Steve’s Monday Assessment

Results this weekend, in the main, pretty good week; dropped points for the Chav’s a loss for City, United starting to get it together, and for us, who are the most important, another 3 points.

Keep on winning is all we can do, We have had what can only be described as a bit of an up and down season so far. We have lost games we feel we should have won, and won games that looked like games we struggle with.

I honestly believe that new players take a while to settle, although most of ours seem to have blended in quite well, we have had a bit of turmoil with injuries. Players who were first team choices at the start of the season, who got injured and unsettled the balance. Theo of course was one who started the season injured, Wenger knew he was a long term injury so needed to add, In came Sanchez who hit the ground running.

Vermaelen leaving and leaving a big hole was a blow, Wenger replaced with a young man Chamber’s, Not many of us knew a great deal about him, but he seemed to come across as a bit of a utility player, i read that he was a right back but could be utilised across the back, It has to be said that this youngsters heroics was like a breath of fresh air. I dont believe Wenger ever expected to use him as much as he has,Injuries to BFG and Kos and then Debuchey meant he would be used for all positions.

Of course with a long term injury to new man Debuchy, a young man springs up from our reserves in Bellerin, a bit rough around the edges but with a great engine probably was the reason the Jenkinson was not recalled from a loan spell with Wham, who needed a season of premier league experience, hopefully he will return the better for it.

Bellerin has made mistakes but the effort he puts in bodes very well for the future. I would assume that once Debuchey gets fit Belerin will deputise but good experience for him for the future.

Paulista who was brought in at Christmas looked a good prospect sadly an injury has side lined him but he does look like he may replace the ageing Merts.

All in all the season has been as I said a bit up and down, Our new signings including Welbeck have started to shine, the squad seem to have been thrown together with new faces mixing fairly well.

Our need for a HM only became worse with Arteta and Flamoney both getting Injured, and one of our youngster having to be recalled from a loan spell which i felt was a stepping stone to being let go, but for Coquelin it gave him a final chance to show Wenger that he still has a future here. Coq has been immense since he returned, a couple of Motm awards has only shown this youngster has a future.

All in all this season has shown that the squad we have, once sorted is a mixture of what is needed to win things, I think its clear that players like BFG Arteta and Flamoney along with Rosicky could be nearing the end of their journey with us, but with clever recruitment and a few from our reserves shows that we are not lacking in players. I feel Wenger will still buy the odd player in his search for excellence, but that was to be expected.

Arsenal are sitting Third looking at second, and with a turn of fate could even win the league, But at present we are still in line for top 4 any thing can happen we know, can Wenger manage another top 4 it certainly looks that way, how many times is that? Magnificent is the word, unbelievable.


written by Steve Palmer1

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  1. ‘morning all, ‘morning Steve, that’s a fair summation with nothing much to disagree with. Shame :D.

    With our injury history, I can’t see there being too many departures in the summer. Merts, Arteta and Rosicky all probably have another season in them and no doubt will be required if only as back-up.

    The one player who could well go is, of course, Theo. Only one more year on his contract and a difficult decision to be made by both the player and the management. Sadly he hasn’t been able to command a place in the starting line-up due largely to a succession of long term injuries and, in part to the form of Oxlade-Chamberlain, when fit.

    Theo has always had his eye on the Thierry Henry role but has only occasionally shown any real talent for it. With Giroud in his present form and Welbeck being a lot more effective in the defensive part of his job it may well be time to cash in on Theo before he can run down his contract and leave on a Bosman.

    Personally I’d be sad to see him go, but….

  2. stevepalmer1 says:

    Morning NG,
    Reading some of our bloggers after i left a comment on Theo, made me sit back and think about him. Many seem to think that letting him go would be a wrong thing to do.

    When i thought about it, i still felt that he doesn’t do enough for me, luckily its not my decision, and there are a lot of supporters wanting him to stay.

    In one comment i read, some one said, we are now a rich club we can afford to keep him he will fit in to some games and he gives us options.

