Wembley memories – FA Cup 2014

A Vines’ Day out at Wembley

Saturday 17th May 2014

We set off at 8am from Nottingham to make sure of getting to Moons in plenty of time to become completely incoherent by 5pm.  Arriving at our Beaconsfield ‘budget’ hotel at just after 10am gave us plenty of time to  get a car park sticker (too early to check in),  walk to the bus stop for a short trip to Beaconsfield railway station and catch the 10.26 bus. The sun was already beating down and sun cream had been applied to all exposed parts.  Getting to the bus stop, we found out the boggers had changed the bus times a week earlier without letting us know! (Ant was gutted that the chance for a swift one at the ‘Spoons alongside the hotel had been forsaken)



A month earlier we had got the same bus and the bus driver had been a chav who said that the price for Gooners was 5 pounds, so when the bus finally came, Ant thought it was the same driver and asked what the fare was for Arsenal supporters. The foreign bus driver wondered why two fools dressed in red were talking to him as if they knew him. He tried to charge us more than last time but we negotiated the same price as before. Ant posted the following photo to Facepalm with the caption “Bus wankers” after a sketch from The Inbetweeners.


We received an update from the Croydon branch of the Vines Gooners and discovered we were all wearing different Arsenal tops. Unforgiveable in Micky’s eyes for grown men to wear replica shirts but, come on, we had to wear red to Wembley even those of us that weren’t attending the stadium!



By the time we got to Moons the Bus wankers photo had 12 likes. Jon and Matt arrived at the pub soon after us and Jon revealed his creation for the match. She Wore was sung with gusto and a few lucky Gooners had the opportunity to have their photo taken with the banner.

The atmosphere at Moons was lacking some vibrancy so we decamped for The Green Man.  The banner was tied up alongside the same burger van as we’d been in front of with the puffing giant from Norfolk at the semi and provided lots more photo opportunities for munching Gooners. Dennis knows what this chap had found in his burger!



Ant managed to catch about 15 seconds of the AwayBoyz (sorry lads).  More photos galore and the odd pint followed.  Ant asked this chap what the hair piece was all about and he replied that it was a Niklas Bendtner tribute.


The fence alongside us was being used as an extra toilet and Ant proceeded to take a few snaps of a few fans in the act.


We had a bet on the nationality of the girl in the shorts below, some swearing blind that she wouldn’t be from North London, others wondering why not.  Turns out she was Croatian!



Matt had produced an American themed packed lunch. Jon was distinctly unimpressed with the peanut butter and jelly roll! I remember eating Mesut’s Buffalo Chicken Wingers and Karbassiyoon’s Chicago Style Pizza, but can’t for the life of me remember Stan’s Thanksgiving buffet.



One last photo in front of the banner and it was off to the ground.



I do remember receiving a phone call from Micky just as we were leaving the pub but the man was talking such absolute gibberish, I had to cut him off. J The journey up from Devon with the plastic sheet must have taken it out of him.

When we arrived, the ground looked very red apart from a small gold and black section. This just had to be our day and it turned out that it was, as Rambo’s goal saved us from having to endure a win on spawny penalties.



We went back to The Green Man for a few liveners. Much needed at this juncture and then went back to the curry house we’d been to a month previously at the semi-final.



The train journey back was not particularly pleasant with one lad (not a football supporter) slumped over a waste paper bin being sick (luckily there was a plastic bin liner present).  His mate was dancing by himself to some shite music on his phone. When he started grabbing at Ant’s bag, “you’re not messing with my flags” quickly put him in his place.

We phoned for a luxury Merc taxi back to hotel to get back for the highlights. The poor chap on the check-in desk got some abuse when he couldn’t get the card machine to accept payment straightaway. Well we may have been missing the start of the programme!  We loved watching all the goals go in for the first time on a small screen and Ant swears I was snoring before the analysis section.

Football always has that capacity for the most extreme memorable highs. Thankfully this was one of them.

FA Cup Winners 2014 and what a belting day, bliss.

A lovely contribution by chas and his family




69 Responses to Wembley memories – FA Cup 2014

  1. Wonderful chas, wonderful wonderful wonderful.

    Hope all gooners going to Wembley tomorrow sing loud and proud and have a great day out.

