics belong to a branch of math dealing with numerical data and its interpretation.

    The key to statistics is the constructive way the data has been collected, analysed and interpreted which then leads us to a useful and informed conclusion.

    Poor collection of the data, inadequate analysis and rubbish interpretation can lead to a wholly wrong conclusion – as I am sure you know.

    So beware a man producing statistical data interpreted in such a way as to ‘prove’ his point, if you do not have a clue where the data came from, how it was analysed, and what interpretational spin was put on it.

    However, in GIE’s case, he is another damned accountant like me — and you know you can trust us. Now, hand over your money!! 😀

  262. RA says:

    Bryan, re your 3:40

    I love a man who likes to have the last word!!! 😀

  263. GunnerN5 says:

    Only thing I have to say to your bit ;-), is that whatever the facts, principles or whatever Arsenal have done in the transfer window, all I know is, however you look at it, it is just not good enough

    Bryan – I agree with your statement however the thought that it is not good enough may be true however it may not be AW’s fault that it’s not good enough.

  264. Bryan says:

    Oh no you don’t 😉

  265. GunnerN5 says:

    I’m still typing RA!

  266. rumours of a protest at Arsenal tonight! bunch of idiots.

  267. Bryan says:

    I have argued that sentiment for years, that its not Wenger’s fault & that his hands have been tied but don’t believe that anymore.
    Can not see that any big club board would stop there manager making 2 signings in window.

  268. GunnerN5 says:


    I hate circular dialogue and fortunately I have to take my disabled daughter out shopping.

    But – I will be back!

  269. RA says:


    Thank you for explaining.

    I have now googled ‘shades of grey’ — in my comment I used it in the context of something being vague or superficial and did not realise it had other connotations.

    Still I have already admitted to NG that there was a gaping hole in my knowledge — [in everything to be truthful] — still we live and learn — sometimes. 🙂

    I thought ‘Erik the Red’ was the name used by the smoked fish man Big Raddy when he was relaxing among friends – I suspect that counts me out! 😀

  270. Bryan says:

    lol Ok GunnerN5,
    wish you could take AW out shopping with you 😉

  271. RA says:


    I am off while NG and GB are still composing their retorts! 😀

  272. Redders is off! Just like Terry’s brother’s frozen haddock three days after it defrosted. 😀

    There’s something about a woman who looks like frozen haddock….something fishy. 😀

  273. Hello, I’ve developed a stutter. 😀

  274. RA says:


    We seem to have a different take on what a ‘discussion’ between a master, such as you, and a willing pupil, such as me, entails.

    I feel you may be in breach of some Law or other thru’ abusing my inferior intellect by simply copying and pasting specious, and very basic chunks of information taken from google in order to catch my attention.

    Fie!! and shame on you. 😀

  275. RA says:

    Wh wha what d d do you mmmmean, NNNgg?

    Anyway still gotta go — we did fishy jokes to death a couple of years ago – and Rasp won. 😀

  276. mickydidit89 says:

    Beginning to get very excited now.

    Just remember Arsene it’s ant ‘n duck’s money, so paying over the odds is cool

  277. mickydidit89 says:

    I’ll take the no sightings of anyone as good news
    All hush hush secret squirrel

  278. Rasp says:

    Latest headline …..”Zlatan Ibrahimovic odds-on to sign for Arsenal” ……. who dreams up this crap? 🙂

  279. The Cockie Monster says:

    GIE !…………..Players that would have definitely improved us…Sterling !.

    I love all the transfer rumours as I just think that anyone over the last week or so who thought we were going to buy anyone was just delusional and you all owe me £1M !.

    Frustrating for a lot of you guys on this Transfer Deadline Day, but not as frustrating as some other Deadline Days ……like it`s also Transplant Deadline Day as well !…..and Terry is bricking it as the only donor`s at the Bounds Green Clinic currently are an abandoned Meerkat and the what looks like the castrated testicles of a ginger cat !.

  280. Big Raddy says:

    MC come second and spend €200m – we come 3rd and spend €10m

    What does that say about Arsenal’s ambition?

  281. Big Raddy says:

    I am trying to think of a positive and I have come up with this.

    The Profit and Loss account will look good.

  282. mickydidit89 says:

    Oh bollocks
    This season is not going to be a goal fest
    ‘uckin livid

  283. Rasp says:

    Very disappointed 😦

  284. Eddie says:

    Rushed from the beach for nothing

  285. mickydidit89 says:

    Actually, what worries me most is how Sanchez reacts
    Hasn’t he made noises about goalscorers?

  286. Bryan says:

    Well I can not remember ever being this disappointed ever after transfer window shuts.
    Unforgivable, total shambles

  287. Eddie says:

    We just have to convince ourselves that wenger and Co tried really hard, really really hard, but were not allowed to do business

  288. mickydidit89 says:

    Ok Eddie, try this.
    Next game. Aaron right wing. Ollie striker.

  289. Gööner In Exile says:

    What about the summer where we bought Bischoff and Silvestre? And that was it?

  290. Bryan says:

    Eddie, cant convince me that, we could not buy one outfield player in the whole window.
    We have been let down, no doubt about it, the supporters are treated with contempt by this club we love

  291. Bryan says:

    yep that wasn’t good but then we were struggling with paying for the stadium, this time is inexcusable for me & I for the first time want change, this is final nail

  292. RA says:

    There is a positive guys;

    — we now know that the Arsenal hierarchy are certain that Le Coq will never get injured, and clearly myself and others who have doubts about Giro and Theo are wrong – and there was no player in the whole world who could have improved the squad. 😀

  293. Bryan says:

    Yep we are the Harlem Globetrotters of football, no better player in world in any position, so its a quadruple for us this year, quality 🙂

  294. Eddie says:

    Bryan – calm down, let’s not be dramatic about it. It’s not perfect, but not the end of the world either.

    Micky – N.O.

  295. RA says:

    We were talking briefly earlier about collecting data to help reach a conclusion via statistical populations.

    It seems that every club in the Premiership brought in a minimum of 5 players, with one or two buying 6 or 7 — with one exception – can you guess who? Yep Arsenal with one.

