Are we kidding ourselves?

Finally, the money is there, Puma are on board so we can afford to shop in Harrods rather than at Lidl and Aldi. Last season we won the FA Cup, our first trophy since Noah was a boy, one less albatross round our collective neck.

Before the season started we had signed Alexis, Chambers, Debuchy and Ospina as well as finally welcoming Campbell into the squad, in the final minutes of the transfer window we snatched Welbeck from Manure. Great business we all thought.

Ramsey is back to his best, Wilshire is over his ankle problems, Walcott will be back in a matter of weeks and even Diaby has completed ninety minutes for first time in six years.

Add them to the cocktail and include Ozil as the cherry on top and we have a squad fit to win the Premiership. Well we have, haven’t we?

Well, have we?

The pre-season ended with our second trophy. A 3 – 0 win over the Champions and the Community Shield is nestling in the Emirates trophy cabinet.

Saturday 16th August. First game of the season and Crystal Palace are put to the sword, well actually we have to come from behind and win with an injury time goal from Ramsey, but no matter, we’re up and running.

Tuesday 19th August. Champions League qualifier 0 – 0 away to Besiktas. The general consensus? A good result. We can easily finish the job at The Ems.

Saturday 23rd August. Away to Everton, 2 – 0 down at half-time and outplayed. Goals on 83 and 90 minutes rescue a point. “This result shows our resilience and mental strength” say’s the manager.

Wednesday 27th August. Home to Besitkas for the qualifier second leg, Alexis scored his first goal for Arsenal on the stroke of half-time and from the moment Debuchy was dismissed for a second yellow card we clung on in ever greater desperation until the final whistle. Still, job done, qualification achieved as well as one of the main targets for the season.

Sunday 31st August. Away to newly promoted Leicester City, on twenty minutes Alexis scores a beauty, three minutes later Ulloa shreds our defence and equalises. We huff and puff for the next 67 minutes but that’s it, two points dropped.

Saturday 13th September. Home to the Champions, we start like champions, for twenty minutes we tear City apart…but can’t score. On twenty-eight minutes we fall for a sucker punch and Aguero gives City the lead. Arsenal heads dropped and the Champions started to play, but all was not lost, goals by Wilshire (64) and Alexis (74) put us back in the driving seat and then at a corner we blow it once again and allow one of their centre-backs a free header and flush another two points down the toilet.

Tuesday 16th September. Borussia Dortmund away, first game in the Champions League group stage. The first half was a nightmare of relentless pressure by Dortmund and a total lack of anything approaching a coherent tactical plan to deal with it. Our attempts at passing the ball to each other were lamentable, on the whole, the one chance we created was squandered. Once again a sucker punch saw our mid-field and defence go AWOL with only seconds of the half remaining, allowing the far from immobile Ciro Immobile to run from deep and place the ball beyond the stranded Szczesny.

Just three minutes into the second half Immobile was allowed the freedom to set up Aubameyang to score the second. Dortmund had a string of further chances but a combination of bad poor shooting and Szczesny’s skill kept the score to 2 – 0.

I know the previous paragraphs make pretty dire reading but they only reflect what has been a pretty dire start to the season.

I think we have all seen that there is a lack of cohesion in the side, there seems to be confusion among the players about their individual roles. OK, injuries to Debuchy and Giroud haven’t helped but it seems nobody is able to step up to fill the gaps. It seems obvious to me that Wenger doesn’t know his best formation, nor does he seem to know where he should play individuals.

Looking back over the last eight games, it seems as though it will be difficult to win the Premiership. We should still be able to get through to the Champions League knock-out stage, and you never know how the cup competitions will go.

So, do we have the personnel? Do we have the character? Do we have the will?

Are we kidding ourselves?

Written by Norfolk Gooner



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  1. mickydidit89 says:

    Hello Football Fans 🙂

  2. Rasp says:

    Thanks Norfolk – a sobering synopsis, I certainly can’t argue with the basic facts.

    I have long wondered how AW works when it comes to transfers. Does he identify a weakness in the side and go looking for the best recruit to fill the void, or does he concentrate on ‘quality’ and hope that players will adapt to gel with the team.

