Forward The Arsenal

Cannon to the Right of them,

Cannon to the left

Onwards in to the Group of Death

Rode the Mighty Arsenal

So we start yet another CL season, our umpteenth campaign. Consider this …… Only MU and Real Madrid in the whole of Europe have taken part in more consecutive CL seasons. This is quite some record for a team for whom 4th is a Trophy 😀

Of course, we haven’t won Big Ears yet and I doubt we will do so this term but you have to be in it to win it (Are you watching Tottenham?).

What of Olympique de Marseille? We played them in 2011 and won at the Stade Velodrome 1-0 thanks to a Ramsey goal. However, OM go into the game having only lost twice at home in a year and with 6 new signings who appear to have quickly settled. We know about Valbuena, Gignac and Ayew who gave us a test last time, but they just signed Florian Thauvin who is being touted as the new Hazard. Last year he was signed by Lille from Bastia but loaned back for a season, he had such an impact that Marseille paid €13m for him, giving Lille a €10m profit on a player who had never played for them!! Thauvin is a playmaker in the Hazard/Ozil mould (but not as good).

Then there is Payet, a CF who has scored three times in OM’s first 5 games.


Not sure what Ché has to do with Marseille!

Arsenal:  Injuries. Many have fallen before we hear the sound of musket fire. Those that are left will be roused by trumpets and sent against the heathen ranks. But will our glorious survivors have enough to overcome the infidel? Your guess is as good as mine, and mine is that the answer is in the positive.

The return of Merts is important because it allows Sagna to take his place at RB where he will face the flying Ayew. This will be one of the key battles. If Bac can stop the balls into Gignac and Payet we are almost home. If not, we must hope that BFG and Kos are on form.

Koscielny. What to say? 6 games played. 2 stupid penalties given away. Red and yellow cards. Shape up man, you are a brilliant player and you don’t want to lose your place to our club captain.

The midfield is superb even without the influence of Arteta. That said, we haven’t really been tested by any team other than AV who had 14 players on the pitch. Even with the loss of Cazorla, Arteta, Ox and Mozart (which is a formidable midfield) we look strong.. The addition of Mesut is just the cherry on top.

Upfront. Theo has to get amongst the goals before it starts to affect his confidence. He grows when he knows he is dangerous. OG is going to take a kicking both from the Marseilles defenders and his fellow countrymen in the stands who are less than impressed with his recent performances for the national team. Let’s hope he sticks up a metaphorical two fingers and scores a brace.

My Team:

18th sept

The bench still looks weak and we have few attacking options. The inclusion of Akpom shows how constrained we are. Can anyone explain why Bendtner isn’t fit and raring to go?

The pundits think this will be a draw. If we are to progress from the group then tonight is a must-win. 3 points away from home  will propel the team forward into the next round of matches. The tough games are yet to come……

Forward you Gunners

“Charge for the Guns”, AW said,

Into the Group of Death

Rode the Mighty Arsenal


written by Big Raddy


226 Responses to Forward The Arsenal

  1. GoonerB says:

    Great PM Raddy, I never doubted you and knew you had it ready and were just teasing us with the timing of your releasing it.

    I loved the hybrid Shakespearean / dam-busters undertones to this one (I will have the dam-busters theme tune rolling around my head all day now).

    One note is I think Jack will be pushed out to the left with Supermes in the middle with Rambo.

  2. Rasp says:

    Great PM as ever Raddy, I agree Theo needs to find the back of the net to avoid losing confidence. He’s been playing well, just been a bit unlucky, tonight would be a good time to open his account.

    On paper OM look daunting opponents, we must control the game and keep the home fans quiet, we need every player to show for the ball and to keep our shape and then punish them on the break.

    On another topic, nice to see our new signing is ‘A huge Arsenal fan’ ….

  3. Norfolk Gooner says:

    I like the PM, BR.

    I think tonight will be less about The Charge of the Light Brigade and more about the swiftness of the Light Sabre, counter attacking using Walcott’s pace and Ozil’s guile sould see us through.

    GoonerB, Tennysonian rather than Shakespearean. 😀

  4. mickydidit89 says:

    Cripes Raddy,

    With a starting XI that good, who needs a bench at all?

    Oh, and sorry to be picky, but “OM go into the game having only lost twice at home in a year”. Bayern had never lost at home ever, so using my enormous powers of logic, we’ll thrash a team with such a dismal home record.

    Thank you all the same Raddy 🙂

  5. mickydidit89 says:


    Forgot to say that I love your opener and closer. Any reference to Cannons gives me a warm and gooey feeling in me loins.

  6. 26may1989 says:

    Excellent prematch, Raddy, in my opinion, your best yet!