    Well i am not one to argue with that, as it does give us options.
    trouble with me is i like to see players who get stuck in fights for the ball take on players, challenge. Theo does not float my boat but obviously others feel he can do a job.

    With Sanchez now in the side i see a workhorse who never knows when to give up big small he doesn’t care he gets stuck in, I believe he has been a revelation to our side showing others that with effort you can overcome. That mentality has brushed off on many, Belerin hardly a massive beast but he fights and chases, Le Coq another who shows passion, yes a little raw at present but shows heart.

    We have Chamberlain who goes at everybody Welbeck who likes a tussel we have Kos who has everything needed if he only stays fit.

    Gabriel will be returning he takes no prisoners Debuch the same we have fight back in the side, and then we have Theo runs like a sprinter looks like an athlete has quick feet but yellow as a banana

    if most fans want to keep him because we can afford it so be it,

  3. GoonerB says:

    Thanks Steve for your “arms behind your back, no choice in the matter” post 🙂

    I agree with most of your sentiments. It has been a funny old season. We are still within touching distance of having a very successful season but yet we have put in some completely avoidable horror shows as well. It is difficult to know whether we have learned from our errors and can move on without them recurring or whether we will continue to be a bit yoyo’ish and these faults will crop up again and hamper our ability to challenge for the biggest prizes.

    I don’t quite feel we have the right blend to yet to win the big prizes, but feel we are very close. A couple of things need to be added IMO. I have changed my mind to a degree as to what we need as the season has progressed, particularly with the pleasant emergence of Coquelin, as you point out Steve.

    Chambers has deputised well at RFB in our time of necessity but I think I would prefer him to be groomed as a top CB but also as one who could cover the sitting DM role in case Coquelin is not available or needs a rest. If Le Coq and Chambers can both perform this role well, and I see no reason why they both can’t give us a top level option here, then I would go for a more powerful and quick box to box type DM as an addition, that is if we are to add anything to this area.

    I would like to see Jenks come back and get his chance.I have some friends who have observed him more than I have for WHU and they are quite complimentary as to how he is performing. He is having a good loan spell (actually playing regularly as oppose to those ones where they just grace the bench) and hopefully the experience of regular playing time has moved his game on.

    Taking into account age and other factors Jenks is potentially the future far more than Debuchy. I think if there is not much to choose between the 2 I would give Jenks the nod over Debuchy. Bellerin is quick and looks good in attacking positions so we could even play one behind the other like we can with Monreal and Gibbs at times. It is good to have those options.

    I still feel we need something up top. Whether it is the big outlay on a proven Cavani I don’t know. I do quite like the look of the lad Dybala as well that we are linked with.

    On Theo I think I have expressed my view enough over the last 2 days so will not bore everyone with repeating it.

  4. GoonerB says:

    Oh ok Steve now you have brought it up while I was typing my last comment…..Theo…….

    I don’t get as bogged down with every player having to put in a massive defensive shift as others maybe do. This doesn’t of course make my view correct. I like good defensive organisation across the team but don’t feel every player has to be a “get stuck in one”.

    I feel Theo’s attributes are more to do with providing a threat going forwards and I think he makes other teams worried. This in turn can alter the way they play and shape up so we can dictate more to them than rather than the other way around.

    I used the example of welbeck against Spurs who worked harder in his defensive duties than Theo would have. He got back faced the opposition, worked hard and provided some protection to his RFB. The problem was this invited Spurs to push onto us and Danny, in doing this, offered little threat on a regular basis behind their high defensive line and their FB’s who were pushing up like wingers. In other words they dictated to us, and with an inferior team.

    We needed a quick attacking player free from this traditional type of defensive duty to get into the dangerous areas to exploit behind their pushed on FB’s and their high defensive line so that when we had regained possession the likes of Santi always had an immediate dangerous option to play this player in behind. This is what I feel Theo could have given us and I still feel that whole game would have altered in the way it panned out if we had done this.

