Ramsey’s 15th and Jenkinson’s 1st – match review

Many called this game a dead rubber but most were thinking first and foremost who would start and more importantly how to avoid injuries while keeping up the momentum of four successive wins in preparation for the Cup Final.

We weren’t disappointed. We started the first half in quite a cautious fashion and Ruddy made a couple of excellent saves, although I thought Giroud should have scored around the 32nd minute. Having said that, I thought he had a very solid game. Giroud has been improving as the season drew to it’s conclusion and the deadlock was broken when he lofted a beautiful ball for Ramsey to volley home.

What a player we have in Aaron Ramsey and one wonders how much nearer we would have been  to the title if he had remained fit all season.

Jenkinson settled the match with his first goal for the club and his facial expression on scoring will live long in the memory.

All in all the whole team did just enough that was required though I thought Ozil had a very quiet game. Maybe he is saving himself for next week.

With Fabianski starting one could presume that he was given his last game today and our Number 1 will be in goal at Wembley.

One can never second guess Wenger even after nearly two decades and when he said afterwards

if you look at our overall season I think we need to focus first of all in keeping everyone together” and when asked about possible transfers in the Summer he said “World Cup transfer markets start after the World Cup, usually.”

We will see if those words run true.

Those who read my comments know I am a great Sagna fan and yet again he didn’t let us down playing with Koscielny in central defence, regardless that it was against Norwich, so keeping everyone together by the boss was an interesting comment.

To see Diaby back after a full fourteen months was greeted with loud applause from our fantastic away fans and he even applauded them as he came on.

Jack had a cameo and it was hard to tell if he is absolutely fit, though not spectecular,  it was good to see him come on and by all accounts we will have The Ox back midweek, so it will be really interesting as to who lines up for The FACup Final.

Finally Wenger said he would still be here next season. I just wish  he looked a little happier.His post match interview was very low key or even sombre and subdued, which frankly, surprised me.






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  1. Yay kelsey’s got a banner!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats kelsey 🙂

  2. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Oh God, Noooooo, Kelsey OUT has got his own banner. He’ll be unbearable.

    While I think he deserves one, and it’s a good ‘un, I do think Rasp is weak for caving in 🙂

  3. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Well Crystals, that’s an excellent “preview” 🙂

    A dead rubber it was, but it’s amazing how two wonderful moments (the goals) can light up an afternoon. Worth every moment of watching to see the Jenks face and the Aaron strike.

    I agree with you on Sagna. I hope he signs a ting 🙂

  4. RA says:

    Before I forget, I would like to thank Steve for his 8:34 p.m. comment yesterday, when he thanked me for the very good Post — but I cannot take credit for something I did not write — the author was that well known and excellent chap Big Raddy, who has consistently written some marvellous Pre-Match Posts since I first came on the site.

    So thank you, Steve, and I agree with you, BR and not RA deserves all the credit.

    Sorry, Mystic Meg, I will now read your post-match Post — did you actually see it this time? 🙂

  5. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Right, it’s Monday, and that means I have to do something useful.

  6. MickyDidIt89 says:


    Personally, I would have taken the credit myself. Raddy has quite enough wind in his sails.


  7. RA says:

    Well for those of us who did not see the game, that was a précis and a half, but interesting for all that.

    OK, if I am being honest, I was ever so slightly disappointed, because I delight in reading the ‘normal’ comments which are – ‘not rants but just the way you see it’ – there are usually at least a dozen questions posing as statements, and today’s Post did not really contain even one. 😦

    Who are you? And what have you done to Kelsey/Mystic Crystals/Cassandra?

  8. RA says:

    Ah, yes, Micky, I recall you saying before that BR is full of wind, and it is best to keep upwind of jim – and thank you, again, for that advice. 🙂

  9. Rasp says:

    😆 Micky, I’ve been racking my brains to come up with something appropriate for Kelsey. You’ll see version 4 at the top of the page. I had produced one in homage to his mystic powers, but then peaches told me he didn’t want that 😦

    Any way, excellent analysis Kelsey 😛 I think we got as much as we could expect from that game in those circumstances – a worldie from Aaron and a maiden from Jenks …. excellent!

    Does anyone know how many weeks Diaby is out for after his 15 minutes?

