Arsenal go out, but with heads held high

Personally I feel it is difficult to write a review on a two legged fixture when constantly one refers back to key incidents in the first leg.

When one is playing arguably the best club side in Europe comparisons have to be drawn. My overall conclusion is that the tie, for all intensive purposes, was over in the home leg but the team showed a dramatic improvement last night and we should all be proud of the display.

We contained Bayern in the first half which had one fleeting moment when single handily Oxdale- Chamberlain literally walked through the Bayern midfield and defence, and though it came to nothing for one so young he is the future star of this Arsenal team.

When one is constantly pegged back in ones own half and the midfield is pushed back deeper and deeper I wondered if having Giroud as the lone striker was the right tactical decision last night. This is not a slight on Ollie but to counter balance my thoughts we didn’t have the quality or type of player on the bench to change the formation.

Would a fully fit squad have changed things ? I really am not sure, but there is no question in my mind that the gap has narrowed and we still have a major chance to win the FA Cup and a possible chance of The League.

On the downside Ozil, who looked completely out of sorts, has sustained a hamstring injury and when the boss says that he will be out for weeks, that is ominous. The inclusion of Rio who was not eligible to play really needs investigating.

I may be repeating what many have said, but we just are two or three quality players short to strengthen the squad as recent history has been proved to show that we pick up more injuries than any other PL team.

The diving and cheating by Robben has been discussed a thousand times, yet he seems to be getting away with it for years, so to me it’s a pointless discussion.

We gave it our best shot, so one can’t ask for any more and now we have a number of days to regroup and get down to the business end and give Spurs a spanking.

You will all have your opinions on each players performance though to me The Ox was our stand out player. Vermaelen who has played little football this season, played admirably in a position not best suited to him and Fabianski once again was composed and IMO it would be a bad decision to let him leave in the Summer as competition to Szczesny wouldn’t go amiss.

Written by kelsey

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  1. Malaysian gunner says:

    I don’t agree with the headline.BM could have won 3-1 if not for the gk. In contrast Arsenal had fewer chances to test the BN gk.We have to look forward to another season.
    If Arsenal somehow fail to qualify for the cl, blame Wenger. He was supposed to get a striker with some quality ones available.But he chose to get a crock.
    This is not only his single piece of mismanagement.There are too many to highlight suffice to say his contract shd not be renewed
    if cl soccer aint forth coming.

  2. kelsey says:

    Off to a good start,then 🙂

  3. chas says:

    I agree 100% with the headline, kelsey.
    Thanks for another good summary.

    It was a fine team performance, especially in the 2nd half (the first half was always going to be trying to keep it 0-0 1989-stylee).

  4. Arthur says:

    I thought we played very well. I watched the match with the sound off. When I heard the pundits at the end, I could not believe how negative they were. I turned off the TV immediately!

  5. RA says:

    Kelsey, I agree with Chas!! 🙂


    Cheers Kelsey, once again, top report

    The thing that struck me most from the game, and previous games with Munchen and Barca is the need for “stability”.

    Barca and Munchen are probably the two best sides in Europe. They have a developed style of play that is hard to match. Brilliant at keeping the ball and superb at winning it back.

    Both Clubs have benefited from stable structures in terms of management, ownership, back ground staff, and of course the ability via strong finances to keep the players they want and add to the squad when necessary.

    This must be Arsenals aim. We have solid foundations but we all know the area were we have faltered is that the financial predicament of the Grove move meant that we could not hold our squad together and procuring the players we wanted was difficult.

    There are still reasons for concern. The Sagna, Verm, and Fabianski situation worries me. These are top players and I want them to stay. In addition, we still need to see more evidence that the Club can strengthen the squad with the required quality.

    Overall, I am confident that we can get to the top level. We are no longer The Naked Civil Servant, skulking in the dark and fearing some Builder will take umbrage at our nail varnish.

    Quentin Crisp lived in the wrong era. Society should have left the poor fellow alone, allowing him to be who he wanted, not persecuting the poor fellow for his like of the Bouffant hair do.

    Our case is different. We have entered an era were the opportunity to be competitive is upon us. We have every chance to be successful.

    The Ghosts of the Thirties are Stirring.

  7. GunnerN5 says:

    Morning Kelsey, Good thoughtful report. Bayern were the stronger side and definitely have more depth than the forever thinning ranks of Arsenal. I was proud of the team performance and felt, like most biased Arsenal supporters, that as usual – we never got the rub of the green.

