Do Arsenal players Care?

Picture this. It’s the first day of the Autumn (or Rugger) Term at DidIt’s “Little School”. Life begins with the Headmasters Speech in which he announces who is to be the Head Boy. Then comes Captain of 1st XV Rugger. Yip, no surprise here. Old Big Head Allen. Then for some reason there is something called Vice Captain and Scrum Leader…..”and for this year, DidIt. M”

“What the ‘ucking hell do you mean?” I thought to myself. “I friggin’ hate rugger”.

Thing was, I had given the wrong impression ie that I was quite good. Fact of the matter was that I hated getting hurt and had quickly learnt, in a cowardly kind of way, to hit people the moment the game began, and from then on, they pretty much left you alone. Problem was, occasionally someone gave me the wretched ball, and I could pretty much run about willy nilly, giving the terrible illusion I was quite good. I got to the top by being a coward.

Here’s another true story. I know a bloke with about seventy full England Rugger Caps, and a few Lions Tours thrown in. You know what, he doesn’t even particularly like the game. He’s bloody enormous, and naturally very good at sport. He grew up in the West Country where everyone plays rugger, and he was just always the best. One thing lead to another, and before he knew it, he was a professional, and now a few years after quitting, still makes a very good living through a sport he doesn’t especially love.

To get to play for The Arsenal you have done many things right. You are in the top 1% of all people playing professional football around the world, but I would suggest that you can get there through a combination of “right time, right place”, much skill of course, you keep fit, are a natural athlete and so on.

Here’s a problem. We are fans, and we really do care. Week in, week out. Year in, year out.

Do players really need to care is the question. This can only ever be answered by how a man reacts when the chips are down. It can be a fairly smooth passage to the top for many, and remember also, these days the rewards are colossal, and the cocooned pampering all around.


This is the attitude we want

Ultimately, we are looking for players who care about winning, as much as we care about OUR club.

Is this ridiculous?

written by MickyDidit


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  1. Big Raddy says:

    Micky. My initial response is No, they don’t need to care about Arsenal but they DO have to care about their team mates and have pride in their own performance.

    On the whole they do.

    I don’t need to see someone kissing the badge , they could be kissing the badge at another club next season. I just want every player to give 100% every time he plays for The Arsenal – every time and for every minute.

    Poor form will always affect a player but there is never a reason to hide (Gervinho/Chamakh) or not give their all. Never.

  2. Big Raddy says:

    Rasp . A secret 😀

  3. Not so pants after all Micky.

    I don’t doubt for a minute that the majority of professional sportsmen and women “care”.

    I’m pretty sure that the majority of Arsenal players “care”. The problem is that they get carried away by their passion.

    Mertesaker admits to being naïve on Wednesday evening, if a seasoned professional, an International and World Cup winner can get carried away, what chance does a young player like Oxlade Chamberlain stand. The Ox, by the way, is getting some stick for losing possession immediately prior to Monaco’s third goal, I don’t think it was a case of not caring but was maybe a case of caring too much.

    Discipline, or more to the point lack of discipline was the major cause of Arsenal’s latest defensive implosion, just as it has been all too often in th

  4. Big Raddy says:

    Micky. Knowing your love for TH14, I am sure you are delighted with the pic!

  5. PV4 says:

    I agree with you 100%. it is imprinted on the heart of every true Gunner – it is imprinted in our very souls, and it hurts like hell when we see performances like we witnessed against Monaco. We care. We follow and give everything as a supporter no matter what. We don’t get paid extortionate wages, we don’t (majority) drive ‘super cars’ and we don’t expect reward for under performance. We DO EXPECT 100% effort. No hiding. No excuses. If you don’t have stomach for the fight, then leave the club.

    I’m not saying that Arsenal players don’t care, but that possibly some need to look at their desire for success. It is easy to jump on the Ozil bandwagon – and we all know that he has the tendency to blend in to the background – but we also know that he has sublime touch and vision and that if he was used correctly would be the player we all wished for.

    The frustration levels of being an Arsenal supporter in the past 9 years have tested titanium willed patience to the limit. But we are still here. Visible, passionate and hungry for success. Players take note.

