The Gap In Class Between Arsenal And Liverpool Has Become A Chasm

Liverpool Football Club has a history and pedigree that deserves respect.

For a long time in the 1970s and ‘80s it was the dominant force in English and European football; its fans were (and remain) among the most passionate in the land and the club conducted itself with class confidence.

But I fear that the likes of Bill Shankley and Bob Paisley will be revolving in their sepulchres at what has happened to their Liverpool.

The Merseysiders have become something of a joke club in recent years – dodgy owners, dodgier managers and consistently proving themselves to be also-rans in the hunt for Champions League places.

After the debacle of the Hicks and Gillett ownership period Liverpool seemed to have settled down under John Henry only to find that now he seems to want to get shot of the club too.

True, Arsenal have not exactly been setting the world alight either in that period. But, unlike Liverpool, we have a darn good excuse: the enforced austerity period resulting from building the best new football stadium in Britain.

Even so, despite having literally nothing to spend on new players and despite the arrival into the Premier League of multi-billionaire sugar daddy owners, we have managed to keep our place at the top table by dint of good management and good housekeeping. Unlike Liverpool.

While we were buying a player like Laurent Koscielny for £8.45m, ‘Pool were forking out £35m for Andy Carroll.

In the five years up to last season Liverpool had a net spend on transfers of £72m. Arsenal made a net profit of nearly £39m. Yet Arsenal made the Champions League spots every year, while Liverpool haven’t graced Europe’s biggest stage since 2007/8.

Fast forward to today and the whole kerfuffle around Arsenal’s attempt to sign Luis Suarez: it illustrates the difference in class between the two clubs.

Suarez is a talented but deeply troubled individual. His cheating is enough on its own to make him disliked by most other supporters, but his racist outburst against Patrice Evra also rankled. I’m sure most right-thinking fans were saying: “Don’t racially abuse the odious little Manc – just chin him!”

Then there was the biting incident, when Luis took a nibble from the shoulder of Chelsea’s defensive rock, Branislav Ivanovic. Now Ivanovic may be a tasty player, but he’s no-one’s idea of a satisfying snack and Suarez’s actions were bizarre to say the least.

But since the season ended the Uruguayan has made it clear he wants to move to a bigger club to get Champions League football.

Liverpool can force him to stay because he has three years left on his contract, but they clearly have an unhappy player on their hands.

To make matters worse, Suarez clearly feels he was given assurances that he would be allowed to leave if (a) Liverpool failed to make the top four and (b) a club who were good enough to be in the Champions League offered over £40m for him.

He probably was given those assurances, but today’s Liverpool don’t seem too interested in keeping promises.

Instead they have reacted to Arsenal’s perfectly legitimate pursuit of the player like spoilt children – and the attitude comes from the very top.

After our first bid (reported as being £35m) John W Henry went public by saying: “What are they smoking at the Emirates?”

Henry is supposed to be an astute businessman. Does he really expect us to start the bidding with our highest offer? But that’s not the real issue. The real issue is one of classlessness.

At the time of the £35m bid, Arsenal had made no public statement about Suarez. We, as always, were conducting our transfer business with class and dignity, keeping matters confidential. This is both good business practice and a mark of respect for the people with whom we’re doing business.

And since Henry (I think we all know what the ‘W’ stands for) opened his trap, David Brent, the Liverpool manager, has barely been able to keep his closed.

From hilariously trying to argue that Suarez is worth £100m just because someone in a newspaper said someone at Tottenham said Gareth Bale was worth that much, to equally hilariously accusing Arsenal of lacking class by bidding £40m+£1, the man has been embarrassing himself on an almost daily basis

(Incidentally, if a bid of more than £40m was required to trigger a release clause for Suarez, what on earth was wrong with bidding the minimum amount above the £40m figure? Clearly £40m is what we think Suarez is worth. The single pound was just a technical mechanism to trigger the release. As we now know, the release clause was based on verbal assurances given to Suarez – and they have since been reneged on by the ‘classy’ Merseysiders, so the whole thing is academic).

Meanwhile, despite repeated questioning from journalists, Arsene Wenger refuses to discuss any details of this transfer attempt or any other.

Personally I hope Henry and Brent get their way and Suarez is forced to stay for a year at a club where he will be desperately unhappy because (as usual) they won’t be serious contenders for the Champions League slots.

Knowing how volatile Suarez is when things are going well, just imagine how bad it’s going to get for ‘Pool as they bumble through the season somewhere just above mid table, with a resentful striker thinking about what might have been. The next person to feel the wrath of his fangs might well turn out to be Brent himself.

No doubt Liverpool fans reading this will want to dish out a load of retaliatory stick. That’s fine. If you avoid expletives and gratuitous abuse Arsenal Arsenal will publish your comments.

But to be honest, I am not anti Liverpool. I actually think you deserve better and I would much rather see Liverpool in the top four than the money-doped oiligarch clubs like Manchester City and Chelsea.

You’ll probably want to tell me that Arsenal have never won the European Cup and Liverpool have won it five times. All true and I doff my cap to you for those achievements.

But you supporters know better than anyone that, year by year, you have been falling further behind on the field of play.

The sad thing is that you are also falling behind OFF the field of play and your club’s management and owners could do a lot worse than take a long look at Arsenal and see how a classy club is really run.


116 Responses to The Gap In Class Between Arsenal And Liverpool Has Become A Chasm

  1. LB says:

    Brilliant, best read I have had on a blog in a long time.

  2. njstone9 says:

    Absolutely concur, 100%.

  3. kelsey says:

    Wow, the no hub caps will be here in force today 🙂

    You forgot to mention the poor judgement in bringing dagliesh back and then opted for a manager who had just had a Welsh club promoted to the PL.
    They have a desperate need for a new stadium and it appears the best and cheapest option is to develop Anfield. You can’t do that, pay big bucks for players to try and get back into the top 4 and have owners who are having second doubts about their investment.

  4. George says:

    As a Liverpool supporter I can happily say you have reflected an educated and honest opinion about the position of my club. Anybody who argues with your stance is either a moron or a person that cannot look at the bigger picture!

  5. Sammy says:


  6. Robbie Rotten says:

    Spot on, especially the bit about (the absolutely no class whatsoever) chelski and citeh.

  7. james says:

    all good points if you support arsenal, however, as a liverpool fan….BR (or Brent to you) and W are standing up for their club publically…nothing wrong with that.

    If Arseand Wenger and is it Dein??? if they had stood up to Fab and Van persie and the rest when they demanded to leave – maybe you would have won something in last 8 years – even a champions league???

    I love arsenal – I would support u after Liverpool – even back in your boring days but come on – wise up – really. £40mill plus £1….thats an insult for prob the 3rd best player in the world.

    Show respect and get respect – such is life!

  8. Jonlfc says:

    Whilst i agree you have pretty much covered the ups and downs of being a Liverpool fan over the last couple of years this may be blind siding you to the real issue check it out because in the big scheme of things its all that matters.
    I find it sad that the as each year goes by AFC replaces graciousness with bitterness and you dont have to look at thefailure of a manager you are putting up with.
    I cant see anything but more of the same with you lot becoming as delusional as us.

