Arsène, j’áccuse.

Unlike the author of  yesterday’s post I can’t claim to have been born in sight of Highbury Stadium, nor can I claim to have been a supporter for quite as long as him, only since 1950 in fact.

I was, however, born into an Arsenal supporting family, my father, my mother, two elder brothers and a host of aunts, uncles and cousins were, and some still are, all loyal fans.

I too lived through the long years of mediocrity under a succession of uninspiring managers, indeed one of my worst memories was listening to the radio commentary on our one nil defeat by Newcastle United in the 1952 FA Cup Final.

Yes we had success under those managers mentioned yesterday, but it really wasn’t until the appointment of Arsène Wenger that things started to improve. The playing style began to evolve and the epithet “boring, boring Arsenal was consigned to the dustbin. What’s more we actually began to win trophies on a regular basis.

Arsenal entered a golden period. Wengerball was the envy of our competitors, we won a string of cups, and league titles, even doubles ensued, culminating in The Invincibles unbeaten season.

Then came the long decline, George Graham’s Famous Five passed into history and with them went the rock on which our game was founded. Replacements came in but were never of the quality needed, in fact some of them were so poor one wonders why they were bought in the first place. Our game changed from one based on solid defence, pace on the flanks and quality strikers to mid-fielders playing tippy tappy in front of dodgy defenders.

With this decline fourth place became a trophy.

Wenger was rightly credited with changing the face of football. He oversaw the establishment of the Academy, the training complex at London Colney and the overhaul of the medical staff. Arguably none of the latter three have proved to be of much benefit to the results attained by the players.

Over recent years there has been a lack of innovation on the pitch, there is no invention at set plays, we win countless corners but rarely score from them, free kicks are entirely wasted, build up play is sluggish and tactics are entirely predictable. All this points to an apparent failure of coaching.

Over the past few transfer windows money has become available and has been spent, Mesut Ozil came in, a wonderful player, a true number ten, Wenger plays him wide on the left. Danny Welbeck is signed ostensibly as a central striker, he wanders around like a lost lamb, one minute on the wing the next dropping deep, why is he not playing in the position he was bought to fill?

Wenger’s transfer policy seems not to be based on the idea of identifying a position that needs filling and buying a player to fill it, rather buying a player and dropping him into the team and seeing where he ends up.

Alexis is a super player, he’s got it all, pace, intelligence, skill, a terrific attitude and an eye for not just goals but also the telling pass, I confess to having no idea what his best position is, sadly I suspect neither does Wenger.

I think we all recognise the failings in our defence, not since “Mad Jens” left have we had a competent ‘keeper, thankfully Szczesny is starting to fulfil his promise. The same applies to left-back, Ashley Cole has never been properly replaced, Gibbs is too injury prone and Monreal is poor at defending. Vermaelen, a good defender came, picked up too many injuries, lost his form, lost his place, was sold and wasn’t replaced. Koscielny, another good defender, but is again picking up too many injuries as well as too many red and yellow cards. Mertesacker is the exception, a solid, reliable “old school” centre back but he needs good reliable support around him.

Debuchy, before his injury, was proving to be a more than adequate replacement for the departed Sagna. Incidentally just why was Sagna allowed to leave? Finally, Chambers, a full-back who appears to be a much better centre-back but Wenger bought him as a prospective holding mid-fielder.

Then we come to the player that we have all been crying out, a holding-midfielder or, if you like, a defensive mid-fielder. Surely our manager must recognise that neither Arteta or Flamini can adequately fill the gap, yet there is nothing to indicate that a serious attempt has been made to sign one.

Arsène Wenger has a great history at Arsenal, but there are too many flaws in his stewardship to be papered over by the recent FA Cup win. Flaws such as the failure to provide innovation in tactics, a failure to inspire the team to play from the first to last whistle, to make tactical substitutions when the need first becomes apparent, an over whelming loyalty to underachieving or perennially injured players, a flawed transfer policy, his antipathy to players over thirty.

All in all I think the time is approaching when serious consideration has to be given to Arsene Wenger’s replacement.

I will forestall one obvious question which I’m sure will be asked, no I have no idea who to replace the great man with, I can honestly say that I’m extremely happy that I don’t have that decision to make.

Written by Norfolk Gooner.




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  1. RC78 says:

    Great post and some very valid points…

    Just read yesterday that Paul Clement is touted to replace him in 2016.

    For all his great achievements, AW has also had some failures and it is good that NG managed to identify them…

    Now, I also think that AW did great keeping us in the Top 4 during the transition period from our real home to the Emirates.

    Yet, now that this period is over, I really hope that AW can turn us into title contenders at national and european level. If he cannot win an EPL or a ECL before 2016, then this would be a big disappointment in my huble opinion

  2. RA says:

    Crikey, Norfolkian, that was a good read. 🙂

    Can’t stop now, but I will be back later.

  3. RA says:


    In case you missed it, I left you a comment at 10:09. 🙂

    Got to go — see you later. Fingers crossed.

  4. What a shame…. I was enjoying the hippy day 🙂

    Really not sure how to take your article Norfolk! Some observations you make are totally different to mine. I wouldn’t class the BFG as an old school defender. In fact I think he is the weak link in our defence. He may be good at reading the game, but even that is questionable.

    He appears too nice and too gentlemanly in his play. Definately not in the Keown, McClintock or Tony Adams mold. He is too slow and actually, that photo of him having his pants pulled by Ivanovic yesterday sums him up… he has his arm raised for the ref to see, Tony Adams would have stuck a finger up the bastards arse, he would have moved away quick enough. 🙂

  5. RC78 says:

    NB69 – I quite agree with you that BFG is over-rated…He is slow and not physical enough. However, he does compensate with excellent positional and areal skills.


    Tony Adams would at the same time have grabbed Cahills Molicules and he would have got out of the way rather sharply. 🙂

  7. This is ‘an old school defender’ I loved Vinny 🙂

  8. Forgot to post the link 🙂

  9. Shard says:

    Wow. I thought that was kelsey talking NG 🙂 Thanks for the post. You know by now I disagree with that point of view, although I see nothing wrong in preparing for the future after Wenger. The key word there is ‘Future’ though 🙂

    “With this decline fourth place became a trophy.”

    Fourth place being a trophy comes from Wenger’s statement, but sadly, as with most quotes, the quote itself becomes a statement rather than the idea behind it. The idea was clear. We try to win the PL and the CL, failing which we prioritise 4th because we need to maintain that consistency for our financial (and hence, sporting) well being for the immediate future. The FA Cup and the whatever it is called cup are trophies, but 4th place is more important, and is not to be given up on in favour of those trophies.

    It was unfortunate phrasing from Wenger, but the sentiment behind it is something I agree with 100%.

    “Wenger’s transfer policy seems not to be based on the idea of identifying a position that needs filling and buying a player to fill it, rather buying a player and dropping him into the team and seeing where he ends up.”

    Incorrect. Wenger looks for exactly what he needs and refuses to buy just anyone if he can’t find/get it. But where he causes frustration among supporters is, that to him a ‘position’ is not a DM or LW or no.10. To him a position is a list of attributes that a player possesses and can thus be added to the team’s overall play.

    The thing is, this sort of system takes time to show results as opposed to someone who comes in, ‘organises the defense’ and generally tightens things up. But there is nowhere to go once you’ve done that. (and it’s not like the offensive game happens without ‘tactics’. But attacking play is tougher to teach and execute)

    Wenger’s teams, whenever they have had 2 seasons of stability have shown a massive improvement. Wenger’s teams have adapted to losing big name players without being able to replace them. How does this happen? Because Wenger doesn’t see ‘positions’ in the orthodox way. These are strengths in his management that go recognised simply because they are almost never mentioned. Because he is unique. He adds more value to the team than his weaknesses detract from it. By no other logic could we have finished in the top 4 every year despite a zero net spend for a decade. One year, two years, maybe. Every single year? Not a chance.

    I get that the question becomes whether he can make the next step up with added finance. It’s not a gimme that one, but I have confidence he can, and even if he can’t, I believe he deserves the chance to try.

    All this talk about ‘tactics’ is something which is a little beyond me because I don’t suppose I understand any of the trade offs that go into making a certain choice. Substitute a player early or show belief in him? What brings more points in a season? With a new team and new players, concentrate training on passing and combinations, or attacking set plays? Which is the better option? There’s no real answer here, and everyone can have their preference which is often guided by what they don’t see but not including what they might give up to get it. That’s why I prefer to talk in broader terms. and in broad terms, Wenger has done an exceptional job for a decade to keep us consistent, and now should have the resources to take a step more. I have seen nothing to suggest that this can’t happen.

  10. Shard says:

    Thanks RA. 🙂

    And kelsey, your comments are never guff… Just a bit depressing 🙂

  11. Right I’m buggering off, having lunch at resto in town…. cous cous 🙂

  12. RC78 says:

    NB – try a lamb or fish tajine if you can 🙂 Couscous are so blah…lol

  13. kelsey says:

    NG and I are on the same track but what about now, not in three years time.

    Arteta,Flamini,Mertacker,Diaby and Rosicky are all getting older and practically the whole defence will need replacing.

    Why doesn’t he play Campbell after waiting three years for a work permit he had a good WC so either sell him as he only has 18 months left on his contract or play him.
    AW is dithering in that respect as he is with Podolski. His quotes get more and more bizarre but to the Board he can never do wrong. He has a job for life if he wants it.He has turned into a control freak and has too much sway generally at the club which IMO is a bad thing.
    We have far too many players playing the midfield attacking role, the whole balance is wrong.
    Kos is great but has to keep an eye on Pers as he is always done for pace and hasn’t got the ability to jump, and Kos needs another eye to see if either of the attacking full backs have got back to defend.I don’t envy him.