  2. Shard says:

    Fantastic. I loved the matchday experience whenever I have been lucky enough to experience it, but these accounts are so much fun too. The photos add to it as well, although I am confused as to which one is chas and which is Ant 🙂

    What a wonderfully glorious day that FA Cup final was. Hopefully that feeling carries over into this season as well. I’m still thinking of the game on Sunday as more of a friendly, but I can’t help getting excited about it. I hope we don’t get any injuries, play well, and that we win.

  3. Shard says:

    Apologies, but I’m going to resubmit my comment at the end of yesterday’s post here. It’s ok if every one still wants to ignore it though 🙂

    So we got Besiktas. Not the worst (that would have been Bilbao – poor Napoli) , but not ideal in terms of travel. Especially since we have to play the away leg first, just before we travel to Everton. Oh well. It is what it is. We should be ok.

    Vermaelen off to Barca? Well, prefer that to ManU. I know people like to claim that ManU are not a good side, but I think that’s false. We didn’t fail to beat the worst ManU side in years. Arsenal and ManU’s traditional rivalry (and the RVP thing) was enough to have those Mancs fired up enough to put in a shift against us. All the rest of the while they were undermining their patsy of a manager. Vermaelen would have strengthened them, especially if they are actually going to play three at the back. A left footed defender, who is good with the ball at his feet could be just what they need. The question for Arsenal is who we get in as replacement. I hope it’s not Hummels. Somehow I’ve never been too impressed by him and also I don’t think we should be looking to break up the Mert-Kos partnership yet.

    One rumour I am praying is true is that Arsenal are in for Marco Reus. I know it’s impractical, but I’d be willing to sacrifice a DM purchase if it meant we got Reus. Arsene first mentioned him when he was at Gladbach, he’s on record as saying he likes Arsenal, his idol was Tomas Rosicky, and boy, what a front four of Reus, Sanchez, Ozil and Walcott could do! With Ox, Campbell/Podolski, Cazorla and Giroud as backups.. Sigh.

    Oh and Rosicky. Got to love the man. (Note to all the pop lovers. He’s a metal fan. Rock on Tomas!)


  4. I’ve had a few emails from people who don’t appear to be able to get on the site, I have no idea why but I do know that kelsey, evonne and LB have been affected.

    If anyone else has been affected and has found a way to solve this problem can they let me know please either on the site or email arsenalnuts@live.co.uk

  5. Big Raddy says:

    Raddy is back from his travels and really excited by both tomorrow and the upcoming season.

    Chas. Really enjoyable read, I wish I had been with you (apart from the late train journey). A wonderful day and one which will live long in the memory as I watched it with my new grand daughter – I will remind her in years to come that her first game was a winning FAC Final.

  6. GunnerN5 says:

    Superb Chas – as always.

    As I read your accounting of the trip it struck me that your memories are being recorded for posterity whereas the majority of mine are simply in my memory banks. I guess that by writing my articles on AA I can at share my past recollections and preserve them for my family and friends.

  7. GunnerN5 says:


    As you can see I can still access the blog.

  8. GunnerN5 says:


    You have been missed, welcome back.

  9. stevepalmer1 says:

    Afternoon all, Nice family day out Chas.
    Diaby rumoured to be injured with a hip injury, Vermin off, and a little dicky bird tells me Sanches will start as a lone striker tomorrow.

    In the paper today, big Tone. reckons jack has a lot to do as Tone reckons jack should see Ozils signing as an insult, I can see where his coming from, but for him to say it to the press!!

    It has to be said that Jack has not done enough, but it’s also fair to say that Ozil hasn’t exactly shone either

    Tone also said, that Jack needs to score more goals,I would argue that Ozil hasn’t excelled either.

    I am not standing in either camp, as i think both of them have under achieved. Ozil may have the edge, as his passing is sometimes exquisite, jack does seem to run out of road, before the final pass, but even so i feel it would have been a good one

    Both players played in the world cup, but only one won the cup so for me Ozil gets the nod.

