Emirates Cup – Arsenal 2 – Napoli 2

Yesterday saw the return of the Emirates Cup after a years absence to accommodate the Olympics, due to the pessimism amongst fans this was seen as a cop out, because:

A) they know no one will turn up
B) we can’t even win our own pre season tournament anymore
C) some other conspiracy theory

star man kozzer

Anyway the club has re introduced the tournament this season and it was our first chance to look at the progress of the team and more importantly for me the progress of the youth team against slightly more robust opposition than the Indonesian Dream Team.

The Emirates Cup has introduced us to many of our youngsters in the past, having watched Jack conduct the FA Youth Cup final the following season he was electrifying those watching at the Emirates Cup, capping it with a wrong foot (hit with his left peg on the right side of the goal and the ball coming from his left) half volleyed goal.

Yesterday we got to see more of Serge Gnabry while the highly rated Gedion Zelalem sat waiting on the bench alongside Chuba Akpom.

Joining Gnabry on the right flank was the eager Jenkinson, playing alongside the more experienced Mertesacker, Koscielny and Gibbs in front of Fabianski. In midfield the untested combination of Wilshere and Ramsey as the two deeper players with Rosicky in front. Podolski and Giroud completed the line up.

To be honest we started very slowly, either heavy legged from our trips to Asia or had it too easy whilst in Asia and therefore not ready for the sterner test provided by Napoli.

It has been known for some time that we are susceptible to counter attacks as we commit too many men forward, Napoli are probably the best European exponents of counterattacking football, they defend in numbers as all good Italian teams do, but they are very quick on the break, and know how to use the ball in those situations.

Having said that the first goal went to Napoli but not from a counter attack, we were pretty well set Jenkinson showed his inexperience by following his runner beyond the defensive line this gave the Napoli defender with the ball the opportunity to lift the ball over the rest of the defence and create a 50:50 between Jenkinson and the winger, Jenkinson won the header but the contact was unconvincing, Fabianski realised the danger too late and was not out quickly enough to collect whilst airborne leaving the young Napoli winger the relatively simple task of tapping home for the goal. Most goals are a result of a series of errors, the first one is most crucial, and the first error was not pressuring the defender with the ball, which was then compounded by the following errors and misjudgements.

The second goal conceded was more like what we are used to, too many men committed forward, Mertesacker’s man appeared to have him beat for pace but that said he was heading wide of goal and we had enough numbers tracking back, however Fabianski made it so much easier for Napoli by coming off his line which then forced other defenders to back away. I hope in a PL game we would have seen a little more commitment to blocking the shot but in a pre season friendly unnecessary risks such as throwing yourself full length at a shot should not be taken for fear of injury.

Arsenal struggled to find a shape that worked and Wilshere and Ramsey struggled to find a way to control the midfield they are both still too young to do it together. Although in time with guidance they showed enough understanding and ball movement to feel that they could become quite a force together….however they are both still learning the ropes when it comes to experienced opponents.

Gnabry failed to offer the required width on the right and most of our good work came from Gibbs and Podolski linking on the left, unfortunately their crosses did not result in meaningful shooting opportunities.

Gibbs did win a very soft penalty only for Podolski to use his left foot hammer as a feather duster and tickle the ball harmlessly at Reina.

We created other opportunities but a combination of the linesman, errant shooting and altruism (Podolski) we went in 2-0 down to unfortunately a few boos from the Emirates crowd.

One of those missed opportunities was perhaps indicative of why we were two goals down, Jack lifting a ball from the edge of the area to Ramsey in an offside position. Whilst the bit of play between the two was good, one has to question who they were expecting to be providing cover if the attack broke down.

The other problem in our attacks as well as a lack of width was the fact that all our attacking players appeared to be bunched on their eighteen yard box when attacking, so there was only one passing option and it was very congested, we had no depth to our attack.

From the start of the second half we appeared to have a better shape. Soon the substitutions were made, Jenkinson and Gnabry off, Sagna and Theo on. Later came the more telling substitution, Ramsey and Wilshere replaced by Oxlade-Chamberlain and Arteta. Immediately our shape seemed better, we retained possession in their half better and were not as susceptible to counter attacks. With a more solid presence in midfield in Arteta, Mertesacker and Koscielny began to make lighter work of dealing with Napoli attacks.

Rosicky was still the man providing most inspiration going forward, helped by Oxlade-Chamberlain, and the outlet Sagna and Theo provided.

giroud over-head

The start of the comeback came from a corner, Theo floated the ball onto the penalty spot, Giroud held off his marker and performed a bicycle kick which was heading wide, but clipped Bacary Sagna and went in the bottom corner.

We were pretty much camped in their half for the remainder of the game, but without providing the finishing touch to equalise.

It eventually came from a free kick in the final third, Arteta put a great delivery into the box which Mertesacker rose to meet, Reina could only party the ball upwards and Koscielny was first to react and raced to bundle the ball in at the far post.

As pre season friendlies go I think it was a very helpful game, some harsh lessons learned for the younger players in the squad, and a step up in quality opposition with only two weeks to go to the season opener.

For me the standout performer was Koscielny, the way he dealt with Higuain you would think that he had a personal vendetta against him. It’s almost like he couldn’t let the Emirates crowd see what they might be missing out on so he wouldn’t give them a sniff.

Arteta showed once again why he is so crucial to our chances of competing, the knowledge and calmness his presence brings to the side are invaluable. Rosicky continued from where he left off at the end of last season, as did Ramsey, although the latter was hampered by being partnered with Wilshere.

Jack will prevent a real problem this season, the English media will be happy to see him rested, the Arsenal crowd will want him to play, Jack himself will be desperate to make up for lost time. For me he is about moving with the ball from somewhere in the opponents half and attacking from there, but with Santi and Rosicky in the squad is that where he can be used?

All in all more questions than answers yesterday, lets hope for a few more answers today.

Written by Gooner in Exile


156 Responses to Emirates Cup – Arsenal 2 – Napoli 2

  1. Rasp says:

    Thanks for the review GiE, obviously we can take some positives and some negatives from the performance. It illustrates some of my concerns in that we will be relying on key players like kozzer and Arteta staying fit and we now what a risky strategy that is.

    Why is Fab2 in goal – is Sz injured?

    I shall be going today, my contention is that we need a GK, CB, DM and striker and nothing from yesterdays game dissuades me from that belief

  2. Red Arse says:

    Hi GIE,

    A typical Post from you, smoothly written, analytical, well reasoned, sagely knowledgeable and enjoyable for any fan to read.

    Everything written by you reflected my own thinking, but clearly picked out and explained by someone very much better able than me to ‘see’ what was happening and explaining it succinctly.