    I predit all three Germans will be gone by the end of the season and then this further transition period becomes a rebuilding programme.

    Why doesn’t AW ever talk to either Bould or the players during a game.Every other manager does.
    Why does he play players when they are not 100% fit only for them to aggrevate their injuries and then have months off not weeks.

    We played really well for most of last season and quite honestly this season we look shite most of the time
    Some of the players don’t look motivated and surely anyone can see that and GIE if you are around it is obvious whatever you say about me.Heat maps and stats are totally irrelevant as far as I am concerned.

    Shard we have regressed this season in points, play, fluidity and entertainment and that’s a fact.We are just so predictable,moreso than ever. Why ?

    Whose fault is it.The players,the coaching , the tactics or the manager.

    I make no bones about it, I think we have seen the best of the great man and want him to leave with his head held high and be remembered for all the great things he did rather than see him get embarraced and chuck it in.

  14. mickydidit89 says:

    Nice work Norfolk, thank you.

    Wow, the site is flying.

    Well, obviously the defence doesn’t matter, so I won’t waste time on boring defenders 🙂

    If I could, and I will, sum up with one word what is wrong with the current set up, it is this: Mesut.

    Chelsea are better side this season, and even play some good football from time to time, and the reason is Cesc. They’ve added the missing piece.

    We have Mesut, and the team should be built around him. I’ve read on here how good players should be able to slot in anywhere in their field (midfield here), not moan, and get on with it. Utter rubbish. Mesut needs powerful ball winning tackly sorts behind him, so that he doesn’t need to bother with all that nonsense, and intelligent speedy players in front of him.

    I think we have good ingredients, but the mix is wrong.

  15. Eddie says:

    NG – thank you for an excellent post
    Kelsey – thank you for an excellent comment
    Arsene – thank you for everything you’ve done for the Arsenal, but could you please resign at the end of the season? For your sake as much as ours. I hate hearing criticism aimed at you, but even more so I hate me starting to criticise you. You’ve almost single handed moved the Club forward to where most clubs can only dream of going, but let someone else push us even further. Someone younger, with fresh ideas, hunger and ambition. Someone that will carry your enormous achievements forward.

  16. Big Raddy says:

    NG. Thanks for the post and thank goodness your eyesight allows you to continue blogging.

    You will not be surprised that I disagree with almost all you write.

    However, I am really enjoying my “hippy day” proposed by NB and will comment later when I feel more combative 🙂

  17. arnie says:

    Nice one, Norfolk. 🙂

    At the cost of being repititive, Wenger in my view a fantastic innovator and a good manager. Perhaps not the best manager in terms of strategy, but the future will say. The jury is still out, IMO.

    The difference between the two is perhaps a bit fuzzy. One is like the fantastic inventor of new dishes, and the other is a fantastic chef wo would prepare this dish to perfection. Wenger is first and foremost the former, and certainly a competent person with the latter.

    Your post relates to two things. First, the latter. Whether Wenger has lost his touch in managing. This is an important question, yes, but not the most important one for me. The future will say.

    I think comparison across clubs is a bit problematic. Wenger is certainly a better manager than many of his predecessors in Arsenal. Whether his successor will be better in managing the team the future will say.

    Now, second, the former. Wenger is an inventor par excellence. I would say there is no one in world football even close to him in this aspect, and this is why everyone respects him.

    Let us not go into the details of his inventions, we have done this to death yesterday. But you bring in the idea of signing great players and trying to make them work together. This is how I interpret your position. So, let us talk about that.

    I disagree. I think what Wenger tries to do is to get great players (subject to availability and value for money of course) who can play a particular style. A particular style that he is trying to develop and perfect. In this style, every player can play multiple positions and switch around seamlessly.

    There is one, sometimes two pegs that hold the strings together. One at the back, and the second one occasionally in the hole. Now, this is a form of tiki-taka but not the same style as Barca. It is innovation as well. Wenger’s style is not about fitting pegs to holes.

    Will it work? Who knows. Not all innovation is successful. But how do you know that this will not ultimately give us the best football the world has ever seen? You dont know unless you have tried.

    Who best to try this out? Obviously the inventor himself. The composer ususally is the first to conduct his/her music, the invented dish is first prepared by the inventor. So it has to be Wenger.

    Should we support him in doing this, knowing full well that this may not lead to success? Or should we follow the herd into another model that is more likely to succeed in the short run. Everyone can have his/her preferences, my preference is for the first one.

  18. kelsey says:

    “Well, obviously the defence doesn’t matter, so I won’t waste time on boring defenders 🙂 hahaha.

  19. kelsey says:


    like most recently an injured kallstrom on loan : )

    Welbeck: AW wanted a loan, Giroud got injured so he had to buy him. Welbeck may turn out to be a great addition, he looks promising,is quick, reads the game well and most importantly wants to prove a point to United.

    We would never have bought Ozil at the last minute if Bale hadn’t gone to RM though I think he is a great player but can’t tackle and isn’t a patch on DB10.

    We need more beef in the side not tappy tappy players all over the park.

  20. mickydidit89 says:

    Now, where’s Raddy, because I want a fight.

    He says I shouldn’t be Club Tactical Dictator, rather Bus Driver, and I’m not having it 🙂

  21. Shard says:


    We have made an adjustment. I’m not sure we’ve ‘regressed’. Did you read the comment by Naveen at 7amkickoff, who does the tactics column there? Note that in the comment, despite being asked, he doesn’t say whether he thinks Wenger can get us to the top. My guess is he’s less confident about it than I am. But he understands tactics better than I do, and he lays out what he thinks Wenger is trying to do, and since around week 2 or 3 he’s been saying that Wenger has effectively ceded the title this year, but that it’s almost a necessary step to take for our progression to win the Champions League.

    We’re not talking about 3 years? So we’re talking about firing and hiring a manager for this season alone? Come on kelsey. It doesn’t work like that. What if Wenger had left after last season, we’d got in a new manager who wanted this 4-1-4-1 system and had had the same results and performances. Would you be saying let’s fire him we’ve regressed?

    Why I talk about 3 years is because teams with near unlimited funds still took 3 years to buy and integrate what they needed to reach where we want to reach. I don’t think it’s unambitious to see it like that, although of course we should try to do it before that.

    I really am very disappointed that Arsenal fans seem so keen to write off Wenger 2 months after we won a trophy so many said we’d never win with him in charge, and when the promises are starting to come true (world class players bought, best players kept, a trophy) merely because we have had a difficult, but not calamitous 2 and a half months.

  22. mickydidit89 says:

    Hang on a mo Crstals

    Bale to Madrid was like the most nailed on transfer, like eveeeerr

    I also think that as Norfolk said, Welbeck should stay put in the middle, and I think he’s miles better than Long Ball Ollie, and he’s also the right kind of player for Mesut.

    ps I quite liked what I saw of Maelstorm 🙂

  23. Shard says:


    If Bergkamp were playing today, the internet would have savaged him. He doesn’t score enough, he gets stupid red cards, who does he think he is refusing to fly, he’s too slow; we need pace, would be just some of the things said about him. We remember the best of Bergkamp. We’re yet to see the best of Ozil.

  24. GunnerN5 says:


    Well phrased post but we obviously have very different viewpoints.
    My view was expressed yesterday so I will take today off – I hope you all enjoy a good days blogging.

  25. Shard says:

    Besides, how long did Bergkamp take to win his first trophy with us? Ozil has won a trophy with us in his first season. Neither came into a team which was the finished article. Not saying ozil is the better player. Bergkamp is by far my favourite player of all time. Just saying that team building takes time, and no, we haven’ t had a decade of building this team. We’ve had something like 3 transfer windows.

  26. mickydidit89 says:

    Right, that’s it, I’m going to show you what a Master I am.
    Here is a title winning side. Solid enough at the back, feisty in front of the defence, Mesut to shift the ball at lightening speed from defence to attack, and the goal getting speed merchants up top.

    Sanchez Danny Theo
    ……..Arteta Chambers
    Gibb Kos Mert Debbs

    And no, you cannot crowbar Jack, Aaron, Ox, Santi and everyone else into midfield 🙂

  27. arnie says:

    Kelsey. How can I say? I am just a fan. I have no experience in footie management, and even less in innovation/ invention.

    Wenger knows best is really the best I can offer, I am afraid. 🙂

  28. RA says:


    The Hippy, Hippy Shake is right – you would make a splendid driver and it would keep you out of the Boardroom.

    [I quite like your ‘attack, attack, attack tactical bollix – not sure I would like losing 10:0 every week tho’. 🙂


    Thanks Norfolk

    I like agreeing with people, I really do. This all stems from my first marriage were disagreement was King.

    I recall one furious argument about the sate of British Broccoli, resulting in a punctured slipper and indentation on my forehead.

    We quickly made up and settled down to watch a film call Trapeze staring Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis.

    I happened to remark that Burt was very handsome, a real man, and Curtis looked a bit suspicious

    She asked what I meant and then went into one on how “Tony” was a sweetheart and very attractive

    Discussion soon turned to fury as I extolled the virtues of Burts ability to combine the physical with his acting skills and proclaimed that Curtis big break probably came about by fiddling with Liberaces piano.

    The whole thing descended into anarchy and I lost a sleeve off my Eddie Mcgoldrick pyjamas. We never spoke for weeks after that.

    A few years later she bought up my fascination with Lancaster at the divorce proceedings. I saw red and shouted “Thats a lie your worshipness, ask her about Curtis, hes the one with bicep fascination”.

    I think I scored a few points with the judge there. Anyway, for that reason I wont argue with you.

  30. arnie says:

    I am very disappointed I have no role in the new team management, so I will stay quiet. 🙂

  31. Good morning all,

    It was with no little trepidation that I submitted this post, knowing the level of loyalty to our manager that manifests itself on Arsenal Arsenal, but I felt it had to be said.

