The Vagaries of Supporting Arsenal

There is a lightness of spirit among Arsenal fans, particularly bloggers, at the moment, and the cause of this happy state of affairs is clearly linked to the welcome turn of events in the past few weeks which finds us perched high on the tree in the lofty position of second. Yay!

Cast your minds back, for a moment, to a bleak Thursday, on the 1st January this year to be exact, when we were convincingly larruped 2 : 0 by Southampton as a result of some extremely dodgy goalkeeping, so folklore has it, for which our then No.1 Keeper was roundly abused, and is still paying the price having been deposed as the main man.

Wasn’t it also just a short while ago when Chezzer was being hailed as one of the best keepers in the Premier League? Even Enn Gee said it was a ‘no-brainer’.

But fans are fickle, and such an accolade soon became an orphan with no one prepared to own to it — after all, no one likes lame brain ideas – or confused goalkeepers – do they?

It’s one of life’s little oddities, don’t you find, that when things are going poorly for a football team there is an almost universal chorus of complaints from committed fans, or should that read disgruntled larrikins, as encapsulated in the rather unpleasant game of ‘find the scape goat’, and to enthusiastically hurl abuse at the selected victim, and feeling better by dumping their frustrations and vitriol on the goat curry. [Goat curry – where did that come from – Enn Gee will know as it is probably another no-brainer – mine hurts sometimes – so I must have one, somewhere.]

Anyway, back to matters current – It seems that we just cannot function without finding a target, no matter how innocent – someone upon whom to vent our more base feelings, especially as it can safely be done far from any possible retaliation.

Hours of internet blogging are devoted to dissecting the team, the tactics and the supposed attitude of the club towards spending lots of lovely lolly on acquiring, or not acquiring, the latest fad for a sooper-dooper player

That largesse with splashing the cash is made much easier, of course, when the money in question is not your own.

I would not be surprised if you had heard something along the lines of; “I would not pay him more than £120k per week” says the man earning the average wage of £400 per week, or – “He is worth every penny of that £50m transfer fee” quoth the man who would need to work 2,500 lifetimes to earn the money he has so cavalierly advised the club to lash the cash on just one player, and all at the stroke of a pen. Someone else’s pen – someone else’s cash — as for other players he/they deem be essential, he will have plenty of advice on their salaries and how much they are worth in the transfer market too, no problem.

Then, naturally, when the club buy the player he has been so desperate for them to spend their money on – say – a £42m transfer fee – with the commensurate £40m salary spread over 4 years, on -say – Özil – just for example, you understand – and the acquired player is subsequently deemed not to be as good as expected, or is not trying hard enough, or is showing little interest, or is too lazy, or is just too ……… (fill in the blanks) – despite evidence to the contrary – then the same people will declare that the club has wasted good money on him, which has allegedly come out of their season ticket!! Yee Gods!!

Enough. We are happy – aren’t we? Second, and yet to meet the Chavs – everything is possible isn’t it, so what is to stop us from dreaming of the top spot?

Wait! Hold the ‘phone! What is this I am hearing on the blog vine?



Sheesh – what I mistook for a lightness of spirit due to our lofty position near the top of the table, is in fact a delight, in some quarters, at being able to trot out some half-assed derogatory assessment of the ‘real worth’ of our recent winning streak.

Apparently. it is not that we are playing well, and Özil and co are showing their true worth – no – it is because the other teams are crap. Seriously?

Apparently this assessment does not apply to the Chavs who are deemed worthy leaders of the league, it seems – presumably because they play different teams to the ones we meet every week?

Well, mock outrage aside, I do not really care about the inexplicable attitudes of others towards my team.

No. For me, I am simply enjoying the return to the joyous style of football that we seemed to have forsaken for a while back there, and the fact that there is a more resolute attitude displayed by our defence in recent times is welcome too, and does not in any way detract from our attacking virtuosity, but adds its own subtle nuances to our overall gameplay.

Fortunately, AA is an oasis of calm and there is a genuinely upbeat attitude towards the club, the team and the manager.

Long may it stay so! [It’s a ‘no-brainer’, innit?]

Arsenal forever. Come on you Gooners!! 🙂

written by Red Arse

56 Responses to The Vagaries of Supporting Arsenal

  1. Lovely stuff as usual Raddy. 🙂 I’m feeling so upbeat about the boys at the moment that my brother is going to put a tenner for me on the Gunners to win the league, at 22/1……… worth a long shot and before this weekends games.