    Vermaelen off to Spain, so won’t be in the side tomorrow. Diaby injured so we seem short in two positions, Chambers i feel will take the CD spot and i reckon Beleren may be installed.

    I stick by my prediction i see us losing, but i hope i’m wrong

  10. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Peaches, I’ll edit that post I sent and re-submit it. It will then be suitable for a quiet day next week.

    No problems gaining access. 😀

  11. kelsey says:

    Google Chrome,did it .

  12. Eddie says:

    hi kels! it works on IE now.

    Thanks Chas for sharing the intimate memories with us, much appreciated 🙂 Great pictures, lots of lovely teeth

  13. kelsey says:

    sorry about that chas,nice memories indeed 🙂

  14. LB says:

    Hurrah it’s working.

    Right sports fans, if you haven’t already read this interview with Liam Brady you should, it is quite simply a must read article.


  15. VCC says:

    Great write up chas. I could almost be travelling with you from your accounts of the day.

    Ant made a superb banner btw.

  16. LB says:

    I love reading your “Days Out” posts Chas you have a knack of making me feel I was there or certainly wishing I was.

  17. Mother hen here …… I’m so happy to have you all back 🙂

  18. Big Raddy says:

    LB. Thanks. That is a great interview with a great player. We will miss him at AFC.

    Tanned Adonis to Mother Hen. Cannot write a PM for the Shield, I am still out of the loop and know nothing about our signings except that they will propel us to the title.

  19. LBG says:

    Yes back Peaches and able at last to comment on Chas’ post, after a day of difficulties with site for me also .
    Proud of the warm fuzzy contentment which comes from recollections of my family supporting our beloved Gunners over many years, of having brothers, son and grandson associated with the fine AA site, and, as I prepare for the start of a new season with a trip to Wembley tomorrow, of my inate optimism which tells me we are on the verge of another era of success for the mighty reds. COYG


    Brilliant stuff chas

    Your a lucky man having Ant and other family members to go football with. To be honest, ime really jealous. Can i join you next time? Then in the Vine family photos you can have “The Vine family and who the f*uck is that”, pictures to share with future Vines.

    I always go with my older brother, the only problem is he tends to be predisposed half the season serving at her Majestys pleasure.

    Ive lost count the amount of times ive visited him at the scrubs or brixton to find out who should get his season ticket. I always get the same answer, who ever pays enough to cover his legal fees.

    And then it never works out. i always end up having to sack the bloke whos taken the ticket

    One bloke lasted only a couple of games, he spent all the day eating. If he wasnt eating horseburgers from the outside vans he was pulling out all sorts of food from his pockets. The last straw was when he pulled out a baterry powered micro wave and then from no where, stuck a whole chicken in it. He had to go after that.

    Another geezer lasted only one game. He had the far away look of a man who encounters a group of teenagers who are lost in the woods.

    During the game i noticed he werent even looking at the match. he spent nearly the whole game eyeing up some bloke in the row in front. i could understand it if it was a fit bird, but this was just some bloke who if you had to categorise, lived in a three bed semi and had a PPI claim going on.

    When we scored he tried to climb over and hug PPI man. I dont want to go football with some bloke who has a weird 90 minutes erection for f*ucks sake.

    Anyway, great stuff chas

    The Ghosts of the Thirties are stirring

  21. RockyLives says:

    Hello AAers

    Great stuff Chas. What a great day it was. Let’s hope the boys can carry that feeling of success into the new season.

  22. mickydidit89 says:


    Short visit, so I’ll deal with you and the “plastic sheet” line in the morning 🙂
    Superb piece, and a great warm up for tomorrow.
    I’m sure I text mailed you my pic from the other end of the ground showing your epic banner. It’s on my phone, so can’t shift it on to here.


    Welcome back yer lazy hippy 🙂

  23. LB says:

    The worst kept secret is official: Vermaelen has joined Barcelona.

    Right then this is going to free up a lot of wages, money that I am sure Wenger will put to good use.

    There is an interesting slip in that interview with Brady that I posted above.

    Brady talks about how he instantly texted Wenger when he first saw the defensive midfielder Rakatic.

    Soooooooo, Wenger has been on the look out for a DM after all.

