Out but not Down – Match Review

I had a very hazy view of the game but here goes.

Ospina….. Made a few excellent stops. He looked a bit short in the team photo and Clyne’s worldie sailed over his head, but this was partly down to the swerve on a brilliantly hit ball. The goal reminded me of one Thierry scored against Roy Carrol in front of the North Bank.

Bellerin….. Looked composed on the ball and particularly good when making recovery tackles. Must be that lightning speed.

Chambers….. What a buy!

Hayden….. Stepping up and didn’t look out of place. 4th choice CB, maybe?

Coquelin….. A few positional errors but largely a super performance at an unfamiliar left back. As LB says, perhaps we have more cover at left back than we thought.

Diaby….. Great to see the big man back, purring like a Rolls Royce. Fingers crossed.

Wilshere….. Jack never stopped driving the team forward. Unlucky to be on the losing team.

Rosicky….. From what I could make out Tomas is unsurprisingly a little ring-rusty. Tried a lot of stuff which didn’t quite come off. His challenge to get the Saints back in the game was stupidity itself.

Podolski….. Did very little to stake a claim for a first team place. I would have thought he’d be champing at the bit to impress, not just biding his time riding the pine.

Campbell….. I really liked what I could make out, especially in the second half. Needs game time also, but I’m not sure where he’s going to get it now we’re out of the Mickey Mouse Cup.

Sanchez….. Man, what a player we have. He never stops running and has as many tricks as Paul Daniels. His free kick was amazing. Perhaps the GK thought it was sailing over the bar as he helplessly watched it dip from outer space just under the crossbar. Stunning.


Admittedly the Saints had a few good chances on the break but our rookie defence could not be blamed for either of the goals.

The midfield looked good. If Rosicky had been sharper, Jack and Abou’s good work might have brought more reward.

The only thing the performance lacked was more goals.

What did you think? Especially if you were lucky enough to be at the Emirates.


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  1. 26may1989 says:

    Well done chas.

    My comments come with a qualification: I haven’t seen any TV coverage of the game, it is just based on what I saw from the stands.

    I was pretty disappointed with most of our players last night. I don’t have a problem with fielding a back-up team (aside from Sanchez and Wilshere) but we were off the mark. Southampton bossed the midfield – their triangle of Davis, Wanayama and Schneiderlin worked really well. And with a solid defence and Pelle pressing up front, they did really well, and were deserved winners.

    I want to see Diaby succeed as much as anyone, but even accounting for ring-rustiness, he didn’t look up to being the only screening defender.

    Our midfield didn’t really function that well. There was a lot of pressure on Wilshere and Rosicky to run the show, with no height in the team meaning that we needed them to weave patterns through the centre. They had moments, but Southampton were pretty resolute in dealing with their efforts. Poldi and Campbell didn’t do much, though Poldi did have one shot very well saved by Forster when (I think) Wilshere played him in.

    In defence, I didn’t really think any of our players had a great game. I don’t know who it was that didn’t close down Clyne, but that was an error. Southampton could (perhaps should) have scored at least one more in the later stages, when they had two or three free headers. Ospina was pretty good overall, but we all hate to see a keeper beaten form distance, however good the shot was.

    Sanchez was the only one to do well properly. His goal was superb (we’ve missed having a good free kick taker), and his general play was, as ever, both energetic and of a high quality.

    I thought the referee had an excellent game, got every significant call right. He could perhaps have produced a couple more yellows, Schneiderlin for repeated fouls, Campbell for diving, both come to mind. But the ref still had a really good game.

    Re Southampton, their early season form shows how well they are run: a change of manager and the sale of many players over the summer has been followed by the recruitment of a another excellent manager and the reinvestment of a chunk of what they’ve raised on good recruits to go with others there who are of a really high quality.

    A shame to have gone out of the league cup, but onwards and upwards in the competitions that actually matter.