    It was enjoyable and leaves me looking forward to more in the coming season. 🙂

  3. Red Arse says:

    Hi Rasp,

    Wenger at his pre-match interview said that Szczeney had been injured but was back and would play some part this week end.

    One cannot take too much from ‘friendly’ pre season games, but I noticed that Jack was just not at the races yesterday, and did not seem very happy being substituted, shown by the way he brushed off a handshake from one of he coaches. Hmmm?

  4. Norfolk Gooner says:

    I posted this a few minutes ago but it has since disappeared, so here it is again….

    Good morning to you all.

    I have to say that I watched yesterday’s game against Napoli with a growing sense of disappointment as well as a feeling of déjà vu.

    Here we were again, plenty of possession and a goal down after a disastrous attempt at a clearance by Jenkinson. Things went from bad to worse when Podolski made a complete hash of a generously awarded penalty, tamely hitting the ball weakly down the middle making an easy save for Reina.

    Could things get worse? Oh yes! A suicidal charge of his line by Fabianski saw us go two goals down.

    A handful of missed chances and some over-elaborate passing was entirely reminiscent of countless previous matches and the players walked of to a few boos at halftime.

    Surprisingly Wenger sent out an unchanged side for the second half although he did, belatedly, make some changes.

    At last an Arsenal goal, Giroud’s scissor kick, initially going wide, deflected off Sagna’s shoulder and into the net. Koscielny scored the equaliser with an excellent and opportunistic header from a corner.

    It was not until later in the evening that I began to wonder at my earlier feeling of disappointment, after all why should a few weeks summer break have made that much difference? Why, and how, could it have changed Giroud into a 30 goal a season striker, or Poldolski into an all action ninety minute goal machine? Why should I have expected a few weeks of sunshine and a money spinning tour of the Far East to have changed our midfield into an incisive, pacy unit capable of cutting through a packed defence and supplying goal scoring chances for our strikers.

    On reflection I’m not disappointed, I’m resigned to the fact that we seem to be standing still.

    Oh! In pity’s name Arsene, just go out and buy Suarez, even if he costs all of the mythical £70 million!

  5. kelsey says:

    I might as well post my earlier comment

    Regardless of being only The Emirates Tournament one is still entitled to express one’s views as to how we all saw the game.

    Obviously with two games in as many days the purpose for the manager was for him to judge individuals as much as how the team played as a unit and both sides made numerous changes during the game,as was to be expected.
    Napoli are a pretty good side but in all honesty we gifted them their goals,something that regardless of personel happens a lot with the way we set up.

    I was paricularly disappointed with Podolski and his penalty was taken by a man low on confidence., and possibly just not fit. Ironic the guy with the most lethal shot on his day decided to try and place the ball.
    Fabianski and Jenkinson both looked particularly nervous and despite his goal Giroud didn’t impress.

    On the other hand we saw glimpses of how good Jack can be and when fully fit will be pivitol for us. Sagna looked good and Kos was absolutely immense but the trouble is that he spends half his time covering mistakes by others,therefore IMO a DM is of urgent need.
    Hopefully the OX will get more game time as I like his directness and will always have a pot shot if it is feasable.

    Not sure where Ramsey should play.

    Rosicky who i had thought was finished a year ago was extremely effective and had a really good game.
    Arteta made a big difference when introduced and Gibbs also played well.
    All in all not a great result but neither a catastrophe but I get the feeling our downfall in certain areas haven’t changed much since last season.
    A keeper, a DM and a strker or attacker who scores regularly would definitely strengthen the squad which is a necessity if we are to step up on last season.

  6. evonne says:

    Micky from earlier on – at the end of the first half there was some booing, not sure whom it was directed at. During the second half the atmo improved at there was plenty of encouragement from the supporters.
    However, my brother showed me clips from yesterday’s Legia Warsaw game. I could not believe the support and the atmosphere! Something like a clip from the old Highbury grounds; fans singing, jumping for 90 mins plus, unbelievable.

  7. GoonerB says:

    Nice report GIE.

    I actually wasn’t that disappointed. I think we have had a good pre-season and have been steadily increasing the quality of the opposition as we go. Yesterday I thought it was a good run out against good opposition and I think there were plenty of positives as well as some negatives. I weirdly feel it is almost more important for some mistakes to be seen at this stage just to refocus the players minds so that they don’t enter the season proper thinking everything is easy and plain sailing. Pod’s penalty and Jenkinson’s mistake should act as a nice timely kick up the derrier at a good time. I would rather they did it now and then ensure these things don’t happen 2 weeks from now.

    On the positive side I thought we enjoyed possession and were slick and fluid in a lot of our movement and passing. I thought we took the game more to them but they were an excellent counter-attack side and it was good for us to face this. On the negative we were a bit wasteful in our finishing and over-played a couple of moves where a shot was on earlier in the move. There were a couple of defensive errors but nothing that can’t be improved upon. The squad still needs a couple of additions but I still expect this to happen.

  8. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Not sure who the booing was directed at Evonne? Hmmm, not much doubt in my mind.

  9. evonne says:

    Norfolk – they were constantly booing Reina and Higuain, so when the players were coming off the pitch and the booing started it was hard to tell. I choose to believe it was Higuain that got a stick from our fans

  10. Norfolk Gooner says:

    You could be right Evonne, I was referring to the booing at half-time, Higuain didn’t come on until the second half.

    I think it was general disatisfaction with a shoddy performance by Arsenal.

  11. GuunerN5 says:

    I didn’t see the game but by most accounts it sounds like another nervous performance in front of their biggest critics, I really hope that the boo’s were not directed towards our team.

  12. kgooner says:

    Hello everyone.
    These remarks by Ramsey on Arsenal.com caught my eye
    “The lads are confident [about the new season],” added Ramsey. “We had a great run-in at the end of last season and we’ve carried on from where we left off.
    “Even though it’s still pre-season, we want to keep this unbeaten run that we’re on. Hopefully we can do that again tomorrow [against Galatasaray] and then against Man City the following week. That will be a good test before the season starts.”

    I did not watch the match and was only privy to the odd youtube highlights. I get the sense form the comments here and on elsewhere that we haven’t improved drastically from last season.If this is true, i am curious as to whether the comparison is to the last half of the season when we had a good run of form and unbeaten or the earlier part of the season. or maybe a combined average.