  10. RC78 says:

    22 goals and 9 assists for Giroud in his second season – not too bad. His link up play is great and he needs to convert more chances but overall, he had a good (not great or stellar) season.

    Ramsey is really our key player – who would have thought a year ago?

    Sad to think that Bac will leave us but oh well, that s footie…

    Let s win that FA Cup!

    We have 3 more points than last year and we had quite a few clean sheets as well as a lot of wins away from home so that is encouraging. We need to really show up on big games now and we will be top cntenders! Come on Gunners!

  11. kelsey says:

    Thanks Rasp,the hair would be a giveaway 😉


    But there are some questions hidden in the review.

  12. Rasp says:

    Hi RC78, actually we have 6 more points than last year and 16 clean sheets. I had heard that Szczesny wasn’t going to receive the ‘Golden Gloves’ award if he got one more clean sheet but then Fab2 played – I don’t reckon that would have gone down too well with our No.1 pole.


    Thanks Kelsey

    Like Arsene I feel very down, quite morose really. I have no idea why? I to am on the verge of a big contract that should see me quids in, but this thought no longer lifts me.

    In the old days I would get all excited at the prospect of big bucks. You know, swanky restaurants, strip clubs, holidays with the mistress whilst telling the wife I was just nipping out to get a newspaper, that sort of thing.

    Now, nothing. What am I going to do with it? Hand it over to two estranged wifes? Give it to my daughter so my Twat son in law can benefit? He likes those roller coaster rides so with any luck he will use the cash to go Alton Towers and fall foul of a faulty big dipper.

    I know exactly how Arsene feels.

    Ramseys goal was a thing of beauty. Sublime delicacy but yet ferociously powerful. Like Giant Haystacks stroking a cat.

    So pleased for Jenks. A true Gooner. Bedroom wall plastered with Arsenal memorabilia, and not a poster of a large breasted women in sight. If everyone was like him Society would be a better place

    Instead, the world has to cope with people like you and I Kelsey. My porn collection was so large that when people walked into my bedroom a red light would emanate and 70s disco music would fill the air.

    The return of Diaby was so heartening. Its like seeing your long lost dog bounding towards you from a distance, tears welled up in your eyes as you crouch to feel his embrace, only for him to bypass you and jump onto the arms of the Mrs instead. I never liked that dog anyway.

    The Ghosts of the Thirties are Stirring

  14. kelsey says:

    You certainly are a one off Terry but nevertheless very enjoyable. I might consult you if the fee is reasonable, to make me a more positive person 😉

  15. Vinay says:

    A goal of brilliance to end a season of under achievement. I still think this was our best chance to win the league.
    Next season does offer hope but with chelsea, united, pool and city all set to strengthen, we will be fighting against the odds again.
    I do not see pool or united really threatening again but city and chelsea will be odds on favourites again.
    The season gave us hope and despair in equal measure but the sense of if only if prevails.

    Bye bye bacs, thank you for the memories,

    Can we move the clock to satuday please, i cannot wait.

  16. fatgingergooner says:

    Metro running a story that Ramsey should be our captain next season. I’m not totally convinced by that, but a poll on here would be interesting to see who people think should be our new club captain.

    Surely we can’t continue with Verm as he’s sat on the bench every week.

  17. RockyLives says:

    Thankyou for the pre-post-during-match analysis Oh Banner Man.

    I managed to watch most of the game on a dodgy stream. We were knocking it about very nicely without exerting ourselves too much. Something of a return to the fluidity of our early season form, which bodes well next weekend (provided we don’t let the nerves get to us).

  18. chas says:

    Like Giroud’s performances, I think your previews have been improving as the season draws to its finale. 🙂

    His floated delivery to Rambo was sublime. I bet he wishes he’d had few like that over the season.

    I think Arsene is worn out and is in great need of a few weeks in the sun. With the amount of abuse he gets over the course of a season, it’s not that surprising that some of it shows in his face.

    Love the banner. 🙂

  19. RockyLives says:

    NO no and thrice no!

    The lad was given captaincy of Wales when he was only seven and then had it taken off him.

    He’s a brilliant young player but the key is “young”. Let’s just let him play without burdening him with other responsibilities.

    BFG for Das Kapitan any day of the week.

  20. chas says:

    I’ll leave any further comments about captaincy in case there is a poll, but it should not be Ramsey. His experience with the Wales job was enough.