    On team selection, I wonder if one of Flamini and Wilshere might be benched in order that Monreal can play on the left and Ozil in the hole, to give better balance and a bit more defensive cover.

    As has been said, we have to go for the win tonight. Christ, this is a tough group we’ve drawn…..

    Gutting to say, but some impressive performances last night from Real Madrid, Man U, City, Bayern and PSG.

  7. mickydidit89 says:


    Hope recovery at full speed, although we didn’t make it to Marseilles for the fishy soup.

    Maybe you can help me out here with a little work dilemma. I am about to appoint a Distributor in Germany. Two choices. One Company in Dusseldorf (near Dortmund), or one in Bavaria (maybe better long term prospects being near Munich!).

    Thing is, I suspect if I went with the Dusseldorf option, I reckon they’d almost certainly need a visit around, errr..let me think, oh yes, about Nov 6.

    Blimey, just had a thought. Arsenal will be there that night.

  8. 26may1989 says:

    That’s a tough one, micky…. Maybe the one in Dusseldorf has a hospitality budget…..

  9. mickydidit89 says:

    I really ought to have a real life grown up Lawyer Sort next to me for meetings like that, just to show how serious I am 🙂

  10. 26may1989 says:

    Well, now that you mention it……….

  11. mickydidit89 says:

    Oh don’t tell me you need to go to Dusseldorf as well, and that you need a dodgy Sauce Maker by your side 🙂

    Must off workly

  12. Gööner In Exile says:

    Some people say finishing 4th isn’t a trophy, but they hadn’t read a Raddy Pre Match and don’t know what to expect on Champions League nights.

    I expect a cagey affair neither wanting to lose the first game of the group stage, hopefully we can create and take a couple of chances to put us on the way.

  13. mickydidit89 says:

    I can’t see OM doing anything other than going all out for a win.

    If they are to have any chance of going through, a home draw wouldn’t help their cause much. It’s the advantage of having a tougher group

  14. Top hole PM Mr Big & Dandy with a fitting military leitmotif running through the piece.
    I’m a little nervous about tonight but am looking at our away form and expecting it to continue.
    Peachy/Raspers, I saw the lack of post yesterday morning and knocked up a 5 minute quickie which I’ve put in drafts whenever you are desperate/in need of a post, but it’s only to be used in an emergency as it’s not that good.

  15. Bïg Räddy says:

    Anyone know what Marseille fans connection with Che Guevara is?

  16. Great Pre Match as always Raddy. I disagree with 26 about Manu last night. I watched the game from just as shrek scored the first and thought they were ok but nothing special.

  17. “If they want to be the superstar, if they want to be the individual, then they can go elsewhere. It’s about the team here. We know what strikers are like, but I don’t think it’s an issue with either Daniel or Luis.

    A quote from brenda rodgers. what an absolute tool

  18. LB says:

    “you (Koscielny) don’t want to lose your place to our club captain” lol

    Great read BR

  19. He used to play centre half for them Raddy

  20. Sai says:

    Lord Tennyson would have been proud! Great write up BR!

  21. chas says:

    Great pre-match, BR.

    Theo needs to play like a dog tonight. 🙂

  22. chas says:

    From a quick search and use of google translator I got this

    “Che is a symbol of struggle and rebellion, this symbol is therefore in phase with the mentality of the city of Marseille”

  23. arnie says:

    Fantastic PM, Raddy.

    A longish note, and two quick points.

    1. If there is a trophy Arsenal is most likely to win this year, I think it has to be Champions League. Hey ho!!!! Do I line in cloud cuckoo land? I think “NO”.

    I have always thought that given the bench strength and injury issues that we have, and have always had in the recent past, the EPL is a bit too long drawn for Arsenal to consistently perform in. Also, the EPL is rough (and I also think this is one of the reasons that the England national team does not do well in the European/ World stage). Our “kids” are a bit too naive, to say the least, leave their feet hanging, and are relatively easily taken out. This is an issue that we have to contend with in the EPL, and I think we are still not up to it. We are good enough to qualify for CL, and we will!!!

    Surely the FA Cup then? Unfortunately, I think it is unlikely. First, there is the same rough and tough game which we cannot fully deal with. Second, the quality of some of the grounds is quite iffy, and does not suit our style of flowing game. A Beckham-esque player capable of long balls would have been good in such situations, but that we do not have. So, FA Cup is not likely as well.

    But the Champions League is different. This is really our stage. There is a method to the madness that, despite all limitations that the doomday brigade would point towards, we have progressed to the progressed to the knockout stages umpteen times, and have more than a fair share of QFs/SFs and a Final. The grounds are good, our kids enjoy better protection, and there is good enough opposition so that the boys dont fall asleep midway through the game. And, finally, we are capable of beating any team in Europe on the day!! So, this is our stage! Europe, here come the Arsenal!!!!

