Ramsey, Welbeck or Walcott

West Ham are a strange club; steeped in history – a working man’s club graced with creative artists. A Football Academy with extreme right wing fans (just a few of them). And today a manager who has changed the club from a side who yo-yo’ed between the leagues to one which is secure in the PL, has European aspirations and are difficult to beat. And play decent football.

Who would have thought that Allardyce could change his football ethos to fit the demands of the West Ham fans? Not Big Raddy. That said, West Ham’s tactics still include a lot of hoof-ball and crosses to the big central striker and they are not afraid to practice the Dark Arts.

Fat Bob used to take me to see WHU, the fact that he had a season ticket at Upton Park showed a mental infirmity – perhaps it is his need for understanding and emotional support which has kept us friends for 30 years.

Right enough of them – if you want to know about tactics and players and that sort of in-depth, well- researched essaying you will have to look elsewhere.

Arsenal:: Ox is injured who gets his place? My first thought was for Rosicky – he is such a great player and in a game which will involve a midfield battle his positivity may win the day but Mr Wenger likes to keep him on the bench as insurance, so which player takes Ox’s place will depend upon whether Mr Wenger wants to push Santi forward or keep him playing alongside Le Coq.

If Santi is pushed forward Ramsey may play. If not, there is space for an extra forward. Welbeck playing central worked at OT but I would bet Terry’s hairpiece that OG will start this afternoon. Will Welbz be benched or take up a role on the wings? If he does, whither Walcott?


Testing Day for David?

Luxury problems aren’t they? I expect to see Ramsey start. In my opinion he is the fulcrum of Arsenal over the next few years. Every team needs a box-to-box dynamic player and Ramsey, for the moment, is ours. He has been unable to re-create the form of last season but who could? Had he not got injured Ramsey may well have propelled us to the title and let us not forget he scored the winning goal in the FAC final. He needs a goal and then we will see his return to his pomp.

My Team.


Bellerin      BFG     Koscielny     Monreal

Ramsey    Coquelin

Cazorla     Alexis



Big game for Ospina, Szczesny has become adept at coming for the long crosses and at Upton Park was superb. Ospina will have to do the same.

Bench is strong and getting stronger. Our squad is so strong that just riding the pine is an honour.

Our form is good, our PL home form very good. I am 58% confident


Written by Big Raddy


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  1. wally says:

    I fancy Ramsey in for Ox, Rosicky a run for Santi, and Theo for Alexis. Lots of games lately, games that have demanded a lot, especially at this point in the season.
    The standard shouldn’t drop and they should all be hungry for time on the field.
    Surprised to see the big lump evolve his style of play, but good for him, good for the game.
    Looking forward to getting the weekend off on the right foot!

  2. ‘morning all, Thank you BR for yet another fine pre-match.

    Ah, a proper Saturday afternoon kick-off and a proper London derby against a decent club gradually returning to playing proper football.

    I believe both Carlton Cole and Andy Carroll will be missing, their other striker, Enner Valencia, could also miss out as he cut his toe when he stepped on a broken cup, Jenkinson is ineligible, Winston Reid and James Tomkins are also out but Morgan Amalfitano returns after a three-game ban.

    Arsene will follow BR’s advise and play the defensive line-up as posted.

    As to the rest of them I can’t see that there will be much of a change to BR’s pick, only the positions they play in, apart from Giroud who will be up there for the long balls over the top.

    I do love to read the experts view, Wilson in the Telegraph has Paulista absent through injury and Gabriel subject to a pre-match test. Somebody should tell the overpaid muppet that they are one and the same person. 😀

  3. Big Raddy says:

    This is an email I received from Fat Bob who is a WHU supporter which he wrote for AA….

    I should have been an Arsenal fan. My father and uncle (season ticket holder in the 50’s and 60’s) used to bring me to Highbury where I’d watch the likes of Jim Furnell, Ian Ure (Mary’s brother?), John Radford (couldn’t stop scoring till he came to West Ham) and Georgie Armstrong. We lived just a few miles from Highbury. 80% of my school friends were Gooners and I even had a kick around with Bob Wilson’s son John in the mid 70’s with a mutual friend.

    But no – it was not to be. My dad gave up his ticket after opening a menswear shop in Watford in the early 70’s and my Hammer supporting neighbour saw the opportunity to pounce. He took me to Upton Park for the first time on 21st September 1974. West Ham vs Leicester City. The boys in claret and blue won 6 – 2 including braces from Bobby Gould and Billy Jennings. I was hooked!