    Thank you for the comments, I promise to read them all, although I may not reply to every one.

    Northbank disagreed with my description of Merts as “an old school defender”. By that I meant someone who is happy to defend, a player reluctant to cross the hafway line. Nowadays the old “kick ’em up in the air” type of defender wouldn’t last ten minutes against our card happy officials.

    Eddie, your comment matches my feelings to a great extent, I’m really sad to see what I, and others, perceive as a decline in Wenger’s influence on the game as a whole. I said “All in all I think the time is approaching when serious consideration has to be given to Arsene Wenger’s replacement”. I think your solution would be much more elegant, Arsene should resign at the end of the season.

  32. arnie says:

    On second thoughts, maybe I can do the dishes, and serve some half-baked pseudo-bollix as well. That is my new dish. 😛

  33. mickydidit89 says:

    May I refer you to my line up above, and if you think that’ll ship goals, you’re mad 🙂

  34. mickydidit89 says:

    “The whole thing descended into anarchy and I lost a sleeve off my Eddie Mcgoldrick pyjamas”

    ROLF of the day 🙂

  35. arnie says:

    forgot to say, very enjoyable motning batner! 🙂

  36. kelsey says:


    Let’s just leave it there as I will never ever agree with you and the main reason I will keep off air.

    Bergkamp is one if not the best player I have ever seen wear an Arsenal shirt and your 11,32 is absolute balderdash, sorry .

  37. chas says:

    Haha heeheehee, cheers, NG. The perfect opposite to yesterday. 🙂

    I tried to think of something to say, but it all comes out sounding sarcastic, so best if I don’t. 🙂

    All I would say is Lauren, Campbell, Toure, Cole = Invincibles.

    “You loved it, Shirley, you loved it.”

  38. RA says:

    Well, Shard is fired up and saying much that I agree with.

    The thing is that it is difficult to reconcile logical assessment with emotive inclinations.

    The emotively driven fan wants his team to win everything – something – and when thwarted needs to find a scapegoat, and never stops to consider his own unrealistic expectations.

    The logical fan recognises that a game influenced by 27 humans and a great swathe of on onlookers is a cat-trap of incalculable variables. and wonders how anyone can predict the outcome.

    A deity looking down on a game could quite legitimately say the views and the strictures of both types of observers are irrelevant, and remove them from the match and see how it panned out, and afterwards drolly point out that neither were correct.

    Chance/Luck/Fate is the greatest factor in a football game, in the sense that ‘chance’ is something fortuitous or accidental or unintended that always seems to happen without any possibility of being avoided.

    A key player going down injured, at a vital time in the game. A referee making a stupid error of fact or interpretation, or a mishit shot finding the net, after some excellent shots being unsuccessful at the opponents end of the field. It happens all the time. All the time.

    That unpredictability is what makes football so exciting for the fans.
    It is what makes Micky’s attack*3 so appealing, so crazily attractive, and so forbidden in professional sport.

    How can a manager in the Lottery of a football game be held responsible for the outcome, as if he had any, or much, control over these events?

    Whatever the illogic of that response may be, many, if not all of us at some time do place blame on the manager, and then rather self-importantly tell the world why, where and how the wretched manager went wrong conveniently forgetting the happenstance of cruel fate.

    All sport contains a large element of luck, and the only way to gain some protection from outrageous fortune is to buy the best players, build the best and fastest cars, offer up prayers for help, and cross your fingers – or in Terry’s case to cross his eyes. 🙂

  39. mickydidit89 says:

    There’s nothing wrong with liking Burt Lancaster all sweaty in a gladiator costume

  40. Shard says:

    Bergkamp is my favourite player too Kelsey. Arsene Wenger is my favourite manager. None of that would matter to those that would savage them and pull them down or predict their failure simply to show that they know better than those greats and anyone who acknowledges their greatness. Happens all the time, and Bergkamp, like any one else, was not perfect. Can you imagine the reaction to the penalty miss in 99 which led to ManU winning the treble?

  41. arnie says:

    Personally I find Micky’s AAA very attractive. 🙂

    Two issues though. First, I think it is not a new idea. Nothing wrong with that, except I would have a preference for a new variation that would achieve the same result. Second, finding the players to implement this will be very difficult.

    And I do not even care so much about the results. Except that it occasionally brings about depression for a day. 😛

  42. RA says:


    I think that if your Post was put up on the majority of Arsenal blogsites, you would receive a huge number of plaudits for your perspicacity and hard hitting assessment of Mr Wenger.

    There is a visceral part of most fans when they ooh and ahh during a game to become more bellicose when the team lose their way, and start to question the manager’s lack of substitutes, or late substitutions or if the side just cannot score despite a huge percentage of the ball possession.

    It is not right or wrong, it is just born out of frustration, but in its turn it drives other fans like GIE, Ant and Duck, Micky, Terry and many more to distraction because it is pointless and spoils the game for them.

    None the less, it has to be said that you do speak for a sizeable number of fans and who can argue against that? 🙂

  43. arnie says:

    Redders. Sizable number, yes, but I wonder whether it is actually a vocal minority? Dont know, but would love to know. 🙂

    The problem is that both sides take an aggressive we-know-best attitude. This certainly includes yours truly. Which is why I personally like your sitting-on-the-fence position. It facilitates constructive discussion.

    That I have to admit even if I am officially ignoring Redders. 😛

  44. RC78 says:

    Hey Micky….no Ramsey in the squad?

    I like your squad in general but your midfield is causing me concern…I would sacrifice either Arteta or Chambers for Ramsey..and that will only be once Mesut is back on a firing mode…before that Mesut should not even be considered in the starting line-up…

    When all fit and playing at full level, we could try:

    PiG – Debs, BFG, Kos, Gibbs – Ramsey, Arteta or Chambers – Ozil – Walcott, Wellbeck (or Giroud), Alexis

    At the moment, we could pbbly play:

    PiG – Chambers, BFG, Monreal, Flamini – Ox, Arteta – Ramsey – Campbell, Wellbeck, Alexis

  45. RA says:


    I have made no secret of my views, it is just that one cannot dismiss other contrary views as tosh simply because they are not your own.

    Diversity of opinion is part and parcel of life and certainly of football, and I genuinely try to see where my views and those of others uncouple and perhaps learn from them.

    Take Micky for example ……….. please! 😀

  46. arnie says:

    Redders. 🙂

  47. LB says:

    Well Shard

    You are one of the reasons I keep blogging, your 11.32 and 11.39 are so insightful that I think others might miss their brilliance.

  48. jjgsol says:

    Who is Paul Clements?

  49. RC78 says:

    Paul Clement is Ancelotti’s assistant at Real Madrid and he was his assistant at Chelsea and PSG…

    He came through the rank at Chelsea as a Youth Coach…

  50. arnie says:

    RC78. What do you think? would Arsenal fans be happy if Clements was appointed next season?

  51. Eddie says:

    No Arnie, he is only 42 with no managerial experience. Carlos quieroz was Fergie’s assistant for 5 years, but that didn’t make him a great manager

  52. GunnerN5 says:


    I can only see this as a put down to other bloggers, please clarify your wording.

    LB says:
    October 30, 2014 at 1:33 pm

    Well Shard

    You are one of the reasons I keep blogging, your 11.32 and 11.39 are so insightful that I think others might miss their brilliance.

  53. Shard says:

    Haha. First it was Ancelotti, now his assistant? First it was Ozil wanting out, now it’s Sanchez wanting out because of Ozil. Great. Anything else we can make up to cover for a slow news week?

    How about Wenger is so worried about losing his job that he’s to take juggling classes to put on a show on the sidelines whenever the game isn’t going according to plan. I mean isn’t that why they love Mourinho? For his antics?

    Boo..It’s 0-0.We can’t even pass the ball properly. Oh look, Wenger’s standing one a one legged stool and juggling 5 knives, while Bould looks daggers at him. What a game!

  54. Shard says:

    Oooeerrr.. I’m being brought into the midst of a battle of giants.. I’ll just slink away

    ****slinks away****

  55. GunnerN5 says:


    You are safe to keep blogging, I find your comments and the “to and fro” with RA to be very entertaining and educational – thank you.

  56. arnie says:

    Evonne. only 42? how old was Wenger when he came to Arsenal? I would have thought creativity stops at 42! 😛

  57. arnie says:

    obviously not. Wenger is well past his 40s and still creative I would say! 😛

  58. GunnerN5 says:


    When you look back at pictures of AW when he first arrived he looks very young, he was really a very young looking 47.

  59. Eddie says:

    Arnie – Wenger is 47, perfect age 🙂 you are right, my choice Martinez is even younger.

  60. LB says:


    I find the comparison between Bergkamp and Ozil as being very astute and I certainly agree with Shard when he says that we have not seen the best of the German yet.

  61. mickydidit89 says:

    Hey LB

    Does that mean you see my idea about building the whole team around Mesut as being astute as well? 🙂

    Oh, and did you eat 26 when you went out bicycling together?

  62. arnie says:

    I see. So when the time comes, we need to find someone in his 40s with minimal managerial experience in Europe. But with a lot of bright ideas! hmmm. 🙂

  63. LB says:

    Hmmmmm, I will think about that one Micky.

  64. Eddie says:

    2+2=5. We, ie you or I will not have to look for anyone when the time comes, relax 🙂

    Micky – NO. We know what happened when the team was built around Cesc and effects of his departure on the team.

  65. wow, life in the Arsenal blogging world goes on even when absent and enjoying a good meal and companionship. RC78, I ended up having a lamb tajine, with some merguez added into it. Bloody lovely jubbly.

    Comparison between Bergkamp and Ozil……………. only time will tell.