  21. chas says:

    Snaperooni, Rocky. 🙂

  22. chas says:

    Twitter is all astir as TH14 has joined apparently.

  23. chas says:

    A couple of great photos from yesterday…..

  24. chas says:

  25. chas says:

    My other favourite from the game.

  26. GunnerN5 says:

    Hi Kelsey,

    I see you’ve joined the “BB’s” (banner bunch) – it’s about time if you ask me. Your perspective is always straightforward and from the heart, which is refreshing.

    Personally I feel that we have had another successful season with AW as our manager. It takes an average of 86 points to win the EPL so we are 2 wins and a draw away from that – it does not sound like a bridge too far to me.

    Looking forward to the final on Saturday, my son and I will be joining a bunch of old mates to (Arsenal mates) it sounds like we will also meet up with neamman a fellow AA’er. – I will make no prediction as the game can go either way (ask Man U – circa 2005).

  27. GunnerN5 says:


    Don’t forget that neamman would like you to send me his email address. or you can send him mine.

  28. 26may1989 says:

    The official England squad for Brazil:

    Joe Hart
    Fraser Forster
    Ben Foster
    Glen Johnson
    Phil Jones
    Gary Cahill
    Phil Jagielka
    Chris Smalling
    Leighton Baines
    Luke Shaw
    Steven Gerrard
    Jack Wilshere
    Jordan Henderson
    Frank Lampard
    James Milner
    Ross Barkley
    Adam Lallana
    Raheem Sterling
    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
    Wayne Rooney
    Daniel Sturridge
    Danny Welbeck
    Rickie Lambert

    And the back-ups:

    John Ruddy
    Jon Flanagan
    John Stones
    Michael Carrick
    Tom Cleverley
    Andy Carroll
    Jermain Defoe

    The only one that really makes my heart sink is Chris Smalling – a shame that John Terry (for all his personality deficiencies).

  29. 26may1989 says:

    Sorry, that was meant to finish “a shame that John Terry (for all his personality deficiencies) couldn’t be convinced to be available for selection.”

  30. 26may1989 says:

    Nice write-up, kelsey (or whatever you’re calling yourself these days….. 🙂 ).

    Without any pressure on them, the boys were fine yesterday. Nice goal from the Welsh Wizard, some good stuff at other times in the second half. Good to see us clock up a 17th clean sheet too.

    Norwich? Despite having family in that part of the world (some of whom support the Canaries), I’m pretty happy that they got relegated. They play a pretty basic brand of football and don’t do it very well. There isn’t an outfield player there I rate. And their sacking of Hughton came stupidly late in the season to do anything other than help drive them into relegation. Good riddance, I say.

  31. GunnerM5 says:


    Just maybe it’s his “deficiencies that are a good reason for him not to be included.

    He is a player that you love to hate – however I would love him the moment he pulled on an Arsenal shirt – his deficiencies and warts would suddenly mean nothing!

  32. Vinay says:

    England yet again paper tigers, shrek never rises to the occasion when needed, max will be quarter finals.

    All i am concerned is our players coming back safe and sound.

  33. RA says:

    Thanks, 26M,

    It is none of my business, I guess, but I cannot help having and opinion, and there are certain names there that do not sound too positive.

    Johnson, Smalling and Milner. Not of the first order methinks.

    The newbies give a sense of change, but I suspect you guys are in for more of the same old, same old, as they (the newbies) will be simply cover and not get a sniff of a game.

    In that event, Luke Shaw will not get anymore ‘experience’ than Theo did at a similar age, and it would have been better to have sent him on the U21 tour, and left Cole in the squad as experienced cover.

    Not that it matters really. Hodgson is bound to make some people unhappy.

  34. fatgingergooner says:

    Think Woy has chosen the right squad from what’s available, but it’s very lop sided. The defence looks really weak and there isn’t much width in the side.

    Shame the 2-6-2 formation doesn’t work too well!!!! 🙂

    My starting XI would be:

    Johnson Cahill Jagielka Baines
    Gerrard Wilshere
    Ox Rooney Lallana

  35. 26may1989 says:

    GN5 (or is it GM5?), don’t get me wrong, I really detest John Terry, he’s an odious scumbag. But we all know he’s been the best English CB since Tony Adams, and this season, he’s been upsettingly good for the Chavs. Playing him alongside Cahill at the Word Cup would’ve been useful.