    I wouldn’t absolve Theo from all defensive duties but would prefer to see him using his pace to nip in quickly to try and nick the ball from behind their players rather than going deeper and getting goal side of them and getting stuck in in a more physical way. I want him to be instructed to work hard at closing down their options and angles when he can and in his area of the pitch, but to always look to offer himself up in the space they leave behind, by not tracking back too much, when other members of the team have won the ball back.

  5. stevepalmer1 says:

    Not a lot to argue with there GB, i reckon were of the same mind on quite a lot, Personally i would hold off on a big spending CF, I must admit i have had a few words against OG his lack of pace and a few other things, but the way we now play, pace is not so important.

    OG seems to link up well with Sanches Welbs the ox And even Theo, Ozil, seems like he is not doing much but does seem involved in lots that is good at the moment.

    Bringing in another superstar CF i feel will not be a good idea as any Marquee CF would be wanting to play, and the players we have are just starting to get it together.

    Goal scorers came from all over Giroud Ramsey Flamster while the goals are going in i would be inclined to wait.

  6. Vintage Gooner says:

    On Theo I feel the situation is clear and simple, if he has signed a contract extension then we keep him unless we get an offer so big it would be foolish to refuse because there will undoubtedly be games when even if only sub he will earn his keep with very valuable goals. But no extension and it’s farewell this Summer for as much as we can get for him. Others may then learn the risk in playing ransom games.

    Of greater concern to me is the dilemma with Jenkinson. When Debuchy is fit again we have a real problem with choosing between him and Bellerin and Chambers is very adequate third person cover. How does poor Jenko fit back in and yet he has been a Gooner since childhood and it is difficult to see what more he could do to claim a place – he was very much integral to West Ham’s early success this season.

    I am still of the opinion that we should buy an outstanding DMF but don’t envy Arsene having to explain to our newcomer that he will have to be patient and earn his place when the opportunity comes.

    Finally I couldn’t turn down a 30 goals a year man (Lewandoski if he is tiring of picking up bench splinters?) even though our choices up front would be horrendously difficult too!

    Doesn’t a world class squad make life hard for a manager!!

  7. stevepalmer1 says:

    GB, i understand where your coming from, and yes that sounded good the only drawback with that tactic is that with Theo’space he would be on his own, from the half way line to the goal Theo would be alone. Theo if he received the ball would look for a passback as holding the ball would invite defenders.

    In my view Theo would only ever be a winger, no point in having pace if all he wants is to stand next to OG while young Belerin busts his balls down the line.

    We all see things differently, but when has Theo last burst through to score a goal he probably has but i just cant remember it

  8. GoonerB says:

    The CF position is another that will split opinion Steve. I feel we need something here at Arsenal that is more world class (or a player developing towards this) than we currently have. I like Ollie and wouldn’t let him go but I still feel we have seen this before, where he goes through a purple patch and we all think he is the answer only to find that he hasn’t quite got that extra bit when we play the best teams for the biggest prizes.

    Interestingly I feel Ollie ticks every box and his only 2 main weaknesses are his lack of pace and being a bit one footed. I do however feel that this is all it takes to be the also rans, when up against a better team who have a striker that does most of what Ollie does but has more pace and can score with both feet. That is all I feel it takes for that team to clinically take their chances and for us to just squander ours and lose the game.

    Danny has the pace but my observation now is that he will never get a chance at that regular starting role ahead of Ollie under AW. AW always defaults to Ollie as 1st choice when he has all options available and I believe has publicly stated as much.

    If Ollie is first choice (in AW’s mind) then the question is simple IMO, and is :

    “Is Ollie world class and can he take his good periods of form into any game against any team. Can he terrorise the best teams out there and capitalise on those 1-2 chances in these tight games or even create a goal out of a half chance?”

    If the answer is yes then we are good to go. If the answer is more how I view it then we need something better if we are to challenge for the top prizes. The answer to that question will be a matter of individual opinion of course.

  9. stevepalmer1 says:

    Vintage, you have hit the nail on the head there mate. Who to play, and yes Wenger would find it hard to tell players who have waited patiently for a chance that they still have to wait.

