Time to say goodbye

There has been growing numbers in the Arsenal following suggesting that Bacary Sagna should be given a new contract to his liking rather than the measly two years apparently on the table from Arsenal. There is a fear that at seasons end he will open up discussions with English clubs and chief amongst the takers appears to be Manchester City, we assume his agent has already done a lot of talking in the last 6 months with European clubs.

(As an aside the fact that City are looking at free transfers to bolster their squad would seem to be evidence of FFP showing its teeth.)

Bacary Sagna is 31 and as such a three year contract presents a large risk to the club, even a two year contract looks long when you consider his game is built on pace and strength. Can he continue to perform at the levels we have seen previously as his legs age?

Whilst driving to work yesterday I contemplated the predicament, Bacary is experienced and committed, he is consistent, he knows the Arsenal way, those should be reason enough to keep him.

But at 31 when your legs start to go you need to offer slightly more on the pitch to help those around you, look at the likes of Terry, Gerard, Lampard and even our own Flamini this season, the reason they continue to be renewed and play is because they bring more to the pitch than their ball skills, they bring organisation and leadership, they’ve been there seen it done it, if the match is going a certain way they sense it and help the younger players around them get through.

At 31 I would expect Bacary to be a leader on the pitch, but we don’t see it, more often he appears to be a player that takes the pitch to do his job and his job only he seems unaware that those around him are struggling, he works better with certain players (Theo primarily). I am not questioning his commitment to the cause but it is strange to think as one of the most experienced and long serving squad members he is not considered Captain or Vice Captain material, in fact others who have joined later have usurped him in these roles.

That for me is why it is time to say goodbye to Bacary, he has served us well, and I wish him all the best in the future wherever it be.

Written by Gooner in Exile

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  1. sean potter says:

    great post gunner in exile,bac has been superb this seasm bt i gues itz time to say goodbye.

  2. Harry Barracuda says:

    I won’t miss him. Constantly caught out of position and not that good a crosser.

  3. For the defence ………… Bacary can do a great job as centre-back if needed ……..

    I agree that three years would be ridiculous at his age and if the club has offered him two then I think that’s a very good offer.

    I’ll be very sad to see him go, I think he’s been a Great Gunner and he’s had two broken legs for the cause. He’ll leave us with some good memories to enjoy.

  4. Steve 1962er says:

    I agree completely with the comments in the article above. I honestly think that Sagna has been overrated as a player simply because there has been a dearth of good full backs during his time at Arsenal. Yes, he has been good, but that is all. His crossing for 80% of the time has been woeful, and he has been caught out of position so many times. He is, in my opinion, not as good as Lee Dixon, Pat Rice, or my all time favourite right back, Peter Storey. A winger only got past Storey once in a game, and that was that.
    My prime need for a full back is to defend, none did it better than Storey.

  5. Aj says:

    The Mirror offered us the worst possible scenario yesterday – Sagna waits until after the World Cup to decide. This supposedly gives us hope of him staying, so we are all delighted, right? Wrong! This is another case of a player who has decided to leave dragging it out to the end of the transfer window, so we have no chance to replace him.

    He has shown that he has little commitment to Arsenal. Let’s get the replacement in while the going is good. He has had plenty of opportunity resolve this, if that was what he wanted.

  6. kelsey says:

    Well GIE

    I don’t agree but if the club have allegedly offered him a two year deal at a significantly higher wage I am upset that negotiations have broken down.

    Next to Kos he has been our most consistent player in defence this season,playing in anyone of three positions and I haven’t seen any evidence that his energy levels have dropped.

    If he goes after a better monetary deal good luck to him as he has served us well but wherever he goes he will still age.

    IMO he is just the sort of player we need in the squad as Jenkinson still has a lot to learn.

    Maybe AW has identified someone else as good as Sagna when in his prime but if he goes to City that will be yet another playng leaving making the direct opposition stronger.

    Bedtner’s wages would easily have compensated in monetary shortfall but I assume it’s this over thirty rule that is lodged in Wenger’s head.

  7. Gööner In Exile says:

    Steve many would agree with you about Storey, my Dad used to say he didn’t play football, his job was to stop others playing 😀

    I’m not sure there is room in the modern game with bookings handed out like penny sweets for a true stopper anymore.