    We really are that good. 🙂

    Mind — some/most of the transfers for the other clubs were for players we would not want at Arsenal – and we have some super-cooper kids of our own knocking on the door for the first team squad.

    Personally I would not have been to bowled over by Benzema who would have been very reluctant to leave Real, or by 28/29 y.o. Cavani who does not rock my boat.

    But we should have bought Kondogbia. 😦

  296. Bryan says:

    Jokes aside, if your happy to watch us fight for 3rd or 4th place again,well cool but I think we are a massive club, who should be fighting for the title & I do not think we have the strength in depth to do that & I am finally fed up with Wenger & the incompetent idiots that work on our transfers

  297. Eddie says:

    Bryan – I’m not happy, I know we need at least 2 players. With this squad we will win capital one cup thus season. BUT I do not believe Wenger or other transfer dudes are incompetent idiots.

  298. Bryan says:

    Kondogbia all day long RA but apparently as people told me earlier, we will only buy if it improves our squad, I guess he was deemed not good enough hmmmmmmm

  299. Bryan says:

    I’m not having a go at you, just voicing my opinion, which is very different to yours.
    As said earlier this has done it for me, I have had enough of our frugalness <<<<< is that a word 😉
    Well I think they are incompetent when it comes to transfers.
    Even when we do buy a player we seem to make a total ass of that, dragging it out for a month or so, no other club seems to make such hard work of transfers as we do.

  300. stevepalmer1 says:

    Evening all, I do feel disappointed that no action today has taken place. But its not the end of the world, we are 4 games into the season and are in 5th place , we are getting high possession stats, and we have definitely made chances. At present our strikers are not putting the chances away, but we are also not letting too many in either.

    Form comes and goes, as we have seen by some of our players, but although we haven’t got scored to many, the goals will start to go in and this team will come alive, We have a good squad, and although they talk about large amounts of money in the kitty, its important to point out that we are only halfway through our Mortgage.

    To be likened with the top spenders, we need to put the word out that we have a treasure chest, and we chose not to spend it, this window has shown that we still have debts and will have for quite some time, but a few sales in the next window could bring another Marquee player in, seeing how we have been careful in this window our loanee’s when sold, could bring in our next Marquee.Player.

  301. fatgingergooner says:

    United have spent £250m in a couple of seasons, do they look good enough to win the league?

    no point buying players that we dont really need. i think we couldve got Kondogbia or Shneiderlin but obviously Wenger thinks differently. we havent got a terrible squad overnight and when we start to click we can match anyone in the league.

    Would i like a new signing? yes, but not just for the sake of it. if Wenger is waiting for what he believes are the right players to take us to the next level then im happy to wait aslong as he gets them in the end.

    Im not going to give up on this season just because we didnt spend £100m. Nobody thought Coq or Bellerin were going to do anything last year but now they are both starters. Maybe we will see some others come through this year.

    Only time will tell how good/bad this transfer window has been.

  302. Red Arnie says:

    I missed all the lovely batner while I was blisfully lost in sunny Exeter. 🙂 Great stuff, keeps your mind away from the gong at 6PM. 😛

    My favourite? Norfolk @3:25pm. 😛

  303. Red Arnie says:

    While I was blissfully lost, I did look out for a gentleman in smelly surfgear. But no luck. Neither did I spot Cockie or his pies! 🙂

  304. Red Arnie says:

    Am I disappointed? Yes, a little bit. Who does not want a new toy, even if there is no particular need for the ones that are available? 🙂

    Am I surprised? No, not in the least. I would much rather see our good guys play rather than numpties bought in at exorbitant prices?

    I expect nothing better than 6th in the PL, but I have a feeling we will do better than that! So much for the managers who managed only to splash some cash to bring their fans orga**ic pleasure! 🙂

  305. Red Arnie says:

    Onwards and upwards. COYG. 🙂

  306. mickydidit89 says:

    While eating my vegetable kebab and rice I thought of something really positive

    JEFF 🙂

  307. RA says:


    [My favourite? Norfolk @3:25pm.]

    You do realise that Norfolk’s 3:25 was probably a copy/paste from Google??

    You are weird, Arnie, my man! 😀

  308. Bryan says:

    I don’t think waiting for as long as it takes to get players to take us to the next level works, because you also get players that decide, we are not challenging for the league & want to leave.
    It was now & we missed the boat

  309. Red Arnie says:

    of course, Redders, much the same as transfer bolleaux copied and pasted from the journos. Wiki is not brilliant, but a more reliable source! 🙂

  310. Bryan says:

    Red Arnie
    2 things,
    1. If you want to win the league in this day & age,
    you have to buy numpties for exorbitant prices (is Ozil not one?)
    2. You expect nothing better than 6th place, surely that is miles off good enough for our great club, even if you expect us to achieve more.

  311. The Cockie Monster says:

    I don’t know what you fcukers are moaning about……….did you seriously think we were going to buy a mega player when Arsene has just come out and said we cannot compete with Mansour City !.
    We are set up nicely for a season before City buy everyone and stockpile them !.
    This season so far (touch wood) we only have Danny Diaby and Abou Wilshere out injured, so we have a strong squad that hopefully will start to pick up and start to fight for 2nd place .

    Hey Barmy Arnie !……are you in the south west ?.

  312. Red Arnie says:

    yes, Cockie! 🙂

  313. Bryan says:

    2nd place would be progression but although I admire your bravado, just can’t see it.
    Fighting for 3rd or 4th at best I think

  314. Bryan sorry…….Stones, Berahino, De Gea, take the blinkers off mate and open your eyes………there are plenty of deals not done that take a lot longer than ours, and more embarrassingly for the clubs who failed to get those deals done, is that they have been done in the public eye, we know Chavs made an offer for Stones as Everton came out to tell everyone they were not listening, the same with Berahino, WBA publicly told everyone Spuds were not offering enough either in monetary terms or in how the deal was structured.

    Easy to claim frugality when its not your money, but i’d say £200m spent in the last 4 seasons is about what we could expect.

    Forget FFP, lets just think about the club (the business), we are not owned by someone who is sticking money in hand over fist, he bought the club as an investment for his Sports portfolio. Sorry thats the way it is, the clubs board have never been inclined to stick their own money in, they have always been stewards of it, looking after it and making sure it is there for future generations.