    Ramsey talks of an unbeaten run and the team hoping to continue on that streak. It seems our weaknesses vs counter attacks, early goals and conceding unavoidable goals are balanced by our uncanny resilience and ability to get back into games and at least draw or the odd win. This happened quite a lot in the last games to the winding up of the season and was hailed as ‘good form’ by fans and non-fans a like. I believe it is possible to plaster over our cracks by obtaining the services of a superb striker who will make up for our frailties by scoring goals. Draws will turn into wins and close wins will turn into the 7-4, 6-2, 5-2, etc. Of course am thinking about Suarez here and Arsene’s comments on Suarez are rare making it an even greater possibility of actually happening.

    We all want a perfect team and many suggest a CB, DM, goalkeeper, winger and striker – all to be brought in. Too many buys for first 11ers i think and probably unlikely (unless a mix of mature and young players). Perfect teams are rare and are built from team members growing on each other. Building a perfect team is maybe not a realistic expectation. Playing to the strengths of one to come out with a superior team is a very feasible reality.

  13. LB says:

    I really enjoyed the game and I really enjoyed the report. Looking forward to the next game, today.

  14. Gooner In Exile says:

    Afternoon all, had a morning walk planned so haven’t been around to comment, after my fight with literally a handful of stinging nettles, followed by a pub lunch to make up for the pain I am now off for a pre match snooze in front of the Ashes.

    We were good and bad in equal measure yesterday, for me there still maybe some small issues within the personalities of the team, Ox often seems to be one who is being moaned at, but I think he takes the risks that Arsene expects players to take in the final third. Plays without fear, Koz is also an exponent of this as is Rosicky. All three play on instincts rather than over thinking, that’s why they speed up our game.

    Is Koscielny possibly the fastest defender in the PL, the ground he makes up is incredible, to be in control of his body to dispossess the attacker when he gets to them is extraordinary. I’ve loved Kozzer for a while, now it seems others are starting to see it too.

  15. evonne says:

    GiE – you just like the Eastern Europeans 🙂

    Very accurate report, thanks.

  16. evonne says:

    BTW, why did we not get Reina? I didn’t even know went to Napoli on loan

  17. chas says:

    Cheers, GIE.

    I found much of the game pretty boring yesterday. Friendly games having no edge, I suppose.
    I did enjoy the comeback, though.
    Owen Hargreaves was talking 24 shades of bollix which didn’t help.

    I think I read that Reina was on ridiculous wages previously. That’s probably the reason why he’s now only on loan. Perhaps the dippers are paying some of his £10m pound a week.

  18. Red Arse says:

    Evonne, thank goodness we did not get him — he is very shaky! 🙂

    Chas, I am with you — Hargreaves was a typical ex ManU tart!! 🙂

  19. GuunerN5 says:

    Interesting reading from Arsene Wenger, he is unusually candid.


    Wenger on Napoli and the transfer window

    Arsène Wenger spoke to the media after the Napoli game. Here is a transcript of the press conference:

    on the match…
    It was a good game overall. It had a good pace against a good side. Napoli is a good side. They finished second in the league in Italy last year. They are very good at counter-attacking. I feel overall during the 90 minutes that we played very well going forward. It took us some time to adjust defensively. It was as well a mental test because we were 2-0 down against such a good team to come back to 2-2. It was very interesting for us.

    on talking openly about transfers…
    I don’t understand this kind of thinking and I wouldn’t like to talk openly about negotiations because that is not my target in the press conference. I can just repeat what I said yesterday: until the 31st, which is one month in front of us, we will work very hard to strengthen our squad without naming any specific names because I don’t believe that will make negotiations easier. After that you can make all kinds of thinking about the prices of the players.

    on transfer negotiations…
    When you want to buy any player you need the agreement of the club and the agreement of the player and you need to agree a price. So you need three agreements. It is like you go to your neighbour and say: ‘I want to buy your house, so get out tomorrow morning.’ He will not be necessarily happy about it.

    We have to focus on the players that we have. We are not drawn too much into the stories. But I can understand that they are interesting for people who love football, but it is not the most important in the game.

    We will treat every transfer with the rules we have always followed and in a fair, respectful way. That is our club. Other clubs do it differently and that is their problem. But we are completely faithful to the values we think are important here.

    on winning the title…
    I am confident. Why should I sit here and say to you that we can absolutely not win the title with the players we have?

    on his team’s performance…
    I think our defence in the second half played very well. Defensively in the first half we gave too much distance to their players, we marked them from too big a distance and we shortened up a little bit in the second half. Our distances between the lines was shorter and we played higher up and overall we did very well on that.

    on Gonzalo Higuain…
    What can you do if every player I don’t buy scores a goal and suddenly it is a disaster? They do not have to stop to play because they go somewhere else. Higuain is a good player. If he had scored today, he would have scored today and it wouldn’t have changed my mind.

    on players possibly leaving…
    Gervinho we are at the moment close to an agreement with a club where he should go. Bendtner we are nowhere. At the moment he is completely here. Chamakh might go somewhere, it will be decided in the next 48 hours. [They are] permanent moves.

    on Napoli…
    I think they are a very good side. Very well organised. I like what they did in midfield. You could see that this team plays for a few years together. Hamsik was especially dominant in the first half. They gave us big problems there. Overall they are compact, united and a very well-organised team that is very good.

    on extending Bacary Sagna’s contract…
    We will try to extend Bacary Sagna but we are not close to an agreement.

    on making a bid for Luis Suarez…
    I never said we have made a bid to Liverpool, now I can tell you we have made one, so at least that is some information. All the rest, I would like to keep to us. If we progress in that situation, we will inform you. At the moment, that is where we are.

    Copyright 2013 The Arsenal Football Club plc.

  20. RockyLives says:

    Thanks for the report GiE
    I didn’t see it but I’m interested to know how we performed and your report has answered my questions.

    I can’t get too excited by pre-season friendlies either way (either when we look great and win handsomely or when we look pants and lose).

    But I do think that the core of the team who ground out so many good and important results in the second half of last season will give us a strong platform for the campaign ahead.

  21. oz gunner says:

    Thanks for the top notch match report as always. Excited to see Arsenal trot out again.

  22. Red Arse says:

    Sanogo starts, as does Chezzer, Sagna, Mert, Gibbs, Rambo, Arteteteteta, Oxo, Walcott, — cannot remember the rest – blame the wine!! 😀

  23. oz gunner says:

    Szczesny, Jenkinson, Sagna, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Arteta, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Cazorla, Walcott, Sanogo

    Subs: Martinez, Miquel, Koscielny, Zelalem, Podolski, Giroud, Akpom

  24. Red Arse says:

    Ooops – Cazorla — getting there slowly! 🙂

  25. Red Arse says:

    Bloody show off, Oz!!! 🙂

  26. oz gunner says:

    Bloody alcoholic 🙂

  27. kelsey says:

    It will be interesting to see the defence without Kos but with Jenkinson

  28. evonne says:

    for how much longer is our stadium name deal with the Emirates? If we change the sponsor will we still call the venue the Emirates? I hope not.

