Some gentle questioning ………….

Afternoon all

Putting ‘good’ before that seemed inappropriate!

Big question marks today about our last two performances. I thought our tactics would have changed dramatically yesterday after the capitulation on Tuesday. But no, after getting a brilliant goal and a chance to win the game, nothing was changed to secure the win.

What does AW see when he watches a match? Surely he and Bould must have seen our weakness down Chambers wing? Why wasn’t something said to the players down that side to protect him? Why wasn’t a early substitution made to bring Bellerin into RB and put Chambers centrally with the BFG?

Why were the full backs allowed to keep bombing forward and leaving gaps at the back? Why wasn’t AW at the edge of his technical area shouting instructions to the team to change their gung ho attitude?

The players have their responsibility on the pitch, but ultimately, it’s AW in control and he should be asserting his authority on the team. A young and fairly inexperienced manager made changes which won Swansea the match. He saw the gaps and weaknesses in our defence and capitalised on them.

My biggest gripe though is our set pieces, especially corners. Why do we continue to put balls into the area from a corner when the stats tell us that we have a higher than average fail rate of converting? Why does the BFG go up for corners when we know he’ll be hassled by the opposition and ultimately have no effect and then have to slowly plod back to his defensive position? Leaving the defence open to counter attack.

Question, questions…. it’s only natural isn’t it? I want my team to win but find myself at the moment always getting the feeling that we will lose. I don’t want to criticise the boys or our manager but often find myself doing so. My nerves are shot to pieces, my faith is diminishing, my cynicism is increasing and my heart is heavy. 😦

Written by Northbank1969

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  1. Rasp says:

    Thanks for allowing us to use your comment as a post NB69. I agree with what you say/ask and applaud the tone of your words as they convey a calmness I think we all need to duplicate if we are to discuss the game sensibly.

  2. Rasp says:

    Hopefully those who wrote comments relating to the game on the old post earlier in the day will duplicate them here – some good stuff that bears repeating.

  3. Shard says:

    I fully support the point about not using Bellerin, and said so yesterday. In fact, Bellerin should have started with Chambers in the middle. I know that they are both 19 years old, but if they are not trusted then why are they in the first team squad? It was not an unknown that Swansea have pace on the wings, and with players like Bony and Gomis, they have capable headers of the ball. Yet, we deployed a slower RB, and a poorer header of the ball at CB than we could have.

    Hence my comment yesterday about this loss being on Wenger.

    I also fully second the frustration with our attacking set pieces. Our corners are so useless that perhaps we should just go the Barcelona route and just pass it short and build again. Although I would much prefer us to get our corners right.

  4. Shard says:

    From yesterday’s comments section

    Gooner B

    Fair enough. Yes we have shown similar weaknesses. Even though I think those are overblown because of a certain narrative that follows us around, they are there. I just think that Wenger’s strengths are forgotten in this talk of weaknesses. Every manager has certain weaknesses.

    However, I do understand the view that Wenger will not be able to get us to the top again. I do. I just think it is too early to say so conclusively. We are only just coming out of our austerity phase, and it takes time to recover from that. Chelsea and City both had over 3 years of (higher and unchallenged) spending before they got to the top.

    Sure, they changed managers too, but you don’t change a manager who is a one in a million, unless you are convinced that there is someone who will be better, yet still maintain the club’s philosophy. Let’s go through the list of managers who through the years are supposed to have been better than Wenger. Owen Coyle, David Moyes, Martin O’Neill, Michael Laudrup, Roberto Martinez and Jurgen Klopp are among them. Now I don’t think some of those managers are bad, and I would be happy about Klopp, despite his current troubles, being Wenger’s successor. But I think it is a case of just wanting someone different more than an actual analysis of what it means for the club or indeed the merits of the managers.

    Personally, I think Wenger’s 3 year contract is just right, and I think he’s building towards having a side capable of winning the CL since that is his dream and his major ambition.

    Also, apologies for the length. I assure you it is not my tactic to obfuscate the issue, but I think I made a point yesterday about the style of defending. Whether to go the 11-12 route, or to try and implement a pressing game. I believe the intention is to do the latter, though I accept that this is not working right now. While most seem to attribute a lack of effort from others as the reason that Sanchez stands out, I believe it is more that he (and to an extent Welbeck) is used to the pressing game already, while others aren’t.

  5. GoonerB says:

    Thanks NB. Good comments. I agree with most of what you say. The corner thing though I am not sure about. All top teams have their big CB’s attack corners and so should we IMO. If we can’t do it properly it is a coaching issue again IMO and will not be solved by stopping the 6’7″ BFG going up for corners. That is almost giving in to our weaknesses to me rather than taking the harder but better option of addressing why we are ineffective and are exposed so.

    Don’t worry Shard i went back and read your comment. Not too long for me 🙂

    You do have some excellent insights Shard and I enjoy reading your comments. Strangely enough I actually agree with a lot you say even if my slightly depressed comment doesn’t indicate it.

    I hope you are right and AW does turn this around. My problem is that I think a huge amount of the problems are in his tactical outlook and how he reacts to situations throughout the game. This cannot be altered by buying other players, although I still feel there is the possibility that with the right players bought that our achilles heal may be diminished just by the qualities of those players.

    The full-back thing though I am having a hard time swallowing. Gibbs is one of our most reliable performers IMO but he looked to be well out of position to me when he gave away the free-kick. Away from home at 1-0 in poor conditions how is that player able to get goal side of him just by running with the ball. Gibbs is not slow so his positioning must have been all over the place. Is that Gibbs fault or is it the manager not providing appropriate instruction.

  6. The Cockie Monster says:

    Lets be controversial and argue in a respectful manner, I mean TMHT and me are like chalk and cheese as far as Wenger is concerned, but he is still my best blogging buddy and I respect his views even though he is a delusional Wenger aroused stalker !. hahaha
    I don’t hate or love Wenger and wont abuse him with vile Leg Over rants. It`s obvious he has done an unbelievable job for us, but like many, feel that his best days are in the past. A new manager is no guarantee of success, but I think it is coming to the time for someone with fresh ideas !.
    I have always seen Wenger more as a club manager than a coach, his golden years on the pitch imo are mainly down to having the best team and players, that can be said about The Chavs and Mansour City since !. The best teams win trophies, simple as that !.
    Imo there are better coaches out there and I have always said, give me or some of you the millions Mansour City have had and I/we will win the league !.
    To me, the real test of a coach is when you don’t have the riches and manage to punch above your weight, look at Southampton !….Chambers, Lovren, Lallana, Lambert, Shaw gone in one swoop, yet, they have a manager able to instil tactics, work ethics and discipline to galvanise a club that was decimated with the sale of half it`s team !.
    Wengers Achilles heal(s) imo is his self confessed inability not to run the rule over his opponents for their strengths and weaknesses and rather let the opposition worry about his team !. His stubbornness not to delegate !. His arrogance to think that he`s been a manager for donkeys years and some ex-footballers with trophies and caps have no clue about football …`s a simple game, so even some of us simpletons have some idea whens it`s not going right and can see our right back being taken to the torture chambers !.
    As for The Chavs, we cant even moan about their riches anymore as they have been abiding by FFP and doing what we did over the years in selling to buy ( £50M for Luiz and buy Costa and Cesc……Cesc, that is one which will come back to haunt Wenger !, an appalling mistake imo ! . Chavs made a mistake in selling Matic , but had the balls to buy him back for more money, we had the chance to bring Cesc back for less than we sold and opted out ! )
    I will stop here as I could probably go on for hours in what imo Wenger is doing wrong, but it would mean fcuk all !. Plus, I don’t normally do serious stuff, I`m a simpleton !. hahaha

    Maybe a bit of Mr Angry to show how some feel !. I think Arsene has been in the fridge too long ! . hahaha

  7. Peaches I hope you realise that this has now postponed my siesta


    I agree about the corners, but surely, until we get them right, keep Per back and use short corners to carry on the possession football, as Shard said. I remember last season when the BFG went to the near post and flicked the ball backwards with his head into the area. Was that a Bould influence? I remember it working quite well.

  8. poigmothoin says:

    A thoughtful piece NB.

    Cockie what are you doing, a sensible comment?

  9. goonermichael says:

    Very good write up. i can see Wenger turning it around and getting top 4. That’s all though.I don’t think he will build a team capable of winning the league or the CL.

    Monreal didn’t have that bad a game. He kept bony quiet. He was obviously;y beaten for the header though. The midfield leave the defence exposed. Ramsey needs to be dropped. The morale of the team is shot. it was obvious when Anderlecht scored the second they would score a third and it was obvious we would lose once Swansea equalised. I love Wenger but I think he’s past his best.

    I blocked all the Wenger out people on my twitter ages ago apart from a couple that I like from the old days at LG. Now my twitter is 80% Wenger out again. Very sad.

    I have no idea who we would get if/when Wenger goes but I fear it will get a lot worse before it gets better

  10. ha ha that video…. do people really get that angry after a game? Can’t wait to get to the Emirates in April 🙂

  11. Ernest simbo says:

    It looks like the team is above WENGER’s experience,so it now time to bring coach that will give us trophy.

  12. Hi GM, good to see you, hope you’re keeping well. Don’t rush to return for a game at the moment it’s not that much fun 😦

    Cockie Monster – what an excellent comment, your point about Wenger being the club manager and not really the coach rings true. He definitely does things differently 😦

    I don’t mind BFG going up for corners, he usually has two men on him but you’re right NG he does sometimes get in the way. I would love to see us use short corners to keep the possession going, it would mean more space in the box as the oppo would have to come out to defend.

    Thanks for the post NG

  13. RC78 says:

    What is frustrating is that season in and season out, we fail to address our defensive frailties. Last year, we had done well for most of the season except against the big boys. This year, we are just poor against everyone….

    A) Attack, we are among the top in terms of quality and depth

    I believe that offensively – once everyone is fit – we do not have to envy any of the big teams.