    We should get a new toy to play with as early as next week.

  24. Big Raddy says:

    Terry. 6.29 ROLF. Another brilliant comment

  25. fatgingergooner says:

    The perfect story to lead us into the new campaign on a high! Good work.

    Vermaelen’s gone, so a new CB due sometime soon. Man U have been looking for one for months and still haven’t found one, which worries me a little bit. Then again, all the top players will want CL football, so are holding out for us to get in touch! 🙂

    New captain needed aswell. I won’t be happy if it’s Arteta, but can Wenger really snub his vice captain without causing some sort of disruption? Best solution would be to give it to Mertersacker, sell Arteta, and buy Khedira, Reus and Hummels! Sod it, might aswell get Joachim Low in while we are at it!

    Üp ze Gööners!

  26. fatgingergooner says:

    That’s another £15m withdrawn from the Bank of Barcelona!

    They’ve now paid for 35% of our new stadium in transfer fees! Maybe that explains why it’s so quiet, it’s full of Barca fans!!!

  27. Big Raddy says:

    My first day of sport for a few weeks and England win an exciting days cricket, Rory leads the PGA (atm) and AFC pull in another 15 mill for a reserve.

    Happy days

  28. fatgingergooner says:

    I see Guilavogui has joined Wolfsburg.

    That frees Luiz Gustavo to move to Madrid and then Khedira is able to join us!


  29. Gööner In Exile says:

    Not to be pedantic but:

    He couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel room to get on the internet and check out Ivan Rakitic, Croatia’s holding midfielder


    Lovely post Chas, a good reminder of why we get to start the season a week early with a competitive match, if I can watch it or not is a different matter.

    LB thanks for the Brady article, very interesting read on the modern game, that money enters the heads of 8-13 year olds (or at least their parents) along with an agent or two is probably what’s wrong with the game. Surely the kids want to play? We are a club that gives our fair share of chances to youngsters, but why would you go to Chavs? City are going to have to change their structure very quickly.

    Parents have always had a say and pushy parents always managed to get their kids into clubs, I was at school with Danny Hill (a year above me), his Dad got him into Spurs and he walked round like he was the bees knees, he did make a career for himself but an average one, Martin Grainger also went to my school, had a very similar career but you wouldn’t know it to meet the guy, top bloke never forgot his roots.

    The amateur game is full of kids who never made the grade (I was one, Brentford decided at 14 I was never going to beef up enough to make the grade as a keeper!), three years later I was making my debut in men’s football with one man and his dog watching and other assorted nutters who follow the amateur game. But there were also a lot of talented youngsters who never got picked up by pro clubs at young ages and in my view could have been or even should’ve been but their parents didn’t know how to get them trials or looked at.

  30. kelsey says:

    Morning all

    Surely Wenger knew weeks or even months ago that Vermaelen was either going to leave or he was surplus in Wenger’s eyes to the squad.

    So he bought Chambers as cover for him and also for Debuchy but logically he should or is in for a replacement of Vermaelen’s former quality. The Keidera rumours don’t go away and I think the only thing stopping the deal are his wage demands.
    I am sure there is some sort of pecking order as to who is the highest paid player and the squad seem to be in harmony and playing as a unit and AW wouldn’t want to disturb that.

    Interesting that at 28,Vermaelen gets a 5 year contract at Barca.

    If one believes the figures quoted we have recouped over 36 million from the balance owing on Cesc plus add ons, the balance owed on Song and the sale of Djourou and now Vermaelen and also had removed the wages from Bedtner and Park.

    Therefore considering the new Puma deal plus the extra TV rights,I expect another deal after we hopefully qualify for the CL proper which is worth another 20/30 million plus.

    Unfortunately it’s all about money,strengthening the squad and balancing the books.

    Welcome back Raddy 🙂

  31. mickydidit89 says:


    “I do remember receiving a phone call from Micky just as we were leaving the pub but the man was talking such absolute gibberish”

    Mmmm. All a matter of memory and interpretation, I suppose. Here’s my version of said phone call

    Didit: “Chaaas. Didit. We’re outside Arsenal end. Be great to meet up”

    Chas: “Ant und rowing up is toilet more beer off set in at stadiu…..beeeeeeep”

  32. mickydidit89 says:

    Morning Crystals.