  2. chas says:


    Can you amend the post by adding an arrow down to 26’s comment.
    Alongside you could add “See below for proper match report”? 🙂

    Nice one, 26, “just based on what I saw from the stands” made me laugh.

  3. arnie says:

    Lovely stuff, Chas, your “I had a very hazy view of the game” made me chuckle! 😛

    Nice counter, 26. 🙂

    Since I did not watch properly, I will come back later after I have read a few more comments. 🙂

  4. RA says:

    Well done, Chas,

    I used to find Crystals post-match reports, when he had not actually been to the game or seen it on TV, were pretty good.

    Your match report through a hazy stream was better, and 26M’s, actually from the stands, was the best. [Not sure why!] 🙂

  5. RA says:

    I eventually listened to the game on the radio, and the commentators were giving due respect to S’hampton and especially Schneiderlin, but were also giving Arsenal credit for a cracking game.

    One theme they repeated throughout was that we lacked a ‘cutting edge’ upfront. With that in mind I am surprised that Akpom was not even on the substitutes bench.

  6. chas says:

    He came on in the 86 minute!

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  8. chas says:

  9. Big Raddy says:

    Chas (& 26). Thank you for the view from the stands

    My view was through a poor stream but better than naught.

    26 is being harsh about Diaby who I thought had a very good return to the first team. He and JW were dominant in the midfield for as much of the game as the S’ton lads. And it must be said that S’ton played very well especially after going a goal down.

    Mr Wenger’s post match statement that both goals were from very poor defending is tough; TR was silly but the second goal was special though perhaps the MF’s could have closed Clyne down a little faster and Ospina may have done better. But it was a fantastic strike and we should commend Clyne for one of the goals of the season.

    Sanchez was our best player. What a dynamo, he reminds me of Carlos Tevez in his early WHU days which is a huge compliment.

    Our defence was OK considering we had three 19 y.o’s and Coquelin.

    The disappointments were the poor form of both Rosicky and Podolski. And to a lesser degree the quiet performance from Campbell.

  10. 26may1989 says:

    You know what I mean though, chas – being at the game gives one perspective on a game, especially in terms of really understanding the shapes of the teams and their off-the-ball movement, but there are things you only get from seeing a game on TV. Remember that amazing Thierry Henry backheel goal, when the defender was all over him, trying to stop Henry spinning round? That happened in front of the North Bank and I was in the Clock End – we had no idea what had happened until it was replayed on screen.

    Anyway, well done again!

  11. 26may1989 says:

    Radster, perhaps if/when I watch the game back, I’ll have to reconsider and be kinder to Diaby!

  12. Gööner In Exile says:

    Well done Chas and 26 without any decent TVcoverage you have both at least provided some flesh to the bare result. I think Arsenal.com had highlights available earlier, will have to back and look.

    Looking forward to LB’s response as he seemed genuinely upbeat after last nights performance in spite of the result.

  13. arnie says:

    yes, I am awaiting LB’s take as well.

    Like Raddy, I thought Diaby was more than decent. I completely missed the beginning of the game, but was listening. Apparently he also sent a fantastic through ball that almost reached Alexis.

  14. stevepalmer1 says:

    Chas, that was as close a sumation as you can get, I agree.
    Nobody let anyone down. I felt they all played well, Diaby strangely was my motm but everybody showed heart sadly lacking that little some thing to actually win it.

    Their second goal was sensational but the guys never gave up, tried right up to the last minute.

    I guessed we would lose and that’s a shame, but a few youngsters looked better in the first team than they look in the reserves. Merts is covered at least

  15. LB says:

    Just back from my 4 hour cycle ride in sunny Hertfordshire with a group of middle aged men who refuse to play golf.

    Right then.

    I am not sure why people thought I was upset, I wrote in my comment that there were a ton of positives.

    And I still believe there are.

    Also, not sure where in the stands 26 was sitting because from my seat I saw the same game as Chas.