    I really cannot see a come back for Jenks, i really like him, but who do i drop to fit him in. Holding mid Or Box to Box Chambers Ramsey Wilshere Rosiski Flamster Arteta and the new guy i cant remember his name, how do we play it. Ozil Cazorla The Ox good luck to the Manager.

  10. GoonerB says:

    Steve, the problem is you will likely not see Theo bursting through to score a goal on a regular basis while either injured, or when he is only getting cameo appearances.

    I do feel he should, in these games, left to operate near Giroud looking for the best place to be to exploit a ball out from defence or a lay off from Ollie. In this situation we still have 8 outfield players left making it difficult for the opposition to break us down. I feel that is enough, especially for an attack minded team, and feel we should be brave enough to release 2 players from being goal side. Nine men behind the ball and 1 on his own (Ollie) not blessed with pace is not a good thing IMO, and makes us look a bit less one of the worlds top sides.

    I do think I see where you are coming from Steve with Theo being isolated but I feel that if he is alone and through one on one with the keeper then it is not a problem as in this situation I would expect him to go it alone and try and score. If he has got behind them from a wider position but he can see that he will be intercepted by a defender and doesn’t have a clear route to a one on one with the keeper then yes he should hold it up and look for Ollie or the first arriving midfielder like Ozil or Santi.

    At least then we have gone from a defensive position to an attacking one, and at least we have pushed the team out gained territorial advantage rather than being hemmed in to our own half.

    I do however agree with NG that we shouldn’t be held over a barrel with the contract but I do wonder if Theo may be harbouring doubts more on the playing side. He has been publicly told he has no guarantees while Ollie is being given the big thumbs up “your my number 1”. Add to this that he has seen very little game time and has not been called upon in games which may have suited his strengths and I do get a bad gut feeling.

  11. GoonerB says:

    Steve on the RFB we do need (at least) 2 options here. I think Debuchy was an experienced like for like replacement for Sagna of a similar age, because at the start of the season neither Jenks or Bellerin could be considered ready to replace him. If Jenks and Bellerin both continue to improve as they are there may not be much that debuchy can obviously give us over the 2 of them. In that situation for me it is easy as you plump for the younger option and also the option that gives you a home grown player.

    The midfield is another conundrum but really has been all season. It should be a nice problem to have providing the manager is definitive and ruthless enough to decide who stays, goes, and arrives to give us the greatest strength and balance moving into next season.

  12. stevepalmer1 says:

    Gooner B, you have me mate, agree with what you say, Wenger plays Ozil every time he can same with Sanchez, buy a Marquee CF and i guess he would pick him as well.

    Thats why i am a form man, when players hit form thats when they play, many players are tactically brilliant but form has to be there to execute the move.

    Ramsey last year was electric a spate of good form and he was mustard, comes back from injury and was a shadow of his former self. Ramsey is just starting to show a few signs of form, taken an age but things look good, will he be as good i doubt that but while form is in he plays.

    Would i take Giroud out for the likes of Lwendowski of course i would as long as Lewendowski is in form. Its all about form they all have talent some better some worse but form is only temporary.

  13. GoonerB says:

    Steve when you say “you have me mate” do you really mean “you have battered me into submission and I can’t be bothered to talk about it any more, just agree with him, anything for an easy life?” 🙂

    Anyway it has been fun discussing it with you Steve but I really must do some work now. Bye till later.

  14. GoonerB says:

    Mmmm Lewandowski, I like him. Really bye for now.

  15. Big Raddy says:

    Theo? We have the money so we keep him, whatever the cost. Is there a better goal scoring right winger on the PL ? Not in my opinion.

    Did Pires tackle or Overmars or Arjen Robben?

  16. Big Raddy says:

    Poyet sacked.

    The man was a miracle worker less than 6 months ago, kept Sunderland up and the Board backed him by buying no-one in the T/W, then blame him for their troubles!

    Mind you, paying 85k a week to an ageing Defoe is madness

  17. mickydidit89 says:

    Crikey. “Banner for Steve”, I say

    Great work Mr P, and if the quality of comments and sheer quantity of words count, then top of the form you go. Thanks.