    But due to the family connection, the games with Arsenal always meant a little bit more and with the latest episode upon us, I thought I would reflect on the wins and losses that stood out the most.

    And so in chronological order (and in deference to Nick Hornby and his excellent book High Fidelity) here are my top 10 stand out games.

    8.3.75 Arsenal 0 West Ham 2
    Quarter final of the FA Cup at Highbury. Taken by my Uncle Harry. I remember three things. 1 – A corking foul in the area by Mervyn Day, not given by the referee. Would have had Jose Mourinho committing Hari Kari if it had happened to Chelski. 2 – The rain/state of the pitch. 3 – Two goals from Alan ‘Sparrow’ Taylor in perfectly ironed white kit. We went on to win a shocking final 2-0 vs Fulham (led by Bobby Moore).

    20.3.76 Arsenal 6 West Ham 1
    My neighbour took me to Highbury for the Division 1 league fixture. Mcdonalds had just opened on Seven Sisters Road. I was introduced to a Mcdonalds Chocolate Milk Shake for the first time. I felt sick straight after but not as sick as I felt after the game. Alan Ball ran us ragged and Brian Kidd bulldozered his way to a hat trick. Why did Dad open his bloody menswear shop?

    19.2.77 Arsenal 2 West Ham 3
    Stood in the clock end with some Arsenal mates. Mayhem on the North Bank – and on the pitch as Sir Trev took personal revenge for the humiliation 12 months earlier. Another Alan Taylor brace and one from Billy Jennings won all 2 points for the Happy Hammers.

    10.5.80 Arsenal 0 West Ham 1
    Boiling hot day, smoked 40 red marlbro between Sir Trev’s bullet header and the final whistle. Willie Young on Paul Allen a disgrace (the disgrace was he should have amputated his leg given Allen fucked off to the scum 3 years later). Walked all the way back to Rayners Lane with a ridiculous grin on my face and then later that evening, at a house party, I sort of lost my virginity!

    11.1.89 Arsenal 0 West Ham 1
    Went with Big Raddy to the replay. Sat on my hands in the lower west. Match was heading for extra time when up popped Leroy Rosenior with as bad a header as won any game of football. Hands then removed from arse – went mad. Got a lot of looks (although I was not alone with fellow hammers all around). Big Raddy not amused – held the grudge for 9 years.

    30.4.94 Arsenal 0 West Ham 2
    Had the feeling of an end of season friendly. Lovely bright sunny day, made even brighter with a goal from mad dog (Martin Allen) and Trevor (mind the knife) Morley. Possibly the worst performance from an Arsenal team I’d ever witnessed (up to then of course).

    24.9.97 Arsenal 4 West Ham 0
    Went with a Gooner mate. Sat in the Upper West. Can’t say it was the worst performance from a West Ham team I’d ever witnessed as I’ve seen some shockers. But Arsenal were mesmerising. In particular Vierra and Petit ran the show ably assisted by Bergkamp and Overmars. My 6 year old son woke up the following morning – “why can’t we be Arsenal fans like grandpa” he said. Have faith son, have faith.

    17.3.98 West Ham 1 Arsenal 1 (Arsenal 4-3 on Penalties)
    I knew this would end in tears. 9 bloody year’s Big Raddy waited. I was even staying at his house in Cheltenham for three nights as we took on the bookies in our usual one sided Cheltenham Racing betting extravaganza. We sat down in his living room, both a little nervous. Bergkamp got sent off after half an hour. It’s gonna be our night – FA Cup bragging rights to the Hammers again. Anelka scored just before half time but Hartson equalised 6 minutes from the end. 11 vs 10 in extra time, it’s gotta be our night. Went to penalties. Lost. Big Raddy ecstatic. Didn’t shut up till I headed back to London 20 hours later and a lot worse off in the pocket.

    3.10.99 Dicanio 2 Arsenal 1
    Adams and Keown taken to pieces by the mad Italian. The second goal remains one of my all-time Paolo favourites. Upton Park erupted. Stimac and Ruddock stopped all before them. Kanu on for Bergkamp just about said it all. Little did I know we’d have to wait 6 years for another win.