    I personally don’t think we have far to look for his replacement and if we could have got a year or two more out of him whilst Jenks gains experience we would have been fine.

    Jenks of he were to get the shirt would make mistakes, but as others have said Bacary is not free from them, the question is whether Jenks will make more or less or the same amount per game given a run, in my mind it’s hard to judge him on brief runs in the side, particularly when he has been fielded with other inexperienced players or leaders like BFG and Arteta are not on the pitch.

    Do we have to get a replacement? Flamini has another year and could deputise at right back if he doesn’t get too many bookings. 🙂

  8. stevepalmer1 says:

    Nice one Exile,
    Yes the time has come for Bacary to move on, I have to admit that he has been one of my Favourites, He is 31 and for a man who is expected to chase back and forth down the flanks is asking a bit much of him, especially for another 3 years.

    I feel that he has been on a fairly low wage compared to other players, but contracts are signed at the start and that seemed at the time to be acceptable.

    Although experience is needed in the team, we also need to look to the future. A new right back , younger faster and someone that can offer us many years service and someone that will do it cheaper to start with.

    We have a few older players who may have a season left, but if we want to keep The Arsenal fresh, then good younger players is the way to go.

    Bacary will get a signing on fee from whoever he joins, and a good wage cheque as well, he should be well looked after, for his retirement in a couple of years time.

    Arsenal have to plan for the future, we need players who can afford us a few years of service, players who can hang around while we improve on every position, right back this year, midfield next and so on.

    Where i am a supporter of one or two players in rotation weekly throughout the season, i feel we should also do that with our buying, I am not against selling players, as long as who we replace with is better.

  9. Big Raddy says:

    To whomever gave me the idea to start on the rum after a long night on wine would you please never, ever do that again 😦

    p.s. love chas’s new garden.

  10. Big Raddy says:

    GIE Fine post and well argued.

    It seems from the outside (and who apart from the protagonists knows the truth) that it is Bacary who is refusing to re-sign.

    If Arsenal make a judgement as to his worth and Sagna’s party disagree then I am sure Arsenal would up their offer but not to a point where they consider it poor value. AW has publicly stated he wants Sagna to stay.

    So, if it is true we are in for another RB then it is Sagna who has had the decency to tell AFC prior to the WC that he is leaving and I wish him well.

  11. RA says:

    Super well reasoned Post, GIE. 🙂

    I am surprised with the responses so far as I have often felt out on a limb when pointing out that Sagna’s legs are already ‘going’, but all the response have agreed with you save one.

    I blog on other sites as well as on AA, and almost all the bloggers want him to stay at whatever cost — I bet in their private lives these people would not go shopping and say they will pay whatever they are asked.

    I don’t particularly want him to go, but the club should not be held to ransom either.

    What I have never understood is the comment made by many people, including Kelsey above, and perhaps you will explain, is how is Corp Jenks supposed to get ‘experience’ sitting on his ass on the bench?

    If it is simply watching from the stands or on TV, Sagna or other full backs play, then as most of us are older than most Premier League footballers, we should be far more ‘experienced’ than them, and should be playing ourselves ….. Not. 🙂

    Jenks needs to get the experience only playing will give him, because you cannot coach that, and when he was young, I bet Sagna had to get out there and make his mistakes and learn from them himself.

    [If Sagna does go, I do not think that Jenks will become our No.1 right back anyway, as I am sure that AW will buy a replacement.]

  12. sean potter says:

    If sagna goes we will need a very good replacement because i dnt think jenks is ready to step in.

  13. GunnerN5 says:


    A good topic to debate.

    Personally I’m betwixt and between on it – I like some of what I’ve seen in Sagna and am left reeling on other occasions.
    He still displays great energy to get up the wing but leaves a lot to be desired on the return trip. His passing is crisp and his tackling ability is acceptable but in this mans mind he gets skinned far too easily by the speedy wingers.

    Gaping holes left by our two defense men have left us helpless on way too many occasions but I’m unsure as to whether this is their fault or a tactical error on AW’s part.

    I really happy with Jenkinson and like RA I would like to see him get more game time. His DNA is pure Arsenal and I see him as our future so why not start now?

  14. GunnerN5 says:


    Just to let you know, I’m working on a post for Friday the 16th it will be an FA Cup related Blast. I should have it finished on Sunday.