    I am busy, but having GoonerB in the house, is a bit like leaving a DidIt Aura.

  18. mickydidit89 says:


    You rightly say “All in all the season has been as I said a bit up and down”, and that made me think.

    How much of that has been down to injuries and not having a settled side?

    Chelsea were storming everything, but had few or no injuries. Now fatigue is setting in, and like us, City and United are becoming just as likely to play the odd stinker. Even Real Madrid do it. We are not alone.

  19. arnie says:

    lovely, absolutely lovely stuff, Steve. 🙂 🙂 🙂 pretty fantastic. 🙂

    you say up and down, I say pretty much up, but we fans expect better. Could we have done much better? Against ManUre and Monaco at home, and against Saints and Spuds away. Yes, they left a bad taste in the mouth. 😦

    But, could any team have done better? In the PL, perhaps the Chavs, but I think we decided that was not a model for us. 18 years and counting, let us not forget that.

    In Europe, Bayern and PSG? Perhaps Real? Well certainly not many teams. We continue to punch above our waist. OK, we could be better, but who could not? COYG. 🙂

  20. Big Raddy says:

    We are not alone.

    That is good to read. Do you mean there is a higher power? This gives me great comfort.

    Or is it that there is alien life which to me seems very probable. As the great philosopher M. Spock said ” Captain, it is life but not as we know it”

    Either way, having a settled side is obviously a reason we are doing well. Such a shame the Ox is knacked – he will be very important in the run-in

  21. arnie says:

    Theo, now that is a big question. He is our academy graduate, well sort of, and I would love to see him play for us. He brings unique speed and skills on the right wing. Most importantly, the 2-0 signal to the Spuds supporters. Oh I love him for that?

    But is he worth keeping at any cost. Dare I say NO. If he is becoming too big for his shoes, he has to be shown his place. Which is precisely what Wenger is trying to do with his statements. So be it, then.

    COYG. 🙂

  22. arnie says:

    SirA, brilliant match report yesterday. One for the Hall of Fame. Sorry, knot ear yesterday and back to EST now, just to say a big thank you. And to affirm, BRING ON MONACO, but not without a bit of trepidation. COYG. 🙂

    Thanks, Rasp, for your professed love for Le Coq a few days ago. When I was knot ear as well. Your interesting preferences have been duly noted. 😛

  23. BR, the Ox being knacked may just give Theo the chance to demonstrate how much he deserves a new contract.

    By the way, did you mean “knacked” as in he’s been down the knacker’s yard and turned into dog food. 😀

  24. Big Raddy says:

    Another reason we are doing well is that we haven’t played a decent side since Spurs in the PL.

    In fact since the turn of the year we have only played 3 top 10 teams – S’ton, Spurs and MC – we have won one and lost two.

  25. arnie says:

    And Monaco as well. Let us not be disrespectful. We have done that once and suffered as a result. A group stage topper in the CL is not a team of numpties. That is much better than what the Saints of Spurs will achieve in a long time. 😛

  26. stevepalmer1 says:

    Sorry all remembered late that i had a doctors appointment, AA can take hours off your life without you knowing. 🙂 Gooner B probably missed you now mate, what i meant was you talk a lot of sense mate and surprisingly i did agree with most of it. Never forbid i wouldn’t want to talk to you, in fact i love talking Arsenal with Arsenal men 🙂

    Thank you Micky, seems my comments are better than my posts, but i have to admit reading other peoples posts and comments are always better some how they probably know a lot more than me.

    Raddy, you little devil, You will support Theo till his your age. He’ll do a job no mistaking that 🙂 I reckon Spock and Kirk Pickard and Janeway and Archer deep down they were and are Gooner’s Wenger is famous for finding for finding life out their that none of us has heard of Arsenal live long and prosper. COYRRG’s

  27. stevepalmer1 says:

    Evening Arnie, yes Monaco will be a tough ask but we cannot play any worse than we did at home, so am expecting fireworks and the next round, 🙂

  28. Steve, there is a precedent for Arsenal turning round a 3 – 1 first leg defeat in European football.

    In the 1970 Inter City Fairs Cup Final we overcame Anderlect to win 4 – 3 on aggregate.