  29. kelsey says:

    Half an hour gone. Sagna playing really but Walcott, oh dear.Yet again plenty of posession but so few real chances

  30. evonne says:

    what did you say Kelsey???


  31. kelsey says:

    Even Walcott can’t believe he scored lol

  32. Gooner In Exile says:

    Ooh my doze went on a bit long and missed first ten minutes. Very slow, slower than yesterday.

    Evonne, the club have already announced extension of Emirates naming rights, included in kit deal to 2019 the stadium is now named until 2028. Total deal was for £150m. The stadium naming rights were already agreed until 2021 and I doubt are the biggest but of the deal.

  33. kelsey says:

    Schneider and the dreaded Drogba are coming on.

    Evonne, the one he missed I could have scored and his goal was a cross.
    I honestly don’t believe he is any better than our other forwards,but 100K a week I expect better. twice he crossed and not one of our players in the box. Seen that film before (that is not his fault) but he can’t win 50-50 balls in the tackle. nevertheless if we go on to win 1-0 i will be delighted he fluked a goal

  34. kelsey says:

    35 years old didier Drogba does it again. What an embarressment.if we don’t spend now,Wenger just has to go.

  35. Little Russian says:

    I know its not exactly the premier league, but why the hell would Wenger play Miquel as a LB in this game? Doesn’t take a tactical genius to see he’s getting skinned. At least sub him off.

  36. Little Russian says:

    In retrospect we should have kept Gibbs on for sure.

  37. kelsey says:

    Not one direct shot at goal,just more tippy tappy.very disappointed.Same frailities on the pitch regardless who plays.

  38. Little Russian says:

    If I hear Wenger says we are financially stable and all that again yet still don’t spend come the end of the window…

  39. Shard says:


    Don’t you think you’re overreacting just a little bit?

  40. Gooner In Exile says:

    Well that was a poor performance, not much fluidity, but then i guess Cazorla to Sanogo was a new combo, as was Zelalem to Giroud.

    As soon as Cazorla came off most of the creativity left the team, as it would have done yesterday if Rosicky had come off.

    But its a pre season friendly and it achieved the job of getting more minutes under the belt.

    Mertesacker looked like a player with 180 minutes of football in 2 days when Drogba took the ball down at the end.

  41. kelsey says:

    No not really Shard.

    All teams played twice in two days and the Turks have strength in depth,we haven’t.
    Sure cazorla needed the game, am not worried about him. What did Giroud and Podolski bring to the attack ? Jack as I said many tmes will need easing back, vermaelen is out for 2 months, Diaby is diaby and Rosicky can’t play a full season. hopefully Gibbs remains fit,but history proves otherwise and Monreal is not to standard.
    We play an intricate short passing game but hardly a player in the team has that extra quality when it matters inside the box.
    Drogba dived for the penalty,but the second was clas. walcott fluked a goal.
    I will accept it is all about experimenting,but we did play at Home. kos was sadly missed but overall maybe I hoped that in Wenger’s words the younger players had improved.
    Hope to be proved wrong but IMO this is the worst squad we have had for years. Might as well play bedtner at CF.

  42. Thanks for the report, Gooner In Exile, nothing changes, all possession, impotent where it matters most. Kanu better than Drogba? Not in this life-time. I see no-one addressed the reserves losing 7-0 to Conference side Luton.
    In response to GunnerN5’s question about what happened to the real Supporters, what happened to the real Arsenal?

  43. Shard says:


    I don’t think anyone disputes that we need to augment the squad with some good players. But it is still just a pre-season game. To lose in it is not an embarrasment. Nor even does it really matter if we played well or not. It’s about fitness, and working out new combinations.

    If we’d won convincingly today, it wouldn’t change the fact that the squad still needs some additions. Losing today, and playing poorly, doesn’t take away the possibility of the team playing better than last season when it comes to the real stuff. I think we’ll be better than last season, but that we’re short on numbers, and on quality in certain key areas. Today’s performance changes nothing.

  44. Shard says:

    oh come on stinky. You can do better than that. Surely Arsenal ARE an academy side? Such lowering of your generally high standards in delivering inane statements will get the mob to demand your sacking.

  45. Gooner In Exile says:

    Herb do you know the side that took the field against Luton included two 16 year olds, and guess what positions they played in……..

    Now i don’t know about you but i still think i could outthink and manouevre a 16 year old at many sports, they may have youth and fitness on their side but i’d have years of game experience on mine, and the physical strength. By the looks of the report Luton played long ball, so two defenders who probably haven’t even reached their final height or weight competing for high balls with a 25 year old + fully grown adult…….nope i don’t expect them to win the battle either.

    By the way can you explain the relevance of this comment:

    Kanu better than Drogba? Not in this life-time.

  46. With all due respect Gooner In Exile, these are players who are supposed to be knocking on the first-team door, ready to step up at a moments notice. What happened was the U21’s played exactly the same way as the first team did, knocking the ball about in pretty patterns with no intensity or hunger and no end product. The football style hasn’t changed in years, just the huge down-grade in quality and it has become boring and monotonous to watch.
    The relevance of the comment concerning Kanu and Drogba is because someone once told me we didn’t need Drogba when we had Kanu.

  47. Hi
    Just got in from work dare I ask What was the score.

  48. Gooner In Exile says:

    Erm Kanu left in 2004, Drogba signed for Chelsea in 2004, we still had ………… guess

    Did you go to the Luton game? I only read report on Arse.com.

    But you won’t understand this Under 21s is about developing talent…..like Jack, it’s not about winning.

  49. Shard says:


    So one result, in what was for them a pre season game, should ultimately determine that our youth structure is completely flawed. Without watching the game how do you know if there was no intensity or hunger? Whether the end product wasn’t there because the pitch was a mud heap? Whether the referee gave some awful decisions? How do you know all these things you say? You don’t. You assume. Why are all these assumptions reasonable? Because you want to believe so. Doesn’t make it the truth I’m afraid.

  50. Gooner In Exile says:

    I’m done I really have no interest in debating with clowns anymore.

  51. kelsey says:

    We are becoming a divided blog though luton was literally men against boys but we aren’t bringing many top class players through and not many clubs do in the higher levels of the PL.
    My beef is with the Wenger we have now.Can he adapt his playing style with the qualty and strength of the side without adding to it.

    I can clearly see some of Herb’s points but not all of them

    Cesc had fabulous mentors around him and that made a big difference.