  9. bigredball says:

    you mean class as in robbing the fans blind making promises on players they have no intention of keep, not winning a thing in 8 years,, whilst liverpool has won 5-6 trophies, claiming to have millions to spend yet flogging their best players every year, you hung on to 4th last season by the skin of your teeth, I predict you wont be so lucky this term,

  10. Mike Smith says:

    While Arsenal have the Arsene Wenger as manager, they will continue to be a feeder club to the manchester clubs.

    Wenger can build good teams from young players, but seems incapable of stopping them breaking up before they reach potential.

    The only reason that you showed interest in Suarez was because if the contract clause had been true then it would have represented excellent value.

    Liverpool have been terrible run in recent times, but I believe now have turned the corner with the new owners. The finances are coming under control with less people on silly high wages. For this reason Suarez will not be leaving for 40 Million while he has three years on his contract. He is worth at least 50 more if he didn’t have discipline problems. Wenger simply won’t pay that kind of money.

    When Suarez stays he will still play his heart out, as that is the kind of player he is.

  11. Gareth says:

    Yeah, these verbal assurances must have been given to Suarez because he says so. After all, he has great morals and always speaks the truth, like when he said he wanted to escape the English press. Oh, and he’s only worth forty million, a World Class Striker, but Luiz, a dodgy defender is apparently worth more. Don’t make me laugh, your article at least made for some slight humour when you came out with all that bigger club rubbish, trophy less for right years. You won nothing with RVP and if you do sign him you’ll win nothing with Suarez. Hopefully a points deduction for tapping up though

  12. Slik says:

    Stop writing articles about liverpool u jealous freaks. Just coz ur club is going nowhere

  13. Derek Hannon says:

    I’m a Liverpool fan. I think you’re article is biased but in the same position maybe I’d write the same.

    Calling our manager Brent is not classy, I went to the LFC, Aresnal 2 -2 draw last year with some Arsenal mates and the bile coming from the crowd at Wenger and then Andre Santos was disgraceful. At WBA last year in the League cup, Rodgers had his name chanted.

    I’m Irish and live in Berkshire and what I’ve noticed is that the support as you move further North or indeed out of London is better, Fulham are the exception for me. I’ve been to Reading, Fulham, Chelsea, Charlton(prem yrs), WBA, Arsenal, Brentford, Old Trafford, and of course Anfield

    On the Suarez transfer, it’s naive to think Liverpool are responsible for leaking this story, it’s not in their interest to lose Suarez without a replacement in place. Arsenal were cheeky with their bid of £1 over a confidential section of a contract, I’m sure Arsenal are breaking rules by obtaining and using this information. I know that as Liverpool have done the same in the past and had to apologise.

    Overall, I like Arsenal as a club and would wish you good luck, but realistically, Arsenal have to be our target this season

  14. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Good morning to you all.

    Succinct and to the point Rocky, Lot’s to do today, back later.

  15. So far so good ………… this is going to be a difficult one because all clubs can succumb to a siege mentality when they feel they need to.

    Suarez has been a great player for Liverpool and without his other antics would probably still be wanting to play Champions league football now for another club.

    Luckily we don’t have players wanting to leave to play in the Champions Lge ………..only to win something 😦

  16. vin says:

    Come on wake up Suarez is using Arsenal to deploy a transfer to Real.

  17. bawa abdul says:

    Wow! You have said it all. 100%.

  18. Andy says:

    If he wants to leave he can go through the correct route of handing in a transfer request, by expecting Liverpool to accept a low offer from Arsenal and then for him to pick up his “loyalty” bonus is a bit of a slap in the face of Liverpool. You cannot deny that both Bale and Saurez were the best players last year so for one to go for 100M and one for 40M is a huge difference if you consider both players stats from last season, I understand your frustrations not being able to get your prime target but I think you should direct your problems to your own recruitment team at Arsenal rather than ripping into Liverpool. The root cause of your problems is at your own Club not others or other players ie Napolis Huigain who was the victim of pathetic narrow minded booing in supposedly the best Stadium in the UK due to Arsenals inability to close a deal, pretty embarrassing

  19. Longshank says:

    Liverpool has been badly run yes but still we have won some cups along the way.Arsenal the well run club haven’t won anything for 8yrs keep making profit the fans pay the highest ticket prices in england,now your stadium has been paid for let see where all the millions in transfer kitty will go now they have no excuse..higuian was worth 30m for some reason arsenal didn’t pay jovetic 22m falcao,cavani but for some reason suarez is their main target???At least most liverpool fans know the club is struggling,but you arsenal keep living in dreamland,when every season all the club does is milk the fans and fill their pockets???How many clubs in england do their best players quit when the team plays in the champs league every year..THE MIGHTY ARSENAL

  20. Raymond says:

    Speaking of lack of class …

    … although I am sure that some unblinking fan will point out that the Guardian is a London-based newspaper, and dismiss the whole thing.

  21. Arseniel says:

    Good hit fella. I wasn’t convinced when Liverpool signed BR. I thought they could have and should have got a better manager when he was appointed. He (and senior management) are showing small club mentality with their rants and whingeing. Clearly a match although not befitting of the great Liverpool tradition. Look at how we handled ourselves last year and the year before on Losing our prized assets. our management and owners did not stoop to publicly insulting the two manc clubs and barca. We took it in the chin and got on with business. BR is way out of his depth

  22. Onbeyondzebra says:

    A well written and hopelessly blinkered piece. I really think fans should stick to speaking about their own matters and not those of other clubs…it just gets embarrassing. As you know little about LFC I’ll correct a few points for you. 1. The “what are they smoking quote” was in response to the second bid (40 mil. + 1) not the first. John Henry was therefore not upset at feeling low-balled, but rather that Arsenal were so blatantly trying to exploit a clause (so you can scrap/amend that whole paragraph). This leads to 2: the “lack of class” comment was again in reference to a second bid. For a club (AFC) that has winged for a decade about clubs “taping up” their best players, LFC was surprised that Arsenal had clearly negotiated behind their backs with Guardiola and were made aware of a clause in the contract that was supposed to be confidential, and shamelessly broadcast that that is what they have done. If you think that’s exemplifies classiness and what it is to be Arsenal then so be it – I tend to agree with Rogers. As for the rest of your article, I have little to say. Though for a team that has not been relishing in the Europa League over the last 5 years, more because of Tottenham’s idiocy than any deserved merit, I find the superior tone amusing.

  23. Scottpars says:

    Liverpool fan but comfortable (unlike some) if Suarez is sold, as long as its abroad, probably Real. There will be replacements out there and they might even play a season without being suspended for half of it!
    Top players move to clubs that win things, or at least challenge. Arsenal aren’t one of these clubs, and judging by the lack of transfer signings will remain an also ran. You need to realise that.


    Great post Rocky, but its context saddens me deeply.

    I have the utmost respect for Liverpool Football Club, and wont allow a few unwarented comments from there owners or manager damage the way i feel about there Club.

    I can also understand Liverpool fans angst. How many times in recent years have we been disparaging to clubs like City when they have hunted down our players?

    Suarez is letting them down, just like we have been disapointed by the behaviour of plenty of our players.

    Arsenal and Liverpool are traditional clubs with great history and vaules. The Shankley legacy at Anfield will never die, and i would like to think that at Arsenal we conduct ourselves in the right way, befitting of our classy traditions.