    I don’t think any England fans have high expectations of this World Cup – frankly, getting past one of Italy and Uruguay to get out of the group stage is a challenge. But I think we may do a bit better than some might predict. Sure, Uruguay have two superb attackers in Suarez and Cavani but who else? But like Vinnay, can’t see England getting past the QF stage.

    England’s first XI will be pretty solid and will be based on a lot of Liverpool players. I would think something like Hart, Johnson, Cahill, Jagielka, Baines, Gerrard, Henderson, Sterling, Lallana, Rooney, Sturridge. Might even go 3-5-2 at some points.

    Kieron Gibbs should be worried: he didn’t even make the back-up list, having slipped behind even Jon Flanagan, as well as Luke Shaw.

    Argentina and Germany are the teams I’ll be looking out for, plus perhaps Belgium.

  36. GOONERKAM says:

    Doing what he has for our great ARSENAL for the past almost two decades does take its toll. IMHO he is happier and a bit more relaxed than years past and always the class manager of the EPL. there were times in years past that I genuinely feared for his health and well being. Remembering what happened to houllier while at Aston villa. But those were the time when we were dead center in the tumultuous waters of our planned transition and financial restrictions. This year we have proven that we have emerged from the storm with flying colors and next year will be the first year were we truly start stamping our authority on the EPL & ECL. we will have become a juggernaut in a few years time under this same regime. Truly the golden years of domestic dominance are at hand and what is most amazing is we have done it the right way. By building our teams not purchasing false glory and that is our legacy. Keeping in line with the fine history and tradition of this fine club and organization. We are very lucky to be witnessing some of the most amazing years in this clubs history and yes I do see us lifting the champions league cup very soon.
    Speaking of lifting cups it brings me to another point in your fine post. I really like our #1 goalkeeper WOJO and think he will be colossal in the coming years. Maybe even top five in the world but I were AW I would not take out the cup semifinal hero FABIANSKI out at this stage. He is fine goalkeeper and he has earned the right to play in the final. I would keep faith in him. It a real shame that like SAGNA we might possibly lose him over the summer but he has gotten us this far in this very difficult FA cup run run and I would stick with him between the poles.
    He will do us proud. AGAIN.

  37. GOONERKAM says:

    A fine post with a fine banner to go with it. 😉

  38. 26may1989 says:

    Kyle Walker thinks he’s not made the squad because he’s injured:

    “Gutted to miss the World Cup because of my injury. I’m still a few weeks away from being fit so I understand why the gaffer has left me out.”


    But someone should tell him the problem is he’s just not very good.

  39. GOONERKAM says:

    Einstein had bad hair days and he was a fr••••Ing genius….
    Hair is overrated. That coming from a folicely challenged person.

  40. LBG says:

    GOONERKAM, Fab for Cup Final keeper AND Szcze as sub with ten minutes to go at 3-1.
    Happy holidays to AW and bring us back a diamond or two from the World Cup.

  41. Time to think about posts for this week …………

    With luck, Rocky will pop one into the cupboard for tomorrow and then we’ll just need one for Wednesday and Thursday. GunnerN5 is treating us to FA cup blast from the past for Friday so if you’re itching to write something send it in.

  42. RA says:


    You will be pleased to know that Terry Mancini Hair Transplant is the nicest and hairiest person on here, but none of it is on his bonce, [head] so you are in good company. 🙂

    He is also a natural comedian and is guaranteed to make you laugh, but watch out if he goes all melancholy and talks about his thirty, thirsty goats who are sh***ing, because he keeps them in Cockie’s ** cellar, and under no circumstances should you accept an offer to go down and visit them.

    ** Cockie is a great friend of Terry’s and very funny – but rude!! 🙂

  43. LB says:

    Good banner and a fine write up.

    Why haven’t we signed anyone yet, that Wenger is so tight with the club’s money.

  44. Rasp says:

    Hi LB, we don’t need anyone, Diaby’s back 😛 But seriously, did you see the couple of breathtakingly good bits of tricky footwork he produced on Sunday. It’s such a shame, who knows what he could have achieved if only his body had co-operated.

  45. chas says:

    Haha, true if you go back to 09/10.

  46. chas says:

  47. fatgingergooner says:


    Next seasons captaincy might be a good subject for a post/poll. I don’t have time to write one myself but just an idea!