    I promised i wouldn’t do accounts and finances on this blog again because this is a football blog, but……..

    Profit 12/13 £5.8m
    Profit 13/14 £7.2m

    Net Assets End of 2014 £312m, that needs clarifying, Current Assets £90m (thats the bit we could possibly spend), the other £200m being the difference between the Emirates Stadium cost, player contracts and the borrowing on the Emirates, i.e. we can’t touch it unless we want to remortgage our home, or sell all of our players. Remember the recession, well that was caused by people borrowing against their property to buy short life assets (cars, holidays etc) basically a fools promise.

    So back to the point at the end of 13/14 we had £90m of spare cash, admittedly since then we have some new commercial deals (the Puma deal etc).

    In the 6 months to November 2014 we declared profit of £10m, but in reality that was actually a loss of £10m as £20m was made on disposal of players (Vermaelen, Vela, Djourou etc)

    Lets assume come the end of the financial year we broke even (prize monies are not included in the 6 month figures), we still only have £90m left to spend, not forgetting we’d already spent £35m on Alexis, £16m on Debuchy, same on Welbeck in all totalling £83m by end of November.

    I know this is all numbers etc but here’s the long and short of it:

    At the end of 2013/14 we effectively had £90m in the bank, we spent a good deal of that and by November we had only effectively £40m in the bank (once all creditors were paid), my projection for close of the season 2015 is breakeven or a small profit, so that means at the start of this summer we had £40m still, we have only spent £10m, but in the last season we earned £20m on player sales, unlikely to make that much this time round, so the TV money deal is probably only just covering the increase in wages over the last few seasons to keep players happy and at the club.

    Long and short of it, unless you want to start paying more for your ticket through the gate, stop demanding the club spend money that it isn’t earning.

    For those of you looking for positives…..i have some and i’m just getting them ready for tomorrows post.

  315. mickydidit89 says:

    Exeter Arnie???? How long for?

  316. GunnerN5 says:


    For goodness sake calm down man.

    Arsene filled the biggest single void we had in buying our first truly world class goalkeeper since Seaman and he did it by upstaging Mourniho in his own backyard – plus he did it with all the people who you class as incompetent – please get a grip.

    So let me see he screwed up in buying, Cazorla, Ozil, Sanchez, Henry, Vieira – you seem to have an extremely selective memory.

  317. The Cockie Monster says:

    Oh !, just seen that you are up north in Exeter !. 😀
    If you travel south to the mildest part of Britain you will have to come through border control just before Launceston at the Tamar !……where I greet refugee emmets with a cream tea and pasty and then go through their belongings to relieve them of any illegal possessions like money, gold, jewellery and good looking women etc` !.

  318. chas says:

    We’re just going to have to put up with this shower of shite until January at least.

  319. GunnerN5 says:

    GIE, Great comment @ 8:02 – it would have made a superb post !

  320. GunnerN5 says:

    Chas that’s just horrible how can we possibly survive with all of those internationals on our team – I’m totally devastated and will have to buy a far bigger sofa than the one I’ve been hiding behind.

  321. Bryan says:

    I knew someone would say that but its almost every single signing we do, that it happens not just sometimes.
    Of course there are occasions that it happens to other clubs but not with the regularity that it does at ours.
    I really do believe we are very poor at it.
    & it is my massive outlay of money that I pay out for my season ticket every single year & have done for the last 30 years onwards, after all without the fans Arsenal are nothing, so sorry I do think thet need to give us something back.
    It seems that on here the rose coloured tinted glasses are on,
    to be the only team in the top 5 European leagues to of not managed to sign 1 outfield player is appalling.

  322. mickydidit89 says:

    No Jeff? Have you lost your mind 🙂

  323. The Cockie Monster says:

    I`d like to see a similar account of Mansour City, GIE !……………….I bet their self sustainability model has them millions in the red !
    I also reckon that 99 other Gooner accountants could come on here and give 99 different accounts of why Arsenal have more money than you are quoting and that man is ………………Kelsey ( yes I know he`s not an accountant , but he writes the stuff I like to read about how many 100`s of millions we have !…..hahaha ) and he will blow you out the water enormous amounts of hidden dosh in the Arsenal tunnels .

  324. GunnerN5 says:

    Bryan, myself and tens of thousands of other fans would love to buy your season ticket off of you – you see I want to save you from all of the trauma that AW is putting you through. In my case there’s the small issue of a 7,000 mile round trip to contend with……………

  325. chas says:

    There are plenty “on here” who are pissed off about the lack of signings, so just because a few prefer to attempt to look on the positive side, don’t make out that the site as a whole only sees things one way.

  326. Bryan says:

    Calm down you say, no I’m fed up mate enough is enough,
    this has been simmering as I felt all through this window we would do nothing but hoped that we couldn’t be that foolish/tight/lack ambition/poor call it what you like.
    Cool I’ll bugger off because everyone seems to be a happy gooner to finish 4th.
    Great that you want to buy my ticket off me but sad to say I’m an Arsenal thru n thru supporter & I will always go & support my team but doesn’t mean I’m happy to suck up & say oh well done AW for letting us down but your always right monsier

  327. The Cockie Monster says:

    Trouble with them two teams, chas, is that to beat Mansour City we will need both of them teams on the pitch as Sterling and De Bruyne cost over £100M and their wages are more than your two teams put together …….Arsene told me so !

  328. chas says:

    Hey, we took 4 points off them last season, Cockie. 🙂

  329. The Cockie Monster says:

    Fcuk the Torture Window !…………I was more pissed off when we lost and drew to WHam and `Pool…………………..and that the Spuds have 3 points and are above the relegation zone !

  330. Bryan says:

    What I’ve seen today it seems pretty much that way,
    I’ve been positive year after year after year but this has broke me.
    I apologise for being a pain in the ass on here & will take my grumpy fed up negative self away, I will try to refrain from jumping off a bridge & will look at the positives 😉

  331. Gööner In Exile says:

    GN5 I just broke a promise to myself doing that in comments, I’m not going to do financials in a post.

    I wonder how those players Chas listed feel when they see the reactions we are seeing.