  25. ogban says:

    I hope they force him to stay too. But what is our B Plan? 40m could better be utilised than spending on one player

  26. Paul says:

    This is hilarious to read. Don’t obsess yourself with other clubs because nothing has happened at your’s for quite a while.

  27. Macky says:

    …Keepin’ an unhappy player is always counter-productive,remember William Gallas saga when he insist to score own goal if chelsea dont release him…liverpool is fightin’ a lost battle,even if they succeed in keepin’ him this season,failure to qualify for top 4 next season will infuriate suarez pavin’ the way for his exist…talk of class,liverpool are the one makin’ all the noise,while arsenal are showin’ class by not lettin’ much out & not been foul-mouthed.

  28. Scouser abroad says:

    Rocky Lives your piece is full of factual inaccuracies and I would suggest that before you go on and rant about another club you do your homework first. Worry about your own club and what you’re doing and we’ll worry about ours. Surely success is measured by the Trophies you win, or at least it used to, not on finishing 4th and getting in the CL. So yes I do appreciate and understand that Liverpool has been in decline but doesn’t it say something that in the years we have been in decline we have still won more silverware than Arsenal. Whatever happens will happen and as much as I think, actually know Suarez will be a loss to us do you think if Arsenal are struggling around the CL spots that he will be waiting around if Madrid come calling. Good luck this season I hope that you are in the top 4 and the likes of City/Chavski who have money a plenty fall out like one of the earlier posts stated Liverpool and Arsenal are both historic and iconic clubs so lets not fall into this he said she said exchange.

  29. Bernard Omonigho Tegha says:

    Fcuk U RockyLives! But B4 u guys start throwin tantrums I mean dat in a positive sense. Am a Gooner jst as U and i must confess i admire ur Objectivity in sayin it as it really is. I wudnt want 2B polite if given d chance 2 write dis article bcos i feel Liverpool havnt reciprocated Arsenal’s Tact, Respect, Goodwill & Confidentiality in our pursuit of Luis ‘d Cannibal’ Suarez. I can undastand d desire 2 squeeze d optimum outa Arsenal in d Suarez-to-Arsenal deal but den they shudnt replace Class with Crass in d process. And it annoys d more 2 kno it started right from d Top (d very Pinnacle) with W. Henry’s tactless retorts. Now I know wat dey smoke at d Red Half of Merseyside. U dont know? Let me oblige U: WEED! RockyLives, Live On.

  30. c0m0n says:

    The picture you paint of Suarez (a racist cheat) makes me wonder… Why do you want him so badly? We (L’pool) say he’s not being sold to a rival (even if you don’t see us as a rival), like selling RVP to Man Ure so he can get a league winners medal and to increase the distance between you (Arse) and them (Man Ure).
    So lets say he moves to Arsenal and the pressure’s on. Arsenal qualify for Champs League, get KO in the Quarters or Semis, his preferred destination (Madrid) come calling and he pushes for an early contract exit. Will the Arsenal except anything less than their valuation?
    In my view.. If Torres goes for £50M Suarez goes for the same, if not slightly more.
    Closing argument.. Your manager has kept you in the Premier League picture (hunt for 4th place) and for the last couple of seasons you stupidly ask for his head.. Where’s the class??. His Premier league experience is worth 10 points to you a season (imo). We’re building under BR, while we do that we will be behind you but when your manager retires (I’m giving him 2 more seasons max) by then BR will hopefully (anything can happen) have 4yrs L’pool experience then we’ll see who’s got class.
    Form temporary class is permanent!!

  31. Rasp says:

    Terrific piece Rocky and so far greeted with sensible responses from both sides.

    It is not easy to admit to yourself, let alone declare on a blogsite that your club is falling behind – particularly when that club has such a rich history as Liverpool.

    I’d rather be an Arsenal supporter than a pool supporter at this time too, but equally I have had to accept things that disappoint me about our club as it currently stands.

    I think your point about class is true and we (at least in terms of official statements) are conducting our pursuit of Suarez with due decorum …. its ironic because although I know we’d get behind him if he becomes an Arsenal player, a lot of the support are slightly uncomfortable with the idea.

  32. Hants Gooner says:

    Must say its rich for a man who left his previous club with a “promise” of not returning to buy any of their players, an within a week slapping in a bid for Joe Allen, calling our club “classless” simply for bidding for one of their players.

  33. gunnerpete says:

    Oh Gareth mate you really are living the scouse dream. If tapping up was to lead to points deductions then Liverpool would not have won anything in the 70’s or 80’s. They like Chelski and Shitey are known throughout the world as the biggest tapers and buyers of trophies. Come on lad get real…..Liverpool are a spent force like AFC have been for 8 years, but the difference that all you gloaters forget is that AFC have built the best stadium in Britain and nearly paid for it without massive unpaid for debts to some yank or Asian / Russian. Our club realised that they would not be able to afford to keep players who had been tapped up by ‘others’ agents etc. So they made the sensible and honourable (it means class and standards for the uneducated ) decision to try to go the youth way. It did not work mainly due to the best players being tapped by the clubs mainly from the north with zero class or standards. But with all this low life poaching AFc still paid their own way and still finished in the top four Every Year ! Your current manager, like many others who sat what the local press want to hear is a nonentity to the rest of football. He would have been well advised to show respect to the most respected club in the world bar non. But he chose to open his mouth and put two feet in it. He will never be regarded by real top clubs as a class act because of it. Only Liverpool fans and the anti Arsenal press / media with give him a base to spout his drivel.
    Sadly, Liverpool are dropping down from the pinnacle of a deserved ‘great club’ title, to that of also rans and the annoying kids next door. Gone are the wonderful days of a genuine scouse supporter as a manager now its weirdo Yank who cant wait to get shot of you and a berk who loves his own voice but should have stayed in Swansea.

  34. Sniffy98 says:

    Why oh why do Liverpool fans keep saying they have won 5/6 cups since our last one? We last won the FA Cup in 2005, same time Liverpool won the (admittedly amazing) European cup.

    Can a Liverpool fan list the 5/6 Cups that they’ve supposedly won after the 04/05 season – that is during the 8 seasons we have been trophyless, cheers. Ps, don’t bother naming friendly cups like the Community Shield or its European version.

  35. Macky says:

    Arsenal have not won trophies for long…liverpool have won trophies not too long ago,agreed,but it is still a staggerin’ feat been in the champions league for 17 consecutive seasons despite budget constraint as a result of buildin’ the emirate stadium a magnificent edifice.

  36. Robbin Von Payday says:

    I’ve always liked Arsenal as a club, good players and style but the truth is, they have never won the European Cup in their entire history because they are soft. I rate Wenger highly in the Premiership but awful in Europe.

    The main difference between Liverpool and Arsenal is if Liverpool get to the final of a tournament, it’s almost certain they’ll win it… Arsenal, owners and supporters alike, are satisfied with qualification. It’s a huge difference, the two clubs are like chalk and cheese in this respect.

    I’ve read a ton of articles recently about how affluent Arsenal are but looking at the squad and the packed stadium, it’s the owners who are. Classy!

  37. Sebastian says:

    Everything I wanted to say has been said above, and presented in a fair, unbiased way, with complete honesty. I feel relaxed now somebody has said it all for me! Expect the mindless scouse abuse though. Very much like the spuds, very deluded. They should really get along.