    Wenger’s team selection didn’t just kill two birds with one stone it downed flocks of them.

    Ospina: there is no doubt that the man needed a first team appearance to feel more part of the set up. He was a little bit too showy offy, just a tad but Southampton’s second goal which if you looked closely as it sailed past the Colombian had a little note attached saying Welcome to England. This focused his mind and he went on to make some fine saves.

    Bellerin: notably better than his performance against Borussia, not that that is meant as a criticism, I think he did well against the Germans but improved even further from the experience against Southampton last night.

    Chambers and Hayden: Wenger clearly used this to try and glimpse into the future. This centre back paring were a bit wobbley as you would expect being the first time out of the nest and all but hey, they were not over run, the two goals were not their fault, so good for them I say and good for Wenger for trying them together. Could they be our first team centre back pairing one day? No idea, ask Kelsey, he is the one with the crystal ball.

    Coquelin: I don’t rate this man, never have, which is why it came as such a pleasant surprise to see him play so well. Was he caught out of position? Well probably but only when the game turned into a do or die cup game in which outrageous risks have to be taken to try and get back on terms. Although, before we went behind, I didn’t notice him caught out.

    Diaby: I will simply repeat the same as last evening: for a man who hasn’t played in over 15 years I thought he was excellent. He will be in the first team sooner rather than later.

    Wilshere: excellent as the link up player; he drove the whole thing forward and had he had a more coherent forward line I am sure his efforts would have got greater reward.

    Rosicky: I am a fan, school boy error for the penalty, needs games like this to get himself up to speed for the first team.

    Campbell: there is a huge culture shock going on here, the man obviously doesn’t speak English yet and, as a consequence, is struggling to be part of the action. However, I am glad that Wenger has chosen to persevere with him as he offers more hope than other attackers I will come to.

    Sanchez: I like the comparison to early Tevez; he has so much talent he just hasn’t worked out how to use it, neither has Wenger worked out how to harness it for the good of the team. I wrote over and over again at the beginning of the season that I think he is far more of a talent than Suarez and I still think exactly that. The man is one of the most gifted players to ever don an Arsenal shirt. Great things will happen with this player at THOF

    Podolski: why this man is still at the club is a mystery, I know he is a great laugh and all but he is donkey slow; it was like playing with 10 men with him in the team last night; he made everyone’s job twice as hard, there are no redeeming factures, sell him in January.

    That’s enough for now.

    Oops almost forgot, good post Chas, I like the format, I will almost certainly plagiarise in the not too distant future.

  16. RA says:

    Chas, @ 10.55

    Thanks for that re. Akpom – he was not mentioned on the radio, and I did not think he had made the squad. 🙂

    Bit of a late substitution tho?

  17. RA says:

    I am repeating my earlier comment somewhat, but the impression given by the radio commentary was that our midfield was outperformed by the S’hampton guys.

  18. LB says:


    It wouldn’t be wrong to say that but equally that doesn’t tell the whole story.

    From the start we bossed the midfield, we took the game to Southampton and Wilshere was the man, very, very strong and I do not give compliments to this player easily.

    The pen never changed much but going a goal down did, we then had to start taking risks and when a team does that mistakes will happen.

    Sanchez couldn’t do it all up front on his own even though he tried his hardest but he got little help from Campbell and none what so ever from Podolski.

  19. LB says:

    There was a quick name change above.


    Cheers chas and thanks also to 26 & LB

    I never went last night, so had to endure that Prick Alan Green on the radio. I don’t like enduring Pricks, especially such a large one as Green.

    The man was so biased that at one stage I feared he would emerge from the radio and try to give me one.

    Pleased that Diaby came through without injury. The man deserves great credit. Coming back from Rigor Mortis is to be congratulated.

    The reason I avoid the stiffs and youths playing is that I always end up disappointed, and in some cases humiliated.