    Many would assume the latter based on the number of ‘square pegs in round holes’ comments recently.

    I (like many others) have been convinced for a long time that a strong DM was needed. I now see that need as greater than ever. Of course you can’t just go and buy the required quality off the shelf – there are so many more factors that affect negotiations. But was the need for defensive cover a priority in his mind? – I think not.

    Arsene is his own man and will not change. His ethos is unshakeable.

  3. mickydidit89 says:


    It’s funny how one interprets the above results.

    I still think we’ve had an ok start 🙂 CL qualification done, ok results to Everton and City, and all this while the new boys settle in.

    My issues are with Arsene and rotation. I simply don’t see that Ze Germans are fully match ready, and Mesut should never have started against Dortmund.

    I do think we have an excellent squad (bar the DM we’ve all talked about forevvvver, and we should be using the likes of Joel, Ox and Mozart.

    We beat a stronger Dortmund away last term, and this time they made five changes from their Saturday fixture, and were simply much much fresher.

    Thanks for the post, and apologies for being part of the delay in it going up.

  4. arnie says:

    Brilliant, Norfolk, well put. 🙂 🙂

    Quickly. You ask: “do we have the personnel? Do we have the character? Do we have the will?” I think, respectively, likely not, maybe and yes. The “likely not” in personnel is because of injuries and cohesion. In terms of names on the book, we are OK.

    Where does this leave us? I dont know, but we will be up for the fight. This is my belief. 🙂

  5. shockandawe says:

    You only need to look at our forward line compared to our “direct” rivals. There’s no fear factor there.
    Man City – Jovetic, Aguero, Dzecko
    Chelsea – Costa, Drogba, Remy
    Man U – Rooney, RVP, Falcao
    Liverpool – Sturridge, Balotelli, Lambert (slightly tongue in cheek)
    Arsenal – Sanogo, Giroud, Welbeck
    Defenders don’t take a deep breath when they see our forward line.
    Marry that up with the fact we have no defensive cover, no big strong ball winning CM, too many like for like small skilfull midfielders and a manager who seems too slow to react and I fear we are in for an awful season.
    When you compare the likes of Chelsea & Man City’s first team against ours I’d be hardpressed to find a player I wouldn’t want to swap for ours. Even there back up players would walk into most positions in our team.
    Arsene is far too set in his ways to change and gets paid a fortune for the privilege. The board are loving it as Wenger is driving revenue beyond belief for them. They’re not going to be fussed whether silverware comes or not as long as the £’s keep rolling in. Wenger will not resign, the board won’t sake him (he is their cash cow) so I fear we are stuck in this rut for years and years to come.

  6. wally says:

    The personnel is enough to win the premiership.

    The question is whether we are intelligent enough and cynical enough to win.

  7. LOLpundit says:

    Lets not pretend like we did not know this was going to happen. Its always the case. We always had a thin squad. Arsene always waits around the 70th minute to make any change. I got used to it. Nothing has changed in recent years. Its like reading the same book again and again.

    Even when we took the lead against Man city, there was some part in my mind telling me that the result is going to change. We escaped with a draw in the final few minutes.

    Watch the goals conceded against Man city and Leicester. They were identical.

    We learn nothing. We never track the running striker. The only positive from Dortmund game was that we did not concede from Set Pieces.

  8. Scravaldio says:

    If you compare our squads to our rivals there is no competition. We are a long long way behind.

    We play the same way with our fullbacks too high up and we never seem to prepare in any way at all for the big sides, same formation same tactics good luck.
    If you start playing ozil on the left and arteta the least mobile CAM in england as a DM then you know that either there is a personnel issue or you have simpy lost your mind.

    Ozil left real madrid because they asked him to play outwide to accomodate Isco and if as some people will say that playing ozil on the left was the plan from the start of the season then why not get Cesc to play in the hole and tell ozil that he is outwide and he can try and adapt his game.

    But once again it shows a lack of prep in the transfer window, lack of prep in rotation as the boys look tired already and a lack of prep going into big games.

    If I showed anywhere near this level of slackness in my job i wouldn’t last a month and I ain’t paid anywhere near 8m a year. It simply is not good enough for anyone let alone an apparant world class manager. He needs to start showing it otherwise he should be shown the door as Arsenal made Arsene not the other way around and don’t ever forget that.

