Arsenal. The Zen Approach.

Anderlecht, Swansea, United. Pretty dark days I will admit.

However, to see me through, I seek enjoyment in some pure Arsenal “moments”. A Zen approach. “Eh?”, you might be thinking. Well, I like a Trophy as much as the next supporter, but the thing is that a Trophy in any season will come on the back of about fifty games, and that is a lot of minutes to sit through if your only real pleasure is the end product. In other words, much happiness needs to be found in the journey, or to narrow it down further, some “moments”.

My question today is, where are your moments to be found along the way?

There’s the hope. The travelling to the game or the armchair. What might be. The meeting with Mates. The walk to the Stadium. Expectation. Buzz. Shivers and tingles. One of my personal favourite moments, and this harks back to my first ever visit to Highbury, is the moment you emerge into the arena and see the emerald green carpet laid out before you. At that very moment, I always have that childlike feeling that the whole thing was arranged just for ME.

Now the game. The Ox gathering pace as he charges the opposition defence. The trickery of the midfield maestro. The crunching tackle from the man with the Arsenal DNA. The finger tip save. All moments to lift the passionate fan a few inches off the edge of his seat. This is what the journey is really about.

Or is it?

Nah, come off it, its goals what does it, isn’t it, because a few inches off your seat is just that. A few inches. Fully erect is where it’s at. Vertical, leaping, hugging, screaming, massive adrenaline surge…. “Get in there!”

Shallow? Me?

Well actually, No, I don’t believe so. Simple creature. Simple needs. Therefore it is always worth remembering, and especially through the darker days, when and where we find our own personal Arsenal Moments.

Written by MickyDidIt89

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  1. Big Raddy says:

    Didit. Good starter.

    Comraderie. Try going on your own – it just isn’t the same.

  2. Excuse me Micky, sorry but I didn’t get a chance to add this to yesterday’s discussion.

    Daily Telegraph sport section page 6 “Usmanov: Wenger must admit his errors”.

    Same paper page 7 “Arsenal have to end this homage to the Sun King”.

    Two articles well worth reading.

  3. arnie says:

    absolutely right, Micky. 🙂 and Raddy. 🙂

    It is the company and the opportunity to make friends of absolute strangers. It is the possibility that you may end up hugging a person you never knew before. Whether it is to share your sorrows or your joys does not matter so much.

    Trophies are only of secondary importance. It is the journeys shared with a fantastic fandom that makes this such a nice experience.

    It is similar on AA. Just sharing the experiences before, during and after the game with fellow AAers makes it such a grand experience. For those of us exiled away this is the best way to enjoy and experience the journey. 🙂

  4. I’m always Zen about our club, bottle of wine, smoke and smut… gets me through

    I can’t wait to see the emerald green carpet of the Emirates… role on April

  5. arnie says:

    Evonne. Perfect count. Full marks. 🙂

  6. No arnie, Eddie forgot Diaby 🙂

  7. kelsey says:

    Highbury had something different about it, and as you say the lush green turf was the envy of many.

    Obviously a much more compact stadium than the present one, but more importantly one felt as a fan, a part of the club, players were approachable.That doesn’t happen anymore,we are just customers ,as club and fan grow apart, as with so many clubs.

  8. Motning all,

    well Mr Mdi89, you sort of tapped into how I;m feeling now, in a way,

    Some may call this defeatist, but I’ve written this season off – we are not going to catch up the Chavs and let’s face it in Europe we will get a horrendous draw in the next round or worse drop inot the Europa where our brittle squad will disintegrate after playing all those extra games on a Thursday-Sunday cycle.

    So, in summary I feel the pressure is off and the dread of being beaten by supposedly inferior teams is gone as is the expectancy level.

    Hopefully we can keep our key players and regroup next summer with a balanced squad and a different approach to tactics and squad management.


    Excellent Micky

    Spot on mate, for me its about escapism. Once I emerge into the seating area and take first look at that turf, the mind automatically thinks “Wow, I used to have friends and a fully functional organ”

    Of course, once the game is over the euphoria quickly dissipates.