    Eddie Kelly got the first on 25 mins. Big Raddy made it 2 – 0 on 75 mins. and Jon Sammels wrapped it up with the third a minute latter.

    The Ghosts of the seventies are stirring!! 😀

  29. stevepalmer1 says:

    NG, i think i remember watching that game, and was screaming my head off, don’t think my future wife thought much of it as she left me only a few years later, Never mind she came from a family of Spuds so i should have known better. I didn’t of course as the next one was a spud as well she lasted close to 20 years, but she went still supporting Spuds. This one i have now is a Gooner always been a Gooner, and drives me ffffing mad, i have thought about leaving but she cooks good and doesn’t mind the football on the tele You know what its not easy being a Gooner is it, ha ha

  30. Steve you must be a glutton for punishment, isn’t there something about learning from our mistakes? ;D

    My wife, also a Spurs supporter, will be celebrating, with me on Thursday, forty-nine years of marital bliss.

  31. stevepalmer1 says:

    Norfolk my heart goes out to you both, here’s to the next 49 healthy happy years.

    I must admit relationships can last short or long we love them, and look after them, and them us. but the support for your club has many up and downs, i have seen good times and also the not so good, but the thought of having a partner through life who is there when you get home is unbeatable. If they can cook thats even better. Good luck to the pair of you.

  32. GoonerB says:

    Just popping back on briefly before popping off again.

    Thanks Steve (your 3.51), I was only being a bit tongue in cheek. I would be careful with saying that I talk a lot of sense though Steve as historically people who believe that are normally later diagnosed with rather serious psychological issues. You are far better off saying “GoonerB you are talking Bollix” and retaining your sanity.

    I may have got this wrong but I could swear that Micky was saying in a roundabout way earlier that I could speak on his behalf on here in his absence. If that is true I feel most honoured and can feel myself welling up as I type. Thats 2 large Brandy’s for you Micky when we next meet at the FFB for bestowing that accolade upon me.

  33. GoonerB says:

    Raddy (@3.46) I must admit that the same thing had crossed my mind but I have to believe we are turning the corner as it stands, and an away win at Utd is nothing to sniff at.

  34. chas says:

    Cheers, Steve.

    You’re right, the season has been one of many surprises. I love our immense Coq. 🙂

    Any talk of winning the League is fanciful to say the least. In fact, I don’t even like to think any further ahead than tomorrow night through fear of jinxing us.

  35. Big Raddy says:

    Chas. Have you really got that much power? If so can you think about MC and MU’s next few games.

  36. chas says:

    No power at all, BR.

    I thought you wore lucky pants, lucky socks, lucky codpiece and lucky cock ring for each game. 😆

  37. Gööner In Exile says:

    Evening all nice post Steve, I think Debuchy is a bit of an unusual purchase for Arsene, aged 29 on arrival is strange, I expressed doubts preferring Coleman who at 25/26 provided a longer term option.

    But maybe Jenkinsons performances for West Ham and Bellerins performances suggest Coleman would have scuppered their development.

    So future right back pairing of Jenks and Bellerin is on the cards.

    As for Theo im not so worried about his defensive contribution but I am concerned by his attacking contribution, whilst he can be a runner and get on the end of clever passes I think I am more concerned by his link up, I just don’t think he has the ability to keep a move flowing in the way that the likes of Ox, Alexis and Ollie can. If he is not finishing then he is just a fast runner.

  38. stevepalmer1 says:

    Chas, you have been around a long time, probably been supporting all your life. If that’s the case you have witnessed many of Arsenals past successes. Yes we had the doubles and yes the invincibals, but sadly in the last 9 or so years we have had disappointments getting beat in cup finals getting cheated out of champions league so on and so on until last year where sanity resumed and although tight cup final where you probably felt we were going to lose we actually came away with the cup.