  38. footyfan says:

    I’m a Liverpool fan. Some of what you’ve written is fair although some not so. An important part of your argument is based on an assumption, something you couldn’t possibly know. You say that Suarez ‘probably’ was given certain assurances – well, come on, how do you know that? You don’t, do you?

    Let’s talk about what we actually DO know.
    What has been made public knowledge is the clause that allows clubs to start speaking to Suarez if they bid over £40m. Liverpool have been very clear all along that they consider Suarez to be one of the top players in the game, thus worth whatever market forces dictate for the top players.

    Liverpool have made it crystal clear – they do not want to sell Suarez, but, rather annoyingly for them, Arsenal are still chasing Suarez because they know he would like to be playing CL football. So, IF you offer the right money we have to consider the offer.

    Waaaay too much fuss has been made over Henry’s rather colloquial response to your first offer. That being said, it made it clear how seriously we treated it. So, if Arsenal only offered £1 above the £40m required purely as a negotiating tactic to activate the clause that allows you to discuss terms with Suarez, why are you surprised that Liverpool didn’t take that offer seriously?

    Liverpool have repeatedly made it very clear how highly they value Suarez, so for Arsenal to add just £1 to the £40m could be construed as trying to get the player to hand in a transfer request and could arguably be considered ‘classless’. If a serious offer gets received, you know we will probably sell, so if Arsenal really are serious about buying Suarez, do you not think they should stop just talking about having loads of cash to spend, and actually spend it? (something which I know many arsenal fans agree with).

    One more thing, for you to mock liverpool for “hilariously trying to argue that Suarez is worth £100m” is twisting things a little. Market forces dictate that the best players in the world sell for £50m+ (or somewhat ludicrously £80m+) I am sure you will agree that. love him or hate him, Suarez is one of the top strikers in the world right now, thus he should rightly be considered in the top price bracket. Don’t blame Liverpool for Real Madrid’s ludicrous transfer strategy of over inflated transfer fees.

    Bottom line is this … if Arsenal are serious about buying Suarez, he is available if you bid £50m+ so make a proper bid and stop playing games (its arguably classless).

  39. Red Arse says:

    Classy piece, Rocky, 🙂

    Gabby Rogers talks about class, or lack of it, in his opinion, where Arsenal are concerned. But let’s see; is this the same Gabby ‘Brent’ Rogers who In 2008 was appointed as manager of Watford, where he faffed around for only six months, until allegedly accepting an offer to become manager of his former club Reading in 2009.

    That brief ‘classy’ switch lasted a season until he jumped ship and went to Swansea City in 2010 before waving goodbye to them and joining ‘Pool.

    Brent — Classy? As they say, he would not recognize ‘class’ if it jumped up and bit him on the ass!

    He should keep his mouth firmly zipped.

  40. Red Arse says:


    You seem as confused as Brent in his public braying.

    Either there is a clause in Suarez’s contract that says he is allowed to talk to a CL club bidding in excess of £40m – or there isn’t.

    Brent says there is no such clause, so how can Arsenal possess such ‘confidential’ information leading them to bid in ecess of £40m? Or is Gabby lying and reneging on the terms of the contract.
    Which is it – both cannot be right?

    Alternatively, it has been said (not by Arsene Wenger, or Arsenal) that Suarez was given verbal assurances saying the same thing.

    If that is true, again it seems Liverpool are reneging on a legally enforceable verbal agreement, and it remains to be seen whether Suarez takes such action as has been mooted to enforce it.

    Gabby has apparently made it clear that any such agreement meant only that Suarez could ‘talk’ to Arsenal, and not that they would have to accept the bid – despite the obvious spirit of such an agreement.

    Not finished with his public pronouncements, Gabby revealed that Arsenal had made not one but two bids, and note this was not made public by Arsenal until recently, which had the effect of putting public pressure on Suarez, as evidenced by all the ex-Pool players ganging up to tell him what to do.

    The reference to ‘class’ by Brent was ill advised, and the ‘Pool owners should tell him to shut it, and to leave any negotiations to their Chief executive and his legal team.

  41. Norfolk Gooner says:

    RA, “legally enforceable verbal contract”?

    In the words of Samuel Goldwyn, ” a verbal conract isn’t worth the paper it’s written on” 😀

  42. GunnerN5 says:


    You have an uncanny knack of writing posts that bring out many alternate points of view, which gives us some great reading, thank you for your skill and effort.

    It’s good to see people expressing their opinions without resorting to
    tribal warfare.

    Personally I find it tough to read anything negative about either team as I’ve always had a soft spot for Liverpool and it’s incredible supporters – I was always in awe of the achievements.
    My wife is from Liverpool so all of my in laws are fanatical supporters and they smuggled me into Anfield on several occasions,

    All that said it has been very concerning to see them upstaged by Man U and to see them slip down the table. Along the way a lot of their tradition has also been tarnished by bad ownership and very poor management, but I hope that they, like Arsenal, will find the capacity to bounce back.

  43. RockyLives says:

    Good day all and thanks for the comments.

    I think Liverpool would look much more dignified if they dealt with Arsenal in private and stayed schtum in public.

    Thanks to the ‘Pool fans for your comments and for offering them in a civilized manner. For those of us who remember the all-conquering Anfield sides of the 70s and 80s Liverpool will always be one of the biggest clubs in the world and I would genuinely like to see you back at the top table.

    For those who have pointed out Arsenal’s lack of trophies in recent years, please re-read the Post, where I have referenced the cost of building a new stadium and the less-than-zero net spend on transfers.

    That financial austerity is now coming to an end and so will Arsenal’s trophy drought (with or without Suarez).

  44. RockyLives says:

    Haha Gn5 – you must have been reading my mind!

  45. Red Arse says:

    It’s a good quote, NG, but technically wrong. 🙂

    A verbal agreement is best evidenced by witnesses to avoid the ‘yes you did; no I didn’t’ rhubarb, but given that caveat, such an agreement is legally binding provided it has all the usual elements of offer, acceptance, consideration etc, and is as binding as a written contractual agreement.

    Of course, I am not privy to what was or was not agreed between the parties concerned, and I prefaced my point above with that important little word “If”.

  46. Irishgunner says:

    Hiya guys, back home again after my trip to THOF – hope to be making it before too long again.

    A mate of mine is a Liverpool fan and to say she was appalled by the bile thrown at AW by our fans last season would be an understatement. Hardly classy by our fans … she’s not a fan of Brendan Rodgers either, reckons he’s leading Liverpool on the road to nowhere.

    I’d like us to sign Suarez for the 25+goals he’d guarantee, not such a fan of the person but RvP was a right pillock and I’d didn’t mind too much before he sodded off.

  47. Irishgunner says:

    I’m a tad tired so I only wrote half of what I wanted 😛

  48. Red Arse says:

    Hi Irish, 🙂

    How did you find the game?

    I had a look at your gravatar and you look a lot like Sherlock. 🙂

  49. Irishgunner says:

    Hiya RA 🙂

    Yeah I always enjoy going over anyway but the game was decent for pre-season. Rosicky had a good game and Kozzer must have been weighted down with having to carry Higuain around in his back pocket for 45mins.