    Any thoughts of Zen like trance or magic carpet rides with the bit worn for wear but would love to do her anyway barmaid, soon replaced by anxiety and fear

    Since my second wife left me Micky, I have developed a nasty habit of sleeping with the light on. I think its a fear she may come back.

    Theres no visions of Liam Brady when your staring at a lightbulb, only eye strain and terrible realizations that strictly come dancings Bruce Forsyth is getting it more than you.

    I now wonder the streets with permanent sight imprint of a lightbulb and accost strangers with threats of dancing a solo waltz.

    Yes, football saves us all.

  10. Rasp says:

    Thanks Micky, I agree with arnie, the whole match day ritual is what I enjoy the most. Meeting friends, getting tipsy, misbehaving, losing my voice, eating dodgy food …. priceless 😛

    The football itself has not been such a joy for me of late because the tension from our recent capitulations has created an atmosphere that is not enjoyable at times.

    I am going tomorrow but because we’re chaperoning a young impressionable supporter, most of the fun stuff will be off limits 😦

  11. arnie says:

    Yes, Rasp, and the matchday ritual actually starts early in teh morning. Sometimes even before.

    Eagerly waiting for Raddy to have his morning cuppa and get cracking, trying to imagine what he is going to say, the nervous energy spilling on to the motning batner, and so on …… 🙂

  12. Who’s this Thenzen Approach bloke? Is he an East European centre-back by any chance? Who does he play for?

  13. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Oh dear
    I’ve been edited or only part pasted. I do see what the offending word may have been, but in short, the post didn’t end with

    “Or is it?”

    It wnt on to say that, in short, all that actually matters is GOALS

    travelling and this is rubbish

  14. Micky

    Is that pasted or plastered? Next AA will be burning books 🙂

  15. RA says:

    A questionaire Post, Mickish, is very novel. 🙂

    For me the recollection of match days is very muted as I do not get to go very often nowadays.

    So, If I am allowed to tell you what gives me the most pleasure as a TV watching fan it is ……… when it ends, when it is all over, when I reach for the TV off button with a tear in my eye!

    How so? Well Sandy my latest girlfriend has gone – she farted louder than Terry after a kebab, and most restaurants are quite reasonable about the explosive noise, but you will get thrown out because of the offensive whiffs.

    So what? you may ask? Well I am back with Big Brenda, and she is keen to salvage our relationship, and when she sees me upset she grabs me immediately after the TV is turned off to try and cheer me up, and… well …. you know. 🙂

    I have perfected the tear in my eyes thing, so losing is easy, but when/if we ever win again, I am going to present my tear stained mug and heavenly bliss will follow.

    Yup. The best part of the deal is when the game is over!! 🙂

  16. Rasp says:

    Apparently Koscielny is back in training ….. we’ve really missed him. I don’t know if he’s going to be ready for tomorrow – maybe on the bench?

  17. Sorry everyone, there was more to Micky’s post which I’ve added on now 😳

  18. Rasp says:

    … but Walcott, Wilshere and Szczesny all out and Giroud ineligible – apparently Welbeck will be in the squad, a chance for Podolski to start perhaps or maybe JC?

  19. LB says:


    Is that a typo? Did you mean Walcott was out rather than Welbeck?

  20. Rasp says:

    Yes thanks LB, I’ve just edited myself. We should have enough firepower up front and if anything, Dortmund’s injury woes are worse than ours.

  21. arnie says:

    ah, I see, the erection was the problem, I mean Micky’s problem. But all is sorted now. 😛

  22. arnie says:

    ah, two rookie GKs. bliss! 😛

  23. arnie says:

    Rambo: “I had a hamstring injury and it takes a few games to get back to your best.

    “The last game it was the first time in a long time that I felt sharp again and felt like I was physically there. Hopefully I can continue that and have a very successful season.”

  24. arnie says:

    So, Micky, all is sorted then.

    Giro is back, add in the 15 or so goals from him, and we should be there or thereabouts.