    1.2.06 Arsenal 2 West Ham 3
    And then, just like a good old London bus along come 3 wins in a row. The end of an era at Highbury, and the beginning of the end of Sol Cambell’s career at Arsenal. Funnily enough, I had a reputation with Big Raddy for leaving matches before the final whistle. Mind you, I never shipped out at half time! Took my Dad and Son to this game – couldn’t hold back my smile. Never mind Grandson said to Grandpa – but thanks for opening that menswear shop!

    7.4.07 Arsenal 0 West Ham 1
    Last to win at Highbury and somehow first to win at The Emirates. Sat amongst Arsenal fans in the erm…….. upper something. 41 efforts on goal. Rob Green stood in the way. Zamora lobbed Lehmann. The great escape was on. In all the time at Highbury sitting amongst Gooners I never took any stick apart from that day when two middle aged women, clearly frustrated by what had gone before, got up at the final whistle, turned round and said “and you can fuck off back to East London as well”.

    14.3.15 Arsenal West Ham
    I’ve got a feeling I’m gonna wish he’d never opened that bloody menswear shop!

  4. Pass on my thanks to Fat Bob, please BR. Great to see the games from the oppo’s point of view.

  5. Big Raddy says:

    Great stuff from Bob. He may be deluded in his choice of football team but a top bloke nonetheless.

  6. chas mobile says:

    Superb, BR.
    MWG today, need an early goal and one every ten minutes thereafter. 🙂

    I’ve just read out Fat Bob’s email to Ant in the car as we approached the M25. Thanks very much for posting, we both loved it. So many memories. Priceless.

  7. arnie says:

    Fantastic, Raddy. 🙂 Thank you as ever. 🙂 🙂

    I like the shape and feel of your team. But I wonder whether we will see a front foursome of Giro, Welbz, Theo and Alexis together at some point. For midweek, we need some practise in throwing caution to the wind. The AAA principle as Micky might say. 🙂

    58% does me fine, though I may go for a slightly higher 70%. 🙂

    COYG. 🙂


    Nice one Raddy

    I want Ramsey to play Raddy. He needs the game before the Monaco match. Ramsey is the key to European glory. Continentals dont like Welsh men with personality, it confuses them. I expect Ramsey to shoot Monaco down.

    Fat Bob, top stuff mate. Your story gave me the shudders though. Watford is not to far from Luton.

    You had a lucky escape. Just imagine when your old man opened up that Watford shop some ramshackle customer with an interest in mammal fur density convinced you to go watch Luton with him?

    You would have spent your childhood burning car tyres and wondering what a £50 note looked like.

    You had a lucky escape Bob.

  9. Nice reading both Raddy and Bob!

    I wonder if Ramsey will ever be as good again – as last year. I think no. And I also wonder if he somewhere inside knows or suspects this. But if he gets close that would be enough.

    I’d like Walcott to get a start…

    Arsenal have won the last nine games against West Ham!

  10. Big Raddy says:

    Lehmann. Bob and I are going to both AIK at home and Gothenburg away. Should be great

  11. Oh really! Maybe we can meet up for a beer after AIK… Malmö in cup-trouble right now! (They’ve been looking fantastic until now!)

  12. What lovely stuff from Raddy and his mate Bob. 🙂

    I’m already installed in the bar, Pastis served, good internet connetion and looking forward to the game. Ramsey would be a good addition but I think Santi will start over him and perhaps he’ll come on for the last twenty minutes.

    Will be back later to join everyone behind the sofa. 🙂

  13. GoonerB says:

    Thanks Raddy. It should be a game to give certain players a rest and give others, who need it, game time. Players I feel we can’t easily rest are Sanchez and Le Coq purely because I would not be overly confident on whoever replaces them.

    I would start with Szc in goal firstly to give him 2 games on the trot and secondly to deal with the likely aerial balls, although I don’t expect as many as from past Allardyce teams. I would probably re-instate Ospina for Monaco where his slightly quicker saving reflexes (IMO) will be more important.

    I would go with your back 4 Raddy, although is it a good game to give BFG a rest and give Chambers a start alongside Kos?

    I would then play Rosicky with Le Coq and push Ramsey into the number 10 role, giving both Ozil and Santi a breather.

    For this one I would go with both Alexis left and Walcott right playing off Ollie. I always feel that Ollie is better when paired with Theo. Danny I would bring back in for Monaco where I feel pace may be more important.

    The only thing I may consider is resting Alexis for Gibbs and have Monreal and Gibbs double up on the left flank. They are both good enough going forwards to still provide attacking intent.