    I’ve also managed to get my post up this morning…. anyone who wants to meet up in a Highbury pub for the Semi final leave a comment. I will be there ha ha ha.

  2. Laugh, cough, splutter, laugh, fall off chair!

    What a great post, as I was reading it the sun broke through the morning fog and the temperature rose by several degrees.

    I can see clearly now, BR should write more posts. It’s a no-brainer, innit? 😀

  3. stevepalmer1 says:

    How true that post is. I am a true Gooner never ever known anything else i have followed them from the minute i could walk and am nearly finished.

    What i read in that post is me to a tee, when we were winning everything we were the best in the world the bee’s knee’s and i gave it to everybody specially the yids.

    Yes i saw myself in every guise i hate them one minute for losing i love them the next for winning i hated Wenger when he came for being French loved him when he won us the first trophy under him.

    O yes that’s me never happy with my team Rocky was good not always brilliant though Georgie Armstrong wasn’t the quickest , one week but brilliant the next week Storey dirty bastard one week a saviour another Mc Nab not the tallest but a giant another week My God i moan, and i mean really moan i can go through Managers who were shit, but when they won us stuff i fffing loved them yes all me .

    Arsenal football fans, are that post to a tee Thank you Raddy you have brought Sanity back in to my life Blinding son 🙂

  4. Rhyle says:

    Raddy…fantastic read and my personal bug bear at the moment.

    Targets for the Arsenal is no new thing…let’s go back to Cygan, Grimandi (before he was cool), Kiwomya, McGoldrick, CAESAR, Willie Young…all players I remember getting grief in the pub on a very regular basis, with some of them getting grief in the playground too..! We are a fickle bunch – but I think, in the main, it can come from a good place…a wish to see Arsenal the best it can be.

    With regards to the money…it doesn’t need you to understand how much money that really is, it’s conceptual – and it’s great that people have an opinion…but only when they’re open to discussing it.

    Which leads me to my final point and my one big bug bear about being an Arsenal fan in the internet age.

    It’s not enough to love the club anymore.

    Apparently you’ve got to love it in a certain way, think certain things or you’re “not a proper fan”.

    Your final point…about it being pure coincidence that we’re in the position we’re in…is propagated by fans who refuse to admit they’re wrong. Screw that – it’s one or two blogs in particular which has made their name and USP an agenda to remove Arsene and, even though he’s behaviour has moved to closely match ALL of the things they were asking for AND is delivering success (FA Cup/Best run of wins for yeeeeeears), they are either unable or unwilling to change their stance. And, of course, if you don’t agree with them…”you’re not a proper fan” or, as someone called me on Twitter yesterday “a clueless c***”.

    But there are zealots on both sides – and they are just as bad. Those who want to canonise Wenger are as bad as those who want to lionise him. They see the changes in his behaviour and decisions…his sudden willingness to listen to both Bould and the team (direct quotes available on request…) and his spending money on world class players as confirmation they were right all along. They can’t see that this is what many who were questioning Wenger (me included, for the sake of fairness) wanted to see – GROWTH. ADAPTATION. But…guess what…if you EVER wanted Wenger out? “You’re not a proper fan”. Your opinion is meaningless and it’s not even open to debate. They don’t even need evidence to back up their stance and your proof to justify your stance? The meaningless rantings of a mentalist!

    I saw an argument on Twitter…Queen of Suburbia pulled Pedro from Le Grove up. Rather than admit he’s wrong (in the face of a great argument) he started to pull QoS up…completely unnecessarily…and made it personal.

    This is what’s wrong with being an Arsenal fan in the internet age – that you’re not allowed to have an opinion anymore…well, unless it’s the same as THEIR opinion…that’s fine.

    You do and you’re a “clueless c***”.

  5. ‘morning Rhyle, I hate to be pedantic but….”Those who want to canonise Wenger are as bad as those who want to lionise him” Are they not on the same side? 😀

  6. rhyle says:

    They are. And it’s early. And…yes, I posted it. I even changed it before I did. And then realised. And couldn’t be bothered…cos it’s early and I’m on holiday. Villify. I meant villify…baw bags…

    And pedantry always fine, Norfolk. And expected! 😀

  7. Enjoy your holiday Rhyle, it sounds like you need it. 😀

  8. The sun is out, the sky is blue
    the grass needs cutting so I must goo.

  9. stevepalmer1 says:

    My first comment in Moderation, something i said!!!!