  9. Hailemariam hailu says:

    There is no enough personnel in each place to win big titles. When we see there are no qualified strikers, defensive midfilders and back up for the back four. Wnger’s transfer policy is not to win the titles, he only replaced the missed players that are not even equivalent to the previous players and he did not fulfill his many gups in every place. So as me unless the added two defensive mifilders like calvarho from sporting lisben strikers like falcao i am quiet sure arsenal not only to win a title , but also it will not participate the next champions league.

  10. mickydidit89 says:


    I will never understand this thing about the Arsenal Board loving the revenue.

    We are talking about Usmanov and Kroenke here. Another 10, 20 or 100 million here or there makes no difference whatsoever to them.

    Cash in the bank, or convert that cash into players (assets), what’s the difference?

  11. sighs deeply says:

    again i feel as though we took what we had, not getting the “1 or 2” players we truly needed and are not taking a formation 4-1-4-1 and it has stymied certain players, I am willing to give it time, but I am concerned that is not the issue (as stated above)….
    ….patching holes in the dam and again, coming slightly short. I have no doubt we can gain momentum, I just worry about depth in squad and a changing system.

  12. nigel hill says:

    How we kidding ourselves? We already realise seasons a washout

  13. Shard says:

    I’m with Micky on this one. We’ve had a decent start to the season. The only dropped points I am disappointed about is the Leicester draw. I was pleased with the Everton draw because of the circumstances, and although very frustrated by the City result, we were slightly unlucky there too and on the whole played well.

    I also agree with Micky that we need to see more rotation. Perhaps the thinking is that we need to get the first team up to speed and familiarised with each other and the tweak in system faster, and I can understand that. I still think we should be including Ox, Rosicky, even Campbell into the lineup.

    IN fact, this weekend, if it were me, I’d give starts to Rosicky, Ox, and Cazorla, and perhaps even Isaac Hayden at DM. That last performance (not result) was terrible and deserves some sort of reaction. Not just for show either.

  14. mickydidit89 says:


    “seasons a washout” ha ha

    So you don’t even enjoy a day out with your mates and watching Arsenal win the majority of their games?

    I ask yer: “what’s the point?” 🙂

  15. mickydidit89 says:

    Hey Hill

    Out of the 90 odd League teams, why the hell waste time watching some also-ran when there are nearly always three better teams. So, ok, only one will win the league, but shit, better to shorten the odds eh.

  16. Norfolk Gooner says:

    I’ve just spent an hour or so outside in the lovely warm September sunshine, communing with nature whilst cutting the grass.

    I wrote the post in the aftermath of the Borussia Dortmund game, a fiasco that left me feeling very, very despondent. However, my time in the garden this morning has cheered me up no end. I now feel much more optimistic.

    The world and his wife recognise the urgent needs facing the team. Even tactical numpties like me and Micky can see what’s wrong so it is a racing certainty that Le Professeur is equally aware.

    Until the January transfer window opens and Arsene finally signs the defensive mid-fielder we so desperately need, we have to make a few tactical changes.

    1) Play Ozil centrally behind Welbeck and Podolski.

    2) Align Ramsey, Arteta and Wilshire across the mid-field.

    3) Tell the full-backs to defend and not cross the half-way line.

    4) Scrap the zonal defence.

    5) and this is Micky’s take on tactical bollix, score a minimum of two goals every game.


    Seriously though, I do think we were kidding ourselves at the start of the season, we were all guilty of thinking everything was going to be a piece of cake, but if we can learn the lessons of the last seven games, and make the necessary adjustments I see no reason why we shouldn’t have a successful season.

  17. kelsey says:

    Nice post Norfolk, in fact I thought you would be more damming .

    I don’t think we have had a good start in fact late goals gave us our solitary win and two draws and we gave away a winning position against City.

    Diaby,Gibbs,Rosicky,Wilshere, Artata and Walcott all have a history of repeated injuries .Giroud getting injured was bad luck.The Ox has also suffered and may not be a regular when needed as in now as he slowly has to be bedded in.

    I don’t expect us to have a squad such as City or Chelsea but we are way short of having two experienced players especially in defence.