    There were many positives about our players, Podolski, Vermaelen, Chamberlain and Fabianski were outstanding. Once again AW proved that us supporters know little about players potential – hands up all of us that felt one of our top 2/3 “must haves” going into the season was a new goalkeeper ? Up shoots my hand. Now in Fabianski and Szczesny we have the two of the best in the PL.

    So yet another long term injury this time Ozil – the beat goes on – and on – and on……….

  8. arnie says:

    Pretty good performance, against the odds, and pretty fine objective summary Kelsey. Yes, the commentary was rubbish, but we did not expect better did we?

    Yes, Robben cheated, or engaged in “professional” diving, if that sounds better. As a team, Bayern engaged in “professional” clipping and kicking. Unfortunately that is the nature of the game in Europe. A bit different in the EPL, where it is more mercenary action, rugby or even WWE style. I do not think there is much point in complaining. But it is good to keep this assessment in the public domain, in the faint hope that things may change for the better in the future.

    One thing to recognise is that Bayern do not usually play in this fashion. Under Guardiola, they have been changing playing style depending on the opposition. Our boys did well to draw away at Bayern, which is actually a big deal. But Bayern were also able to limit damage to a minimum. All fair and square.

    On with the show. 😀 😀 😀

  9. Danny says:

    We’ve now lost Jack and Ozil for the next few weeks. Bad news indeed.

  10. Bryan says:

    Pretty decent performance, I do think it could of been a bit better, don’t think we really had ago at them but of course is very hard against such a great team.
    Its a bit of a “if sczes hadn’t been sent off” in 1st game scenario for me but can’t change that.
    Was actually very disappointed with Giroud’s performance as I thought he was poor all night.
    Also think that Ozil being injured may not be the worst thing as he has gone missing in most games lately (other than FA Cup Everton game) & it takes the pressure off him a bit & also gives him a rest

  11. kelsey says:

    What is it with so many Arsenal fans, they appear sometimes to take pleasure in finding a scapegoat for a match, a few matches or even a season.

    Last night it was Giroud. Now I am the first to admit that he is nowhere near an out and out striker and though his stats weigh up pretty well he isn’t the most clinical,but the way the game panned out he was often the only man forward and nearly always marked closely by at least two players.
    To say he had a difficult job is an understatement and that is why I suggested in my post that perhaps in similar games against other top sides we should revert back to 4-4-2.

  12. Rasp says:

    Very fair report Kelsey – I think your headline is entirely justified. They may have had more of the ball but they didn’t create that many chances. Yes Fab2 made some good saves – but he’s part of the team. If Giroud had 3 chances and buried them all would someone say, well you only won because Giroud played well. We deserved nothing less than a draw. The chavs won the CL playing far more negatively than we did last night.

    As always you look back at what could have been. I have lamented the fact that we (the manager) don’t learn from our mistakes. Three times recently we’ve had the opportunity to finish top of our group and get an easier draw in the knockout stages and 3 times we’ve thrown it away and then been drawn against the favourites/eventual winners. That is in part our fault. The poor refereeing performances have just compounded the situation.

  13. RA says:

    Kelsey is correct – it is unfair to scapegoat any of the players, so I vote that the actual scapegoat should be ……………………………

    …………………………….. KELSEY ………………………..

  14. Musterphy says:

    I think, wenger can not do more than this, even he have the best team in the world.He’s a manager not coach.

  15. Big Raddy says:

    So …. we draw against the best team in the world in their own ground and still people moan.

    Remember this …

    We lost our most influential player at half-time
    We were missing two of our top 3 goal scorers.
    We had the chances in the last 10 minutes to win the game
    It was the first time this season that BM haven’t scored 2 or more at home.
    We didn’t have a recognised left back.
    We had our second string GK

    I could go on. This was a fine performance from a team which was seriously weakened by injury against a marvellous side who were able to play their first choice starting 11.

    Given the difficulties I would say the lads did us proud.

    As such I agree with Kelsey’s headline and enjoyed his post.

  16. arnie says:

    Did not realise we were running a poll on Kelsey’s title. 😛 We love polls, don’t we? My vote goes to Kelsey’s title. Perfect for me. 😀 😀

  17. arnie says:

    Injuries are a concern. Can we deal with both Ozil and Jack being out? Yes, we can. Santi is running into some fine form. The Ox is just superb. TR7 is excellent, Gnabry is developing well.

    Verms did very well yesterday. Where was the supposed lack of depth?

    When does “storm in a teacup” start playing?

    All to play for. On with the show.