    Kos is back as well, so some less goals conceded. just the icing on the cake. 🙂

    Crisis? what crisis? 😛

  25. arnie says:

  26. arnie says:

    Wenger: “I think the 18 years I have been here I can take criticism.

    “We have values at this club. The first one is when you go through a difficult patch, you show solidarity.”

    ha ha ha. Usmanov OUT OUT OUT!!!!!! 😛

  27. arnie says:

    From Arseblog (yesterday) 🙂

    Alisher Usmanov “spoke to CNBC about ‘mistakes’ and needing to change and improve and do better blah blah blah, which is pretty much what everyone else in the world has been saying for the last few months. Of course his position is somewhat more high-profile, what with him owning 30% of the club, but what he’s actually said isn’t particularly insightful or groundbreaking.

    “Interestingly though, he does mention his relationship with Stan Kroenke isn’t quite as frigid as it was before. Maybe soon the pair of them can meet in a billionaire’s box and share billionaire tales together that only billionaires can understand.

    ” “It’s so hard to find a good house boy these days,” Stan drawls.

    ” “And don’t you just hate it when the windscreen of your jet is all covered in flies and that,” Alisher replies.

    ” “LOL,” says Stan. He actually says it like a word. Alisher rolls on the floor laughing his ass off as they then enjoy a white rhino burger before wrapping themselves in a blanket made from Bengal tiger fur. These men truly know the hearts and minds of football supporters for whom a season ticket at the Arsenal is a significant financial investment. We should all defer to their knowledge and wisdom.”

  28. Shard says:

    Nick Hornby compared watching goals favourably with an orgasm in that the exact feeling could never be replicated. Micky ‘horny’ didit of course had no such analysis. He just wanted to get some smut in with his talk of inches and erections.

  29. Big Raddy says:

    arnie 🙂

    I would like to see Podolski start and Rosicky get some pitch time.

  30. Shard says:


    Just read Wenger’s response to Usmanov’s statement. Pure class.

  31. GunnerN5 says:

    I’ll take you back to my match day experience as a youngster who had to bunk into Highbury. When I lived on Avenell Road I simply waited until my family members arrived and as they were lined up to go through the turnstile I would get down on my hands and knees get between their legs and then run like heck once when I came out on the other side. We would then all gather about half way up on the clock end – there would always be between 15 and 20 of us.

    For me scuffed knees was all it cost me to get inside the ground.

    As an adult paying customer and living in N7 I would arrive by train at either the Finsbury Park or Arsenal stop. Many times coming out of the Arsenal station the crowd was so thick that it felt like you were being carried through the tunnel. Once I got outside the smell of the street vendors indicated that you had arrived at your destination, fried onions, burgers etc…..that along with the buzz of the crowd was simply intoxicating – wonderful memories………..

  32. GunnerN5 says:

    Team news: Koscielny, Welbeck, Wilshere

    Arsène Wenger has revealed the following team news ahead of the Borussia Dortmund game:

    on Laurent Koscielny…
    He’s in the squad for tomorrow. It’s very good news because he was out for a while now and we are short in numbers defensively. It’s good to have his quality back.

    on Szczesny, Wilshere, Walcott and Welbeck…
    Welbeck is in the squad but Wilshere is out, Walcott is out for the same groin problem he came back with from England and Szczesny is out as well.

    on Danny Welbeck’s chances of starting…
    I don’t know, I have not decided yet.

    on the timescale for Wilshere’s injury…
    He has a big ankle sprain and I don’t want to talk about it because I’m not a specialist medically. [To find out] for how long, we will need to see a specialist.
    Copyright 2014 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to as the source

  33. Shard says:

    Unfortunately, I’ve never really had the pre match experience of meeting good friends, all discussing the game etc. Even though I have experienced the pre match buzz and got talking to a few people at the pub, it’s not quite the same.