    One thing none of us know is the fitness of Wiltshere and I believe it will be a gradual return,hopefully to his best,as he is much needed.

  52. I’ve only just arrived GIE
    much love

  53. kelsey says:

    Now i am a clown 🙂

  54. GunnerN5 says:


    You said–

    I will accept it is all about experimenting,but we did play at Home.

    I respond–

    A home game for us may as well be considered an away game.

    Today I listened to the game on Arsenal Player and the moans and groans outweighed the cheers. When, oh when, will our home fans realize that they could and should make a difference?

    It’s a very sad day when your home fans are a bigger assist to the away team then their own team!

  55. Gooner In Exile says:

    Think you know it wasn’t aimed at you two…….I can discuss football with reasonable people

  56. I’m well aware of the time-lines of Drogba’s move to Chelsea and Kanu leaving Arsenal, it was suggested somewhere that AW was offered Drogba for £100,000 from French club Guingamp, but rejected the opportunity because we had Kanu.
    It’s never about winning at Arsenal anymore, is it, always the endless cycle of developing.
    Hi Shard, have you seen any other PL’s U21’s getting thrashed by a Conference side? Players haven’t had to play on mud-heaps like the Baseball Ground for a few years now.

  57. GunnerN5 says:


    It really is a waste of your time, it’s the same old drum they beat every time.


    We will see the real Arsenal when they have to play a meaningful game, but to you that will make no difference, we might win 10 in a row and not hear from you, and then as soon as we lose you will beat your drum – over and over and over.

    Try a different beat sometimes as the old one is really boring.

  58. Shard says:


    I haven’t SEEN this one either. I have no basis to judge them on except the scoreline. I don’t trust scorelines as the ideal basis of judging players, especially academy players, and even more especially, them playing their pre-season.

    Not about winning anymore? If you really believe the academy should be about winning then can you start including the academy and reserve league trophies in your calculations of our ‘trophy drought’?

  59. GunnerN5 says:

    Run along now Wayne it must be past your bedtime. You don’t have the intellectual capacity to debate with GIE, so off you go now like a good little boy.

  60. GunnerN5 says:

    Boy oh Boy, the blog is infested with the one liners………..

  61. GunnerN5 says:

    I see the air has been purified, well done.
    It’s great to have a self cleaning blog.

  62. Shard says:


    Oh God. So a ‘suggestion’, ‘somewhere’, that Wenger was offered Drogba, for a specifically low sum, and that this very specific reason of why he refused to purchase him is also ‘suggested’, is supposed to somehow prove a point? What? Of Wenger being an idiot as far back as 2004? Of Wenger not having an eye for talent? Seriously. Do you ‘hear’ yourself?

  63. You want to discuss football, Gooner In Exile, then discuss it properly instead of constantly hiding behind mathematics to defend the club’s self-imposed austerity measures.
    If you’re an Olympian, and you’re in the Olympic 100 metres final tomorrow with a great chance of a medal, would you go to bed tonight and take a lump hammer to your leg? Because that’s what AW did to Arsenal last summer when he sold RvP to direct rivals.
    Completely different mentality at Dortmund, where rather than take easy money, they’re keeping Lewandowski to the last year of his contract.
    Arsenal are currently a mess, and it’s about time people had some down to earth decent honesty about themselves. You only have to look at how split and vitriolic the supporters are towards each other.
    Like that’s going to fix anything.

  64. Shard says:

    Dortmund aren’t paying for a new stadium. Dortmund aren’t competing against oilers in their domestic league. They have had a golden period of achievement like we did in the late 90s, early 2000s when our earning was nowhere near the top European clubs, and behind one, self financing domestic rival. If they refuse to sell Lewandowski, we also refused to sell Theirry Henry for 50m in 2003. This was when we had already gotten planning permission for the stadium and knew that funds would be tight. I’m sure you will now turn around and classify that as a mistake, rather than ambition.

  65. Shard says:

    Also, haven’t Dortmund over the years sold Sahin, and Gotze..Oh and Kagawa? To which the standard reply is, yes but they bought Reus. As if Arsenal didn’t buy anyone of quality. And if we didn’t, doesn’t that make Wenger’s managerial skills much better than you would suggest?

  66. GunnerN5 says:

    GIE is imbecile a mathematical word?

    Sorry I know the answer, which is yes it is, because it’s the total sum of the blogger.

  67. evonne says:

    Borrusia Dortmund are bastards, that’s what they are. They treat Lewandowski like a piece of poo, so much that he publically exposed all their double dealings, failed promises and discrimination. Not an example to be followed. They would never get away with such scum in this country.

  68. Do I hear myself? I’m typing into a keyboard.
    We’re a football club, Shard, formed originally in 1886 to compete for football’s prizes and be the best. That’s the whole reason the sport was invented. What is the point of going round and round, season after season just having enough to scrape fourth (and as we speak, we’re not guaranteed top-four this season) ?
    It’s a little more than worrying whether or not the U21’s or the academy win or lose, a winning mentality should come from the soul and philosophy of the club. It comes from the top and reverberates around the club, just like it does at Bayern’s, Real Madrid, MU, Chelsea.
    There has been something flawed about our football for a few years now, and it has never been adequately addressed. We’re passionate football fans not morons, deep down we all know Arsenal are nowhere near the standard they should be.

  69. Janman says:

    Correct me if I am wrong but this weekend was the Emirites Cup and not a CL final or EPL game. Two games played in two days and we played a mixed team in both games after returning from a tiring Asian tour. Okay we did not win a sill tournament but we did give playing time to younger players and experimented a little…I thought this was the purpose of any form of friendly game? Granted we could have done better but the way blogs have gone into melt down is pathetic and childish.
    Kelsey, I am some what disappointed in your postings and truly feel you are over reacting, disappointed because you are one of the regulars on here whose posts are normally meaningful. Judging by the posts on here and other blogs, because we did not win this tournament we are now in melt down and all is doom and gloom again, definitley some finicky supporters out there.
    Now do not misunderstand me, I am not trying to say everything is perfect, yes we need to strengthen and yes we need a couple of quality signings but please have some faith. No matter what some of you say and people who think they have inside info on the club, I can assure you that unless you are a high ranking employee at the club you really know nothing other than speculation just like the rest of us. As GN5 said, lets’s see where we are when we play the opening PL game and remember, the transfer window has not yet closed so lets be patient for a little while longer. Wenger is not stupid, I believe he knows exactly what he is doing and exactly what needs to be done. That is why we are mere fans with nothing more than opinions and he is the manager of our great club and not you or me.