    Mertesacker has lost more pace as has Arteta, Sanogo is not ready for the quality of the PL.
    Sanchez looks to be a big buy, Ozil is not playing to his best ability as he isn’t suited to the flanks or rotation as Wenger loves to rotate.

    Chambers is a fine prospect but again to ask him to play in two different positions regularly is a big ask for a young man.

    We had to draft a kid in Bellerin for our opening CL game because the defencies in our defence were’ny addressed properly in the Summer.We are meant to be a top 4 club and competition and all games in the PL are harder to predict than ever therefore we need to have a plan A, B and C. Can or will AW adjust or is he stuck in his ways.

    Yes, we are kidding ourselves 🙂

  18. kelsey says:

    Oh, Podolski was our third leading scorer with 8 goals but as all can see AW is reluctant to play him and I ask you why. Because he doesn’t track back maybe, but then so do others.

    Rosicky is now fit but doesn’t get on the pitch, why ?

  19. DAVE says:

    Before the Dortmund game…I believed we were going to beat them….That 4-1-4-1 formation is only helping JACK WILSHERE alone…even Ramsey is struggling with it….Does the boss realise this is killing the confidence of some key players at the expense of one??…We need to get back to our 4-2-3-1 formation….
    secondly, a Jack n Ramsey partnership has never worked??
    The critics are right, Ozil plays with no heart and
    desire. He is also playing out of position, which is not
    fair to him.
    We paid a record fee for a number 10, known to have a
    keen eye for assists, now that we have very fast
    forwards who can run behind defenses we are not
    using Ozil in his intended place.
    Either use Ozil as a number 10 give him a run of games
    or loose him. These are Wengers choices.
    It seems like a no brainer to me, but with Wenger you
    never know!
    Carzola, Rosiscky, Ox n even Campbell are better wingers than Ozil n you wonder why they are on the bench…He needs to understand that the guy is not a winger…Look at the difference in the game when Chamberlain came on…

  20. LB says:


    You really have given the doom monger tree a good shaking this morning. They are falling out like ripe pears in September.

    Were we kidding ourselves? Maybe.

    But I would describe myself as excited by the signings, still am and very much looking forward to the game on Saturday.

  21. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Dave, calm down, no need to shout. you can still get your point across.

  22. GoonerB says:

    I am a bit in the middle. It seems to me that at this time each year we have predictions of not getting into the ECL spots never mind winning the league. Personally I think we will improve from our start and be there or there abouts and again end up better than many now predict.

    I worry about how we seem prone to the same tactical errors and how we seem to be exploited in the same way. The better teams will know about it and exploit it and we will often lose games that we have looked almost equal in due to these exploitable weaknesses. The best managers and teams make sure that these weaknesses are addressed if possible, as anyone would do in any walk of life or business.

    I don’t think we have improved massively (squad strength and balance wise) and have more stood still, especially relative to how our rivals have strengthened. We were short for the EPL and ECL last season so standing still will not win the EPL or ECL IMO. All i’s need to be dotted and t’s crossed to plug those final weaker areas of the squad.

    I don’t feel this squad is far behind, barring a couple of top players, and so I feel we had the means to get the squad needed to actually be proper challengers, but didn’t. It always seems as if we go 90% of the way to getting the squad we need to finally make a challenge then stop before securing the last 10%. This year I felt we had the means to do it so, despite being delighted with certain signings, I am disappointed in our summer TW when looked at overall.

    We are better in the attacking department admittedly but in many ways I feel that is bringing its own problems in having too many options for certain positions and a slight lack of balance in the team. I agree I don’t think AW knows his best team and is trying too hard to accomodate similar players which results in some players playing in positions that are not so suited too them.

    Having too many players in certain positions doesn’t have to be a problem if the manager is more ruthless, and decides which he is going to keep, while ruthlessly showing others the door and getting good money back on them to strengthen in the other areas that need it.

    That sounds like a Ferguson or Mourinho but not a Wenger who is notoriously loyal and nice to the players. That is admirable but not good for the team if he is playing players out of position just to try to accomodate them all so as not to hurt their feelings or as he often puts it “destroy their career”.