  6. mickydidit89 says:

    Oh God Raddy, the kissing of the badge, and that American thing of tapping the heart.

    Make me hurl

  7. Rasp says:

    Thanks Micky, that’s a justified question after the Monaco debacle.

    My answer is that there are varying degrees of ‘caring’ from Na$ri and Barndoor at the bottom to Wrighty and TA at the top.

    I remember when we beat the tiny totts once and Chimbonda walked off the pitch smiling and chatting animatedly with his arm round an Arsenal player (can’t remember which one).

    The mercenaries will always be mercenaries.

    Do I think there are any mercenaries in the current Arsenal squad? (Ozil???) …. no, I hope not

    Do I think all the players gave 100% on Wednesday … no again

    Why didn’t they play with the required effort and spirit? …. a combination of fragile confidence, a lack of balance in the side and a lack of leadership I reckon.

  8. mickydidit89 says:


    “The frustration levels of being an Arsenal supporter in the past 9 years have tested titanium willed patience to the limit. But we are still here. Visible, passionate and hungry for success. Players take note”


  9. mickydidit89 says:

    Actually, from a “caring” standpoint, the Spurs game kicked me in me goolies a whole lot more than Monaco.

    Monaco proved to me more that we have one or two players who are simply not good enough, while the Spurs game proved we have one or two players who don’t give a shit about the club that pays them

  10. Big Raddy says:

    I think they DID give everything on Weds. The problems lay in poor judgement perhaps they wanted it too much.

    PV4. Fine comment

  11. PV4 says:

    @mickydidit89 10:33

    Many thanks – I guess a heartfelt reflection of the majority. Top post btw.

  12. mickydidit89 says:

    love the new Friday banner

  13. PV4 says:

    Big Raddy – judgement in the wrong hands can be catastrophic as witnessed on Wednesday! Top leaders make top decisions, but sadly all of our’s disappeared just when we sighted the quarter finals.

  14. JOEL says:

    I’m sure that they certainly DO CARE…but not always in the right way…By this,I mean that they seem to take a view… far too often…that they are better than they actually are…and the opposition will just melt away in front of their superior skills.Apart from the first 5 minutes Arsenal played without any real intensity.As a layman I can very quickly pick-up on those games where Arsenal will go on to struggle.The pace of the match tails off;they tend to pass the ball sideways and backwards in a more deliberate and predictable fashion;their final ball gets held back and generally lacks any cutting edge;and worst of all they don’t bother to tackle back and close down space….Spurs away;Stoke away;Southampton away;Swansea away to name a few …off the top of my head.That said these performances generally appear away from home.Whenever they crop up the one common denominator is Wenger’s inability to spot the floor until it is too late or do anything about it!!…
    Supporting Arsenal will continue to be frustrating as long as 4th place is considered good enough and the manager sticks by players who don’t seem to be as motivated as they should be for each and every game…

  15. At the end of the day, they don’t give a shit. £100,000 a week… play a bad game, get paid the same, go home to a £4m house in Hampstead or Barnet. Nice fucking wife who will open the gates for you if you buy her a Porsche, money in the bank for an early retirement at 40…. why really bother. I would do exactly the same in their position.

    We fans however, suffer for every defeat and embarrasment… they don’t give a shit, they may go over to the Northbank occasionally and clap their hands… look at me, I’m a gooner, but really, do they care?

  16. stevepalmer1 says:

    A pants Post, Never from Didit.
    I have worked for a lot of Guvners, In all those years i have kept my eyes open for better paying jobs, and if i speak the truth if i found one, moved on without hesitation. Its a job That’s all.

    Accountancy, teaching, engineering, plumbing, and all the rest give us a living, you don’t have to love it to do it.

    Supporters pick their club usually when they are young sometimes at any stage of their lives but once picked seem to stay with that club for as long as they live. Love is a big word, do we love a football club or do we support.

    As stated above in Mickys fine post, do players care. As we all know they could be playing somewhere new this time next season. I would say that a young footballer cares more than an older player as he has to look good to get offers from other clubs where an older player is lucky to get another job.