    I once predicted.that Brian Mcdermot was the new Kenny Dalglish and thought Gus Ceaser was the new Franz Beckanbeur

    Fortunately, most of my friends are extremely thick with bad memories. One even congratulates me that I was right in predicting Kenny Dalglish would end up been Kenny Dalglish, but one particular bloke named Will has one of those creepy photographic memories and lets you forget nothing.

    I hate the man. As well as rubbing my nose in it, he constantly catches me lying.

    “Cant make it today Will, going to my daughters graduation”

    “Thats not correct Terry. Your daughter was born on 02/02/1994, making it one year to early for graduation. This also confirms that you are a lying bastard”

    “F*uck off Will. Its one year early coz shes one of those freaky super I.Q. kids. If you see her, she looks like shes been electrocuted”

    “Lying again Terry. On January 8th 2007 you complained to me that she had been placed in the thickys class for maths. On that day, you also had a suspicious looking stain on your trousers”

    Oh well, at least my prediction that Jack Wilshere will be the worlds best player is coming in.

    The Ghosts of the Thirties are Stirring

  21. 26may1989 says:

    Oh bloody hell, not only am I taking a different tack to chas, LB, arie and Raddy, now LB has written “Wilshere was the man, very, very strong” – something has gone seriously wrong with the world, there are some things we’re meant to be able to rely on, and Wilshere being slated by LB is one of them….. 🙂

  22. GoonerB says:

    Chas and 26, Excellent joint effort.

    I was not too disappointed to go out. I do like a good run in it to give the back up / youth players some experience but we were up against a decent EPL outfit.

    I have to admire Southampton. Even after a change in management and losing senior players they are still playing good quality and effective football. I hope they go on to win it because they are a club that deserves some silverware.

    I didn’t think we were too bad and we lost it on fine margins IMO. It was one of those ones that could have swung either way. If anything I felt collectively the players were not completely in tune with each other and our link play became slightly disjointed. Promising moments seemed to just fail to come to fruition due to the players not reading instinctively what their team-mates were intending. When you ring the changes I guess that slight lack of tuning can be exposed by a decent team.

    I felt moves broke down on a ball 1/2 yard behind where it needed to be, a player not making a run their team-mate thought they would or a cross being a couple of feet too high.

    I can’t see how Pod fits into our future plans. You did feel that either Welbeck or Ollie may have fine tuned our attack a bit more. It was an opportunity that I don’t think was taken.

    I feel we need to have a dedicated holding midfielder in our set-up but we didn’t play with one (at least I don’t consider any of Diaby, Wilshere or Rosicky as a holding midfielder. Conversely Southampton set-up with 2 in their starting 11. Although Coquelin gives us a back-up option at FB I was rather hoping to see him in a holding midfield role.

    Is Hayden ready or will he be in the near future? I don’t know yet based on last night. If we had injuries and he needed to play against Spurs and next week against Chelsea would you be confident? Not too sure I would. I said it before but if Hayden was ready to come into the first team this year I would have expected to see AW try him out more say in the Emirates Cup. I can’t see where we can give the game time in a relatively risk free manner for the remainder of this season. The fact that Monreal was tried there instead of him pre-season speaks volumes to me.

    As I say though, fine margins and not too disappointed.

  23. Big Raddy says:

    GB. Fine comment and true about Hayden. Amazing to think that AW went into the game with the new recruit and still only 19 y.o Chambers as the leader of his defence.

  24. RA says:

    Thanks to you too, LB, for your comments/assessments.

    For me, having the reports from the two of you who went to the game, and the hazy view of Chas is what I love.

    Many a time I have been to the pub for an after-match drink and chat about the game and with everyone having wildly differing views of proceedings and individual players.

    Like 26M, I have to give a lot of credence to LB’s opinions as he has been a strict observer of our Jack, 🙂 and praise from him has to be of the highest order. Neither can I get enough of the positive comments concerning poor old Diaby, one of my favourite players and a tremendously skilful guy who has had his career wrecked by a no-hope journeyman footballer. Let’s hope it is not another false dawn.