    So for me it is :

    Bellerin BFG/Chambers Kos Monreal
    Coquelin Rosicky
    Walcott Ramsey Alexis/Gibbs

  14. GoonerB says:

    Also Raddy, it may just be me but as a gooner I have always felt that we get on best with WHU out of all the London teams and owe them a debt of gratitude for Lasanga-gate on the last day of the season in the last game at Highbury. It was also Bergkamps last game for us.

    I was there that day and will never forget how as Dennis was coming on (around 80 or so mins I think) to take his final bow a loud cheer went up all around Highbury. Dennis did the kind of clap to all 4 stands thingy thinking it was for him but it was because the news had just filtered in that the hammers had scored and were beating the filthy ones.

  15. arnie says:

    ha ha ha. Beebs site seems to de down. Jeremy Clarkson effect? 🙂

  16. Ospina in goal, chezzers on the bench.

  17. 13 Ospina
    21 Chambers
    04 Mertesacker
    06 Koscielny
    18 Monreal
    16 Ramsey
    34 Coquelin
    14 Walcott
    11 Özil
    17 Sánchez
    12 Giroud

  18. Arsenal team to play West Ham: Ospina, Chambers, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Coquelin, Ramsey, Walcott, Ozil, Alexis, Giroud

    Arsenal subs: Szczesny, Gibbs, Bellerin, Flamini, Cazorla, Welbeck, Akpom

  19. mickydidit89 says:

    Great stuff BR.

    Blimey, Theo starts and Mesut in the middle.

  20. RockyLives says:

    Lovely stuff BR

    Interesting team – reasonable amount of height for the aerial bombardment, which may explain Chambers.

    Is Bellerin injured? Or just rested?

  21. arnie says:

    Hope this works for Theo and Rambo. We need them. COYG. 🙂

  22. RockyLives says:

    Gooner B

    Agree totally about WHU.

    The Spuds are obviously the tribal enemy and the Chavs are beyond the pale, but the Irons have always been a club I’ve liked.

  23. Eddie says:

    58%??!! Hardly fills me with optimism 😦 nay, we have to do better than that, make it 85 Raddy

    I’m in Poland skiing, bad Internet connection (I’m nit with nb) and sore backside (from a bad fall on ice) don’t support blogging very well. Any good streams?

  24. Big Raddy says:

    Hope all is well Eddie.

    Intersting team. No Santi

  25. Here we go then… smooth as ever 🙂 COYG’s

  26. RA says:

    Belli is on the bench, Rockety.

  27. Walcott bad start… should have put that away

  28. Big Raddy says:

    NB. Should have been a penalty

  29. arnie says:

    yes, but still should have shot first time. brilliant from Giro

  30. well hello Eddie… I miss having you in the mornings 🙂 skiing in Poland band a sore bum, likely story.

  31. RA says:

    A very nice Post, Raddy.

    Hopefully the ‘normal’ Arsenal show up today, and not the strangely nervy team who sometimes show up in ‘easier’ games.

  32. arnie says:

    good to have Eddie back. we were getting a bit worried. 😛

  33. Lovely stuff from Coq au vin against Sarkho

  34. Eddie says:

    Having me in the morning? Would you like to rephrase that nb?

    Silly Theo

  35. Eddie says:

    I’m fine raddy, well supported in that area

    We are doing very well, good game

  36. Must be a goal soon.. we’re all over them

  37. My West Ham supporting mate hasn’t turned up at the bar……. I think he knows something 🙂

  38. Merde alors… that was close for Wham

  39. If it was just the DM’s and not the all…….. anyway, get back to your skiing 🙂

  40. Eddie says:

    Nb – black route tomorrow

  41. Where are you skiing Eddie?

  42. Big Raddy says:

    Chambers needs to get closer to Jarvis. His lack of pace shows why he should play centralyy.

    Theo …… Not straight at the keeper, good run though.

  43. Another keeper Adrian having a fucking blinder agaist us

  44. Eddie… back route is ok with me 🙂

  45. Eddie says:

    NG – we drive to a different resort each day, poland and slovakia

    It’s not happening, still nil all

  46. Big Raddy says:

    If possession won the game we would be out of sight.

    Oh FFS Theo….