    I believe that players dont love football clubs but they do love the money. Over the years i have seen players who i considered to be real Arsenal men leave because another club have offered a better contract leaving me deflated. Arsenal men are only Arsenal men while they are here, Many like Henry who is supposed to be red and white right through his body, has an ulterior motive.

    He see’s himself as a future coach or Manager if you prefer, Arsenal will be right behind him guide him help train him and probably employ him at some time. Henry was Gods gift to Arsenal a talented player who won the hearts of the supporter, while he was with us i don’t believe i ever heard a supporter slate him off but he is just an ex player, did he retire from football with an Arsenal shirt on, No he went somewhere else and retired there and then comes back, was he skint when he went i very much doubt it.

    Supporters will support to their dying day, but players will be forgotten as soon as they have left, they all love a pound note but i am pretty sure no matter how many times they kiss the badge will they live and breath Arsenal football club till the day they die.

  17. mickydidit89 says:

    Oh Dear Lord, we’re going to end up selecting a “Caring XI” 😦

    Sounds like something that will require a workshop and free range sandals

  18. mickydidit89 says:

    Hi JOEL

    Your last para

    “Supporting Arsenal will continue to be frustrating as long as 4th place is considered good enough and the manager sticks by players who don’t seem to be as motivated as they should be for each and every game…”

    is something I would have got a bit vexed about not long ago. Now I think there’s a lot in it

  19. Mr Arsenal says:

    It’s simple. Some Arsenal players are just not good enought for the EPL. But again the lack of leadership demonstrated by the manager is difinately rubbing off the squad. It seem that the manager favours certain player so even when they playing crap he still keep them on the pitch and at the club. I some times think that playing for Arsenal is like some government jobs where even when you are crap at what you do, you don’t get a sack and still have a job for life.
    I am worried about Sanchez having enough and want to leave, because let face it he is mostly the reason Arsenal are 3rd place right now. And I still can’t understand who advice Wenger to sanction the sale of Benik Afobe.

  20. RA says:

    Look here is my problem with some of the stuff that is said, on all the blogs really, concerning subjective and emotive rationalisation.

    Outside of football people go to doctors or entrust their health and/or lives to surgeons. The patient wants the best guy to wave the magic wand, altho’ life being the bitch that is, not all of them is as good as the very best.

    The doctor or the surgeon wants to be successful because it helps his reputation and the fees that he can command, but also because the greatest accolade for him is for his peer group to acknowledge him/her to be the best or among the best in his/her profession.

    That is true of all professions, accountants, dentists, as well as the Rocky’s and the Micky’s of their particular world, who need to win the approval and respect of their clients and customers.

    Do they care? Of course they do – sloppy shoddy work is counter-productive, and can be destructive.

    The same with players. The ‘feud’ between Messi and Ronaldo is well known with each wanting to be acknowledged as ‘The Best’.
    They care!

    A spin off is that striving to be the best player in football, benefits the fans of their current clubs too, as a symbol of their excellence is shown by the trophies they help win.

    Do they ‘care’ about Señor Micky Gomez, or Señorita Kizzme Fandango devoted fans of their respective clubs?

    Not really. What has that to do with wanting to be the best – and by that winning things? Personal pride and a desire for public approval of their professionalism is the only goad they need.

    The converse is that being held up to ridicule for being personally incompetent and playing in a clueless team, who, for even one game, lost their collective heads and played like a bunch of naive schoolboys, is the complete antithesis of being thought of as among the best players in the Premiership or even the world.

    Team pride, and personal pride would have been shattered following the game last week-end – so ask yourself, would they have ‘cared’ about that? You betcha.

    But does that mean that they ‘cared’ about Tommy ‘Gooner’ Smith whose heart was broken by such a poor performance?

    I think the answer is frankly irrelevant. They are ALL professionals, and like the doctors, surgeons, dentists et al, they are paid to do their professional best, whether they or the fans like each other, or not.

    The real question is: Are these players good enough for Arsenal?

    I have previously given my view on that, and no matter how much an individual player(s) ‘cares’ about my disappointment – too bad – off you go!