    Ha ha if I’m so god-damn sexy I should be illegal, then yeah I look like Sherlock 😛

  50. GunnerN5 says:

    Covers are off at Old Trafford and play is to resume @ 1:00pm. It will be a long afternoon for England’s batsmen, but maybe the good old English summer weather will come to their rescue?

  51. GunnerN5 says:

    That’s 2:00pm………………..

  52. Red Arse says:


    The Aussie’s are well on top and deserve to win this, if truth be told.

    (Don’t tell Rasper I said so!) 🙂

  53. GunnerN5 says:


    I can only get text on BBC Sports, no live coverage here in Canada.

  54. Shard says:

    Thank you for the post Rocky.

    I’m happy that some Liverpool fans agree with this. WHile I wouldn’t go so far as to wish Liverpool a return to the top table, I have never had any grudge with Liverpool (except Neil Mellor’s late equaliser which I felt was going to happen)

    The behaviour of the Liverpool heirarchy, right from the top, has been appalling. It really has surprised me because the way they are acting is not how I would expect a club of their size and history to behave. Maybe I’m just used to the Arsenal way, and Liverpool, since Rafa Benitez’s time have tended to wash their dirty laundry in public on occasion, so perhaps it shouldn’t have surprised me.

    But for their owner to tweet what he did, and their constant protestations to the media only make them appear weak and desperate, apart from a little silly. Arsenal are not a big club, Arsenal lack class, they disrespect us with an offer etc etc. If they really didn’t want to sell Suarez, they would have no reason to come out and make regular statements to the media. I believe they want to sell him, but are hoping to draw up interest from another club. Also, they are creating a bulwark between themselves and their fans by making out Arsenal and Suarez to be the bad guys. We did everything to keep him, they’ll say. Hate Arsenal, those disrespectful of our great history and hate Suarez, who disrespected our great fans, just don’t hate us.

  55. Shard says:

    As to the actual goings on in terms of the transfer. It is really weird. Firstly, the clause. Liverpool fans claim (and I think Alan Sugar claimed this too) that Arsenal should never have known of the existence of the clause and that this is illegal. Apparently, Liverpool themselves were found guilty of breaking the law when they attempted that with Ziege. However, I find it bizarre that Arsenal would so clearly show that they were in breach of law.

    This leads me to believe that either clauses of a certain type are not meant to be secret, which would make the act legal, or that we have not bid 40m +1 pound.

    Liverpool’s interpretation of the clause itself makes very little sense to me. It hardly seems worth drafting it if the intention of the clause was only to ‘inform’ Suarez. But maybe Liverpool managed the wording to give that effect. Who knows? There has been a report that it applies only to CL clubs and that Liverpool take the interpretation that since Arsenal have not got to the group stages yet, it doesn’t apply to them.

    That scenario, at this time, makes the most sense to me. Because otherwise that is the most useless clause ever put into a contract in football.

    Liverpool will probably try and drum up as much interest (while saying they want to keep him) for Suarez till Arsenal officially become a CL club. If no other club comes in, I think the clause will act as a release clause, but to avoid delays and arbitration, as well as save face, Liverpool will demand some extra money and Arsenal will likely oblige.

    Based on information available, that is my current interpretation of things. Might be totally wrong, but the reporting on this makes it very difficult to know what is actually going on.

  56. RockyLives says:

    if you go to the BBC Radio 5 Live website, then go to BBC Radio Five Live Sports Extra it will take you to a page where there is an option to “Listen Live” to Test Match Special.

    The coverage is fantastic – informative and funny. It’s a like a slice of proper England served up via the radio (or computer, in this case).

  57. Shard says:


    I’m surprised you remember that I said I was boring. I suppose I should have added the caveat “except when I’m riled up” 🙂

  58. GunnerN5 says:

    Got it Rocky, Thanks a bunch……………..

  59. Ian Ure Face says:

    Top stuff Rock on !

    I think “Brent” is more like Fuck Rodgers………oops, I meant……Duck Dodgers in the 24th and a half Century !. As you can see from the picture, demanding 24th and a half Century transfer fees !. hahaha

  60. Sav from Australia says:

    Been away from the football world, avoiding transfer season. That was a knockout of an article, Rocky.

  61. RockyLives says:

    Haha – thanks IUF

    And welcome back Sav!

  62. Onbeyondzebra says:

    In reading all the comments (barring one or two), it’s fascinating to see the general regard and sympathy between the clubs’ supporters. I still stand by my earlier comment that you talk about other clubs at great risk (the general inaccuracies in the main article and the AFC comments are apparent to LFC fans…as they would to AFC supporters if I were to speak of, say, Arsenal’s ownership issues). I suppose this mutual regard comes from regional and circumstantial rivalries (both AFC and LFC dislike Man U and Chelsea for opposing reasons) and “the enemy if my enemy is my friend”…sort of. There are also some key institutional similarities between the clubs.

    I would however suggest that we recognise the differing philosophies as well. Arsenal is a model, modern, sustainable club; Liverpool “exists only to win trophies”…even if that sustainability is sometimes put at risk. This talk of class or lack thereof suggests that these quotes from the club’s representatives are emotive, which they aren’t. They are tactical, and speak to their identity and ambitions. If BR and JH come across as short (perhaps even rude) it’s because they are adamant to not be seen as a “selling club”…something that AFC has appeared less concerned with, since the Ashley Cole episode. Arsenal fans and club take great pide and pleasure in having built and self-financed their own (impressive) stadium – and having qualifying for the CL for decades on end. While nice, and pehaps even expected, these things are not the foremost goals of those associated with LFC. Following from Shankly and Paisley, the club and supporters have more ethereal, and less pragmatic, ambitions: maintain the club’s extricable links to the community, to intimidate (not be intimidated) in either the board room or the pitch, and to play beautiful, dominant football. On this last point, again, the philosophies of the two clubs meet.

  63. Red Arse says:

    Hi Onbeyond,

    Interesting observations and no one can find fault with your opinions although an Arsenal fan would want to nuance one or two.

    I have no problems with ‘Pool personally,and they are a rock on which English football has been built and particularly since the Shankly era revolutionised what was a wonderful trophy laden era in your club’s history.

    What I do find rattles my cage is that a parvenu ‘won nothing’, ex-Chelsea bag boy like Brent seeks to teach Arsenal and Arsene, in particular, some ‘manners’ and to disrespectfully preach about ‘class’ to a man like AW.

    Your club’s owners should have gone for one of the best managers the game can offer, and not someone playing to the gallery trying to get in with Scouser fans.

  64. arnie says:

    Great article, Rocky! Hats off!!

    “Class” or anything to do with class are politically charged words in Britian. Britain has always been a class-based society, and British society is perpetually struggling to wriggle out of this situation. The word “class” is therefore a touchy word in Britain, perhaps more than in many other societies. Arsenal and Liverpool have been fantastic teams, with traditionally a largely working-class fan base and a dominant working class consciousness. With the changing nature of fans, this consciousness has been taken over somewhat by money power, but it nevertheless floats just beneath the surface.

    Rodgers mentioning “class”, or “classy”, or whatever, is extremely wrong from this context. Above everything else, it demonstrates a scornful ignorance and insensitivity towards society and social history. Very bad mistake, I think. I hope he pays for it!!