    Now, two quick things I just noticed in passing.

    2. I just read that the Prime Minister, in his folly or wisdom (I dont care which), has waded into the discussion on the Y-word. Now, needless to say, I have little sympathy for the folks who spread green fumes (of envy) from the smelly swamps down beyond in N17. And, I am not a supporter of Mr Cameron, or any other major leader for that matter. But there is a bit of serendipitous good wind here. Unlike, the irritating green smelly matter that we have to usually contend with. This puts further pressure on one Mr Dyke, who has been so desperate to hear his own words in the recent past that he is now working backwards to try and bring about disaster for the EPL. Sustained pressure on the FA is good news.

    3. I see one Isaac Hayden on the 18 man team, or should we say man (and kids) squad, in Marseille. I have to say I had not seen him earlier, but having seen a little bit yesterday, I like the sight! Academy as well!!! Hey ho!!!!!

    Go on the Arsenal!!!!

  24. mickydidit89 says:


    Aahaaa Che. I thought they were holding up Rick Mayall from The Young Ones. Durr

  25. Bïg Räddy says:

    Quiet day on AA. I hope there will be some people in the “pub” at match time. I find it easier to share my angst.

  26. LB says:

    Marseille, Napoli, Dortmund, what great football we have in store.

  27. mickydidit89 says:

    I’m in the boozer with you. Now beginning to get very excited indeed.

    Too right. Great group, and glad we’re not playing FC Splurtz or whatever.

    I expect OM to come out fast and furious. They must look at the group and think home wins against Us and Napoli are a must. Either that, or they’re hoping every group match will end in a draw, and they’ll squeak through on some Platini inspired interpretation!

  28. RockyLives says:

    Superb BR
    Hopefully we’ll fare better than the Light Brigade 🙂

  29. mickydidit89 says:

    I believe my great, great, maybe great again, Uncle Wilfred was a part of that particular “charge”. Didn’t get a medal or anything, so was probably “charging” off into the hills.

  30. Bïg Räddy says:

    RL. Lost the battle but won the war.

    Micky. The drinks are on me.

  31. Hi all

    Very excited about our Champions Lge campaign starting tonight and thanks Raddy for a really uplifting pre-match, it’s a shame the players don’t get to read them. It is a difficult group but we will see some great games of football over the next weeks and you have to be in it to be a part of it 😉

    Now, are there any volunteers to write a post for tomorrow about the game………….

  32. Arsenalista says:

    Nice pre-match post. Tough game tonight but I fancy us to get over the line.

    No more injuries!

  33. mickydidit89 says:

    “Micky. The drinks are on me”
    He says from the comfort of a 1000 mile gap!

  34. dandan says:

    Micky. I have heard he had a sauce, so popular with the officers that they egged him on to go and get some more info. He was last seen in a red coat on a white horse attempting to do same. Rumour is he changed his name to Norris and moved to north London.

  35. dandan says:

    Super pre match Raddy, Think the Flamster will be important tonight sitting in front of the back four, his experience could be priceless to our youngsters.

  36. LB says:


    I think GIE has taken up the challenge of writing a match report.

  37. LB says:

    Gööner In Exile says:

    September 18, 2013 at 8:23 am

    I should be able to muster up a match report, it will eat in to my time for robbing banks and hijacking cars though.

  38. LB says:

    LB says:

    September 18, 2013 at 8:04 am


    It is my youngest son’s sixteenth birthday today and he is demanding hamburgers and coca cola; the upshot of that is I won’t finish watching the game until about twelve tonight and as such wont be able to offer one of my usual gushing match summaries.

  39. mickydidit89 says:

    dandan 🙂

    Early feeding done. Fish Pie with peas and Worcester Sauce.

    Now what? I’m ready…

  40. mickydidit89 says:

    Where is the best burger in town?

  41. 26may1989 says:

    OK chums, I have to go to some meeting about my daughter’s education, meaning I’m watching the game this eve on delay. So forgive my rudeness in not joining you until after I’ve watched it all. Just blame the daughter.

  42. LB says:


    According to my son it is the small chain known as Byron Burger.

  43. Prince says:

    Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Flamini, Ramsey, Wilshere, Ozil, Walcott, Giroud.

    Subs: Fabianski, Vermaelen, Monreal, Jenkinson, Miyaichi, Hayden, Akpom

    Mandanda, N’Koulou, Mendes, Morel, Fanni, Payet, Romao, Imbula, Ayew, Valbuena, Gignac

    Subs: Samba, Mendy, Cheyrou, Lemina, J.Ayew, Thauvin, Khalifa

  44. mickydidit89 says:

    Have fun 26 and LB.
    Byron eh? Thanks, must visit.