  48. Big Raddy says:

    kelsey. Thank you. As said previously your post matches have improved as the season progressed.

    It was a routine win against poor opposition.

    Fabianski showed once again what a good keeper he could have been if he hadn’t blundered in Barcelona.

  49. RA says:

    I know many bloggers, including me too, have suggested Roberto Martinez may be the next manager of Arsenal, but he has made a number of barbed comments about AW recently and now he is talking up Hull in the FA ‘Coop’.

    — Hull City could spring another FA Cup Final upset when they take on Arsenal this weekend, according to last year’s winning manager Roberto Martinez.

    The Everton boss guided former club Wigan Athletic to one of the biggest Cup upsets in history last May when his side beat Manchester City at Wembley courtesy of a late goal from Ben Watson.

    And he now sees no reason why Steve Bruce’s side can’t spring a similar result against the Gunners when they meet under the Arch on Saturday.

    He said, “The reality in a Final is, if you could choose, you would want to be underdogs,” said Martinez, after leading Everton to a 2-0 victory over Hull on the final day of the Premier League season on Sunday.

    Future Arsenal manager? Not for me, with such a loose mouth.

  50. chas says:

    I’ve no idea if this is true or not.
    (earlier today it was said that we still hadn’t sold out because Hull had returned a few thousand)

  51. LB says:

    We’re sorry!

    Unfortunately, this time you do not have the correct privileges on your account to purchase tickets for this match (Hull). Why not return to ticket home and try another match?

    And try another match? Are they having a laugh?

  52. chas says:

    Sorry, if I got your hopes up.

  53. Bayonne Jean says:

    Kelsey: like you, I have been calling for the re-signing of Sagna, and the reasoning is based as follows.

    Main premise: Arsenal will not, based on bank accounts and philosophy, throw around megacurrency to stockpile world class signings, as do the Citys, Chelseas, PSGs, Manures, and Reals of the world. AW has said on numerous occasions that the club (i.e., he) cannot see the sense in signing too many “stars”, as there’s not enough room and it will breed discontent.

    Consequence: while Arsenal should strive to sign as many top talents to its squad for the first XI and top reserves, it must also rely on talented, versatile “squad player” types for rest/rotation as backup and provide some quality against lesser opposition. Even on City’s side, arguably a Milner, who’s more of a journeyman type, is a lot more valuable to them than a Navas or Jovetic, in that he is versatile, always plays hard, is used to the premiership, etc.

    That’s why it’s important to have a Sagna continue on the squad. While his skills at RB will continue to level off, he remains comfortable at CB — looked a lot better there than TV5 has been. And you’ll just have to sign two players — a first string right back and backup defender — whose combined price tags might be more than Sagna’s and whose combined talents (remember Sebastain Squillaci?) may not add up to Bacary’s.

  54. LB says:

    No probs.

  55. kelsey says:

    Bayonne Jean

    Couldn’t agree more and furthermore Wenger has always liked to sign players who can play in a number of positions and at the risk of repeating myself, a solid defence that has an understanding is the basis of a good team.

  56. I don’t suppose the New Wembley is like Highbury in the old days, when me and my mates used to stand behind the skinniest person in the queue and slip in to the turnstile with them just as they paid the money and then fcuking legged it !. It used to be a cheap day out then !. Fcuking technology !. hahaha

  57. arnie says:

    Brilliant stuff, Kelsey, and what a fantastic banner as well. 🙂 🙂 Well done you. Kelsey OUT! 🙂

  58. arnie says:

    No wonder Arsene looked a bit contemplative yesterday. Long season, and its an expected win against Norwich away, nothing much to rejoice about. Job well done, and on to next week. Bigger challenges lie ahead. 🙂

    COYG. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  59. Big Raddy says:

    Rasp. Wonderful banner.

  60. Indeed, it is a cracking banner and I`m glad Rasp didn`t run out of space and managed to get the ….ysis on the end !. 😆

  61. fatgingergooner says:

    Sagna’s potential contract would run close to £20m included signing on fee etc, seems an awful lot for an ageing RB who is solid and not much more.

    It’s not my money so I don’t care too much, but I can see why the club are reluctant to pay him.