    The contract situation is a bit worrying. Let us see how this evolves. Get on with it, Wenger and the good guys. 😀 😀

  18. Norfolk Gooner says:

    G’day all,

    Well done Kelsey, you called it as I saw it. There was no disgrace in getting a draw last night. I was proud, and a little relieved, at the way out team performed, not many sides will come away unbeaten from the Allianz Arena.

    Robben’s proclivity for falling over under powder puff challenges is a blight on football. He has so much talent that it is shameful that he chooses to pollute the game with his theatrics.

    Now that Ozil is out for a few weeks Oxlade-Chamberlain must be one of the first names on the team sheet, I do fear that he will come in for the kind of rotational fouling suffered by Jack Wilshire but if we can learn to take full advantage of the free-kicks he will thereby earn, things may turn out to our benefit.

    I do look in to read the posts most days, though not always the comments. I am stuck in limbo at the moment, my GP tells me I have cataracts while my Ophthalmologist tells me I haven’t, I’m waiting for an appointment with a specialist.

    Micky, what was the atmosphere like in the Gooner section last night? Because of the awful ITV commentators I kept the volume down and so didn’t hear much of the away support.

  19. arnie says:

    Norfolk: good luck with the medical matters. These things are a shambles. Slightly better in Scotland than in England. Even then, I recently had to go private after waiting well over a year for a specialist appointment. I am sure you will have a much better experience. 😀 😀

    On The Ox, he seems to be of robust constitution. I think he will handle persistent fouling well. Unlike Jack, who seems to suffer excessively.

    Regarding the commentary, yes it was shocking. I don’t know what is the matter. I expect some good words for the good guys, at the very least when they are playing in Europe. Just a complete shambles. I kept the volume up hoping to catch some Arsenal support, but all I heard was the Bayern supporters! 😦

  20. Big Raddy says:

    Ozil’s injury seems to depressed the site!

    Sun is shining – Must be Diaby Time

  21. LB says:

    Ozil’s injury is very depressing.

    As for the headline: I agree with RA who agrees with Chas.

    Good stuff Kelsey.

    As you say: giving spuds a good spanking is the way forward.

  22. arnie says:

    I agree with LB, who agrees with RA, who ….. 😀 😀

    Raddy: yes, must be Diaby time, what about the mailvan?

  23. JanMan says:

    Kelsey. Nice post thank you. I agree with everyone who agrees with everyone else, nothing wrong with the headline! Could we have done more, of course we could, but as Kelsey stated the events of the first game pretty much took care of the second game. Although we all had hope we did not really expect to go through. Shame about Özil but like every other problem (injury) we have had to face we will compensate. We are the Arsenal, that’s what we do.

  24. Big Raddy says:

    Well said Janman. That is what we do …. but it hasn’t really worked for a few years has it?

  25. arnie says:

    Raddy: “but it hasn’t really worked for a few years has it?” It depends on the way one looks at it. where you place the counterfactual. If only Theo and Ramsey would have been fit, what might have happened, if only the league was played on a calendar year basis, and so on. Having said that, it is right that we keep our expectations from the team high. 😀

    What the two legs against Bayern showed to me is that, this team is improving, but still work in progress. Onwards and upwards. 😀 😀 😀

  26. arnie says:

    Given that this space has gone to sleep, here is a piece of my mind. Hopefully somewhat controversial. It is somewhat instructive to look at the club from a historical point of view. What GN5 contributes is fantastic, and based on a long run historical view. But let us now take a historical view from the medium run, say the past 5 years.

    There was a point when Arsene almost developed Arsenal into a young team, developed partly through the academy, that would start winning silver. Almost, but not quite. But this development sent shudders through the also-rans in the English league. If, and a big if, we had started winning trophies at that stage, things could have been quite different. The team was young, would have developed further, and would have had a run on the oppositions.

    Unfortunately, this did not happen. Instead, the other clubs went for financial doping to get themselves into contention before the voices of reason threatened to take over, FFP and the like. This was disastrous in so far as Arsenal was concerned. We drew a nought.

    Now, things are starting to be different. Now Arsenal has the financial strength to run after top players, and potentially develop a team around a youthful core in combination with a few big stars. The question is, will Arsene and Arsenal do that? And should they? Or, should we continue to place our faith in young players developed in-house, and try to fight it out, in combination with a few senior pros.