    Verm gone eh. Good money I would think.

    While I feel desperately sorry for Diaby, I’m sort of pleased to read he’s just suffered another set back, which might hopefully rule out any thinking Arsene may have had of not getting a defensive midfielder (although why he would think Abou is defensive is anyone’s guess).

    Sanchez as striker today? That’s the big question for me. I really hope so.

  33. mickydidit89 says:


    Hope you had a great summer.

    Did hear about torrential rain and mud slides in northern Italy, although I imagine your sort would see that as an opportunity to get naked and communal workshop group therapy huggy mud bath 🙂

    By the way, good news on here while you were away, absolutely everyone has finally admitted Ollie is utter rubbish, and while Sanchez should start through the middle, even Sanogo has jumped the queue ahead of Pants Down 🙂

  34. mickydidit89 says:

    Fastest flight from Bristol to Istanbul 9hrs 🙂

    Coming back is the best. Ataturk to Munich. Munich to Frankfurt, then Frankfurt to Bristol.

  35. chas mobile says:

    I’d imagine your version of our phone conversation is somewhat closer to the truth. 🙂
    Thanks for comments, all.

  36. chas mobile says:

    Turkish kebab sounds a bit of a trek!

  37. Eddie says:

    We received £135mil from Barca for past-their-best players, not bad.

    It is interesting that we sold Sagna, Jenks, Verm and Fabianski in one summer. I did think that we need to strengthen our defence, but frankly I was hoping that Wenger will add a couple of defenders rather than get rid off experienced ones. Are they being replaced? Ospina for Fab, Chambers for ???, … can you help me here?

  38. Eddie says:

    Micky – you always defended Pants Down!! fickle character, you!

    Poo, I have just learnt that it is not scientifically possible for a hurricane to descent on UK 😦 That is terribly disappointing for me; I always wanting to follow a hurricane, to find out why Americans do it a lot. Now I will never know

  39. chas mobile says:

    Sagna wouldn’t sign an extension and we’ve sold two subs and loaned one out. Can’t see any harm in that.

  40. chas mobile says:

    He doesn’t mean it about OG.
    He knows he’s vital to our season and to write him off would be idiotic. 🙂

  41. Morning all

    Oy tanned Adonis, what do you mean you can’t write a pre-match because you’re not up to speed with our new signings ….

    There’s a new right back called Debuchy – he’s very handsome and knows his job. He’s ahead of Sagna in the french team and we stole him from Newcastle.

    There’s a young kid who played both games last weekend at centre-back called Calum Chambers, we bought him from Southampton. Arsene is going to convert him to a winger or a HM or a DHM. He’s 19, blonde and quite cute looking.

    There’s a new keeper called Ospina but he’s injured.

    And there’s the star of the show Alexis ………. he’s also very handsome 😉 Will he play on the wing or through the middle, someone has to play on the wing!!!!!!!

    None of our World Cup winners have returned to training yet.

    Ramsey is awesome. The Ox is fit. Gibbs is fit. Jenks has gone to Wham.

    Sanogo can score goals.

    What else do you need to know?

    I haven’t got a clue who will be in the team either but does that matter as long as we win 🙂

  42. Oh and the extra handsome Giroud should be fitter this week than he was last week – hopefully 😉

  43. Eddie says:

    Debuchy! Forgot about him. Thanks Peaches

    I know Chas, but it seems radical to sell so many from one area. Let’s not forget how we suffered when Koscielny wasn’t playing. There wasn’t anyone to replace him and I just hope that we will have enough depth on the bench this season

    Is there anymore ‘dead wood’ Wenger can shift? I doubt anybody will buy Diaby

  44. Eddie says:

    I agree Peaches, on paper we have the most handsome team in EPL, but will that be enough to win the league? I remember extremely ugly ManU outfit winning trophies

  45. I think you’re right Eddie, we still need a quality experienced centre-back, maybe one that can play at left-back too.