    [Just got back 10 mins ago, from being ‘mauled’ at the hospital – and I am not in the mood to take prisoners!] 🙂

  21. stevepalmer1 says:

    Many’s the time i have watched an Arsenal game and watched certain players who i considered not good enough have a blinding game and then i read supporters saying that is what the player is capable of.

    Aaron Ramsey was one of those players that i considered as not good enough, but last season he made me look silly, he won MOTM many times his goals led us to win matches, All through Aarons good run of form i wondered when his bubble would burst, and finally he got injured, Aaron has never been the same since. Many players have purple patches, with Aaron although i felt he was a talented player, always felt that fate had dealt him a good spell but that it wouldnt last, Wilshere another who strikes me the same.

    I feel Wenger realises that these players have talent but consistency is the one thing that these players lack. Sanchez had an iffy game but his consistency and work ethic remains a prominent part of his game, He strikes me as a player who will be worth what we paid for him Ozil is another matter.

    Wenger has taken a gamble with a lot of players, no different than other Managers at other clubs, once committed he feels that a player has signed a contract and his beliefs about contracts being honoured leaves him with problems at times. Bentner being a good example. Its not easy to get rid of certain players because they are having a bad spell but i feel a team should be picked on form players in form should get the nod because form comes and goes anybody who has played the game realise that talent is permanent but form is not. Wenger has loaned out players who have had iffy spells high profile players do not take kindly to being left out and its a tricky job to keep a squad happy.

    We see a bad result and question the Manager, while he has a balancing act to rotate and win games when that is in question he has problems. And he knows it.

  22. RA says:

    Appollo Gies, Mickish,

    Forgot to commend you on an unusual insight into your thuggish ‘rugger’ days and the story of the ‘Man Who Did Not Care’ which led nicely into the topic of today’s Post.

    Nice one, sir! 🙂

  23. Good stuff Mdi89, I like it and the first part of your post about Rugger term at school remind me of the opening 5 minutes of the season 3 Magnum PI episode “Foiled again” – where you can just imagine a young Mdi89 as one of the boys at the boarding school they show in a flashback.

    I’m a knot ear as I’m still grumpy about the Monaco debacle.

  24. GunnerN5 says:


    Like in all professions there are those that simply – say the words – take the money – and go home with no emotion at all – in their minds they have put in the time and no more should be expected of them.

    Football has got to a level where players are touted by their agents and clubs buy them to fill a specific need. This is very obvious with Man U, can you ever see Falcoa or Di Maria showing the same level of commitment and emotion as Scholes or Giggs, those days are past and we are now in the era of the Prima Donna football players.

    I cannot foresee the day when we have players like Tony Adams who lived and breathed for the club, it’s unfortunate but nevertheless it’s true. To the majority of players it’s simply a job they currently have until a better offer is made to them.

    I give you Ashley Cole………………….he’s the type of player who started the cash ball rolling, or Rooney living Everton for his love of Man U………..’s cash.

    The players who are club men through and through are now a very rare breed.. TH14 is one of those rare players.

  25. mickydidit89 says:

    Thanks for comments RA Chary and GN5
    It’s Friday and I get shoved all over the place hence now on mobile

  26. RedMJ says:

    Joel at 10:47 – another sign of when things are about to go pear shaped is the crowd starting with the come on Arsenal, come on Arsenal chant. This chant oozes impatience, frustration, nerves and all things negative. I wish we could be more creative, and positive. Who knows if these things affect the players but they certainly affect me standing on the North Bank.

    I think the players do care and are desperate to succeed. I do think there is a lack of calm leadership on the pitch at times like this, which I was starting to see from Le Coq, but he had already been taken off at that time.

    I smile at those people who now say “we should have settled for 1 – 2”. The ones making the most noise, and lots of it, in the stadium after Ox scored were certainly not urging caution and a desire to settle for 1 – 2. If the team had “settled”, what would the blogs have read like then? Hindsight is so precise.

    Good thought provoking post MDI89. Thanks


    Cheers Micky

    Do they care? Yeah, about themselves. But this ego does make them want to win.