    Our starting three upfront are very good: Walcott – Wellbeck – Sanchez

    and the back ups are more than adequate: Ox – Giroud – Poldi

    + Campbell and Gnabry

    B) Midfielders/Creators, we are among the top as well in terms of quality and depth

    Ramsey/Ozil vs Wilshere/Cazorla

    if they are fit and also playing at full capacity, which is not the case yet for any of them…

    C) Defensive players, we are at best average in terms of quality and depth

    Debuchy, BFG, Kos, Gibbs – Arteta –
    Bellerin, Chambers, ?, Monreal – Flamini –

    All it took was two injuries to our defenders to make us look decimated and this is not right…

    When fit:

    Debuchy is among Top 10 RB but certainly not top 4
    Gibbs is among Top 8 LB but certainly not top 4
    BFG is among Top 12 CB but not top 4
    Kos is amomng Top 8 CB but not top 4

    Arteta is among Top 10 HM but no top 4
    Flamini is probably among Top 20 HM…

    Chambers and Bellerin are still learning but while I have greaat hopes for Chambers, I am not as optimistic for Bellering. Monreal has been disappointing as well…

    Debuchy, Kos and Arteta are injured and we are now playing with a weak defensive line so somehow we have to provide better cover for it. Does that mean changing systems in some instances? Absolutely…Why not play: 4-4-1-1 or 3-5-2? Chambers was outplayed and outpaced throughout the game. Put Ox on the right wing to back track againt Swansea’s winger and swith to a 4-4-1-1…

    I think we are 4 players away from being a real title contender. The players needed are physically strong, defensively sound and are leaders on the pitch.

    We need 1RB, 1 CB, 1 LB and 1 HM…For the rest, we are fine and we can actually get rid of some players that are costing us a lot for nothing: Rosicky, Flamini, Diaby, Monreal for a start…

    RB – Lichtensteiner from Juve is keen to join. Otherwise, why not Coleman?
    CB – Garay or Godin could do the trick. Otherwise, Marquinhos or Laporte can do if we invest for long-term.
    LB – I like Baines but otherwise, we can try someone like Nagatomo from Inter.
    HM – I like Bender, Schnederlin, Khedira but I am sure we can get someone ever scarier 🙂 We need a big tall rock there…

    Defense wins you league and major titles so until we address these defensive issues, we cannot compete for major titles…

  14. I vote for RC78.

    Arsene is so happy with Sanchez, Welbeck and Walcott up front that he’s just not that bothered about defending. The last two games must have come as such a shock to him because he always feels we can score and maybe that was the problem yesterday. We didn’t make it hard for Fabanski at all ……….. now if we’d been 4 up before conceding we could have come home with the points 🙂

    Calm down peaches …………….. lol

  15. jacobsfemi says:

    Sincerely, as a fan, i am feed up and as such stopped watching football so that i don’t develop high blood pressure as a result of Arsenal.

    Arsene Wenger is an old generation coach who has lost touch with new generation and passion. He is a stubborn coach still using his father’s football manual wherein he was instructed not to make change except after 70 minutes.

  16. RA says:

    The result yesterday and the manner of our play made me stay quiet when a couple of my friends were sailing into Wenger last night.

    In fact I have held my tongue (keyboard fingers) for most of the day, as it has been difficult to be positive and all too easy to join in (should that have been my wish) with the storm of criticism and abuse being levelled at the manager, first and foremost and also the team.

    “Changing your mind about Wenger are you?” was the question aimed at me during the post-mortem chat – the others with beers, me with coffees.

    I did not answer at the time, as the questioner, my best friend, was asking in a largely rhetorical manner, as if only one answer could be possible, and that was just as well as I would have had some difficulty in responding in a rational and concise way because of my disappointment, without the debate becoming personal.

    Thinking on it, the best way to reply might have been as follows.

    I am a huge fan of Arsene, and believe he is the best manager the club has had, and have argued the point with our old friend Herb on occasion, and that stance has not changed.

    But something has.
    I put forward the view that AW should have retired with dignity last summer, or moved upstairs after the FA Cup win. It is rumoured that he would have gone if we had lost – and only changed his mind when the result went our way.

    That view has not changed. Arsene should have gone at that time.

    If that is the same, what then has changed? Well, I will tell you, and it is not directly connected with Sunday’s defeat.

    Look, there are other sports I follow, and it is easier to explain myself by referring to another non-football personality.

    Michael Schumaker, is pretty universally recognised as the greatest racing driver there has been, eclipsing Juan Fangio, and Ayrton senna, and tho’ some might beg to differ – it is a good example.

    Schumy was briliant, and if you drew a graph of his triumphs it would show an inexorable rise year on year. Then towards the end of his career it would have tailed off, and finally would have shown the effect of some lean years, and he retired – coming out of retirement the drop off in his performances was even more marked.

    The car he had may have contributed to his lack of success at the end, but he was regularly being beaten by a relative rookie in an identical car, and he finally called time on his career – and sadly that led to his dreadful life threatening accident.

    What has that to do with Arsene Wenger?

    He has been a magnificent manager for Arsenal and deserves the accolades, but like many other top people in sport and business ‘tempus fugit’ (time flies) and people lose the sharpness of their youth, their mental acuity is dulled, in what is a completely natural process we will all go thru. [Even Ferguson, who many think was a better manager than Arsene recognised that, and pulled the plug.]

    I am an Arsene man, and I still think he has been the best Arsenal manager ever, and that will not change – but the ageing process has been catching up with him for some time, and the latest defeat is not special, it is just a sign, a staging post in a great career, and I think he would be well advised to quietly slip off into the sunset at the end of the season, if for no other reason than to protect his historic legacy, and to protect his own personal dignity.

    [I could have chosen any number of other top sportsmen or managers as an example of similar inevitable decline – it happens.]

  17. goonermichael says:

    Hi Peaches. I’m good thanks how are you? I had intended to come back for the manc and Dortmund games but my kids are coming here in January so i decided to wait til next year.

  18. Rasp says:

    Arsenal have won more corners per game than any other PL club so far this season ……

  19. Rasp says:

    We’ve also had the most yellow cards …. I have no idea what to make of that? …. last ditch tackles?

  20. Rasp says:

    Redders, thank you for your honest personal perspective. I feel pretty much the same and that is why I dislike the accusation of being anti-Wenger. It could more reasonably be construed as being pro-Wenger if we wish he could have retired with dignity and his reputation intact. I hope he proves us wrong, we all want the same thing.

  21. RA says:

    Here, here, Rasper. 🙂

  22. RA says:


    I could have said, ‘hear, hear’, but on a blog I cannot so — i am ‘here’ with you in spirit. 🙂

  23. goonermichael says:

    How many goals have we scored from corners? Can’t be many

  24. Rasp says:

    🙂 Redders …. ‘there there’ may have been more appropriate in the current climate!

  25. RA says:

    Really good comment/Post, Norther, and I will pop in Sunday to read your latest epistle. 🙂

  26. Rasp says:

    I don’t believe we have scored any goals from our 85 corners so far this season GM – I stand to be corrected. What is obvious is that our two main threats at corners are Giroud and Koscielny and neither are currently available.

  27. kelsey says:

    Well done NB:)

    I didn’t see the game live as I explained earlier and watching a replay knowing the result made my comments more refrained this them back if you wish.

    The only positive for me was Sanchez and what did AW say.

    “Quizzed about Arsenal’s goalscorer’s display in the 2-1 loss at the Liberty Stadium, the Frenchman had no desire to hype up the ex-Barcelona man.

    He told “He scored but I think he didn’t have the best games today.”

    The man has lost the plot,the game has passed him by why didn’t he go after we won the cup with his head held high.

    Now he is conceding publically the League to Chelsea, which looks more than likely, but why say it publically what does it do for his standing amongst our fans.

  28. RA says:


    As you know I have previously commented on your really good grasp of the football environment when you are being serious, and altho’ I cannot help chuckling at your madcap humor, you should not hide your light under a bushel.

    I await with bated breath to see if the final part of the above sentence escapes your analytical dissemination. 🙂

  29. goonermichael says:

    Keep calm it’s only manu and dortmund next. we’ll probably beat them

  30. I’m a Knot Ear today but had to say “I feel your pain brother” North Bank.

    What I think has already been said by others, all I can add is perhaps we can add some gallows humour to supporting the Arse during these dark days.

    As has always been said “Things always look darkest…..just before it all goes completely black”.

    Good to see you GM – I wouldn’t bother rushing back here to watch a game anytime soon.

  31. goonermichael says:

    I stayed up til 5am for the Anderlecht game. Good to see you too Chary

  32. If I stayed up that late to see that horrendous capitulation I’d be fuming.

    The life of a gooner nowadays, eh GM ? 😦

  33. RC78 says:

    I think it is good to be realistic and basically throw the towel for the EPL Title. Now we missed a huge opportunity (AGAIN!) to get back in the top 4 and make a small gap with Liverpool and Utd and close the gap with City…

    The Top 4 this year should have been easy for us given the poor form of Utd, Liverpool, Tottenham and Everton but we screwed up…AGAIN!

    Anyways –

    – EPL is out of reach
    – CL is out of reach
    – Out of one cup already…

    It is November and what are we playing for?

    – At best a Top 4 and we keep our FA Cup Trophy

    A bit early for such UNambitious objectives

  34. RC78 says:

    Do you believe that our defensive problem is:

    – Tactical > Hence with the coach and his assistants
    – Leadership > Hence with PiG, BFG and Flamini
    – Mental > Cannot sustain pressure and make mistakes
    – Quality > Players are weak

  35. RC78

    I would say it’s probably a combination of the first three. I don’t think our players are weak, individually they are all fairly strong players.

    Tactically I have never liked the ‘zonal’ marking system. I took the opportunity yesterday to observe closely whenever we were defending a corner, and compared that to how Swansea defended a corner. Us…. standing off, no hassling of opponents, letting opponents take what ever position they wanted in our penalty area.