  15. Totally agrre. He is a solid RB but thats all. Modern full backs are required to help both attack and defend, and i feel he lacks a bit in the attacking department.

    If you look at the likes of Dani Alves, Pisczcek, Coleman, Zabaleta etc they all add an attacking threat and are not afraid to get in and around the opposition box. Sagna always seems too eager to throw the ball into the box and get back to his RB post. This isnt good enough, espescially when trying to break through teams who come to defend. Gibbs looks dangerous when he gets forward, i cant say the same about Sagna.

    At 31 years old he is only going to decline, so i say let him leave (hopefully with an FA Cup winners medal) and get in someone with fresh legs and more of an attacking threat.

    As for the players in front of Sagna, im really looking forward to Joel Campbell coming back to the squad next season. He looks like he could develop into a quality player and may provide a bit of back up pace that weve missed along with Gnabry. If he can get himself a loan at a PL club next season (Everton maybe?) then we will see if hes got what it takes to challenge for a first team slot.

  16. Biodun says:

    Sagna should be persuaded to stay. His drive and commitment has never been in doubt. His contribution to the team should not be understated at all. A wage increase and a two year deal will however suffice because of his age, 31

  17. jnyc says:

    Yep GIE, I love Bacary, but its time. He’s been a very solid, consistent defender, but offers too little going forward. He would be perfect for cb, but wants waaay too much money for 3rd or 4th choice cb. Hopefully, this will be an improvement in the position. Maybe slightly less defense quality in exchange for much more help in attack.

  18. chas says:

    Cheers, GIE
    If he doesn’t want to stay then he must go.
    He could still get a lucrative contract elsewhere after a further two years with us.
    Perhaps he just wants a change of scenery.

    Good reason to watch this again. (well first 1 minute 20 seconds, anyway)

  19. RockyLives says:

    Good Post GiE

    What we want is pretty irrelevant because it’s clear to me that Bac is going to whomever is likely to give him the biggest payday (it will be Man City).

    From his personal standpoint I can’t blame him. He’s had some bad injuries and if someone is prepared to pay him bucket loads for the next three years he’d be crazy not to take it.

    He’s been a good – but not great – player for us and I will miss him, but I would be much more concerned if we were losing any one of Per, Koz, Ozil, Ramsey, Santi, Theo.

    I like Jenks a lot but we will need to replace Bac with a more experienced RB than Jenks. I would put money on another French (or French based) player coming in for that role – probably someone who’s not on the radar for most of us who don’t follow the European leagues closely.

  20. Everything I’ve read says we’ve offered him 3 years but the money”s not enough. I think we already have his replacement so the scenario about waiting til after the World cup won’t happen. I think he’s a free agent during the World cup anyway. Good luck to him. He’ll be sitting on City’s bench if he goes there though. I always remember him comforting Eduardo days after his brother died.

  21. Gööner In Exile says:

    Just a thought is there a German full back we could get? One unhappy in his current role or current club?

    I do like ze Germans. 🙂

  22. Gööner In Exile says:

    So quick google found this lad who is contracted at Frankfurt until 2015.

  23. Mike says:

    Good article but I disagree a little on the perception of leadership. Sagna seems to have a very mild personality but plays football like a man possessed. Agree he doesn’t seem very vocal but he certainly leads by example. Imo, leadership takes many forms. Who can forget the “Fu@k Y@o” header against the Spuddies? I think you’d find that Sagna is seen as a leader within this team by his contemporaries. Maybe what we should look at is Arsene’s ability to bring this quality out in the players. I am a huge Wenger fan and most likely always will be. But if he lacks anything as a manager, it’s the ability to bring this quality out in his players, Sagna being the [perfect example.

  24. GIE,

    We were linked with Jung in January as possible replacement so maybe something in that. I like the look of Ginter aswell from the very little ive seen of him but hes a CB/DM.

    If it was Koz leaving and Sagna staying then id be gutted, but i much prefer it this way round. Time to freshen up the RB role and get someone whos hungry for trophies rather than hungry for 1 last big contract.

  25. GunnerN5 says:

    Rocky/ Nemann.

    My son and myself are driving to Mississauga on Saturday to watch the FA Cup Final at the Mad Hatter. Its a great pub to watch football with a small but vocal group of Arsenal supporters. Back in 1992 I helped the original owners set up the football, its usually packed and has a good atmosphere. It would be great to meet up if you are able to make it to the game.