  10. Rasp says:

    Released Steve …

  11. kelsey says:

    “I’m feeling so upbeat about the boys at the moment that my brother is going to put a tenner for me on the Gunners to win the league, at 22/1…”.

    Good old NB, even gets his brother to pay for his bet, in other words a no brainer.

    Thanks Raddy to the rescue again with yet another fine post.

    As an aside and I know you can’t turn the clock back but PL wages are obscene and still rising. Surely like any other business, and that is what football is today (and we are the customers not really classed as fans) there should be a basic wage and a bonus paid at the end of the season depending on results.

    Another snippet I heard was that in DB10’s autobiography there are two pages dedicated stating that Danny Fiszman single handedly bank rolled the clubs for a few years so that players could be bought,pre Abramovich era.

  12. RA says:

    Raddy, that is an awful Post — you write just like I do, me old cocker!! 🙂

  13. RA says:

    Hi Rhyle,

    I just have to agree with your comment at 10:22.

    It is not unknown for me to hop around from blog to blog, and I do it for the enjoyment of yacking about Arsenal. And mostly it is enjoyable. 😉

    Most blogs do encompass a range of views and altho it can get heated it generally does not become personal.

    However, there are certain blogs where the ‘owner/author’ sets the ‘standards’ for the type of comments that are acceptable — either virulently anti-Wenger, or resolutely pro-Wenger. Both are a pain in the ass, because if there are no dissenting views it is like a boring meeting of like minds, not a ‘chat’ of fans.

    Chin up! 🙂

  14. wally says:

    The sun is shining, warmer weather is coming, the Masters is on and Arsenal are playing great football.
    What is there to complain about. The world is precisely as is should be.

  15. Big Raddy says:

    Dear Friends.

    I did not write this post, I do not have the skills. It was written by Red Arse and it is technical disability which resulted in my moniker being on the post.

    Humble apologies

  16. Rasp says:

    And my humble apologies also 😦 Sorry Redders, in my rush to publish I assumed Raddy was the author as he alluded to the post in comments.

    Of course now I see your name written all over it 😆

  17. RC78 says:

    Good post 🙂

    I am very much on the “Devil’s Advocate” side of things usually, pointing out on areas of improvement while gently acknowledging our good points…

    In January – I was quite doom and gloom but now things are looking brighter with only the elimination vs Monaco being a big fat pain…In the EPL, our form has been really good and I hope we go on to win the remaining games this season, which will mean winning the FA Cup and finishing 2nd – which would be the best season in a decade…

  18. kelsey says:

    Oh dear I made the same mistake.Apologies to Giant Haystacks commonly known as Red Arse.

  19. RA says:

    Damn! I was delighted with the chance of anonymity – especially with Raddy getting the blame – and now I have been outed. 🙂

    Can I just say to the regular authors, that I can only write at speed – years of having to produce boring project management documents etc, — and when I look at the ‘salt of the earth’ Posts that you guys produce, I decided some years ago to ‘retire’ from writing.

    My only excuse is that Large Raddish appealed for a little help in producing a Post, and I thought my rubbish may be marginally better than a ‘no-Post’ day. not sure I was right!

    Raddy, I love your Posts – and if there is anything I never want to miss it is the pre-Match — unless, Crystals writes one after the event!! 😀

  20. RA says:

    Hi Kelsey, 🙂

    It is really great that you are feeling well enough to write comments — they are full of common sense — and I get to tease you! 🙂

  21. RC78 says:

    Arsenal monitoring PSG trio: Verratti, Cabaye and Lucas

  22. RA says:

    On a personal level, I find my views swing from being somewhat pessimistic immediately after a losing game, and then as in recent weeks I have enjoyed the euphoria of winning and playing well and letting the world know.

    That is what Steve and RC78 were saying in their own way, I think, and there is nothing wrong with that.

    Yet, and yet………if we go thru the summer without the sniff of a new signing, or we buy someone with a broken leg because he is on a ‘free’ or is ‘cheap’ I will probably bitch with the best of them.