    Swansea, man marking, sometimes two to a player, one behind, one in front. Hassling continually and not allowing any of our players to settle in one place.

    No leadership at all, I think I saw on one occasion when Flamster was shouting at a set piece to get the players lined up properly.

    Mentally, go down one goal and everything goes to shit. However, in other games before Anderlecht, we showed some strength in being able to come back from behind. So what’s happened since then I’ve got no clue.

  36. GoonerB says:

    Excellent comment earlier from RA. That is summing up how I feel about things currently. I have been wavering for a while now but have tried so hard to keep the faith. Unfortunately the analysis of how Swansea came back into the game is damning. Those pictures of how many players we had ahead of the ball and Gibbs positioning when Swansea broke to get the free-kick is unbelievable, even more so when we had already capitulated through a similar fashion in the week.

    I think the annoying thing is that we have most of the tools neccessary to revert to a more solid formation with quick counter-attacking. I actually think we are more likely to score a 2nd and 3rd by sucking them in and hitting on the counter-attack from a 1-0 lead, and we have the pace to do it now. That is how I remember the past great sides under Arsene. Get ahead, tighten it up a bit, draw them in then boom, hit them on the break.

    My frustrations, as are many others, are not based on one incident, but a repetition of the same mistakes. I am more frustrated because I think it looks so fixable with some basic coaching and team instruction. Through the austerity years I felt AW had us punching above our weight but I feel now we are punching below.

  37. GoonerB says:

    RC, interesting question. I have always felt our defensive frailties are primarily tactical but currently have a quality issue to them as well. The BFG is now a 3rd choice CB IMO at any club with ambitions for the EPL and ECL. His lack of pace alters how we play against the better teams. Then we have a lack of quality in front of the back 4 at the highest level.

    I actually think the mental strength and leadership are not an issue. More pace and power at CB and at DHM resolves many issues for me on the quality front and then being far more savvy about how we approach the game under different circumstances, i.e when we are leading.

  38. stevepalmer1 says:

    Evening all, A very refreshing post Northbank.
    Many supporters are loathed to think about the prospect of change, they have supported for many years and many remember the barren years.

    When Wenger arrived he was different to what we had had in the past, The drinking gambling and clubbing which was common in all football clubs was slowly clamped down on, Players who had drink issues were helped the same with the gambling, many players could still deliver a reasonable performance even though they were half cut or worrying about paying gambling debts.

    Wenger was the one that gave these players the choice clean up your act follow the rules or look elsewhere.

    New diets and new training methods seemed foreign to the players, many seemed to resent a Frenchman telling them to change, and i still believe many still have an axe to grind and grind it as much as they can.

    Wengers new ideas seemed just the thing that Arsenal needed, and with players left by departing managers and a few of his own started to change the Arsenal way.

    Boring boring Arsenal, started to play attractive football, the players looked like they were on drugs as their performances improved immensely, Many players who looked like they were ready to retire found that with Wengers changes they could go on earning good wages for a few more years.

    These changes that Wenger made, is now used throughout the football world, many players were helped to lengthen their careers

    18 years down the line, and Wengers idea’s seem stale, many supporters feel that he is building a new squad, and that success is almost on top of us, but the truth of the story is that he has run out of ideas.

    For several seasons the word was out that we were strapped for cash huge debts , Myself and others assumed that was the reason why our form went down, and cheap buys would have confirmed that assumption.

    But where this all went wrong is that many cheap players were brought in that just didn’t come up to the mark. Weaknesses that would stop any chance of success. Of course with some of the other clubs new wealthy owners, it was the norm to think that it was the money that brought success.

    Wengers buys were not always good, or not what was needed to improve us and consequently top four for seventeen years is all he could muster. In a league of twenty clubs top four is pretty decent but it is still a long way from being top.

    Todays football, for Arsenal, has now changed, our debts have reduced the new stadium and the many sponsors has enabled Wenger to start to buy top market talent, but Wengers reasoning has to be questioned, he buys midfielders and as many as we can handle but he leaves positions that are weak, not only that he asked players that he has brought who have made their names in that position to play in positions that we have weaknesses in.

    Wenger has tactics that he sticks to whatever team we play, we are an open book in the premier and Champions league, no surprises no hidden tactics nothing. Teams realise that should they find an Arsenal weakness they can exploit it for 70 minutes as that is when Wenger will bring his subs on.

    Wenger plays Zonal Marking system that has conceded goals ever since he introduced it and still he continues to use it.

    Arsenal are ready for new ideas, perhaps a more success hungry man who understands how to change a man that understand formations understands where players play best, realises who is fit and who isnt, understands who is in form and those not, as the way things look at Present Wenger is just going through the same old actions week after week and what is worrying is he looks like he is lost in his own little world.

    He will not change, and he will see out his 3 years, and while he carries on we will slowly lose players and our position in the league.

  39. LB says:

    Could be worse, we could be tottenham, their players dislike each other so much they are close to open rebellion.

    Good read NB

  40. LB

    At the moment we have to look on some sort of bright side 🙂

    I suppose it’s lucky that Spuds, Man U, Liverpool and Everton are having a similar or worse season to us. But it feels strange to have Swansea, West Ham and Southampton above us.

  41. So what’s happened to the Big Raddish today?

    I hope he hasn’t turned to drink with the medication he’s taking?

  42. kelsey says:

    I think we bought well. Sanchez the best signing for years, Debuchy looked very good but injured and Chambers wasn’t meant to play in one let two positions so early on in his career.
    All about having the correct balance and defensively we are woefully short of numbers, tactics are wrong and we don’t have the depth of experience in those positions.AW style of play has been found out by most teams,but will he change ?

    Southampton have only conceded 5 goals this season even though apart from Liverpool they haven’t played the so called big boys,

    NB is right at 5.28 all these teams are vunerable in defence but will we improve as surely at least two of those mentioned will.

    We have too many average and injury prone players in the squad and the use of subs is sometimes baffling.

    4th isn’t a trophy and based on last season we have so far regressed.

  43. kelsey says:

    I meant chambers wasn’t meant to play every game at this stage of his career.

  44. Shard says:

    Gooner B

    Actually, I think it was the midfield that was out of position on that sequence of play rather than Gibbs. Ramsey was still being Hollywood and Flamini…well…he’s all action but I don’t think he can really defend.

    Gibbs though should have fouled the man much before he did. There’s no point taking a yellow card and also conceding a free kick close enough for a shot on goal.

  45. Shard says:

    steve palmer

    “Wengers buys were not always good, or not what was needed to improve us and consequently top four for seventeen years is all he could muster.”

    So you seem to be suggesting that Wenger is to blame for not managing more than 3rd or 4th in the years because he didn’t buy players who were good enough? A net spend of zero might explain that no?

    “Wenger plays Zonal Marking system that has conceded goals ever since he introduced it and still he continues to use it.”

    Actually zonal marking concedes less goals than man to man marking. You just don’t hear the commentators go on about it as a systemic issue with man to man. They get to blame one player and forget about it.

    “Wenger has tactics that he sticks to whatever team we play, we are an open book in the premier and Champions league, no surprises no hidden tactics nothing.”

    On this one, I’m a little confused. I freely admit that I don’t understand tactics very well and usually I don’t even try to carry out a tactical analysis. I get what you mean by this too, but I cannot believe that Wenger doesn’t change tactics. In fact, I think we see variations in tactics, just more of the subtle kind. Telling the players to make slightly different runs. For example, against Burnley, we used the flanks more since they were expected to congest the centre. It might not be the kind of changes that people (sometimes including me) want to see, ie, drop players etc, but I think it is incorrect to suggest he doesn’t know or change tactics.

    Also, although there is a style of management issue too, I think he is also restricted from dropping underperforming players until he can use the money to build a better squad, and the injuries lighten up.

    All the same, I share the frustration that Wenger can take trust in his players a little too far at times.

    “He will not change, and he will see out his 3 years, and while he carries on we will slowly lose players and our position in the league.”

    He will not change, on that we agree. He will see out his three years, I think so, unless he decides that the negativity is helping neither him nor the club, in which case he might walk. (In which case I don’t expect him to retire)

    As for the doomsday prediction, I am at an utter loss as to how people can reach that definite conclusion when they agree that last season, if not this, represents the start of a new era for the club. If it were any other manager managing us right now, but everything else was exactly the same, would we be saying the manager is out of ideas? I don’t think we would.

  46. chas says:

    Nowt much to add as usual.

    Having just read NB69’s comment about it being strange having Swansea, West Ham and Southampton above us, I thought I’d take a look and see if we were ever in a worse position after 11 games in the last ten years.
    Astonishingly in 2012/3 after 11 games we only had 16 points and had Everton, West Brom, West Ham and (worst of all) the spuds above us in the table.
    (Our average for the first 11 games over that ten year period is 22 points).

    The climax to that season was the “it’s 1-1 at Newcastle” Koscielny final day. Buckle up, it’s gonna be a stormy ride.
    Good excuse to put this up. 🙂

  47. Eddie says:

    thanks for the post NB
    I know how you feel mate! The worst part of it for me is the fact that during the austerity years (no money) we played better than we do now.

    I was listening to a Spurs supporter talking about his team today and he could have been a Gunner. At the end he said that he would prefer to watch the youths playing every game, getting beat, but at least showing desire and dedication. He is fed up going to games, spending hard earned cash to watch multi millionaires not turning up game after game, after game

    And that is exactly how I am beginning to feel. We have money, we have top players, we have a genius for a manager, so how the feck we are regressing? There clearly is a problem and I am not in a position to identify or fix it – we have a manager to do it. If he cannot do it, then I am afraid he is not doing his job properly.


    Bloody hell 69. For a second i thought we were back on Gunnersorearse and was about to go into a rant on how fat men who stare through cafe windows remind of the apocalypse.