    Second, and perhaps more importantly, claiming that the bids suggest Suarez may be only half as valuable as Bale is even further wrong! Where does this leave Diego Costa then? What would BR do if Costa were to ask him this question!! At least, Arsenal seem to be more consistent in their valuation of players, even if somewhat tempered by demand and supply situations in the transfer market.

  65. Onbeyondzebra says:

    Red Arse: if one wants to attack BR, there is a lot of fodder to be found; and I agree he got it wrong by having a go at AW – who elicits almost reverential respect from LFC fans (as can be seen by the above posts).

    Many LFC supporters would disagree with me, but I think the choice of appointing BR was just about the right one considering the circumstances. There were whispers in the last days that Klopp was the main target, but the fact is that a recognised “world class” manager would have wanted to come in and spend a fortune (right after Kenny had come in and spent a fortune). So LFC got Rogers. He is naive (was much so last year), and certainly plays to the terraces (did much so last year), as he tries follow in a tradition that he doesn’t fully understand. But he also has a keen understanding of possession football, that is much closer to Ajax’s (than Chelsea’s) philosophy and – despite common belief – is a good judge of young talent (I had been wondering why no one had taken a chance on Sturridge since the Bolton days…and Coutinho was an illuminated pickup worthy of AW). I’m reserving judgement, but I can say that there is a world of difference between Kenny’s first team squad and BR’s…and (like Arsenal) we finished the season playing some of the best football I remember seeing.

    On a last note, I think you should be seeing the Suarez case as, very much, our Ashley Cole incident. This is not to compare Arsenal’s behavior to Chelsea’s…but it is the moment where LFC will either accept that clubs previously below them (or on par with them) can poach their best players or not. If you remember how aggressively both the Arsenal board and AW reacted in that instance, it may help you to understand the comments that are coming out of Liverpool now.

  66. Shard says:


    Most clubs will carry out calculations to determine how much a player is worth to them and decide accordingly on a price, whether buying or selling. It seems Liverpool have no idea how to do this. First it was Cavani, and now it’s Bale. It seems Liverpool only value based on what someone else is willing to pay. Chelsea paid 50m for Torres, so Carroll must be worth 35m, and Downing worth 20m. They really look foolish when they make statements like this, but I suppose if their fans lap it up, as it would appear based on OBZ’s statements above, then that goes some way towards explaining it.

  67. Onbeyondzebra says:

    Arnie: please point to where I supported BR’s valuation of LS. I think I was sticking pretty resolutely on the tone, as opposed to the content. I think £50 million (let alone £100 million) is a ridiculous valuation for any player – considering the overall worth of the club. Assets should never far exceed the valuation of any company. 🙂

  68. RockyLives says:

    Checking out the cricket: when the English batsmen fail, at least we can rely on the English weather to get the required result 🙂

    Bit hard on the Aussies though!

  69. Onbeyondzebra says:

    I would be curious however, to know how you see things with Arsenal (your club). Clearly Arsenal’s (internally calculated) valuations of players doesn’t match with those of the market…which is why Arsenal have not brought in any players this summer. Do you think Arsenal should re-adjust their maths…or just wait for the market to re-orient itself to Arsenal’s way of thinking?

  70. Red Arse says:


    Thanks for that.

    Actually, (and this is just between thee and me) I have a sneaking regard for Couthinho, Aspas, Sterling and especially Sturridge.

    The first two I knew nothing about, but watched them at the weekend and was mightily impressed. At one time Raheem Sterling looked like a certain Arsenal acquisition, and I saw him play at QPR and was mightily impressed, and then disappointed when Arsenal did not make a bid for him.

    Sturridge has always looked special to me, and I was amazed that Chelsea let him go to ‘Pool — disrespectfully perhaps they don’t see you guys as direct competitors.

    That’s a promising nucleus for your future — but we have the Ox!!! 😀

  71. RockyLives says:

    Hmmm… United confirm they have rejected a bid for Rooney. Now Rooney withdraws from the club’s pre-season trip to Sweden with ‘a shoulder injury.’

    Mark my words (well, Kelsey’s words actually): Rooney will go to the Chavs and we will get Torres.

    Suarez will be left at Anfield, disgruntled and disruptive. Maybe the whole thing has been a clever strategy by Arsenal to unsettle the Uruguayan ahead of the new season…

  72. RockyLives says:

    What usually happens is that the market “re-orientates itself towards Arsenal’s way of thinking” in the final couple of days, when the clubs who have been asking silly prices suddenly realise they will be left with an unhappy player on their hands and no extra dosh in the kitty.

  73. Shard says:


    I knew I was leaving myself open to being misunderstood when I referred to you. I wasn’t saying you are happy with the club’s valuation. I was referring to the statements and your tone of understanding, if not approval for them. In fact, although I didn’t say it, I was indirectly appreciating your comment about Liverpool’s PR motivations in their statements.

    I don’t believe that Liverpool seriously believe that Suarez is worth a Bale or Cavani. It’s still fun to bring up their bids for Carroll, Downing and the like. But I do believe that statements like that make them appear foolish, especially because people will inevitably bring up Carroll and the like.

    As for Arsenal. I think as the 40m pound bid shows, Arsenal are willing to match/set the market rate (no one else has bid) when they feel it is worth it. The rest is explained by the austerity that was required during the years of stadium move and no extra commercial income. We did bid 20m for Reina, which was a more than decent bid, and which your club should probably have accepted (even though it was under different ownership at the time) We also apparently bid 30m for Gotze last year, and were willing to match Hazard’s 32m, but not the wages.

    Also considering we’ve made 40m in the transfer market (again stadium requirements) while still maintaining a top 4 spot. I think it suggests Arsenal tend to value players quite well. The ability to spend more will also result in the opportunity to acquire better players who would have been out of reach earlier, such as Suarez.

  74. Red Arse says:


    I think there is nothing wrong with ‘Pool’s attempt to boost the buying value of any of their players. I am sure that all clubs, including Arsenal would the same — what is infra dig is the mouthy public negotiating Rogers is engaging in — shades of his old boss Maurinho, perhaps.

    Arsenal seem to adopt a stance of calculating the worth of a player, (when buying) probably based on what Arsene Wenger thinks, and altho’ it drives some fans mad because it seems inflexible and has cost us to miss out on some players (allegedly) you cannot help respect a calculation based on what the club can afford, (including the salary) and what the market calls for.

    So, looking at Suarez, lets say £40m is Arsenals offer to the club, plus £150k per week = approx £8m p.a., over a 4 year contract that works out at £40m + £32m = £72m over the life of the contract.

    That seems to clean out Arsenal’s ‘treasure chest’ of £70m.

    There might be a cashflow phasing of the £40m, and the accounting treatment will also allow an amortization of the write off over the 4 years, but basically for a club that prides itself on prudence, the money has to be earmarked up front.

    Don’t expect any big increase in Arsenal’s offer for Suarez, whatever nonsense Rogers comes out with.

    The alternative is that ‘Pool do not compromise and end up with an unhappy Suarez, and Arsenal walk away.

    Everything is in the balance!! 🙂

  75. Shard says:


    I also think that the clause that Liverpool dismiss has some relevance yet. I stick to the belief that it applies to a CL club as a release clause. I think Arsenal would have been willing to offer a little more to move the deal forward (instead of waiting till 28th to hopefully confirm Arsenal as a CL club) but that Liverpool would rather wait and hope that another club comes in with a larger bid. They seem to have honed in on a target like Costa who won’t require negotiations with his club because he has a release clause. This’ll mean Liverpool can afford to delay this deal till the last and won’t be worried too much about not having time to get replacements.