    I am happy with the squad overall – so why is this?
    I don’t know, really – just your average fan whose eyes light up at the possibility of another ‘goody’ to savour.

    Irrational? Yes. Demanding? Yep, just like a baby. But then the sun comes out – because Mr Wenger buys a classy player, and the rain squalls – the frowns – are banished — just like that! 😀

  23. RC78 says:

    One player that could easily replace Cazorla or Ozil in our squad from PSG is Javier Pastore. This season he has been phenomenal…He really reminds of Zidane (no headbutts though! thank God) in the way he moves and passes the ball – he needs to become better at delivering freekicks, shots outside the box but otherwise, he can create a lot of chances

  24. RA says:


    There are a plethora of verbs used when the transfer rumour business gets into full swing.

    Some of the most used are; Monitor, Eye, Track, Scout, blah, blah.

    None of them actually mean anything specific – and I doubt Arsenal would ever use such terms anyway – but they make us want to read the various articles concerned. 🙂

  25. RA says:


    I did not have time to comment in full on your Post yesterday, but I think you are correct that the Premier League squad system simply apes the UEFA squad rules, and other national FAs have their own rules in place.

    As I understand it, and I am not up-to-date on all the niceties of their system — but I understand the Bundesliga clubs agreed some years ago to spend something like €100m a year on their youth academies, which are monitored (there we go RC78) 🙂 every two or three years by their equivalent of the Premier League authority to ensure they are producing the right quality of German youth players.

    The Germans were noted in the 20th century for producing strong athletic players, not unlike their British equivalents. Now they look to produce skilful, technically gifted youth players, and their success in WCs and the tournaments since 2000 shows this is working.

  26. Jeremy says:

    Lovely post and I wholeheartedly agree. Some people don’t know how to enjoy the good times. I’m still happily living off the fa cup win. More RA posts please.

  27. RC78 says:

    RA – absolutely true…I am just obsessed with team and transfer news when it comes to Arsenal and my home-team PSG :-p

  28. Wally, The Masters? Is that where a lot of blokes in silly trousers walk around a field with a stick, trying to put a little white ball in a little hole in the ground.

    In the words of Mike Seabrook, whoever he is or was, “Golf is a terrible, hopeless addiction, it seems: it makes its devotees willing to trudge miles in any manner of weather, lugging a huge, incommodious and appallingly heavy bag with them, in pursuit of a tiny and fantastically expensive ball, in a fanatical attempt to direct it into a hole the size of a beer glass half a mile away. If anything could be better calculated to convince one of the essential lunacy of the human race, I haven’t found it”.

  29. In my comment @1029 “I can see clearly now, BR should write more posts. It’s a no-brainer, innit?” Correction, for BR read RA.

    No disrespect to BR intended, he can write as many posts as he likes, they’re usually very good.

  30. RA says:


    All those talented men, not to mention women, who waft an incredibly expensive stick at an acne-ed pimpled ball and make millions of dollars doing so – don’t agree with you – or your Mr Seabrook. Gorrit? 🙂

  31. RA says:

    Re: your 2:55 Enn Gee — write your own sodding Posts! 🙂

  32. Are they talented RA? Does it take talent to whack a ball that is lying stationary in the grass?

    Now to hook a ball, travelling at 90mph and heading straight for your teeth, to the boundary does take talent, perhaps only the talent to be unaware of the danger involved or at least the talent to ignore the danger.

    It also takes talent (and here comes the b******t) to compose a post like today’s.

  33. RA says:

    Not necessarily in any predictable order my Norfolk friend [I am thinking of moving you up to being my bestest friend – The Wormer is never around!!] 🙂 here is my response.

    1. No talent required to write a crap Post – which (and this always embarrasses me) took about 10 minutes to type. Nothing original about it.

    2. I have actually opened the batting for the school 1st X1 [for incomers – that’s First Eleven] 🙂 when I was eleven, oddly enough, and had dentistry to save one of my front teeth when the other schools bully boy hurled a head high full toss at me.

    [Tell no one – but I was a big 11 y.o. and went berserk, and took out the bowler, the umpire and my school coach. We all ended up in the local hospital. They invited me to leave the school, but no further action – as I was provoked. Provoked?? The fooker threw the ball at my teeth, so I perfectly correctly broke his fookin’ bowling arm!]