    To be fair mate, for a geezer who looks better upside down, you sure know how to write

    Its instigated a lot of heartfelt replies, though reading them has made me feel really sad. Last time I was this upset was six months ago when on holiday my son in law was involved in a terrible accident involving a falling wall

    I was devastated, the wall missed him by inches.

    I dont think Arsenes finished yet, far from it. Before his three years are up I reckon he will win us the league. Though it will probably be the old Division 2.

    A spell in league two will do us all a load of good. Theres no better way to come down to earth than losing to Watford. The highlight been Arsene getting into a ruck with Watfords new manager, probably the half bastard brother of Sam Allerdyce.

    Anyway, who could replace Arsene?. All these big time charlie managers who often get touted seem to fall by the wayside. Klopp for example has been spoke of a lot. his team are currently bottom of the Bundesleager.

    Quite fitting really. Have you seen the size of Klopps arse? It looks like a horde of kids have used it as a bouncy castle. The bloke will probably end up managing Totnumb. Poor Bastard. Imagine having to come into work everyday to see Adebeyor dry humping an African player whos just scored a hat trick against you?

    No, for all his faults, and I admit, there are none, Arsenes the man for me.

    The Ghosts of the Thirties are Stirring

  49. chas says:

    I’d imagine fans of Chelsea, Southampton, West Ham and Swansea (maybe Newcastle after their last 4 games) are the only ones who are not talking like that.

  50. chas says:

    Jurgen Klopp estimating the size of his arse.

  51. LB says:

    “Ramsey was still being Hollywood”

    I love the subtlety of this…………..

  52. mickydidit89 says:

    Thanks NB.
    I too have a heavy heart and we’re crap.
    Oh well, moving swiftly on… 🙂

    Still loving that Tourettes Parrot. Really made my day. Not avoiding things at all, because I actually like the site when the chips are down. Good chat and all that. I’m just snowed under with work, and off to London for three days tomorrow.
    Does that BT App you can get to keep your mobile working via wifi hotspots, work for a laptop?

  53. arnie says:

    lovely stuff, NorthBank. I am staying silent, because (a) I am very angry and a bit frustrated, and (b) I am travelling. But I am not losing hope, the League title looks a touch too far, perhaps, but the FA Cup is on and so is the CL. Plus the 4th place trophy of course. 😛

    But I agree with NB. The defence, or lack thereof, is frustrating. No matter how much people here there everywhere try to convince me that it is the MFs fault, I am not backing out. A half back’s primary job is defence, not running down the wings and sending crosses. Particularly if we are playing zonal. Just mental. Chambers and Gibbs, sorry, that is not how you do things.

    I agree on the corners as well, and I would even ask, why exactly are we rubbish in dead ball situations? OK, we scored, ahem Alexis scored against whoever, but that is more of an exception rather than the rule.

    Fantastic comments everyone. Just single out Cockie.

    A very frustrated Arnie from Paris CDG, enroute to Frankfurt. 😦

  54. Mourinho over estimating the size of his dick…

  55. arnie says:

    Chas. seatbelts on! 🙂

  56. GunnerN5 says:

    Lest we forget.

    Just a Common Soldier – by A. Lawrence Vaincourt a Canadian Soldier who passed away in 2009.

    Just a Common Soldier

    (A Soldier Died Today)

    By A. Lawrence Vaincourt

    He was getting old and paunchy and his hair was falling fast,

    And he sat around the Legion, telling stories of the past.

    Of a war that he had fought in and the deeds that he had done,

    In his exploits with his buddies; they were heroes, every one.

    And tho’ sometimes, to his neighbors, his tales became a joke,

    All his Legion buddies listened, for they knew whereof he spoke.

    But we’ll hear his tales no longer for old Bill has passed away,

    And the world’s a little poorer, for a soldier died today.

    He will not be mourned by many, just his children and his wife,

    For he lived an ordinary and quite uneventful life.

    Held a job and raised a family, quietly going his own way,

    And the world won’t note his passing, though a soldier died today.

    When politicians leave this earth, their bodies lie in state,

    While thousands note their passing and proclaim that they were great.

    Papers tell their whole life stories, from the time that they were young,

    But the passing of a soldier goes unnoticed and unsung.

    Is the greatest contribution to the welfare of our land

    A guy who breaks his promises and cons his fellow man?

    Or the ordinary fellow who, in times of war and strife,

    Goes off to serve his Country and offers up his life?

    A politician’s stipend and the style in which he lives

    Are sometimes disproportionate to the service that he gives.

    While the ordinary soldier, who offered up his all,

    Is paid off with a medal and perhaps, a pension small.

    It’s so easy to forget them for it was so long ago,

    That the old Bills of our Country went to battle, but we know

    It was not the politicians, with their compromise and ploys,

    Who won for us the freedom that our Country now enjoys.

    Should you find yourself in danger, with your enemies at hand,

    Would you want a politician with his ever-shifting stand?

    Or would you prefer a soldier, who has sworn to defend

    His home, his kin and Country and would fight until the end?

    He was just a common soldier and his ranks are growing thin,

    But his presence should remind us we may need his like again.

    For when countries are in conflict, then we find the soldier’s part

    Is to clean up all the troubles that the politicians start.

    If we cannot do him honor while he’s here to hear the praise,

    Then at least let’s give him homage at the ending of his days.

    Perhaps just a simple headline in a paper that would say,

    Our Country is in mourning, for a soldier died today.

  57. yes arnie

    poigmothoin got it right ha ha

  58. Lest we forget GN5

  59. The Cockie Monster says:

    That’s about 3 praises for my serious comment !. I may have to change tact and become an academic type blogger !……… should be easy as I`m probably the most suave and sophisticated van driver in Cornwall !. hahaha

  60. ha ha Cockie gets three praises and now he thinks he’s a van driving Iain Banks 🙂

  61. Eddie says:

    Gregory – I know that, but I cannot remember times when we the ARsenal fans could identify with spuds, that’s a bad sign

  62. GunnerN5 says:

    This is perhaps the most famous poem by a Canadian Soldier



    The World’s Most Famous WAR MEMORIAL POEM

    By Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae

    In Flanders fields the poppies blow
    Between the crosses, row on row,
    That mark our place: and in the sky
    The larks still bravely singing fly
    Scarce heard amid the guns below.

    We are the dead: Short days ago,
    We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
    Loved and were loved: and now we lie
    In Flanders fields!

    Take up our quarrel with the foe
    To you, from failing hands, we throw
    The torch: be yours to hold it high
    If ye break faith with us who die,
    We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
    In Flanders fields

    Composed at the battlefront on May 3, 1915
    during the second battle of Ypres, Belgium

    On May 2, 1915, John McCrae’s close friend and former student Alexis Helmer was killed by a German shell. That evening, in the absence of a Chaplain, John McCrae recited from memory a few passages from the Church of England’s “Order of the Burial of the Dead”. For security reasons Helmer’s burial in Essex Farm Cemetery was performed in complete darkness.

    The next day, May 3, 1915, Sergeant-Major Cyril Allinson was delivering mail. McCrae was sitting at the back of an ambulance parked near the dressing station beside the YserCanal, just a few hundred yards north of Ypres, Belgium.

    As John McCrae was writing his In Flanders Fields poem, Allinson silently watched and later recalled, “His face was very tired but calm as he wrote. He looked around from time to time, his eyes straying to Helmer’s grave.”

    Within moments, John McCrae had completed the “In Flanders Fields” poem and when he was done, without a word, McCrae took his mail and handed the poem to Allinson.

    Allinson was deeply moved:

    “The (Flanders Fields) poem was an exact description of the scene in front of us both. He used the word blow in that line because the poppies actually were being blown that morning by a gentle east wind. It never occurred to me at that time that it would ever be published. It seemed to me just an exact description of the scene.”

  63. Jeanette Kliger aka magic hat says:

    I sent this e-mail to AW yesterday and received the attached answer.

    Dear Mr Wenger,

    I am sure you don’t care at all, but, after today’s match against Swansea and your total ineptitude – not replacing Chambers with Bellerin, when he was being literally “skinned” by Swansea, not to mention the debacle against Anderlecht – I have decided to stop watching Arsenal. I have been a supporter for 57 years, far longer than you, but I can’t take any more. There is no pleasure any more.

    You have a great team, apart from a huge shortage of defenders, which is also your responsibility, but you appear to have lost your way.

    I know that you are the manager and I am nothing but a “stupid” fan, but you have taken away my greatest joy in life by your complete obstinacy and unwillingness to listen to anyone. You always know best, but you clearly do not.

    I have had enough.

    Dear Jeanette Kliger

    Thank you for your email. The Club of course understands its performances and dealings can provoke strong emotions amongst supporters. It is the policy of the Club not to comment on the performances of any single player, the Manager or on transfer speculation, but we do understand and appreciate your comments and feedback.

    Any comments that the Club choose to make are made through the various interviews and press releases and unfortunately, we are unable to give specific answers via personal emails to the sorts of points that you raise.

    I apologise that we are unable to comment any further, however your comments have been noted.

    (Mrs Nobody)

    The situation is hopeless.

  64. goonermichael says:

    I think it’s all going to get nasty unfortunately. I’ve just been reading an argument on facebook betwwen Arsenal fans. Some want us to lose to the mancs so the atmosphere gets toxic. They think that will make Wenger resign and we’ll go out and get Klopp. Someone even suggested getting tony adams as caretaker.

  65. GN5

    That’s a lovely poem that evokes a very powerful image

  66. chas says:

    I think Tony would make a great job of pushing a broom and cleaning the toilets.

  67. GM

    It will probably get worse (with the fans) before it gets better. Unfortunate but that’s how it is. Factions will become even more divided and the rhetoric will become more and more caustic.

    Anyway, we’ll beat the Mancs so no problem. 🙂

  68. stevepalmer1 says:

    I know we all see our club in different ways, and as many have said its easy for someone like me, to criticise a man that has done so much for our club. Christ i appreciate all he has done and i have been a staunch supporter.