    But Ozil needs to up his game substantially before we can even think about making the comparison. However, he’ll leave before he ever reaches the same heights as Dennis.

    I need to listen to some music, slump on the sofa and have my siesta… In France, if you say you ‘are full’ after eating, it means Je suis plein, which translated into French, means I am full, as in ready for sex, so you have to say, Je ne plus faim, which in english translates to, I’m not hungry any more. This language lark can be good fun, and when you are sitting in a resto next to an attractive women, it’s great to play with the words and make the ocassional gaff. Je suis plein… ha ha

    Cue music for afternoon snooze:

  66. kelsey says:

    Of course we haven’t seen the best of Ozil yet as he like many others now and beforehand is being played out of position.

    How many Th14 ‘s does AW think he can convert.That is a problem in his own head.

    a fear of flying is a phobia and has absolutely nothing to do with an ability to perform on the pitch.

  67. chas says:


  68. RC78 says:

    Arnie – Paul Clement was very well respected at all clubs and if Ancelotti rates him, he must be good. That said, I think the fans would be (initially – as who knows if they would do a great job) happier with a R. Martinez, P. Guardiola, J. Klopp or even R. Garcia…

    NB – Lamb tajine with merguez – wow, you must have had mint tea afterwards or a long nap to digest all that food 🙂

  69. RC78 says:

    and to be honest, I really think that AW should stay until the end of his current contract. I would be happy to see Henry, Parlour and Adams join the coaching staff as advisers or part-time coach initially though and I am still trying to figure out if Boulder is doing a good job

  70. chas says:

  71. Big Raddy says:

    I had a steak tartar for lunch with an expensive poncy French lager.

    Tonight I am doing the classic pea and mint soup with some crusty bread and a goat’s cheese with biscuits for afters. Add in some booze and everyone is a winner.

  72. arnie says:

    RC78. Agreed. 🙂 What many fans to not understand is that we do not buy success. We try to earn it.

    I know, people will immediately point to the Ozil and Sanchez of this world. Yes we get them because they fit Arsene’s vision of the game that we should play, and not because they have earned a reputation playing in a particular way.

    One can have views on whether that is good or bad, but for me that is the way it is. 🙂

  73. Big Raddy says:

    On a football note: Shard is right, DB10 would have been hammered by the LG’ers.

    There were many games when DB disappeared as there were with TH14 and even Bobby P. The only one who came out fighting in every game was PV4, (IMO)

  74. Eddie says:

    And as for howling hounds at the empty Ems Micky – I fear I would be the only one barking, as my dogs are a disgrace. Always happy, friendly, loving all the people ……. yeeeks, sick really. Perhaps I should start abusing them a bit

  75. Big Raddy says:

    Looks like AW has bought Mesut a bionic leg. Genius of innovation that he is, Mr Wenger is starting to make his players into Terminators

  76. Eddie says:

    Chas – have you ever been to an empty cinema? Or on an empty train? And then some div comes in and sits where? Right next to you

    RC78 – yes.

  77. Big Raddy says:

    Eddie. That only happens to you.

  78. Eddie says:

    Really?? I should have known, doomed for life 😦

  79. chas says:

    No, I haven’t. Can’t stand the pictures. Too many unknown variables.

    BR and Shard
    Dead right.
    I was thinking how strange it is that some who find fault with the current state of play, wear rose-tinteds when looking back.
    Geoff and George Graham spring to mind.
    We all know that Thierry never missed a one-on-one either. 🙂

  80. arnie says:

    rose tinted glasses. ah yes! everything was brilliant in the good old days! 🙂

  81. RA says:

    It’s the known variables that get you, Chas. But it is the known ‘unknown’ variables that squeeze your vitals. 🙂

  82. RA says:

    By the way, Norther, I believe that a literal translation of ‘I am full’ – Je suis plein – means [I am pregnant] – which must have come as a surprise to your companions. 😀

    Did they laugh?

  83. chas says:

    It’s the diversity of the folks who may be sat beside you which always gets me.

  84. RA says:


    Technically, you cannot sit in an empty cinema, or empty train, because if you were in there – it’s not empty. Just saying. 🙂

  85. chas says:

    Some friends of mine found a rat under their mattress while on holiday backpacking. They went to reception in a French speaking gaff and announced there’d been ‘une petite mort’ in their bedroom.

  86. chas says:

    Those rats sure do have small backpacks.

  87. RA says:


    You always tickle me;

    — “What many fans to not understand is that we do not buy success.

    I know, people will immediately point to the Ozil and Sanchez of this world.”

    Because we bought the pair of them for the best part of £80m – and at the moment we are not buying [Premiership] success, maybe? 🙂

    Whose side are you on?? 🙂

  88. chas says:

    I remember going to Forest Arsenal at the City Ground not long after Dennis joined. We were stood alongside some Dutch lads who’d come over to watch him.
    They couldn’t believe how the Arsenal fans were just calling him “Bergkamp” or “effin Bergkamp” as if he was just a mere mortal. 🙂

  89. RA says:


    ‘une petite souris’ = a little mouse. But you are teasing with the ‘une petite mort’ = sexual climax. Naughty boy – you are as bad as Norther. 😀

    Rat = rat, or maybe ratatouille? 🙂

    That exhausts my limited schoolboy French. Questions to that famous Francophile, Micky. Or of course, RC78. 😉

  90. RA says:

    Chas, 😀

    Should have been ‘The Lord Bergie’.

  91. RA says:

    By the way, Chas, I love your 5 : 59 🙂

    The bloke yelling ‘fewer’ does look a bit like GoonerB.

  92. arnie says:

    Redders. Thank you. That is precisely the anticipated response! 😛

  93. RA says:

    I like to be predictable, arnie. 🙂

  94. arnie says:

    Redders. I guess so am I. 🙂

  95. RA says:

    Too much me, today. À demain mess braves.

    Tomorrow, 🙂

  96. Pat7 says:

    Great post again which I mainly agree with of course. My only disagreement would be BFG. I feel his lack of pace and jumping ability is a weakness which is exploited by the better teams. IMO Chambers if played as CD might replace him by the end of the season but i do value his positioning etc when he is on his game and he has declared he is not quite there yet – fair play to him!

    I think Welbeck moves to the wing to lose his markers but unfortunately is not in the centre when we need him to be – hopefully that will come. He offers the pace and tackling up front that OG cannot but not the power of receiving or holding the ball in the majority of situations (when fresh) that OG gave us.

    Alexis gives us the amazing ‘Suarez- factor’: the ability to power the defence into mistakes, score from anywhere, lay on goals for colleagues, energy up front for others to copy – unfortunately, i see him as still bedding in so losing possession at times causing difficulty but is that due to his colleagues lack of movement so his passes are cut off easily?

    I feel AW’s innovations were back then, not now. Our injuries are expected when maybe two thirds of the squad start the season fit, we choose players that have not played most games for their predecessors and come off the treatment table though skillful and physically not equipped for the task. Add to that the fact of favourites, one assumes, when the same small squad try to take on the majority of games and get tired, jaded mentally and end up injured as a result.

    Having said all of that I would still hang on to Wenger at least until the end of this season to see what he does in the TW, how he brings this round, who he brings into his team to spread the load and gather advice. He is an employee and we should be looking after his health. It is too much for one man! Last season we saw what the stresses did to him and the opposite of that when we lifted a trophy. Pat Rice said very little to him on the field of play and Steve Bould says even less – where is the assistance, the sharing of opinions, experience……it seems odd to me.

  97. Pat7 says:

    Great earphones Raddy :-)) thank you!

  98. stevepalmer1 says:

    Evening all,
    GoonerB, what a refreshing post that was, Arsene has flaws blimey i thought i was the only one who saw them. From being a supporter of all Wengers years in the past, i had noticed that leaving holes all over the pitch would grate on my nerves, enough to start commenting on them.

    You have hit on many flaws that i have also seen, we differ on Mertsacker but then its not always a good thing for everybody to agree on everything.

    Mertsacker does have some good points that others have stated, but certainly not enough for me to not want him replaced, but that’s for another day.

    GN5 and Arnie two old timers who had seen the bad times before Wenger, fail to see, or for that matter want to see the fact that Wengers work has gone down hill, I get the feeling that in their minds, Wenger will overcome what they must believe is just a temporary blip, but i am afraid the blip has continued for to long.

    I often feel that older people get stuck in the past, or what older people call the good old days. Time waits for no man, and if you can’t change the decision will be made for you.

    Supporters are unsettled and while we play as we are, they will get worse. until the board have no option than to make changes. When a Manager believes he knows best ,and leaves gaping holes in key positions, and feels it will all turn out well, means he is getting above his station.

    My advice is to fill the holes , or you will make your own hole that you can’t get out of.

  99. Pat7 says:

    There are a few of us older ones Steve that see the flaws and notice they have gone on for too long with others creeping in. The game has not stood still either both as a game or with the ball itself and the effects that has on performance and necessary changes the players have to make to harness its positives or defend against those. Technology has massively changed in the last five years which other clubs are using better……

  100. Big Raddy says:

    Pat. Did you buy the B&W’s?


    Steve & Pat, were is the evidence that Arsene is stuck in his ways and some how stood still? What a load of shit.

    This is a man who if anything is an inovator, tackling new envoirements with vigour and forward thinking.

    Changing our style of play at least twice, driving us forward to a new stadium, managing under austerity and now attempting to build a side with an English back bone

    Honestly, ive heard some crap on here before but the idea that Arsene is some kind of a dinasour is laughable

    Of course, i dont mean this personaly against you two, just your point of view. hahaha

  102. kelsey says:

    Some old timers agree with you Steve 🙂

    and some people don’t read all the comments as there are several points raised repeatedly by me and others 🙂

  103. Pat7 says:

    Of course Raddy. How could i not after your rave review :-)?