    I wouldn’t mind a younger, hungrier player coming in who has something to prove and a career to build. It’s not like previous years where we didn’t have enough experience to cope with losing someone like Sagna. Aslong as he’s replaced the blow shouldn’t be too big.

  62. LBG says:

    Still agree strongly with Kelsey re Bacary. Not only do I feel the blow will be bigger than necessary and may lead to regret early next season, but who can we get that’s young, hungry AND good value. The Everton boy would cost a fortune and I’d prefer that to be spent on on Martinez or Khedira and Remy/Bony. Maybe our born and bred Gooner will develop quickly next term now he has got his first goal!!

  63. chas says:

    I really think if Bacary wants to stay, he will.
    If not, there’s nothing the club can do about it.

  64. LBG says:

    Cockie, the New Wembley is really a bit of a let down, especially compared to the MILLENNIUM Stadium. Short on atmosphere and ridiculous distances from the playing surface. You didn’t get hoisted up by your mates to the first level in the spiral staircases in the old Wembley – until they put the barb wire up- then!?

  65. stevepalmer1 says:

    Evening all, Nice one Kelsey, Probably call you something else later on 🙂 My apologies for using the wrong names guys, You lot have been buddies for yonks, i will get it right.

  66. fatgingergooner says:


    I’m sure Wenger will have someone in mind for the RB slot if/when Sagna leaves. Although I’ve just remembered he doesn’t know how to sign defenders…! 🙂

    I remember when he signed Koscielny and people were kicking off. Seems so long ago now. If he pulls out another gem like that then we won’t miss Sagna too much. Although it’s also worth remembering that Kozzer took a season to settle, so maybe Jenks will get quite a bit of playing time next season regardless of who comes in, espescially if they are from abroad.

    I’d have absolutely no problem if Sagna re-signed, in fact I’d be very pleased, but he’s got to be replaced at some point, and it looks like it’s going to be this summer.

  67. chas says:

  68. fatgingergooner says:

    So Rio is leaving United. I saw a rumour that we wanted him the other day. That better have been a joke! He’s been awful this season and should head to America!


    This Sagna thing, I cant understand why we cant agree a deal

    Thinking about recent departures I can see the logic. Van Persies love affair with Van Persie, though disturbing, is unquestionable.
    Who are we to keep Van Persie and Van Persie apart. One day some one will write a book on this love story and both men and women will weep at its intensity.

    Cesc was drawn to his roots. I can totally comprehend his actions. Been a Cretan, many times I have had an irristable urge to play the bouzouki as I travel the Bounds Green Road by Mule. Of course, at the time I am very drunk on ouzo and have fallen prey to the curse of Opium.

    Nasri is a very greedy person. Also Manchestor has a very vibrant Lesbian scene, so he was always leaving.

    But Sagna? The guy is 31 years old and has been offered, by all accounts a very good deal at the best club in the world, yet there is no agreement.

    Are we been miss led by the press. Did Gazidis only offer, “£250 a week mate, take it or leave it. Tell you what I do, throw in a couple of tickets to Le Miserables, loverley”? Is Stan directly involved? Maybe stipulating that any agreement include a once a month rendeveue in a Basildon car park?

    Who knows? But the whole thing is just plain wrong. We need Sagna and Sagna needs us. I just dont get it.

  70. Gööner In Exile says:

    I am ROLFing at ManCity Granny…..what a potty mouth 😀

    And the vid of Ox and Jenks is brilliant, his celebration for his goal was brilliant….did his goal against Reading in the 7-5 not get given to him in the end? I thought Theo had the match ball but they told him it didn’t count on Sky and he threw it away down the tunnel?

    Kelsey thanks for a fitting round up to the last game of the season, i only watched MotD highlights, but oh my Ramsey has treated us to some sublime strikes this season.

    Would love to hear from those that slated him for so long. And that is for me proof (if any was actually needed) that support for our lads will always be better than touch line barracking. Let them play and see what happens.

  71. Gööner In Exile says:

    Surveillance Day 1

  72. 26may1989 says:

    Much fun had this evening when I took 26 Junior to see his team, QPR, in the playoff semi against Wigan. Nice to be in a scruffy, small ground with plenty of atmosphere. Plus the healthy hatred of all things Chelsea was something I could commune with. I’ll be back there next season when I get the chance.

    Two very good keepers in action there, Rob Green and Scott Carson. Both should have been considered for the England squad but playing in the Championship is apparently too much for Hodgson to bear.