  70. Janman says:

    It is unfair to say Dortmund are bastards! All they have done is told Lewandowski that he has a contract with the club and they expect him to fill it. Unlike Arsenal they are not willing to sell him to a local rival at any price. Personally I see nothing wrong in that.

  71. Well, that was a bit disappointing ……….. it would be nice if we managed to win our own Trophy competition at our own ground but Drogba saw to it that we wouldn’t. I’d like to think that Kozzer would have made a difference to the outcome of that game had he played ……. but hey ho.

    It was lovely to be at The Emirates in the sun-shine. I had a good sing and there were lots of children around us singing and clapping out of time which always makes me smile.

    Some good some bad …….. Szczesny’s catching was good, Sagna at centre-back was good, Sanogo was lively, missed three very good chances – that’s my boy, Alex The Ox was up for everything – had a great battle going on with Eboue, Zelalem was tricky……….


    What is going on with our wing play????? Jenks was trying ridiculous tricks to go past his man, failed almost every time and surely Theo or The Ox should be using their skills to create havoc on the wing. I’d much rather see one two’s between Jenks and Theo than Theo left stranded on the half way line and Jenks getting beaten outside our box allowing the oppo to break.

    Gibbs had obviously been told to stay back but he’s much quicker and trickier than Jenks. Makes no sense at all but I’m willing to listen to an explanation.

  72. Shard says:


    I said ‘hear’ for that very reason. What was I supposed to say? Read?

    What is so difficult to understand? We have no divine right to win. To win you need money (there are short term exceptions, but as a rule this is true) To get money we invested in a stadium, in a move that can only be accused of being too ambitious, not less so. Because of that move, and the simultaneous rise in prices driven by clubs who do not sustain themselves, we’ve had to scrape fourth. Why fourth? Ask Liverpool or Spurs. They haven’t managed a stadium move, nor a regular CL spot. We’ve managed both together. You only knock the entire transition process of the club either because you don’t understand what goes into winning other than cliches like a winning mentality, or because you’ve been lulled into thinking that it’s something that just happens. You’re statement of how we aren’t guaranteed 4th this year shows that you’ve forgotten that it was never guaranteed. It could have gone horribly wrong for Arsenal. You don’t realise it because despite all the problems, the huge change that this club has gone through has been very well managed. You can keep on pretending that the football doesn’t have any connection with what has happened off the field. More power to you if you can manage to live in the way it was in simpler times. But that just makes you horribly ill informed to debate on the reasons why Arsenal aren’t where we’d like them to be.

  73. Oh, maybe it was just an experiment ……. 😳

  74. chas says:

    Perhaps you ought to write a match report. I’d want to read it.

    You might as well piss on your leg. It would be more productive. 🙂

  75. evonne says:

    Janman, that is not why I called them bastards. Not at all. They have treated the player abominably to the point that he spoke against them to get a reaction. He is the lowest paid player in the team, they didn’t deliver of false promises to give him a substantial payrise, etc etc etc. It has been widely reported in the Polish press the discriminatory treatment of the striker.

  76. Shard says:

    I know of a naval officer who, during certain inspection times, would purposely start a small fire on the aircraft carrier he was on. With his senior officers on board for inspection, he would then proceed to efficiently and ‘heroically’ manage the firefighting, and succeed in putting it out. This led to him receiving much praise for his efforts and work ethic.

    Arsenal are the naval officer that through their efficient management never let there be a fire on their ship. This provides them with much less praise and acclaim than the other officer.

    Everyone can decide which ship they’d like to be on.

  77. Ha ha chas, it would be all tactics bollix and Rasp already told me I’m talking rubbish 😦

  78. It always comes back to the money, Shard, doesn’t it. Arsenal are richer than Chelsea and Manchester City. The difference is they speculate to accumulate. and we choose not to compete.
    When exactly was AW’s last good transfer in? Since 2006, AW has a net spend in excess of £180m, and that’s before you start adding up the generous contracts awarded to sub-standard players.
    Does that sound like a club with no money to you?
    If you wasted that much of your company’s money, you’d be going to jail.

  79. Shard says:


  80. chas says:

    I know whose version of the game I’d like to hear. 🙂

  81. evonne says:

    I thought you said that you were boring!!
    Blimey, if you are boring, then please Dennis save me from excitement!

  82. Gooner In Exile says:

    What did the Romans ever do for us?

  83. Never mind the money WaTA …….. what about the wing play??? Was Jenks the naval officer going for glory, trying to be the hero???

  84. Janman says:

    I spend a lot of time in Germany because of my business and have many business contacts there and i actually have pretty good knowledge on the Bundesliga. For sure he is not the lowest paid player in the BVB team! Not sure how reliable Polish newspapers are but I do not think they are any better than the British red tops, hence, don’t believe everything you read.

  85. Don’t those poor hamsters ever get sick?

    Who’s boring Evonne, me?

  86. chas says:

    Jenks was starting the fires and Bacary was putting them out.

  87. chas says:

    Only one of the hamsters, peaches.

  88. Shard says:

    I can’t make the horse drink water.. I’m out.

  89. chas says:

    One of them loves it.

  90. chas says:

    Sorry, Shard.
    I didn’t mean to interrupt you banging your head against a brick wall. 🙂

  91. Janman says:

    wearethearsenal: Seriously!!! You want a list of good AW signings since 2006? You make it sound like the man has never bought a player for the club.

  92. Anyway, those who are familiar with the Emirates will enjoy the irony of the huge cheer that went up from all around the ground when Drogba scored his second goal …………. yes the place was full of Galatasaray supporters, probably 1:1 with Gooners 😆

  93. chas says:


  94. chas says:

    I presume that’s why they were invited, peaches.

  95. lee says:

    Wenger doesn’t persist in tippy tappy, it’s his raison d’etre

  96. chas says:

    did they find the sniper?

  97. Hiya Peaches – Jenks is just a young lad fast-tracked out of necessity rather than because he’s ready, which is another policy we’ve adopted down the last few years. He may turn out a good un, but he shouldn’t be near the first XI just yet.
    We’d be even worse without Kozzer. More attitudes like his would help.

  98. evonne says:

    Not you Peaches!!! you are anything but boring 🙂
    Shard said about himself that he is boring.

    Janman – you might be right about the polish press, but the fact that he is the lowest paid footballer in Borrusia is a fact the club did not deny. They simply said that that was a wage packet agreed in the contract signed with the player a few years ago. Since Lewandowski’s public outburst the management have defended themselves and said they will review the situation.

    Lewandowski is an intelligent lad and would not be mouthing without a reason.

  99. Gooner In Exile says:

    “When exactly was AW’s last good transfer in?”