    Go on then Kels, give me the evidence that Arsene has somehow been left behind by modern times?

    Its the opposite

  105. Big Raddy says:

    Steve. Firstly, I think it is absolute cobblers to say the older people do not move with the times. It is individual – some folk are old by 30 others are young at 80.

    It is not the older Gooners who clammer for a return to the Invincibles or GG’s team of ’89. IMO it is the glory hunters who were attracted to the club in the late ’90’s.

    Furthermore, there are old folk on AA who agree with you and young folk who disagree vehemently.

    It is not an age thing, it is purely a difference of opinion about the way the club moves forward.

    What says it best for me is when Terry says it is a privilege to support The Arsenal. Many forget that

  106. Big Raddy says:

    Shite & Cobblers.! Things are getting feisty 🙂

  107. Big Raddy says:

    Pat. I have had my ‘phones for almost 4 years and they sound better with time. I just love them.

  108. stevepalmer1 says:

    Tou have your view Transplant, Building an English Backbone is something i am all for but don’t forget the spine, Wenger has left the spine to a cripple and old timers for far to long.

    You have your way of looking at things and i have mine, as i said wouldn’t be right if we all agreed

  109. Big Raddy says:

    I am going for 4 in a row….

    Why has no-one picked up on the Paul Clements story? A couple have tried earlier today but got no response.

    Does everyone think it is just paper talk?


    Transplant now is it? What happend to Terry all of a sudden? hahaha

    Fair enough Steve, but that still dont back up your premise that Arsene is some kind of a Dinosaur.

    its an argument i hear from disgruntled fans a lot, but they never back it up. All Arsenes main “strategies” are innovative and forward thinking.

  111. arnie says:

    Aha. This is fun! 🙂

  112. stevepalmer1 says:

    Evening BR, I am no youngster myself, and am not on a crusade against old uns . But when i see a Man i have respected for years leaving gaps in defence and attack and in midfield i have to question whether he actually knows what he is doing.

    You cannot get better supporters than GN5 and Arnie but there comes a time that to do the simple thing is sometimes easier.

  113. Pat7 says:

    I read most of the posts on here if i can but IMO there are too many obvious flaws of the performance kind for us to succeed. The post has stated what most of you have seen but choose to ignore. I have stated others or at least expanded on that. I have not stated that Wenger is a dinosaur! – you only need to see how agile he is with the press conferences though there are a few stock phrases that are a bit ancient now.

    The DM issue has gone on far too long and the cock-up as I see it with the defence cover is chronic. As has been pointed out on this site Kos’ chronic achilles problem was know before the season started yet still not covered. How many more corners, free kicks etc will be wasted while other teams score from them. Why do we bother to trundle BFG up for a corner to take the risk at the back now when he so rarely gets a ball delivered to him or stands any chance of reaching?

    I might add that i took a long time to switch to my stance and still have some patience. I want us to start competing against the top teams not offering them the points on a plate!

  114. Big Raddy says:

    A cripple? Who is that?

    Our spine? You choose Arteta but one could equally say that Ramsey is the centre … so

    TPIG 24 y.o
    Koscielny 29 as is BFG
    Ramsey 23
    Welbeck 23.

    We have a young team and a young squad. Sure there are a couple of over 30’s but we need their experience. IMO we have a good mix.

    Kelsey came out with some tosh about our “ageing defence which needs to be replaced”. Why? CB’s are still usable at 32 which gives at least 3 years for our boys.

    Debuchy has a couple of years until Bellerin takes his place (or Jenks). Gibbs has plenty of time and I am sure we will buy another LB in summer should Monreal leave.

    The only position we are desperate for youth is at DM. Surely AW will buy in January or at worst in summer.

  115. Big Raddy says:

    Stve. I do not know this for certain but I believe Arnie is 20+ years younger than GN5 and probably younger than you !

  116. arnie says:

    well, many of the regulars on here take positions on different issues relating to our club.

    but that is not to say that we do not appreciate alternate points of view. in fact, the debate of alternate views is for many, including myself, one of the main attractions of this space. 🙂

  117. arnie says:

    yes, Raddy, I suppose that is right! 🙂


    Well, all I can say is I prefer to listen to the opinion of Arsenes peers, people like Klopp and even numpties like Tony Pullis who dont even like him

    They think he is a doing an incredibly good job, guiding a major club through a stadium move in the same era that suger daddys arrived and created two financial super powers in our league

    i would rather listen to them and trust my own common sense than listen to some disgruntled surporters who for what ever tactical reason believe that results are not good enough.

  119. Big Raddy says:

    I am picturing a toupee wearing, hairy backed big greek fellow with torn Eddie McGoldrick pyjamas 😀 😀

  120. Pat7 says:

    Agreed Arnie to the latter. Raddy, i have to sleep here as i am two hours in front but when was the last time we had a proper DM/HM? What makes you think that AW will fill this hole (properly) in the next two windows?


    Ime actully in my Arsene Wenger dressing gown Raddy. The strings are broken at the front, but best not go there. hahaha

  122. GunnerN5 says:


    What you quite obviously fail to understand is that us old timers are only old in body but I have the mind/brain of a 20 year old.
    I continue to be a business consultant and will for many a year to come.

    You comment is both way off the mark and very insulting.

    Arsene can only produce results when he has the right caliber of player, when he first arrived he hoovered up some of the best known and unknown talent from around Europe these were not expensive players but were high caliber, He melded and meshed those players and GG’s defense into some great teams that did the impossible unbeaten season.

    Then along came the big money boys of Chelsea and Man C who then proceeded to pay over the top transfer fees and salaries to attract some of the worlds best talent – that scenario continues to this day.

    The only holes Steve are in your logic and your assumption that I’m, along with AW, stuck in the past, nothing could possibly be further from the truth.


  123. Pat7 says:

    Terry, the move has happened, history. We are and have had money for two seasons yet not filled the holes that were there. We are a major spender on wages every year..and we could have done netter if those one to two (cheap position) players had been brought in that we knew we needed……

  124. stevepalmer1 says:

    We sold Song and kept Diaby who in their right mind keeps Diaby the cripple.

    Diaby is not that old but has a body of an eighty year old how hard is it to sell him and buy another,

    Many talk about Chambers fitting in there even Wenger has said it, what a load of crap that is, Wenger brought Chambers as back up for Debuchy thats why he loaned out Jenks, He never even gave it a thought to play him in the middle.

    He left a gaping hole and its been gaping for far too long


    Life doesnt work like that Pat. When recovering from an earthquake it takes a lot more than that. Especialy when your financial rivals have had financial stability for more than a decade

    Weve only just stood up again. Lets show some paitence and watch us grow.

  126. Shard says:

    One of the criticisms that really gets me is the thing about the injury record. How is this Arsene’s fault, does anyone know? He plays players who aren’t ready? Says who? His medical team? Does he overrule the opinion of doctors?

    In fact, when did this whole injury issue start? As far as I can tell, it surfaced somewhere around 2009 or so. Why would that be? Did Wenger change his training methods then? Did we start playing differently and which remains still the case? Did we start getting more kicks and tugs against us?

    I don’t know the answer, but I do not think it is as simple as being Wenger’s fault, beyond the thinking that everything is his fault since he’s in charge. Do you think he doesn’t want the injury situation to improve?

    The club have invested in the GPS stuff a good few years ago. In new medical facilities, and now new personnel as well. If someone knew the answer to why we get so many injuries, they’d be very rich by now because the club have spent millions in an effort to solve this issue.

    Maybe we just feel the effects of the injury more because Wenger ‘leaves us short’. Any chance that might have been due to the finances being as they were? We won’t know for sure until we give it some time now that the money is there. But aah. Wenger is past it of course so we can’t have this time giving business.

    This image of Wenger being a sorry figure or a megalomaniac which is freely propounded, (just like the board stealing money theory was freely propounded without being labelled a ‘conspiracy theory’) is this really how he is, or just how people have been conditioned to look at him as because of that long ridiculous ‘Wenger out’ campaign run in the blogs and media due to the ‘trophy drought’ (A term first used in the papers less than 2 years since the 2005 FA Cup by the way.)

  127. stevepalmer1 says:

    GN5, was never meant as an insult, i never insult anybody that didn’t deserve it. Figure of speach thats all, people see that differently, but the words have been said and i won’t retract.

    Wenger has lost the plot, you don’t realise how hard that is for me to say, but flaws all the same.

  128. Pat7 says:

    I am sure we will Terry but think Wenger could do it a whole lot quicker if he wasn’t trying to be jack of all trades. You don’t answer the point of hole filling which i will pick up in the morning as bed calls. Do you not ‘feel’ when the team needs substitutions and get frustrated when we do nothing until sometimes the 87th minute. One game i can’t recall he left it for the whole match i think. It doesn’t matter how much you pay people they are not machines!

  129. Big Raddy says:

    Steve. ….. who on earth would have bought Diaby 🙂 The man is a brilliant player and could have been a huge star. Still may be – Rosicky was written off and is still a useful asset.

    As to Song. We needed to get rid. The man was dreadful in his final season and rumour (confirmed rrumour) has it that he was actively disliked in the dressing room, wasn’t working hard in training and had arrogance issues. All of which is a shame because how many chances did AW give him when the whole of the AFC world wanted shot of him?

    But agree it was poor management not to buy a DM when we have needed one since Gilberto left.

  130. Shard says:

    And ugh with the Diaby hate. Such disrespect to a young man who wants nothing more but to play for Arsenal and works hard for it only to be let down by his body, which is partly the result of the assault he faced while representing us.

    Ok, let’s just get rid. How? He has a contract you know, and since he is so injured, which team will buy him? But no, any old excuse to vent at Wenger, and I must say in a very crass and disrespectful manner.