    We should have you three doing a ‘panel’ after each game to get your views again – that would be fascinating. 🙂

  25. RA says:

    I did not intend to ignore your comment, GoonerB, I had not read it when I started my ‘phone call interrupted reference to the three earlier match comments.

    You raised many good points, on which the Hayden one caught my eye. He has always seemed a likely success story to me too, and I hope I am not speaking out of turn, for his sake. 🙂

  26. RA says:


    You never fail to confirm that you are a very funny looney. 😀

  27. RA says:

    Forgot to mention, GB, that we or that is to say you – should as a group, or you as an individual (bearing in mind you can always ask your daughter to review your work) 🙂 should define what you mean by a ‘holding midfielder’.

    To me a HMF is not the same as a ‘beast’ of a DMF (defensive), much as I like dislike the term ‘beast’, and should be someone who links the central defense and the forwards, and to do that should break up play, and pull the strings when we are attacking.

    The trouble is many will see that as a No.10s role, or the guy who ‘sits in the hole’ behind the forwards, and maybe it is all of those things, so how you can say that Diaby, in particular, or Jack, or Rambo could not be such a player in that role, mystifies me.

    Hence the need to make sure you are not talking about apples while I am talking about pears. 🙂

    It goes without saying that I am not an expert in these matters, and am open to being educated – after much arguing. 🙂

  28. RA says:

    I am now going to bugger off, before one of you sends the man in a white coat around because I am talking to myself.

    Incidentally, has anyone heard from, or about, how Kelsey is getting on, and did they manage to save his luscious locks of hair? 🙂

  29. Big Raddy says:

    RA. My idea of a holding midfielder varies from the small but hugely effective Mascherano or Makalele (probably the best I have seen) to the big fellows like PV4 and Yaya Tours. If the defence has enough height in it I cannot see the problem with having a diminutive holding midfielder – such as JW for England.

    I do not see that role as a link between midfield and attack,more defence to midfield but I am an old git and do not understand tactics or modern football. I preferred it when players stuck to their positions.

    No news yet on Kelsey

  30. GoonerB says:

    RA. Sorry once again I have just come back on. I have an answer for you and your question or rather my opinion on it, but looking at your 4.59 I think it should be used as tomorrows post so all can have their say and express their opinion on the defensive midfielder / holding midfielder conundrum. It is often touched upon here in comments, but why not let everyone say how they see it and give their opinion on who in our current squad looks best suited to a particular role and where we may need to strengthen in the TW.

    I can simply use what you said in that comment for the basis of the post with a couple of additions if you and others are happy with that. I will stop at the bit where you started prattling on about fruit. We can have an orchard post another day. 🙂

  31. LB says:

    Can one of the plethora of accountants that frequent this site please comment on the article in the Guardian about Stan Kroenke taking dividends out of the club. Thank you in advance.

  32. RA says:


    I have not had a chance to read either the Accounts, or the story in the paper, but from what I briefly heard on a local radio station, the fans are upset that Kroenke took £3m out of the club as expenses, and justified it, by saying the Glazers were brilliant owners and had taken very much more out of Manure than he was taking out from Arsenal for his personal expenditure.

    this would not be a dividend – as it would have had to be issued to the other shareholders, like Usmanov, and any fans who are still holding shares.

    His salary as a director is peanuts too.

    This might be a straw in the wind?
    Perhaps he is going to want a return on his investment in the club, though he has never previously done this with his US franchises.

    Sale next? 🙂

  33. RA says:

    Go for it, GoonerB. 🙂

    Would be interesting to hear people’s views.

  34. RA says:

    Sorry, Chas, I had not noticed your link to the Guardian, as per LB’s request before I wrote my response. Doesn’t change anything tho’.

    As you can see it was not a dividend.