  46. I had to chuckle to myself yesterday while I was driving to Finchley along the A1000, there were so many BT Sport ads along the way. There’s one of when Gibbs got sent off by mistake ……… all the Arsenal player’s faces are such pictures of confusion. Hilarious. I think it was Mike Atkinson that did it no?

  47. That Liam Brady article was very good, he really spilled the beans didn’t he. What a shame bureaucracy pushed him out of a job he clearly loved.

    I’m a bit of an insider now ……. I know a couple of boys that are in the spuds academy, ones a Gooner and the other is a chav. Their team just whooped the hides of Arsenal, Chelsea and Man U at Cobham in a three day competition. This is under 18’s. Will either of them get their chance playing for the big boys?

  48. For those who want to know, this is what was happening yesterday that caused the problems for some people accessing the site.

    Hi there!

    Thanks to everyone for working with us to identify and resolve this issue.

    We have some automated security measures in place that prevent access from IP addresses that are seen as abusive or possibly harmful to WordPress.com. Sky, the ISP who was blocked, routes traffic to the USA (and possibly other countries) for many of their customers over a small number of IP addresses, so in this case, one bad actor on Sky’s network caused multiple Sky customers to get blocked from accessing WordPress.com. We have identified the IP addresses in question and worked around this issue for now.

    Was that you evonne?????????

  49. Eddie says:

    well Peaches, it is up to you if they ‘get their chance playing for the big boys’. If you insist on all that healthy eating and early nights sleep, they can punish us in the future. If I were you they would eat plum cake and chips for breakfast, lunch and dinner

    Metro were the first to report Verm deal being done for £15.8 on Thursday. They were spot on. Now they are still insisting on Jack going to Juve

  50. Eddie says:

    ha ha ha Peaches 🙂 I helped Sky to resolve it. They made me perform lots of background checks and send them the results. After several hours it was working again

  51. It’s a bit scary though don’t you think that the whole of sky’s access to wordpress can be blocked just like that. Indiscriminate.

  52. Eddie says:

    it is actually worse than that. Sky use proxy servers, which are capable on spying on us; they might use it to see which sites we are accessing, but potential for real intrusion is there.

  53. fatgingergooner says:


    They also said we want Arbeloa, were signing Guilavogui (just signed for Wolfsburg!) and Vermaelen was going to United for £15m!!!!

  54. Eddie says:

    oh fats, you such a party booper!! Don’t we want Arbeloa?

  55. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    Micky. Mud, forest, water, mushrooms 😉 ….. what’s not to like?

    Peaches. Thanks for the heads up, makes this afternoon even more interesting. I never think to look if the signings are good looking 😀

  56. fatgingergooner says:

    I bloody hope not Eddie!

    All we need is a CB and a Midfielder (holding, defensive, deep or whatever you want to call it!) and we will win the league.

  57. Ok, so Raddy didn’t take the hint ……….. does anyone else want to pen some kind of pre-match for today?

  58. Eddie says:

    we’ll win the league anyway, I can feel it in my bones. Liverpool is out of the race, Chavs and ManU haven’t really got what it takes, so the only team I would worry about it City. I cannot believe that bookies are favouring Chavs, City and ManU ahead of Arsenal, ejeets

  59. mickydidit89 says:


    I’m not fickle, but my loyalty has worn out.

    Wrote a rousing post about him two seasons ago, but know deep down he wouldn’t get near any other top ten side as the first choice lone striker.

    I will always support anyone on the field, but on here I can be honest.

    He’s slow, can’t shoot, can’t head, and has his footballing brain in his pants.

  60. mickydidit89 says:

    I’d scribble a quick pm if there’s anyone around to post the thing

  61. I’m still about ……….. thanks micky, how long do you need?

  62. Peaches darling… I have posted my sunday supplement. Can I offer it up for criticism on your lovely blog?


    By the way chas …. I always enjoy a good story about an Arsenals experience of going to a match. Excellent.

  63. mickydidit89 says:

    Done. Sent

  64. New Post everyone …………….

    northbank – happy to allow you put your link on the new post 🙂

  65. Thanks Peaches, you are a peach 🙂

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  67. armoire froide

    Wembley memories – FA Cup 2014 | Arsenal Arsenal

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