    I felt the same about Tony Adams Henry Bergkamp Cesc and so many others but they left when their usefulness came to an end. and we are still competing, Granted we are not looking in fine fettle but its not as though we haven’t seen it all before.

    Maybe the stats can prove that Zonal marking is a better system, i dont know much about stats but all i do know is that a defence that backs off and commits only when its too late is a bad system.

    defending corners has me almost closing my eyes, 5 Arsenal sometimes more, marking nobody, and opposing attackers taking free runs in all directions and we are all at sea.

    I cannot accept that this is the best way to defend it looks terrible to me, but as i said, i am not as experienced as our Manager.

    Wenger seems to have many supporters supporting him, and being used to democratic decisions, i can see we are stuck with him.

    I dont believe it is right not to question, when results are not favourable. so for many of us we will not bury our heads in the sand and say nothing, while the rest of the football world who are supposed to be experts explain things that even a fool like me can see.

    Hungry Managers who have had tough assignments, little money with, hungry owners, are pushed to do well, these Managers have untold pressures that only they can explain, Ours has a safe job for as long as he wants it, whether he gets results or not, from where i see it the only pressure he has, is interviews or from the Media, but he just shrugs his shoulders and feels i know best, and knows he will not budge.

    In my eyes a good Manager should see the faults that everybody else see’s and do something about them, not just carry on to the next disaster as if nothing has happened.

  69. Jeanette Kliger says:

    I agree almost entirely with stevepalmer1.
    Wenger’s megalomania, endorsed by the board and owners, puts him in an unchallenged position, so he is no longer good and has lost his hunger, if it means giving away even an iota of his power.


    Jeanette, if Wenger was a megalomaniac he wouldnt have spent the last 18 years commanding the respect and affection from near on every player who has played for him

    Infact, by all accounts he is the opposite. A caring and altruistic manager who puts the greater good above himself.

    He may or may not be the football force he once was and perhaps we are witnessing his swan song, but to openly disrespect him with accusations of megalomania is absurd.

  71. Let’s get things into perspective….

  72. Jeanette Kliger says:

    I do not question his personal skills, as is evidenced by the way most players past and present speak of him, but that has nothing to do with his need to control everything (hence megalomania). At the same time, was he being kind and generous to Chambers leaving him to get skinned time after time yesterday? He must see what is happening on the pitch, but he still sticks to “70 minutes before I make a substitution”. I think he has lost the plot and doesn’t know what to do. I think it is terribly sad, but I am no supporter of quick fixes and I would certainly not advocate bringing in Klopp or anyone else. When you see someone of AW’s stature looking so bereft of ideas, I feel like crying.


    I then apologize Jeanette for misinterpreting what you wrote.

  74. ha ha the Transplant man is flirting. Be careful Jeanette, next he’ll be trying to show you his prized collection of Ballon d’Ors 🙂


    hahaha Leave it out 69. The way you were fawning and swooning over Peaches when she asked you to to do a post? For a brief moment i thought you were going to propose. hahaha

    Besides, you got no chance with Peaches mate. The first time I met her she instantly fell in love with me. I can tell with these things. The way she sipped her Gin & Tonic and stroked my wig were dead give aways.

  76. stevepalmer1 says:

    What has happened with our team is not all Wengers fault, although ultimately it is as he buys the players. But injuries in key positions has left us very vulnerable. Koshielney Giroud Diaby Walcott. These players had they been playing would have given us a holding Midfielder a holding Centre forward a winger and a covering centre back slot in Debuchy and our weakness at right back wouldn’t have been so weak.

    As i said the other day we have a squad to challenge for trophies but because we lack quality back up and we always have injuries in every game untill our back up squad is in place we will continue to fall short every year,
    Ultimatly Wengers responsibility. Rotation rotation rotation

  77. GoonerB says:

    Shard, from earlier, I agree with you about the midfield but I also feel Gibbs was caught out. I suppose as the quickest of those near the player he felt the responsibility was on him to chase the player down.

    I just feel that the players don’t seem to behave as if they have any kind of direction or plan. It looks like a free for all with every player doing what the hell they want.

    I think AW made a huge mistake in not recruiting another quality CB. I said it at the time, as did Chary, and I always felt that had the potential to come back and bite him.

    I suppose that is a spilt milk situation and nowt can be done until at least January. The shape of our team though and how the players set-up for different situations I really feel AW can sort out but for some reason he is turning a blind eye. If he got that right with the team from the start of this season I don’t think any of us would be having these conversations now. I feel he is currently the architect of his own situation and I don’t like that he has put himself there.

  78. chas says:

    Per Mertesacker posted a tweet about Robert Enke today on the anniversary of his death. Below is the link to the replies.

    There is something seriously wrong with football in general.
    Can it really be that important?
    I realise the world is full of moronic idiots but even so.

  79. The Cockie Monster says:

    Hahaha Stretch, but remember I was there when we first met Peaches and yes, she was stroking your syrup whilst sipping a G & T, but it was on Rasp`s head at the time whilst you was on your hands and knees on the floor in a drunken state crawling between peoples legs looking for it !. At one stage you produced a photo of it and started asking people had they seen it !. hahaha

  80. arnie says:

    Chas. The BFG twatter barrage is disgraceful. 😦 This is probably not only about Arsenal. There is just too little respect in society, I think. 😦

  81. 1979Gunner says:

    Really disappointing to think our Season is practically over in November. Many great points made on here but the buck has to stop with Arsene and his failure to secure top quality players to strengthen the defensive side of the team. As someone said earlier not 1 of our back 4 are top quality. Arsene seems to be against the idea if spending big money to buy a defender. As is he thinks anybody can defend in the same way people think anybody can paint, play bass guitar or iron shirts!:)

  82. arnie says:

    Evonne. Agreed, we are playing crap compared to the high standards we set ourselves and so do the good guys who put the shirt on. But regression? I think not, seriously.

    Just won the FA Cup last year. OK, we lost 1-2 away to 5th place Swansea. Last year we lost 0-3 away to 5th place Everton. Where are they now?

    We are there or thereabouts. It looks like the EPL crown will elude us this year. But regressing we are not. surely.

    Yet again we are likely to reach the knockout stages of CL. Maybe this is our year. Perhaps some may say no way, and probably they will be right. But how can we be sure?

    COYG. 🙂

  83. wally says:

    Defence is about organization and teamwork. Those two count for much more than talent.
    Let’s face facts, we’re not organized nor do we work as a team.

    And i really don’t want to hear another word about spending. Our payroll is larger than Chelsea’s and we’re not even close to them.

    That picture of 8 men in front of the ball (you could hit four of them if you stood in the center of them and swung a dead cat) says all you want to know about why teams park the bus. And why teams simply play us on the counter, so effectively.

    Do i expect change? Not really, not after so many years of the same mistakes again and again. A leopard can’t change his spots. The response will probably be to throw one of the CB’s forward so there’s another option.

    I feel like a teenager who’s set his sights on the beauty queen who flashes her eyes only to watch her go back to the same group of lugs again and again and again.

  84. mickydidit89 says:

    Jeanette Kliger

    57 years a supporter eh. Wow. Who gives a shit, and you call him arrogant. “I am sure you don’t care at all”. Nice. Hope this poor run sees the back of your sort.

  85. mickydidit89 says:

    Mmmm, will I get away with putting up the Tourette Parrot again?

  86. goonermichael says:

    Same attitude on my facebook micky.

  87. mickydidit89 says:

    Ah GM
    Tell you what, there’s an upside to shit form…a cull 🙂
    Just wish all the people who threaten to quit, really would.
    I’m what kind of an ‘effing life does Jeanette Kruger live, cos I have an idea, and it’s based on the kind of people who write letters of complaint 🙂

  88. goonermichael says:

    on FB I’ve been watching people argue among themselves. They all want Wenegr out but apparently you are an “AKB” if you want Wenger out but you refuse to abuse him. One fan who is “old skool” wants the mancs to beat us because he thinks Wenger will resign and one says Wenger deliberately drove a wedge between the fans to deflect critisism from him.

  89. mickydidit89 says:


    I think we all know why we quit LG

  90. mickydidit89 says:

    We’ve got home games against Utd and Dortmund coming up. What kind of Arsenal fan isn’t licking their lips at that, and champing at the bit to go?

    I do know we’re rubbish at the moment, but still.

  91. goonermichael says:

    How could you want to lose?

  92. The only thing you should ever want to lose in life is your virginity… nothing else 🙂

  93. mickydidit89 says:

    Two overwhelming sensations for you every morning.
    Thirsty and the need to mate. Close?

  94. arnie says:

    motning all.

    bring on Dortmund, bring on ManUre. 🙂 Two must win games! 😛

  95. mickydidit89 says:

    A draw would do against Dortmund 🙂

  96. arnie says:

    Yes, Micky, acceptable. if not, Wenger’s head on a platter. 😛 fecking imbeciles. 🙂 can anyone seriously think that changing a manager mid-season is good for us? That too with another manager who has had just one good (lucky) year. hmmm.

  97. arnie says:

    anyway, three days work from within a “high security prison”. no internet all day. 😦

  98. Shard says:


    You may not want to hear about spending but then you say Chelsea’ wage bill is lower than ours.. So you brought it up.

    This is my problem with that argument. People seem to think in watershed moments rather than gradual trends. The reason we have a high wage bill is because in order to stay competitive over the years we paid players on potential, and others who were good enough for where we needed to be then, but may not be now. eg, Diaby, Podolski etc. If we had the money earlier to buy the likes of Reus or Draxler, then we wouldn’t be paying Podolski 100k. But we needed him then, and he was the best we could get because we had less money. That doesn’t go away now just because we have money.

    With Chelsea it’s the reverse. They spent years hoarding all the talent they could find, and even used the loan market to manipulate the league as much as they could, precisely as a result of their high spending. The reason their wage bill is now lower is because they used those hoarded, bloated assets to finance their current assets.(with a little wink wink, nudge nudge from PSG too) Basically, Chelsea could not be where they are at this moment in time without their extraordinarily high spending. They did plan for FFP very well. All the same, they can’t do the same thing again if FFP works, which is good.