    “We’d be even worse without Kozzer. More attitudes like his would help.”

    Irony, Irony, Irony, the Irony is killing me!

  100. chas says:

    Time to shift the goalposts…….

  101. chas says:

    The aqueducts?

  102. Janman says:

    Evonne, here is a link to all of the BVB players and their wages. You will see that Lew is not the lowest paid player on the team.


  103. Yeah Chas, because playing the two left-footers Vermaelen and Silvestre against Messi in Camp Nou, 2010 was a tactical master-class, wasn’t it?
    The 2009 CL semi-final and this years CL Round of 16 first leg against Bayern were carbon copies. That isn’t progression or organic growth, that’s repeating past failures and expecting different results, but with a lower quality of footballer.
    To go back to your comment last night, “..so many experts..so little real knowledge..” The only way to eradicate ignorance is through shared knowledge and enlightenment. If you are a teacher, teach.

  104. chas says:

    Consider them well and truly shifted.

  105. chas says:

    I’m ignorant, Herb, just like you.

  106. chas says:

    The roads?

  107. chas says:


  108. chas says:


  109. chas says:

    …..and the whine, don’t forget the whine.
    (oops sorry I meant wine)

  110. One player out of how many? And Kozzer is only a relative success. He has no winners medals, so as yet he qualifies as a decent buy not a great one. He is part of an under-performing squad, and he’s still prone to the odd error, as we saw against Torres. If he was considered world-class he would no longer be at the Emirates.

  111. To call someone ignorant is extremely rude and unpleasant, so if you can pin-point my ignorance it would help me not to repeat it in the future. Are you suggesting a utopian angelic worship of Arsenal, without ever feeling the need to question their actions?

  112. chas says:

    You’re ignorant of the fact that you annoy the fuck out of everyone else. 🙂

  113. chas says:

    Self-imposed red card for me and a 3 match ban gladly accepted.

  114. RockyLives says:

    Evening All
    Everyone happy?

  115. Janman says:


    we are the arsenal…read and decide for yourself, if you are capable.

  116. Janman says:

    In case you need help. Scroll down to where it says, “show Arsenal transfer history table”

  117. GunnerN5 says:

    Evening Rocky.

    You have several comment choices.

    1) Flog a dead horse.
    2) Try leading a horse to water.
    3) Try changing the drumbeat.
    4) Repeat yourself.
    5) Try to reason with the unreasonable.
    6) Spin your wheels
    7) Dig your feet into sand.
    8) Teach the un-teachable.
    9) Pissing in the wind.
    10) Convert the inconvertible.

    Good luck and choose carefully.

  118. RockyLives says:

    Haha Gn5
    I might opt for dinner with the family instead 🙂

  119. RockyLives says:

    Any prospect of you being in TO in the near future?

  120. GunnerN5 says:


    I’ve had a personal issue that has restricted my travel and I’ve not even been able to visit my daughter who lives in the Queen Richmond St. area but it may become possible in the near future.

  121. Janman, I’ve seen the list a while ago, and I did say since 2006.
    Since 2006, our net spend on transfers has been in excess of £180m. Adebayor and Nasri could be deemed a success, but only because of the money we got for them. Henry left to win the CL a year after we lost the final, and in his last year contributed next to nothing.
    If you’re happy with the way our resources are used, that’s fine, I just disagree.
    Thanks chas, I only need telling once.

  122. Janman says:

    we are the arsenal. The list showed the complete history, I figured you could read for yourself from 2006 on. Any way, are you saying that since 2006, none of these following players were good deals/buys?


  123. RockyLives says:

    Cheers Gn5
    If you have time when you get up here I’d love to buy you a drink.

    Hope things improve on the personal front.

  124. Gooner In Exile says:

    Time to piss some maths into the wind

    Definition of Net Spend = Paid minus Received.

    Since 2006 to end of season 2013 our Net Spend is actually a net received of £40m

    It is true we have spent somewhere in the region of £180m in that time frame.

    Time for that other dreaded thing for the irrational….context:

    In the same period actual spend – net spend

    Man City £581m – £427m
    ManUre £287m – £102m
    Chelsea £384m – £234m
    Tottenham £289m – £65m
    Stoke £96m – £87m
    West Ham £112m – £24m
    Liverpool £350m – £123m
    Sunderland £184m – £67m

  125. As you’ve asked Janman, I will respond, but chas has asked me to leave the site, so this will be my last comment.
    Eduardo – I think he was quality, but his time was too short, and after the leg-break we cashed in.
    Gallas – Part of the Cashley deal, performed better for Chelsea than he did Arsenal, and after the St. Andrew’s melt-down seemed like his heart wasn’t in it.
    Song – One half-decent season then sold.
    Nasri – Mentioned him.
    Sagna – decent, not world-class. Not as good as Lee Dixon.
    Arshavin – Really? Four maybe five good games in four years?
    Vermaelen – Made captain last summer and dropped for lack of form. Set his old mate RvP up at the Emirates last season. Hardly Tony Adams!
    Koscielny – As I said, decent purchase.
    Mertesacker – Another who divides opinion. He’s okay, has quite a few limitations. Not one to take us up a level.
    Arteta – Average, and poor use of resources. He’s neat, tidy, mostly passes sideways and has no real dynamic. A mid-table player now.
    Oxlade-Chamberlain – Still very much raw potential, at the moment still very hit and miss. Hasn’t progressed as quickly as many predicted.
    Podolski – Low key first season, only time will tell, but no fire-works as yet.
    Giroud – Again, ok, but there’s plenty that are better, and within Arsenal’s budget.
    Cazorla – Showed plenty of what he is capable of, but he needs to show that consistently against the top sides. Potential, but as with Podolski, time will tell.
    Whatever their merits individually, they need to gel as a collective unit too, and regardless of playing personnel, the chemistry hasn’t been quite right for a while.
    I hope that adequately covers your question.

  126. neamman says:

    If you guys get together in TO contact me, I’m in Mississauga

  127. RockyLives says:

    That would be great!

  128. oz gunner says:

    Still will the same tiresome rhetoric huh herb.

    You are a walking contradiction. You applaud BD for keeping lewandowski because they are so good etc etc, yet you fail to mention that they sold their shining light Goetze to their biggest rivals Bayern Munich. Yep good example to how they are so different to Arsenal. After that as if they’d let Lewandowski go their too. There would have been riots.

    Sometimes you come up with reasonable points worthy of debate but you are so one sided it isn’t funny. You spin information non-stop.