    By being so upset we are effectively writing off the players chances, let’s hope they’re not reading as they’ll know our expectations are so low.

    Of course we are so shite that’s why we were so upset about the result against West Ham!?!?!

  332. The Cockie Monster says:

    True, chas !…………………that`s probably why they have spent all that money, it really irked them !. hahaha

  333. The Cockie Monster says:

    Ahh !….don’t be like that Bryan !…………..where ? what time ? what bridge ?…I`ll come and lend a shove !. hahaha

  334. GunnerN5 says:

    “I’m an Arsenal thru n thru supporter & I will always go & support my team but doesn’t mean I’m happy to suck up & say oh well done AW for letting us down but your always right monsier.”

    We try to be candid on here Bryan but not insulting – is you want an insulting dialogue I can be insulting along with the best but I attempt to walk a higher road – although I have been known to slip down the hill……….

  335. stevepalmer1 says:

    Bryan, there is merit in what you say, many will feel the same way, I wonder if you can remember a couple of seasons ago or maybe more, where we needed a couple of centre backs, many said at that time that should we buy the two that was on offer at that time for what seemed fairly cheep at the time, it could be the turning point for us to go on and win the league.

    Arsene Wenger decided against buying and we struggled to get Champions league, I remember feeling much the same as your feeling now, and down deep i blamed Mr Wenger.

    When i sat and thought about it after, i wondered to my self that should Cahill and Samba have been employed by us, could i have been certain the we would have been Champions. Of course at the time both players would have cost us roundabout 25 million. But if you don’t have 25 Mill it doesn;t really matter does it,

    Pundits and so called experts tell us all the time what we should be doing and who we should buy, They all believe we have money to burn, some even say our debts are paid and we have shedloads. In my mind a twenty year mortgage takes twenty years to pay off, and had we the money available at the time ,i feel Wenger would have spent it. I still feel that had we the fortunes that has been rumoured he would have spent again, you of course have your views and who am i to say your wrong, but i dont feel we have it, so i feel calm about it disappointed yes but i have been disappointed before.

  336. chas says:

    Red Arnie
    Peaches (if she was here)

    have all said they hoped for 2 signings.
    I wasn’t trying to put you off, far from it, just encouraging you to show a little perspective as far as the site goes.

  337. GunnerN5 says:

    GIE – but many of us regulars are very happy when you give us the benefit of your financial insight – please reconsider.

  338. chas says:

    Sorry, I forgot Steve (amongst others).
    Steve wanted 11 new signings. 🙂

  339. The Cockie Monster says:

    Even more upsetting, GIE, is that last Friday I slipped arse over tit outside the Lifeboat Inn in St Ives and wrote off 72 pies !…………..A war crime against obesity !.

  340. GunnerN5 says:

    Bryan none of us would like to see you leaving the site – we are all very passionate but from very different perspectives.

  341. LB says:

    Seems like I dodged that bullet. Phew………..

  342. The Cockie Monster says:

    One of said pies as evidence at my trial in The Hague !.

  343. chas says:

    What’s that healthy looking piece of fat grass doing on the plate?

  344. chas says:

    Eeee, I love it when the filling touches all of the edges.

  345. The Cockie Monster says:

    The Pork Apple & Cider with onions in a béchamel sauce is to give you gout and the asparagus is to make sure the gout doesn`t effect your dinkle !. hahaha

  346. The Cockie Monster says:

    Actually, you are right all that gravy and plate shit spoils the pie !……I like them cold so you can taste all the flavours !. Mmmmmm

  347. Shard says:

    Gooner B. Thank you so much. Not received the mail yet. Anyone with keys to the AA kingdom can you please forward it to me?

  348. fatgingergooner says:

    We just don’t have the means to make £15-20m gambles on unproven players like other clubs can. In the last few years Chelsea have spent over £50m buying Salah, Cuadrado and Pedro to play RW. They look like they’ve finally got a world class player, but how much cash have they wasted?

    It’s no wonder Wenger wants to wait for what he believes is the right player. United spent £60m on Di Maria and sold him a year later for £45m! Price tags guarantee nothing these days.

    I would rather see us spend nothing and watch Ox or Wilshere develop into the player they can be. No reason why this couldn’t be a very good season for the Arsenal.

  349. GunnerN5 says:

    Call me old fashioned or whatever you want to but I would not feel very good about us buying the title by blowing money we don’t have to appease grumpy fans.

    Plus I really don’t understand it when people complain about spending money on a season ticket when folks like Chas and Ant spend a small fortune in supporting Arsenal by traveling to most away games – just their beer tab alone would cripple most people!!!

  350. fatgingergooner says:


    It’s idiots like Jamie Redknapp that paint Wenger as some sort of tight arse. He was saying earlier how he ‘treats pound notes like prisoners’ and ‘refuses to spend’. It’s phrases like ‘refuses to spend’ that incites anger in the fans.

    History shows he doesn’t refuse to spend money, he just refuses to waste money. There’s a huge difference.

  351. Shard says:

    Right then. Transfers. I wanted an attacker, and maybe another midfielder. But I’d rather we buy the right player rather than just spend money. Now as we get better as a team, it’s going to be tougher to find players tomimprove us.

    People forget that we could buy ozil and alexis because we didn’t spend on players who were to be bought because they were available and could bring ‘something’.

    No matter how people like to say we’re a big club and so if we can’t sign the players we want then it’s a sign of incometence or mismanagement, this is simply not true.

    The fact that we can even think about competing for the top talent is because of wenger and the club’s careful and patient management. We’re still not at the absolute top of the table, and while the transfer market will be important in getting us there, it’ll need a lot more thanjust throwing money about when we have less of it than what we’ve made our rivals. This is where arsenal are much better much more regularly than most clubs. But because we’re different we’reeasy to criticise.

    In the meantime, football is where the real competition is. Not on the transfer market. We’ve been building back up since 2011 and as such have now less expansive even if more expensive needs in the transfer market. We’re still in the race for the title.

  352. fatgingergooner says:


    Couldn’t agree more.

  353. Gööner In Exile says:

    Well said FGG and Shard.