    I never could see a match at Highbury, though I did the stadium tour in its last year (I was in the UK during pre season)

    The first (competitive) game I saw was Arsenal vs ManCity in which Van Persie missed a penalty, but Fabregas scored a late goal for us to win 1-0 at which point strangers in the crowd seemed to become the best of friends, hugging and giving high fives.

    I have since seen 4 more matches (AC Milan 3-0, Blackburn 7-1 with Henry scoring- and was then robbed off later- Spurs 5-2, and Newcastle 2-1 where Vermaelen scored at the end.) I am yet to see Arsenal lose and for this reason I venture that AA get together and sponsor my season ticket and stay in London and we will win every game I attend and hence be champions of England. Away games too if you want to be sure. Now that would have me excited enough to be fully erect 🙂

  34. arnie says:

  35. arnie says:

    Looking out for trolls. 😛

  36. arnie says:

  37. aizedlittlemozart says:

    being a foreign supporter, my pre-match activities begin a couple of days in advance & include checking up on team news, getting a feel of the online mood (this has been totally replaced by visiting AA, PA & UA), worrying about every single game & going crazy on match day when we score!

    I enjoy watching league games alone at home when I can. & prefer to watch the UCL games outside.

    good post, wish these types could generate as much discussion as pro vs anti AW’ish ones.

    Shard my man!! i’m getting stiff with the work “you” are doing getting our broken back sharpish. 1st Ramsey, then OG12 (my 3rd current favourite player in the squad behind Mozart & ozil) & now the Boss! keep it “UP” man!!! hahahaaahahaShard my man!! i’m getting stiff with the work “you” are doing getting our broken back sharpish. 1st Ramsey, then OG12 (my 3rd current favourite player in the squad behind Mozart & ozil) & now the Boss! keep it “UP” man!!! hahahaaahahaShard my man!! i’m getting stiff with the work “you” are doing getting our broken back sharpish. 1st Ramsey, then OG12 (my 3rd current favourite player in the squad behind Mozart & ozil) & now the Boss! keep it “UP” man!!! hahahaaahahaShard my man!! i’m getting stiff with the work “you” are doing getting our broken back sharpish. 1st Ramsey, then OG12 (my 3rd current favourite player in the squad behind Mozart & ozil) & now the Boss! keep it “UP” man!!! hahahaaahaha!!

  38. aizedlittlemozart says:

    why always me?

  39. arnie says:

    aized. yes, I wondered. 🙂

    maybe because your computer is infected by a virus! the Arsene virus? 😛

  40. Shard says:


    You need to get off the drugs man 🙂

  41. aizedlittlemozart says:

    I need a new phone is what I need shard!! hahahaaahaha ! this one’s got OCD

  42. Shard says:

    More like LSD 😀

  43. Rasp says:

    Afternoon all, can anyone one tell me who has been credited with the assist for Giroud’s goal?

  44. GunnerN5 says:

    Rasp the answer is AW, after all he’s responsible for everything else?

  45. LB says:

    Is there anything in the English press about Wenger footing the bill for Gascoigne’s treatment. I have just been reading the Spanish news and they are saying this is the case………interesting?

  46. GunnerN5 says:

    LB, The British media would never lower their “standard’s” and sink so low as to praise AW.

  47. kelsey says:

    Did GN5 tell you that he actually never grew and is still 5″1″ 🙂

    Well Martinez in goal, where is Ospina and what mystery injury has he got.
    I hear Wilshere will be out for at least 8 games.

    Do you think Kos will ACTUALLY start ?

    Of course there in Sanogo and what happened to Campbell and Gnarby.

    Campbell should start, he excels against foreign teams as he never starts in the PL 😉

    I always thought RA was gay but how wrong was I, he likes farting big girls. |Well whatever turns you on 🙂

  48. Rasp says:

    LB & GN5, it was reported by The Mirror, The Daily Mail and The Telegraph earlier in the week – and possibly others I’m unaware of.

  49. Shard says:


    I think it was Arteta.

  50. chas says:

    Arteta,,,, Rasp

  51. chas says:

    Nice post, Micky.
    Always count your blessings.
    Enjoy it while you can.
    Go with the flow.
    Treat the twin impostors…….