    Supporters get used to losing, look at the teams below us, many have had no success for many many years our neighbours for one a Carling cup in what 20 odd years, and just the one CL position since it begun, many others have promotion as their successes. with this in mind i feel that as a child i was lucky that Arsenal was the club of choice it could have been many other clubs but The Arsenal was picked and i stayed until now.

    Can we win tomorrow of course we can its expected by me will we score enough to go through i like to think we will. Can we win against the winners of tonight’s FA cup teams i would expect to, and can we get to the final again i feel we will.

    Of course fortune has to be with us but that has always been the case, so can we win the league i do believe we could, we need results again in our favour and for other clubs to do their bit but yes nothing is signed and sealed at this present time.

    Fate has a habit of giving and taking away, sometimes its all giving and sometimes taken away we have a chance just like who is left in but if we take our chances then we will have deserved it.
    Its never over till it over, this up and down season could turn out one of the finest ever for an Arsenal supporter, and until its over i have faith.

  39. chas mobile says:

    I agree, Steve.

  40. stevepalmer1 says:

    Thanks GIE, your assessment is pretty good i feel, Personally i don’t see Jenkinson back in an Arsenal shirt, its my belief that he would have been the one to cover for Debuch, but Wenger brought in Belerin i believe that Wenger had made his mind up, brought in Chambers brought through Belerin and brought Debuchy no place for Jenks at all. I could be wrong but everything points to an exit for me.

  41. stevepalmer1 says:

    Reading 2.0 up 9 mins gone

  42. Big Raddy says:

    I would prefer to play Reading in the semis


    Lovely post Steve

    I think we are on the cusp of glory. All we needed was a relatively more equal playing field. Our improved finances and the much maligned FFP have made it so.

    Next season we will win the league. The main reason is our “stability” and the fact we have the best manager for the job. This will give us the edge over our rivals.

    I too am a student of the Star Trek Steve. Many a time I have mind melded with those who have needed it. Men have left lighter in the pocket and women slightly disheveled, confused as to there lopsided underwear.

    I would love to mind meld you Steve. By the time ive finished, you will be convinced that Britain should bail out Greece with a steady stream of siesta earned cash and develop new uses for your fishing rod.

    The Ghosts of Norfolks Seventies are Stirring

  44. stevepalmer1 says:

    Cheers Terry,
    Not being Fussy Tel but i am saving my mind meld for Ta Paul or seven of nine, if i mind melded with you i would probably never need Viagra again and start chasing Dogs down the road howling like a Wolf, There is only one Transplant and i wouldn’t want to change that, 🙂

    In all the Star trek series i have watched, although fascinated by what could be out there, i have never heard them talk about football, and if i could time travel, i would every week just to watch The Arsenal.

    Beam me there without having to travel would be my cup of tea

  45. stevepalmer1 says:

    You have your wish Raddy, Reading away, they played ok but Bradford looked a bit like Spuds worn out and paid off.

  46. stevepalmer1 says:

    Thats my lot, thank you all for your time today, enjoyed that immensely catch ya tomorrow.


    Steve, forget the football mate. In all the Star Trek franchise not once have I ever seen anyone go to the bog. No wonder Scotti always looked constipated and Spock was terrified of showing emotion. To busy holding it in

    In the Voyager series there was an alien with two arses, and I thought right, thats it. Half the episode will be spent in the kharzi,but no one even gave any one else an uncomfortable stare or suddenly fell to there knees demanding medical attention.

    If thats the future they can go stuff themselves, which ironically, stuffing yourself is the last thing you should do.

  48. arnie says:

    we can do it, but very very nervous. by midday tomorrow, all fingernails will be gone. COYG. 🙂

  49. Gööner In Exile says:

    Win tonight then on for the title 🙂

  50. Gööner In Exile says:

    I know this is a fruitless exercise…….but let’s say we win all 9 games we will have 84 points, those games include Dippers and Chavs home and ManUre away.

    So beating the Chavs would mean they have a max possible total points of 91. Can they drop 7 more?