    So I think we are where we were last season, it will be better than many doom merchants are predicting but not enough to challenge for the EPL or the 2-3 biggest teams in Europe, and for my money we should have been.

  23. shockandawe says:

    @mickydidit89 – seriously? Why do you think these billionaires are billionaires??!!

  24. Norfolk Gooner says:

    The smell of freshly baked bread is wafting in from the kitchen, I feel a poughman’s lunch in the garden coming on.

    Back later.

  25. GoonerB says:


    Having said that Dave I agree about the 4-2-3-1 as a preference and I agree that we cannot play too many similar players in the same side. I think we should be playing pacy goal-scoring players from the wide positions so I don’t like seeing any of Ramsey, Wilshere, Ozil and possibly even Rosicky and Ozil out wide. Those 2 wide berths should be between Sanchez, Walcott, AOC, Campbell.

    BTW Norfolk, how very rude of me excellent post…. ARE YOU LISTENING NORFOLK.. I…SAID…EXCELLENT…POST.

  26. nigel hill says:

    I didn’t enjoy last match in slightest we looked like a youth team against Barcelona it was embarrassing! I been an arsenal supporter since days of george graham and always will be but when you got 6 defenders in your first team and an injury record like ours we really should have known! And what’s the solution? Sign some out of contract has been that no one else wants? What’s point really may as well give youth the games and hope they get to grips with prem this season ready for next! We play ozil out wide n he does nothing he really needs a month off even at best he can’t hack vigors of a full prem season he aint athletic player and this aint netball (standing on spot passing) we all knew what we needed sanchez is doing real well but another winger was not a priority! Look at wenger and his history since days of adams keown dixon winterburn our defence has been poor never consistant enough! We aint had a solid goalkeeper since seaman left henry our top forward was bought as a winger n we were fortunate he worked so well up front I bet that wasn’t wengers initial plan for him just dumb luck! Rioch bought bergkamp. The core of our title winning team was already at arsenal when he joined he did buy couple good players to begin with think viera petit ljundburg and pires but ever since he has been replacing with players of lesser quality! This season we had a 100m budget apparently so why we did we have a net spend of about 20m? We had 35m for carvalho we had 30m for hummels we had 30m for costa! Look at figures we could have afforded 5 world class players but we bought 1 in a position we have well covered all ready! Wenger losing touch with reality me thinks! Either that or I am

  27. Ant says:

    LB at 1.44 – here here!

  28. RA says:


    I had visions of you being slim and svelte with all your walks and swims, but this fresh baked bread and pinching some unsuspecting ploughman’s lunch now leans me to thinking you have gone all bucolic and growing plumper by the day.
    Bit like those turkeys – by golly them’s lovely. Ha’ you got a loight boy?

    I enjoyed the Post and it was a good resumé of the season to date, so thank you.

    I do not come to the same conclusion as you tho’ my friend, other than the disturbingly inept performance against Dortmund.
    The rest of the early season has been OK, even with the frailties exposed, and is simply part of the rich tapestry of football in which no team has the right to expect other teams to roll over and let them win. 🙂

    What has shaken my confidence is the lack of a genuine Holding midfielder, or is that a Defensive midfielder? 🙂

    Even Mr Wenger must be rueing the decision not to buy one,

    Well done sir, not a rant at all!

  29. RA says:

    Ant @ 3:34

    Here, here, about LB’s 1:44. 🙂

    Where’s Duck?

  30. Ant says:

    Taking a break from the doom monger tree I suspect, RA

  31. Goongoonergone says:

    And not a word about the sham masquerading as an Arsenal manager?

  32. Big Raddy says:

    Difficult to argue with the post.

    Are we kidding ourselves? Absolutely not because it depends upon what we thought AFC would achieve this season.

    Do I think we will win the PL? No

    The CL? No.

    The FAC? Maybe

    Do I think we can compete for the title? Yes

    Do I think we can get to the next round of the CL? Yes.

    Do I enjoy watching and following The Arsenal? 90% Yes (can’t stand it when we are a goal in front and under pressure with 10 mins to go).

    Will I continue? 100% Yes

  33. Big Raddy says:

    GGG 4.17. I suppose you thought the same on May 17th?