    To interested about fan adulation, sex, and money

    I know this is the case, because I suffer from these dreadful wants, so can see it in there body language. It really is a curse been narcissistic, money obsessed, and pants driven, so they have my full sympathy

    Take Giroud. After the game he was probably devastated, knowing that this week hes unlikely to have a 30 year old male virgin say “Oh Olly, Can I be your friend…and more?”. So to ease the pain, poor Giroud had no choice but to take consolation with the opening of a Seychelles bank account and curfew time sex…which was not with the 30 year male virgin.

    Who cares. Been a twat with an ego the size of Alisher Usmanovs buttocks means a determination to succeed, and as fans, thats all that really matters.

  28. GunnerN5 says:

    This is just the sort of thing we are talking about. Their heads are in the clouds – they just don’t get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    TV pundit Robbie Savage avoids driving ban for speeding at 99mph after lawyer says he can’t share public transport with football fans who hate him

    The 40-year-old, who was caught speeding as he drove home from Alan Shearer’s charity ball, will be allowed to continue driving his £230,000 Bentley because it is considered ‘a safe haven’ .

  29. Big Raddy says:

    Interesting comments.

    The Savage decision is baffling. One law for celebs and another for plebs.

    I blame Margaret Thatcher

  30. chas says:

    Cheers, Micky, what a fine post.

    Do Arsenal players care?
    Hmmm, not as much as us, that’s for sure.

    Do they care about playing well?
    You would have thought so.

    Did they care as much as the Monaco players?
    Again, yes, you’d imagine they did. I can’t see Berbatov, for instance, giving much of a toss about Monaco the club, only about how much they’re willing to pay him. (he probably liked shoving the booing back in our faces, though)

    It would have been interesting being a fly on the wall of the dressing room after the game. Anger from Wenger plus shock and embarrassment for the players, I’d imagine.
    I wonder what training was like on Thursday morning? (unless they get the day after a game off, of course).

    How would you tell if you met an Arsenal player in person whether he really cared or not? People show commitment in so many different ways.

    I tend to agree with BR that they did give their-all on Wednesday but it was just that their-all fell far short of the required level.
    I think I would have left Giroud on, he was bound to have shinned one in eventually. 🙂

    We want them to play with their heart and soul, but also to be consummate professionals playing with their heads.
    RedMJ is bang on the money that the whole stadium (apart from Rasp, maybe : ) ) was urging the team on to get a second and salvage an unlikely draw from the jaws of defeat. The players got caught up in the fever and let themselves down as a consequence.

    Sorry for the ramble, enjoyed the post and comments.

  31. chas says:

    Definitely Thatcher’s fault.
    The caption under this photo said ‘Robbie Savage gets out of his illegally parked Bentley convertible’.
    There’s something wrong with the world.

  32. chas says:

    Arsène Wenger has revealed the latest team news updates ahead of Sunday’s game against Everton:
    on Aaron Ramsey and Mathieu Flamini…
    They come back into normal training today and tomorrow. They are nearly there, not completely there. From Wednesday night I don’t think we have lost anybody. We have no major problems.

    on Jack Wilshere…
    Jack Wilshere had a little surgery to take his two buttons off his ankle because they were irritating him but it’s a very minor procedure. He’ll be out for a few days.

    on it just removing discomfort…
    Yes. It was irritating his ankle and they had to take it off.

    on whether it’s another setback for Jack…
    No, it was planned to be done at the end of the season. But because he had an irritation with it, we decided to do it now. It’s a few days.

    on whether he’ll be available next weekend…
    Next weekend will be a bit quick. I don’t know exactly. It’s days, not weeks.

    on Abou Diaby…
    The only thing I must say is that he progresses well in training. He goes step by step but he has not played yet and is not in a position to play yet.

    on Arteta and Debuchy…
    They are still a few weeks away.
    on if Gabriel could play v Everton…
    I have not made any decision yet for Sunday’s game. We will have to rotate a little bit, because we play Sunday and Wednesday. There will certainly be some changes.