  47. Theo just can’t seem to get it in the net

  48. arnie says:


  49. But Girrooo did 🙂

  50. Big Raddy says:

    Fantastic from OG. Lovely pass from Ozil

  51. arnie says:

    OK, Giro’s job done, let us take him off and have the headless chicken on! 😛

  52. mickydidit89 says:

    Superb goal

    And they do it on purpose to annoy the tossers who leave seats early ha ha ha ha

  53. Great time to score, just when the Hammers thought they had survived the first half.

  54. fatgingergooner says:

    Wow!! Stunning goal up there with Wilshere v Norwich.

    Just going to complain about our finishing but maybe we just needed the right man to shoot. Right in the corner giving the keeper no chance. If only Theo, Özil and Sanchez had done that previous!

  55. mickydidit89 says:


  56. Eddie, I often thought of going to Poland skiing, but never got round to it. Area around Zakopane looked promising. Too late now, my last trip was two years ago to Meribel in France.

  57. Eddie says:

    NG – poland is ok for skiing, but slovakia better. Zakopane is a beautifuln płace full of ugly people sporting designer gear, not for me

    Didit 🙂

  58. stevepalmer1 says:

    Afternoon all,
    Nice one Raddy,
    Boarding out the loft, what a shit job, come down to watch the match, couldn’t get a stream for 15 minutes but only missed a couple of shots, I have to say that Theo gets me annoyed every time i see him, will this man ever challenge. Bows out of every challenge and is frightened he may mess his hair up, from what i have seen of him he is a passenger.

    Now watch the little bugger score a couple

  59. RA says:


    I have my suspicions about your ski story — Poland is as hilly as Holland! 🙂

  60. GoonerB says:

    I’ve been to Jasna in the lower Tatras Eddie. Are you anywhere near that resort?

  61. Big Raddy says:

    Ramsey & Koscielny had a superb first half. More of the same please.

  62. Big Raddy says:

    Come on boys. Wake Up..

  63. We’re making hard work of this….

  64. We always do NB, but will come good in the end, I hope!!

  65. Danny boy comes on… come on Welbz, get one in

  66. French commentator heard an Arsenal supporter say, “what the fuck was that” when a pass went astray, and then repeated it. LOL

  67. Can’t believe that after 70 minutes and we’re still only winning 1-0

  68. arnie says:

    Rambo …… and Giro

  69. Arsenal 16 shots, 6 on target. Bloody ‘keeper must be playing a blinder.

  70. That’s better, 17 shots, 7 on target. The ‘keeper didn’t stop that one. Ramsey!!!!

  71. arnie says:

    Flamster. ha ha ha ha.

  72. Eddie says:

    I was jest about to say that all those misses can be costly 🙂 Sully Eddie

  73. fatgingergooner says:

    Get in Rambo!
    Get in Flamini!

    It’s not been easy today, but if we can finish the job then a nice gap opened up to the other top 4 challengers and the pressure applied nicely on City.

  74. Flamini on for Ozil, looks like Wenger wants to park the bus.

  75. That’s better…….

  76. Sorry Arsene! I take back that last comment. 😀

  77. Eddie says:

    Brill !!!!!

    58% pssshhhhh you of little faith

    Im based in Bochnia but go mostly to Krynica, have never been to jasna

  78. Eddie says:

    RA ,- what are you talking about dearest? Check Kamil Stoch’s origins

  79. arnie says:

    nothing to complaint about, except that I did not get my wish.

    Alexis, Giro, Theo and Welbz on together. 😛

  80. RA says:

    I know nothing, Eddie — just wanted to talk to you!! 🙂

    [I have heard of Krynica.]

  81. That’s it… god game good game. We should have done better but their keeper had a good game. 3 -0 will do me.

    Eddie… tomorrow morning, want you in with a bit of banter. I’m off to another bar. Saturday night in Avignon… 🙂

  82. mickydidit89 says:

    very very good
    back in a bit
    two bikes, two punctures to fix

  83. Full time, 3 nil to the Arsenal. Look out City we’re on your tail. 😀

    68% possession
    19 shots, 9 on target

    I’m willing to bet that Fat Sam says ” we deserved something, we controlled the game from first to last.” HA Ha, nice try Hammers.

  84. Big Raddy says:

    Take that Fat Bob, though you did predict a loss.

    Fine performance only marred by a poor 20 mins after the break, a decent side would have punished us.

    Kos, Ramsey, Coq and OG terrific today.

  85. leo1281 says:

    Did anybody notice the moment Theo was out we looked better??? Or it’s just me thinking he was a level down on attitude??

  86. Big Raddy says:

    Leo. I am saying nothing 😉

    I don’t think it was attitude more rustiness. He tried hard enough but was off the pace and out of sync.