  26. RockyLives says:

    Hello Gn5
    We’re hosting a Cup Final party for a big bunch of friends (all Arsenal), otherwise I would have loved to join you at the Mad Hatter. Thankyou for the invitation.

  27. chas says:

  28. chas says:

  29. Big Raddy says:

    chas. I had a poster of young Jane in Barbarella in my bedroom for years. And one of Raquel Welch from One Million Years BC.

    They were almost as treasured as my programme collection

  30. Take exaltation transference pills…check !
    Psychocardiagrams are in perfect harmony…check !
    Press palms of hands together ….check !…….Barbarellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  31. Big Raddy says:

    Cockle. You are too young to remember that.

  32. Steve 1962er. Agree with your comments about Peter Storey. Because of his success at central midfield, many fans forget ( or are too young to know ) that he was a wonderful full back. He started as a left back and switched to the right after Arsenal signed Bob Mcnab. He was strong, quick, two footed and a very accurate passer of the ball.His positional sense was excellent as was his temperament. He won his first England cap at right back, before Alf Ramsey started selecting him as his holding midfielder.

  33. Goonerkam says:

    I tend to agree with peachs. &. Mike on the issue of SAGNA staying or not. He has always been one player I favor and a true GUNNER. I hope he takes the deal in front of him over going elsewhere to warm bench. He still has a lot to offer and can fill in at CB & LB. If needed. He leads by example and wears his heart on his sleeve. His sacrifices to the cause can not be questioned .if we do bring in another R B. To replace him CARLS development will be hindered and he might leave. AW wants him to stay also to help in stability and consistency . In many games he has been the spark and catalyst for our comebacks when the other players had their heads dropped already .
    I wonder if AW is going for wholesale changes for tomorrows game and fielding most of our B TEAM as there is really not much on the line. This could preserve our A TEAMS freshness and sharpness.
    Although there is something to be said for a game played by them right before the. Cup final. I’m torn myself as to which is the way forward.

  34. Goonerkam says:

    I posted a comment to your post of two days ago. Good discussion .

  35. White Bear says:

    GiE – how far did you have to drive to work to think all this? Wasn’t round the corner then (smile)

    I hope Bacary stays for at least one more season – we need him more than he needs us. If he goes anywhere else he would make a superb power sub, plenty steam in him left yet

    About him not being a captain material – it is a different skill set, not every professional has managerial skills. I have worked with 2 guys in particular that were probably best IT professionals but refused to become project managers or even team leaders, they couldn’t do it. And by the same token I worked with some fantastic project managers that didn’t have much of a clue about IT, but could lead. So the fact that Bacary is not a natural leader is not a reflection of his footballing abilities

    I like the lad and sincerely hope that he stays, but I think you might be right and we will be saying our goodbyes to him soon. it would be great if he had at least 1 trophy to show for the time he spent with us, wouldn’t it?

  36. Gööner In Exile says:

    Goonerkam interesting point about tomorrow, I guess as it’s Norwich it doesn’t matter, had it been one of the thug sides in the EPL then maybe I would have said B Team please.

  37. GOONERKAM says:

    Very true mate although don’t forget SAGNA suffered his second leg break against these guys.

  38. Gööner In Exile says:

    Fair point well made….C team then please.

  39. 26may1989 says:

    Excellent post, Exile.

    I’d like Sagna to stay but really because there’s already enough work to do on the squad this summer without adding to it, and retaining him would given us greater stability, including given that he is our 4th choice CB as well as 1st choice RB. However, it’s clear he’s off.

    You’re right, he’s very good but not perfect. My view is that his crossing has greatly improved since Jenkinson joined (the Corporal may be wayward in positioning and decision-making but his crossing has been the best since the day he arrived). Sagna is a good tackler and excellent in aerial challenges, but he has gone missing on occasion.

    The Corporal to step up? I’m with those who doubt he is ready, or if I’m honest, whether he’ll ever be ready. But then there were plenty who dismissed Ramsey.

    As for the market, if we could get Coleman, that would be fantastic. Costly, mind.

  40. neamman says:

    GN5 I live relatively close to the Mad Hatter, I will be there.. Just need to think of a way to identify each other. is there a PM facility on this site?
    Hmmmm Rocky has an Arsenal party and we are not invited???
    just joking.. :>)

  41. neamman says:

    Oh on the article..toitally agree with GIE. Sagna has been great and is a good cover for CB.. but not worth 3 more years. IMHO
    that being said how old were Dixon/Winterburn their last years?