    This is a bit of a personal issue for me since I had my sporting career taken away by injury. Even if I had low chance to become a pro, it was a very important part of my life and has left me quite frustrated even near a decade later. It is beyond ridiculous to count Diaby’s sad episode as a flaw in Wenger’s management. It just is.

  131. Big Raddy says:

    Pat. You are only one hour ahead of me! As you say men are not machines yet you do not allow AW to make the occasional error.

    Shard. It would be interesting to find out when the injuries started to overwhelm us. My guess is 2007

  132. Big Raddy says:

    I need a drink.

    A demain


    I cant argue that the squad doesnt need strengthening Pat

    This is were I have some sympathy for the view of Kelsey and Steve

    But I certainly dont view it as a case of Arsene losing the plot.My own theory is that Arsene, unlike most managers, is very secure in himself and his job. This affords him the opportunity to be choosey on who he buys, and perhapes go without if he feels the player is not right

    This can be frustrating for us supporters, certainly for those who would perfer a more aggresive and ultimately more risky approach in the transfer market so frim that point of view it could be argued that Arsenes job security and total control of the football side is a bad side.

    However, ime of the opinion that if you have a managerial gem like Wenger, its best to be paitent and allow him to build his side as the envoiremnet fits.

    It will pay dividends.

    The Ghosts of the Thirties are Stirring

  134. Shard says:

    As to the money issue. Now we have money so everything should instantly be alright.

    What if you won the lottery tonight, and tomorrow you are accused of being a cheapskate since you haven’t moved into a mansion in Beverly Hills or on the French Riviera with a string of expensive sportscars in your garage and lingerie models as your girlfriends?

    And what if your reaction to that accusation was to spend money on the first house you saw because someone was trying to sell it to you, buy a car that doesn’t fit your needs, and send diamond necklaces to girls who don’t either.

    Arsene is not that guy who throws away his new found wealth, least of all because it’s not a lottery he’s won, but something he’s worked immensely hard to achieve. He’ll get those fast cars, but he’s not going to do it on anyone else’s schedule, whether it be the press, agents or fans. If that annoys you, then too bad, but it’s exactly the sort of guy who should be in charge. Stubborn and thinks he knows best..Or committed and confident to his vision.


    Night all

    Nothing personal Steve and Pat.

    After all, what do you expect? after all, I do have an effigy of Arsene in my bedroom. hahaha

  136. stevepalmer1 says:

    Shard good evening, i seem to have ruffled your feathers as well, not having a good night am i.

    Diaby is a brilliant player, where did that come from, have you ever seen him string more than a handful of games together. Somebody said to me years and years ago Sentiment has no financial Value, Me being thick i asked him to explain, He said i can only use what i have available or else it is of no use to me. My way of thinking is Diaby will never be ready. Out him as his service can be written on the back of a stamp, we owe him nothing he owes us fortunes.

  137. chas says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmm………….lingerie models.

  138. Shard says:


    Firstly, I never said Diaby is a brilliant player. I do believe he has fantastic attributes but of course part of being a great player is fitness, something Wenger says himself.

    What I said was that it is ridiculous to blame Wenger or Diaby for his situation. He has a contract which we are legally bound to honour, and it was offered to him when there was more of a chance of him making it. Unless you are now suggesting that Arsene Wenger and Arsenal are unconcerned with how they spend their money. Also, ever hear of insurance? All football players are insured. Sure Diaby’s premiums might be high, but he probably isn’t costing us as much as you think.

    Lastly, your point that sentiment has no financial value. Leaving aside the assumption that Arsenal or Wenger are being sentimental towards Diaby, what your friend should say is that accounting just isn’t sophisticated enough to accurately convert the value of sentiment into numbers. Advertising and branding are industries which understand the value of sentiment, even if they, like anyone else, can’t quite quantify it.

    So even if we are being sentimental about Diaby, and even if it were legally possible to rip up his contract and kick him out on his arse, who are you to say that this case offers no financial value? Perhaps some players like Sagna or Vermaelen stayed with us in our time of need instead of demanding a transfer because they saw the example of Diaby, knew they’d be well treated by the club, and were happy to pay back. Maybe we had Debuchy sign for us after speaking to Diaby about how the club is. Sentiment is not wastage just because it can’t be monetized.

  139. Sorry all, I think that was me, I had the draft on my iPad from this morning and when I updated it something went wrong.

    Can everyone see it now?

  140. arnie says:

    yes, I can. 🙂

  141. stevepalmer1 says:

    To tell the truth Shard, you have blinded me with science there mate, as i said i’m thick.

    Personally speaking, players sign for the money, i don’t believe they talk to any players beforehand as many don’t speak the same language anyway.My way of thinking is that Diaby has not kept up to what he was employed to do, and that is to play football.

    Not many companies would pay wages for this length of time to an employee that does not work. Diaby is lucky he is injured or is he just clever, what is it now 2 games in 2 years.

    Just offload him and buy a player that actually wants to play football

  142. arnie says:

    sorry, personally I respect different points of view so long as we retain respect for persons who have done much greater service to society than most, if not, all of us!

  143. arnie says:

    goodnight. 😦


  144. Shard says:

    So Steve. You think it is possible for Arsenal to back out on the contract they signed with Diaby since he’s not playing football?

  145. Shard says:

    Just offload him and buy a player that actually wants to play football

    Just saw that last line.. You’re suggesting Diaby doesn’t actually want to play football? Its hell coming back from an injury to be able to play again. To be able to do it again and again. Yeah, I’m sure he doesn’t want to play at all. Sheesh.

  146. Shard says:

    You know, now I hope Wenger actually extends Diaby’s contract just to make people who think that way incandescent with rage. I really do. If this is really the kind of argument you want to put forward as to why Wenger has lost it, I think you’ve got no argument at all.

    I’m off.

  147. stevepalmer1 says:

    Shard, You and me see things differently, Loyalty is deserved when somebody actually earns his wage. Contracts signed means a club will honour that. We are not a charity for cripples we are a supposedly a top football club with professional football players ie players who actually play, Diaby is stopping another player filling in a position cannot be right mate

  148. arnie says:

    Steve. With due respect, you are plain out of your mind. I dont know which cloud cuckoo land you live in. Perhaps you are just too drunk. Come to grips, man. Life is short!

  149. stevepalmer1 says:

    Nte all

  150. Gööner In Exile says:

    “Then came the long decline, George Graham’s Famous Five passed into history and with them went the rock on which our game was founded. Replacements came in but were never of the quality needed”

    Cliche alert:

    Lehman, Lauren, Campbell, Toure, Cole

    The Invincible defence no less….all George Graham and Bruce Riochs ideas no doubt.

    The problem I have with the naysayers of Arsene is that they fail to provide consistent alternatives, over the last few years these are names that so many would have had in his place, these are the most recent ones:

    Moyes, Laudeup, Lambert, Pochettino, AVB, Rodgers, now I guess it’s Koeman, but how long before his star fades?

    According to most Arsenal fans at the moment we can’t pass, shoot, defend, cross, score enough goals, play pretty football, tackle etc etc, yet I look at the League table and think hell there must be some absolute shite in the League this season.

    Our squad isn’t big/deep enough and we suffer too many injuries are also accusations levelled at the current set up, yet City’s second string couldn’t turn over Newcastles fringe squad, and Chavs squad players struggled to overcome Shrewsbury, our squad is keeping us where we are right now, so who has the better squad?

    Rant over.

  151. stevepalmer1 says:

    Arnie, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. I repect you and N5 but i still think your wrong, Just opinions mate. Nte

  152. arnie says:

    Steve. I have respect for your views, and to some extent I can see where you are coming from. But I will not take disrespect towards Wenger or any of the good guys who currently play for us, even if that be a 16 year old young guy or a crocked 30 year old.

  153. Gööner In Exile says:

    Oh and thinking of the Invincibles – 12 draws.

    12 draws man it’s an outrage!

  154. arnie says:

    GiE. 🙂

  155. kelsey says:

    Morning all

    Well the debate got a little heated last night and nearly went into Amber Warning.

    Steve certainly went fishing, the indoors variety 🙂

    Just to get the record straight in no particular order the 5 oldest regulars on here are GN5,Norfolk Gooner,Raddy,Red Arse and Mickydid it though NB who is ageless is nearly 80, well at least in body.

    Not one person doubts what AW has achieved for our club it just boils down to this that some think that most probably his last tenure will either lead us to glory or put everything in place for the next manager,whoever that is, and others like myself think it maybe better if he left at the end of this season.

    What is initially of paramount importance is that we thump Burnley and Anderlecht in our next two matches.

  156. mickydidit89 says:


    We’ll thrash both Burnley and Anderlecht. That’s obvious 🙂

  157. mickydidit89 says:

    Are we getting your dose of reality today, Oh Doom Master?

    Yes, you 🙂

  158. Shard says:

    sorry to spoil the morning banter, but steve, I can’t let you pass of opinions in the form of facts on this subject.

    Ok, so in your opinion Arsenal should not have Diaby on the books. That is fine. But the fact is that they have to, or they have to pay to tear up his contract. His presence is not stopping us from buying anyone else since we still have some squad spaces open, and even if we didn’t, he could be left off the PL squad list as and when we do sign someone.

    SO considering the facts, what should Arsenal do to fulfill your opinion on what would be good management? Not what actually would be good management you see, just your opinion of it. So what would you do and HOW? Just saying get rid is not an option. Who will buy him? Why will anyone buy him if he’s always injured? Or worse….faking!!

    In my OPINION, it is disgusting to abuse Diaby and throw terrible accusations at him for something over which he has no control. Just because you are frustrated at a situation or jealous about the amounts footballers earn doesn’t give you the right to not consider them as people.