    Still conjecture, but I’m going by the theory that the clause serves more of a purpose than Liverpool say it does.

  76. Onbeyondzebra says:

    Hmmm…don’t know if i put much store in that ‘disgruntled player’ argument. Correct me if I’m wrong but RVP best season was 2011-2012, after he was not allowed to leave in the summer of 2011. Same story for Fabergas. Ronaldo scored a goal a match last season despite not celebrating with his teammates – due to discontent with his club. Torres’ most prolific period since his injuries was after he didn’t get a transfer in the summer of 2010 and before going to Chelsea. “disgruntledness” seems to increase their productivity if anything…

    Off to training (in the rain), nice chatting lads…and best of luck in the new season!

  77. Onbeyondzebra says:

    p.s. sorry Shard, think you have got this one all wrong. Gerrard and BR have said unequivocally that it would be the hight of stupidity to sell Suarez to the 4th place team from last year (which it would be)…I don’t think they would say that if LFC couldn’t stop him from going.

  78. Red Arse says:

    Hi Shardy Baby,

    That scenario is the only way to square the circle of ‘Pool’s somewhat ambiguous stance when they dispute the terms of any alleged clause applies.

    Technically, until we ‘qualify’ for the CL, and let’s face it we could get drawn against a top team on Friday and get bounced into the Europa Mickey Mouse Cup, ‘Pool can rightly say we do not match the terms of any such agreement.

    Perhaps if we are drawn against a minnow, they may decide that a face saving bid of £45m to bring the deal to a conclusion, as well as Suarez’s written request asking for a transfer might be the best deal.

    Arsenal and Suarez, respectively, might not play ball!

    Let’s see.

  79. Red Arse says:

    Onbeyond, @5:14

    That response mirrors many of the comments made by Gooners this time last year with RvP to Manure.

    Liverpool, like Arsenal, are at base a business, and sentiment always loses out to financial reality when coupled with a player’s wishes.

    Arsenal could have made RvP stay for another year — but if a player wants to go — ……………………… (believe me, we Arsenal fans know all about that!)

  80. Shard says:

    Real Sociedad
    Pacos de Ferreira
    Salzburg/Fenerbahce (subject to CAS ruling)
    PAOK Salonika/Metalist Kharkiv
    PSV Eindhoven/Zulte Waregem

    These are the teams we might face RA. I would fear Fenerbahce the most, but there is some doubt whether they will be allowed to. PSV are always a good side, and I suppose any Spanish team can be a threat. Going to Greece or Ukraine won’t be ideal. So potential banana skins, but surely we should be able to beat any of these team over two legs. None of them are top teams, but I don’t see many minnows either. As you said. Let’s see.

  81. Shard says:

    allowed to compete*

  82. Red Arse says:

    As a ‘pool director, I would say – “fight your way out of that, Arsenal” and that is fair enough. And I would also say “Shut it, Brent, you are making us look stupid”. 🙂

  83. Gooner In Exile says:

    Haven’t had the chance to get through comments but I’d like someone to explain something:

    Liverpool say the clause doesn’t exist, Yet in the same breath moan that Arsenal shouldn’t have knowledge of the clause inthe contract?

  84. RockyLives says:

    Scouse logic, GiE 🙂

  85. Red Arse says:

    Old hat, GIE, see that fellow, Red Arse’s 12:30 on the subject! 🙂

  86. arnie says:

    OBZ: Like Shard, I was not being crictical of your comment as well. I understand your position, even if, like Shard, I may not be in full agreement. Valuation is tricky business. It depends on what a player brings to the team, and therefore ould vary by different teams and where their relative strengths and weaknessess are. It also depends on supply and demand in the market, and therefore there will be scarcity rents. However, all said, I agree with Shard that, historically, Arsenal has been pretty good in its valuation of players. This is one of the reasons why, despite austerity and all that, and despite “highly-valued” players leaving the club, Arsenal has managed to stay in the CL all along. Personally, as a supporter, I am quite happy with teh way they conduct business in the transfer market.

    I think I understand the LFC position as well. My only two-pence bit is that, being the manager of a fantastic club that LFC is, and has been, BR should perhaps choose his words in public more carefully.

  87. GunnerN5 says:


    I’ve emailed a new post to Arsenal Nuts.

  88. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Classic Rocky:

    “when Luis took a nibble from the shoulder of Chelsea’s defensive rock, Branislav Ivanovic. Now Ivanovic may be a tasty player, but he’s no-one’s idea of a satisfying snack ”


  89. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I can’t dwell on Pool for too long, so in short, great club, great history, yeah yeah yeah about the European Cups, but always two words to the red scousers: “One Minute”. End.

  90. MickyDidIt89 says:


    You are very sure that Rooney will end up a Chav, but it’s hard to believe Utd would sell him to a rival.

    I think Utd’s big problem is finding an alternative buyer that would suit Fatso. Moyes would be in big trouble if Fatty returned to The Toilet in blue and scored the winner.

  91. evonne says:

    Great post Rocky, exactly what the doctor has prescribed for this boring time of year. I, like you (again) don’t dislike Pool in the slightest. In fact I was dismayed and surprised that our fans constantly booed Napoli keeper, only because he is ex-Liverpool. Odd to say the least.

    In fact there is a lot of good examples there, like Jamie and Stevie Me. Like them or not, they are excellent examples of good sportsmanship and loyalty. Ok, they regularly get injured around Christmas, but that only shows they are great family men 🙂

    The more I think about Suarez the less I want him anywhere near the Emirates. He won’t stay any longer than absolutely required and will pee all over us just like he is peeing all over Pool.

    Thanks for the post

  92. evonne says:

    Shard – I only remembered because it was such a blatant lie 🙂

  93. evonne says:

    Fatso. honestly some people are so not PC

  94. MickyDidIt89 says:

    That’s me on my best politically correct behaviour 🙂

  95. Irishgunner says:

    Lovely photo:

  96. Irishgunner says:

    Gervinho can go into the “out” box

  97. evonne says:

    Irish – are you back home? I was great to meet up with you and your mate. Did you enjoy the trip?

  98. evonne says:

    Micky – you will get yourself in some serious trouble one day!! And it is not pleasant when police come knocking on your door to interview you about your non PC behaviour (calling someone a pregnant husband is a crime, apparently).

  99. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Oh dear, Evonne, here we go again.

    For the last time, it was a “pregnant lezzo”. Jeepers 😦

  100. RA you know no one reads your comments 😀

    In sad news i have to announce i am furious with two pillocks at the Emirates Cup yesterday, who decided it was a good idea to run out of the stadium and knock my mum to the ground as she was on the last couple of steps to the concourse.

    Not sure if they were Galatassary or Arsenal fans, Dad said there was a lot of shouting as they chased each other. Thankfully my Mum is made of pretty stern stuff and has brushed it off saying “i don’t really know what happened, one minute I was walking down the stairs next second i was on the floor”, thankfully it occurred at the last couple of steps as had she been any higher she could have had a painful injury. Credit to Arsenal stewards they said they would have a look at the CCTV and suggested Mum and Dad write to the club……as Mum also said “all these years over the Arsenal, many during the worst days of hooliganism and we went to Maine Road, Elland Road etc and i get knocked over at a family day at the Emirates. And what for because people were getting emotional over a pre season tournament?”.