  34. arnie says:

    My idle chat this morning was in the nature of discussion and debate. If I have offended anyone, sincere apols. Except Redders, of course. 😛 I promise to buy each one of you who is offended a pint.

  35. wally says:

    For the sake of a pint i’ll be offended. Can you send cash? I will indeed honour your deeply expressed remorse while i enjoy.

  36. arnie says:

    Wally. Address please. 🙂

  37. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Arnie, I did’t read your idle chat this morning, but I’m offended anyway. So I’ll take the pint, thanks very much. 😀

  38. Big Raddy says:

    I was hugely offended. Two pints??

  39. arnie says:

    Norfolk, Raddy. 🙂 I have to run to the bank now! 🙂

    Hang on a minute, I am in Jockland now. So, here goes.

    oh dear, just heard the banks have closed down because of uncertainty. 😛

  40. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Thank’s for the nice comments guys, and it’s always good to see a new name or two appear.

    RA, I like to think that I’m still svelte, I’m only half a stone heavier now in my 71st year than I was at 18. I put that down to the pace of life in Bootiful Norfolk

  41. RA says:

    I wish I could say the same thing, Norfolk. 🙂

  42. fatgingergooner says:

    I think Wenger has used the wrong players at the beginning of the season in midfield and attack. Surely it wouldve made sense to utilise Ox, Rosicky and Cazorla whilst the likes of Sanchez, Özil and Giroud recovered from the WC. When you factor in the CL qualifiers and very tough fixtures against Everton and City, it would’ve made even more sense to rotate the squad.

    Having said that, the results haven’t too bad, so I don’t understand all the doom. We haven’t played well, that’s for sure, but good sides are usually built around a consistent defensive unit, and we just haven’t had that yet. So far Kozzer, Gibbs, Monreal, Chambers, Arteta and Debuchy have all had some sort of injury and we are only a month into the season! If we can get a consistent back line for a couple of months then our attacking players will have time to click without the pressure there is at the moment. Scoring 1 a game is good enough as long as you don’t concede the stupid goals we keep letting in.

  43. RA says:


    I rented a house one September on the Norfolk coast not too far from Holkham, mainly because it had an unrestricted view of the sea.

    Nothing gave me more pleasure than to sit and watch the little inshore boats trawling backwards and forwards, and with their stern lights glowing as the gloaming descended it was simply magical.

    It was a superb place to prepare my work and to also enjoy the quiet beauty of the place.

    Lovely County, and a good place for you to spend your retirement. 🙂

  44. mickydidit89 says:

    You have thought we agreed on most things this morning, but…….
    Offended 🙂

  45. Big Raddy says:

    I am still offended. Can I have a whiskey chaser?

  46. mickydidit89 says:



  47. Is someone giving out pints? Mines a Kronenbourg.

    A Knot Ear today.

  48. Rasp says:

    Have we got rid of the Scots yet? 😆

  49. Goongoonergone says:

    Big Raddy @ 4.27 who wrote:”GGG 4.17. I suppose you thought the same on May 17th?”
    Mate, actually Wenger has been a sham for nine seasons before the crummy FA Cup offering against Hull, especially with the laughable backslapping after we had won a penalty shoot-out against a championship team in the semi-final.
    Please spare me the sarcasm, at least direct it to the fraud earning 8 million pounds a year who is now searching the bargain bins of Europe for a central defender and a holding midfielder after realising he has messed up the window again.
    Sadly, in some Arsenal fans’ eyes, Wenger can do no wrong; he is some kind of god who is always right – the type who bleat persistently like the sheep in Animal Farm”.
    “Arsene knows Best” – yeah right!
    You wrote:”Do I think we can compete for the title? Yes”
    This comment is more delusional than Wenger’s “We played with the handbrakes on” or “We have great mental strength”.
    I could go on and on but I’ll stop there and, thanks for the laughs anyway.

  50. RockyLives says:

    I may be kidding myself, but I think


    I do, honest.