    Copyright 2015 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to as the source

  33. Big Raddy says:

    “Yes. It was irritating his ankle and they had to take it off”

    This does not bode well.

  34. LB says:

    My goodness, Diaby is actually training.

  35. chas says:

    Mmmmmmm – simulated Persian Lamb

  36. Big Raddy says:

    My Dad had one of those. Looked a complete and utter tool in it

  37. Eddie says:

    chas – I was thinking about those hats and ways of stopping war in Ukraine. All Russian officers wear those hats. They are made from aborted karkul lambs. All needs doing is publicising this fact and setting the animal rights activists on the Eastern Europeans. They want a war? let’s give it to them

  38. Eddie says:

    thanks Micky, nice rant. Nay, of course they don’t care. I remember we once lost a game, early Saturday kickoff and I saw Szczesny in High Barnet with a wag on his arm, cheesy smile on his gob and expensive looking bags. Not a care in the world. I remember GiE saying that he didn’t see anything wrong with that, but I do. If I fecked up in the office I had a lousy evening, and hard work ahead to put it right. footballers, nothing, cash the £100k for appalling performance and enjoy the rest of the day

    Bendy was caught with his pants down in a club the night we lost a game.

    Giroud behaved like some unhinged Italian punching the ground, but I am not sure if it had anything to do with a result or his image.

  39. The Cockie Monster says:

    A good rant Surf Dude of Bude !.

    Thing is, it is a level playing field because all the other teams are made up of the same well paid mercenaries !.
    Arsenal on paper look as good as anyone in this league, so it`s all down to tactics and set out playing styles and the team that wins the title will owe it to the manager and coaching staff !.
    We are were we are and not in the Chavs position simply because of their better tactics of discipline, organisation and a different mentality of what constitutes success on the playing field !.
    Swap our two managers around and we would probably be top !. We can either accept our pretty entertaining game and be on the fringe or change tactics and win titles. One is with Wenger, the other will be without Wenger !.
    Who will take us forward is unknown to me, but change is needed and with another Manager it may get worse before it gets better !.

  40. The Cockie Monster says:

    Look at the what Mourinho did…..sold Side Show Bob and bought Costa and Cesc, he identified certain positions that needed upgrading for a chance to compete for the title and bought in winners, ones with attitude !…….for example…..if you were brave enough to attempt eye contact with Costa, he would probably kill you thinking you were about to ask for a bite of his kebab !……..give Giroud eye contact and he will give you a signed perfumed naked photo of himself with his telephone number on the back !.
    It`s got to the stage where no result shocks me anymore !…… whether one we play super football, win or lose or we win or lose by being pressed or counter attacked !…..I just don’t know what Arsenal is going to turn up !.

  41. The Cockie Monster says:

    It does say ….Rant Friday !. hahaha

  42. The Cockie Monster says:

    An experiment for you !……….our sponsors pay us millions of pounds per year, so your eyes should in theory immediately be drawn to their name in this experiment !.
    Now be honest and tell me what is the first thing you see ?.


    hahahaha, exactly Cornwall. What a waste of money.

    What do you expect though? Shed like structures should never be a limey green. Brings to much attention, especially for those of us who enjoy partaking in amorous solo activity


    To be honest, ime over yesterdays result.

    For us, the Champions League is just like life, one big f*ucking disapointment

    With Wengers early teams, we had the players, but somehow we were shit. Bit like dreams as a kid. Becoming a millionaire, shagging everything in sight, and finding out your the ilegitimate son of Frank

    But no. Those Bergkamp/Adams/Viera sides flopped. More a case of bailiffs, not been able to find your appendage, and discovering your old mans Paul Daniels.

    Yet, in 2006 we reached the final with argubaly one of Arsenes weakest sides. We hardly let in a goal and all this whilst playing Senderos at the back?. Its akin to been in your twenties and finding out that whilst chasing a bus your actully the fastest man that ever lived. A year later your doing a Puma commercial chasing the 102 down Bounds Green high road.

    Tragicaly we lost the final. We were robbed. I will always insist that the wanker dived to get poor Jens sent off.