    Couldn’t agree more…..I’d much rather it was those players you mention taking us to the top….and I do believe they can, and after the first four games I’m really not ready to write us off.


    Buying no one could be just what we need? Inactivity is not a bad thing. On the contarary, many times I have done bugger all, in fact, ime doing bugger all now, and I like it.

    Doing bugger all results in women losing respect for you and invariably leads to been skint

    The upside? I have no women to show me lack of affection, indeed I get no affection at all, and have no worries that street scroungers with holes in there trainers will ask me for a fag, when I venture out my footwear consists of a trainer and a mocasan.

    I am in perfect harmony, though a bit lopsided. This is were Arsenal are. The squad is not perfect but capable of improving and surprising the doubters.

    Its a message to the squad that the management have faith in them as players and people that we can succeed without purchasing others or matching footwear.

  355. Pilgrim says:


    Meds not kicked in yet, you still in delusional mode!.

    When the ghosts of the the thirties are exorcised from your soul, you can join us on our crusade in outing Wenger from the club.

  356. RC78 says:

    We addressed one of our weak points this summer, albeit a major one…

    Now – it would have been great to address at least the DM position or the FW position but it was not meant to be this time…

    Let us hope we find the right balance now and that we start defending as a block and scoring for fun…

    Odd of the day: Arteta to replace Cazorla in the starting XI?

    I think bringing Arteta in the team would bring balance to the squad but also an ability to control the tempo, which we are lacking now…This would also give Ramsey more freedom offensively….

    What if (wink wink…see earlier posts) this would be our most balanced and potent option:

    Ramsey – Coquelin – Arteta
    Ox Sanchez

  357. California Gooner says:

    I am very happy with our transfers.

    This Sanchez fellow should be an incredible striker in the Suarez/Aguero mold. And Campbell seems like great cover for left-siding attacker; great at pressing, clever passing, and not afraid to run at defenders…

  358. Red Arnie says:

    Until Friday noon, Micky and Cockie. 🙂

    Mrs attending conf in Exeter, I am providing chauffeur service. Which means I am a free bird, and that means free to run after …… 😛

    Can try and coordinate if any of you have some free time. 🙂

  359. stevepalmer1 says:

    Evening guys,
    talking to a mate of mine today about the transfer window he being a Gooner like us, He had the same view as our Bryan, He was having a mad moment, and having a go about Wenger, He was calling him all the things the so called experts say, and how a wealthy club like ours are standing back while other clubs spend like its going out of fashion.

    He was demanding that we spend, he said we must buy a holding midfielder and a proper striker, he said other clubs are finding players why can’t Wenger.

    People believe that when your housed in a massive stadium, with sixty thousand supporters who pay out for overpriced tickets that we are as the books say the fith or six richest club in the world.

    He Googled how much Usmanov was worth i think he said 19 billion he said that he had googled Aramovitch and Mansour and that Usmanov was the richest so why arnt we buying.

    I tried to explain to him, that Usmanov is just a share holder and it really didn’t make any diference how much money he had, as it wasn’t Arsenals. He said Kroenke was worth 5 billion although i thought it was less, but i explained that he was just a business man who wanted an investment, I said to him why would he want to invest Millions of his own money on some one elses say so, when there is no guarantee of winning anything

    I told him i had no doubt that Usmanov would spend millions on players, if he could wangle himself on the board, My friend said well at least he is prepared to spend his money.

    I said but it is his money or the Russian Governments, they want a safe haven for their billions, and personally i would rather us be top 4 doing it the way we are , but of course success is all my mate wants , success and as fast as possible.

    Being a lifetime supporter i of course want success but i have to be honest i would rather do it from our own resource, than have a sugar Daddy buy it.

    Of course the record books only tells of the champions, and no body seems to care how its achieved, but surprisingly it matters to me.I have supported all my life and if i never see another league championship with our colours on, i’ll suffer it, We will eventually lift the title because we are building and have values, a brought trophy is a hollow trophy almost like cheating, I can wait. My friend of course cannot.

  360. It’s all over now. The window’s shut and there’s no point in getting depressed.

    I would have liked to see a new striker and DM, but can live with what we have.

    Giroud, Walcott, Welbeck and Campbell should see us through to January at least.

    Arteta and Chambers can provide back up for Le Coq.

    A few more shots and a little less passing and we’ll be alright.

    Good night all.

  361. Red Arnie says:

    Since Chas has brought my name up, let me clarify.

    I do not think Cech is a clear upgrade. Cech and Ospina may be slighly better than Ospina and Szcz, but only marginally. Cech was window dressing, but I am happy that he is no longer a Chav.

    I would have been happy with more competition for Le Coq. But certainly not a situation when Le Coq does not get to make substantially many starts. He is young, and needs to develop. But some competition would have been good. The situation as it stands is not bad, IMO, as Chas, GiE and others have pointed out.

    Upfront, an upgrade on Giro would have been good. That means a guaranteed 30-goal-a-year striker, no less than that. I repeat, a GUARANTEED 30-GOAL-A-YEAR STRIKER. Since such a commodity is rare, I am OK with Giro, Theo, Welbz and Campbell.

    Onwards and upwards! 🙂

  362. GunnerN5 says:

    This is a great summation of our transfer activity by someone that knows both the manager and the players extremely well.


    Thierry Henry believes Arsene Wenger tried to buy players this summer, but Arsenal may have ended up short of what they need to fight for the title.

    The Arsenal boss did not buy anyone on deadline day, with the only new arrival at the Emirates in the close season being Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech, meaning Arsenal were the only side in any of Europe’s top-five leagues not to have signed an outfield player this summer.

    That has led to some questioning why the Frenchman did not bring in a new striker before the window closed on Tuesday night.

    Persuading the likes of either Real Madrid frontman Karim Benzema or Paris Saint-Germain forward Edinson Cavani to move to north London is no easy task, Henry believes.

    “I do not know if the boss wanted Benzema or not, but the player must also want to come,” he said.

    “What are you going to offer to the guy who is playing for one of the best teams in the world, knowing that he is playing there week in, week out, and performing well?

    “So I do not think that Arsene did not want to bring any other players – that would have been another story if he had really said: ‘I do not want to bring in any other players.’ But he said that if it can be done, then I will try to bring someone.