  51. arnie says:

    OK, just reached home. Drinks all round. 🙂

  52. Rasp says:

    Have you got any warm flat English Bitter arnie? 😆

  53. arnie says:

    Yes, Rasp, Botland is a good place for bitter. warm as well. 😛 My preference will be for a Bhunnahabhein though. 🙂

  54. Eddie says:

    NO, oh well, toomany penny pinching scotts there

  55. mickydidit89 says:

    Can’t ‘effing believe the vote in Scotland.

    Allowing Women into The Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews

    Jeepers creepers 🙂

  56. mickydidit89 says:

    Heat Map, Vid, anything 🙂

  57. RA says:

    Rocky @ 9:57

    That boy has flipped! 🙂

  58. mickydidit89 says:

    When you say Rocky has “flipped”, are you saying “turned” as in “gone over to the other side”, as in “playing for the opposition”?

  59. RA says:

    Look, Micky, i never mentioned his lipstick or the plait he wears in his hair – so your suggestion that he has gone over to the other side is outrageous! 🙂

  60. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    From yesterday’s comments it appears that had England been included in the vote the result would have been an overwhelming Yes 😀

  61. arnie says:

    Motning all. Botland saves the Union the blushes. Saviour of the Union, Botland. 😛

  62. RA says:

    I am an interested bystander on the matter, but I have been looking at the declared results by region, and in the less populated areas the ‘No’ vote has been very high.

    It is the cities where the ‘yes’ vote has really held up.

    What surprised me, was just how small Scotland’s population is, with a turnout of 86% ± and representing on some 3.5 million people.

  63. arnie says:

    My dear Redders, regarding your rant at the end yesterday. Were you trying to suggest that:

    1. Because I am an economic migrant, I have no right to speak on political matters relating to my adopted country?

    2. I was disrespectful to the English people?

    3. I was either ignorant or misrepresenting facts to mislead?

    If it was either of these, was your comment not seriously inappropriate? 😦

  64. stevepalmer1 says:

    Morning all,
    Fishing all day yesterday so missed this fine post. Nice one Norfolk.

    Reading the post this morning, and thinking back to our last match, of course we are disillusioned we don’t like to see a game where our own players are over run and humiliated.

    Looking as you have Norfolk, at all our results since the start, and alarm bells are sounding, but when looking at the so called top teams, they also don’t seem to be firing on all cylinders either, results in champions league for all English teams are a little disappointing as well.

    Arsenal have been the same for quite a while, will they turn up or not. What is happening God only knows, but is it Wengers fault is it the players or is it the owners.

    Basically it is not the owners, I would also suggest that it is not the Manager, Are we short of Players, what club couldn’t do with a few more, yes we lost a few but we also replaced, having injuries has not helped, But the Manager brought in one of our youngsters which is what we have asked for, and in all honesty, he did an ok job.

    I wouldn’t say it was down to the manager as when he announced his team many must have thought the same as i did, that the team wasn’t that bad.

    But what went wrong was that the team as a whole was outplayed outclassed and out thought. When teams are over run as we were, it is almost impossible to turn things round, thousands of local Germans chanting for their team and our players froze.

    It happens and it has happened a lot with Arsenal, why this happens i really cannot answer that but it happens too often and an answer needs finding quickly before we can mount a challenge.

  65. Big Raddy says:

    RA. I found it interesting that Edinburgh voted No and Glasgow Yes.

  66. Big Raddy says:

    SteveP. An interesting viewpoint.

    Why should highly experienced Internationals freeze? Bellerin OK but Ozil???

    The players knows how Dortmund play, there were no surprises that they would press all over the pitch, nor that they are an excellent side.

    IMO we got beaten by a better team on the night. We had too many players who are off-form and working their way back to full capacity.

  67. mickydidit89 says:

    Just read your comment yesterday to Arnie.
    Are you nuts?
    Asking him whether he’s heard of the Barnett formula, is a bit like someone asking me if I know about Tactics Bollocks

  68. RA says:


    You had every right to vote in the referendum.

    My first paragraph explained why I was cross with you.

    Your comment that Scotland paid more to the UK Treasury than it received, and that is why I mentioned the need for the Barnett formula.