    So yeah, say Arsenal have a higher wage bill than Chelsea’s, but it takes time to make the money count. It isn’t a situation unique to us either.

  99. Micky

    What other sensations are necessary really, wine and women are enough don’t you think 🙂

  100. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    Took a day off yesterday because I cannot stand reading comments like Klingers. She is entitled to her view but she only comes onto AA to moan and whinge. When I read a positive comment from her I will start to give her some respect.

    FFS we won the Cup less than 6 months ago, yet all is doom and gloom

    Apart from Jeanette having a high level of literacy I see little difference between her and sniffer.

    Right ….. Back to Mugabe Lock Down

  101. Big Raddy says:

    NB.7.40 Song (and not Alex)

  102. kelsey says:


    There is a combination of things why we aren’t clicking. A post will follow tomorrow which might get censored but no sex or alcohol involved.

  103. Eddie says:

    I would be interested to read what Jeanette has actually expected to learn in reply to her/his insulting letter?

    I think the Club should chip in and send her/him a season ticket to the WHL

  104. fatgingergooner says:

    We’ve been in much worse situations than this under AW recently, so not sure about all the abuse that’s flying around. I can understand it for a day or so whilst tempers are high, but wanting us to lose is ridiculous.

    Personally, I blame our centre midfield. None of them are playing well and it’s showing. Cazorla, Ramsey, Flamini, Wilshere and Arteta have all struggled so far with form or injury. This is leaving our back 4 totally exposed. This is magnified when your back 4 contains Monreal!

    I think the Anderlecht result has sent people crazy. Had that finished 3-2 then people would be claiming a very good start to the season considering we’ve already played City, Chelsea, Spuds and Everton, but instead we are in total meltdown!? Doesn’t really make sense.

    I’m predicting a few 0-0 games whilst we concentrate on defence, and then people (myself included) will be kicking off because we don’t get enough men forward! 🙂

  105. RA says:

    I mostly kept my head down yesterday hoping the howls of outrage would quickly die down, but……..

    It isn’t because many people on various blogs have different views to my own, but, and I say this knowing I am leaving myself open to being ridiculed here, the fact is I get upset by some of the personalised vitriol aimed at Arsene Wenger as if it were abuse aimed at a member of my own family.

    That is why part of me wants him to shame them all by winning something major, not for the team, and not for the fans frankly, but for himself so he can show two fingers to his ‘expert’ critics.

    The other part of me is thinking he is a decent and honourable man taking too much unwarranted abuse and no one should be expected to have to put up with that.

    It cannot be good for his health, and that is what is the most important.

    Move over Raddish – more head down time I think.

  106. Eddie says:

    fattie 🙂 I love your last sentence 🙂

    But be honest, are you looking forward to the next game as much as you always did? I am not, I am beginning to feel sort of indifferent. I reckon is the self preservation mechanism kicking in to protect myself from more pain

  107. mickydidit89 says:

    I think you can change a Manager at any time. Just saying.

  108. Rasp says:

    Morning all, has something happened that I am unaware of? All of a sudden everyone is focusing their anger on JK? We didn’t publish a post yesterday until everyone one had calmed down and asked for a sensible response to a very reasonable post. Now I wake up and read everyone getting militant.

    Personally I am really fed up with the predictable fragility of our team and the failure by the management to address fundamental flaws in the way we set our team up and I feel no sense of lack of loyalty to the Arsenal in saying this.

  109. mickydidit89 says:

    About to blast off to London, and hopefully I’ll get some time to pen one.

    Warning Raddy
    I’m about to launch into one, and it’s about separating the wheat from the chaff during tough times. More of this sulking and lock down talk, and you’re going to be their Leader 🙂

  110. kelsey says:

    Well said Rasp

    I thought generally people all gave their opinions in a respectful way,but there is no doubt there is a growing amount of frustration and anger aimed at the manager and the players.

  111. mickydidit89 says:

    Ok Rasp, hands up, I started it against the fan of 57 years.

    I have nothing against wanting a change in manager, but did you read the letter?

  112. Rasp says:

    Morning Micky, 🙂 I know what you mean about JK, I didn’t take her point seriously as I was otherwise engaged. I have no problem with your response.

  113. mickydidit89 says:

    Oh god, RA as well
    So far then, I’ve got Raddy, Exile and now RA in my “weak camp” 🙂

  114. kelsey says:

    AW has been asked to appear in I’m a celebrity Get me out of here 🙂

  115. kelsey says:


    you are a bit Roy Orbison 🙂 I know the feeling.

  116. mickydidit89 says:

    You’ve been working on that joke for a while, haven’t you? 🙂

  117. chas says:

    In other news, the Daily Fail asked this important question….

  118. kelsey says:

    Which one micky 🙂 or both

  119. chas says:

    Here are some of the responses….

  120. kelsey says:

    Interesting chas.

    I read it and all the workers come from Hungry, a bit ironic 🙂 and it’s true.

  121. chas says:

    My personal favourite

  122. mickydidit89 says:

    Ha ha, brilliant the whole loaf

  123. goonermichael says:

    very funny

  124. goonermichael says:

    I’m in moderation

  125. Eddie says:

    Rasp – I absolutely swear I didn’t read Raddy’s comment re JK. I genuinely thought it was stupid, pointless and counter productive letter to send. Waste of time writing it too.

    I sent a couple of letters to Wenger, well more than couple and received similar replies, not that I expected any.

    Rasp – I know you are going to be angry with me, but I have to say that. Every now and then you reprimand someone, exercising your authority or superiority. I know it is your blog, but every now and then you disappear for months and then come in telling people off. Is it really necessary? In your absence the blog self regulated itself. Please don’t go mad with me, I don’t mean to be evil to you, but a couple of nights ago your response to Shard was a bit harsh.

  126. mickydidit89 says:


    I’m convinced Rasp spies on us from his drone whether he appears to be here or not, then whooooosh, he strikes.

  127. kelsey says:

    That was a hot dog with plenty of mustard,Evonne 😉

  128. Rasp says:

    Morning Eddie, I took a sabbatical from commenting for the first time in 5 years of running the blog – but I was still involved every day behind the scenes. I have put up posts every Christmas, New Years Day, Bank Holidays – times when the rest of you can take a day off. I have worked on this blog every day since its inception – no holidays for me.

    We set out with the aim of offering a site where everyone would be valued and as part of that we have to try to avoid ‘pack mentality’. It would be far easier to put up meaningless posts, to produce cheap misleading headlines and to profit from advertising.

    By all means take over if you think you can do a better job.

  129. love the sandwiches!


    Unfortunately i do find myself lowering my expectations so as not to get p*ssed off when Arsenal mess it up like they did at the weekend.

    It does save myself and my wife a lot of undue stress though!!!

  130. chas says:

    My personal take on the whole situation is that there is a large chunk of Arsenal fans who want Wenger out.
    My god, some have been around since 2008!
    Some didn’t even want to win the FA Cup because it meant he would stay.
    This season we haven’t clicked into anything like a gear so far, apart from a couple of games for small periods of time.
    As a consequence, the desire to stick the knife in has reached a crescendo in the background.
    A few scrappy wins against Anderlecht and Sunderland away meant that those who love to moan were denied the chance to vent at our poor form.
    A win against Burnley (admittedly, a team who were the only ones in the country without a win in the top 8 leagues) further stalled the situation.
    You see it on AA all the time, some don’t comment when we have a series of OK results but wait for a shitty draw or poor defeat.

    As FGG says, if we’d somehow held on to a 3-2 against Anderlecht, the pressure valve would still have been in place. We didn’t and, with the reverse at Swansea as well, the top has blown off the volcano.

    Apparently there is talk of a Wenger out march for Man U!!!!

    The only thing that will change the situation is for Wenger to leave or be sacked, neither of which I think will happen. A few decent results will pacify temporarily but only until the next bad one.
    This is the situation for the rest of the season.
    Mightily depressing.

  131. How do you address a letter to AW, is it: Mr Wenger, c/o the Emirates Stadium, Islington

    I saw a documentary about the woman who was the Beatles secretary for many years. It said that when it got going for them fans from all over the world addressed their letters to: The Beatles, Liverpool. And they arrived. At the time the woman was using her personal address where she lived with her father and all the letters went there.

  132. kelsey says:


    If you are around,dearest.

    many many blogs are saying the same. One you go on is far more critical than us and they used to never say a bad word regardless of our results. that particular blog split with what I would call ultras and even on there there are more and more questions being asked.

    It’s how you put your point over and using swear words at anyone associated with our club is totally unnecessary. We don’t stoop to that level on here.

  133. chas says:

    You do a much-appreciated job on here.

  134. RA says:


    I cannot even be relied on to be ‘weak’. 🙂

    Actually, it is a problem not getting drawn into responding, in kind, to some of the particularly insulting and acerbic comments aimed at the boss by some very stupid people.

    That is balanced by my long held belief that even stupid and misguided people have the right to express their views.

    Rasper will be on my case if I do not make it clear my comments are general in nature as I have for some time been blogging hither and thither, and are not aimed specifically at AAers, altho’…… 🙂

    Your attitude is just about right on the button, upbeat and looking to the future, yet prepared to acknowledge that we have faced some unwanted challenges recently.

    Chas’s stance is very straight forward – he is a fan – end of, and more of us should aspire to that. 🙂

  135. Rasp says:

    Morning chas, my take is that AW is the manager and we have to support him because we support Arsenal and as long as he is incumbent the two are the same. No marches, no placards, no booing, support The Arsenal.

    But there is nothing wrong in expressing concerns on forums in a civilised manner when the team underperforms – and if that sends a message to the management then so be it.

  136. mickydidit89 says:


    “A Wenger out march”

    Oh, how utterly fabulous. I shall make an even bigger effort to attend, as I was so disappointed not to be around to “welcome” the Black Scarf effort.