    In the last few years weve had the hardest draws, Barca and Munich for f*uks sake? Deep down we all knew we had it. Reminds me of when I mouthed off for a year what i would do to the ex in the divorce court, whilst all the time secretly planning what colour I wanted the bedroom painted back at my mum and dads house.

    And now Monaco at home? No disrespect, but there small time. That big Jessie they have as Regent, Prince Albert or something? I know more about him than there bloody team, and thats only because I once heard a rumour he sent Julian Clarey some tight trousers.

    And whats Berbatov doing playing for them? He looked like rigor mortis set in years ago, probably to many “interesting” conversations with Glen Hoddle, yet hes still playing?

    We seem cursed in this bloody champions league. Liverpool, Utd, and worse of all, Chelsea have all won it by fluke. Yet were more tormented than an uninvited batchelor living next door to a swingers club

    Yet, we live in hope. Second leg to come and theres always next year

    We have to win it soon, its driving me mad. If not, dont be surprised to hear in the news about… man holds swinger club members hostage. Tells police his demands include all members have sex with him, though admits hes confused, And would like large pepperoni pizza with ham topping-has special offer voucher

  45. chas says:


    hahaha chas. Wonder what John Arlott would have made of that?

  47. Just got home from a night out and wonder of wonders, I find that my internet connection is working… so have to make the most of it.

    Transplant brilliant as usual and Chas, excellent photo. Going back to Mickys original question I still think that these days many footballers are only in it for the money. If they are not going to end up a Messi or a Ronaldo and win trophies galore, then their only option is to get as much money as possible to make it all worthwhile.

    The fans these days are seen as mugs, who pay over inflated prices and continue to support their team through good times and bad. Players however, once they feel that the team they play for are not going to do anything significant, move on for the best price and wages that their agent can get them. That’s my Saturday morning Rant sorted. 🙂

    Where’s Arnie…. he’s normally lurking about at this time of the morning?

  48. arnie says:

    ha ha ha, NorthBank. 🙂 Arnie is in, a bit later than usual. will be better nexy week, back to Britain for a fortnight. 🙂

    absolutely lovely rant, Micky. 🙂 Hardly surprising that I disagree. Most fans spend a day a week thinking about the team and our game. Not us lot on AA, but general fans. People who have better things to do in life, professionally or personally. 😛

    what about the good guys putting on the shirt? they think and breathe the club at least 5 days a week. they think about the next game, about our prospects in the different competitions, about our chances in teh season, and I hope the captain and vice-captain and die-hard gooners think about the direction the club is going in the long term as well.

    what right do we part timers have to think that we are the only true gooners? what about Arsene, for example? we support the club all life, but only for a day a week, sometimes for a few hours a week.

    No, this does not work. Yes, there will be some fly-by-night part-timers in there, but most players have to be part of the project. Otherwise it is deemed to fail. Maybe the reason we have failed to win trophies during the DEAD-and-DUNT era is because even our leaders on the field, the captains, were not part of the project at all. They were not Gooners. wrong choice skippers pulled the club down.

    Things have started to change. slowly but surely. I believe so, or at least I hope so. I am sure most players hurt at least as much as us fans. Either they are part of the project, or otherwise they are in the wrong place.

    I seriously think we should start believing in the players not as contracted mercenaries but as partners in the journey. This is not the Chavs or Shitty or ManUre. We are different. We are the Arsenal. By thinking of players as being contracted only to do the job we are letting them off too easily. The expectation should be that they are part of the journey.

    COYG. 🙂

  49. arnie says:

    hmmm, reading this again, not a bad rant at all. never mind the typos. 🙂

  50. arnie says:

    absolutely lovely banner, Rasp. 🙂

  51. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    Terrific comments last night.

    Terry. Your CL comment had me laughing all the way through. The divorce/bathroom para still has me giggling. Comedy genius yet with a message which we all feel – we should have done better.

    That Villa, Forest, Chelsea, L’pool and MU have won it makes it essential that AFC win Big Ears and win it within my lifetime.