    Thanks. 100% for the Raddy selection.
    As for their team? Never heard of any of them. Utter pants the lot. Easy.

  45. Prince says:

    Micky 😀

  46. Evönne says:

    just read the PM, thank you BR, nice interlude
    as usual, me is nervous, very nervous before the game

    OM have a new manager, not very successful yet, no?

    hi prince

  47. mickydidit89 says:

    As for our bench?

    Looks like AW has packed the quality on the defensive side. Clearly the thinking must be “Get four up, then rest the attack and get Miyaichi on to flog some shirts”.

    Ooops 😦

  48. chas says:

    Ive heard Rod Fanni is quite good.

  49. Bïg Räddy says:

    Prince. Thanks,

    Byron Burger? What’s wrong with the Wimpy? Byron Burger is probably some hippy Aussie joint with “luxury” wholewheat split buns annointed by sun-kissed sesame seeds with a beef “pattie” on a bed of Sardinian lettuce accompanied by specially selected organic potatoes fried by Irish nuns

    & served by a gay actor/waiter who is just filling in until he “breaks” the West End stage

    For you ….. only 15 of your finest English pounds 🙂

  50. Bïg Räddy says:

    Bench shows how bare the cupboard is!

  51. Prince says:

    hi Evonne. (sorry i just woke up and im a grumpy bum when i lose beauty sleep 🙂 )

    Big Raddy, no thank you, sir. Always a pleasure to read your work. Must be hard picking the line up these days?

  52. mickydidit89 says:

    Not clear Raddy. Are you a fan of this Byron joint?

  53. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    Top Quality PM Randy…

    Feeling quietly confident about tonight, but I don’t really know why

    Might be tight early on but I expect us to come on strong later in the game.

    Anyone else looking forward to watching Ozil again..or is that just me…lol

  54. mickydidit89 says:

    Dreading seeing that idiot German in an Arsenal shirt Sharkey.

    And how are you?

  55. Evönne says:

    what chanel is the game on?? Panic, panic, I cannot find it

  56. mickydidit89 says:

    Liveonlinefootie Dear

  57. Evönne says:

    oh feck dear 😦

  58. mickydidit89 says:

    Chas to the recue for the well connected 🙂

    Up the bloody Gunners

  59. Prince says:

    this is what i live for……..kick start my heart baby!


  60. chas says:

    I’m in on the cheap as per mertesacker.

  61. Big Raddy says:

    Brilliant stream from LOF.


  62. Big Raddy says:

    15 minutes gone, pretty even so far

  63. arnie says:

    Settled in the pub, very nervous …… pretty tight so far ….

  64. arnie says:

    Close shave, off target … very very tight game

  65. mickydidit89 says:

    My thingy is tits up
    Is your liveonline/bitscores still here

  66. Gooner in Exile says:

    Twice now 5th official has done nothing about offences on us on his side.

    Evening all

  67. Big Raddy says:

    Has to be a penalty with the kick to BFG’s face

  68. I wish the frog on the loud speaker would shut up he’s getting on my tots

  69. Big Raddy says:

    Yes Micky. I have an excellent stream

  70. He sounds like a drunk woman from Wales lol

  71. Big Raddy says:

    If not working try Skysports 4

  72. arnie says:

    Giving away too much possession in midfield and lower third…. very nervy …

  73. I’m not streaming it BR I’ve sky

  74. arnie says:

    More danger, well done BFG, header from the corner, wide ….

  75. arnie says:

    Another attack, well done Szcz, oh dear …. 0-0 halftime, very nervy

  76. Big Raddy says:

    42m for a passenger.

    At least Theo is fighting even if nothing has come off as yet.

    We are doing OK and Flamster is doing well, as are the entire defence

  77. Big Raddy says:

    Where are Peaches & Rasp at gametime?

  78. arnie says:

    The problem is that we do not have control of the midfield. Even with Giroud falling back ….

  79. Gööner In Exile says:

    Okay well that’s first half of job done, hopefully Arsene can calm them down a bit and see if we can find some more shape, one of Rambo and Jack need to get closer to Flamini to help kerp the ball i prefer Ramsey because he has already shown he can get at Theo in behind llaying it longer. The full backs should try not to push too early as we are creating congestion when we do get forward.

    Wouldn’t be averse to Monreal coming on to give us a bit more natural width and allow Özil to come inside and see more of the ball. Probably means removing Jack or Ramsey though.

    It’s just an ordinary tough European night away from home, nick a goal and this’ll be a very good three points.

  80. Gööner In Exile says:

    All in all we need to work a bit harder for each other when we have the ball.

  81. arnie says:

    Agreed, GiE, just a goal away, good defending, and job well done …..