  42. 26may1989 says:

    neamman, Winterburn played his last pretty full season for us aged 35 (and then had a couple of years playing regularly for the Whammers; Dixon played his last full-ish season for us aged 36.

    But the full backs’ position is so much more demanding these days – they have to play like wingers half the time, but still get back to defend. Much as I loved Dixon and Winterburn, I doubt they would’ve been able to cover all that ground in their mid 30s.

  43. GOONERKAM says:

    Well we all the Daily is the bible, the written word for all football fans . Why rely on your own eyes.

  44. GOONERKAM says:

    I will Ray. My eyes tell me that for 128 days THE ARSENAL was top of the table and the most consistent of teams.
    They also tell me that losing these three players one after the other cost is dearly as did losing a few others during the time when we had tough games coming every three days. On two spells. We started losing and drawing games . Some of those games we could have and should have done better.
    Then AARON comes back and now OZI and low and behold, THE ARSENAL start getting results again and become consistent. Correlation?. I would say yes. OZI has become our creative hub and AARON a spear in the box to box role. THEOS loss was most unfortunate as it relaxed the opposing defenses and they could push up against our midfielders without worrying about a pacey winger who could burn them time after time if they didn’t respect that side
    .and don’t forget that this is OZILS first year in this league and playing with these players. These are more or less facts and common sense .
    Add to this that out of hundreds of publications and pundits there are only a hand full that are not biased and don’t have an anti ARSENAL agenda. I take every article written about our club with A grain of salt. I don’t want their savage discrediting and I sure as heck don’t want their praise. I trust PATRICK BARCLAY, MATHEW SAYED, and to some extent John cross . The rest have shown their colors time after time and some are probably on the take. From the Uzbek. The team and club are all alone and the last thing they need is for a portion of their fans to fall for the bullshevik write-ups by these journos( agents ).
    up .
    By and by , do you possibly have a link to these stats by the mirror? I would love to look at their handy work in proving that the effect of OZI, AARON AND THEO on the ARSENAL IS ZERO.
    I know you can prove anything with statistics but this analysis should be a master piece of reverse logic.
    The game is only eight hours away.
    lets finish this campaign with a bang…..

  45. kelsey says:

    Morning all

    Firstly I would like to congratulate Raddy on winning The Eurovision Contest.I wasn’t fooled by the beard 🙂

    On a more serious note I seem to be in the minority (again) re Sagna.

    My concern is that more money is now available but will Wenger spend it on better players such as Sagna’s replacement when we nearly all agree that we need at least 2/3 quality players in other positions to boost the squad.Jenkinson is a gooner at heart but needs a mentor for at least another season.

    RA where did you read officially from Arsenal F.C. that Diaby wasn’t taking any wages.

  46. GOONERKAM says:

    Oh my. Sorry about the length of that last post..

  47. kelsey says:

    The main problem with Theo’s loss was that it restricted us enormously with a potent avenue of attack.

    With Ramsey it was the ability to join the attack when needed and score vital goals.He was a huge influence until he got injured.

    Ozil like many before him will take time to adjust but he is an outstanding intelligent footballer.

    Podolski.Not sure if AW really wants him as a regular starter or to play 60 odd minutes. Stamina is his issue.

    Monreal isn’t a LB and never will be.I can’t quite make out his best position if at all.

    Anyway it will be interesting to see team selection today.My guess is that most of the players AW has in his mind to start next week will get at least 45 minutes.One can’t go into any game,especially one like this which is effectively a dead rubber thinking this or that player may get injured.The momentum of 4 consecutive wins should be maintained in which time the team has only had the odd change.

  48. Big Raddy says:

    Eurovision. It was …… well ….. the stage was simply amazing. The music less so.

    How do I get photos from twitter A/C on to AA?

  49. Gööner In Exile says:

    Raddy just select your tweets and then there should be an option to copy link to tweet, post that in the comment box and hey presto.

  50. Gööner In Exile says:

    26/Neamann perhaps Nige and Lee lasted so long because for the first 4/5 (maybe longer) years of their Arsenal career they didn’t have to put in the miles up and down. They were quite attacking as they got older.