  159. chas says:

    Two one-nils will do me.

  160. chas says:

    Who’s Diaby?

  161. mickydidit89 says:

    Stop being so effing sarky 🙂

  162. chas says:

    I think I’m older than Micky and RA.
    Oh, and you seem to have disregarded the women completely.
    Even though, it has to be said, both are timeless beauties.

  163. mickydidit89 says:

    Berlin today?

    That City only conjures one image for me, and that’s Bowie/Iggy living there in ’77, writing Heroes, Low, Lust for Life and so on.

    Always had a spell on me during the dark black and white days 🙂

  164. chas says:

    I’d just like to categorically state (super split infinitive) that my last comment was not, and will never have been, sarky in any way imaginable.

  165. Something to get the Big Raddish going this morning. And a great compilation of photos to jog the memory hahaha 🙂

  166. mickydidit89 says:

    This is all about Berlin

  167. chas says:

    Yep, off this morning.

  168. mickydidit89 says:

    And he was living in Berlin with this young man and co-write this classic in ’77

  169. chas says:

    I’ve still got Low on vinyl.
    That second side is still unlistenable, though. 🙂

  170. Shard says:

    I’m in a grumpy mood so I might as well rant now, it is friday after all.

    Arsene’s critics. They all seem to think micro management is what a fan’s role is. Why doesn’t Wenger substitute when I think it’s right to do so? WHy does he play players in the position they have on FIFA, or play the formation I think would work. Why do we play ‘tippy tappy’, which is apparently football where you pass the ball around to try and score but only if it doesn’t work.

    There are no answers to any of these questions, just opinions, because we don’t have the facts or the expertise to gauge any of the alternatives.

    They will then come up with even more specious arguments such as, Wenger doesn’t buy xyz because he thinks he knows best, Wenger plays Giroud or has Diaby in the squad because he’s too loyal. Wenger doesn’t talk to Bould or take any input from anyone.

    Why do we care, and what answers do we expect to such questions? This is proof that Wenger has lost it? So if a new manager were to come in tomorrow, not talk to his assistant on the sidelines, not buy players who I think we need, not make substitutions when I think he should despite not knowing the data about the players, not watching them in training, their mindset, or even understanding tactics as well, I would be right to say he should leave, he’s not helping us progress?

    SO how should we judge? By the bigger picture? But oh no, that’s a dirty word. More promise of jam tomorrow, we want something now..GRRRR.. Regardless of where the club stands, we are Arsenal and this is not good enough. Regardless of Wenger’s record and regardless of loyalty. Time, future, stability, loyalty. All are dirty words apparently.

    I have no problem in people thinking that Wenger should leave. I really don’t. I understand that there will be a doubt about whether we can take the next step up. But I do have a problem with people using their opinion at the micro level to justify what is a macro decision. I have a problem with people making up things to get mad at Wenger about. If you think things won’ get better because of some things you’ve seen on the field, say that. Don’t make it a fact that they won’t. Opinions and facts need to be differentiated.

    In my opinion Wenger is a great manager, and will now finally have the resources to get us to the top again. But of course that victory isn’t assured. Also in my opinion, we’ve got some problems as well. Set pieces is one of them. It annoys me intensely. But I still think the positives outweigh the negatives, and in the larger picture, Arsenal have grown tremendously under his reign, have finally got the money to give him a chance to showcase his strengths rather than battle against his weaknesses, and he doesn’t deserve the grief he’s gotten and still gets from the fans.

    Rant over and I’m off.

  171. chas says:

    I bet you would have liked to have been Iggy?

  172. Shard

    Of course they’re opinions, just as your Friday rant is just an opinion 🙂 we can’t stop having them, it’s normal.

    Chill man, listen to the music and smoke a spliff

  173. mickydidit89 says:

    Hey Chas

    Just thinking, but ’77 was around the peak disco years wasn’t it? 🙂

    As to your Iggy question. Staggered either of us are still alive.

  174. chas says:

    I was into the Pistols in 77, the Wham years came later.

  175. mickydidit89 says:


    I think I’m just beginning to get the gist of where you’re coming from. One more quick thousand worder and I’ll be there 🙂

  176. I remember seeing the Stranglers and the Pogues at the Hope and Anchor in the 70’s…. not sure if I saw the Sex Pistols there as well?? or it may have been at the 100 club???

  177. didn’t write that very well, saw the pogues in the 80’s 🙂

  178. mickydidit89 says:

    Ha ha NB 🙂

    Never saw the Pistols. Probably the only punk band I didn’t see. Shame.

  179. mickydidit89 says:

    Spent a night in a boozer drinking with that Shane McGowan bloke. Remember thinking he was a bit of a lightweight 🙂

  180. Micky

    Although the punk scene wasn’t my thing, I recognised a musical revolution when it was happening 🙂 Despite sticking with my 60’s and early 70’s preference for music, I have generally liked every single period of Brit music. 🙂


    Whilst still at school, In 1981 I saw Alvin Stardust in a muswell chip shop

    I said to him “wow, your Shaking Stevens”

    He gave me a lovely smile and then attacked me with his savoloy

  182. mickydidit89 says:

    Good thinking NB. Brit music culture certainly led the way for a very long time, and had something relevant for each generation

  183. chas says:

    Did he take that glove off to eat?

  184. mickydidit89 says:

    ha ha Transplant
    It’s also fair to say there were many popsters well worth taking the piss out of 🙂
    I think my favourite being canning off that Tom Robinson fella at the anti Nazi do in Victoria park just before the clash came on
    I mean seriously, like we came to see that rubbish 🙂

  185. kelsey says:

    Terry actually went to school. 🙂

    Never got into the punk scene my hair wouldn’t stand on end and I am not partial to rings in my nose but there is one geezer who one sees at all our matches who appears to have a bone stuck through his nose, you must have seen him on telly.

  186. Transplant does it again… figging wanker 🙂


    He wasnt wearing the glove chas. Quite disapointing when you see a megastar who penned classics like Green Door and This Ole House, yet looking quite ordinary.

    i remember those anti nazi guys Micky. They used to wear yellow badges and went round beating up anyone with a moustache


    Thats unfair 69. I have a medical condition for that. The only remedy is to have my hands tied behind my back. hahaha

    Course I went to school Kels. I was the only boy who managed to get put back a year five years in a row. By the time I left, i was older than the teachers.

    And the younger boys still used to nick my pocket money.

    Off to work, laters.

  189. mickydidit89 says:

    Raddy mentioned a Paul Clement rumour, so I looked him up.

    Mmm, quite interesting.

  190. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    Some fine music this morning (apart from the dreadful Cocaine track – thankfully some belting pics.) The Hawkins vid is spell-binding 🙂

    Heroes gives me shivers it is so good (not this version) but it was from a very average album. Same with Lust for Life.

    IMO Ziggy/Aladdin Sane was Bowie’s best period.

  191. mickydidit89 says:

    Great, rant Friday. What time is kick off? 🙂

  192. mickydidit89 says:

    And Lo, he appeareth

    Morning Big

  193. mickydidit89 says:

    I probably have seven versions of Heroes. One in German is good. Very haunting.

  194. stevepalmer1 says:

    Morning all,
    Shard that was some Rant mate, Still in the mind from last night i see,

    The way i see it Shard, is that if i run out of underpants, and i go to get some and end up buying a pair of flash trousers instead, then shit myself, i have buggered up a brand new pair of trousers.

    Why buy Ozil when we had loads of midfielders, good player yes but not a forward. We have loads of midfielders but short on forwards, wheres the sense in that.

    Danny Welbecks signing needed an extension of the window, which in all honesty was long enough to find a forward. Had there been a snag we would have been buggered, Am i wrong in thinking that or what.

    Everything has its place, short of pants, buy them first, unless of course you have lots of pairs of trousers.

  195. arnie says:

    motning all.

    lovely music this motning.

    And Shard is still fuming. ha ha ha.

    And apparently I am about 100 years old. 😛

  196. mickydidit89 says:

    Ok, rubbish vid, but some great Berlin wall images

  197. arnie says:

    Talking of music, we are going to Glasgow to listen to this guy on Saturday. He has made an innovation as well. Modifying the guitar to make it suitable for Indian music.

  198. Eddie says:

    Shane McGowan lightweight 🙂 tell us about him Micky, his Christmas number is one of my all time favs

  199. kelsey says:

    Of course Theo will be back tomorrow and then we will win not only the PL but the CL as well. I have had a change of heart.

  200. Eddie says:

    Chas baby, take your thermal undies to Berlin, it’s freezing here

  201. arnie says:

    Chas. At this time, the Christmas market in Berlin should be good. They do lovely Christmas markets in Germany.

    Give the palace in Berlin a pass IMO. Potsdam is more worthwhile.

    And if you have time, take a train ride to Dresden. Only about 2 hours I think. Very remarkable city.

    Thats my tuppence. 🙂

  202. Eddie says:

    Kelsey in good form again 🙂 terrific! Is Theo really playing tomorrow?

  203. oi Raddish

    What was wrong with the Cream? Brilliant track…. was it the sound. if so it was how it used to sound on your old record player in the 60’s……… you know the type I mean. A box with a system for putting 6 or seven singles on at the same time. 🙂

    I regret selling my Rega planar 3 and most of my vinyl collection at a French car boot sale……… should never have done it, moment of madness. 😦

  204. mickydidit89 says:

    Last vid. Promise, but Raddy likes Heroes.

    I guess you got it, or you ain’t. Dave Does

  205. Big Raddy says:

    Love chas asking about the glove 🙂

    I have many musician stories. One of which was Liam Gallagher coming into my shop and telling the staff to turn the effing music down as he had a headache.