    The answer, my friends, is blowing in the wind! 😀

  27. White Bear says:

    I disagree! Not sure what about, but I don’t want to be like everyone else.
    Good, good post Kelsey, thank you. I have no doubts that a fully fit squad would win us the next stage of the CL. I miss Ramsey most, but Theo would/could have been lethal. Never mind, Spuds to sweeten things up on Sunday

  28. arnie says:

    I protest that I have nothing much to disagree with!!!!! 😛

  29. RA says:

    And I disagree with you disagreeing when you are not really disagreeing, so I don’t really disagree with you because you are a Polar Bear. So there! 🙂

  30. Big Raddy says:

    Not often I want Barca to win but tonight ….

  31. Gööner In Exile says:

    Well done Kelsey, fine thoughts and didn’t really see it that differently. I think I would just like to see us be a bit more adventurous when faced with the likes of Bayern and Barca.

    This thought actually dovetails with Arnie’s post above.

    Who was the stand out performer for Arsenal last night, without a doubt it was Ox, what was the one thing that made him standout? Fearlessness.

    He didn’t worry whether his pass would be intercepted, he didn’t worry that he might be tackled when faced with two/three Bayern players….he got the ball and tried to make things happen, in my mind if 10 other players on the pitch had showed that courage we may have been talking about an outstanding win or a rugby score defeat. But if we harbour fear of losing we have already lost.

    The player to me who represented the complete opposite to this was Sagna, too many times when faced with the possibility of passing to a man who was showing but marked he chose the safer option and went backward.

    Too much thinking spoils our game.

    So to Arnie’s point would I buy in or develop youth, well starting next season and assuming all fit I would like our regular midfield three to be Rambo, Jack and Ox.

    Kozzer and BFG at the heart of the defence because I believe both have immense courage, I would promote Jenkinson to right back and Gibbs obviously when foot keeps the left back.

    Then it’s the attacking three, Theo gets a shirt clearly, but Ozil or Santi? Or buy in Draxler?

    One other thought that crossed my mind Muller and Kroos came off the bench, why do we worry that Pod, Fab, Verm etc would not stay to be on the bench?

  32. GoonerB says:

    Sorry I am late to the forum but once again an excellent post Kelsey. I do have to say though that I think you got the headline wrong. Surely it would have read better as “Arsenal go out, but with heads held aloft”. Apart from that another top notch report from the Silver Fox.

    I was also very proud of the team and pretty much agree with most sentiments stated here today. The only thing I think we could have done better was play with pace up top. I don’t think Giroud played badly but his lack of pace allowed them to play a high defensive line and meant they could compress space in our half so when we couldn’t get out from deep without them winning the ball back and bringing it straight back onto us.

    I have mentioned it before and I think Micky feels the same way but I wish AW would mix it up a bit in these games and try the Ox up top as a false 9. I feel this would have made them drop the defensive line deeper and we would have found it easier to work the ball out and not be laid siege to. We could have brought TR into the midfield then as well where he is excellent at bringing the ball out and retaining possession and controlling our tempo.

    Still just a small gripe but I think the introduction of a quicker striker in the summer will give us that extra option and we shouldn’t then find ourselves in that situation.

  33. chas says:

    Wasn’t the reason we had a platform to play a little more positively in the second half because we had played cautiously in the first half?

    Wasn’t Kos bursting forward (with no fear) in the first leg with 3 minutes to go when 0-1 with 10 men (an acceptable scoreline), part of the reason that last night was too big a mountain to climb?

    The Ox showing fearlessness is all well and good, but if the whole team did that against Bayern, I think the rugby score would have been the only outcome.

  34. Gööner In Exile says:

    Chas I know where you’re coming from, Kos played without fear to get us to the half way line, that bit was good. It was the next bit (going forward for a free kick and Jack playing the pass) that was just not sensible given the state of the game and with 90 minutes to play at their place.

    But last night we had nothing to lose, keeping it tight for 45 makes sense in one aspect, but the longer you keep it tight the less time you give yourself to get the goals. Had we gone there 1-0 down maybe I would have accepted the more cautionary approach. I just felt we gave them a bit too much respect.

  35. chas says:

    Bearing in mind that I know nothing about football tactics.
    I often think it’s luck that determines a game of football.
    Whether the ball ends up in the net seems such an arbitrary thing.

    Some days you have 30 attempts and still can’t score, others only 4 chances and score 3.

    How else could the chavs have won the CL with such a poor team?

    Oilers now need three, just as we did.

  36. chas says:

    I was surprised in last night’s game when the distances completed were put up in the second half and Bayern were something like 106k to our 101k.
    I always thought you put in more yardage if you didn’t have the ball.