    “But how do you get Benzema from Real Madrid when he plays there and Cavani also from Paris Saint-Germain – he scored again at the weekend? It is a difficult one.

    “I do not think he did not want to bring in anyone, he wanted to bring players as we know, but it did not happen. ”

    However, Henry thinks that Arsenal’s first-team squad is now not strong enough to win this season’s Premier League title, especially given Manchester City’s impressive start to the campaign.

    “Right now they are already five points behind City, still have not won at home, won two games by an own goal, which is actually their best goal scorer at the moment,” the former Gunners captain said.

    “Ideally it does not look right now like they are going to win the league like this. But I think Arsene believes he can win the league with that team and that team is good enough. And that is his prerogative.

    “I think he should have tried to bring players and I think he did try, it could not happen, but I still think that team needed some players.”

  363. Red Arnie says:

    Bryan, my friend. Admittedly, we have not spent much in the transfer window. We are 7th in spending by my count.

    Over the last 5 years, we are 6th. So, if transfers are all that matter, we should really be 6th in the League. Any position above that is above our waist. I am confident we will continue to do that.

    What matters is what you produce over and above your endowments. We are very good in doing that.

    What matters even more is what we produce as a proportion of the endowments. This is called profitability. In this measure, we are literally the best in the world.

    I am happy with that. Trophies do matter, but not that much for me. 4th place trophy is good enough, 2nd place is over the moon. When we win the League again, I will travel to heaven and back again.

    Until such time, decent gains in Cups are fine. Keeps me high on dope. Hopefully, CL as well, some day soon.

    Onwards and upwards. 🙂

  364. GunnerN5 says:

    Arnie, What gives you the impression that any player anywhere in the world can guarantee 30 goals every season? In PL history only a handful of players have scored 30 plus goals in a season and only

  365. GunnerN5 says:

    Oops to continue – Alan Shearer has done it more than once 34, 31, 31.

  366. Gööner In Exile says:

    I think that’s Arnies point GN5 what would be the point in spending £50m on someone who might get you 20 when we have a centre forward who gets us 20.

    We all cherish the best players in the world, we have a couple of good’uns in my view, and a few that will be, and a few or far behind.

    What Aguero (or a player of his ilk) would give is anew dimension to our play…..but who want that? And in reality there are only two or three I can think of like him.

  367. Red Arnie says:

    GN5. Precisely my point. 🙂

    What significnt upgrade on Giro are we talking about then? Or is it the case that we cannot bear to support our own players. The grass is always greener on the other side.

    Most of the names that have done their rounds as potential upgrades just beggars belief. 😦

  368. Red Arnie says:

    GiE. Thanks. Could not have put it better. 🙂

  369. GunnerN5 says:

    GIE, I was, in poor English, agreeing with Arnie. Only 6 players have scored 30 plus goals.

    1993/4 Alan Shearer 31
    1993/4 Andy Cole 34
    1994/5 Alan Shearer 34
    1995/6 Alan Shearer 31
    1999/0 Kevin Philips 30
    2003/4 Theiry Henry 30
    2007/8 Ronaldo 31
    2011/12 Van Persie 30

  370. Red Arnie says:

    GN5. 🙂

  371. njstone9 says:

    Reading the comments I have two things to say that I haven’t seen said yet.

    Firstly, it would placate the fans if we were told which players the club considered of the right quality, and which it actually pursued. I assume our main target was Benzema.

    It’s true that in world football there are very few top strikers so to get one we would have to prise one from City, Bayern, Barca or Real. Not even Man U or Chelsea have a world class forward (how good is Petronas, and isn’t he a winger?)

    Previously we got Ozil and Sanchez by benefiting from Real and Barca needing to offload players. That didn’t happen this year and to buy that level of player we are reliant on that. Gooners need to be realistic.

    My second point is that previously Arsenal bought unheard of youngsters who then turned out to be superstars. Anelka; Henry to some extent; Adebayor. It must be much more difficult to identify this kind of player nowadays. Or other clubs are doing it and so they cannot be gotten on the cheap and yet still are unproven gambles. (See Man U’s purchase of Martial.)

    If we take a punt on a young player who turns out not to be good enough, we end up with deadwood we can’t shift, like Campbell now, and Park etc beforehand. My feeling is that we are beyond that now. Arsene simply will only purchase the very best, unless he can get a young player very cheaply so it represents a bargain (like Jeff or Sanogo).

    I doubt we were in for Cavani due to his age and cost. It was Benzema or nothing, and likely the player decided he wanted to stay. Understandable. I’d want to stay in Madrid too!

    Maybe we could have tried for Bender as cover/competition for Coquelin, but perhaps the Boss didn’t think he was worth it, the player didn’t want to come, or the club said flat out “no.” Or Arteta is the backup.

    So it’s a bit disappointing but if I’m honest with myself, I do only want us to purchase caviar players. The rest of our squad is still very good. We can still compete for the title. Come on Arsenal!

  372. njstone9 says:

    By Petronas, I meant Pedro. Thanks autocorrect.

  373. chas says:

    Loving how ‘Livid’ got in on the act. 🙂

  374. mickydidit89 says:

    Drop the old girl off at her conference and head up here. Foot down, 50 mins

  375. mickydidit89 says:

    I’ll give Chas and Eddie ten mins to get here and keep the mood light and jocular, then I’ll get heavy

  376. mickydidit89 says:

    While I agree with the mature interpretation of this window as echoed by, well nearly all here, couple of things to remember.

    Arsenal IS in the entertainment business

    While on the one hand the club shouldn’t bow to fan pressure, they should realize the importance of having home fans on-side, and boy oh boy will the club be walking on thin ice if home results don’t pick up

    The Brave effect. We guess he was promised progress at Arsenal. Didn’t see it. Cleared off. Sanchez has voiced his own ambitions.

    Me :-)

  377. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    Interesting discussion yesterday.

    My tuppence is that we need a marquee signing every season. Not just to improve the team but also to raise the profile of the club.

    If the club want to attract overseas fans then they have to spend the money to buy players who will be fronting advertising campaigns (like TH14).

    Right – that is enough about football.