  35. RA says:

    Off now. Cheery Bye. 🙂

  36. chas says:

    I think it’s a piece of misleading journalism (surprise surprise) to suggest it was a ‘dividend’.
    The bad PR aspect of it for me was the fact that the amount taken out more or less equals the ticket price increase.

  37. chas says:

    Thanks for your input today, RA.
    Posting one third of the comments almost got the number up to respectable levels. 🙂

  38. chas says:

    Great idea, btw, GoonerB.

    I nearly responded to BR’s assertion that PV4 was a holding midfielder. 🙂

  39. GoonerB says:

    Ah yes I see what you mean Chas. We can all chew the fat over it tomorrow. That is if Peaches wants to go with this. She may have a plethora of more interesting posts up her sleeve.

    BTW Chas I am dead jealous of your forthcoming Ryder cup treat. Can I request that if you find yourself following Poults that you and Ant give it a large “Gooner Gooner Gooner” at some point.

  40. arnie says:

    Lovely summation, LB. 🙂

    OK, I am really daft about technical bolleaux. I have to say I am very confused about the formation that we played yesterday.

    Everybody says Sanchez had a great game. I have seen the free-kick, which was brilliant. But I am confused as to what position Sanchez was playing in open play, what he was doing with the ball and without.

    LB suggested this formation earlier:




    That puts Sanchez as the central striker. So what was he doing? What was he best at?

    1. Taking vacant positions in and around the box, and waiting for crosses or defence splitting passes?

    2. Picking up loose balls from the midfield, or snatching these from the opposition and taking these into the box? Perhaps trying to pass on to onrushing Campbell or Pod?

    3. Having a free position, picking up balls either right, left or centre and trying to pass on to other guys rushing into the box?

    4. Picking the ball from somewhere in the midfield and heading straight to the box?

    5. All of the above?

    Sorry, this is all daft bolleaux, but just goes to show how confused I am about what Sanchez does best. 😦 Maybe this is just fleshing out what LB said more concisely: “he has so much talent he just hasn’t worked out how to use it, neither has Wenger worked out how to harness it for the good of the team”.

  41. chas says:

  42. arnie says:

    Sorry, 4. and 2. are the same. Just shows how confused I am. 😦

  43. Eddie says:

    didn’t see much of the game, so it was great to read views of those who did, thank you guys.

    What was Joel Campbell like, some contradictory opinions there

  44. chas says:

    Haha, I think Poults has earned himself a massive following after 2012.

  45. chas says:

    1,2, and 3 from what I saw, arnie.

  46. arnie says:

    OK, LB’s 2:24pm is one take on this question.

    “Sanchez couldn’t do it all up front on his own even though he tried his hardest but he got little help from Campbell and none what so ever from Podolski.”

    So, then, everyone seems to agree he had a good game yesterday. What was he good at?

    Taking up good positions but others (including Jack) could not really find a way through? That beins to sound a bit underwhelming to be honest.

  47. arnie says:

    oh well, Chas, that then sounds pretty fantastic. So, he was not playing a striker really, and it was really distribution where we suffered.

    Jack did his box-to-box thing well, but could not find Sanchez in the box. When Sanchez tried to find men in teh box, there was no one.

    hmmm. 😦

  48. arnie says:

    I meant, fantastic performance from Sanchez, but more work to be done for the team.

  49. LB says:


    To put it simply: make a list as long as you like of all the things that a striker is supposed to do and Sanchez ticked every box.

    But there is a caveat: last night he was playing with strangers, Campbell tried but Podolski was about as useful as wooden post hammered into the ground.

    And there is still an integration issue into the first team which I tried to point out in this part of the comment.

    “he has so much talent he just hasn’t worked out how to use it, neither has Wenger worked out how to harness it for the good of the team”.