  37. chas says:

    Mind you they closed us down high up the pitch which obviously takes a lot of running.

  38. chas says:

    Shocking refereeing in the Barca game.
    What a fucking surprise.

  39. chas says:

    Mind you, Barca should have had a pen in the first half and there was a marginal offside, too.

  40. chas says:

    The commentator just said, ‘can City get an equaliser and escape with a draw as Arsenal did last night?’
    So City scoring in the last minutes and us scoring with over half hour to go are the same thing now. Fair enough.

  41. chas says:

    I’ve done my best with the getting the comment count up. 🙂

  42. chas says:

    Hang on, Shitty have now scored, so they did exactly the same as us.

  43. Gööner In Exile says:

    They can’t 🙂

  44. chas says:

    Alves scores, Arsenal’s honour is safe.

  45. chas says:

  46. chas says:

    What do you think as a member of the goalkeeper’s union, GIE?

  47. chas says:

  48. chas says:

  49. chas says:

  50. chas says:

  51. chas says:

  52. Gööner In Exile says:

    Chas I would be screaming for offside.

    I can’t believe Kompany is allowed to say “it’s only our 3rd year in this competition we have nothing to fear next season”

    Excuse Me? Not when you’ve spent as much as your club have fella…..shouldn’t need to get used to the competition.

  53. chas says:

    Last one.
    It looks as though there’s no chance of England losing the 4th CL spot for many years, judging by this.

  54. Gööner In Exile says:

  55. Gööner In Exile says:

    That’s a callback to this mornings headlines and why fans think there may be a slight anti Arsenal bias in the media….

    How many will mention that woeful Lescott cost £24m? Or any other of the City flops tonight will have their price tag mentioned?

  56. arnie says:

    Chas: well done in your attempts to hike the comment count. 😛 What a frustrating day on AA! 😀

    GiE: Thanks a lot for your comment on my “post” 😛 I agree on The Ox and would have liked to see somewhat more by way of initiative yesterday. Thinking about your thoughts on the team next year. But, why Jenks? Do you think he can step up, or are you resigned to losing Sagna. I tend to think Sagna can play positively. I think yesterday it was probably part of the strategy. In any case, we are more defensive this year than what we have been in teh recent past.

    Food for thought!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  57. Gööner In Exile says:

    Arnie it won’t surprise many readers to know I am not Bacarys biggest fan. I think in his younger days his pace made up for a lot of his shortcomings. With that pace waning I am not so sure he has enough.

    TV5 when he had the chance in the first half yesterday was trying to get forward that’s why I’m not sure it was the way Arsene wanted them to play. I haven’t listened to post match interviews so I may be wrong. It wasn’t just ball at feet with Sagna it was throw ins too, players were pointing up the line Giroud was waiting to try and win a long throw and BFG and Koz had to work to find space for Bacary to throw too, because he didn’t risk going up pitch.

    Gibbs used to do the same in his early days, all the talent at his feet and he would often go back to centre backs because his first touch took him that way. We see a differentGibbs now.

    But that’s not the only thing, when we moved the ball quickly, Ox, Santi, Pod (yesterday) with one touch passes we looked like we could do something but for me as soon as a player takes too many touches or stands still on the ball I think they’re hindering our style of play. We looked so much more threatening when we moved with the ball and passed quickly. The best Arsene sides could pass their way quickly out of a press, but when we give the press too much respect we don’t do it and we stutter.

  58. Gööner In Exile says:

    And so by default Jenks attitude to attack and his pace can help his shortcomings. But I’m not one who thinks he can’t step up. I think with a run he can do a very good job for us.

  59. kelsey says:


    Chas,to be honest I was thinking on the same lines re few comments.
    Maybe there is nothing more to discuss,maybe some are deflated or maye my style doesn’t suit 🙂

  60. RockyLives says:

    Totally agree about Jenks. He hasn’t had enough games this year. Last year, with a bit of a run, he played in the away game at Munich and was absolutely outstanding.

    Very fine write up.

  61. chas says:

    Morning, kelsey
    Definitely not down to style, your match reports are excellent.
    I think everybody knew we had lost the tie in the first leg barring a miracle.

    Morning, Rocky.

  62. chas says:

    More Sopranos soundtrack.

  63. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Morning Kelsey

    Thanks for great preview 🙂
    Although I am unlikely to give an objective opinion on this, I agree with your Ox as MOTM. Got an average pic of him and Mert coming over to the fans at the end.

    Oh good, I take it from comments City went out.

    6:17 an GMT Rocky! Are we in the uk?