  87. Give him a break Leo, he’s hardly played this season, you surely don’t expect him to be on top of his game after such a long lay-off, do you?

  88. leo1281 says:

    when you know what he can deliver you ask him for more! Take Ramsey, he was last season version! 🙂

  89. RockyLives says:


    “Kos, Ramsey, Coq and OG terrific today.”

    I would definitely add Monreal to that last and possibly Ospina and Ozil too.

  90. Three points from Sweden:

    – Giroud was fabulous. His link play at its best. Involved in all goals and almost all great chances.

    – Monreal. Nothing special really, but I like him more and more. Especially because he looks so focused and hungry nowadays. No hesitation. Also he turns up at the center of defense when needed.

    – The counterattacks were quite horrible. Maybe ten times Arsenal rush on forward with very good chance to create something, but when they get close to West Hams goal they mess it up with bad decisions. Again and again and again. Thats the big question really, why they cant read each other intentions better.

    And Walcott was typically rusty.

  91. Big Raddy says:

    Rocky I agree. Our only players one could criticise are both on our right side

    And for the second game in a row plaudits must go to the referee (s).

  92. RA says:

    I did not see or hear anything about the game.

    Does the comment, “And Walcott was typically rusty” mean he was typically poor? Is this why he has not been playing lately? 🙂

  93. GunnerN5 says:

    Thanks for yet another of your great pre match posts Raddy.

    I just got home in time to set the game up in the theater room, good all round performance. Santi just oozes class – 20 minutes of sublime footwork.

    Folks need to give Walcott a break he’s hardly played and must be suffering from a confidence crisis – but he will get his game back together.

  94. GunnerN5 says:

    RA in my opinion Walcott should get a 6 for his performance today.
    He got himself into some great positions but when he received the through balls he either scuffed his shot or made the wrong decision.

    He was brought down in the early minutes and replays showed it should have been a penalty and possibly a red card.

  95. Shard says:

    Well that was fun. The same score against Monaco please.

    Wenger did well to rotate the squad. Some rest for Santi, Alexis, and Bellerin.

    Kos and Coq were fantastic.

    Ramsey is getting back to where he was by curbing his early season tendency to simply run forward.

    Theo oh Theo. Frustrating as he was today, I think he did much better than the earlier games that had seen him score but do nothing else. He was more involved, and made some good runs. Not sure he offers enough defensively. I think part of the reason Chambers looked so exposed was Theo.

    Though Chambers is a little slow too. I don’t think he’s truly a RB at all. I see him as more of a Mertesacker successor. Maybe as early as next season.

    Welbeck seemed to have a much better touch today. Did well.

    Ozil had a bit of a poor game I thought. Some poor passes, which is unusual for him. Leading to a loss of confidence, culminating in a refusal to take a shot. Which isn’t unusual. But he was also always involved and with a little better luck/finishing, might have had a goal too.

    Giroud. If only he was as quick as Welbeck, he would be a monster of a striker. Involved in all 3 goals, his finishing and vision has improved so much since he got here. Hopefully he’ll make up for his poor game vs Monaco and score a hat trick to get us through to the quarter finals.

    Speaking of which… Raddy, who are England playing in the CWC quarter finals? 😀

  96. RA says:

    Thanks, GN5, you are, of course, correct that larruping Theo so soon into his comeback would be wrong. 🙂

  97. RockyLives says:

    I thought Ozil had a really good game (notwithstanding that strange decision not to shoot when through on goal).

    He is the oil in the cogs of so much of what we do.

  98. Big Raddy says:

    Shard. Peaches Mum’s rule forbids me giving you the answer I would like 😡

  99. Shard says:


    You might be right. I guess it’s possible that it was just that there were a few passes he would make normally that were not finding their mark. It may have been less frequent than it appeared, though I do think that his confidence was affected by it.

  100. Shard says:

    Hahaha.. Now now..Remember your hippie inner peace stuff… Ooommmmmmmm! 🙂

    I don’t really follow cricket much anymore, but it’s fun to watch tournaments like this. Who do you think will win it? Both the co-hosts look really strong. And the match they played against each other was just amazing.