  82. arnie says:

    close shave, wide again. Giroud’s workrate is fantastic. Defending from the deep as well

  83. We’re here Raddy. Just pouring another glass of red.

  84. arnie says:

    Fantastic move for a change, good save

  85. Just looked up Isaac Hayden, our stranger on the bench, Arsene must rate him highly.

  86. Great play there……….oooooh Ozil 😉

  87. arnie says:

    good save Szcz. Arsenal moving up a bit more now, and spreading wide, beware of the counter, the counter comes for sure, Szcz saves well low to his left

  88. arnie says:

    good move again, Wishere shoots, save … more open game now

  89. Big Raddy says:

    Hi Peaches 🙂

    Game opening up but not sure that is to our advantage

  90. Theo possibly should have shot there……..needs a goal

  91. arnie says:

    oh dear, misunderstanding at the back, BFG almost puts in into our net ….

  92. arnie says:

    peaches you beauty, Theo scores, and good goal as well

  93. Big Raddy says:

    Get in there Theo ………. What a hit

  94. arnie says:

    shocking defending, never mind. now defend for your lives, Arsenal

  95. kelsey says:

    I’m not hiding (cough) 🙂

  96. arnie says:

    25 mins to defend…. really that kind of game, cagey affair

  97. Special special goal, well done Theo 🙂

  98. arnie says:

    Szcz you beauty….

  99. Hello Kelsey – hiding toi?

  100. kelsey says:

    you know, me and walcott

  101. mickydidit89 says:

    Sign another ting Theooooooo

  102. kelsey says:

    not another Alamo I hope.

  103. arnie says:

    good solid defending …. more of the same needed … 15 mins now

  104. arnie says:

    another save, Szcz is solid today

    GiE has his wish, Monreal on

  105. kelsey says:

    did theo looked pissed off being subbed ?

  106. Solid from Szczesny so far his evening

  107. arnie says:

    well, poor Theo, what can you do, defending for dear life is the order of the day

  108. arnie says:

    yes, shouting at his defenders as well, a real hero today, Szcz

  109. arnie says:

    Ozil, good try, acute angle and wide … 6 mins + stoppage … keep possession guys

  110. arnie says:

    Rambo, goal ….. job done ….

  111. It’s never works when AW makes a defensive substitution, Cygan, Senderos …….Theo is a real threat, Marseille have not managed to score but they have come close. The Alamo it is then 😉

  112. arnie says:

    sheer individual skill .. brilliant

  113. Big Raddy says:

    Fantastic from AR. What a performance from the Mighty Arsenal

  114. kelsey says:

    Chelsea 1-2 Basel

  115. arnie says:

    fantastic stratgy as well … beg to differ, peaches …. Szcz my MOTM

  116. kelsey says:

    what do we know,peaches. how much is ramsey worth now ?

  117. Oooops I forgot we’re watching the game 2 minutes behind lol

  118. Gooner in Exile says:

    I thought i had my MotM sorted then Rambo goes and does that, lovely strike from the PLayer of the Season so far…..someone get that Souness clip telling us Rambo is not an attacking midfielder because he doesn’t score enough goals……i want every word interspersed with another Rambo goal or good effort.

    Kelsey you’re right Theo did look a bit peeved to be removed…..but i think thats a good thing, players showing that hunger to be on the pitch and involved

  119. arnie says:

    The special one’s magic not working, what fun !!!!!

  120. Gooner in Exile says:

    I really rate Basel Kelsey, that result proves there are no easy games in Europe i suppose.

  121. Rasp has gone from moody silence to giggling hysterically

  122. arnie says:

    2 mins + stoppage now

  123. Big Raddy says:

    Crowds gone quiet 😀

  124. arnie says:

    A little bit of anger and more of hunger …. yes, thats what we like!

  125. kelsey says:

    Gibbs is a close second for man of the match. ozil is so layed back he might fall over.

  126. arnie says:

    penalty conceded, 2 mins stoppage time left

  127. dandan says:

    We will need a fresh Theo against Stoke. He runs back a lot to help the defence

  128. arnie says:

    ok, 1 goal conceded, still 2 mins I guess

  129. Gooner in Exile says:

    Cracking result, shame about the pen

  130. arnie says:

    job well done. yooo hooooo!!!!!!!!!

  131. fatgingergooner says:

    Tough game

    Another fantastic away performance from the players and fans. That win in Munich really has given the team amazing belief away from home. It’s brilliant to see.

    Getting worried about fitness levels, but that’s for another day!