  64. MickyDidIt89 says:

    And Motning Chas

    Loved the Aston Ad 🙂

  65. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Quick thought on Mesut injury.

    Although I’m sad, just because I love the fella, I can’t help thinking we will never see the best of him until we get a speedster in front of him to get on the end of the “mesmertrons” (copyright Arsenal Gent). It’s like a DB10 not having a TH.

    As for the rest of the season, and the thrashing of the Spuds on Sunday, I’d love to see Santi in the middle orchestrating, with Serge and Ox down the flanks.

  66. RockyLives says:

    Night Chas and Micky
    Nearly midnight here in LA.

    Can’t believe I booked a flight back to Toronto on Sunday that coincides with the Spuds game 😦

  67. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Ooo Kelsey,

    I know your balls have been misfiring a little lately, but what message are they sending you about Sunday’s result?

  68. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Ah, Rocky went east. Nite.

  69. RockyLives says:

    Er… I think you mean West, Micky, unless you think I went the long way round.

  70. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Yes, I did. Must be the auto correction on my dim laptop 🙂

  71. chas says:

    At least the spuds have a game tonight, thanks to our support in the last round.

  72. RockyLives says:

    Envious of your Munchen trip Micky. Was it fun?

  73. RockyLives says:

    So presumably we’re happy for them to get knocked out in this round…

  74. MickyDidIt89 says:

    “thanks to our support in the last round” ha ha, so true 🙂

    Yes fantastic Rocky. Great City, fabulous weather, meeting loads of great Gooners. Had a great trip out into the mountains day before. Stunning. All in all, highly memorable trip. Can’t wait for the CL next year.

    Mind you, I’ll have to keep sucking up to Ant ‘n Duck 🙂

  75. chas says:

    How was the sausage hunt?

  76. RockyLives says:

    Right, real goodnight now…

    Adios amigos

  77. MickyDidIt89 says:


    Yes, out they can go now. We’re just delighted they have a tie today. They’ll have to give it 100% for the full 90 as well, which is great for us.

  78. White Bear says:

    don’t worry Rocky – I am flying to Poland during FA semis, I am an ejeet

  79. chas says:

    Micky is the guide as to when it’s ok to support the spuds.

  80. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Confirmed: Sausages rubbish. Mind you, I set my sights higher and beyond the mighty schnitzel and did bag some great Bavarian grub.

    Mind you, not too keen on seeing any more meat for a year or two. Blimey, they must be producing a shit load of pigs somewhere.

  81. MickyDidIt89 says:


    The support comes with Terms and Conditions.

    Thing is, in doing so, you become a member of a cult and have to wear an usual hat and mask. It’s all quite odd.

  82. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Great pic Chas 🙂

    I was saving that for a mini road trip review. What the roaming gooner may get up to on the day before.

  83. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Since it’s out of the bag, people that’s the view from the top of Germany’s highest mountain, the Zugspitze. Views over four countries.

    I cable car’d to the top. Wank was a tiny lump miles below.

  84. chas says:

    Now deleted

  85. chas says:

    Wank was a tiny lump miles below
    Don’t be so modest.

  86. chas says:

    No-one saw it except for Evra’s dog, shhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  87. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Come on Timothy Sherwood, do your duty. 1st XI, and run them into the ground 🙂

    Back to normality now, beginning with a school run.

  88. LB says:

    Courtesy of GIE

    “but for me as soon as a player takes too many touches or stands still on the ball I think they’re hindering our style of play.”

    “We looked so much more threatening when we moved with the ball and passed quickly.”

    “The best Arsene sides could pass their way quickly out of a press, but when we give the press too much respect we don’t do it and we stutter.”

    Now, if I had written this you would have all known who I was referring to and yet…………………………………

    Pots and kettles, pots and kettles 😉

  89. Big Raddy says:

    Micky. Get writing….

  90. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Morning LB and BR

    Raddy, can you see where there are gaps for posts. Fri or sat?

  91. Gööner In Exile says:

    He wasn’t playing LB 😀

  92. Gööner In Exile says:

    And fwiw Ox took more than three touches a lot, but he was moving forward, I rarely see Jack stand on the ball, although I agree he has struggled to find the right time to release it recently.

  93. Big Raddy says:

    Micky. There is a post in the loading bay but I guess it will be used today. When is best for you?

  94. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Fri or sat fine. Catch up work, then can get back to serious duty 🙂

  95. Morning all

    Micky – Saturday is all yours 😉

  96. We have a New Post everyone ……………….

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