    Oh and about Fat Sam the Walrus. I don’t think he’s really changed the way he plays. They still play long ball to the wings and cross it to the big guy, or look for knockdowns. Like his teams always did. (Well, since Bolton at least)Even at Bolton he had some great technical players. Okocha, Djorkaeff, Campo and Hierro etc. He’s just playing in a league which has seen an improvement in the technical level, and which tolerates less violence as a general style of play (not for isolated incidents)

  101. fatgingergooner says:

    Cracking result when you consider we had an intense game on Monday and made 5 changes to the side. Some of the play was unbelievable, even more so because it involved players who have missed a lot of games this season. Imagine the football if these guys avoided major injuries for a year!

  102. RA says:

    Good to hear you say that, FGG. 🙂

  103. Theo in front of goal really looked like someone who does not have match-tempo. A bit too slow and not following instincts… That will change if he gets chances to play. I think.

    Djorkaeff in Bolton! That was lovely. As was Okocha!

  104. fatgingergooner says:

    1 point behind City with 9 games left. I’d have taken that at the beginning of the season!

  105. arnie says:

    ha ha ha ha. ROLF!

  106. arnie says:

    I really like Dyche. 🙂 hopefully, they will stay up.

  107. arnie says:

  108. arnie says:

  109. Gööner In Exile says:

    So if Chavs lose tomorrow are we back on for the Treble?

  110. fatgingergooner says:

    If you haven’t seen Giroud’s goal, then that video doesn’t do it justice. The build up between Merts, Rambo, Özil and Giroud was different class.

  111. arnie says:

    agreed, FGG, and agreed GiE. 🙂 if only the good guys can make us happy midweek. 🙂

  112. fatgingergooner says:


    If the treble is 2nd in the PL, last 16 of the CL and an FA Cup win, then definitely!!! 🙂

  113. mickydidit89 says:

    Oh behave
    I’ve just seen the City result

  114. mickydidit89 says:

    I reckon if we ran a “Pick your 1stXI for Monaco” competition right now, 90% of us would have the same team.

    That’s a massive difference from a few weeks ago. I think.

  115. arnie says:

    who all are not in your 90%, Micky? 🙂

  116. arnie says:

    how about Arsene?

  117. RockyLives says:

    My team for Monaco:


    9-0 to the good guys

  118. Gööner In Exile says:

    Bell BFG Koz Nacho
    Ozil Santi
    Theo Ollie Sanchez

  119. arnie says:

    I really like Rocky’s team, though GiE’s team is more likely. 😛

  120. arnie says:

  121. wally says:

    They’re starting to play like they did in the hay days!

    This time next year they’ll know each other better, especially on the break and the score will 6-0.

  122. neamman says:

    My sister married into a Hammers family from Ilford, my nephew was on their youth team for a while. My overriding memory of the Hammers was around 1969 0r 70 when we won 2-0. Going back to Liverpool St I ran for the tube and found myself the only Arsenal fan in a coach full of East Enders!! I squeezed myself in next to an old lady and thankfully no one bothered me and I quickly changed at Kings Cross.

  123. Gööner In Exile says:

    Arnie that clip has me wondering is Ozil the pre assist master?

    I do think a lot of his touches and movement are unappreciated because they dont appear to be doing anything, but he often changes the direction of attack which should wrong foot opponents.

    Today was probably very good practice for Monaco, a team wanting to park the bus with a mobile and physical midfield. Also a good lesson in not chasing the game, midweek if we fail to score early we could start panicking, but three goals in the pattern/timing we scored them today will win us the game in Monaco.

  124. arnie says:

    yes, GiE, I wondered the same thing. he was just amazing today. just starting every crucial move, and planning a series of passes. And a good practise against Monaco as well. if only Theo was a bit more efficient in front of goal, ir would be just perfect. Probably Bellerin rather than Chambers for me.

    COYG. 🙂

  125. arnie says:

    motning all. what a week. warm glow. 🙂

    midweek challenge awaits. COYG. 🙂

    off to the US again. this 15-day return was very stressful. 😦

  126. arnie says:

  127. arnie says:

  128. arnie says:

  129. mickydidit89 says:

    Arnie at 5:41 and :44

    Some sort of Ommmm Lamps?

  130. mickydidit89 says:

    I see my 90% theory was shot to pieces
    Cheers for that Rocky and Exile
    Knobbers 🙂

  131. mickydidit89 says:

    Here’s some great news. I would pick Ollie in my First XI against Monte Carlo

  132. chas says:

    Great to see the Peach yesterday.
    Another superb result.
    As they said on the MOTD highlights, the crowd were getting a little restless just before half-time but the timing of Giroud’s goal knocked the stuffing out of the moaners.
    Second half we were poor at the start but again the 2 goals in the last 10 minutes turn an average performance into a great one.