    Love the moustache. Can you remember when every PM had a chap with a beard?

  378. mickydidit89 says:

    Good point Erik (not the moustache bit, that’s stupid) 🙂

    20-30 years ago. top flight football was a very different affair, but with internet, globalization et al, being commercially savvy is very important.

  379. Gööner In Exile says:

    There is a post to raise the spirit in drafts, even that man TH14 gets a mention.

  380. Red Arnie says:

    Micky, check your email pls.

  381. Red Arnie says:

    motning all!

  382. RA says:

    NJStone @ 12:45

    Well said sir, and as Micky said, very mature and considered comment. 🙂

  383. Eddie says:

    I posted a comment very similar to Didit’s but it walked. We almost have the team to challenge the title. Next year a few if them could be gone. And off we go again forever hoping and never winning the league or the CL. I’m still going to have a lot of fun this season, but some of the dreams will remain just that – dreams

  384. RA says:

    NG @ 10:57

    You are spot on my man!! 🙂

  385. mickydidit89 says:

    Check your emails 🙂

  386. Morning girls 🙂 Lovely day and the madness is over. Shame we didn;t get Charlie Austin for £15mil…. at least he would have been good back-up.

  387. RA says:

    Hi Arnie,

    re: your 11:06

    Can I respectfully say, that the demand in your comment is simply unrealistic and simply does not exist in a football or any sporting environment.

    — “Upfront, an upgrade on Giro would have been good. That means a guaranteed 30-goal-a-year striker, no less than that.”

    It is not possible to say that I will only buy X who will ‘guarantee’ 30 goals a season – or guarantee any other number of goals either.

    It is these types of demand that make life so difficult for Arsene when he is trying to bring players in. In any case, there is more to a striker than just goals, such as does he work well with his team mates and bring out the best in them, or by changing games by scoring an ‘impossible’ match winning goal, or by giving confidence to the team that they expect to win, rather than ‘hope’ to win.

    The whole business is far more complex than a simple and totally unrealistic demand that a player must guarantee x number of goals a season.

    Poor old Wenger.

    You are a lovely man, Arnie, but believe me when I say that I am content that you are not the Arsenal manager. 😀

    You seem to be unusually devoted to CS Lewis’ children’s book, The Chronicles of Narnia and so in that spirit – ‘onwards and upwards’. 🙂

  388. mickydidit89 says:

    A 30 goal a season man sounds totally reasonable to me. 🙂

  389. The Cockie Monster says:

    How long before the January Transfer Window ?………….(yes, I know, a stupid question, it`s in January, but I can laugh at my own stupidity ! hahaha )………….lets start some rumours now !.

  390. Gööner In Exile says:

    It’s only 16 weeks give or take Cockie 😀

  391. chas says:

    Have we signed any free agents yet?

  392. Gööner In Exile says:

    Messi and Ronaldo would guarantee 30, they normally hit way above that 😀

    Also Arnie didn’t say whether that was League goals or not?

  393. njstone9 says:

    I must confess, I’m a little confused about the whole Benzema thing. When all the rumours were circulating, I assume there was some truth in them. At the time I thought why doesn’t he just come out and clarify his position?

    Later on he did, but was that AFTER the clubs failed to agree a price, or did it fall through because he refused to move? Basically, who rules the roost? Player or club? Could he have been forced to move if Arsenal had say offered £100m?

    My guess is the clubs did negotiate and only when it fell through did he come out and reaffirm his allegiance. Otherwise why didn’t he do so much earlier?

  394. Rasp says:

    Morning all,

    The upside is that we have a settled squad with Welby and Jack to come back, Gabriel looks like he can slip seamlessly in for Merts or Per at any time and we have exciting prospects in Jeff and Iwobi knocking on the first team’s door 🙂

    The downside is that if results are not good and we struggle to score goals, there will be a lot of in-fighting amongst supporters and probably boos will be heard at the Emirates again 😦

  395. The Cockie Monster says:

    Brings back memories of a sweet and innocent childhood. One of the first books I read….The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe !…….such an effect on my life even to this day !…….so many wardrobes I still have to hide in !.
    Add that to the amount of time I spend behind the sofa, it`s amazing I`m not a top salesperson for DFS !…………………oops !…. got to go and hide, just heard an angry husband come home demanding his missus dry cleans his syrups and not boil wash them then tumble dry as they don’t fit properly !.

  396. Rasp says:

    Morning nj – good comment @ 12:34.

    I can’t see us being interested in Benzema or Cavani in the future now. At 29 they will be towards the end of their peak years and the sell-on value will represent a big loss.

  397. chas says:

    I think the guaranteed 30 goal a season striker is a little joke that Arnie is perpetuating.
    When the striker topic was discussed before, the phrase came up and has been repeated ever since to highlight the difficulty of getting in upgrades.

    Falcao in his pomp was a fabulous goalscorer for Atletico Madrid, but even then only scored 24 and 28 League goals in his two seasons there. That was playing 34 games in both.
    Aguerro scored 26 in 33 League games last season.

    34 and 33 games in a season is very high and means they’ve been lucky injury-wise.

    I realise this is all really obvious. 🙂

  398. The Cockie Monster says:

    Still think football misses a marketing trick by not having the winter transfer window around December and finishing on Xmas day with an extension for the boxing day sales !………..a player unveiled in wrapping paper under a Christmas Tree outside the Emirates with falling fake snow with Arsene jumping about like an excited kid !.

  399. njstone9 says:

    I don’t think we were ever in for Cavani. Nearly 29 already. Benzema maybe at 27. Which means likely the next striker we do buy will be someone we haven’t heard of yet. Or Harry Kane.

  400. Big Raddy says:

    Another positive …

    At least we are no longer a selling club

  401. The Cockie Monster says:

    I would wet myself if Messi was unveiled from a Christmas cracker pulled by Kroenke and Wenger !.

  402. chas says:

    I think there were boos after West Ham already.
    I don’t think the in-fighting will go away even after Wenger leaves.

  403. chas says:

  404. Morning all

    Great comment from njstone last night. I can’t see how we can buy players that aren’t there to be bought and I don’t believe there’s any point in buying for the sake of it.