  73. 26may1989 says:

    Mourinho (apparently) signing Costa puts the pressure on Wenger. We all knew Chelsea would be signing a striker and Costa was probably top of the list but it does show important business doesn’t have to wait till after the World Cup.

  74. Gööner In Exile says:

    Motning all.

    Anyone care to explain how Keiran Gibbs is behind Flanagan as WC Standby?

    Actually anyone explain why when there was a debate about Cole, Baines and Shaw he was also overlooked?

    He seems to be one of the coolest heads in the Arsenal team, is very very good ball at feet (probably better than Baines) has lung busting ability to get up and down the pitch at pace, has some versatility (as a youth player he was a central midfielder). The only thing I can think is he hadn’t got a free kick in him (thing is he might do but never gets to show it because of the line of players in front of him at Arsenal).

  75. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Love the surveillance work Exile.

    Trying hard to keep my footballing focus on the Final, but hard with transfers and world cup stuff kicking in.

    How do these Shaw to United deals happen when the window isn’t even open? Or Costa Alot to Chavski for the matter matter.

  76. chas says:

    Just had a look at that Reading game and Theo was credited with a hat trick. Sky got it wrong as you can see here.

    I couldn’t resist having a quick look at other vids of a game I’ve got very hazy memories of. Hopefully there’ll be some of this in a few days time. 🙂

  77. chas says:

    George is going to love his new flat garden. Have you got a copy of the new garden plan we could see?

  78. chas says:

    I don’t think the rumour about Costa signing puts the pressure on Wenger at all.
    If there was the slightest hint that the chavs were in for him, then we wouldn’t have been interested. If we offered 150k a week, they’d offer 200k. It’s that simple, if they want him, we stand no chance.

    Arsene has already tried to manage expectations that signings won’t happen until after the World Cup. Why he bothered, Dennis only knows as the furore over us not doing business early has started on the internet, even before our final game of the season and the window being open. Unbelievable.

    I also think it’s a disgrace that Costa has two massive games left for Athletico and this has slipped out. It has to undermine him and his club’s attitude also. What on earth would we think as fans?

  79. 26may1989 says:

    Exile, completely agree re Gibbs, it’s been bothering me for ages that he hasn’t even been mentioned. The only partial justification I can think of is that his form in the last third of the season may have been the weakest of the numerous LBs England has access to. But across the season and in terms of his basic abilities he certainly deserved much more attention than he got publicly, and it seems also from Hodgson.

    I don’t mind Hodgson but there is a suspicion that he pays a bit too much attention to the MOTD crew, the press etc in making his decisions.

  80. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All.

    I became a Grandad last night. Baby girl.

  81. White Bear says:

    Great banner, great post! WEll done Kelsey, nice one

    Agree about Wenger looking serious and smileless, what’s that all about?

  82. Big Raddy says:

    I am delighted Gibbs isn’t considered. HIs injury record is such that he needs a rest and then a proper pre-season.

    I would prefer it if none of the Arsenal players were selected to go to Brazil.

    Looking at the squads only Ozil is sure of a starting place so the rest of our stars – Cazorla, Pod, BFG, Kos,, JW, Ox etc are travelling to Brazil, training hard for games and getting stressed out for very little reward.

    Bah humbug ….

  83. chas says:

    Congrats, BR.

  84. chas says:

    I’d imagine that Flanagan being right-footed is the reason he’s on standby. Phil Jones isn’t really a right back, too clumsy and not mobile enough.

  85. Gööner In Exile says:

    No mock up, basically flower beds round edges where fence is. Sleepers to retain, down to the pitch level. Small flower bed in front of the pitch with another sleeper step. Goal post at one end stumps the other. Tennis/badminton net down the middle.

    A lot of effort to lower (safety reasons), improve and enlarge (FA regulations) the playing surface 🙂

  86. Gööner In Exile says:

    Congratulations BR, hope all are well.

  87. kelsey says:

    Morning and congratulations Raddy.

    I doubt either the Ox or Jack will get much playing time and it’s about 50-50 if England even get out of the group, which means just three matches.

    Here’s a little thought.

    When England played Brazil in the friendly in Brazzil,Ox scored.

    Is he the only Arsenal player ever to score against Brazill on their home turf.?