    I realise that this season had been a bastard to go and watch because of our shite form, but I’m also noticing less enthusiasm from me to actually attend the games. There are some right nobheads near us at home and away games aren’t much better.

    The chap alongside me at Sunderland away was apoplectic with rage for the whole of the second half. Remember this was a game we won 2-0, largely down to the opportunism of Sanchez, admittedly, but surely football shouldn’t be on the verge of giving you a heart attack all the time.

    Everton away we had some rissoles behind us. Scottish gooners, ffs. One of them got so fed up with screaming about how poor we were, he was sat down with his head in his hands for 10 minutes before Rambo got the first. He celebrated OG’s equaliser, all right, but I couldn’t help thinking he didn’t deserve his erection. 🙂

    At Leicester we had some really pissed feckin morons in front of us who barely watched the football, they were too busy waving tenners at the Leicester supporters alongside us. one of them even tore a tenner in half and dropped it to the floor. He was so pissed I don’t even think he realised what he’d done. His mate picked it up 15 minutes later at half time.
    The Arsenal fans singing ‘sign a f^ckin striker’ at the end was really embarrassing. The Leicester fans were taking the piss outside the ground afterwards.

    One of my favourite games so far this season was Burnley at home. I was in Berlin, didn’t watch the game and it was a lovely, strees-free joyous afternoon.

    Still, Dortmund tomorrow. Yippee.

  52. chas says:

    Whoops, just remembered Villa away.
    I enjoyed that one immensely.
    The three quick goals on the half hour nipped any moaning in the bud. 🙂

  53. chas says:

  54. The Cockie Monster says:

    Lewis shocking Durham when he reveals he`s a Gooner !.
    Jenson Button`s a Gooner as well !. Two F1 world champs !. Need some of their ability to win to rub off on us !.

  55. RA says:

    Chas, @ 5:35

    That was both enlightening and deeply depressing.

    I suppose I hung onto the idea that however yitzy the home crowd can be, the away boys were the salt of the earth and loud in their support.

    Little did I know the noise was not support but howls of outraged, ‘I know my rights’ fans.

    So there you are – you have educated me in the realities of the away support, and cheesed me off in doing so.

    There are some things, I guess, you are better off not knowing. 😦

  56. RA says:



  57. RA says:

    I was trying to make it a nap hand, with Chas and Shard. 🙂

  58. Rasp says:

    Was it Arteta by any chance? 😆 …. thanks guys …..

  59. Rasp says:

    Here’s a conspiracy theory for you all to get your teeth into. The proposed extension of Tottenham’s new ground was being held up by the refusal of A company called archway sheet metal works to sell up to the club …… it burned down this morning!!!!

  60. chas says:

  61. arnie says:

    Ant. Nice. 🙂 is that Chas showing someone the finger? 😛


    Yeah, ive just seen that Rasp

    I am not one for over reaction but do feel all Totnumb fans should be pulled in for interegation. Nothing to bad, just a bit of a kicking form the old bill followed by a spell, say 20 years, in Guantanimo Bay.

    To be fair, most of them are probably innocent. Have you ever seen a Totnumb fan with a box of matches Rasp? After about two hours of eating, snapping, and sticking matches up there arse, one of them finally strikes a match on there furry forehead


  63. Ant says:

    Yes it is Chas (and me) but not sure if that’s his finger or the bloke in front?

  64. Ant says:

    I was giving it large to the Villa fans!


    Nice pic Ant.

    Just off to call the old bill that last night I spotted Steve Archibald purchasing a can of petrol and 99p lighter

    Hes bound to be caught by CCTV. One look at him, and the mask legged it.

  66. arnie says:

    forget about the caption on teh vid. some numpty put it there. 🙂

  67. chas says:

    I think part of the problem with the away support is that the people who buy the tickets sell them on to anyone, as purchasing the ticket gives you an away point.
    Obviously some good supporters benefit from this arrangement. 🙂
    It’s just a shame that some muppets get tickets like this, too.