    When you think about it Wenger was very smart in dealing with the Ozil issue, everyone thought the problem was with the German but it turned out that the issue was with Sanchez. Wenger put him on the bench and the team reverted to something they were familiar with from last season and hey presto Ozil shines.

    I don’t doubt that Sanchez will find his way into the first team but it is going to take a bit longer than many like me thought. I expect him to be on the bench this weekend.

  50. LB says:

    Hey 26 do you fancy coming out for a ride on Saturday morning to Richmond Park for a couple of hours, start as early or late as you like and be back when you like. Obviously within time to get to the ground?

  51. arnie says:

    Thank you, LB. I am listening.

  52. 26may1989 says:

    LB, fantastic idea, many thanks. Am afraid I have a family do already in the diary for Saturday though – would love to do it another time, let’s sort it some time soon.

  53. I’m just catching up with the comments, has GoonerB offered a post?

    I’m going out very early in the morning so I may need to see if I can get Rasp to sort it.

    Hope someone responds 😉

  54. Bayonne Jean says:

    Schneiderlin and to a lesser extent Wanyama showed what is missing from this Arsenal side — pace and power in that deep midfield area. Without this, there’ll always be a defect that will have the Arsenal struggling when playing the Chelseas and BvBs.

  55. chas says:

  56. Gööner In Exile says:

    And to think that wasn’t even Arsene’s best team!

  57. chas says:

    Ey oop, GIE.
    How’s the bab?

  58. chas says:

  59. chas says:

  60. Gööner In Exile says:

    Where I stand on £3m….it’s a Non story.

    It’s literally at the arse end of theAccounts under a section called Related Party Transactions where any dealings with companies related or Directors related have to be disclosed. It is required to demonstrate that a fair value has been placed on those transactions. It can also be used to show services that were provided but not charged (eg KSE could provide Contracts Lawyers, but never charges for them….this would have to be reported so that Investors would know a change in ownership could increase costs of running company if they had to pay for it themselves).

    There are about £260m of Ooerating expenses, a large portion is player wages, the accounts do not provide a full breakdown of these expenses, the £3m paid to KSE for strategic, consultancy advice is in reality peanuts compared to our overall costs, would Arsenal fans be happier if this was paid to Bodgeit Flogitrun & Co for Marketing advice? Or to WeChargeEverySecond & More Lawyers…..we wouldn’t even know.

    Not sure Stans answer was the best, but in a season where our player trading was £32m out compared to consistently in, and wages went up £12m, is it a surprise that the media find something else to focus on?

  61. Gööner In Exile says:

    Hi Chas, Harry’s good thanks, need to get a pic of the pair of them in Red and White to update the crèche 🙂

  62. chas says:

    Have a look at the comments on here if you fancy a laugh…..


  63. RA says:

    The question is ………. where the ecky thump is tricky Micky?

    I get up in the morning, Check.
    I have a cup of coffee. Check.
    I go for a short walk. Check.
    I put my trousers on. Check.

    Then …… there is no flipping Micky! The order of the Universe is out of Kilter.

    I don’t care where you are, or what you are doing, Micky, get your skinny, pink rubber surf suit wearing ass back here!

  64. chas says:

    Cry God for Harry, England, and Saint George

  65. chas says:

    “would Arsenal fans be happier if this was paid to Bodgeit Flogitrun & Co for Marketing advice? Or to WeChargeEverySecond & More Lawyers”

    I think the answer is a resounding, ‘YES”. 🙂

  66. chas says:

    Oh dear, I think the first two attempts at putting up the tweet with the Five Two fingers could have been left in moderation.
    Could whoever released them now delete them, otherwise I look like an internet parrot.

  67. RA says:

    Good grief, Chas is sneezing vids! 🙂

  68. Eddie says:

    RA – you go for a walk BEFORE you put your trousers on? Tell me where you live, the shock would kill me

    Harry? Great name! Just don’t call him ‘Arry (like in Redknapp)

    I would not believe a story stating that Kroenke takes nothing out of the club. Why shouldn’t he? Had I invested millions I would want to see some returns, even if it was from the AFC

  69. RA says:

    It’s called ‘poetic licence’, Eddie.