  133. chas says:

  134. chas says:

  135. RA says:

    As a non-MILF I think that is discrimination! Shameful!

  136. RA says:

    And Chas, I hope you get over your vid stutter soon. 🙂

  137. mickydidit89 says:

    “the crowd were getting a little restless just before half-time”

    So some ask themselves the question: “ok, do I stay here in my seat until the half time whistle, or go get some watered down beer and some fat? Mmmm. Might miss a goal, but hey, I’ll go for the fat”

    Now I think of your grumpy git every time people get up to leave 🙂

  138. mickydidit89 says:

    Me a defenser? I saw that comment 🙂

  139. chas says:

    The first two went into moderation, so I had to log in via WordPress to get the bloody goal posted, then some fool comes along and releases the first two from spam making me look the idiot. 🙂

  140. mickydidit89 says:


    You mean there’s someone “in authority” lurking behind the scenes at this hour?

  141. chas says:

    Moaner down the row from us spent most of the first half doing what he does best. How he thinks it vaguely helps the team or anyone within his earshot, I’ll never know. OG scores and immediately he burst into, ‘Na, na, na, nanana, nanana, Girooooood’. The man is a complete moron. He really doesn’t deserve to celebrate any of the goals.

    Grumpy git was fairly quiet today. (He only ever opens his mouth to grumble as well 🙂 )
    We saw one chap leave with 12 minutes to go. I doubt he saw the goal just before half time either.
    A completely pointless trip to The Arsenal.

  142. chas says:

    They don’t release themselves from moderation themselves!
    You’re being spied on from above.

  143. Oops that’ll be me, sorry chas I’ll take the other two off.

  144. chas says:

    Themselves, ourselves, santaselves

  145. chas says:

    Ah, now we know who Big Brother is. 🙂

  146. Lovely to have a beer with The Vines pre-match 😃

  147. mickydidit89 says:

    Thing is, Grumpy only moans at people who get in his way ie he WANTS to watch the game

    I’m always so pleased when we score late in either half

  148. chas says:


  149. chas says:

    Gorra go.

  150. We’ve got a shouty woman that sits behind me, she’s very enthusiastic in her support but also quite annoying. She was debating with her friend about when to miss the queues at the food and hahaha missed Girouds goal.

  151. mickydidit89 says:

    Oh God, Chas has been reading books again 🙄

    Always turn around and start discussing the great goal when they return to seats 🙂

  152. Just watched MOTD. Theo was getting into great positions to score, should have had a penalty – none of his team-mates helped him, is that the after effect of the Chavs behaving like babies?

  153. Haha micky, good plan

  154. mickydidit89 says:

    Right, Mothers Day.
    Time to start getting the children to do things 🙂

  155. Yep, daughter and granddaughter will be here very soon for some loving and to make a mess 🙂

  156. arnie says:

    Micky. Requested Google for warm glow and those were about the only results passing the Peaches mum test

  157. Rasp says:

    Morning all, good solid victory with some very classy goals.

    Giroud’s finish was exceptional, most of his ‘flicks’ came off and his hold up play was also very good. He did have a nightmare against Monaco (sorry chas, I promise never to sit next to you again 🙂 ) but he showed yesterday that he is a very important Arsenal player. Let’s hope he will have his radar set in the same way on Tuesday.

    The other player I have to mention is Theo. I didn’t see the game live but read comments. By the sound of it you’d have thought he had a mare? but the highlights showed him making excellent runs, unlucky not to score and not getting what looked like a clear penalty. The chavs would have been all over the ref for that one.

    Theo brings something to the side different to Welby and Giroud and is well worth his place in the squad.

    I understand le Coq kept up his form, his contribution will be less obvious in games we win comfortably.

  158. Rasp says:

    Oh yes, and from what I could see, the Ramsey of last season is back! and that bodes very well for the rest of the campaign.

    If only we hadn’t conceded that 3rd goal to Monaco, I’d fancy our chances in the CL this season 😕

  159. Motning all, I’ve just got the match report in from my chum SirA and I’ll post it up shortly.

  160. Rasp says:

    Thanks Chary @ SirAH’s name now sits at the top of our list of ‘Authors on AA’

  161. There is a new post and just to show I’m not Carnivoraphobic there’s a gratuitous “piece of meat” picture at the beginning :

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