    Great result

  132. mickydidit89 says:

    Three lovely points and some shirt sales 😉

  133. Big Raddy says:

    Never a penalty. Marseille mafia have got to the ref. Call in Popeye Doyle

  134. Evönne says:

    and it gets even better – Chavs lost at home to Basel 🙂

  135. arnie says:

    Tough group, very valuable away points, well done all

  136. Yes it was a penalty game over
    Hope the twat shuts up on the loudspeaker that frog

  137. mickydidit89 says:

    Chavs lost. Wow
    Many ROLFS

  138. Big Raddy says:

    Everyone worked very hard. Gibbs my MoM or Szczesny

  139. What a discraceful dive, that was never a penalty, but a fantastic win

  140. mickydidit89 says:

    And Naples beat Dortmund
    We’ve virtually qualified already 🙂

  141. Evönne says:

    Micky 🙂

  142. mickydidit89 says:

    Can’t comment on first half due to technical malfunction, but job very much done in the second.

  143. kelsey says:

    It was a good team performance which grew in stature as the game progressed.Well done all of the lads.

  144. mickydidit89 says:

    I agree Evonne
    It is very very funny

  145. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    “Might be tight early on but I expect us to come on strong later in the game.”

    I also do tarot readings as well as football forecasting 😉

  146. Irishgunner says:

    Great and much needed win tonight given Napoli and Dortmund will be tougher away from home, not saying Marseille aren’t a good side.

    Some good performances out there tonight: Szczesny, Gibbs, Mertesacker and Ramsey standing out. Giroud put in a lot of work up front as well.

    Chelsea 😆

  147. Who’s gonna write a post about it for tomorrow ………

  148. dandan says:

    Win our home games and we are through, Kelsey are you smiling yet

  149. Big Raddy says:

    10 away wins in a row is awesome form. Where is the 11th?

  150. chas says:

    see 8.23am

  151. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    Lol Midi….

    So true about the shirt sales from Miyaichi-Sans brief appearance.

    Shame Chuba could’t get a minute or two. I was at the Emirates last Thursday and he was top class.

    We also noticed a tall kid at CB, who has announced he signed today after a short trial including that game on Thurs

  152. Theo’s goal is fantastic 🙂

    Hi irish

  153. Got to go wife wants me xx

  154. chas says:

  155. r0blucci says:

    man of the match = sczcesny

  156. Gööner In Exile says:

    Peaches I already volunteered…..first half in drafts. Going to go finish it now.

    Who like me flicked straight over at the final whistle to see Roman shaking his head, didnt Jose get sacked after winning to an average Euro side last time?

  157. Gööner In Exile says:

    I thought I was going to be controversial with my MotM selection but everyone has mentioned the two players I’ve had in mind, Szczesny and Gibbs. Both fantastic tonight….and proving yet again along with the goals of Rambo and Theo that a bit of patience and perseverence pays off.

  158. Sorry GiE I missed that, thanks, you’re a star x

  159. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    Alright Chas…thats a good un re Europa League defence !!

  160. Gooner in Exile says:

    Carragher on Sky Sports saying that “maybe we’re wrong about Arsenal, you don’t win 10 away games with a bad defence”.

    You won’t last long in punditry with that attitude Jamie!

  161. Gööner In Exile says:

  162. Gööner In Exile says:

    This is why you shouldn’t be Piers Morgan

  163. Hi everyone, nervous and edgy first-half, brilliant second.
    Aaron Ramsey must be our MVP at the moment, another storming performance, and six goals in six games.
    I only heard it on 5-Live, well done Theo Walcott, it sounded like it was a sweetly struck volley, up to that point he had been his normal consistent self, missing for large parts and when he did show, zero technical ability and always making the wrong choice.
    Some are a lot more patient and forgiving than me, and on a night like tonight, we over-look his short-comings, because he scored and we won. But it continues to pain me that he is wearing an Arsenal shirt.
    It is almost as much as a head’s gone as Mourinho returning to Chelsea.
    Quality from Szczesny, Gibbs, who has really stepped up, Ramsey, and a first-class attitude from the whole team on a job well done.

  164. LB says:

    Ozil had a very unusual look on his face for the most of the first half, I couldn’t work out what was the problem, then it dawned on me.

    Said in a thick German accent:

    What is all zis defending malarkey about?

    If you think about it he hasn’t had to defend anything in the last three years at least.

    The thought made me laugh anyway.

    Great win.

    Just think what we will be able to do with Arteta and Cazorla in there.

  165. LB says:

    Chelsea 1 Basel 2


  166. 26may1989 says:

    Bleeding marvellous result, and the boys had to work so hard for it, they deserved it. Marseille were a bit lacking technically, but were so energetic, made for a tough night.

    OK, I have to whisper this next bit, because I can see it’s a minority view, possibly I’m in a minority of one: I thought Rambo had his worst game for ages. There, I’ve said it. He took his goal really well, but he gave the ball away so many times tonight. And yes, the penalty shouldn’t have been given but it only happened because Ramsey’s touch was too heavy and the ball got away from him.