    You have previously said there is too much debating agreement on AA — are you now disappointed with robust debate? 🙂

    All that aside, I did not intend to upset you, and for that I am sorry, and although I do not know how you voted, I suspect that you must be happy this morning. 🙂

  69. RA says:


    The voting splits are fascinating, but I have no answers. 🙂

  70. stevepalmer1 says:

    I watched our players in the tunnel before the kick off, i see players chatting with their counterparts smiles on faces back slapping. What i didn’t see is a captain instilling final instruction comradely and geeing up. They may be friends outside and have dinners with one another perhaps a bit of wife swapping but that is for after the battle.

    I feel that every game is like a war, you go out there to win, a Ninety minute war which you must win, that is the feeling you must have to become champions.

    Arsenal team go out as if its a mate meeting occasion, a hand shake and a smile. I know the FA’s and EUFA Fifa like to see a sportsman’s handshake before kick off, but i feel that a captain should be on every bodies case, keep them focussed and keep reminding them that a win is the only result.

    I seem to think that when 2 boxers touch gloves before a bout, when they look in one another’s eyes they can sense a worry in their opponent and go for a kill.

    We on the other hand are out for a Sunday walk in the park. Hello you and Hello you what the fcuk. Get out there mean lean and Motivated.

  71. RA says:


    You are a renowned expert on tactical bollix – and have refined it to,

    1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1.

    Oh no, that was me. You said 1, 10. 🙂

  72. mickydidit89 says:

    Mean, lean and motivated. Nice 🙂

    1 10. Confirmed 🙂

  73. Where is chas, did we scare him off yesterday? I’ve got a post of his in the cupboard and was going to use it today, hope he’s ok 😉

    Come on chas, we’ve got football tomorrow 😀

  74. …… and the spuds only drew their game last night, and the chavs only drew the other night and the oily mancs got beaten too …….

  75. Eddie says:

    steve – you are on a wrong blog 🙂 We don’t talk footy in the morning 🙂

    Media must be gutted – end of such fantastic story and actually real news. Had Scotts voted Yes there would be never ending scrutiny, updates, comments, etc. Now nothing changed, end of

    Had they voted Yes it would screw up the immigration figures, so many more foreigners in London

  76. mickydidit89 says:


    Chas emailed me to say he’d be out of action as he was taking the beauty treatment to the next level.

    At least I think the email was from him.

  77. Big Raddy says:

    I feel sensory deprivation with no Chas pics or vids. The man uncovers such diverse gems

  78. Eddie says:

    arnie – you and I know that you will always be just another foreigner :wink)

    oi Peaches – did you watch the Spurs game? whom did you support?

  79. Shubham says:

    Frankly, we are now a middle of the road team. Neither great nor crass. Personnel wise we are better than most in the EPL. And competing with a full team we are capable of handling any of our rivals. But, and a big but, we never have a full team available. Players are falling off like flies. However, the positive thing is that it is early in the season, and if we get our attacking combinations right, we will be fine. Given Wenger’s stubbornness to not buy a DM with physical presence, it is clear that he wants us to outscore most opponents. Which is fine. But that can happen only if our shiny new toys gel quickly with Ozil, Ramsey, Cazorla and Wilshere. My fear is about Arteta and Flamini. They both seem to be declining rapidly. So with no screen ahead of our defense, others will press that zone and run at the central defenders. The coaching staff needs to address this soon. Else, even the Leicesters and Hulls of the world with get joy playing us.

    On to Villa tomorrow to get our season going…COYG!

  80. stevepalmer1 says:

    I feel that Wenger’s approach is wrong on certain aspects. Wenger’s an educated man Many qualifications one is psychology. Wenger understands all that, but when he talks to players who have not had the same kind of education, it comes across as only words.

    Players can listen for hours, when a Manager is using Psycology but the actual meaning is lost in translation. In my opinion you need a teacher with the same mindset as the players, when he talks about getting stuck in or taking one for the team the players understand that in its entirety, An Adams or a Keane is the type of motivator Arsenal need , easily explained and frightening as well.IIf players have the brain power than Wengers way of teaching may rub off , but for the others they need a different type of instruction horses for courses in all walks of life, sort out who needs what and blend the two together and sit back and watch the benefits.

  81. …………..New Post ………………….

  82. Celeste says:

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    even guilty clients. A probationary period or filing period is a time of great risk for a defendant and a defendant must
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