    (Not to be taken seriously) but thank you for noticing. 🙂

  70. Eddie says:

    well, it’s sort difficult not to notice RA – I big bloke wandering the streets in the morning with a cuppa in his hand, but no trousers

  71. RA says:

    Up until recently, Eddie, it is true that Kroenke has taken very little out of the club.

    His director’s salary really is minimal, no dividends have been paid to shareholders, of which he is the major shareholder of course, and he seems content to see the value of the club rise due to good fiscal management and therefore when he eventually sells Arsenal, and in due course he will, even if it is in many years time, he will reap the rewards of his investment then.

    On the other hand he may get peed off with the constant sniping about the club and his stewardship and start taking a huge salary, and authorise huge dividends to the shareholders to shut them up. 🙂

  72. chas says:

    Muchas, Mr Moderator. 🙂

    I’m not around after today until Tuesday, so just getting a few in.

  73. RA says:


    I do not want you to concern yourself with images of a horrible sight, so perhaps I may need to amend my comment, as hereunder. 🙂

    I get up in the morning, Check.
    I have a cup of coffee. Check.
    I go for a short walk. Check.
    I put my trousers on. Check.
    I turn on AA. Check.
    I take the mickey out of Chas. Check. [In this case ‘mickey = tease.] 🙂
    I read the bollix that Micky and Chas have discussed. Check.
    Then — I put my girl friends knickers on. Check.

  74. chas says:

    I doubt he’d authorise huge dividends to the shareholders because it would mean giving money away to Mr Creosote.

  75. chas says:

    Urgh, RA in a thong.
    What a gruesome thought.
    Far too much spillage. 🙂

  76. RA says:

    Where are you off to, Chas?

    This is beginning to feel like one of those spooky serials where folk go missing – and scary things happen.

    First Tricky, and now you. 🙂

  77. RA says:

    I was being coy, Chas. My girl actually tends to go commando, but that sight/thought causes its own problems. 😉

  78. RA says:

    Damn, Eddie.

    You promised that would remain between us – so to speak.

  79. GoonerB says:

    Yep that is how I always pictured you RA.

    Morning all.

  80. RA says:


    If you are reading this morning, I hope you are recovering well and will feel up to coming on to AA later. 🙂

  81. RA says:

    The cruel thing is, GIE, my horse has been cut out of the photo, and my high heels have also been removed — but so was everything else 5 minutes later.

    Micky likes me in blue. 🙂

  82. GoonerB says:

    I second that RA. Does anyone know how Kelsey is doing? Right off for a bit now.

  83. Eddie says:

    RA – what are you on about, that is my husband in my clothing. He is such fun 🙂

  84. RA says:

    Me too — got to go.

    If that doesn’t get Micky back to defend his honour — he may really be one of the ‘missing’. 😦

  85. RA says:


    thank goodness it wasn’t me! 🙂

    He is standing in front of an airline boarding gate – imagine the fun if he had a seat next to Terry on the flight – their bra and knickers would clash horribly. 🙂

    See you later, you naughty thing!

  86. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    Micky said yesterday that he will be back blogging soon. He is very busy with meaningless stuff like earning a living.

    Eddie. Your husband is an attractive man. Can you give me his phone number if you no longer have use for him?

  87. chas says:

    I’m off to bonnie Scotland first thing tomorrow for the Ryder Cup.
    It won’t be so much the lack of signal but lack of charging facilities.

  88. Eddie says:

    sorry Raddy, he is mine 🙂

    good results last night – all of them are through to the next round. Cannot understand why are they so happy about it?

  89. GoonerB says:

    Chas, the no vote won so they still have electricity up there.

  90. Rasp says:

    Morning all …….

    …….. New post …….

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