  88. Rasp says:

    Morning all,

    That’s great news Raddy, a new generation in the family, congratulations …. boy or girl?

  89. arnie says:

    Motning all. Congrats, Raddy, mother and girl well? 🙂 🙂 Pls make sure the education into Gooner ways and traditions begins early and in earnest! 😛

    GiE: good point regarding Gibbs. Poor guy, it must be quite demoralising. 😦

    Raddy: agree as well. I wish Jack and Ox go and spend a good holiday in Brazil, expenses paid by FA. 😛 Like Theo did with Erikson’s team. 😛

  90. Big Raddy says:

    Rasp A Goonergirl

    Kelsey. John Barnes?

  91. kelsey says:

    John Barnes used to be in Finchley Road 😉

    Arsenal player,Raddy

  92. arnie says:

    Arsene smug because he suddenly realised he cannot get Frank(enstein) R to play for Arsenal. 😛

  93. Rasp says:

    Raddy, I shall expect a pic in full kit at some point to add to our Arsenal crèche widget 🙂

  94. arnie says:

    Arsene smug because it suddenly occurred to him that the journos may have a couple of less things to slander him about. 😛

  95. arnie says:

    Agree, Rasp. Please, Raddy, and soon. 🙂

  96. White Bear says:

    Why are you all congratulating Raddy? Is he expecting?

  97. VCC says:

    26may1989…glad you enjoyed your visit to Loftus Road last night, a fine exciting game.

    The small ground and enthusiastic crowd generate plenty of atmosphere, and as you say, they hate Chelsea 🙂

    Totally agree with you, Scott Carson & Rob Green are better than Roy’s back up of Fraser Forster and Ben Foster.

    Rangers have a tough nut to crack in the play off final. Fingers crossed they can get back into the EPL next season.

  98. arnie says:

    Arsene smug because he had too much fish soup the previous night and had an upset tummy that day. 🙂

  99. 26may1989 says:

    Congrats to the Raddy family!

  100. VCC says:

    Nice match review Kelsey. Love the banner 🙂

    “After two decades”…so right, who can predict what team Wenger will select for the final at Wembley.

    I too wish Sagna would sign da ting. He has been one of Wengers most consistent performers.

  101. arnie says:

    I wish Wenger plays the team that got us to the final in the first place, tweaking it just slightly as required. 🙂 They have done well, they deserve to play. 🙂

  102. LB says:

    We would think as I am sure that they would think that Maurinho is a banned word.

  103. chas says:

    Ant mentioned this on the way home from the last home game.
    Can anyone remember where it was without looking it up?

  104. LB says:

    Oh, my comment is way out of sync. Doh.

  105. Big Raddy says:

    kelsey. Didn’t JB play for AFC ?? 😀

    That John Barnes was next to Finchley Rd swimming pool where I learned to dive (perhaps Suarez went there was well)

    chas. ermmm Tottenham High St?

  106. chas – I know exactly where that is ………….

  107. ……… and what were you doing there?????? 😉

  108. Morning all

    Many congrats Raddy, lots to love about being a grandparent 🙂

  109. Lancaster Road, Enfield

  110. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Good news Big Grand Raddy

    The dynasty lives on

  111. chas says:

    Ah, I just had a closer look, BR and peaches.

    That photo is of the shop on Lancaster Road, Enfield.

    For some reason I thought it was the original premises on Seven Sisters Road.
    We used to get the 279 bus from Edmonton, go past Edmonton Angel, then SHL, then Chidleys motor store (they were neighbours), Bruce Grove then turn up the Seven Sisters Road, which is where the tie shop was.
    Not until you got past St Ann’s Road heading toward Manor House, could you start to feel you were in Arsenal territory.

  112. Rasp says:

    chas, that shop is about a mile from where I was born and near the bus stop where I waited every morning to go to school. Just down from that was a sports shop ‘Jack Smith & Sons’. My dad went to Enfield Grammar School with Jack Smith. His son, Mike Smith played cricket for Middlesex and also played a couple of games for England – he was an opening bat.

  113. You can all come out of hiding 😉

    ………… We have a New Post …………………

  114. Rasp says:

    It was the 128 bus (later renamed W8) that went along Lancaster Road

  115. LBG says:

    First road on the right as you go south up the Seven Sisters Road.
    Smashed windows on many occasions in later years.

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