  206. mickydidit89 says:

    Not sure Chas is going to do much Christmas shopping in Berlin 🙂

  207. Kelsey 🙂 🙂 good one

  208. mickydidit89 says:

    Gallagher eh? That’ll be Eddies legs gone wobbly

  209. arnie says:

    Vishwar Mohan Bhatt (Mohan Veena, erm Guitar) and Simon Shaheen (Oud)

    Raga Kirwani

  210. Big Raddy says:

    NB. Oh no! A Rega 3 original is a thing beyond value.

    I have times sold my entire music collection, such is the life of a Rolling Stone

    Today I have a CD of I Muvrini – an all time fave and a band for all who like Celtic music with a mediterranean twist should look up – and 15k mp3’s.

    It’s just not the same.

    Micky. I would say that for a man of your age you are in excellent condition. If like David you coloured your hair you could pass for 30.

  211. arnie says:

    oh, and I think you can give Hertha Berlin a pass as well. Not worth it, I think

  212. Eddie says:

    Wobbly legs here 🙂 tell more Raddy, how was he, apart from the sore head?
    Micky – and McGowan, please tell

    I would have loved Dave Bowie if I didn’t see him performing in ultra skinny silky pants, no hero of mine would wear anything like that in public

  213. Big Raddy says:

    NB. I saw the Cream and Blind Faith and even with the rose coloured glasses of nostalgia they were poor live. Must have been because I was the only one in the audience of many thousand who wasn’t on drugs.

  214. Big Raddy says:

    arnie. The first vid did nothing for me – a waste of a perfectly good guitar.

    The second which was more accessible but too long for my taste without actually going anywhere until the 10th minute. Still like the film music best

  215. Gööner In Exile says:

    Steve, Girouds injury happened on 23rd August….we had a week to find a replacement, why weren’t we in for one before? Well given we will have Welbeck, Giroud, Walcott, Sanchez, Podolski and Sanogo on our books when Oli returns fans who express opinions like “we have too many midfielders” would be asking why we have “too many forwards”

  216. wow Big Raddish…. you have just gone up in my esteem for musical taste, I Muvrini…….. I love them 🙂

  217. mickydidit89 says:

    Nothing to tell Eddie. Drunken evening, and nothing memorable about him. Met a thousand more interesting people than some pissed up mick.

  218. Big Raddy says:

    Eddie. An arsehole. Rude, arrogant and stupid. He thought he should get things free because he was a regular and that attracted others to the shop. Cobblers, it was the shop that attracted him as we had so many musicians as customers (it was a music shop after all!!)

  219. Eddie says:

    I conducted an experiment on my old dear. She really hasn’t got a clue about modern contemporary music. I played her arnie’s and Dave’s clips. Her reaction confirmed my DNA music theory and in a nutshell she is now in love with that gorgeous Dave 🙂

  220. kelsey says:

    Berlin: I think the film Cabaret was about the transvestites and gays that lived there at the time.

    Last time I was there was in 1976 and stayed at The Hilton and from the forth floor up one could see East Berlin as the wall was practically adjoining the hotel.

  221. Big Raddy says:

    NB. One of my top 5 concerts was I Muvrini on a beach at Propriano. A magical evening.

  222. Eddie says:

    Thanks Raddy and Micky ! Yes, definitely my type, perfect marrying type.

  223. kelsey says:

    Who was The Stones manager,Raddy.
    He once came into a shop I was working in and took out his powder puff case and started to do his face all pretty.Was it Andrew Oldham.

  224. mickydidit89 says:

    Did the other top four all contain twenty minute guitar solos and drugs 🙂

  225. Raddish

    Wifey No 3, the French one, lived on Corsica for several years and lived with the then Bastia FC manager Jose Pasqualleti. She new the group peronally and had many stories about private little concerts they did in bars and restaurants. She knew them personally because of Jose. 🙂

  226. arnie says:

    Raddy. I agree it is a bit of an acquired taste. And when the masters do it, it is at least 90% on the spot innovation. In that sense, even more remarkable than jazz.

    However, a typical performance would be at least an hour long.

  227. new = knew and peronally = personally 🙂

  228. kelsey says:

    I have three Presley 78 inch singles on the HMV label in perfect condition. How much are they worth Raddy, as I can’t keep up with my wife’s spending.

  229. Big Raddy says:

    Yes Kelsey. Oldham though only until 1967

  230. Eddie says:

    Why sell the records Kelsey, give wife a push

  231. kelsey says:

    The only pop star I ever met was Sandie Shaw in a nightclub in Majorca. The rest is history. At least she didn’t have to take her shoes off 🙂

  232. arnie says:

    This is from a folk festival in Portugal. Some of the stuff is from a Grammy winning album. More folk influenced light stuff.

  233. Big Raddy says:

    Micky 3 do 🙂

    Kelsey. As always it depends on the singles and their condition. Reckon on between €30 – €75 a piece.

  234. kelsey says:

    Is that all Raddy, oh well that doesn’t resolve my problem 🙂

  235. arnie says:

    I met none. 😛

    But you can perhaps not name any Indian classical musician who I could have met that I have not watched live. Many I have personally met as well.

  236. I met Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder in the early 80’s…. my most magical music moment at Ronnie Scotts. 🙂

  237. mickydidit89 says:

    Game set and match to NB then.

    Us lot may as well go home right now 🙂

  238. I jest not Micky, when I have the time I’ll recount the story 🙂

  239. mickydidit89 says:

    So recap

    Didit has met some toothless drunk
    Crystals someone we’ve never heard of
    Transplant Shaking Stevens,
    Raddy can’t remember and
    NB Gaye and Wonder

    Still think Raddy may have won

  240. GoonerB says:

    Thanks for the post yesterday NB. I wasn’t around yesterday and as I am so late to the party on your post it has probably all been discussed to death already so I won’t elaborate too much. Suffice to say that there were bits that I agreed with and bits I didn’t quite agree with. I sit somewhere that is partly in line with your views and partly in line with GN5’s views.

  241. mickydidit89 says:

    Right, quick fag then on the blower and put the week to bed asap

  242. RA says:

    Hi GoonerB,

    It was Norfolk’s Post, not NB’s and that is clear from the lack of a mention of chorizos in the text. 🙂

  243. Big Raddy says:

    I met Jimi Hendrix in a guitar shop in Denmark street when I was buying my first guitar.

    Somehow I got the nerve to ask him to help and he chose an acoustic having tried a few out. I asked him to sign it which he did.

    Then he asked if I would like to go to the Albert Hall and see him in concert, then gave me two tickets and an invitation to meet him backstage after the concert. I was only 15 at the time and didn’t have the nuts to go backstage as I would have had to walk home and I had school the next day.

    He was a lovely man.

    The guitar was stolen out of the boot of my car a bout 20 years later. May the front bottom who took it roast in hell for eternity.

  244. Eddie says:

    NB WOW and wow!! I went to a few parties in mussel hill with Kelsey’s mate Adam Ant, i worked in a restaurant owned by original Oliver Twist actor Mark Lester. It was in covent garden so many, many celebrities were regulars. Dame Judy Dench was very rude, Twiggy always complaining, boy George once insisted on using f
    Ladies loo….

  245. ha ha RA

    I was trying to work out what post GoonerB was referring to, in my drunken state some days blur into others … and that wasn’t a reference to a band, although I did like Blur……. what I here you shout 🙂

    And RA… on your understanding of French, it’s good that you rely on your schooboyl French, but when you live in France all the nuances become apparent. If you are a bloke and say, “je suis plein” doesn’t mean you are pregnant but that you are full, as in the band that Raddish doesn’t like, Cream. 🙂

    I await a pregnant pause for your reply 🙂

  246. I think Raddish gets it with Jimi………. no contest, even Marvin and Stevie pale into insignificance 🙂

  247. Eddie says:

    Raddy – are you serious? Is that a true story?

  248. RA says:

    Shard at 6:44

    That is a brilliant piece, and maybe should be used as a Post.

    Not a rant at all, but a reasoned and impassioned response to some of the comments made, as if by rote, by a number of fans on blogs everywhere.

    And good morning guys! 🙂

  249. Raddy can you publish DidIt’s post? I need to go out ….. or I publish now ………….

  250. Eddie says:

    Peaches 🙂

  251. Done it myself.

    …………..We have a New Post ……………..

  252. mickydidit89 says:

    Whoa…Didit’s post!!!!

    Not that thing I belted out in two minutes to try and help out the other day. RANT FRIDAY it must be

  253. mickydidit89 says:

    Oh….’king hell 🙂

  254. Big Raddy says:

    Eddie. Of course it is true.

    Adam Ant was also a customer – he was a Finchley lad and as shy a bloke as one could meet. …. before the drug addiction and booze got to him. Great to see he is back on his feet and performing.

    Peaches. Yes. I will publish … where is it?

  255. kelsey says:

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger faces the media and says midfielder Jack Wilshere is likely to miss the Gunners’ home game against Burnley on Saturday.

    “He got a kick on his knee, it is very, very short-term,” says Wenger, who also reveals that left-back Kieran Gibbs will need a fitness test.

  256. RA says:

    And that it is too soon for Theo to start.

  257. RA says:


    I am on tricky ground here because my French is not good enough for nuances, but ‘Je suis repu’ is probably the safest way to say I am full, but I have also heard French youngsters say ‘Je suis gavé’.

    Je suis plein is a phrase calling for completion of the sentence by the preposition ‘of’ showing the connection of the phrase with its cause.
    For example; Je suis plein d’espoir means I am full – of hope.

    Perhaps someone who is French can tell us, but there is no doubt in my mind that ‘Je suis plain(e) said colloquially by a woman means ‘I am pregnant’.

    Said by a man – it’s just funny. 🙂

  258. RA says:

    plain(e) = plein(e)

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