  405. GoonerB says:

    Oh I see just because it is the morning after the transfer window it is suddenly ok to talk about football during the hallowed non-football morning bollix. Liberty taking hypocrites the bloody lot of you.

    Well I refuse…just going to say that I love pictures of fluffy kittens. I will not talk about that subject until GIE’s eagerly anticipated post is up

    Morning all by the way.

  406. ‘morning all, I’m looking forward to Exile’s new post, the transfer window has been done to death.

  407. RC78 says:

    Players that join us from big teams like Chelsea, Real Madrid or Barcelona are players that want to play day-in day-out because they do not have this guarantee in their “big teams”. We are a team that is always in contention for Champions League football and we usually do good runs in one of the domestic cups so for a very good footballer that is stuck on the bench, we are a great team to come to…

    Cech joined us because he was Courtois’ second fiddle
    Sanchez joined us because Messi, Iniesta and Pedro were starters and because Neymar was touted to be a starter
    Ozil came because he was not a regular starter at Madrid

    Three excellent players but not starters in their respective teams. Benzema is a starter at Real Madrid and Cavani starts at PSG (although PSG is yet to be as big as Arsenal as a club). Vidal was on the market and in fact he was close to joining us but he decided to go for a better team that guaranteed him playing time, namely Bayern Munich…

    Who can we realistically attract? Excellent players that are benched by their clubs because these clubs have even better players, confirmed players that finally want to taste CL and/or high-level EPL football or up and coming footballers that are not already scouted by the big and more successful clubs (Barcelona, Real, Bayern, Chelsea, City, PSG, Atletico…).

    So who could we have realistically gotten this summer that could have improved oursquad and slot in our starting XI?
    1. Cech or Begovic at GK
    2. Clyne or Darmian at RB
    3. Otamendi or Garay at CB
    4. Schnederlin or Kondogbia or Carvalho at DM
    5. Vidal (if we moved earlier) or Witsel at CM
    6. Pedro or Aubemayang or Lacazette or Fekir or J. Martinez at FW/ST

    Cech – Clyne, Garay, Kos, Monreal – Ramsey, Schnederlin, Witsel – Ozil – Aubemayang, Sanchez

    Ospina – Bellerin, BFG, Gabs, Gibbs – Ox, Coq, Wilshere – Walcott, Giroud, Wellbeck

    + Arteta, Campbell, Jeff, Iwobi

    and yes, we would have parted (on top of those loaned out and sold) from Debuchy (sold), Chambers (loan), Flamini/Rosicky (released) and Cazorla (Eddie – don’t be a hater…lol)

  408. chas says:

    I honestly think there was no way we could have bought Schneiderlin this summer. We can’t compete with the mancs on wages and they were in for him as well.
    We will always lose in a bidding war with them.

    Ramsey was a massive coup and he was signed at the mancs expense because of Wenger’s record of promoting youth into the team if good enough.

  409. GoonerB says:

    Chas 🙂

  410. chas says:

    ….and because it was Gary Neville who showed Rambo around the facilities at Manchester. 🙂

  411. RC78 says:

    Chas – I think that given the last two seasons, we were able to offer Schnederlin more gurantees for CL footie and some domestic success and that he just really wanted to play CL at any cost and for any top 5 teams…He knew he would not start at Chelsea or City and he did not want to join Liverpool so he was left with Utd and ourselves…I think that AW was contemplating him but in the end, he just thought that Arteta and Flamini would provide enough cover for Coquelin and that Coquelin was a top 5 DM – which I think are both wrong facts…

    French players are always keen to join a club like Arsenal beacuse of AW, the history of AFC with French players and because there are always 1-2 French international in the team…I think Man Utd just made a move and we did not and hence we saw Schnederlin join Utd…If we did make a move, he would have joined us – am positive, even for a little less wage money

  412. RC78 says:

    Chas – you are absolutely right about the 30-goals a season striker.

    You have to be realistic – if you get someone who scores you more than 21 goals in the EPL, you already have a cracking striker

  413. GoonerB says:

    Someone better put up GIE’s post or everyones comments will be copy and pastes from this one…..except for my one about fluffy kittens. Am I the only decent respectful one among you?

  414. chas says:

    Weren’t we in for Schneiderlin the window before but Soton blocked the move?

  415. GoonerB says:

    smashed my own post record twice in a week now for comments. How big do I feel? 🙂

  416. Rasp says:

    Morning chas, I didn’t know about the booing at the Wham game.

    I haven’t seen us win in the last 3 games I’ve been to at The Ems – so I guess its all my fault 😦

    I hate the in-fighting between fans. I do think a bit of transparency as regards which (if any) players we may have tried to sign might help some of the unhappy supporters understand that efforts were genuinely being made. Unfortunately the “I will only buy top quality” line has opened AW up to ridicule as did the “I did not see it”.

    I’d be happy if he came out and said we tried very hard to sign a top player but despite our best efforts the transfer could not be made.

  417. chas says:

    Are you expecting me to believe Schneiderlin would come to Arsenal for 20 or 30k less a week?
    Not a snowball’s chance in hell.

  418. We have a New Post ………………………..

  419. chas says:

    You weren’t at West Ham though, so it can’t be your fault. 🙂

    I reckon that if the Club said we were in for Benzema, the nay-sayers would simply say that Wenger wouldn’t pay the transfer fee asked for.

  420. Red Arnie says:

    Chas and GiE. Yes, a guaranteed 30-goal-a-striker, please. 🙂

    Redders. Who on here is capable of managing Arsenal. Not me! 🙂

    Seriously though, I respect the view that we want a different kind of striker, a more direct and fast striker, because of the attractive style of play. Micky says this all the time, and Norfolk, Redders, et al. Please then say this and not that we want a different striker because Giro is not good enough. Hmm. A 20-goal-a-year striker and not good enough! FFS. 🙂

    NJS. Some great comments, well done Sir/Madam. The Benzema rumour. Hmmm. Me thinks it might have have been propagated by teh club to deflect attention from some other deal they were trying to do. When that deal fell through, the numpty journos continued ith this because they could find nothing else from the Arsenal thinktank.

    Arsenal does this every year.

  421. protection says:

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