    Gibbs was tip-top, I thought. Wilshere also did well, as did Kos, Szcz and Theo. Monreal was excellent when he came on too.

    And as for Chelsea, Exile’s right to say that Basel are a very decent team, but how funny is it to see the Special One’s return to Chelsea’s CL campaigns is incredibly funny.

  167. RockyLives says:

    What we need is some good young British players. They would have really made a difference in a game like tonight’s.


  168. 26may1989 says:

    “This is why you shouldn’t be Piers Morgan”, brilliant!

  169. mickydidit89 says:

    Arsenal Iplayer not showing full match until Saturday 😦
    Really wanted to watch first half.

  170. Dily says:

    Why are people here made such condescending comments about Ryo? Is it because he’s Asian, therefore, he’s not fit to wear an Arsenal shirt?

  171. chas says:

  172. mickydidit89 says:

    So, Jose benched Mata again. ROLF

  173. mickydidit89 says:

    It’s only me making those comments. Everyone else is much nicer and believe he may have a great future with The Arsenal.

  174. chas says:

    I think you’re being a tad oversensitive.
    It was a comment made in jest before the game started which proved somewhat prophetic with such a late substitution.
    No Arsenal supporter gives a Bales what it says on a player’s passport.

  175. mickydidit89 says:


    Two things. Loved your line about Theo a few days ago.

    Other ting, does The Arsenal Gentleman fella do/say anything other than his brilliant cards?

  176. mickydidit89 says:


    So, I’m a Prophet eh? Nice.

  177. chas says:

    Oh great prognosticator,
    I believe your delving into the entrails brought truth.

    He has started a weekly column on Arseblog.

  178. mickydidit89 says:


    Thing is this. A few weeks ago, some bright spark set me (or rather one of my products) with a Facebook and Twitter site, which I am supposed to talk bollocks at every day.

    So every morning, I dedicate an hour to it, rather than talking bollocks on here. Trouble is, I absolutely loathe it.

    All I think when on Twitter (although Nigella is there every day 🙂 ) is why can’t I push the “Make Best Mates” with request button to those Gunners who I know use such a device, and combine the two.

    Trouble is, it is meant to be work only, and I know that users here will bring unwanted baggage.

    GiE would bring Morgan and talk of Frimpong’s Pants, and the mind boggles as to what your sort would bring 🙂

    I so want to push The Arsenal Gentleman button though.

  179. chas says:

    It’s a bit jerky on full screen on my broadband.
    Using Ctrl key and the ‘+’ key at the same time you can increase the screen size to a point where it’s watchable. Ctrl and ‘-‘ key to reduce.

  180. chas says:

    I think you can look at Arsenal Gent’s twitter stuff without logging on using your work persona.

  181. mickydidit89 says:


    Wow, thanks for the Arseblog Link. Damn, I wish Rasp/Peaches had signed him up. Brilliant.

  182. Dily says:


    It’s not only you. SharKeySureGhost@9.48pm, also pick on Ryo.

    I have not seen enough of Ryo to predict whether he will have a future with Arsenal or not. One can only hope. But I liked what I saw during his few appearances when he was at Bolton.

    I brought this up because Monreal and Akpom appeared on the 89′ and 90′ respectively at the Sunderland game, and no one was talking about selling shirts.

  183. mickydidit89 says:

    Can’t say I understand the twitter thing enough to take the risk.
    Wouldn’t that open the floodgates to his links/likes/followers?

    Believe me, we only have 50k labels for that product, and the next lot will not have a bloody “f” or “t”

  184. chas says:

    Sharkey was just praising a correct forsoothing. 🙂
    Nacho and Chubby Atkins are hardly likely to sell thousands of shirts in Japan, are they?
    Get real 🙂

  185. chas says:

    Chuba Akpom

  186. chas says:

    Presumably you log on and off to twitter?
    If you’re logged off and then look at Arsenal Gent, how can it “open the floodgates to his links/likes/followers”?

  187. mickydidit89 says:


    Please, make no mistake, that I do not judge people by where they from, however, I do The Club have a stinking attitude to the commercial side.

    I saw Park come on once, again two up with minutes remaining, and up-popped the very dedicated advertising boards aimed specifically at the Asian market. I merely put two and two together. As I said, I think it stinks.

    As for Ryo the man, like anyone at Arsenal, I sincerely hope he blossoms into a great player.

  188. mickydidit89 says:

    Don’t know. I’ll be out of the whole wretched thing soon 🙂

  189. chas says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing Tromso tonight.

  190. chas says:

    I wonder if I can stumble upon your twittering product.
    Now there’s a challenge.