    But it is interesting how we used to have players who could cope until 35+ but now we seem to be returning to 70’s/80’s when players ended careers around 30-35, medical/diet improvements meant players could go longer for a while in the 90’s/00’s but now it seems with an increased pace and physicality in the league that possibility is reducing again.

  51. MickyDidIt89 says:


    Superb read, and great for me to miss yesterday, and be able to read all the comments through carefully.

    On balance, I remain in the “sign da ting” camp.

    In short, as 26 points out, stability. Other positions need new players far more urgently, and two new 1st XI’ers will be the max.

    Also, I suspect his workload was significantly upped as a result of Theo’s injury. He would cost a lot more to replace than to keep, and again as 26 says, who knows how Jenks will develop.

    Keep and rotate. Plus, he’s my Son’s favourite player.

  52. MickyDidIt89 says:


    Only just seen the vid posted yesterday morning after I left of the bearded Austrian “lady”.

    Kinda makes me think the Taliban have a point about Western decadence 🙂

  53. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I spent all yesterday thinking PL games were being played. Finally got back into car at 5:15 and got the radio on.

    For at least ten minutes I was f’ing at 5 Live and Talk Sport for banging on about some Play Off game.

    Durr 😦

  54. GOONERKAM says:

    True. a full circle. A double edged sword. Good diet , no smoking and drinking and a new fitness regiment made all football players better athletes and that pushed the threshold of the game higher and faster. And at those new levels injuries come fast and furious and therefore push the footballers average longevity lower. But something tells me yesterdays footballer was a harder man. More steel. Maybe it was a mental thing. A ” never give up ” attitude and add to that ” over my dead body ” . That’s why I love KOSHER, SAGS & ROSICKY. and the FLAMSTER.
    OG is a fighter too..

  55. Big Raddy says:

    Didit. A feature of the night was listening to thousands of people booing every time Russia got a vote. It reached a point when the announcers had to ask the audience to stop (not seen on camera).

    I am surprised the audience didn’t have a hissy fit 😉

    Then the Austrian winner made a veiled reference to it ….

    p.s. I wondered what your were writing about when you said you would not read my PM

  56. GOONERKAM says:

    Hahaha. Same here. Turned on sky for score updates and was cursing the announcers for giving all kind o news and no efffing scores. It felt pretty dumb the dawning.

  57. Big Raddy says:

    Kam. Not just that. Today the referees penalise any physical contact, which allows player to be more athletic but less strong. IMO

  58. GOONERKAM says:

    (0( the same goes for the NFL over here in the states. I here next year the quarterbacks will be playing in skirts.
    Tnx for cleaning ray up. I made an error in judgment engaging him.
    BIG RADDY was there truly a bearded lady contestant last night. Hehe. I think I’ll draw the line right there. (0(

  59. Raddy – select your tweet and there are three little dots in a row, select those and you get an option to copy the tweet, come into a comment and paste the link.

  60. Big Raddy says:

    Kam. Google Eurovision Song Contest winner.

    Last night over 200m people watched the show on TV – I was somewhat reluctantly in the audience.

  61. chas says:

    Right click on Expand (circled) and left click Copy link address 🙂

  62. Raddy – can I use your time machine sometime?

  63. chas says:

    ‘Expand’ might also say ‘View photo/Hide photo’, but it’ll always be in that same place.

  64. …………. or click on the ‘more’ three dots ………

  65. Morning chas 🙂

  66. I expect Raddy is stressing over the team selection round about now.

    I woke up thinking about how it was Raddy’s last PM 😦 and then remembered there’s another one next week 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Wemberley Wemberley
    We are The Famous Arsenal and we’re going to Wemberley ….

  67. White Bear says:

    Raddy – one thing I am going to say about Eurovision – disgusting. That freak would never win if he looked normal, the thing couldn’t sing.

    Chas – Peaches pointed me to the photos of yoru previous garden – awesome!! So beautiful and romantic. I had no idea you had such skills

  68. kelsey says:

    Actually you agree with me as well,Micky. 🙂

    peaches the behind the scenes has gone from bad to worse.