  68. The Cockie Monster says:

    Nicked this off Michael on `69ers site !.

  69. chas says:

    Last kick of the game in the CSKA Roma gives the light blue oilers a little hope.

  70. stevepalmer1 says:

    Evening all, Nice one Micky.
    Ian Wright in the paper this morning reckons the players are letting the Manager down, he reckons that the players are not fired up enough, and are not giving 100%.

    Now i see things differently to Wrighty, I felt that the players were giving their all against United, Granted the finishing was dreadful, but i felt the commitment was there.

    I have to say that Uniteds first goal or should i say Gibbs own goal came about because of goalkeeper error, Gibbs was on the spot to clear, but for some reason Czezesney decided to rush out, and without looking or calling he came out recklessly with no intention of catching the ball, but to punch it, Needless to say flooring Gibbo and injuring himself in the process.

    The second goal was all Wenger’s fault, and not the players. Wenger allows our defenders to leave their defensive positions exposed, we get hammered every game and still he allows this to continue Manager Error.

    Koshielney is now back according to the papers, does that mean that the Manager will now let both of our central defenders play centre forward. perhaps we should send our forwards back in defence as they cannot be trusted to score the goals up front.

    These tactics are confusing me, we get caught out every week and still we carry on, that is not the players, that is a management decision.

    My Zen Moments are when players play their best positions, and do the job they were brought for.

  71. chas says:

  72. Barumgooner says:

    Nice post. Eternal optimism that we will win, never will I sit before a game thinking we havn’t got a hope. Even losing a game we totally dominated Due to sheer negligence I threw myself up when OG scored like it was the winner in the CL final. And hope that it will all be good but even if it isn’t we will always be the arsenal. But…….I am reminded of a quote from The Lord of the rings…. “Don’t trust to hope, it has forsaken these lands. Of course it hasn’t but if I’m truly honest the one thing I hope for now, above signings is the end of this era and the beginning of a new level of optimism. A new leader and a new approach

  73. fatgingergooner says:

    Interesting article on sky sports app about the pros and cons of Klopp coming to Arsenal. Let’s stir up shit against the manager by repeatedly mentioning the worst start for x number of years stat, and then post an article about him being replaced by a man who is currently leading his own team to their worst start in x number of years!

    Also goes on to have a dig about Diaby being in the CL squad and not Giroud. Yeah, that’s because he was supposed to be injured for another month and therefore isn’t registered for the CL group phase. F***ing idiots.

    Evening all btw!

  74. arnie says:

    Question for the info gurus on here.

    CL Subsequent registration rules 2012-15
    For all matches from the start of the round of 16, a club may register a maximum of three new eligible players for the remaining matches in the current competition. Such registration must be completed by 1 February 2013 (24.00 CET) at the latest. This deadline cannot be extended.

    If the registration of such new players causes the number of players on List A to exceed 25, the club must remove the necessary number of currently registered players to reduce the squad to 25 players again. The quota of the “locally trained players” must be respected when registering new players. Newly registered players must wear set numbers which have not yet been assigned.

    Does the mean we had to register a new GK for the Dortmund game and we decided not to register Giroud for the moment. But we may do so at a later stage, perhaps in the knockout stage?

  75. arnie says:

  76. fatgingergooner says:


    I don’t think Giroud was registered due to the fact he was expected to be injured until after the group stage. If we are still around in the knockout stage then Wenger will be able to add him to the squad. We cannot add him now as group stage registration was done in September.

    I imagine if all the GK’s you registered got injured then exceptions would be made for that.

  77. chas says:

    The bloke having his hair washed reminds me of Terry!


  78. kelsey says:

    Morning anyone awake apart from Chas..

    Looks like there is a doubt about Welbeck tonight and with Jack and Szsney out we yet again have a makeshift team.