    Happy days. Oh what fun 🙂

  137. kelsey says:

    That’s twice I have agreed with you Rasp, I must be coming down with something 🙂

    Chas is a die hard supporter the only regular I know who goes to most Away games and we all have different personalties and ses the game differently,and that’s what makes AA such a great site.

  138. mickydidit89 says:


    “It’s how you put your point over”

    Bang on the money. I have said on here that I thought AW should have gone 18 months ago, then again after the FAC Win, but you know what, there’s no point banging on about things.

    He’s the manager. I ain’t about to change that. So get on with it and above all, have fun.

  139. chas says:

    I think it would be impossible for me to lay into the team and manager all week on the internet and then go to the ground on a Saturday with a smile, full of expectation and hope.
    I don’t expect everyone to be like that.
    Personally I find that if I allow myself that negativity for any length of time it seeps into my bones, changes how I approach everything and my whole life becomes unenjoyable.
    That is something that is not going to happen.

  140. Perhaps this is what happens to some Arsenal supporters, they just have a replica ha ha

  141. mickydidit89 says:

    It is a great site. Very true.

    Off to find a train.

  142. chas says:

    Thanks, RA.

    Though the blog wouldn’t be worth running if everyone posted photos of dogs and sandwiches every time we lose. 🙂

  143. Rasp says:

    Thanks Kelsey 😛

    Chas, Raddy, Micky, GiE, Shard, Eddie, Redders, you …. all of us ….. we’re all die hard Arsenal supporters – but we’re not clones and we express it in different ways.

    None of the disagreements between regulars would occur if we had the self same discussion face to face over a beer at the pub, it’s just that the written word is less personal however well it is expressed.

  144. chas says:

    I like your ‘Off to find a train’. Almost as if any train will do. 🙂

    Along with Eddiecam for skirmishes with the locals, I’d also like to see a Mickycam for when you are travelling.
    I’m sure BR would approve (as long as he didn’t have to be your co-star all the time).

  145. aizedlittlemozart says:

    good mawning all!!!

    feel the radiance of red & white creeping back slowly .

    good performances from the boys away with their different countries & more optimism will kick in.

    MaNure & BVB. despite the gloomy atmosphere I see 6points.

    Shard, I swear I could just copy & paste your comments all day everyday! you speak my mind every time.

    I have a question though. if it had been Sagna instead of Chambers getting roasted on that flanks by montero(?) would we have been blaming AW for not doing anything about it? I remember sagna used to get some tough customers on the right & the blame used to go to Theo for not offering enough protection. just like podolski not offering protection to Gibbs or Nacho man.

    Is it cos Chambers is 19 that it is suddenly AW’s tactical slowness for not telling Ox or whoever to double team?

    Let’s not get favourites (we always will I guess).

    Ps; & no, i’m not taking all the blame away from the manager.

    PPS; I hope you guys remember when I mentioned earlier in the season that I thought Alexis was bringing anarchy to our shape? i’m still observing ……

  146. Rasp says:

    Thanks chas, I completely understand. Your whole matchday experience is brilliant …. exactly ….. how could you go to all the effort and have such enjoyment for something that you then denigrate?

    I’m the same, I always take joy in supporting the team at games, there is no other way. Actually it is much harder when you watch at home on a dodgy stream – you are too removed from the atmosphere and often have to listen to numpty commentators.

  147. RA says:


    I would just like to repeat something that should not need saying really.

    You are perfect for this site, not just for all the work you do in the background, but for your reasoned and balanced comments.

    I have never witnessed you attacking anyone – ever – but saying what you feel is no different to anyone else blogging on here.

    As I said – should not need saying! 🙂

  148. RA says:


    I thought Micky had absent mindedly lost the train. 🙂

    [You can never remember where you put things as you get older!]

  149. LB says:

    “I think it would be impossible for me to lay into the team and manager all week on the internet and then go to the ground on a Saturday with a smile, full of expectation and hope.”

    Aaaaaahhhhhhh, sanity…………..

  150. Rasp / Big Raddish / Peaches

    Just to put my ore in as well, the day Kelsey and GN5 suggested I visit AA was a happy one. I enjoy the site immensely and appreciate that generally all debates are conducted with respect for other bloggers. The banter ain’t bad eeva! 🙂

  151. Jeanette Kliger aka Magic Hat says:

    OK, everyone, time for me to reply.
    I rarely contribute to the site, but I have submitted and had published both articles and blogs in the past under the pseudonym of Magic Hat.
    Those of you who have chosen to abuse me this time have completely missed the point and I was also under the clearly mistaken impression that this was a democratic site, where everyone was free to publish his or her opinion, without opprobrium being heaped upon their heads.
    I love the Arsenal and I have enormous respect for AW, but he really has taken away a lot of the pleasure in watching the team. If people disagree, that is clearly their right, but do you really like watching a player like Chambers humiliated, as he was against Swansea, with no help?
    Whatever anyone says, AW does come across as arrogant right now and he is clearly unable to deal with “difficult” questions, but, as I said in my reply to Terry M, I am not in favour of replacing him with anyone.
    Sitting in front of the TV and seeing us run around like a group of headless chickens is awful – perhaps others enjoy it?
    He has some fantastic players, but they all look lost.
    I don’t know what he can do, but that isn’t my job, it’s his.
    I shall certainly think 10 times before I ever contribute to this site again.
    I have always liked it for its fairness
    Think again, JK!

  152. Eddie says:

    Rasp – ” I have worked on this blog every day since its inception – no holidays for me”. Sorry I didn’t know that, somehow I thought you switched off and couldn’t care less about the blog. Silly me 🙂 of course you wouldn’t do that 🙂

  153. Eddie says:

    JK – sorry if I offended you.
    But please tell me what did you think/hope the replied would be? I mean it is pretty obvious that the club are inundated with similar letters and drafted a bog standard reply respectfully letting the fans know that they are not being ignored. `

  154. Jeanette Kliger aka magic hat says:

    Eddie, you did not offend me, your question was totally justified. I didn’t really expect any other response and that just compounds everything.

  155. chas says:

    The site isn’t so bad really.
    I think what happened was that your letter seemed to represent the knee-jerk, ‘toys out of the pram’ type response which the blog was trying to avoid by delaying the post yesterday.

    I also assumed that your letter was about tossing in your season ticket. Was it really just about turning off your telly? Wow.

  156. Eddie says:

    Thanks JK, it really feels awful to hurt someone’s feelings unintentionally, unless the person is DidIt 🙂

    Yeah, I sent a few letters to Wenger and one was a success. It was at the time when we kept on losing to United, about 10 years ago? I noticed that the Mancs love the tension, the drama and feed on our anger. I suggested to Wenger to be nice to them before the game, shake hands, hugs, smiles all around… put them to sleep. And do you know what? We won the next game 🙂 All down to me of course

  157. Jeanette Kliger aka magic hat says:

    Chas, I live in Sweden, no season ticket, so it was TV, but it really makes me cry.

  158. No way to treat a woman is what I say, Jeanette, and the culprit who didit should apologise or be strung up on a barbed wired fence by his dangloids until his voice breaks. 🙂

    Talking of dangloids, perhaps you’d prefer a calm and intellegent chat at a bar with me, over a nice glass of Bordeaux. But the problem is you said that you’d supported the club for 57 years so perhaps you’re a bit too young for me.

  159. Shard says:


    I understand that and appreciate the work you do. there is no need for you to have to underline your contribution to this site as we all know and appreciate what you do, and what this site means.

    Also, I have even mentioned this before, I have held you as an example of how to be a fan even when your views are what I would call negative. You’ve always managed to find the balance between being critical and still being supportive. I, as much as anyone, put the defeat to Swansea down to Wenger. Yet, I take umbrage with you calling him delusional. Others on this site have referred to him as being a megalomaniac. Any other psychological disorders we want to accuse him of dealing with?

    As for your response to me. It was…..well…enlightening. I had no idea that is how you viewed my comments.

    I didn’t think it would, but it has made me reconsider the time I put into reading and blogging here. I’m not burning my bridges here or saying I won’t comment or read (I definitely will), but I think I better limit my contribution – such as it is, and perhaps concentrate on doing other things with my time.

    Thank you Eddie.

    And thank you aized. As for your question, perhaps we wouldn’t. But Sagna was first choice for a reason. If it were Debuchy I wouldn’t say so either. But with an already makeshift defense, we should be doing all we can to help the individuals out there. I felt it was the wrong option by Wenger, but I do understand that that is his philosophy. I just think this should have been an exception.

  160. chas says:

    Sorry to hear that.
    Did you have tears of joy on May 17th last?
    I hope you had a really great day,

  161. Jeanette Kliger aka magic hat says:

    Yes, Chas, I did. I was actually there with my husband and daughter. It was wonderful.
    That would be nice northbank, I am only 67!

  162. Rasp says:

    Morning Shard, it would make me very sad if you reduce your blogging on AA. Like most I had to adapt my style of blogging when I found my message wasn’t been received in the way I meant. Your contribution to the site is very important and I do hope you continue to share your opinions and views with us.

  163. Morning JK – I think if your comment had appeared at the same time as other ‘rants’ earlier in the day it would probably have gone under the radar.

    Sometimes it’s worth looking at what is happening on the blog before posting a comment.

    Saying that, I’ve been on the phone since starting writing this comment and so I have no idea what is happening on the blog until I press the button 😉

  164. Shard

    If being delusional or a megalomaniac were psychiatric disorders then most women (bless ’em) would be in mental institutions. 🙂

    I’m only joking Eddie and Peaches… honest

  165. chas says:

    Good stuff, Jeanette.
    If you don’t mind me asking, how did you mange to get tickets?

  166. There you see, everyone is playing nicely 😀

  167. chas says:

    Interesting to hear that you have a “message”. 🙂

  168. ……. and Northbank has found someone to chat up 😀 😀

  169. chas says:

    It’s the calm before the storm, peaches.