  69. White Bear says:

    no Peaches , as you rightly reminded me yesterday – we (you and I, and co) are going to the Emirates

  70. chas says:

    Is this you?
    Never knew you were a scientist

  71. RA says:


    I think I saw you in the Eurovision – bearded, wearing a fetching little polyester number and with those biiiiig eyes!!!!!!! 🙂

  72. chas says:

    Morning, peaches.
    I don’t know nuffin about no ‘more’ three dots.

    It was a beautiful location. Like being in the country. Huge mature trees at the bottom where there used to be a stream.

  73. White Bear says:

  74. LBG says:

    Morning All
    Thanks for your post GiE and sorry a bit late in responding. Disagree considerably with you which surprises me given your status as the GK who talks sense. Agree totally with Kelsey. Think Bacs would be a great loss, would gives us good cover for at least two seasons. Is in my opinion a wholehearted player which is how he leads, and rarely gets the options esp from Walcott on the right hand side. All opinion of course! Up the Arse.

  75. White Bear says:

    no luck, sorry, I will try again.

    Chas – not just the trees, but the wild flowers, layout, colours – magic. I’d love a garden like this

  76. White Bear says:


  77. GOONERKAM says:

    Did you vote for her / him?? Must have been a hell of a song. 🙂

  78. RA says:

    Kelsey (you’re back) 🙂

    re. 6:13, and Diaby’s salary:

    I don’t have a crystal ball like you,sadly, so I have to rely on M. Wenger to write to me and give me the low down – you know what a gossip he is.

  79. White Bear says:

    GoonerKam – not a song, but sweet music to my ears

  80. chas says:

    Great photo of the bab.
    Looks like she has real attitude, either that or she’s doing an Elvis impersonation.

  81. MickyDidIt89 says:

    The Austrian Won!!!

    Ha ha ROLF LAMOW

  82. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Was He/She/It a dresser-up, or a full on chopped ’em off type?

  83. MickyDidIt89 says:


    Ha ha, you as well eh?

    The language in my car was blue and loud. I was soooo angry that the stupid bastards were talking about some play off 🙂

  84. Big Raddy says:

    WB I liked the Polish performance for two obvious reasons 😀

  85. Big Raddy says:

    chas. I am neither a scientist or an explorer!

  86. RA says:

    White Bear,

    A lovely picture of a beautiful baby — and I cannot believe she is growing up so fast! 🙂

  87. White Bear says:

    Yes, our baby is a fast growing tough little cookie. Healthy and happy despite calamity grandmothers throwing her around and head butting her. She is going to be a true Gooner

    BR – I thought you might like the polish rubbish with tits

  88. Big Raddy says:

    Yeaahhhhh. View from my seat . Pic taken with crappy old iPhone.

  89. White Bear says:

    well don e Raddy !! easy when you know how (I have finally cracked it too@)

  90. chas says:

    Last day of the season – a time to remember those less fortunate. 🙂

  91. MickyDidIt89 says:


    Each of those vids are works of art. Superb. Enough in their own right to set up any Gunners day. Whole summer, even 🙂


  92. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Now I really am going to miss the BR PM

    Back for the game though 🙂

  93. GOONERKAM says:

    damn. A show that has polish rubbish with tits . I must catch the next installment.
    beautiful gooneret. God bless.

  94. White Bear says:

    GK – there you are, hardly worth watching the whole thing unless you like tits

  95. Sorry Micky …………

    We have a New Post ……………….

  96. I’m really going to miss Sagna, but if he feels disrespected at only being paid £60k a week, then he needs to step back a bit and realise that’s an insane amount of money!

  97. Goonerkam says:

    Goodness me. CHAS
    That is one well per portioned THIFA. Assistant referee. I could never raise my voice to a beaut. Like that.
    I could however get in her face for a little chitchat about a call she just made. Or the weather. (0(

  98. Vinay says:

    I adored Sagna, note it say adored, i already think he is leaving and i am ok with it. It was the same with Clichy, no one really dis liked Gael and we all wished him well even when he went to the sheikhs.
    Bacs is a far better player than Clichy but then as a full back his best years are gone and even though he will do very well as a cb for us when needed, fact is we need a RB and he is not the one for us.
    He has been amazing, great professional, probably should be the first one along with Rozza to lift the trophy this saturday once we win but thats about it. Thanks for the memories and yes ludvine you to

  99. Suresh Babu Gaddam

    Time to say goodbye | Arsenal Arsenal

  100. Namita Chittoria

    Time to say goodbye | Arsenal Arsenal

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