  52. mickydidit89 says:

    All this, every time, for a 3 second ride
    Why the hell do we bother
    And these are small waves in nice weather 😦

  53. mickydidit89 says:

    True Raddy
    But I was feeling ok again until I read Cockie’s 8:10, and because I agree, all the doom came flooding back 😦

  54. mickydidit89 says:

    Oh no, here’s more of my doom thinking.

    Summer transfer window. We can’t wait to get the two worldies we need. Defensive mid and striker.

    Disaster, Theo has had a better offer and Mesut wants to go home. We take a massive loss on ze german, and have to buy two average wide boys so can’t afford the two worldies, and lo we return to a period of “transition”

  55. chas says:

    Most of an adult male’s life seems to be hours, days and weeks of hard graft spent trying to earn a measly three seconds pleasure.

    My vote is we all shoot ourselves before the next transfer window opens.
    Certainly not wait until the feckin thing is closed on Aug 31st.

  56. mickydidit89 says:

    Right, sorry lads, miserable start from me. Doom surf, and doom Arsenal.

    Will go find a silly vid

  57. Big Raddy says:

    Micky. Even taking those two out we have a brilliant squad.

    We still have Podolski and Sanogo to come back 🙂 . Wingers – Gnabry pre-injury looked a worldie & Welbz is growing up (where is Myachi?)

    I bodes well

  58. chas says:

    This would be quite cool to hide behind.

  59. mickydidit89 says:

    Ha ha Chas

    As one who loves the window and all the goss, this window is going to be an ‘effing disaster, so I will hide 🙂

    Santi, Theo, Mesut all offski, and Arteta, Mert, Diaby and Jack all fuckski’d

  60. mickydidit89 says:

    And Raddy thinks we’ll win Big Ears with Sanogo, Gnabry and Miyachi.

    Blessss the hippy 🙂

  61. Big Raddy says:

    Why not? Chavs did it with Kalou, Bertrand and Obi starting and Di Matteo as manager, L’pool did it with Djimi Traore in defence and Harry Kewell and Baros upfront!

    If the wind is beneath your wings …..

  62. Big Raddy says:

    I thought I would buy a Hippo sofa for Mrs R’s birthday present as she loves wildlife.

    It costs £70,000 😦

  63. mickydidit89 says:

    Raddy says….Myachi will save us

  64. mickydidit89 says:

    For non regulars, this is genuinely our Raddy

  65. mickydidit89 says:


    It’s incredible how it turns out that few people can brighten my day more than Fat Sam 🙂

  66. Big Raddy says:

    Terrific vid and top bloke. Reminds me of Igor Stepanovs

  67. Big Raddy says:

    In all seriousness when I see Fat Sam I just see an unpleasant school ground bully

  68. Eddie says:

    difficult choice to make tomorrow – do I support Chavs or Spurs? As an Arsenal supporter I want spurs to lose, yet as Eddie I’d love to see Chelsea battered to death. I hate Chelsea so much more than Totts

  69. Eddie says:

    that fooking nutter runs in his green underwear in NYC talking shit and making himself very popular. I don’t think he is funny, it is a stunt


    Know what you mean evvone, but Totnumb have to lose.

    Its a bit like finding out Hitler and the ex wife both have a blind date and the man waiting for them wearing a yellow rose and reading the Guardian is Steve Archibald.

    Its got to be the ex wife

  71. Eddie says:

    Terry – I remain unconvinced, never had a wife so cannot sympathise 🙂

    That bearded nutter – who takes the vids, adds music, words, publishes it on YouTube? Matthew Silver hopes to become famous. Cretin.

  72. Big Raddy says:

    Eddie. Take a deep breath, visualise a slow running mountain stream,. Ommmmmmmmm

  73. chas says:

    There was that space filler i sent on Tuesday if there’s nothing else.


    can also use my ‘we will win the champions league before we all snuff it” comment if you wish

  75. Big Raddy says:

    We have a New Post (even if I couldn’t figure out how to format it 😦

  76. arnie says:

    Ommmmmmmmmmmm. Peace.

  77. Kion Kashefi says:

    Kion Kashefi

    Do Arsenal players Care? | Arsenal Arsenal


    Do Arsenal players Care? |

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