    3. It is amazingly difficult to hit a shitty little white ball leering at you on a tee. It is even more difficult to hit one when it is sun bathing on the grass.
    I have been known to leave a golf course looking like a plowed field.

    I don’t play golf anymore after I hit the ball a good 300 yards, with one of my pile drivers. Unfortunately it was another golfer’s ball, who had hit his drive coming from the 7th into my path going up the 10th.
    Fookers! 😀

  34. RA says:

    OK, NG, I cannot sit here and tell a fib — that Post took about 5 minutes to type – and you need not be polite – it looks it, too. 😀

    I have never been any good at Posts – and it is that Raddy’s fault for appealing to my better nature. I have for one you know!! 🙂

    And Raddy, Rasper and Co are all smart enough to have made themselves scarce, as you will have noticed!

  35. stevepalmer1 says:

    I don’t care who wrote the post, it was still blinding 🙂
    Talking about golf i too packed it up after 20 odd years, going to the same golf course playing with the same people was good watching one another age , watching handicaps fall then increase just when you think the tables are ballanced another 28 handicapper joins then it all starts again.

    Oh yes i won my fair share of swindles, One week you paY out the next your buying the drinks. Trouble with golf is you play for years and you improve handicap comes down and its harder to win.

    I look at football another sport i played same thing good to start but as you age it gets tougher untill you end up a dirty B nothing worse than ageing

  36. Eddie says:

    good post Raddy, thank you!
    yeah, that target for abuse is a sick thing, not one player should be blamed for the team’s collapse. I wrote Chesny off after 1st Jan, but to be fair I have never been a great fan of his.

    I think the team has made a tremendous leap forward this season. Apart from those unexplained defeats we won some important games, played really good footy, but change the style a bit to become more robust unit.

    If only we didn’t flop the Monaco game…..Eddie would be a very happy Gunner

  37. chas says:

    Excellent no-brainer of a post, RA, thanks.

    I agree, we should all just support the team and enjoy the ride. 🙂

  38. Gööner In Exile says:

    RA Really enjoyed the read thanks, sorry not been around to play but have had a bit of a day! Trying to implement a new system for a client, but some staff are looking at me like I’be asked them to run naked through Norwich. You know those people who think they are the only one who could possibly do their job and the way they do it is the only way that it can be done.

    When in fact all it is is they are scared shitless about being found out that all they really know is how to follow the system they have for years.

    “This system is approved by the accountant and auditors so we should continue doing it like this”

    The wonderous system was a duplicate order book!!! Wow how will the auditor and accountant cope if we put purchase orders on the computer???? They may die of shock!!

    Sorry not sure why I’m be venting here, just been one of those days.

  39. A bit of a late “knot ear” – delightful post Redders, or should I say G ‘stacks? 😃

    I agree that I don’t like the way supporters think only their way is the way to support the arse.

    I’ve yet to slag off any Arsensl fan whose come onto any blog with an opposing view as I believe bile should not be handed out to your own.

    Save it for Mancs, Chavs and Orcs.

    Ps – anyone got a spare s/f ticket going ? 😁😁

  40. Gööner In Exile says:

    Back to the post, yes if love us all to be a bit less scape goatey and also a bit more reasoned in our assessment of the team, currently we have a full complement of players and are playing well. Earlier in the season we didn’t and weren’t, but we hadnt become a bad side over night, those morons with their Arsene out banner are probably thinking they had some hand in this change, but it could just be that we would have got out of the shite a little sooner if there was a bit more unity with the players.

    After all football is a game and whilst these lads get paid fortunes to go out and play it does not mean it doesn’t affect them asmuch as it affects us, I’d guess probably more.

    I’ve had a crap day at work didn’t mean I got home and sulked to my family doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy going out on the weekend.

  41. GoonerB says:

    Oh so late to the foray. I tried to resist but could not “worm” out of this one 🙂 …….actually it has more to do with dodgy bloody computers but “that’s life” as Frank Bruno would say.

    Thanks Redders for a marvelous post. It seems to me that A.A is slowly developing an identity to each blogger in terms of their personality;

    GIE is our hard hitting, establish the truth dispel the myths Panorama leader.

    Rasp is our Don Corleoni (unless peaches is around then he becomes Il capitano).