    When the season started I felt quite positive until after the first game 🙂

    Now every time we play it’s can we hang on or can we at least get a draw or fuck it we can’t defend a lead or actually defend at all and lose.
    I love this club and like many others saw some dire seasons in the past but based on most of last season and winning the cup I really thought with good signings, except a replacement for Vermaelen and a demanding DM, we would kick on,but based on the evidence I feel this will all end in tears

    Jack worries me in the fact he has glass ankles and will always have a stop start season.Gibbs,though admirable falls into the same category and Mertesacker is woeful when played with Monreal.Walcott is another who during his nearly 9 years at the club is always getting all sorts of injuries.

    How can you build a solid team who play as a unit and gather momentum. I blame AW for a lot of things,but not for all these injuries that disrupt his plans.

    Will we win tonight,I really hope so, but would never bank on it..

    Klopp three times 🙂

    Interesting AW slamming Usmanov, the best line of defence is attack.

  79. Chas

    Does the Transplant one really look a bit like that? If so, he has a frigging cheek calling me ugly 🙂 It looks as if his syrup is on his top lip ha ha

  80. Morning Kels

    See you’re in a nice positive mood this morning 🙂

  81. I sincerely hope there are no songs tonight about getting Klopp as manager. Of all the stupid things to do to undermine your team, that has to be the top. Stupid idiots.

  82. Eddie says:

    there is a song about Klopp?????????? no way

  83. kelsey says:

    Klopp three times 🙂

  84. Eddie

    I’ve seen it mentioned on another blog, whether it’s true or not I can’t say. I just hope it’s not.

  85. aizedlittlemozart says:

    so, bayern, a man down & a goal down, find two goals to get in the lead & then sit super tight & defend? ..erm….no?…..hmm…. *scratches head*

    coaches with a certain philosophy will stick to it no matter.

    Maureen last season against atletico was still parking the bus at the bridge! its just his basic mentality. studying most of his teams he will only go all out bloody attack against teams that he absolutely considers minnows or against teams that have gone a man down.

    I have never seen barca defend purely against any team, Madrid did not until Maureen. Its just what it is. sure there’ll be games here & there that’ll prove to be the exception to the rule but by & large ……

    good morning all & COYG!!!

  86. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Brief morning and then away

    This is far and away the most alarming sentence I’ve ever read on AA

    From Chas:
    “I’m also noticing less enthusiasm from me to actually attend the games. There are some right nobheads near us at home and away games aren’t much better”

  87. Eddie says:

    micky – have you ever been to a game with Chas? He sits next to 2 proper nutters, one old and one cuddly, horrible characters, no wonder Chas wants to avoid them

  88. We’re all doomed Micky 🙂

    Eddie, why would I fib about something like that?

  89. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    6.53. Heartwarming vid. kelsey is the bloke at the bar. I am the chap having his wife iron his shirt and reading about his team.

    Kelsey. Take a look at the gif at 5.49. Glass ankles?? It is a miracle he is still walking and surely a red card tackle.

  90. Eddie says:

    arnie @1:07 – fantastic 🙂 🙂

  91. Eddie says:

    I think I would love Ian Poulter even if he wasn’t a Gunner. He is on the BBC breakfast this morning, still not one mention of Arsenal….


    Yeah 69? I was once an Argos model

    Ive drilled more holes in crap furniture and worn more V neck jumpers than youve had chorizos mate. hahaha

  93. RA says:

    What goes ’99 …Klop’?

    A centipede with a wooden leg.

    [Source: My mate’s 6 year old.] 🙂

  94. The Cockie Monster says:

    Transplant getting made up for tonight`s game !.

  95. Cockie 🙂

    He’s not dressed like that for the game, he’s dressed like that because he has a date with VCC ha ha

  96. Raddy – are you in the post, it’s says you are.

  97. Big Raddy says:

    Peaches. Job Done ….

  98. Rasp says:

    Morning all ……

    …… New post …..

  99. Darrel says:

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    has more outstanding payables than they do receivables.
    Educating these customers in how to handle their tax affairs in the future can save them many thousands of dollars.
    Itemized deductions and personal exemptions do
    not affect self-employment taxes.

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