    She said up until that point it had been a good atmosphere in the ground, many Galatassary and Arsenal fans sitting in close proximity enjoying the day and in many cases clearly related father/son, husband/wife etc. She xsaid the Arsenal fan next to her was a bit of an idiot, biting nails and screaming angst at the team….which as you can tell from earlier she couldn’t understand for what is supposed to be a light hearted day!

  101. Irishgunner says:

    I am indeed evonne – was up at 5.30 am this morning for 8am flight – great to meet yo and your brother 🙂 Hope he’ll enjoy Ireland

  102. Just checked for Villa Home tickets, only sections left are the two behind the Clock End Goal in the Lower Tier, and are for the Young Guns at £10 a ticket……if that doesn’t sell out its going to look awful, and its going to have nothing to do with expensive ticket, any 16 year old £10 to see your heroes and you’re not buying? What the F is wring with you!

  103. evonne says:

    all right, all right GiE – Micky and I are going to buy our tickets nearer the day

  104. Gooner In Exile says:

    What in the YG’s section, or do you know a dealer?

  105. GunnerN5 says:


    What a pity your parents fun time at the Emirates was spoiled by a couple of hooligans, it’s fortunate that your Mum was only upset and not injured, could have easily been a lot worse.

    Let’s hope something comes out of the CCTV viewing, they deserve to get punished.

  106. GunnerN5 says:


    Also the more I read and hear about our home fans behaviour the more upset I become. Even during a light hearted pre-season game they boo and his and moan and groan, it’s beyond my comprehension.

    For crying out loud if they want the team to win then help them by cheering them on don’t hinder them by moaning and groaning!!!

    It’s so irritating.

  107. evonne says:

    YG section of course

  108. Gooner In Exile says:

    I hope so too GN5 and I concur on the second, although I have to say having been to home games it is unfortunately a small minority who moan and groan, but equally they seem to have the loudest voices, and boos seem to reverberate better than cheers or applause. When the atmosphere is good it is very good, I have had had some very enjoyable nights, unfortunately it tends to be when we have been wronged by a ref (Everton home a couple of seasons back always sticks in the memory).

  109. Hi all

    We’re going to need lots of posts to fill the coming days ………

  110. GunnerN5 says:


    I sent a post to Arsenal Nuts

  111. OMGArsenal says:

    The Pool is my second club after AFC and i am saddened to see what has happened to such a great Club since 2006. That said, I do believe AFC have simply negotiated like any other EPL Club would. To those who say Suarez is worth more than AFC offered, because Bale is supposedly worth 100M , I would firmly suggest that someone is lacking in common sense. What players, other than Ronaldo and Messi are worth that kind of money? This entire transfer madness has reached pandemic proportions if anyone seriously believes any player is worth that much money.
    I have always assumed that Liverpool had both class and history and continue to do so despite some of their less savoury fanboys coming here and trying to prove their feeble whines by demeaning AFC. We should all agree that both Clubs still represent the best in the EPL classiness category and hope that Liverpool once again make a top 4 spot at the expense of one of the oiler/sugardaddy clubs or even better, the Mancs or the Spuds.

  112. Gooner In Exile says:

    It’s early no one else is saying anything……how about Defoe?

  113. tufty says:


  114. LB says:

    How about Defoe?

    That should get people running for the hills, lol.

  115. Morning all

    Just sorting the new post ……… back in a minute

  116. footyfan says:

    Red Arse

    “You seem as confused as Brent in his public braying.”

    Allow me to clarify.

    “Either there is a clause in Suarez’s contract that says he is allowed to talk to a CL club bidding in excess of £40m – or there isn’t.”

    “Brent says there is no such clause, so how can Arsenal possess such ‘confidential’ information leading them to bid in ecess of £40m? Or is Gabby lying and reneging on the terms of the contract. Which is it – both cannot be right?”

    It has been widely publicized that such a clause does exist, of course that doesn’t mean that it does, it just means that lfc/afc fans have something to base their perhaps invalid internet squabbles on. If such a clause does exist, that Luis is allowed to talk to other clubs that offer £40m+, it appears that Liverpool/Rogers’ stance is that there is no clause that says we have to just accept the 1st bid above £40m. You don’t honestly believe that adding a poxy quid to the £40m is an acceptable bid do you? especially from a club LFC consider to be a direct rival for a top 4 position (jokes about Liverpool finishing in the top 4 can go here….. ) Arsenals bid of £40m+£1 clearly shows that there is such a clause and they were hoping they could get Suarez on the cheap by activating it. Answer me one question… If Suarez was legally allowed to move to Arsenal and he wanted to go there, why hasn’t the deal been done?

    “Alternatively, it has been said (not by Arsene Wenger, or Arsenal) that Suarez was given verbal assurances saying the same thing.
    If that is true, again it seems Liverpool are reneging on a legally enforceable verbal agreement, and it remains to be seen whether Suarez takes such action as has been mooted to enforce it.”

    This is pure speculation, and as such, is not something that is at all valid in this debate. Again I ask you If Suarez was legally allowed to move to Arsenal and he really wanted to go there, why hasn’t the deal been done? (btw, we all know that Suarez doesn’t want to play for Arsenal anyway, Madrid is where he will end up they minute they click their fingers)

    “Gabby has apparently made it clear that any such agreement meant only that Suarez could ‘talk’ to Arsenal, and not that they would have to accept the bid – despite the obvious spirit of such an agreement.”

    Let’s be honest – Football is run by money – and what with your delightful new stadium leading to a tightening of the purse strings, Arsenal fans know that more that maybe more than any others. Football clubs are multi million pound businesses. With the greatest respect, you’re living in cloud cuckoo land if you believe in this romantic notion of ‘the spirit of such an agreement’. When tens of millions of pounds rest on the wording of a contract you’d bloody well better make sure you know what you are signing, and more fool you if you don’t. Its not about class, its about business, simple as that. And when there is this much money at stake, ALL clubs fight, and will fight dirty if they have to. Clearly, that includes Liverpool AND Arsenal. So let’s not pretend out shit don’t stink?

    “Not finished with his public pronouncements, Gabby revealed that Arsenal had made not one but two bids, and note this was not made public by Arsenal until recently, which had the effect of putting public pressure on Suarez, as evidenced by all the ex-Pool players ganging up to tell him what to do.”

    “The reference to ‘class’ by Brent was ill advised, and the ‘Pool owners should tell him to shut it, and to leave any negotiations to their Chief executive and his legal team.”

    Regarding Rogers publicly talking about the transfer – lord knows why he is doing this. Yes, it’s not what I like to see, but at the end of the day Liverpool fans have had to watch their club on a downward spiral ever since Hicks and Gillette rode into town. As inadvisable as many may think it is, Rogers may just be sending out a message to the fans, and to Arsenal, and any other clubs that are circling like vultures trying to grab one of the worlds best players on the cheap rather than pay the market rate, that Liverpool football club will no longer be fleeced by all and sundry, and we will fight for every penny, just like Arsenal do and have been so successfully for many years. If that is classless, then there’s not much difference between any football clubs.

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