    Their fixtures:
    A Hull
    H Stoke
    A QPR
    H ManUre
    A Arsenal
    A Leicester
    H Palace
    H Liverpool
    A WBA
    H Sunderland

  51. arnie says:

    GiE. Unlikely, but who knows? We can only put our best foot forward. A terrible cliche, I know. 😛

  52. arnie says:

    actually, they will probably have to drop 8, goal difference and all that. 😛

  53. Gööner In Exile says:

    Us stuffing them 5-0 will do most of the GD work.

  54. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    Match day. I read that it has been pouring with rain in Monaco. Should make for a fast pitch and play right into our hands. Those soft southern Monegasque players aren’t used to rain 🙂

  55. mickydidit89 says:

    Poofs the lot of ’em eh Raddy 🙂

    I vote Steve for promotion.

  56. mickydidit89 says:

    I think Monaco will score in the first 20 minutes 😦

    Anyway, could we just have a tiny little bit of the very mildest smut?

  57. mickydidit89 says:

    Fairly desperate here. Would settle for a naughty rock, or perhaps a kinky fruit of some kind.

  58. Big Raddy says:

    I will have a quick search around for something by which time chas should be up and about

  59. Big Raddy says:

    As if by magic!

  60. mickydidit89 says:

    HA HA HA Superb naughty vegetable

  61. Big Raddy says:

    Another thing to add to “what can I do to a pumpkin”

  62. mickydidit89 says:

    What, tip it, Raddy?

  63. Big Raddy says:

    My list may be different to Cockie’s.

    I wasn’t aware that the pumpkin had tipping ability. Must be my naivety

  64. mickydidit89 says:

    Oh God, I now have this image of Raddy in the Copenhagen fruit and veg market. While Mrs R innocently chats to an old friend, Dirty Raddy is quietly slipping a pumpkin a couple of Krona in the vague hope of some discreet extras

  65. Eddie says:

    Do you want an eddieCam story?

  66. chas says:


    Yes please. Here’s a pumpkin baby for you as a sweetener.

  67. Big Raddy says:


  68. mickydidit89 says:

    Quality work, Chas

  69. Eddie says:

    Beautiful baby with blue eyes 🙂 thanks chas xx

    Well, after all days skiing we went for a meal and sat by an open fire. An idiot took a fancy to me and kept insisting that I dance with him. I cannot dance but decided to step on his feet so much that he’ll get lost. When I was kicking his ankles a true genuine lesbian chatted up my female friend and asked if we were married!!! At that stage I had enough and made way to the exit. The cretin with sore toes ran after me, fallen over and caught fire. What a footing disaster, it can only happen in poland

  70. mickydidit89 says:

    You make me feel as though my life is an eventless empty void 🙂
    What a fabulous evening

  71. Big Raddy says:

    Eddie. That sort of thing happens to me every day 🙂

    How did you know the guy was an idiot – apart from falling over and catching fire?

  72. chas mobile says:

    Don’t mess with Eddie, you’ll get burned.

  73. Eddie says:

    Micky – I’ll swap for a boring life. I ended up arguing with my mate, because she has tendency for hugging, touching, etc. I hate all that feely touchy stuff plus it sends all wrong signals

    It’s a glorious day today and we are driving to rahacze. There is a webcam installed so you can see me tumbling down the hill 🙂 I’m wearing my arsenal hat, of course

  74. Eddie says:

    Raddy – he asked me what was the logo on my hat. A fooking idiot if there ever was one

    Chas – my teeth look better than yours now 🙂

  75. mickydidit89 says:

    Can’t wait. An Eddie/Chas Teeth Off in the boozer pre-match

  76. Big Raddy says:

    Rahacze looks awesome on the webcam. Beautiful weather.

    I want to be there. NOW.

  77. Eddie says:

    I’d love to see you there raddy 🙂 xx

  78. Eddie says:

    Car waiting, speak before the game x

  79. Big Raddy says:

    I have to go to work and can’t wait until 09.30 to put up the post so …..

    There is a New Post

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