    Raddy is our “dancing round the fire, bits flopping about, tree hugging, guitar strumming, scandinavian adopted, North London born”…sorry, forgot what I was saying there man….

    Micky is our Bear Grylls alikey “Dude from Bude”.

    Cockie and Terry are…..not sure how to describe them…..but they are very interesting cases to the likes of the FBI behavioural unit anyway.

    Myself Redders you have outed as a 4 way split personality ex camel wormer (also high on the FBI behaviourly lots list).

    You Redders are our Shakespeare (obviously a new age American version). Your comments and posts are like a poetic ballad, obvious to some, but requiring translation to others. Once I had spoken to my good friend Sir Hawking Stephens and he had explained it to me I realised that I agreed with everything you said.

    On my part I may come across as a sullen, never satisfied, moody git (only 95% of the time, honestly), but in truth I am quite happy with the development of this side as the season has progressed, and feel it bodes well for the immediate future. I do however feel there are certain i’s to be dotted and t’s to crossed if we are to compete regularly at the top end of Europe, and make no apologies for insisting we are not quite there but are very close, if 1-2 high quality players join us and we get our balance and shape right in the majority of games from this point.

    I tend to be a “lets not sit on our laurels” type who believes that when doing well it is more imperative to look at what should and could be improved, rather than look at it in a knee-jerk reaction way if we are having a poor run, when it becomes more difficult to analyse due to the extra emotional baggage.

    On a final point Redders I would be happy for you to receive £2.50pw to contribute posts but I will not sanction more than £150kpw. There is a Ukranian poet who can near enough do the same thing as you for £60kpw, so do one if you and your agent want to hold the site to ransom.

  42. GoonerB says:

    BTW, please don’t feel offended if I missed you in my comments on my list of A.A personality types (like fishysteve, x-factorbollywoodidolthevoicearnie, or frozeninnorthamericahistoriangn5) but I do have one for everyone. Send a SAE envelope and you too could be personalised.

  43. RA says:

    Morning Tutty Fruities, 🙂

    Thank you to all who were kind enough to say the polite things about my attempts to bolster the buttress when the Hippy called. 🙂

    Exile, I have every sympathy with your day — trying to get people to change to more efficient systems can be a pain in the ass – and you are right that many do not want to be shaken out of their sloth.

    The ‘we have always done it this way’ comment is, as you say, a way of making excuses in advance if they fok up. ‘it’s the fault of the big guy – told him it wouldn’t work’ – Pah!

  44. RA says:

    Hi GoonerB,

    A personalised chuckle at your weedy, or should that be wormy, excuse for your tardy arrival at the scene of the crime. 🙂

    Finished blaming the poor old camel – you have now gravitated to being a computer wormer. Phish!

  45. RA says:

    Hi to you, too, CharyB. 🙂

    Long time no sea – as the Dude from Bude said to the smelly cod. 🙂

  46. stevepalmer1 says:

    Morning all, Supposedly the warmest day of the year today, so am off fishing for the night, The Catfish should be livening up after the cold spell, and i have devised a deadly plan to bag one. Anyone watching will think i am mad but we’ll see’

    I have to thank GoonerB for the mention as coming from another blog after several years blogging there, was not easy to fit in with a new site. AA and its members have taken me in and to get a mention has now sunk in that as a site we do good work, All of you that Comment or write posts shows you care and that shows that what we all contribute has helped us all know a little more about the Arsenal supporter.

    Kelsey recovering and good will messages is how it should be you may not know him personally, but we know his comments, and even when he was unwell he still did his bit.

    I came on the site just after Dan Dan died, i had read some of his stuff and could see he was an Arsenal man who had a nice disposition sadly missed by many but not forgotten.

    The Administrators keep the site running very well, we can all log in and chat away we can chat about anything but we always go back to the love of our lives Arsenal

    Keep up the good work and never forget, our chats comments and Posts will snag bloggers to come on here and join a bunch of very loyal supporters. For those who are not too well and for those recovering we look forward to your contribution, we maybe are not in a position to know you well but we all think of you and wish you well.

    Enough Ranting I’m off fishing catch you tomorrow. COYRRG’s

  47. chas says:

  48. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    Saddened by the Benaud news, he, Arlott and Brian Johnson were the soundtrack to my summers

  49. Big Raddy says:

    A very hastily written ….

    New Post

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