    I just feel sorry for you because Arsenal brings you so much misery. Even if we won a handful of titles in the next few years you’d still be whinging and saying “about time. should have happened a while ago etc etc”


    Does anyone have a cure for insomnia? its gone one o clock for Gods sake and i have an early start

    My usual remedy of watching my specialy made compilaton of David Pleat interviews isnt working

    Ive stared at a picture of Steve Archibald in hope it would send me into a coma but nothing.

    What is sleep anyway? Why dosnt it come when you want? The other day i was on a train going to Enfield, fell asleep and ended up in Preston. Heres a tip, if you ever end up in Preston, dont tell them there ugly and there towns shit, they threaten violence and chase you whilst one of them plays a banjo.

    I cant understand all the wringing of hands and nashing of teeth. Were in a great position and are going forward. Its going to take a bit of time to assemble the right squad but we will.

    Right off to bed for another go at the elusive sleep. If only i still had Glen Hoddles number. Two minutes talking to him and i would probably never wake up. hahaha

    Night all.

  130. oz gunner says:

    Chloroform Terry, works so well on your victims


    Reality, can you keep posting please? Its making me feel quite drowsey.

    I have my picture of Steve Archibald ready, and i reckon a couple more posts from you will do the trick


    Beautiful reality. Now just one more


    Lovely reality. I owe you one. Have a good night. hahaha

  134. MickyDidIt89 says:


    You’re red card ban doesn’t apply to the morning shift 🙂

  135. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Well, despite learning from Kelsey that my Box at Liveonlinefootie was open for business, I still managed to miss the game.

    Yip, you guessed it, spent the afternoon in A&E. Told you many times the DidIt genes were wonky. Thank God, passed the x-ray test.

    Where there any signs that Sanogo might make an impact this season?

  136. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Blimey, on Arsenal Iplayer they have what they call “Bitesize” highlights. Barely a nibble, I’d say.

    What they show is the two goals from Drogba, and to my mind, it’s what we’d get with Suarez.

    One dive. One goal. Then, one piece of excellent individual finishing. Two goals. Mmmm.

  137. LB says:

    Morning Micky

    Sanogo was presented with a gift just two minutes into the game which unfortunately he fluffed. He then spent the rest of the first half trying to make up for it but his confidence had dropped and he rushed most things that he tried. His second half was equally unimpressive until he was finally subbed.

    My conclusion is that we learnt very little, had he dispatched his chance it might have been a different story but I think we are going to have to wait until the CC to see him again, during which I expect him to score and for his confident career at Arsenal to start.

  138. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Long time LB

    Thanks. Apart from the goalscoring, any signs of speed and close ball control?

    In other words, do we still need Suarez as well as a DM 🙂

    (Think I may know the answer to this)

  139. Gooner In Exile says:

    I’d guess yes Micky….well someone like Suarez but without the penchant for a nibble.

    What I did like about Sanogo was where he seemed to take position, and which way he faced…..ie on the shoulder of the defender towards goal. Definitely a good start for a centre forward 🙂

  140. Gooner In Exile says:

    Arsene’s post match comments seemed to suggest new signings will not happen before CL Qualifier and re iterated the need to focus on the existing squad. Suarez wants CL football so maybe he won’t pester for move until we are guaranteed CL football.

    I also think as I’ve said before that the Board will only spend when the income is guaranteed.

  141. Red Arse says:

    Good Morning, my fine fellows! 🙂

    I think LB had it pretty much spot on, re Sanogo.

    He is a young guy with potential, and needs time, so not one for anything much this season other than bench duties or CC appearances. But not a disappointment for me. 🙂

  142. evonne says:

    GN5 @10:31c – I don’t want to appear meticulous, but I think Chas suggested to Shard pissing on his own leg

  143. evonne says:

    RA – never mind Sanogo, what did you think of Gnarby? I was truly impressed

  144. Rasp says:

    Yesterday’s game proved something to me, we’d be a better team with Fellaini, watching Drogba brush our defenders aside again and at the age of 35 was disturbing

  145. kelsey says:


    Overall I think the two games gave Wenger a lot to think about,perhaps more than previously.

    My positives were Kos and Sanga especially

    I f what has been suggested that AW will wait until after the qualifying round of the CL is true that just doesn’t make sense unless it is Suarez at all costs.

  146. Red Arse says:

    That is a good point, Rasp. I did not bother making the point because I know I can become boring repeating myself.

    We are not physically strong enough in midfield and our small guys regularly get over-powered by strapping opposition, although Drogba is still a cheating ****.

  147. Red Arse says:

    Hi Evonne,

    Gnabry is a promising youngster, but not yet ready for the Premier League.

    Another for the future.

  148. Red Arse says:


    Sorry to hear about your medical emergency at the A&E — the message is — stop upsetting the local lobsters, they can be mean buggers and can wreak havoc with molesters toes! 🙂

  149. LB says:

    “Suarez at all costs” is an understandable request but if we break that down things get a bit clearer: there is the signing on fee, there is his wages and lastly and very importantly there is his desire to come to THOF and that is not completely in our hands.

    I am convinced that Liverpool want rid of him and as GIE suggested some time ago: “they have already spent the sale money” but Suarez is a desirable asset with many clubs wanting to sign him, the result of this is that both Liverpool and Suarez can afford to wait.

    There is still the possibility that spuds could enter the race with their 100mil but if CL football is what he really wants then after all his other suitors have fallen away Liverpool will have no alternative but to accept our reasonable offer.
    And Arsenal know this, hence the reasonable offer in the first place.

  150. kelsey says:

    reasonable response LB but my gut feeling is that Liverpool lkie united don’t want to strengthen the opposition and Suarez will be earmarked by every media outlet in the land and if they unload him it might not be until january or alternatively he most probably would prefer to go abroad.

    If we have that sort of money I would rather see at least two proven PL players brought in to strengthen the squad,What position is for Wenger to decide.
    Gervinho and Chamakh are apparently off and remember whoever we buy it is usually in staged payments.

  151. LB says:

    Morning Kelsey

    It makes complete sense that Liverpool would prefer to avoid strengthening a rival and I also agree that Suarez would prefer to go abroad. The whispers in his ear at night of please can we go to a Spanish speaking country with nice weather from his wife must be compelling.

    I think once again Arsenal know this and so they have expressed their desire for him to come to the club and have made a sensible offer there is not much more they can do in my mind.

  152. Morning all

    Stand by, Rocky’s post will keep us on our toes today …………..

    ……………….New Post ………….

  153. LB says:

    I am sure a new post will be on its way and with it we will have every high achieving, Arsenal supporting, burger bar employee telling us that Wenger should go because we lost yesterday.


  154. I really like it when individuals get together and share ideas.

    Great blog, stick with it!

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