  170. chas says:

    …….and to have a drink with.
    Both necessities catered for.

  171. Jeanette Kliger aka magic hat says:

    Chas, I am English, started going to Highbury with my dad when I was 10, have lived in Sweden for 40 years, but I have many friends who are Gooners and get me tickets.

  172. What could you possibly mean chas 🙂

  173. chas says:

    Here’s one for you, NB69.
    As some wag pointed out, ‘best cover I’ve ever seen’.

  174. I have to go out for a while …………..

    How are we going to fill the next ten days?

  175. chas says:

    You are really lucky to have such good Gooner mates.
    “Cup Final tickets?”
    “No problem, Jeanette. Would you like three?”

  176. chas says:

    Dogs and sandwiches

  177. aizedlittlemozart says:

    number of comments getting closer to the 200 mark…

    Shard..I guess you have a point re the sagna/debuchy/callum question I asked.

    as for the rest of your post *copy & paste* hehe….

    & do not reduce you influence (yes, influence) on AA. my 3 reasons for joining the AA family are BR (my ex best friend (but probably my real AA best friend *wink*) ), RA (for his sage like comments) & you (always know i’ll read a 2nd post from you in the comments section). so, please man, let your influence remain,…in same measure….& frequency…you get my point ..

  178. Peaches

    Can you imagine my joy, over at my site I only have The Cockie monster and Transplant man to flirt with, but in times of need and all that ha ha.

    Next time you are in the south of France (without your husband of course) we’ll have that drink together 🙂 in the meantime, keep the faith, in your 57 years as a goonerette you have seen worse.

  179. chas

    I’ve see that vid before and I had problems concentrating on the music 🙂

  180. Jeanette Kliger aka magic hat says:

    Well, unlike a lot of people on this site, they can say “JK, we know who you are!” I always have and always will love the Arsenal.

  181. Rasp says:

    🙂 chas, blogging whilst out driving is frowned upon by the highway code, maybe I should’ve used the word feelings rather than message – or have you caught me out 🙂

  182. chas says:

    Don’t push me cos I’m close to the hedge.
    About sums us all up really. 🙂

  183. Rasp says:

    🙂 chas, shall we have the dogs or cats post today – what do you think?

  184. This should stop all the debate about chezzers being badly positioned and whether the ball went into the top corner or not. It was just a perfect free kick

  185. Transplant and Cockie share an intimate moment together

  186. Time to go….. the bar is calling 🙂

    Thanks Peaches for posting my comment. A good discussion followed.

  187. wally says:

    I dispute the notion that Chelsea spent more then so they could spend less now. It’s rationalization.
    Clearly you’re not arguing that our manager has squandered his limited resources with a bunch of crap players. ‘Cause that would be grounds for sacking wouldn’t it.
    Chelsea are simply better organized, they are better coached, and playing for each other. We aren’t. And the table is all the evidence needed.

  188. kelsey says:

    Stop stirring it up Shard 😉 You and I hardly ever agree but this is Rasp and peaches’s site so take it or leave it.

    As for you NB, are you a latter day Eroll Flynn, and we all know what happened to him 🙂

    JK we started going to Highbury about the same time though Norfolk gooner and GN5 put us in third place 🙂

  189. G’day all,

    I missed out on yesterday’s debate as I went with my wife to view the “Blood Swept Lands And Seas of Red” poppy display at The Tower Of London. Such a moving and thought provoking sight, it drove all thought of such trivialities as mere football from my mind.

    Now I find that everything that I could have wished to say, about Sunday’s game, has been said, so I shall leave it at that.

    Keep the faith Rasp, what you and Peaches do for Arsenal Arsenal is invaluable and you both have my heartfelt thanks for your efforts.

  190. GoonerB says:

    A bit depressing that another site is trying to organise a Wenger out protest at the Utd game. That is no way to treat him and I would hope that the majority of the fans will counteract it by way of singing his name out, but similarly I wouldn’t want this to be interpreted as everyone being happy and to carry on as is.

  191. chas says:

    When I was watching I had two thoughts about the free kick.

    The first was that I was amazed when I saw where it was taken from as I thought Gibbs had made the foul earlier in matey’s run.
    At least 3 yards I reckon. Dowd would have been far more interested in booking Gibbs than trying to get the kick taken from where the foul took place.
    (Isn’t it great that despite having 7 men in front of the ball at 1 nil up, I can still find a way to blame the goal on Fatty Dowd? 🙂 )

    The second was going to take the form of a question for GIE.
    If you are a goalie, there are no other players on the pitch and someone is taking free kicks from that sort of distance, how often would you expect to be beaten? Almost never I suspect.

  192. aizedlittlemozart says:

    wonder how those Newcastle fans who wanted pardew out after a hand full of matches feel at this point? like right numpties would be my guess

  193. RA says:


    It is a little unfortunate that you hit a nerve with your comment/copy letter.

    You will know from past experience that the site/bloggers attempts to be even handed, but nothing in life is perfect.

    Put this down to ‘one of those things’ (we all get our fingers burned occasionally) and give it another go. Anyway our resident Don Juan is obviously happy to flirt with you (and he does with me too, but I am not jealous, you understand? 🙂 and I am happy to chat with you too.

    We are a disparate bunch with many diverse views, some of which are negative and some positive, otherwise it would be pretty sterile.

    Actually, just like you, most ‘positive’ bloggers do have their odd ‘negative’ moments, soon forgotten, and then there is Kelsey! 🙂

    Keep your chin up and keep posting your comments. 😀

  194. chas says:

    I and I zed

    Nah, it was only their moaning and booing that got him to change his ways. 🙂

  195. chas says:

    You spelt ‘desperate’ incorrectly. 🙂

  196. RC78 says:

    1. IMHO, AW should stay until the end of his contract;

    2. Shall he be sacked or decide to leave, I would like it to happen once a season is over and not during the season.

    3. Are we better off with him or with another manager? Before taking such a decision, you have to look at what’s available on the market…

    4. Who would you like to see at AFC if he goes?

  197. GoonerB says:

    Yes I noticed that as well RA, a rare foe par 🙂 from dictionary corner. Perhaps you can cover it up RA by saying it was meant to read “a desperate disparate bunch”.

  198. chas says:

    Or a desperate, disparate, disappearing bunch of desperados.

    Another round of valavents, vicar?

  199. RA says:

    Aimed and Shard,

    As usual I am reading the comments backwards, well not the words backwards but the timeline, and I have just found Aized’s response to the Shard man’s message at 10:18 a.m.

    First, AZ, watch who you are calling ‘sage’ — you will be calling me ‘onions’ next! 🙂 [I am just showing off my knowledge of ‘sage and onions’ being a particular British stuffing.) 🙂

    I might have phrased that better I suppose.

    Shard, I am in total agreement with the blog’s Vet, and will be furious if you reduce your blogging/posting on AA.

    There are two main reasons for that, excluding the fact I consider you a friend – an argumentative sod admittedly, but a friend none the less.

    a) You are articulate and interesting in your views, and they are always well thought out, and thankfully not mind blowingly repetitive.
    (and I tend to agree with you 99% of the time).

    b) This relates in part to (a) above — the 1% disagreement allows me to argue with you.

    So, no ifs, ands, or buts just carry on carrying on.

    [And I do not think the Rasper meant anything by using an expression which is not pejorative in itself. Megalomaniac – whoever used it, is an unfortunate expression.] 🙂

  200. RA says:

    Oh, yee Great Pillocks, 😉

    ‘Disparate’ is not ‘desperate’, it means essentially different – but I was wrong — you are all the same — wind-up merchants!! 😀

  201. GoonerB says:

    I have noted with interest Shard’s views on Chelsea vs Arsenal spending and how Chelsea have gone about it. Mourinho has made some big decisions about losing certain big players (Mata and Luiz) to get the balance he wants in the side. He saw a surplus in certain areas and deficiencies in others and looked at what he could reclaim from selling off players in positions that they are already well covered in. It was smart business and basically funded Cesc and Costa.

    My question is have we got surplus areas where we could secure extra funds to add to the transfer budget to get the world class players we need in other positions? I think on players like Podolski and Campbell and possibly even Santi. With the former 2 likely to leave anyway IMO I would also I would ask have we waited too long to get maximum value from said players? Was the summer the right time to sell some of these players to get maximal funds back?

    Even with our new spending power I still don’t see us as a club that can lose significant transfer funds on player sales and I wonder if we have not played the market properly.

  202. GoonerB says:

    You say Tomayto I say Tomarto Redders 🙂

    Off for a bit see you later.

  203. chas says:

    So you’re saying we fecked up the transfer window.

  204. Rasp says:

    Hmmmm …. should we use GoonerB’s comment/question as a post for today? …. and stitch him up just as we did nb69 😛

  205. Rasp says:

    You’ve got 5 minutes to refuse permission GoonerB or else we publish and be damned 😕

  206. GoonerB says:

    Go ahead, Rasp.

  207. GunnerN5 says:

    To Rasp.

    The thoughts of an Old Gunner.

    AA one of the only blogs that I contribute to, or care about and the type of comments that have been directed at you in the past few days leaves me saddened.

    Even though I have previously been guilty of making negative comments to yourself and Peaches I want you both to know that I have the utmost of respect for both of you.

    It’s only through your joint foresight and industry that AA is a site where diverse views can be expressed without fear of retribution or censorship. That is as long as ones views are stated in accordance with the all important “Peaches Mum Rule”.

    AA is an important part of many of our lives and brings us a great deal of joy and that is entirely due to your good selves.

    Long may it continue…………………

  208. Rasp says:

    Thanks GN5, I really appreciate that 😛

  209. Rasp says:

    And thanks to GoonerB for inadvertently supplying today’s …….

    …. New post …..

  210. chas says:

    Hear, hear, GN5.
    Feck knows how I’d waste my time if it wasn’t for AA. 🙂

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