    Don’t worry, I wouldn’t put any comments on if I did find it. Fumbucker suddenly appearing probably wouldn’t have the desired effect. 🙂

  191. mickydidit89 says:

    Wot the bloody hell is a Tromso anyway?

  192. chas says:

  193. chas says:

    Do you think Jack was happy? 🙂

  194. kelsey says:


    Talk about Sky being biased. They over ran their schedule on the Chelsea game by 10 minutes and gave us kudos but I guess 25% of the post match analysis for us the rest for Chelsea.

    Gibbs has to be man of the match for his goalline save alone.Miss that and we could have had a different result.
    As I said last night Ozil didn’t really feature much yet what he did was class,especially the back heel flick to Gibbs.

    The team is really gelling but I still feel we are one or two players light. I think a fit Cazorla would have thrived in this game.

    Anyway a great result and maybe this team is a lot better than many pundits believe.

  195. chas says:

    Do you think he lost his head? 🙂

  196. mickydidit89 says:

    Ha Ha Chas

    I had absolutely no idea about that article.

    Anyway, that’s UK stuff only and no “f” or “t” with that lot.

    Now behave and no more.

  197. Gööner In Exile says:

    Micky the one thing about Twitter is unlike Hatebook a comment I or anyone else makes to you doesn’t reveal itself to the rest of your followers (unless they also follow me) and you could follow others and try and resist the temptation to RT ArsenalGent.

    Word to the wise Twitter is now the number one place for complaints….I have used it quite frequently search for the company that just wound you up (in my recent history Sky and EDF) and @ them with your complaint, get much swifter responses than email or phone. When I complained about EDF they asked me to DM my number and acct details and they rang me within half hour.

    I think it’s a very positive advertising step though as I often @ suppliers who have done good things.

  198. mickydidit89 says:

    Thanks GiE.

    Happily I think the future for me is bright, in other words, sign off and out of both.

    My UK Business affairs are minute, and fortunately overseas they speak a multitude of different languages which I’ll take as a great excuse to modify all labels 🙂

  199. mickydidit89 says:

    Morning Kelsey

    “One or two players light”.

    Like an Arteta, Santi, Rosicky, Ox or a Verm 🙂 🙂

  200. Morning all

    Sorry for missing the chat about who was going to do the post today, very rude of me 😳

  201. Gööner In Exile says:

    Kelsey agree on Gibbs, as you will see in a couple of hours that headed clearance was immensely valuable.

    I think you’re right about Santi but at whose expense? Probably Jack on current form or would we risk Rambo and Jack playing centre midfield together and hoping they work out when to stay and when to go.

    I think Arsene is going to have some real selection headaches.

    Current bench of useful experience is really Monreal, Jenkinson and Vermaelen. Add the currently injured and pray for no more we would appear to have an enbarassment of riches and a first 18/19 players to rival many others.

    Szczesny, Fabianski, Viviana

    Sagna, Jenks

    Gibbs, Monreal

    BFG, Kos, Verm

    Arteta, Flamini, Frimpong

    Santi, Rambo, Wilshere, Rosicky, Ozil, Diaby

    Podolski, Theo, Ox, Ryo

    Giroud, Akpom

    Actually that’s 25 players, remove the youngsters and injured one and its still 21 players all if whom can do a job for us.

  202. Gööner In Exile says:

    Peaches is not the all seeing eye we thought she was 😀

  203. chas says:

    Too busy watching Rasp going from moody silence to giggling hysterically. 🙂

  204. Ha ha ha funny and true 🙂

  205. 26may1989 says:

    Morning all.

    Wasn’t there a Mourinho record about Chelsea never having lost a home game when he’s been manager? Or is my mind playing tricks on me?

    Love that Arsenal Fan TV interview.

  206. Evönne says:

    Micky – when you find where to watch the game, please let me know. I had the most frustrating evening last night. I watched the first half. glued to the telly; went to the kitchen in the second half and quickly sat to watch the remaining half hour of the game, biting my nails untilI UNTIL Theo was subed and they said something about his goal and great contribution!!!!! What effing goal??? I looked at the scoreline and we were winning, how come?? And then, on top of everything else the stream stopped when Ramsey scored the second goal. Great, bloody great

    If chavs didn’t lose to Basel I would had been in tears

  207. chas says:

    I missed Theo’s goal as well by leaving for a comfort break. When I came back and found out he’d scored I was ecstatic. I cannot understand how you can be upset. Strange. Does it really matter if you see a goal go in or not? The fact that it went in is the thing to rejoice over.

  208. Rasp says:

    Morning all …… pot/kettle? 😆

  209. chas says:

    Arseblog doesn’t look how I imagined.

  210. Bïg Räddy says:

    As you say Chas, Arseblog is not what I expected. Still the doyen of bloggers.

  211. …………New Post ……………..

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